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For through these moments
and all of this time

Was an instance of
releasing the control

Of looking for sincerity
in spontaneity to be real

To seek instead a way
of being that just flows

And in doing so giving
trust to the surroundings

With hands and heart held
open to whatever happens

So that there is no worry
no contemplation, no undoing

Instead what is found is
simply grace and easiness

Then the calm rushed in
so silently yet instantaneously

With sweet dreams of the
sunshine tomorrow brings
Nigdaw Dec 2022
If I ever make it
these books will burn
I don’t want anyone to know
how I suffered to make
the good stuff glow
like a photographer
shooting a thousand frames
for a keeper
I want people to think
it flowed
here to entertain
not the sympathy vote
Shevek Appleyard Mar 2021
Red, and it's my best colour
My favourite mood
Smooth with lust and passion
But remember to take time
Recluse and resign
In crimson divine
Rest your body
And your mind
Teach your soul new things

Retreat to your sweet tooth
With sister shades of beetroot
Magic promotions of your moon-tide
Emotion hurling joyride
Relax as your muscles un-hide
Find your knots and dots
And plot as you breathe the outside

Paint yourself in feelings of taboo
Slip sleepy into daydreams
Ego embrace as you create
A silhouette that forgets she is you
that time of the month
SpiritHeart67 Oct 2022
They built a dam
to cut us off
from the Divine flow.
But like every dam,
if there is
enough pressure
and enough flow
and enough power
Enough energy,
first one hole
will appear,
Then another
and then another
and another
Until finally
there are so many
the wall
can no longer contain
that which it has attempted
to hold back,
And it will burst free
And it will flow again
As it once did...
Brandon Aug 2022
I've seen this stream before
This insignificant pour is so familiar

It leads within
Deep into the forest depths

It joins a roaring river
With the most powerful flow

Currents crashing against embankments
Smoothing the most jagged edges

I've seen this stream before
This pour is unfathomable
Ocean McArthur Jul 2022
Would the answers be fulfilling
to the questions of the feeling?
Will it stay a while, or just come & go,
for i’m never truly alone, but will i ever know?
Suppose it’s not for me, i don’t actually exist;
a piece of a story, a drop in the mist.
If there isn’t a beginning and isn’t an end,
what could be worth a feeling on an endless bend?
Could a picture be created with just one color?
If not for the dark and the light, what wouldn’t be similar?
Suppose sad is necessary, not scary,
and to fuse this with happiness all will marry.
If all is to come must equal what goes,
who is “I” to question the ways of the flows?
For the rain may come and a tree may fall,
the rivers could flood and the sprouts could stall,
as a speckle of time it comes as unjust,
but as one with the light, dark, and dust we must trust.
Jammit Janet Jul 2022
Finding the flow
The balance
The art
Of fulfillment
And letting go
Knowing when to say yes
When to say no
Self care at its best
Proof that I’ve grown.
Jammit Janet Jul 2022
I climb mountains of emotion
Ride the downhills
Trying to sync
Trying to flow
With the unpredictable path of life
On my soul-cycle Of love.
Jammit Janet Jun 2022
You can control
The quality of your time
With your mood
Nothing has to truly ****
If you can open your mind
See past the 3D
And enter the present groove.
annh May 2022
Ducks wrestle doubly
Wet from rain and river flow;
As above…qua-a-ack…so below.
‘Some people talk nonstop, but say nothing. Ducks speak only one word, quack, and communicate everything.’
- Jarod Kintz, Ducks are the Stars of the Karaoke Bird World
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