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Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 50

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Wisely allow my gentle soul to flow,
Like a flowy river in the lush forest,
Peacefully allow to flow until;
It fulfils his divine destiny!

It may flow gently through,
Several terrible curves or It may;
Subtly shift several desired directions.

Some day roughs, sometime smooth,
Peacefully allow him to flow until;
It fulfils his divine destiny!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Love Is like a river that flows forever through one's veins never really dies but
throughout life It's goal
to make It's a way to the
sea It's the final destination
I see love as like a river flowing throughout time
It's goal to make to It's final resting place that of the sea
So many times I've hidden my tears from the world
never allowed them to fall for fear of falling
but there's a point In one's life when you know It's time to let go and allow those tears to
release all the pain stored up Inside or you'll die of a broken heart
There's point In one life you have to let the tears flow or you'll die of a broken heart
David Feb 1
Don't go too far
Don't go too far, while I pray for you
Don't go too far
Stop fighting and travel with me, there's no enemy, oh stay

Don't go too far
Don't go too far, while I wait for you
Don't go too far
It's not a war field, it's just a field
With mountains and plains

Why do we keep
Fighting when there's no enemy?
Just stay with me,
Just stay with me my baby oh
ll take care of you.

I see a star
I see a star upon our blind heads
We'll never reach
But we can lay and watch it while we love

Why do we have
To move somewhere else?
Isn't it ok?
Isn't it ok to stay here baby?
Nothing over there.

I remember when
I remember when I went too far
Drowned was my heart,
I tried to reach the star but it was far
Further than far

I know there's no choice but staying here
And love whole life
No past, no future, I love you so and
I won't stop

I remember when
I remember when I reached the end
It was so deep,
It was so deep and I had no choice but returning to home.

Now we are together
among the great river
Oh always change
Oh always change, no eternity
So now I love you

Remember you
Remember you trying to reach your dream
And then you fell
You fell down to the deepest ****
But now
We're still here.

And now
I know there's no choice but staying here
And enjoying life
Enjoying life for what it is
With you,
Oh my love.
I made this poem on the Korean traditional song "Arirang",
You can try singing this along with the song, it fits it (I think it sounds better if you search the piano version).

This writing is about knowing that if we believe life is a fight and problems are enemies, life will be full of suffering, because anytime we fail, it's a defeat and we feel useless or unworthy of living.
While if we believe life is a travel and problems are just obstacles, life is much more peaceful.
Thanks to this "trick" I overcame a very bad period near to depression, I think it can be useful for everyone.

Then it's about life having nothing at the end of it but death, it's about living in the present, solving the problems and remorses of the past calmly, trying to find a concrete solution in the present instead of dwelling about the past.
About living the present free from the anxieties of the future, accepting our limits, accepting that reality is transitory, it continuously changes: when we're in a bad period, it will pass, when we're in a happy period, we can enjoy it the most till the day we'll have to say goodbye to it. We have to accept life with its transitory nature I believe.

Also it's about believing everything is pure conscience and that this frees us from existential pain, like the fear of death and loss (from Buddhism, if I understood it well)

Then the lover here is not a specific person, it's anyone: a friend, a mum, a dad..
It's love in general, not a couple.

Sorry for the long text, just wanted to share this, I think it's useless if keep this thing in my phone only lol
Hope you enjoy it :)
Nathalie Jan 29
You cannot tame
a woman who is
wild with desire
in fulfilling her mission

She is with purpose
and soars with spirit
She is choosing
the path of her heart

The confidence she
wears is electrifying
and she exudes a light
and vigor like no other

She is love
in action
and answers
her call.

Nathalie Jan 29
Creativity is born
from the freedom to
create without restrictions
It's the absolute surrender
and the most beautiful
elixir for the heart.
When you give yourself
to the flow of inspiration
emerging from self
Therein exists the beauty
and the soul of art.

Derrick Jones Jan 27
I’m flying I’m not lying I am never coming down
I’m not dying no more crying I will stay above the ground
I outrun the hounds, I cannot be drowned
More amplifying and igniting the world reverberates with sound
My coronation mass elation and now I wear the crown
No denying I am lightning I am the best pound for pound
Without trying I am frightening I am lost and never found
I am the baddest man around
I am untethered never bound
I will forever lead the crowd
I will leave them wowed
I will make them proud
I will not be cowed
Nor will I bow down
Never see me frown
Now I run this town
For more poetry and essays, follow my blog on Medium at
Thanks for reading!
Bitter anger and confusion
like vinegar
won't stop love from flowing.
They are both liquid
coursing together
through the great channels
carved by passion.
When dammed,
these too overflow.
I must, somehow, create culverts
and new places to go.
Ken Pepiton Jan 20
The son of Jung, Achilles

(This is after and during a second or third time through
Jung, by Anthony Stevens, via Hoopla brought to me by LAPL)

libraries with online audiobooks,
isn't that closer to perfect? Imagine
knowing CG Jung's dad was Achilles Jung,
epic, knowing that
back when only real, material-real, rich folk,

(they could not have known, but we can, on a smart phone)

of any sort of the many there were in the co-fusion's aftermath

much of the world may agree with things once hidden in tomes
being eaten by mindless worms, now

no known thing is secret, by right

truth makes free and it's a system.

free true free true free

We ident-ify it or id

what ever I and d

these ids (letter i and letter d as a pre
fix identifying us, u'n'me but only I am re-alified,
set to iseate

(is-e-ate is individuation for an idea, this or that, which may be verbalized
prior to re-alization)

t' be for a while, as long as you wish, t'
be fixed ideas in the minds of all

minds culturally touched
by this particular
point of
in been there done that.

Time is nothing at all
like mortals think
ing no no nothing is re

alone is rare. For us, my pieces of the unum,

we are here as ever.
ever is our role.

guides are made
however, we have noticed a scarcity of read writers
aware of pin points of light expanding

on the walls of his nursery window, nur turer, real mmmmm

really must we be limited forever is ly lying as in

acting positive while being negative and being

in your self for ever, never for now,

you don't know how.

do you?
ienced, per se, are ye?

be yond. yes. be

yond. practice makes perfect, bact to the top

erie canalic real

tote that veil, hide that barge
camptown lasies sang some songs

wrong, as did the ******* minstrels
and gamblers and bedroll
cowboys and hobos
and plain bums,
like us.

You were curious. Does yellow mean anything
to you?
Murrillo, with y's for ll, maybe? ¿ se?

--- un told stories ---

none remain, in re al ity, if we agree

nothing is ever impossible, even
for sapiens sapiens, how much
more, the us in the unum

previously pluribus,
that is.
id est, at its best. Muse.

Homeostatic balance,
hot to cool, cold to warm

round and round
twisted in the middle
by Van Allen's belt, or Orion's?

I never asked. I could,

not notice allcaps from the teenage wasteland,
(mea culpa, I bury all my misses there, take one, free)
as I,
the grown up number two, I mean,
I was saying I could stop this flow, interefer, dam it

I could ask Google and follow ath
the real thing either real or
otherwise, yet

wise, still.

How well will we be? Should we not

agree, un agree disperse the mob?

become a one, with a mind
we may share, at will,

reason, count, measure, make, see, seek how, find how, learn how

why are you a ware of me while I am
ware of you.

An unread, unspoken spell. What the ****, right?
What the chaos, entropy, dis
wash away, mud to dust to twisting spirtis seen dancing

dust, this highest part of the dust of the earth,
time will tell, the physician must heal himself.

the art of letting things
pen, pen or ready-writer mode,
we can do this, but we must

be leaving the ality re all o'this reality.

And it has been fun, un done
fun is never the final goal.

be yond that. Search okeh. It was
intentended in tension-ality

to be the key we
as u me mist

when we
lied about being
experienced in the comunicito, (wee ity bity)
do you know of
the transfiguration, I was asked that

southside of Sunset at Laurel Canyon, by
that TV kung fu cowboy guy's dad,
Carradine, the old man,
from scary movies,
circa 1960.

that was fun. it happened. nobody noticed,
but me and the elder Carradine.

Real, as best as my memory just
ifies me right there,
that day, there
is where

this point was proven to be
memorable, a point
of a pin, 'pon whose head
merry messengers make nothing of
darkness, shadow, thin light.

Member be, re member
we see you saw
re all ity-ness is fun, if you find time to do it.

Typical assumptions of a man born in his time
and so
cial class. Social, is that a joke?

Follow me, don't be ignorant of a fine refined use,
right use of ordinariable words which have
born the burden of the ages

patiently, awaiting meaning,
on your scale,
the me as sure of the other in the unem,
the measure of a man, any
old man, still standing

under all the knowing Eve ever knows,
hope and time and all this took.
The price of knowing,
is the knowing, learning is easy

At home by right of being, we are such
beings, in a word, two if you reason there is
measurable ratio twixt
iiii in and am out, yamiyam ah yeh

we do. Allatimenolie, my will. The inside
the numinosity of being

me and you in the midst of all we may imagine real,

no, ****, yesses, **** is still a joke you never want to play.
ax Mr. Boo, he was my guide in Bangkok

read the reports, they are more,
nevermind, let's not let the

lie live here. the the right man thinking this thought
at this time, right

Each magi's knowing is the only knowing he can share,
without playing I pious fraud and naming it
legion, re
legion ligated to ob la dee and dah?

Joke, jest, foolish jest. Not my best but better'n
never imagi-ing  bein' good at all.
Good for nothing but
being possible
good to the sense-if-ative troglodytes

with one lit window on reality. It's funny. POV. Seriously

lighten up
you putin me

beyond your grasp… winsome, alas
If it makes you feel, good, y' know. 's all I got, fer now.
Cyrus Gold Jan 17
Misplacin’ entitlement,
bannin’ visitation
Crime ridden, broken windows,
lack of education

Survive the death of the soul,
a sole survivin’ nation
Shatterin’ family cores
and forcin’ new displacement

Wanderin’ hand is a force
we simply can’t escape from
Evil is bought and endorsed
through coded conversation

Don’t be afraid to show emotion
when you least expect it
It’s simply proof of your devotion
doubt is intercepted

Minutes turn to hours
as I savor every part of you
Sharin’ in the power
doin’ favors just to start anew

Demons fly to start a feud
Easy just to call a truce
“Betray your excellence and
your defeat will surely follow suit!”

So keep your head up
Don’t you let up ’cause the city beckons
The hourglass has been broken
as hours turn to seconds

Just let it bleed
and cut the ties that are bindin’
Feel the size of the lapse and write
’til your thoughts are unwindin’

Lace your mind with your talent
watch how the synthesis rises
Paint the ink with your truth –
the one that your demon despises

Start your count from eleven, writer
It’s down to the wire
Final hour requires shunnin’
your pain to the fire!

(***** the hourglass!)
Never take for granted a single minute
(***** the hourglass!)
Spend your days ascendin’ beyond your limits

(***** the hourglass!)
Don’t let a single second go to waste
Invest in your expression
Believe in yourself and keep the pace.
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