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Jay M Oct 22
Moving about
For now,
Not a care or doubt
Don't ask how

Twisting in the breeze
Tripping, swinging with ease
Lean back, over the rails
Then push off
Snap right back

Spin around the bend
Climb up and fall
Into the soft pit
Feeling the air move around
Caress and tossing
Never to hold

A ribbon in the wind
Flowing freely
Unable to be grasped or held
Whispering in the breeze,
"Come catch me now"

- Jay M
October 22nd, 2020
Alan Oct 22
Trees teem with leaves
of hues of amber and green
shaded in a shimmering light
eclipsed by this September night.
Falling leaves beget bare beginnings
as all must cease to be truly living.

This is the tree’s blessing
for you to follow its calling
to turn helplessly like the seasons
without intention or reason.
Think what you may, say what you think—
the trees are perched above you like kings!

Let things flow without a word
to pass along on their own accord.
There is an infinite beyond your ken
into which you must go again.
ibkreator Oct 15
Be the feeling
of an answer

the urgency
of a question
The Dybbuk Sep 25
The glassy waters are chillier today;
the contagion of reds, golds, and browns
has spread from within, and the ancient ones
experience the slow ecstasy of death.
Winds of a harvest moon slow on the forest murk,
and a tide below the surface will become
a tsunami against an invincible cliff.
Release thyself to the flow
of eternity in infinity
and you will be reborn
by yourself and for yourself,
one with reality in ten dimensions.
Spriha Kant Sep 22
The ability to never fail in speaking in the flow of sugary syrup is an undeniable form of art for me and the artists possessing this art are the ones from whom I am scared the most !
Jana Pelzom Sep 18
Today was my graduation
There’s one every school year
The money spent
On knowledge
Where they tell me
Money can’t buy wisdom  
Then  tell us all
No graduation this fall
We’ve all been given digital passes
To go work in
Maybe a mall
They tell me I’m too caught up
My heads way up in the clouds
And then they give me
a virtual Hat toss
Hurrah to our 2020 graduates
Bless us all.
Class of 2020 ©️2020 Jana Pelzom
Like the wind
The water calls
Listen as the sounds
Come trickling down
A peaceful calm
Fulfills my Soul
The rhythm of the flow
Brings me back home
Music made
By Mother Earth
Free song she brings to all
Be still. Just listen to her call.
©KSS 3/2017
Yanamari Sep 1
Words fly on the whims
Of the tongue that speaks them
Like the flow of the wind that
Sways air to and fro
The air itself not as harmful as the
Wind that guides it and yet
The combination is the what carries
The perpetrators' knife through its victim

And there is no fault to the air
For the air did not create itself
And there is no fault to the winds
For the winds did not create itself
And their is no fault at all
Merely cause and effect;
The heart feels as it does
And morals sway with the wind.
Thinking back to times when I was experiencing low mood to a point where I couldn't help not expressing warmth towards a certain person even though I was more expressive with the other people in the same group which led to me being accusingly told words that felt a bit harsh, but I knew what the person was saying held some form of truth and yet couldn't help being the way I was. People say whatever they want, people perceive what others say as right or wrong, people feel differently towards the words of others. We are sentient. (Pers Ref.: UGDIRC2019)
I lay here
The music flowing through the waters of my body
And i watch it
Where will it go next? Where will it take me? Where will I let it?
I am not truly afraid
I close my eyes and envision its journey
Sometimes stormy others still
Each leading into the next
A wholeness that cannot be dissected
Trying to trust as I lay here
I watch as my belly rises, knowing that it’ll fall when it is supposed to
Trusting in my ability to live for I am alive in this moment
We ask too many questions sometimes
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