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When you’re down and out of sorts
With your shoulders knotted tight
Just loosen up - let feelings flow
And your burdens will feel light

When you’re “up” and feeling joy
When you feel your freedom rise
Accept and let the feelings flow
Flow with lows and flow with highs

Don’t call feelings “bad” or “good”
Flow with those that come your way
Question if your thoughts ring true
And change as needed day by day

Feelings flow most naturally
So keep emotions moving free
Feel them deep and then let go
Renew your hope, and fear will flee
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Your life will be better when you LET them flow.  Emotions are supposed to be in motions, not blocked up and resisted.
Ken Pepiton Jul 20
The stones in the stream now,
we are not water,
we are not clouds,
we are like

minded men, wombed and un
running rock to rock
laughing and laughing and laughing

until nothing hurts.
Nothing hurts
the stones in the stream now.
Good morning, bit by bit, this is the next day... following the stream
RQ Jul 13
grey clouds split the sky
one side bright
another side dark
i was on the dark side
looking out the window of the bus
droplets of rain fell on the glass pane
the water flows down like waterfall
just like a tear rolling down a person's cheek
i kept staring at the sky that's still split in half
reflecting on myself being overwhelmed with emotions
am i happy?
or am i just sad?
only time will tell
as day by day passes by
Jammit Janet Jul 8
It vibrates loud
Flows like words
That are benevolent
Makes me high
Alexa Genesis Jun 26
every morning i just wanna flow my blood
in to my system, just to feel myself again.
Are we going?
Are we flowing?
Kiss me slow.
I’m decoding.
Okay, now you got me floating in your head...
...while I’m sinking... your bed...
take me up
show me what you owe me
take me up
so this is what you mean, “all eyes on me?”
im brushing off debris,
soaking in your dream.
Show me the unseen.
Where has it all been?
Show me the extent, I don’t wanna pretend.
Take me up.
Show me what?
What you know?
Kiss me fast.
I’m encoded.
it also works when read from bottom to top i think :o
Bardo Jun 25
Do you remember the sweetness long ago
The sweet sweet Ambrosia that used to flow
Way back in the beginning, in the very early years of your life
Sweeter than the sweetest Honey off the comb
That used radiate like living colours inside of you
That used fill your mind and all your senses
Giving you a huge natural high
Leaving you in awe and in Wonderland.
Can you remember...can you remember back that far ?

Do you remember your parents trying to coax you to eat
Your carrots and your greens, saying
"Eat up now, they'll make you big and strong"
And do you remember you resisting, thinking
"I don't want to eat this stuff, it has no taste, it's like eating cardboard"
There was only one thing the very young child wanted to eat
Yeah! Sugar and other sugary things, sweets, chocolate and ice cream...
Anything to remind him of that sweet Ambrosia inside
Of that wondrous world within, where he came from.

Do you remember being out all day playing
And then being called in for your dinner
And how you felt - Dinner, huh! it was nothing but a tiresome chore
You felt you didn't even need it
That you could easily do without it
That you had something else inside that was worth much much more.

A lady I knew died, she used feel very empty inside
She used eat sugary things all the time
But sadly she learned to her cost
The sugar of this world is no Ambrosia.
Now I'm not a killjoy LoL, I like my sugary things too from time to time as a treat but not too much. And there's loads of non-sugar sweet things now with healthier sugar substitutes. Again I have vivid memories of the above.
Alena May 8
She's feeling so lonely this Monday night,
Wish someone could hold her so tight.
She's sitting in the darkness with the flashlight,
God wasn't right, she's tired of keeping fight.

She doesn't want to wake up tomorrow morning,
She doesn't want to go somewhere, she doesn't want to go,
It feels like your own soul is burning,
And you are sick of sinking in flow.

My dark queen,
My darlin',
Just lay yourself down,
Don't care about anything around,
Close your eyes and feel the skies,
You need to get some rest,
You know you did your best.
My dark queen,
My darlin'.

Even when the marble statues will come to life,
She won't want to go out her room to the light,
'Cause she was made to create strife,
She knows that and she is dead inside.
When the wave touch the sky
Everything will come to you at the perfect time.
Tweets,  think souls song poetry. I love the music, I love each and every  song. I appreciate each individuals view... because really its like looking at another piece of you.
LC Apr 28
ink flows out of my brain
through my blood vessels
to my soft fingertips.
my hands curl into fists
as I crumple a sheet of paper.
a corner lightly cuts my finger,
and the ink flows onto the page.
#escapril day 27!
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