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Whispering hardships into the night
Only echo as an answer
No one but me to spark the light
In search of a pyromancer
MsAmendable Aug 6
The taint of my love
Slips out to touch his pure heart
With corruption
Seeing the darkness fill him,
And shatter what we built,
I am purified in the horror
Of what I'd become.
spacewtchhh Aug 4
In a crowd of familiars
I pass through

of proust effect lingers
and someone greets me.

I see you at the dead of night
You of I thought long gone.

It just gives back the stare.

As its right hand lifts
with auras cast in awe,
energy flows through my spine,
I helplessly mirror what it did -

It points itself,

Then at me.

Spirits spell a curse or divine,
You of I thought killed,

Vanished into lucid flow of energy.

Dust permeates
and whispers my ear,

I never leave.
Tony Tweedy Jul 25
Lately I have had a feeling of a sense of deep foreboding in the air,
every time I stop to pause, to think, I can feel it just lurking there.

An all pervasive feeling that all things are not as they should be,
and I get an anxious sensation that it's effects are not just on me.

Colours of nature seem all faded and the air seems different too,
the sky is somehow much more ominous and appears a paler blue.

Even the birds I see upon their wing seem more skittish everyday,
and I wonder if they feel it too, does a dark fear halt their play?

I sense a tension in the natural order of these once normal things,
and my heart and mind are fearful of what message this all brings.

Like some silent siren wailing or invisible flashing hazard light,
my mind is filled with deepest dread and senses things aren't right.

Far too much time caught up thinking upon the portents that I see,
with each terrifying thought I pray for all, to hope that its just me.
I really feel this.... things just don't feel right.
I fear it.... mankind or climate.... one or the other.
Dear sweet filthy world,

Photographs can lie,
so put away forbidden playthings,
that's how you got killed before.

Why, oh why,
can't an ordinary stand up
with the nefarious gods
on the second floor?

For the other end of the telescope
is leaning toward science fiction,
and this love from a cold land,
this sad burlesque,
is a bottle of smoke
on the deep dead blue,
one watt above darkness.
Crow Jul 4
there is warmth only in shadow
for there alone
do I find you

the glare of sunlight
pushes against us
and we are forced
to part

in the brightness of day
as the world luxuriates
drawing close to the radiance
being brought to life
I am stung by winter’s breath
shivering in the brilliance
of a summer afternoon

only in the darkness
is there life for me

only where the stars do not see
am I completed

only there
do we exist as one

from all the world
we shun the day

and embrace

in the welcoming
shroud of night
Occultation - disappearance from view or notice
Destiny C Jun 20
When I step,
I no longer drag darkness into the light.
I let go of the pain weighing me down,
To learn how to lift myself back up.
Andreas Simic Jun 18
Like water falling over a crest
A swift rapid descent into a black hole
The paradox known as my life

Disguised as a pseudonym plunging
Ever deeper into a swirling
Of emotions into depths unknown

Cascading over cliffs at ever greater speed
Feeling out of control
Coalescing into a bottomless pit

The sheerness of the sides
Ever sharper the deeper I fall
Leaving no way out

Holding my breath
For the inevitable free fall
Into a chasm of darkness

Is this my destiny or fate
Or just another nightmare among many
That I will endure


Andreas Simic©
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