A M Ryder 54m
In the open air of a night still young, my imagination was let loose and the story I had to tell seized me. Free was I to wander the dark and witness mysteries unfolding in the shadows that foretold the coming of the light. Remembering that life is a remarkable adventure and that we're all just one ray away from being a sun to someone.
I love the sound of music a writer makes with the tip of his pen tapping on his empty glass.
It is how we still keep listening for music in silent moments.
It is how we still look for color in the darkness.
How we feel and care so much that we just might accidentally end up hopeful.
A dark place, where thoughts are fragmented and feelings are ghosts passing by.
Trying to reach out mentally and physically for a hand to pull you into the light.
Each one presenting itself as a solid, only to later realize it too is a ghost.
The darkness has no end, you wander for days, which turns into months. before you know it, years have gone by.
You feel something gently holding your hand, you take a breath
Finally another soul in the darkness.
You trip
you fall
Where is the other soul that held your hand
You fling
you wail
Where is the other hand that embraced you
held you
made you no longer alone.
An echo in the darknes
Could it be..
That lovely hand that made a warm blanket in the cold
Oh that other soul
How comforting it can be
You call out
Another echo
So close
Here I am!!!
A Wall
A Mirror
Lying before you in the darkness
There never was an echo from another
No second soul or warm hand
It was always you
Alone in the darkness
Forever Searching
I cannot see what you feel
I cannot feel what you taste
These senses are plenty
But boy what a waste
In a world filled with wonder
It's a shame not to feel
Surrender our demons
in order to heal
My cries they are patient
to those who can hear
but the shadows that follow
are ever so near
So come light a candle
from the tunnels inside
And face back those mirrors
For these demons,
They hide.
Myrrdin 17h
We looked into the darkness
You said it was bright
I trusted you
And thought myself blind
We stood out in the cold
You complained of the heat
I trusted you
And I removed my jacket
We were submerged in water
You said it was land
I trusted you
And I stopped swimming
Trust is not truth.
Haleigh 19h
What she shows the world:

She is always the center of attention
Where she goes others follow
When she smiles they feel affection
When she leaves all feels hollow

She can dance the night away
And party till the dawn
She’ll never walk alone by day
Or wake lonesome in the morn

Whatever she wants she gets
And she does not seem to try
She lives life with no regrets
Simply watching the world fly by

The globe is in her hands
So many at her beck and call
All play into her demands
For they’ll catch her, should she fall

What she feels inside:

She is all alone in this world
Though crowds do often pass her by
Her life seems to have come unfurled
In a shambled mess she does lie

With no one to pick up the scraps
She lays broken and destitute
Fighting for air her lungs collapse
And her weak cries for help fall mute

Now pondering her life thus far
She realizes it was a waste
All that’s left is an ugly scar
Her deep shame, and a bitter taste

She often lays awake at night
Waiting for loneliness to end
As darkness parts for morning's light
Sleep, her only friend
Can one be both popular and alone?
The window sill creaks
I pretend not to notice its cries
While I work at my desk in the night
For the morning comes,
In my own bleak mind
Too quickly for comfort.
There is much more to be,
Things caught in the dark
We have but yet to see
And I’ll sit here til the break,
Dawn’s early luminescent rays;
Let them change me now
Give me what I seek
In vacant masks
We hide the veins
Where the sickly blood
Flows within us
Like a raging, hidden
Flame divided
Beneath a blanket
Of expectations
Of lacerations
Of blocked
Methods of filth

Where we can act
As though we are better
When someone leaves
Or mistreats
Or walks away
Or makes them pay
We sit with our hands
Together like some morbid
Altar boy drunk on
Some misconceived
Notion that we are
Dani 1d
It taunts us
It frightens us
Like darkness in day
Like shadows that slay (in light)
Swells of the ocean
Swells of a black potion
A true death
A true last breath
Murdered by aspiration
Murdered by suffocation
Your own creation
Your own demolition
Screaming loud to be heard
Screaming undeterred
There is a ray of light
There is sun in sight
Air is on the way
Air without delay
More than a word
More than what’s heard
Keep up the fight
Keep away fright
Shove darkness away
Shove death to obey
Breath and climb up
Breath to fill your cup
Joy is what we need
Joy will get us freed
Come on now
Come and bow
Only to the light
Only a continued fight
For it taunts us
For it frightens us
Don’t give up
Don’t give up
See the joy ahead
See it and darkness shed
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