Doodle v 1h

What you know love is
Love is this what i do
I dont cheat you
I come forward and fight for what is right and what i feel
I dont have any intention to steal

I give, you take
I play to the heartbeat once which was lost in memories of you and me sitting in corner of our broken fate

Love has power which makes us believe
It never listens to other voices which only want you to fail

Devil can catch you and evil can blind you
But there is some light which finds you even if you are at end of a tunnel no can reach you

But darkness will try you and test you to the limit where even light cant escape
but will travel with you till it reaches the end
and when the journey ends there is a new a galaxy and a new world where our stars wont fade...

So i love and make everything right..
And i create with heart of broken peices which this broken world has forgotten to fight..

So lets bring our emotions and mix it with colors of space which are born every day with a reason to give a view of ideas and thoughts which make us who we are in this ever so enigmatic view of time and space ..

Cheniece 3h

But everyone sees this fake facade of me
Not knowing how I really be
Always wanting to cut my skin red
And even some nights just put a gun to my head

But as long as the publics happy, as long as yall are cool
Yall don't see the pain inside me the grown into a beast
A beast that never can be tammed
Who would ever love a psycho girl like me?

The one who says she's "happy", one who says she's "fine"
When in reality all I don't want is to be confined
Pushed into a dark corner, force to see no light
Suffocated by the darkness, slowly adapting

All I wanted was to feel someone's touch
But instead I feel the touch of the bottle pressed against my lips

I wish people could view me as a person who isn't
 happy, secure, and well balanced

Not seeing the darkness underneath

The same darkness that tells me to pick up the knife
And slice the blue apple into a million parts
Praying for myself to pick up the pieces
Before these dark thoughts overcome me

Continuing the cycle of self-abuse
Knowing that no one will ever love me
Because how can they when I don't love myself

Myself that I've been with for X amount of years
I don't know why Im still crying these same damn tears
The tears of emptiness and no emotions
That manifests to loneliness

The feeling of common feelings
That heartache and irrational
Thoughts and figures that appear

I know that death is easy, sounds like pure bliss
However the darkness of the smoke fills my head
It clouds even the easiest parts of me

The very same smoke that suffocates me as I slowly adapt
That's pushed me into a dark corner where the light doesn't reach
Confined by the reality that I don't want to be in

"She not okay, she's not happy nor fine"

The psycho girl that will never find love
Transforms into a beast that has been freed
That uses its pain to feed off of
To avoid depriving the publics happiness to feed on

Some nights I want to use the gun instead
And start to see my pretty skin turn red
But I don't know how it's really suppose to be
To live in a word without the fake facade of me.

Love yourself, be free ~chebad

While driving about
One must think twice
It really is not worth it
To hold a handheld device
Putting safety first
One must pay close attention
Always be cautious
In order to prevent a sullen situation

Men loves to play god; but if you are to play God; you must acquaint yourself with the Devil.
As for ever man who plays God, must also play the Devil too

Wyatt R 1d

Today I fought to not
crack under the pressure.
Tonight, I'm feeling unimportant.
Sitting in the car in darkness,
counting the rain drops
as they fall from the endless sky.
It was right then I realized
something I could relate to.
This feeling that dwells in me
could easily be compared
to the insignificance
of one rain drop
in a long thunderstorm.

Ski 1d

I give up the crown I've been wearing
Shifting my chin up high though it's a bit light
Spreading my hands wide just to cover sight

I rather be a tree rather than a Queen tonight
Swaying my wings through the wind quietly
Dancing with the darkness in the pale moonlight

I picture myself swimming across the sea
Got full of my own tears as a company
Serving those eyes a show as you can see

Should've sent this one as well yesterday but still got no mood so here it is. Have a blissful one ahead, blessed souls.
Ski 1d

Eyes glued completely on this dark and snowy sky.
The warmth slowly embraces me so tight till I die.

The wind and clouds are whispering, I can hear them whistling.
Thoughts are approaching, promises got me thinking.

There I am painting of us two on my own world, living a life with these wounds.
There I am fighting with the undead one, covering myself with another wound.

I don't see a thing for more,
I lost the core of my eye for sure.
I don't paint for more,
I lost the colors of mine for sure.

The wind and clouds are whispering for more.
They told me to wake up right now.
I hide behind my back no more.
Gonn' rip a new page later on or now.

I'm back with this something. Shorta missing being here even just to drop a thing. Fear not, I'm breathing still. Places changed, people don't. I hope you all still hoping for another tomorrow. Hv fun. Xx, #S.
Akvile T 1d

Fear, sadness, pain
Darkness in this world can be anywhere
In love, in home
In everyone heart

I am standing here alone
In the middle of city unknown
In the middle of peoples
Without souls

Darkness lead me after every step
And it can't leave me alone
She lead me anywhere I go
She is trying to be in my soul

But I can't let her there to go
To be in my heart
Because this isn't left space anymore
In my poor heart and soul

But she don't wanna to give up
She want to win this soul
To steal one thing I still have
That small thing called Hope

Hope is all left to me
Hope don't let me to give up
She says to me loudly:
Fight for better world!

And I am listening to her voice
I am doing what she says
I fighting for better world
For peoples free souls!

And I finally win this fight
With that darkness bad
And I making from it
Better and beautiful world

And it's all good now in this world
Even better than thought
And I have to say thank you:
For that small thing called Hope


avalon 2d

silence lies in darkness
where fears are birthed and hid
mem'ries leap from echoes
as shadows creep from sin

my loathing of twilight hours.

//do you know
that ache
that you got
when someone
told you
that sentence?

you suddenly
stopped smiling,
stopped moving,
and the worst part
is you just can not
seemed to breathe

that pain lingers
for so long
and it makes
you so anxious
and down,
but you just can not
pour that pain
in a sentence or two

that something
turns into a thing,
an insecurity

one word that
is more powerful,
it makes you
stay awake
for nights
and forget how
good you have
slept last night
because you
do not sleep anymore

you just lost
your ability
to breathe and feel

everything is lost
when someone said
that perfectly carved
and it will turn
into an insecurity
or even worse
because everything is lost.

this poem was made for someone who made my nights full of anxiety.
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