Such darkness there
You find yourself in solitude
Who are you to disrespect your mother?
And be so impolite and rude
Your demeanor must change
If you are going to get somewhere in life
Or else, the clouds will remain in the vicinity
Filled with corruption and strife
Lily 5h
My fingers flit over the keys,
Possessed by a mind of their own.
The smooth plastic of the letters,
The small bumps on F and J,
The overused comma key,
All are alive.
The laptop understands me, it’s an
Extension of my fingers.
Without trying, my thoughts flow,
Gracefully, effortlessly, tirelessly, they flow.
The harsh light of the screen produces an
Almost alien-like glow, shrouding my face
In unnatural radiance, leaving it flushed.
Yet the darkness of the room is all around me,
The stillness of my surroundings haunts me.
I am the only thing alive,
The only thing still awake at this ghastly hour.
I know if I shut down, turn off the glow,
I will be left alone in this gloominess.
The computer makes me feel wanted,
Secure, safe, protected.
I must get my words out, I must tell the world
What I’m feeling, what I’m thinking, what I am.
Before the world turns to darkness...
Aa Harvey 11h
Exit light

This river runs deep;
I write in my sleep.
If you could see the things I see,
You too would have to speak.

I have been frozen,
Never truly chosen,
Many times broken,
But now I feel the heat, burning inside of me.

Pressure builds so I pick up the quill
And I will never be still, until…
But now I am here,
So I hope you can hear,
The words I cannot help but write,
In the middle of this pitch black night;
The phone my only light.

Predictive text, has only left, me to forget, a train of thought.
A lack of wed, no peace in bed, I write my best whilst wearing nought.
Insomnia it comes and goes, so even when my eyes are closed,
I may be watching all of those that creep along my wall.
The insect beings and spider queens have all joined teams,
To watch over me…and I can hear them talk.
Inside my dreams I am minute when I am mute.
If only you could hear my voice, maybe I could reach out for you.

As I fall down into oblivion’s din,
No saving grace is listening.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Heather 20h
An empty and physical being
It chokes her while letting her breathe
But when she goes for that breath
Her hearts aches with pain
That pain she feels
Is a result of her own judgemental insecurities
And The shameful lies that surround her
She asks herself why
Her smooth dark skin asks why
As The pure silver blade cuts through her skin like butter
the crimson blood seeps from the thin open slits in her wrist
The feeling that fills her heart is no long pain
But crimson red guilt and resentment
a new form of herself emerges
Like the open sea she is filled with dirt but all she sees is the purest blue
She tells herself she is okay
She tells her mind she is okay
Her friends fawn over her contagious laughter
that fills a room like a strand of golden sunlight
But little do they know she is infected with a parasite  
That causes her to exchange her own blood for happiness
An empty and physical being
It chokes her while letting her breathe
But when she goes for that breath
Her hearts aches with pain
i have been working on this. please give some feed back
your (darkness)
(continues) to dance around you
i (will) find its rhythm and synch to that tune
+if (you)r stars refuse to quit falling as you roam
i will (swim) across oceans to catch them
and i will take (back) your light
(to) guide us back
if darkness continues, will you swim back to me?
John 4d
I don’t really know this man that I see
I stare in the mirror and feel lost at sea
Nostalgia it kills, I yearn for the past
I just gotta learn, today ain’t that bad
My mind is a cloud with rain coming down
Not building an arc, I think I might drown
Don’t like what I hear, I hate how I sound
Not ‘time’ that I fear, it’s living for now

See I don’t know why, I feel this way
Cuz being depressed, just fucks with my brain
Got all that I need, outside I look great
Dig deep and you’ll see, it runs through my veins
I gave up on happy, wasn’t into the chase
The devil is laughing, oh how easy I break
I’m tempted by evil and listen to snakes
Eat fruit that’s forbidden, that leads to my pain

Can’t quite find a song that relays my message
I’m doing it wrong, my words should be spreading
I write how I feel, for those that need lessons
I hope that it helps, learn at my expenses
I say I want meaning but that has no substance
My life is so fleeting and I am the suspect
Destroy my upbeating, replace it with sorrow
My mind is defeating the need for tomorrow

But I still have hope, guess all of us do
I know you feel pain, I feel it too
The nights can be long, but each day is brand new
I don’t write this for song, I write this for you
This world is insane but calm down, just breathe
Cuz living for now, is all that you need
Don’t live for the highs, where roads to nothing lead
We all know we die, let’s live in between
Your Country Needs You

Your government lies, as your Son dies.
The end is nigh, as are the cold black nights.
The vision of the Undead Knight.
The taker of your life.

Your soul was sold, your eyes are cold.
Your body still bears the scars of old.
My life is now not even an existence;
Just a head, full of mixed up memories.

Have a war and kill your soldiers,
Or just destroy your nuclear weapons and save all of us.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Tortured soul

Only in the darkest hours can I find my soul.
Only when I am falling can I see the rope, but I cannot take a hold.
When I hit rock bottom, I kneel alone;
I am scared to death of failing to live, but I have no desire to go.

When all is dark and I am without hope,
I find myself, the tortured soul.
When all is gone and the silence becomes deafening;
Only then can I believe I have done what I need to do and so…

With the lights turned out and no light to be found,
I am able to find the way inside my soul and write it all down.
When all is lost and apathy is my only friend;
I find a way to drown.

I sink to the bottom and I can find the peace I seek;
No noise to be heard, no vision to be seen.
Only beneath the surface am I truly free;
No feeling a necessity, no compulsion to breathe.

Inside I am able to escape reality;
Outside I am forced to hear and to see.
Within my dreams I am immortal, super human and unique.
Without foolish needs, I can make myself happy.

If only I was able to live a life of fantasy;
Maybe I would be able to erase this nightmare
And pretend this life is just a dream.

Somehow worth it;
Picture perfect.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Amanda 4d
I wake up and barely move my body
From my curled up guarded position
Strong struggles bully me into
A difficult state of submission

Our bed is somewhat unhospitable
I feel my welcome is outworn
I whisper to my forlorn pillow
"Have sympathy, for I am torn."

Gazing at morning's wrinkled sheets
My brain ceases to dream shining sights
Breathing the broken scenery in
Tears wash away fear silence invites

Pain is a mat to welcome tall waves
A home laced with stress waiting to be explored
Walls condemned to live in a quiet calamity
Vibrant hues hung along halls in a hoard

I glimpse a small strand of light intertwining
With the unspeakable darkness shadowing my eyes
Willingly taking each wound life inflicts
Love slowly overtakes the pain with every sunrise
Time does heal all wounds. Slowly but eventually.
No more

In darkest gloom we wander still.  In a midnight hour we fall.
As the light begins to fade from our eyes, we are breathing still.
In the end, in our darkest hour,
All we can do is fall…

We climb out of the hole and naturally search for the light
And the warmth that engulfs us and breathes into us.
In every dark hour we pray to see the light
And still we search for the reasons that made us become us.

Without this search, mankind would lack a true meaning;
Without a goal, we would remain less than we are.
Throughout our lives we go off in search of new meanings
And as we rise and we fall, we become all that we are.

New experiences rebuild us; our experiences define us.
Still we are searching for what it is that makes us.
What are we to you and what will we become?
What were we to you and what have we as a species become?
In hope we march onwards, wishing to make a change.
In fear we advance no more;
Their steps forward are full of the fear of change.

With age we learn to love and with age our love will grow;
With age we remember more or less and still we continue to grow.
Thoughts without feelings only hurt those we love;
Actions without thoughts will lose us their love.
Through a valley of broken hearts, onward we walk;
When you have walked all over us, will you continue to walk?

In pieces you leave us, shattered into dust;
In time we learn to repair ourselves in rooms covered with dust.
With strength we come back and live our lives once more;
Forward into the future!  Forward once more!

Forever forward into a big bad world;
Onward, forever onward!  We become one with the world.
No longer taken for granted; our lives shape us and refine us.
We morph into what we were meant to be when they gave birth to us.

Mother Earth and Mother, Mom, raise us up from the ground.
When we are lost, they will find us
And teach us how to stand our ground.
Believe in what you believe and fight for your rights;
Because in the darkest of nights, their might will either crush us,
Or make us prove to them that we are right.

With words we can change the world.
What are words without a pen?

In love we let go and give ourselves away;
But when our time has done its ticking, we all fear being taken away.
Desperately we cling to any kind of heart beat that we can keep;
It was ours once, so it shall remain ours always.
This is my life, my castle, my keep.
A man’s thoughts are his own and taken from those he has heard;
We are slow to realise what we have lost, when we let go of love,
Because of what we think we have heard.

Then this life is over and the clock ticks its last tock, one last time.
If I could do anything differently, I would change it all!
And I would still be left begging for more time.

I would remain blind to all the opportunities I had to do things better,
But I would try; I would try!
And I would try once more to make things better.

In the silence we fall, once more to the floor.
In our darkest hour we are lost
And we become no more.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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