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Yassine 3h
Reveal on your beliefs
And i will get you on your knees
Some are made to Speak
Others are made to Feel
No matter the Shapes and Colors you take
You remain in the Bleak
Aleah 6h
I spend entire days,
Wondering why,
I can’t retreat,
Into the dark night,
Leaving the pain,
Of the physical plane,
And losing,
This sense of,
Other days,
I see the beauty,
In the sky,
And I don’t,
Have to find,
A reason why,
I want to,
Sun and Moon posture a battle stance  
Charge of darkness parry of light          
Pagans celebrate the Sun's advance      
Four days from the longest night
Darkness is so often mistaken for black.
I pity those who cannot see the vibrancy in shadows.
The rich pigment of ebony, the wash of twilight;
smothering tides of indigo drifts;
a swelling song tucked into cerulean depths;
how I weep for those who do not realize
night is much more alive than day.
Let the darkness in you rise.
As darkness is solitude and peace.
Let your heart feel it,
It's silence, demons and loneliness.
So don't curse the darkness,
let it rise and rise.
It will make the **** home
you will not feel fear anymore.
Fall deeper and deeper
as darkness is calling your name.
See the stars shine,
As darkness is the one
granting their wishes to shine.
Always believe that the
Darkness can show you the light
Hidden in gloomy releams.
Max 1d
Stars so bright
That they might even
Shine some light
Our darkness.
Stars are the light of life.
Just a little one I thought of real quick...
Can she not be so pretty?
It’s so terribly distracting
How can I write
Of the darkness in the world
When she is there
To breathe light and fix all...
I do miss you.
I move adrift,
Surrounded by Erebus,
living as one.
Subdued and silent as Nyx cradles me,
Slowly I Breath In their Aether,
I am home till Hemera take's me
Kerri 2d
Sometimes I wonder
if the smile I gave you
is long gone
or do you keep it in your pocket and put it on from time to time
in the darkness of the night
There wasn't any pivotal moment

No explicit epiphany one morning that changed things for me

It took me years

Years of dark lonely nights,

Saying to myself " I'll wait one more day, maybe tomorrow it will get better."

Just to see if things would change

I did this over and over again

For years

Usually i won the battle against myself

But a few times I failed

And I tried to let go

3 times I survived.

3 times in 3 years

The last time I had those horrific thoughts

I thought to myself

I survived myself 3 times

I shouldn't even be here today

But here I am

Still alive

Still breathing

And instead of convincing myself I wasn't worth it

The way I had so many times before

I screamed to myself


I put the bottle down that night

I cried myself to sleep

In the morning I thanked *** I was still here

I started focusing on the little moments

Like my best friend telling me how much she loves me

My mom thanking me for listening to her worries.

My brother calling to ask for advice about what to get mom for Christmas.

One of my students asking me if I was going to be around until they graduate

Because they dont want me to leave them.

The conversation I had with the server every morning at the coffee shop.

And it was when I started noticing and appreciating those little, positive moments in my life

That things began to turn around

It was all those little bits of human connection, interaction

That is how I survived.

As humans, we live and breathe for human connection

We need to feel valued and we need to feel understood

To any of you still stuck in that darkness,

Connection is the answer.

And to any of you who may know someone in that place

Send them a message.

Tell them you love them.

Smile at a stranger.

Walk to quiet girl from your drama class to her next class.

Compliment the bully on their new shoes.

Help the old lady across the street carry her groceries inside.

We all have a story.

Throw kindness out there even to the people who don't deserve it.

They need it the most.

We need to connect with each other.

Love is all around us.

Connections are everywhere.

Let's survive this world together.

Let's save some lives.
If you read this poem, and you feel stuck in your own darkness, please inbox me. Let's chat. Let's make connections and together we can start to end the darkness.

Please share any stories of positivity or acts of kindness that have changed things for you or someone you know. Let's connect !!
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