Late motions collect on the views
                            of so little movement,
but when the twilight falls
even though shade is vacant on the
vocation of words..

Every movement is a stepping stone
on the creation of creativity that
                                     wonders blind,
But sees more than when the shimmers
of daylight plague the motions of unseen eyes
and everything is static

till wandering nightfall plays its games its games
on the fluid of darkness.
Everything breathes clearer when luminosity
                      doesn't suffocate it with brightness..

Lights out,

The night does not reward rebellion,

Feral creatures wait in your soul,

Lights out,

No End Times could revive a monster,

And such is what you now are,

Lights out,

You cast aside the eyes of man,

Buried your body before you ran,

Lights out,

But close your eyes little demon,

For you dance with the devil tonight,

Lights out,

Inching forward
Face down
Flat on the ground
On the verge of a coma
The strength in me almost
Lost in the darkness
That has encompassed me

Holding out an arm towards
A light I can't seem to see
Awareness towards the pain
Increases continuously
Alone in the darkness of
My soul's demise
It's corruption pulls blindingly
It's whispers of sloth snaking
Through my veins
And into my finger tips...

My hand is slowly giving way
And so is my will
It probably won't stay
Not after my hand touches the ground
And my veins become still
My eyes permanently blinded
My heart completely darkened
That supposed light...
Sucked into the darkness.

A firefly gleaming through the dark,
Flying independently like a spark,
Seen by few,
Hastily it flew,
Scared and terrified,
Began to glide,
Chased by the beast,
For them became the feast,
Caught and ripped into pieces,
The light within ceases,
Because of their harshness,
Gets mixed with darkness.
She's a firefly.

Dedicated to girls who gets devoured by men.
Dori 1d

I’ve only known darkness,

never the light.
I’ve been surrounded by shadows that have blurred my sight.
I can still picture their faces,

red eyes and all.
But today I’m the light at the end of
hells hall.


Her life was set for art. But when she set it to someone else, she bid goodbye to the colors and welcomed darkness.

50RR0W 1d

Hello my good friend, Darkness!
How have you been?
Me? Oh I've just been a mess.
Going back there time and time again.

Where you ask?
Oh I'm glad you did!
Its the bottom of a flask!
I know I know, God forbid.

I come here from time to time.
Just trying to find somewhere to put my mind.
It beats the pain and agony that puts me in a bind.
But its a better than being left behind.

Now I drink to forget the old!
To make way to new and better!
No this does not make me cold.
But it also does not put me off kilter.

Oh no, is it time for you to go?!
I'm sorry that you couldn't stay long.
Now don't be a stranger, you can always come say hello!
Because you'll always be there if something goes wrong.

I have been drinking a lot more lately. Mostly to help me sleep due to anxiety driven insomnia. Just a beer or two before bed mostly but a few weeks ago I was going to the bar after work four, sometimes five times a week. Spending money I didn't have or having my coworkers buy me drinks. I know I must not become reliant on it but right now its the only thing that is working. Hopefully it'll change.

Today I thought I died,
A darkness folded around me,
And a spark that once shone bright,
began to lose its flame.

I stand under this lamp-post
Not really thinking
Lost in all my dreaming
All the darkness that surrounds
Amplifying ever sound
The little light
This Lamp-post gives
Never penetrating the darkness around
So here I will stand
In the light you give
Because you are the light
In my darkness
And without you
I would be doomed
To walk this never ending eternity of darkness

maybe I could love
if I could only
open the door
perhaps I could have
this feeling
if only I would
stop this war

shards of darkness
through cracks of light
streaming down
into my mind,
leaking into hollows
all nicely wrapped up in skin
and all the things
that live in my dreams
have grown so paper thin

maybe I could heal
this illness
if only I would
set it free
perhaps I could hold
this heart
if only I had
stronger hands
and surer feet

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