Oh how I’d welcome the darkness!
Let it’s cool embrace sweep me off my feet
Take my mind, rid me of the curse of consciousness
The gift of nothing is all I want; my tired mind can take no more!

Let go!
Oh please, just stop thinking!
Let go of your mind
(Stop repeating stupid songs in your head)
Leave this plane of existence
(1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, 4 sheep, pink psychologist sheep says I’m slightly loopy)
I can’t make sense of the thoughts that slug around my head
(Just close your eyes)
Ascend to another world
(Ok, stop writing shit and just try to sleep)

(I have exams tomorrow)

It’s too hot
It’s too cold
My pillow is too hard
And now it’s too soft

I can’t stop moving
And now I can’t move
(I somehow cut the blood flow to my leg)

I even tried wiki how for advice on how to sleep...
Obviously being on a device doesn’t help
Umi 3h
The sun was shining,
Pitch black, sending out rays of misery in a blinded realm of self hatred, casting a shadow even darker to trail a clear record.
A sun of darkness, made out of despair, casts it's light before the zenith, a day like any other, tiring, exhausting and frustrating.
The phantoms of the past linger around the streets, seemingly not noticing anything, the lack of light nor the constant agony this brings,
Perhaps it was just my sight, which tricked me into seeing everything as it was and thus the others hadn't noticed but a single, little thing.
I hide my truth behind a curtain of both a smile and a fake cheerful mood, put up with the last strengh my worn out fighting spirit has.
Once upon a love, the mornign glow used to be more than a sunrise,
It's brilliance unmatched, almost roaring as it illuminated the atmosphere while we were watching this scene unfold with awe!
This is how it should be, nothing more.
But when I knew the meaning of love you were already gone,
Dragged away by the chains of fate lead by time and left me as the sun was about to set and never truly come back as usual, darling.
You were my light.

~ Umi
know this
that dark matter makes up most of this
that the here and now runs on dark energy
and dark forces stalk our collective conscience

my child
you come from a legacy of darkness
born of men with dark hearts who, thoughtless
thought to make a legacy in darkness

night falls
down into the depths of the soul
where, shrouded there, lies the shadow
your dark twin you'll never truly know

stop this
end the sad story penned in inky blackness
it leaves a darkness in the subconscious
better to bleed out the ink with water

drown out
the thoughts inside your head, better off dead
better to not exist than to be blackened
marked with that dark stain of the abyss

unconscious, look into the light
With eyes not even open, the abyss is already in you.
There is nowhere to hide,
When the dark comes alive;
And it's all in your mind;
And they whisper inside...

[What is offered: denied.]

In each breath that you take;
In between every sigh;
In each fear you can't shake;
Where the whispers reside...

[and the
echo inside]

She stared down her demons - dead in the eyes;
So softly they murmured (such beautiful lies);
They taunted, declaring she must choose a side.
For in light and in darkness her soul did reside...

[deep in the dark, where her monsters would hide]

Behind the masking of dark she wore light;
Her demons - like shadows - were lost to the night.
Though deep in her heart (in a place born of fear),
The darkness would beckon, enticing her near.

In each ragged breath;
Caught between every sigh;
In each little death, where the whispers reside...

[where the
echo inside]

And she said she did know she was wicked of heart;
The monster within, recognized from the start.
And though she had witnessed, she never did fear;
The darkness that fell, as the whispers drew near...

They beckoned: she followed.
[down into the black]

There was nowhere to hide.
[there was no turning back]

For it was all in her mind, she no longer denied;
The whispers, whispers, that echoed inside...
Azlynn 8h
Darkness encampeth the soul
Light so scant that can't be found
Drowned into the depths
So deep that self is entangled
Masked up whole in the black
Left blindfolded to the time frozen
Not a chance for escape
For the soul was imprisoned
Lost the thrive to exist
But along came a message
A voice that led back
Back to the foundation ,so authentic
Yes, you've been called by higher..
The ones above
Don't crawl back to the trash
Before banishment consider warning
Lest you fall into the darkness ever
A life to be lived by not turning back to those you shouldn't.
I woke up this morning
with a demon in my head.
I cried, "get out!", screaming,
he said, "no, go back to bed!"
I wrestled beneath the blanket
As he kept the covers over me,
lest the hope of day yanked it
and caused the dark to flee.
The light, at his command
he left my room black
he had the upper hand,
as he pinned me to my back.
“Leave me alone”, I'd yell,
but he snuffed out my cry,
threw me a pillow into hell,
And forced me there to lie.
Yet, while I could barely breathe,
And with little will to strive,
I took hold of death, to leave,
and jumped out of bed alive.
I know sometimes darkness is like a blanket smothering us. But hold on! Hope is on the way.
jay 21h
back then,
i used to be afraid
of the darkness
and what lurked
within it
it isn't the darkness
that alarms me
but the mere thoughts
that come stray
behind it
midnight isn't the best time to ponder
is it?
No bone

My skull has gone, no bone;
Just an open mind of the fallen Sun.
I collapsed in your arms and you held me close,
Just like I always dreamed you would.

I feel your hand upon my brain,
It’s funny but relaxing.
You feel my insistence for you again,
As the waves in my mind start you laughing.

We are connected, two people as one.
Come here, feel love and never feel alone.
Let me grow extendable arms, so I can wrap my arms around us;
My arms fly around you and I many times, entrapping us in love.

Stuck together forever, my love cannot be severed,
I Love You!
Didn’t you notice, that we made a connection?
A telepathic, subtle, intelligent discussion;
A meeting of the minds, blind to the eye, but there for certain.

You know what I think somehow.
I guess it’s written all over my face.
So you know I am telling the truth to you now.
I love you…I love her…I love (…) for she is my grace.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Alice, through the looking glass
I saw her fair, I saw her fast
Her smile like the distant past –
A mem’ry safe and sure to last…
But suddenly her smile turned
Her stomach ached, and quaked, and churned
And sweat rolled off her brows that burned
When, in that moment, this she learned:

That deep within that pretty face,
A haunting, hideous, out of place –
Dark and dreadful, dreary trace
Of ash and gnashing was innate

Innate in her! She saw it so!
A pushing – pulling – undertow!
Inclining toward the hollow glow
Of outer show, the inner woe
Alice, through the looking glass
I saw her fair, I saw her fast
Her smile like the distant past –
A mem’ry fading when she passed…
When she did pass from death to life
Beholding pure and perfect Light
Without a sight, but in the night
When sun arose, and shone so bright

So bright that every Darkness did
Fly and flee – it scattered, hid
From deep within her heart that bid
Her to remain in shadowed sin

Yes, He – the Good, the Faithful, True!
Made her new – through and through!
And Alice, she’s the hopeful view
In the looking glass: me and you.
Alice, through the looking glass
I saw her fair, I saw her fast
Her smile like the distant past –
A mem’ry safe and sure to last…
I try to forget you
Yet your name
Keeps propping up
Like blooming darkness
In my feeble mind
Upon my pillow covers
Under my sheets
Looming to draw me in
Weakened by your absence
I’m convincing myself
You’ll be back
My evening kisses
& morning lust
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