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PM 1h
funny how
inspiration can
come from anywhere and
at any time. How when you least
expected you can be inspired in a way that
changes your day and even your life. How even
in your darkest moments, you can find the light and
get out of the darkness that has surrounded you.
To a place where the world has endless
possibilities just waiting, all within
reaching distance. All we have
to do is find that light and
reach for
Daniel 1d
The frost-feathered birches are a heavenly white,
knuckled and rigid as elderly spines,
Holy as naves and as filled with esteem
November announces my season of dreams

Long nights south to the tree and the lake
For happiness sake, and lying with stars
The comforting sounds of a million cars
Rubber on tar, rubber on tar

Flights of romance and my supper outside
A tangle of shadows fiercely flailing at my sides,
and over tables of oak
I am sat near silent others in their scarves and winter coats

They accompany me so, although none by invite
We are strangers breaking bread beneath a milky way of lights

Here where lofty leagues above, the storm begins to croon
Where fleecy clouds in motion seem to overtake the moon
I've felt the warmth of summer,
the beauty of spring,
and the death of fall.
Yet the coldness of winter is all I ever feel.

Whenever the sun sets
and the moon arises,
I've felt the warmth of the summer sunset.
It fades together with the hope left within me.

I wanted to return to those days,
where everyone laughs and smiles genuinely,
with no problems to suffer,
and anxiety left to feel.

I felt cold,
as the world turns darker.
Slowly, my feelings became dull,
Just like the snow falls on the ground.
Hello everyone! this is my first poetry that I made last year when I was in junior high. I hope you like it!
Hammad 2d
I always wondered
why on earth
the betrayal exist...
the lies - we tell
the promises - we break
the castles we build - in the air
but then i watched
the sun
plunges into the horizon
and then i knew why
without a darkness
the world could never
appreciate the dawn...
if the betrayal
didn't exist at all
- True Love would be
meaningless for all...
Mose 2d
Grief carves a part of your soul in its passing.
The gaping emptiness that fills you after its left.
Sweeps silently like wind passing through a leafless tree in the Fall.
The only difference their skin bares the truth of what they lost.
The labyrinth of a garden was to veil the corpses that it was buried on.
& it to dies with winter.
How nature teaches us to bear each loss.
But is it nature’s order to grow from despair?
Maybe I’d spent too much time picking flowers instead of watering them.
Rotting flesh
Something isn't right
Troubling smell
Aching heart
Darkness closing in
Silence echoing loudly
Shadows claw their way through your heart
You're breathing stops
It's inching closer every second
The emptiness
Mose 3d
Last year feels like a different life.
Maybe a past one or a parallel reality.
A life in which we were here, but never enough to know it.
Same artist but different album.
This year finally gave sound to melancholy.
A song I’ll never remember the words to, but the beat permeates forever in my heart.
Here we all dance silently to the same blues.
Feet sway with your sorrow.
There is no wrong step in weeping.
Take one breath and breathe it into the life taken away.
Let your sadness be every guest in the ballroom.
Mose 3d
I hope my thoughts fill my journal’s paper as effortlessly as an artist’s paint strokes fills their canvas.
As if their expression of the heart was just muscle memory.
I want my words to fill the edges of my paper because they have taken all my head space.
Scribbling the words off the edges of the paper to be etched in the desk & forever out of my memory.
I wish the words may begin to fill the gaps of my emotions.
& I keep writing my own story over and over and over again.
In hopes that if I write it enough times the end will arrive differently.
Cause the years taught me that life can make you bitter as the grapes that fill your inner vine.
& Unlike wine I have learned people don’t always get better with time.
So, I write, and write, and write until all my grief becomes blessing.
Tangled mess. Lost in confusion.
Troubled heart. Lost in delusion.
Twisted in sin.
A disgusting infusion.
Vague hopes.
A broken conclusion.

I ponder, I hope.
Where does it lead?
What is the answer?
What do I need?

A tangled mess. Lost in confusion.

Decietful ideas.
Where do they lead?
Broken lies,
Are not what I need.

Troubled heart lost in delusion.

Tempted to fail, to lose my way.
Temptation is here.
And its here to stay.
Struggling to fight and live
Every step, every day.

Twisted in Sin

There's light in my heart.
I know and I see.
Will I overcome this?
What will become of me?

Vague Hopes.

I must succeed, I must conquer the night.
Fight for my life and fight for what's right!
Pick yourself up and envelop the light.
A miracle to behold. A beautiful sight!
You're not canon fodder, you're a soldier - a knight!
Lets hope - you will stand  up and fight.

My Broken Conclusion.
I've been going through a lot and dealing with a lot of evil and temptation. I sat and thought about it a lot one night and started writing. I wondered what ought to come from all of it. Thats what led to my closing lines. My Broken conclusion regarding it all.
I'm afraid
The darkness is closing in
Stealing my breath
Choaking me slowly

I'm afraid
Being pushed like a pin
Feeling like death
Not very holey

I'm afraid
I don't want to live alone
Empty, unfulfilled and lacking
That not the life I want to live

I'm afraid
The darkness, I own it
It wont let me forget when I'm packing
No matter where I want to live

I'm afraid
I'm afraid
I'm afraid
I'm afraid
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