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Jeremy Betts Nov 18
A bad hand delt, a crippling hopelessness felt
In possession of a heart that can't and won't melt
Whipped unmercifully with a tanned hide belt
So often in fact it no longer leaves a welt
Only a lonely darkness under this human pelt
Always knew when the fear was near by how bad it smelt
And out of respect, or maybe terror, every time it arrived, I knelt
Jeremy Betts Nov 10
I'm feeling like I could break before I have my breakthrough
Traversing through the grey of everyday is no way to,
get through
So then
tell me,
what do
I do?
An eerie silence the only thing I'm hearing come through
But the silence of my darkness doesn't phase me, what scares me is the blue
Jeremy Betts May 2022

Dark is older then light so that might be why fright is what I'm accustome to
Neither vast nor confined, maybe both at the same time, it leaves no clue
I don't know how to get my point across to you to help you to see what it is I go through
It's a nothing that consumes my everything, there's not a thing you can compare it to
Similes only vaguely paint over the picture but it helps to scribble on a few
If there was only a wind that blew, even once, maybe it would bring a familiar view
But this void in its vastness brings nothing new, allows nothing to continue
It's the solvent to my glue, everything I've done it's managed to uproot and undo
And it's so quiet but yet this silent surrounding is deafening to an alarming degree
In it I use to find beauty, now it's my captor, one of which I'll never be set free
And it's convinced me, or maybe I've convinced myself that I am unworthy
Of anything else and its that false certenty that cleverly keeps me in captivity
I carelessly embraced this darkness that slowly replaced the old me entirely
I scream, cry then whimper softly as the misery slowly embodies me
Then lay back in submittance, in silence and plea for swift mercy
I can't stay in this purgatory so give me my life back or take it from me completely

I feel numb, I feel numb, I feel nothing, there's just nothing, nothing, nothing...
I feel numb, I'm so numb, I feel nothing, there's just nothing here for me

I had light once, I actually got to hold it
But it was a betrayal, only staying for a moment
In its wake the dark returned to claim what was stolen from it
The door was to heavy, I couldn't shut it
The nothing engulfed my everything, I couldn't out run it
Panic set like quick cement, begin to sweat, my feet became heavy, I began to resent and regret
All those scary movies I watched cause I knew for sure that this was it
But that's just it
Nothing happened, I literally mean nothing was the constant
No up, no down, no light, no sound, I couldn't even pick up a sent
Then in an instant it hit me like a brick and I knew what it all ment
Light, so faint and vulnerable, so young and nieve
It didn't stand a chance against the dark, give a **** what you believe
Just because you achieve a small glimpse of hope don't think you'll never grieve
When your life starts to unwieve that's when the dark races in like a thief
Every religion and belief labels it differently depending on the way they perceive
They have to cause a mind can't conceive it so it almost has to make it make believe
But please believe this is real, don't mis conceive
Best heed my warning cause once you're here you can never leave

I feel numb, I feel numb, I feel nothing, there's just nothing, nothing, nothing...
I feel numb, I'm so numb, I feel nothing, there's just nothing here for me
I could feel the cool damp air from outside
A gentle weight on the skin, a particular smell
The smell of a night stretched on too long

I tiptoed across the carpeted floor boards
The house was old and I knew it well
Every little area it would groan and creek

I was moving slowly but urged myself faster
This wasn't like other nights, half asleep
Wandering to the bathroom at the end of the hall

No, the house is empty, or should I dare say was
I felt a presence so strong, yet undefinable
As if something was nearly upon me, only breaths away

I avoided deftly the creaky areas of the floor beneath
I felt the give of the wood beneath me as I reached the stairs
This would prove far more difficult to be silent for

Standing at the top I contemplated running down
As fast as my legs could possibly carry me
Somehow though I knew it wasn't the right choice  

As I made my first step down there was silence
I breathed in a sharp silent breath of composure
Continuing to the second step, I winced as I heard a creek

But I stopped and lightly tested the step again
The sound hadn't been caused by me
Quickly my vision darted upwards towards my room

At the far end of the hallway where I had just left
I saw something, a blur like a thick vapor
The shadow black wall behind obscured it

I had no time to peer into the darkness
I sped up, step by step by step
31 steps in total all without a sound

Save for the floor I landed on in my haste
The old house groaned beneath my weight
My neck chilled as I gave in and ran

to be continued...
part 1
Jon Sawyer Nov 5
The light of the mind,
Illuminates the darkness within.
2023-11-04 - I mused this thought while driving home.
Elena Oct 31
it was walking on a hot pavement
with bare feet
it was screaming into the darkness
waiting for someone to show up
it was cold hands and steady walks
through woods and uncovered paths
it was finding hope
in smallest shapes
it was laughs and smiles
among broken people
it was fading away
with the sun going down
it was a small light
shining from the candle
it was a fear of being abandoned
of being left all alone
powerful word
small yet powerful hope
that keeps us going on
Sometimes I long to cut
the heart out from your chest
I feel yearning to know
What’s truly inside of you
Curious to even know if
We really do share the same blood
Of what’s inside of us
As an apricot has sprightful seeds
We know not to eat too much
Just as the drudging dark blood
We drink only to find in time we want
More of what’s inside of others knowing I can’t **** you maybe only to maim you longer
neth jones Oct 23
      i love you on the lips
moon garden
            paradise hills and november
and it's temple
  template of our own world of wild tales .. sometimes
sometimes twine
   sometimes silent running   sometimes engine purl
              under our dark star
     the wind rises ; blood and black lace
       the pace of our isle
              raw and in keeping
sometimes the lighthouse taps
blinking metronome and we use habits of coherence
and practicality and partnership

in some dark corners
on another earth
seats an uninvited guest
(i feel.. sometimes)
moon garden/ paradise hills / november / wild tales / silent running / dark star / the wind rises / blood and black lace / isle / raw / the lighthouse / coherence / dark corners / another earth / uninvited guest /
Of darkness to unfold,
I know where the boats go.
Tales that shouldn’t be told,
Of souls, demons told, “No.”
Where forth the demons bayed,
No other place love shown.
Forced evil seen and slayed,
Darkness is where I go.
Finding nights of terror,
Tears lingering unknown.
Knowing you of all things,
Let gone, a deathly glow…
Wincing and knocking, no…
A rattle and tattle,
Death dark and all alone…
The wind felt breezed and cold,
The chilling breath spirit.
Not known… till screeching end…
This all too conclude so,
Tales that shouldn’t be told…
Asominate Oct 19
Beware of the dark, my love,
It would hunt you down.
And when you scream, my love,
There would be no sound!

And when you look around,
You'll find you're all alone

Because the art of the darkness
Can house no home.

My love, my heart harness
Darkness, this dark's my own.

Beware of my love, for dark-
Ness lurks at your door
And if you let me in
You will be no more.

Yes, I know this for sure
'Cause if you come around

Come take a look, see my hooks
They would hold you down.

My love, you're shook
Glad you took it as your way out.
I'm happy for you :')
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