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Solaces 5d
This light was not only beautiful.  
It was what you call heaven I believe.
The onslaught radiance sang across the cosmos.
A song about a forbidden divinity that should never occur.

No darkness there could stop it.
All shadows died and became light.  
The light crunch had taken over.
And I was the last darkness.

The balance was gone.
No darkness for the stars to roll on.
No darkness to sleep in.
Just eternal dawn and forgotten dusk.
The false all heaven had shined even through true heaven itself.
Material lips; sewing on a seamless smile;
A shrouded piece of wool- for one wearing
The jersey of youth, as time slowly pulls at the thread
While I lock away my shadow of the writhing darkness,
Trailing behind me in the day; as I once tried speaking
To my void, but the emptiness obeyed not a single word

A tap tap at my window- the eyes to a soul, painted wholly
In the colours of divorce; as the separation of dreams
From one’s imagination. All, all was so dark; slandered
By such a terrorizing world- until I opened to let him in;
As a child with a curious thought, soon questioning, and
To study- for my lips to utter:

I cannot live out this life,
Without letting You, O Lord in.
yıldız Jul 5
Within the depths of our minds, clouds may form,
Blocking the sun, causing a mental storm.
But remember, dear soul, after every storm,
A rainbow appears, bringing colors warm.

Through the darkness and the rain,
We find strength to ease the pain.
The clouds may linger, but they will pass,
Leaving behind a rainbow at last.

So hold on tight through the cloudy days,
For the rainbow shines in mysterious ways.
Mental health is a journey, not a race,
Embrace the storms, for they will be replaced..
yıldız Jun 30
In times of darkness, fear and strife,
Our guardian angel brings us light,
A flame eternal, burning bright,
Guiding us through day and night.

With wings of love and watchful eyes,
Our protector from the skies,
Forever by our side it stays,
In its care, we find our ways.

No storm can quench this sacred fire,
No force can dim its heavenly ire,
For in our hearts it will reside,
Our guardian angel, by our side.
I wish I was made of bulletproof skin and a barbed wire mind
Heart was buried treasure impossible to find
In need of good luck if you've any to spare
Seems mine was carried away like a balloon into the air
I dream of following but I can't sprout a pair of wings
To the earth anchored by melancholy
Held by a thousand strings
Full of too much sorrow there's hardly any room to move
Grief sits on shoulders
An anchor weighing too much to remove
Mirrors at every turn mocking me with my own reflection
Tormenting reminders of each mistake and imperfection
I do not know how much longer I am able to stand on these two feet
Exhausted from daily performance mastered and am condemned to forever repeat
Don't believe my own worth though I try I can't love who I have become
Disappointment stings worse than bees so do all I can to stay numb
I'm waging war with myself and taking bets on which side will win
Back and forth tug of war constantly makes my head spin
Heaven? Hell?
Good? Evil?
Light? Dark?
I have no clue
I'm so lost in madness contained in my soul that it is tearing my heart in two
Feeling some type of way
Jamesb Jun 21
My old friend,
A famous song and I love to be in the dark of a near silent wood,
Especially with good company
Of worthy friends,
But the darkness referred to in the song is nobody's friend,

The darkness of the soul when life goes south,
When illness strikes or hearts are broken
Then darkness comes
To **** out life and joy
And happiness,

I am in that darkness now
But I refuse to submit,
I will NOT sit blinded
By my sadness and
That which is inflicted,

I shall live my grief
And outlast it until such time
As love returns and the sun rises
On a new day
Or a returning love

One way or another my heart will sing again

I shall prevail
Malia Jun 14
I am in a room where the darkness writhes.
I am fine I am fine I am fine I am fine.
The silence—
It chokes me,
And still I swallow it down.

But in this doggone echo chamber
All I hear is myself.
I am going insane to the sound
Of my own voice.

I beg the shadows
“Please, don’t leave me

I scream,

I cry,
𝘞𝘰𝘯’𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘨𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘮𝘦 𝘢 𝘴𝘪𝘨𝘯?
Jeremy Betts May 31
Me against myself against I,
I am not alright
This darkness can not be conquered by light
I keep my feelings bottled tight, out of sight
Why do I hide?
Me against myself against I,
But who is right?
All I gotta do is make it through another night
No time to address it, I don't wanna fight
That's why I hide

Jeremy Betts May 29
The sun and moon eliminates
The draining darkness life creates
But my past constantly berates
As my future wiggles free and escapes

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