A small flicker of light
In the night

To remind me
There's good in the world.

Not demanding

Or flooding me
With the knowledge.

Barely a blink
Just enough
To give hope
Make me think.

You're out of reach,
For now...


I'm excited to have found a muse and to post often once again.

The thing inside
Beyond the bones
And skin

Beyond the blood
And guts
And heart

There is a light
That glows ever so softly
But it’s enough to make us shine

It is who we are
It is us
That small light

Without that light
We’d be bones
And skin

And blood
And guts
And a heart

Surrounded by darkness
Without that light
We’d be nothing

We’d be nothing

Have you ever wondered
how you find love?
How to make someone
notice you?

Will it ever be enough,
to know that you worked hard?
But yet people who do nothing,
overshadow you.

When nothing you do
is ever enough for people to see
for people to tell you
good job?

When you work hard
every waking moment
until the minute you go
to sleep

Hurting yourself
in overexertion
to make them see you
for who you are

But they don't.
Is it all just wishful thinking?
That the hard workers will be noticed
that everything will be fine?

All the effort I put in...
is nothing to them
but everything to me
I just want to be accepted.

It's all just worthless
because no matter what I want
It's all just....
wishful thinking.

Acina Joy 16h

I found solace in the darkness
that has robbed me of my freedom.
The darkness that feeds off of me
when I am nowhere near light.

It dictates my inner most fears of
lingering in the shadows of my own being,
yet lighting a path to my incendiary fate
that I know I can suffer for eternities in
the hellfire of my mind.

But the rain rocks my windows, and thunder claps
against my ear like a game in our room of heaven and hell.
It rattles my inner most being, and the strings that
tie me to my friends and family sever themselves
in the fall of twilight. From that, I know,
darkness has robbed me once again of light.

It’s a bitter fate I had the opportunity to accept;
darkness was then a conformity that I lived with.
My place of dwelling. And from letting this darkness
inhabit me for so long, I have come to love it. I have come
to live with it, for without darkness, light will be no more.
I have learned to love such a feared part of me. A loathed
part of me. I’ve seemed to forgotten it even existed along with me.

Darkness was but another part of me that couldn’t exist without
the light. I was given a chance to live in this world, and I would live. I will live. But life comes before death, and tragedy comes in the middle of our peace. Darkness is just but one of them I have come to accept.

it’s 1:10 AM right now, and Im typing in the dark. Have a nice day, everyone!

On this sacred day,
they await a Savior:
a light for the shadows,
and warmth for the long nights.
Days and days they sit
in the very same holy spot,
praying for the change.
Winter slowly creeps in,
shaking the zealous to their core.
Faith, a fickle candle,
can't stand the gentle breeze.
The wick becomes chilled,
the flame extinguished,
and the weak begin to flee.
Those faithful to the Sun
scorn those who leave the holy site.
Even as the light dies
and the world grows cold,
here they sit patiently.
Unfortunately for them,
darkness still comes to those
loyal to the day.

Seema 1d

What lays beneath, shall remain unknown
As the creepness prevail with a dark mourn
Unsure of the foul smell of decayed meat
No one wants to breath while they eat
It's certain that we are not alone here
Cause everytime I feel the crawling of fear
Like someone rushing through to come near
But possibilities are that it's just the fear in mind
Which guides the fearful heart to actually find
What lays beneath the ground?
From which the mourn aches mumer the sound
The chill feeling gathers on hearing the dogs howl
The strange faint hooting of the jungle owls
While none has the courage to see outside
The ground breaks and the smell smearing from inside
It's what looks like the opening of the hells portal
And the creatures crawl out as a rotting mortal
The lordship of this place has guarded this place
That's why these creatures are not able to trace
For we are few who are safe for now as told
But who knows what this darkness really holds
The smokes fill the atmosphere around
The cold mist and heavy fogs surround
As there is a wait for the day break to come
How many of us shall remain? Probably some
The growling and gronning such unheard
Unseen deads roam, some even without heads
I only wish this was just a dream not true
If only this night passes and hopefully we are through
In the light of day, we shall know what's there
None have such courage, for they do not want to bare
The wreath of the dark hell creatures
With distorted bodies and disfigured features...


Spilling imagination. Fictional write.
Jobira 1d

With a very paced speed,
I am falling down into
a rabbit hole.
Yet, she minds not of
her butterfly effects on me,
as she keeps pulling away.


Something I’m feeling at this moment.

What the fuck is going on right now -
you can feel your heart beat quickening,
Very aware that something isn't right because reality feels overwhelming,
Beads of sweat form on your skin as the world around you becomes horrifying,
And your feet start to drag, like they're surrounded in mud and it's thickening.

Ears ringing,
Hands shaking,
Fingers fumbling,
The pain in your soul intensifying.

Struggling to think straight as the thoughts in your head continue tumbling,
Darkness creeps in from the corners of your eyes, your vision is disappearing,
You scream out in hope of someone to hold you and stop you from falling,
Curl into a ball, remember happiness, as the terror swallows your entire being.

You're defeated, there's no point in crying.

Everything... fading.

Luckily it was a dream - I don't know what else to say.
Faan 2d

Death reminds me of silence,
elegance, what I strive to be.
quiet and devoid of noise,
peaceful to the mind.

No tangled mess of emotions,
theres nothing such as pain,
no expectations from society
no meaning, no sound...

floating in the emptiess,
as if one don't exist,
but does it really make an difference
since I will not be missed?

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