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piper m Jan 2019
Life and death,
Are tightly bound,
Like a flashbulb going off.

Black rain fell,
Clashing with
Smoke and fire.

"You cannot escape,"
She told me.

"Even here,
Only a few people
Are not broken."
are you
broken, too?
poemsformysake Dec 2018
Muzzle flashes in the distance
And I'm thinking about you
I don't know if I should
I don't know why I would
Actually I do know why

Muzzle flashes in the distance
And I'm still thinking about you
One hour brings to two
Even though you have someone in your life
I still want to talk to you

Muzzle flashes in the distance
And ******* i'm still thinking about you
Should I stop and if I can't
I'm in the middle of the enemy
So why do i think of you

Muzzle flashes in the distance
We know each other for two weeks
That is no relationship
No grounds to build upon
No house to live in

Muzzle flashes in the distance
If I die will you mourn?
If I pray will he fall?

I don't hear the muzzle
Only see what they are doing
So they flash in the distance
And I'm thinking about you.
faeri Oct 2018
It's black with bits of white and Grey resembling the tombstones of flames.
Lightning beneath the cinders illuminate the ashes with flashes of white light.
The sooty sky is so dull but it's still shines.
I said this in a dream...
Elizabeth Zenk Aug 2018

The lights go on and off
My body remains still.
My face shifts.
You ask if anything happened, but I refuse to talk about the tears I was fighting.
As I fought against the stresses of being lost in flashing colors and patterns
I wonder if when the lights were flashing
if you could see the colors.
See the patterns.
Trapped in a dazzling world of sparking lights.
Morphing into one trippy, mind-melting screen.


It felt as though my heart was matching up with the rhythm of the strobe light.

Yes, I didn’t react this time,
but I was so so scared.
Stuck in a bright limbo.
Nylee Nov 2017
Electric buzzes through the skin
light flashes on as I blink
I see faces too close
breathe too slow
the air
I found myself nowhere
a maze to maze
a small world
The energy reviving
ain't in control
beneath static
Want to be set free
want to flow in
Ariel Dec 2015
5 am waking  up in a bed of lies.
Then the flashes come every day is filled with blue sky's.
Living in a world filled with your lies.
Hell touch you and it will make you feel like god.
You'll drown yourself playing into his game.
Where no one knows your name.
Its all about the fame.
Undeniable lust, his lips are poison to the touch.
Tasting  the sweet, sweet flavor of nicotine.
My favorite drug.
He dusts me out and uses me as his rug.
Using me over and over. Is there no end.
Living in a fake sense of happiness,
just playing pretend.
He'll make you close your eyes,
tell you your pretty
and ******* till  you meet your demise.
Taking your body into his hands, owning and claiming it. You need to take a stand.
You tell him no  and your no
turns into a yes then into an
I guess.
He's got you
5 am waking up
Its about a ******* and her ****.
Or about a girl in an abusive relationship.
Mary K Sep 2015
out of the corner of my eye I see a flash
but then it goes away
in front of me the ground is crumbling
but in a moment I know the rubble will become solid once more
I know nobody else can see it
that's why I don't freak out anymore.
if I didn't know any better, I'd think the world was dissolving like a dream
and in its place is the world I was meant for all along.
when the flashes get stronger sometimes I can hear voices
and I swear sometimes I think I hear my name among them.
last night when I was watching the stars, the sky broke apart and the pieces fell down like snow
if it wasn't the middle of August, I would have written it off to just that.
I opened my mouth to catch a flake on my tongue
but the smoky taste led me to believe maybe it wasn't snow but ash.
now I'm laying in bed
with words rushing through my head
and I can't turn it off.
I tune into the loudest thought and recognize it as some type of directions
I almost don't know what it's saying, but something about it seems somehow right.
I don't have time to elaborate because the flashes are fading
my thoughts are becoming foggy
this world is turning black all around me and there's nothing left in me that cares enough to paint back the colors.
and now even the black is going away and the lights
the lights are blinking out all around me
the lights were just right there
just right
not sure how to feel about this one. it's 1am cut me some slack
Jaclyn Jul 2012
Dreams come in color
Bright flash of imagined light
It's reality
Wedge Sep 2014
There I stood
Staring at this marvelous structure
It towered beyond the sky and faded into the darkness above
Brilliant circuitry illuminated from every crevice in every building
All around me the city seemed quite alive
Flashing, blinking, glowing - yet abandoned
All aside from myself, were gone
This powerful cerulean and neon green that lit up through the dark
Shined only upon myself and itself
Every shadow was my own
I awoke to find this fact true
As I was the city
And so long did I exist - the bright glow would as well
Did I exist in this glowing town? Or did it exist in me?
Until I dream again, only time will answer that question
(9/24/14) A man has a dream of a city. Epistemologically speaking, did the city exist in his mind? Or was he a member of this abandoned city?
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