Kat 2s
What if
I fall before I fly
What if
it's really only foolishness to try and reach the sky
What if
My heart will always feel this way
What if
I'll only be led astray
What if
all my tiny wonders will go to waste
What if
I'll never quite know the taste
What if
It's really all a useless race
What if
No one knows how to show their realest face

What if
I just take you where
What if
We can try and find our answers there
What if
We won't be losing touch
And what if
this time a promise kept, I'll hold you as such
I want to hold you so much
I take pride in keeping promises.
Juan CA 1h
From the moment I laid my eyes on you
My heart stopped
I did not know what had happened
It was as if the whole world slowed down around me
Everything about you just drives me crazy
From those beautiful eyes to your cute voice
It's just sad that this is an unrequited love
You can never belong to me
You probably don't even know I exist
And I'm okay with it for now
As my body lays frozen over
By the ice that continually cools me,
I gently float, soundlessly in the
Tower surrounded by icy waves.

The landscape that I always look out to
Is unchanging and lifeless,
Sounds in the distance seldom
Resounding around my heart motionless.

I kick at stagnant air,
Almost as if something was there,
The tunes playing in my head
Enough for my heart and mind to share.

As my frozen body moves,
I continue to gaze out towards the landscape.
Not because the landscape is motionless,
But now, because my heart and mind
Have melded into the tunes
Playing in my head.
Wedding bells in mind
Play the harp with all her heart
Answering fortune
Watched a video of a woman playing beautifully on the harp.
Lyn xxx
7 18 2018

Flames of a firesheart
Burning burning. Dancing dancing
Singing to our cold
Warming our very soul

Staring into your warm eyes
Watching your embers fly
Touch the very skies
Smoke rise. And rise again

The warmth of your beating breath
Flowing into my chest
Melting the ice around my heart
My very veins. Come apart

Teaching love so close and warm
Holding onto you
Until the morn
Always with us. In our hearts

One wish
A kiss to feel your flames
That little wispy fuzzy heartbeat
The kind of feeling. That breaks these chains

Iam sorry. I want to change
My ways. Not me. I'll stay the same
Feeling fire. That does not burn
One wish. To which i truly yearn

Speaking through your flames
My heart felt words. To you
Smoke and fire. All the same
The world calls me insane. But you know my name

For the one i love
I can not touch
Though i feel your love. And hear your voice
I hope you hear my words. If not much
The blue flames
The orange yellow
Red green purple pink
Fire can be like a rainbow
Light and fire
Not flags
Not borders
Not faces
Not skin
Just hearts
Just souls
Just ask -
what's within?
What's on the surface is distracting, but if you look closer and ask some questions youll see the heart of the matter.
Willow 9h
You took my childhood, you matured me too young.
I looked for you in other people, but I never found you.
You bruised and broke my heart.
My tiny little heart.
You made me want to die at the age of 8, you made me hate my body at the age of 10.
You made me attempt suicide at the age of 11.
You made me cut at the age of 12.
You made me anorexic at the age of 13.
You made me believe that I am worthless because even my father didn't love me.
You made me believe that I could and never would find love.
You made me believe that happiness was a joke.
You can’t break her heart
It’s already broken
He carries it around with him in a jar in his back pocket
how do you describe someone's smile
in poetic words?
how can i tell the person on the other side of the screen
that i crave to see his grin again
which i now only see in still moments in time

how selfless his smile is,
although he is no superman,
he rescues me from my darkness
and returns me to my safe place,
which resides in him.

do i have peace in mind
knowing that he may be seeing this
in someone else?

no, i do not have the right.
our time has come and gone,
like the shifting breeze
and the changing tide.

yes, i will still feel the caress from his hand
on my rosy cheek.
time brought his heart to me,
and i to it,
similar to how it guided me away.

this is part of the journey that i chose.
a thousand more years we may have to wait
for us to love again.
maybe then we will not hesitate,
but for now,
we wait.
About someone I love.
kiana 11h
we bask in the moonlight
the stars dancing like fireflies
our cheeks lightly glazed
with the tender kiss of light rain
vanilla and lavender
flow through our senses
making me wonder
how I lived so lifeless
you turn to me
the grass singing melodically
'what is that beautiful scent?'
I take your hand, our fingers bent
and place them to my fragile chest
you feel the warmth of my blood
delicately flooding your touch
I say 'it's my heart'
your eyes widen, lips apart
I shift my weight, to lean over
and say this barely above a whisper
'my heart decided that a feeling so full'
'should also smell so divinely good'
late tuesday night thoughts.
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