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Amanda 4d
If I had a quarter for every time I wished
For you and I to take a trip to yesterday
I don't know exactly how rich I would be
But it would add up to a lot of change

I don't know what I'd do with that cash
But I would spend every cent on you
Doing whatever you like till it's gone
Or till there's nothing left to do

Or we could leave where we are for good
Pack up all our things today and leave
I could take your hand and whisk you far from here
To a place our tomorrows will always be happy

I will say farewell to bad memories
Never look that direction again
Like arrows we will fly toward the future
Our time in this small town will end

Presently I have your heart to hold
And although time may never give me a replay
I am too lucky to be nostalgic
Done wishing for yesterdays
Day 6: write a poem of any length incorporating every word from your latest Facebook status update

"If you don't change what you are doing today all your tomorrows will look like your yesterdays"
Ave 5d
He’s kinda weird
The way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking
Do you think he notices
When I do it too?
I kinda like his hair
The way it curls makes me wanna run my hand through it
it’s kinda strange
Why these feelings never came up before?
I wonder
Kiss me
                           Take me to bed

                                    punch me in the nose
                            ****** my mind with your rage

                                                                   and forgive me nothing
Hold me tenderly
                       as your friend
                                                        and      keep      my secrets
                          Interlock your fingers         into mine

show me your eyes
                                  allow me the depth of your soul
                            the chance to kindle
                                              your intricate loveliness

Feel something         &
     allow yourself to feel it first
                                                        before tearing it apart for answers
I flew into the sun once and it was beautiful.
He filled me with a warmth like I've never known before.
So great was this warmth, I only wanted to draw closer.

Wherever he went, his light shone and lit up every crevice and place eventually freeing my heart from its dark tomb.

I can say that I truly loved the sun and would dread each night he went away.

You see, the sun was so captivating, he caught the eye of many and they, too, fell in love with the sun.
He was aware of his beauty so he used it to his advantage.
During the day, he'd stay, frolic and play until the dark would make herself known.
This is when he'd leave to be with the one he loved, the one he couldn't live without.

And so is the lesson I learned the hard way…
Never fly too close to the sun for you will get burned.
Siyana 5d
To me, your eyes are like the rarest gems hidden in a lost treasure chest...
To me, your voice sounds like a thousand angels peacefully humming.
To me, your body is the taj mahal...
But to you, I'm nothing at all....
Klita 5d
This cursed heart
So naive
So h o p e f u l  
Its disgusting
Its p a i n f u l
its hurTING ME
P l e a s e
Ronin 5d
if you knew how much i love you
would you still be doing this?
you keep me in the middle
though all i'm asking is your kiss.

if you knew how much i love you
would you finally take me back?
how i long for words of comfort
and kisses on my neck

you say you know how much i love you
so why did you do this to me?
i'm not asking you for much
just your love, and i'd be happy as can be

but you just keep me waiting
making me doubt everything i know
if you'd know how much i love you
you wouldn't make me feel so low.
Star BG 6d
My heart, my heart,
sings out the song of life
beating its drum like form
in all weather.

It vibrates
singing a songs of light
as breath hugs
with invisible fibers
the moment.

My heart, my heart
precious with dimensions far
storing memories in its
cravens red.

It echoes
trilling with passions
for the dance of love
as expansion commences.

My heart, my heart,
chants dreams orchestrated
in fields wide
under majestic moon.  

It calls
expanding to be harvested
in notes that radiate outward
as cells frolic in mind.

My heart, my heart.
I shan’t leave home
without it.
Nor will waver not
with beat in celebration
for life, for love
for dreams.
After reading Era of Light article called
Memphis : Rock Consciousness this poem came.
I Fumble through the dark
Hopeless.            Stray dog.
I lie there in constant thought. of

Found myself by rambling
through carefully spoken paragraphs,
flattering speeches and romantic monologues.
but they are nothing, without

Nothing, after all
That's all that I ever was to
So I'll be nothing, I am silence…
Yet I hear your piercing whispers!
I am steeled against myself.
But your knife plunges into my empty chest.
Who is guilty of the sin in the end?!

Alexis 6d
all these poems I write
start with I,
I swear I’m not self centered
but they say write what you know.
So in a desperate attempt
to learn this soul of mine
All I write about
is me.
And you,
Yes, I write about you.
I write about the beauty of you.
Of how I would love to leave fingerprints on your heart and caress your soul .
I mean if you would allow me
To love you
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