My eyes are filled.
My glass is empty.
My heart is shot.
My phones not buzzing.
My mind is racing.
My stomach is turning.
My shower is blistering.
My body feels nothing.

And it's all because of you.
Mary 7h

I found a home
in rough arms
and delicate touches.
In the smell of cologne
and bright roses.
I found a home
in wide shoulders
and tiny hands
both my asylum
keeping me safe
during the darkest nights.
In sharp stubbles
and blood red lips
marking my skin
as if it was a canvas
painting it in the best work of art
the world has ever seen.
I found a home
in the long locks of a awesome boy
in the short curls of a beautiful girl
tangled between my fingers
as we intertwine our souls.
I found a home
in the intergalactic being
of a lost soul
who heard the call
of my empty one
and decided to make it its own
in the purest, most natural love
that has ever been.

m 7h

at age 10,
my mother pointed
At the small birth mark
On my left knee and said,
"Someone's going to love
You for that one day."

At age 16,
I told her that a boy,
One far away,
Told me I was unloveable.
"He couldn't be more wrong,"
She promised.

At age 19,
She picked up my prescription,
And cried,
"I don't want you
To get your heart broken,
Mary." She sobbed.

The empty encouragements mean nothing,
When a daughter has decided
That the need to be tragically beautiful,
Is more important than the need
To be exceptionally loved.

i wrote this in 5 minutes I know it's stupid enjoy
Eleni 8h

The only place we could be alone was by the brook.

Beside an oak tree
You and I lay, enveloped.

It makes me feel odd that
We were once shy.

There was a flute playing a blissful melody in the distance, lulling us to sleep.

It was a Celtic fantasy. Blushed cheeks, entrancing mandolins, serene violins.

You whispered delicately in my ear:
'Forget everything. Enjoy now.'

But how can I forget and enjoy now, when I am alone, my tears rusting my guitar strings.

That girl you once layed with by the brook is shattering...

                    ­       Effort
                      ­               Heart.

Farewell to light and all things bright.

A Santos 11h

My heart still grumbles from time to time,
Waiting for you to finally satiate it.
You never choose to feed,
And you never will.

Maybe it’s the scares you gave me,
That keep reminding of you,
Your words that cut though me so deep
That left forever open wounds,
My story says you hurt me so badly,
But my silly heart still keeps calling for you.

this poem has nothing to do with my life atm but maybe once upon a time it did or in future it might :P
Luvanna 13h

So I've been thinking tonight
I put a serious thought on
how come you managed
to fall asleep so easily tonight
knowing you've said something
broke my heart and made me
feel unwanted in my early morning

"The heart no longer beats because it's
taken too many falls,
And all that's there to catch it is the
cold, hard ground."

A poem from a friend of mine.

Did i told you ?
"you hurt me"
Yes,  you heard me right, you hurt me.
With every action of yours.
Intentional or unintentional,
You should know they were destructive.
Did i told you ?
"I got physically tired, and emotionally drained.
Yes, you heard me right you drained my emotions leaving me empty.
With every word of yours.
Intentional or unintentional,
You should know they were devastating.
Did i told you?
"how much i cried that day"
Yes, you heard me right, you made me cry, getting me on my knees, as i listened to my own voice like a helpless distressed child, the muscles of my cheeks trembled.
With every step of yours.
Intentional or unintentional,
You should know they were terribly crushing.
Did i told you?
"I lost my spirit"
Yes, you heard me right, you theft my spirit, leaving me numb, with thoughts of ending my life for there's nothing left.
With every statement of yours.
Intentional or unintentional,
You should know it was shattering.

Yes i did told you, it was just you never understood. Your actions, your words,  your statements ,fuckin you,
You, yes you,
You turned out to be a blithe sadist.
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