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Amanda 28s
I care too deeply for my own good
It ruins every good thing eventually
I do not sleep often, obsessing over
Meaning in the words you say puposefully.

I go on an intellectual treasure hunt
Kindness, love, and hope wear thin
Exhausted, too focused to stop
To take surroundings gracefully in.

Amidst the inflection and subtle gestures
Lurks underlying anger, spite
There's no battle, we've given up
No longer have the will to fight.

Get up, go forward, give it all I've got
Go to sleep with an aching heart
Repeat steps from the day before
A string of miseries I avoid yet endlessly start.
One often meets bis destiny on the path he ttook ool to avoid it
Amanda 30m
I do not know why I miss you
After the pain you caused my heart
Or why I love you so much when it's obvious
We are clearly better apart
Sometimes the person you want most is the person youre best without
Common denominator
Portrayed witness
Lackless drive
Pure divine stationed
In this shallow heart of mine

Somewhere locked out of sight
I dive
S Rose 2h
My heart, it bleeds.
My mind keeps sending
These thoughts never-ending
As if a train-wreck of infinite cars.
How can I ever clean this mess up?
Or invent thoughts so long?
Or the words to a song?
That my ears need.
noren 3h
A skeleton tumbles out of
the memory's cupboard
whose knob can't be fixed.

Its skull is in a maze of chaos,
Its hollow eyes stare into a blankness
and its teeth seem to mock at a misery.

Its ribcage has a heart which still beats intensely
Its stomach churns with untold truths
that it doesn't want its deaf ears to hear.

The limbs break like brittle dreams
It wants to stand up with broken feet
and give another chase to an illusion.
It wants to say a word that it has held back
but seals its lips yet again.
Sarah 3h
why do i have to fall for you
when you decide to leave me
i know that im a lot to handle
but all i wanted was a chance
you captured my heart
please just stay
you were never mine but oh how i wish you were
You can’t help
who you love and
who you don’t.

You can’t help
If they will or
If they won’t.

Even if they
are miles away,
in your heart
they will always stay.
Isaac 5h
Your reality reflects your heart.
When your heart is warm,
Reality is sweet.
When your heart is cold,
Reality is bitter.
Look after your heart.
Let God nurture it
And restore it.
Come and give it to him.
For it is not the location
Of your body,
But rather,
The location of your heart
That determines your peace.
Keep your heart alive
In the presence of your creator.
Written 20 September 2018
I gave my heart with his HELLO
and broke it with our GOODBYE.
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