It doesn't requires interactions to be
to be face to face
or over phone
but just a matter of heart throbbing
from one end to the other
makes that meet-cute happen!

It requires only heart to meet from end to end
making it so special for real!

Sweetly you write it out
through your heart
which is tender beneath
the bed of stone, uncut..
rough and tough you may show
but you possess a heart of Gold!

25 April, 2017

A friend unknown it might seem...
but known with thousands of words which flows...

Set you in a palanquin
Decorate it with stars
Steal you away from this world
Steal your heart away

Oh love I seek every day
Her smiles lights my dark
My imperfections sent away
Now the love we embark

when true love stay strong
the heart get inspired
Star BG 5h

Grove-in to the tune of heart,
I dance inside my day.
Prancing, jumping, spinning round,
as I do sing and pray.

I pray the world awakes in love,
to celebrate life’s song.
Everyone should live as one,
its where we all belong.  

Sing out loud, or whisper low.
Just carry love inside.
Then the world will shift in peace.
and all will move with pride.

kj 6h

Follow your footsteps and
Fall asleep to your song and
Free from the tears and
Fasten the love and


Star BG 7h

The tempo of the gentle wind,
tickled bonding with hearts song.
The musical beats rose in crescendos
to sing with birds.
It whispered in rhythms grand,
that travel on rivers waves.
It opened etheric wings to fly
in dreams divine.

It gave me a platform to echo my gratitude.

inspired by Cne

So you tell me if I write about my unrequited love
Then I’m a poet?
That the sadness spilling from my hands
Is actually my freedom?
That the agonizing feelings in my heart
Are beautiful and sacred?

You say if someone breaks my heart
Then it’s a masterpiece?
That crying myself to sleep
Helps me through night?
That my out bursting break downs
Are just a proof of pure and honest love?

And when I drown in my depression,
Writing things on which I hate,
You telling me that it is awesome?
Am I supposed to go along,
Feel all better,
Or actually continue on?
How do you see an upper side in this?
A happy string that’s wrapped inside my sadness?

How messed up should I be
To see it too?

My heart is hurting
And there’s nothing good in this
I fail to see the beauty
In the wounded core

Where’s the glory in the tragic?
Where’s the fame in being sad?
Horrid is no synonym of charm
It goes with hateful, cursed, offensive
It goes with rotten, wretched, repulsive

And weeping is no grace
There’s no glamour in being broken;
No elegance in crying out
Just as delicacy does not describe the dead

If a broken heart is what I need
To be a poet,
If beauty means to suffer much,
Then I won’t write a poem
Then I’ll stay ugly for the world

I won’t drown in the applause
Of the world of poets
If it means that I won’t bleed

If being broken’s what it takes
To write this poem being sacked,
Then I prefer
To keep my heart intact

do you
pull me
In as a
and push
with the
of your
do I
end up
lifting my
to fly
back to
your storm?
I ask questions
only my heart
knows the
answer to

A million stars up in the sky
You shines brighter I can't deny

I feel like heaven when you are near
Even in my dreams only you appear

You always know just what to say
just talking to you makes my day

A love so precious a love so true
a love that comes from me ends at you

All this were my hidden emotions
high as the skies deep as the oceans

Love you baby with all of my heart
together forever and never to part.

Although you're my neighbor
Still my heart did so much labor

the metaphor of heart = labor is copied from Urdu poetry.
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