If he says he's not sure, take that personal with every being
He is not sure about you, he doesn't want to choose you
The only reason he is not letting you go is because he is selfish

You are the stars around the moon
You will sparkle for a long distance away
Your presence is always so peaceful and endearing
IT makes a difference with and without you

Just because he is not ready for you
It does not mean you stop shining
It does not mean the whole world won't stop staring at you in awee
It does not mean you aren't the most beautiful thing

You are hurting
But extraordinary things heal
By themselves or with the help of others, they heal regardless
Do not worry, you will heal and
See the light

You are Extraordinary

Just everything you need to be.
Everything you need to be for yourself.
Some rough writing after a very long time..
It finally happened but I'm still walking like it's just a dream.

Like it didn't actually happen.

You were perfect as always.

Perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect demeanor.

When I saw you walk past me, I said not again.

Not again would I let you slip away from me, because I
was done being a ballerina.

So as gracefully as you entered, I caught you at the exit.

You acted as if someone gave you a double fudge chocolate
cake for your birthday when I told you who I was.

Baby it made my heart melt and right then and there I wanted to
give you all of me.

But the best thing was, I felt like I was being set free.
No nausea or anxiety.
In that moment it was just you and me.

And that connection that I had felt like I had imagined became
as clear as day.

Maybe it's all in my head, but I have never seen you waiver...
this chiseled knight had a chink in his armor.

Because you seemed nervous, and what makes me even more queasy is
that perhaps you were nervous because of me.

Darling, whatever it was, it pleased me even more to see you
act as sweet as honey.

And im questioning everything once more, because perhaps you really are
the one for me.
Old poem that I still think about
A wanted desire
A girl with a fire.
A passion in a kiss
A compassion I admire.
A kiss that lingers with the taste of
A genuine draft.
I write not to send but still for you.
I write because this is my craft.
A love, a kiss, a loyalty matched
I love, I kiss only you
Aslong as my breath will last
trf 2h
Bury the silencer beneath the dog bones
that Fido misplaced last May.
Their presence is scentless now,
just like your mind is today.

Arms down, head up dear friend,
lines in the sand are only drawn
to spend your time crossing footprints.

Place perspective above greed,
as we are all suffering
in one way or another,
so give our children the chance to succeed.

It doesn't have to be this way,
swollen knees pray for peace,
take your high school days by day
and let your mind evade the inner demons.
In order to write this I had to do put my mind into some places that are not comfortable; in fact they are plain fucking evil. In order to write from various perspectives, I've been able to put myself, my thought processes, into so many different envelopes: race, gender, religion, circumstance; in order to comprehend the amount of struggles versus actions that those roles play in our society today. Yet I am unfounded and dumbfounded when it comes to putting my mind in an individual who can commit mass murder of innocents. I grew up with fists and the occasional shiv. We handled our problems normally, albeit illegal sometimes, however no one died. To change this we cannot rely on anyone but ourselves, ourselves and ourselves.
Stop press: for naming these individuals, creating a story of why they could have done such harm, making them mold other's ideas. Leave no paper or web trail of these ______________________
Give me A specific reason
Why you came around
In a time where my heart is guarded
By someone else
When all my hope is invested
Into laying in someone else's arms
How when i look at you
You make my world stop
When it shouldn't
You sneaked your way
Into my domain
And now I'm at a loss for words
Hoping i don't make a mistake
Holding on to him
But hoping for you
Trying to chase a miracle
While cementing my feelings for you
How do i choose between familiarity and the unknown
The willing and the hopeless
What seems to be right is now clouded
By a love that has bloomed in a heart so crowded
lauren 6h
it’s been a while since i’ve written poetry.
a lot has changed and i feel very different now. the weight of my own name has settled better on my tongue. summer is beginning and they say it’s going to be a hot one, an indian summer stretching long into the autumn months, unexpected but not unwelcome. an old friend saying goodbye one last time. the warmth with last until i myself have to say goodbye one last time. right now time moves slow under the heat like a fly in amber, sticky saccharine stretching between its wings, but i know better than to trust this lethargic flow of heartbeats. if i do, the end will sneak up on me, creeping in the shadows of the places that are too dark for me to see into. i try to ignore these places. i’m not sure i know how to be alone and i do not know how i will fare after these last few warm months of childhood. i get the feeling that i am leaving an era behind.
Be the wind of positive change.
Be the lightning that strikes fear in evil.
Be the thunder that stands against oppression.

Be the star that guides the lost souls home.
Be the spring breeze that touches suffering hearts.
Be the sacred rain that washes away tears of suffering souls.

Be the sun that shines with selfless love.
Be the bird that sings with joy to an open heart.
Be the fragrance of a flower that brings happiness as its reward.

Be the moon that brings light to a darkened path.
Be the dawn of a new day that brings the gift of blessings and smiles.
Be the candle that burns in honor of a kind  soul missed by a loved one.
Elliot 7h
In a garden filled with flowers
Patient like impatiens
You lay, lie
Lac of worry.

The Wisteria hands you here
another idea
‘Forget-Me-Not’ it says.
All the while the Orchids
struggle beneath
to compete;
A heartbeat you notice
as carefully and clear
as the Clematis is.

Under the sun-flowers
you nurture the buttercups
maintain the Marigolds
While through the kitchen window
he washes, watches, waves, wearing his Marigolds.

The Evening primrose shows
through the Iris of our eyes
a Lilac sky
leaning on a golden glow
in the lavender scented air
and you remind yourself
This is your Gardenia.

You made it.
Maintained it.
Arranged it.
Sustained it.

For in this garden filled with timeless flowers
you were the gardener.
and now the gardener must go
so that she, herself,
may grow.
I want to be in a love like this forever.
With your eyes grazing my skin,
Following your circling fingertips.
You touch me in a way, so delicately,
So lovingly, like you actually care.
Your kisses that you place on my forehead
As I’m drifting off into paradise
Remind me what spring love is supposed to look like.
The grass under my toes pull me into the present
While we dance across the lawn with our hands intertwined.
Butterflies zig zag across my vision and you spin me around.
The music drowns out all of our other problems.
And life feels beautiful.
When I’m in my sundress and
You’re watching me from our picnic blanket
You tell me you love me, and my heart begins to flutter.
The last days of cold are erased by your beautiful laugh
The warmth of sunlight and the soft cool breeze
Further pushes our passion and solidifies our feelings.
You grip my waist and lift me into the air.
Time feels rosy and fair, while the birds chirp and call.
With no real agenda, without the controlling menace of time.
We hold hands and spend the afternoons enjoying the bliss.
The newly bloomed flowers and reappearance of green
Feels like a long awaited, highly anticipated surprise
As does our relationship.
We take in the pink skies together,
Hoping we will never have to say goodbye,
Affectionately kissing one another.
Knowing this is a time we will always miss.
Spring, is a time for new beginnings.
It is the perfect time, for a love like this.
Written over spring break during a time when my life was a little more filled with light.
Your kind eyes shine light on my dark soul.
Your sweet words bring me to my knees.
Your gentle voice makes my heart melt.

Your my sweet boy.
You always will be.

                              With love,
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