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need a break?
coffee break?
lunch break?
heart break?
summer break?
christmas break?
breaking bad?
i need a brek
The rain embraced earth,
leaving behind morning dews and vigor.
Somewhere along the distant town, I hear an aged song.
Swirl swirl, I once roam the world.
Azure sunset, Tears of spring, The world once my mount.
Mountain thoughts, River heart, Valley self,
My River is dried, ocean emptied,
Simply a Drunken fisherman in the sunset.
Hammad 14h
When the fire catches your house
and there's no way to douse
They say
- get your precious belongings
out of it
Lest they turn to rubble
and cause you the trouble...
And One day
My heart caught fire
So I went inside
to collect the pieces
of our memories
and then
Watched the whole heart
burst into flames..
Alice 18h
I like to freeze moments in time
take a step back, and notice all the details
so that hopefully, when we're old and gray
and barely remember our own names

I can still close my eyes and see
the plants in your living room
the $8 bottle of wine on the coffee table
the dinosaur blanket we shared
the pain in my stomach from all our laughter

and the way I was the happiest I'd ever been
Alice 18h
yes, love comes in many forms
but you're my favorite
you make me brighter
Today my mind is clouded and my heart is heavy
Although even with all this weight I carry from my thoughts to my feelings
My body feels as though I am floating between the earth an the sky with nowhere to go
When the river converge, there is the self.
The valley is the heart, water as thoughts.
As such, my thought flow through the valley;
forming a river of myriad dots.
Where the spring arrive, the river follows.
In the end, river return to river, water to ocean;
The ocean is the self.
Therefore, changing the self is changing the heart,
changing the heart is changing the thought,
The mountain is the world, behind river is mountain.
Distance can never change the closeness of heart.
He love’s the way I think
He loves the way I speak,
Finding who I seek
Only desperate it seems,
When love’s lost it’s meaning..
My heart’s dark instincts
Chains sink
You’re lonely lifted high
Never failing You’re mighty
From words You made me
Knowing You’ll cover me
For the life you called me
My good You planned me.
Restitute the damage done by selfishness
try to travel
make good thought
and get a wealthy marvel
good heart deserves to be fought
by your heart and mind
to travel everywhere and get great wealth surely upu will not find an acceptable marvel except the heart
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