You look at me
like you’ve seen God.

Your eyes are the greatest
depths of the ocean while
I’m afraid to wade up
to my waist on the shores.

It’s as if every care you
have in the world has been
replaced by your sudden
desire to touch my lips.

I know your heart is a storm,
but it thunders to know the sun again.

skyler 4h

he had a heart in his hand
that he did not own but it was his
and it was heavy with the weight of a fucked up world
far to difficult for him to carry

so he dropped it
done with all the problems it carried
and she dropped to her knees
unable to breathe


She wore him
like a garment.
His absence
left her

- n. ib

Grace 10h

I saw him as my future
Even when he was nowhere
In my past and present.
I still loved him.
Was it blind love?

Dig your nails into my skin and pull apart my flesh
Pick me into pieces and shred my every breath
Beat my blood like morning eggs and take your rightful pound
Spin my head and shake my legs but I won't make a sound

and the way
I held onto you,
as if my soul would ache
if the universe pulls us away;
made me understand
that I have missed you
for a thousand lifetimes.

Sanny 16h

A heart once filled with so much love..

Now grey, slowly turning into stone.

Love is fading, it's getting hard to feel.

A heart so tired it's shutting down.

With every beat it gets colder.

Another heart lost to the dark.

No more wasted love.


nectar of the heart
draws the lover as a honeybee
he nestles happily

(C) 7/23/2017



Love you all!

From the moment we
Met, I knew it was you who
Would repair my heart

Sent a bullshit note calling it an apology
And a phone with a promise that if I needed you all I had to do was call
And I’d be tempted
If your shield never came crashing down on my chest

This is a Civil War
The moment I realize what I’ve always known
I was never your friend
This is the part of the story where you abandon me
In the middle of nowhere
But it’s not like you were ever there  

Shattered my armor, made of iron, into a million pieces
They said engineers could fix anything
Create a brighter, better, brand new future
So I’ll spend the rest of my life fixing my broken heart

This is a Civil War
The moment we disregard peace negotiations
No compromises, it’s all your fault
This is where I stop following orders and take control
I’ll take my chances with the guilt
As it swallows me alive

The longest hours of my life
Waiting in a hospital room
Playing with the lighter,
You gave to me,
As everything you ever said and everything I never said
Came crashing down like that shield on my chest

This is a Civil War
I woke up shouting in the best way
Trembling limbs, anxious heart
But I won’t back down
This is the end of the story
This time I refuse kneel before your monarchy
This Civil War is mine

Inspired by my own feelings and Marvel's Civil War
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