he finds you beautiful

"god, you're so beautiful!"

only when he's getting pleasured
something that makes your heart squeeze a little.

Madam X 3h

I know you won't understand how I came forth with this conclusion
Thinking I was happy was no more than an illusion
Just once I thought you would go and ask
But you never did, so my pain wouldn't pass.
even if someone showed they cared
My mind wouldn't change.
Just uselessly shared.
Not once have I been understood.
Not my family or even my doctors are good.
One day sadness rose to an ineffable height.
I saw no escape, nor did I see light.
Oh how nefarious people seemed to be.
Just endlessly firing words as if on a killing spree.
My life is a book, though I tend not to read.
It's filled with sweet sorrows, not flowers but weeds.
For My decrepit heart could beat no more
And my tears shall finally rest, instead of pour.

This was to be my suicide note, before I changed my mind.
vunny 7h

When I think about it, there’s so many things I’m grateful for. Thank you, you made my life lit this past year. And now all the good things comes to end.
I know what we are and I know what we're not.

Breeze 11h

I carry a piece of your heart with me where ever I go,
so i don't feel so alone
most times I feel I'm dying inside
bout our memories together keep me alive
you wee the sweetest poison
and every night I'd crave you
knowing this love was destructive I continued
to inject myself... High rushing through my veins
I quickly became addicted to you
and regardless of all the heartache and pain
I couldn't stay away,
I was a feign for you...
But you were addicted to blues
even with everything I brought to the table
I couldn't get through to you.
Because I wasn't the peak of your high
just a temporary fix to get by.
And now I lie awake at night and cry
Because I cant live if your not alive.

When I said i loved you, it wasn't a lie
And I wont let these pills destroy you while I stand by
Remember we said we are in this together,
So im gonna hold you down no matter what forever.
I told you I was down to ride
All the way, through the lows and the highs
I'm gonna be right there by your side.

Cuz what am I
without you?
Whats the sun
without the moon?

What darkness
without light?

What is you losing this fight?

Youre strong baby, youre unstoppable
I wont allow drugs to have us saying goodbye
I'm gonna do everything to keep you alive.
Your my yang and I'm your yin
us losing each other is a sin
Im here through thick and thin
Tell death do us restart,
cuz even death cant keep us apart
like the queen Badu said "ill see you next lifetime"
and our love will just rewind.

Letter from Bonnie to Clyde

Poem dedicated to my love, who is having a hard struggle with drugs.
Sunny 18h

Some day, my heart wonders.

That, had life passed in the soft shade of your hair, how perfect it would've been.

This sorrow and the grief in my heart,
could have been lost in the light of your eyes.

But it wasn't to be.
Now, your memories slowly fade; the sorrow of losing you subsides.

Life passes, the heart hardens.
As if it doesn't need anyone.
As if it'll never warm again.
As if It'll never want again.

There is no path, no destination, no clue and no light. No plans and no love.

I wander in darkness.
In this darkness, I'll remain lost.

Some days, my heart wonders.

Blois 18h

I'm a builder.
My poems are houses.
ghost houses.
Mad houses.
Burn victims hospitals.
Pet cemeteries.
to unknown soldiers.

But also, sometimes,
they are what they are meant to be.
A beating heart with space enough
for them all to dwell.

Usually, not even that.
Only rubble.
Only silence.

Dear heart!
Why the hell you've become
a lodge
to shelter the wrongs
and ruin yourself?
You're suppose to be a
for  the blood!

Lol..science n love blended
Aishah 20h

I was sitting on my bed
clutching fists on my chest

it hurts!
make it stop

I was clawing at my skin
hoping I could dig
deep enough to reach
my aching heart
and stop this beating organ
of mine from misery

Yesterday's mood

An ocean. A body of water, a body of movement, a body of what?

A heart. A chamber of love, a chamber of hope, a chamber of what?

A mind. A place of thought, a place of reflection, a place of what?

A question? A way to look?, a way to find?, a way to what!

sch 1d

just hearing your name
starves my lungs of oxygen
and shatters my heart

Haiku-ish.  Am I cheating by tying the title into the first/last line of the poem? -.-
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