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When I was a child,I used to laugh endlessly
And when I cried,I never cared who was around me
When I was a child,I was the apple of everyone's eyes
And I kept smiling,as I never cared to find anything other than joy around me
When I grew up, I began to laugh periodically
And I never cried before scanning the premises around me
When I grew up, I became a reason behind many furrows and frowns
Cause even though I kept smiling,I kept finding reasons to hate everyone around me
Amanda 1h
I built a tower, locked away my heart
Saw a chance to protect my love
All alone, a birdseye view
Deeply isolated so high above

No one will ever find it here
Want to keep it that way
Though it does get lonely
Some point during the day

Afraid to grant my heart freedom
Live a life of cautious dread
Intentions were for it to be safe
Is my concern harming it instead?
I can hide away my heart but somehow, you always find it.
Pax 9h
I was left hanging
in your garden heart
yet I was only a ****
who never got your
what a bad or good
when i looked up
i found rosy flower
filling every span
drawing a big heart
my secret was released
the birds make it in poem
i love you
all creatures know
they sing my name and you
i felt shame
i ran to get fine
place to hide
one only , i find
your heart
but you get shame
as the universe might know
you  ran to get fine
place to hide
one only , you find
my heart
the time of love passed as a sight,one can,t discover
werdnaZ 12h
*** bless her existence. *** bless her voice. *** bless her love. *** bless the way she talks, walks and composes herself. *** bless the way she smiles. *** bless her smile. *** bless the way she felt in my arms. *** bless when she forgave me for being an idiot. *** bless her for being in my life. *** bless bless her and cameras for giving a good effort to try and capture her beauty. *** bless her for loving me, even if it's just the slightest. *** bless her even when she no longer has any love left for me. *** bless her for the happiness she causes me to have. *** bless her for supporting me in my darkest times. *** bless her for always being in love with me. *** bless her for not completely giving up on me. *** bless her even when she stops caring about me. *** bless her even if she hates my guts. *** bless her for the light she brings to my life. *** bless her even when she takes that light back. *** bless the small space I have in her heart. *** bless her even if that space is gone. *** bless the confidence and strength she gives me to do my best and give every possible ounce of effort I can. *** bless her everything. *** bless whoever makes her happy and *** thank you if I can be that person.
*** bless her.
But she doesn't care for me anymore...
I can't tonight
If you took the time to read that thank you, not sure how long it will be up
werdnaZ 12h
I took an arrow to the heart

It kickstarted my mind falling apart

Stuck, lodged in my heart, you left it there

Left me in that undying nightmare

Left it buried in my chest

Burning with the memories you carved into it

Bleeding in the misery of my numbness
im fine
Rhiannon 13h
It feels like a dream
Lost in time
Lost in essence
Only to be awoken
By a deep depression

It feels like a motion
Passing through
Drifting slowly
Only to be halted
By a corrupt seizure

It feels like the unknown
Something untouched
With an obscene flavour
Only to be savoured
By an irresistible promise

It feels like a dream
Beacause I'm not awake
I never was
It feels like a dream
Because it is
Some things hurt with such intensity, and I don’t know why,

Sounds, smells, scenes.

It’s like I’ve been here before and experienced the most significant emotional event or worse, that it reminds me of a place I’ll never be again.

I can’t understand why they tug at my heart like they do, but I have to hold on to the pain, the sentiment; I can’t waste the emotion, I need to save it and use it, hold it and fuse it,
With some other part of my life.
Whether I intentionally make memories to fill a void made by one of these unknown bursts of feeling,
Or plan my future to head towards them and fulfill them...

I must do something,
To free myself from the thought,
That they may be nothing,
That my mind may be meaningless,
Even if it’s true,
I’d rather deceive myself,
And make it out of something that I drew.

Nothing can stop my mind’s emotion,
So I’ll just give it fuel to soak in.
I need a place to put them,
And burn until I’m deep in REM.
Dreams let my creativity thrive,
Because my waking self can’t give them all life.
I hold things you could never imagine,
Endless dreamscapes of comfort and strife.
Someday it will feel right,
The worst things that pain me will be greater in reality,
Someday it will all be in sight,
After years I will create more than I imagined in my ability.
arielle 14h
one minuscule action
spoke to her
one thousand words
you’ll tear her in two that way..
a million tiny heartbreaks
"heart fractures"
my doctor corrects me
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