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My friend who isn’t one
Said being a starving artist is a new aesthetic
Like brunching at farmer’s markets
Paint drips, dropped on, white shirts
No shows, at art shows, in SoHo
Exotic meds, white dreads, still fed
Living in your bed head

My cat, she knows the truth
Napping on a pile of wet cat food

Actually, it’s
Calling your chef friend Michael again
And asking him if he knows a different way
To make ramen taste better
Because last time it still tasted
Like you forgot to pay your light bill
Navigate sewers
swinging dagger,
poor, poor poo rats.
Clout is the end
all be all means.
This is the beginning.

Tavern town, invite me in.
Odd jobs for experience.
Not long after, gold pieces.
Make my way, eternal ring.

Navigate mansions
slinging war spells,
poor, poor private (army).
Clout is the end
all be all means.
This is the rise.

Tell me, now, I'm slipping into
myself like I always do.
I see the needle point.
How many times will it run us

Tired, now, of the games you play.
I need a heart to communicate.
Tired, now, of the games you play.
I need a heart to trust.
JL Smith 12h
And if your patience grows short
How winter's snow
Awaits fall's last leaf
How the blackbird's song
Serenades only after our sleep
And every flower blossoms
In its own time
When you least expect it
Love arrives

© JL Smith
Either i don’t deserve you
You don’t deserve me

.           .   .  .  .  .  .      .                  .  .  .  .  
.           .   .                  .                  .        :
.  .  .  .  .   .  .  .  .  .      .                  .  .  . .
.           .   .                  .                  .
.           .   .  .  .  .  .      .  .  .  .  .      .

I don’t know weather i deserve you or not but you deserve better than me
Maggi 13h
I'm dying,
Choking, trying to swallow my tears.
My head feels dizzy,
My heart is full of fears.

But I'm good at lying,
Trying to smile, tell jokes,
"Yes, I'm fine".
I don't tell my problems because those are … mine

You just showed me, that you don't care,
if I'm here or there,
or wherever you don't have to look at me.
You just can't bear the misery.

You are the only one who can see.
I'm dying.
I love you,
I say it constantly,
I grasp you tightly,
I don’t want you to leave,
I love you,
The words roll off my lips so easily,
Because I mean it,
I mean it more than ever.
I love you,
I love the way you move,
The way you speak,
The way you look at me.
I love you,
I know things don’t last forever,
But I want this,
Oh how I want this,
To last forever,
I love you,
Never leave.
Yuki 17h
I’ve never been good at dancing
but I tried my hardest
to not step on your feet
on the dance floor
just to prove to you
that I always made sure
not to trample on your heart
even if
I’ve never been good at love.
Thank you for teaching
me some moves,
thank you for teaching
me how to love.
Even if right now
I find myself
dancing all alone
with an empty heart.
Looking into your smokey eyes
Beneath your Fluffy coat;
There is a beautiful heart beating,
To the rhythm of my own
Stabilizing my lost and erratic one.

Sometimes I do wonder,
Did I give you a reason to love me;
Your gaze always fill with trust
As you looked to me for every answer,
It is not my choice to back down now.

Because when I chose you,
Picked you up amidst the litter
Looked you in the eye and saw love;
You were my hope
The savior to my sanity.

Even though you do not do much,
You might not even know my name,
But you do know my heart,
So I made you my world
My Everything.
If I stop my own heart,
will it stop loving you?
Will it stop hoping for you?
Will it stop longing for you?
Will it stop missing you?

If I stop my own heart,
will you start loving me too?
Will you start hoping for me?
Will you start longing for me?
Will you start missing me?

I wonder.
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