lily 35m

you were the first person
whose hands held her heart
but love
she bled to death
in those unfaithful hands of yours

I've contracted a disease of the heart.
Thankfully it can be healed in time.

heartache - J.C.

In the same place at the same time
Yet we're out of each other sight

From a far
Your act of kindness caught my eyes
I realized
We're always in the same place at the same time
I'm out of your sight but now you're in mine

I started to notice the things you do
knowing a little bit more about you
And the more I knew
The more my admiration grew

About me you have no clue
Still I fell in love with you
Even though all I did was watching you
From a far
© Ame Agami

Maybe it was anger that greeted me when I woke up.
Either way, I never want to see you again.
Life is short and you're on my list of mistakes.
I thought I could correct it but I chewed off my eraser.
It was pink and looked like gum, I was bored of course.

Don't take it personal, I know you have questions.
You need closure and I'm an open book, technically you never saw it coming.
This way I feel better about myself so leave me alone.

it took away
my sight for life
it rooted into
the eyeholes of mine
till it reached my core of life;
the heart
I already gifted to you.
You see,
I placed it upon
your very hands,
and, for now on, it is ready
to break out into blossom.
It waits for you to deflower it.

I can't deny
Faint and profound
Your gaze upon me made a sound

I can't deny
Sounded divine
Although my enemy was time

I can't deny
As days passed by
Your presence was now amplified

I can't deny
Caught me staring
The sound you made was now blaring

I can't deny
When you touched me
Felt raging and calm like the sea

I can't deny
That my heart swooned
The moment our sound became tuned

I can't deny
I'm terrified
We've been down that road you and I

But despite it all
You still make me fall
Could be my downfall
Still I risk it all
To tear down my wall

i'd give anything
to hold those hands again

those hands which have
caressed piano keys
and carefully held my broken heart
which you do all too well

i'd buy every piano
and score sheet in the world
if it meant for you to play again

i'd break my heart over and over
if it meant for you to be here
and hold me together again

i'd give anything and my everything
to hold the hands of the piano man

a jumble of incoherent words for wjh.
i wanted to save this for a future draft to see if i can polish it better, but perhaps i just want to let it all go now. words are words, no matter how unrefined.

At night i dream about you.
Not just by holding your hand.
In places where i get to be alone with you, i feel safe and sound
Keys, strings tied to my broken heart in a box, you opened them so quickly.
All i could ever give to you unknowingly is because i love you.

I woke up, face wet knowing it was all a dream.

My heart long for something that can fit it broken pieces so it can be whole again.
My Mind told My Heart, for what? there's nothing can ever fit perfectly.
My Heart said, indeed there's nothing perfect ever but with understanding and compromising it eventually be.
My Mind said, and what after all that it still won't fit and left you with even more broken pieces.
My heart said, let it be for at least i tried. Let it feel whatever it wants because if nothing ever perfect, nothing ever last forever.

Ye shall subvert me
For perdition
Abides in the Sylvan Shrine,
In the
Solar-Bastion that is I.

Yet Ye shall see Phantasmagoria
From the Eclipsing Despot
Of the
Archean Moon.

Dreams are but a Figment of Life:

The Infinitude deluges
       The wombed embankments of mine soul,
           As sprawled, ―I lie drenched in nostalgia
     Of the abeyance of atrophy
Granted betwixt thine epicene arms.

―Effloresce my Alabaster Dove
      For You are Cosmic,

To a besmirched yearning that led to my metamorphosis. Once pristine yet now my heart hath been hallowed by the thew of its shadow. For in the darkness, lightness can be found and in tribulation sapience (or wisdom) can be procured.
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