If I could act on my revenge now, would I?
Some kill, some steal, some break your heart
And you thought I would let it go
Let you off
Broken hearts, break bones, and break up fast
And I don't wanna let go
So in my grave, I'll rot
I've dug two graves for us, my dear
Can't pretend I was perfect when you in fear
Oh man, what a world of things I hear
If I could act on my revenge now, would I?
Some kill, some steal, some break your heart
And you thought that I would let go
Let you off
Broken hearts, break bones, and break up fast
And I don't wanna let go
So in my grave, I'll rot

Through you
I learnt to be grounded,
as if the rhythm of the earth
depended on it.

I found a voice
buried in my heart,
that spoke
the poetry
of love.

Unami is a Nguni word/name that means 's/he is with me'.

And there it was
just as it was before

The late intoxicated nights
with the heart of the moon
beating to rhythm of our laughter
Ecstasy of the universe
seeping into our souls
The subtle glances
which turned into gazes
like the stars
in the deep charcoal pasture
of a sky
like the evening light
warming the indigo ocean,
giving life to the tides-

coming in, pushing
going out, pulling

A constant pattern
our hearts beating
our eyes meeting
our love lasting

But time became the enemy
slipping out of our grasps
taunting and scolding
the past of regret
which we often look back to
in hopes of healing
what was
and nurturing what may be;

For the future is unpredictable

Come what may,
you are
forever imprinted on my being
like the outline
of an unfinished tattoo
beneath my ribs
sore and aching-
a sensitivity
familiar to my spirit
A piece of your heart
tied to mine
by a red string
and stained
with remnants
of moon dust
and sun kisses

Come what may,
I love you

You're like a
Bad habit,
A fever I can't break

Like a
Natural disaster,
Devastating earthquake

Yesterday's promise
Today's heartache

And I expect you
To give,
But all you do is take

© JL Smith

a broken guitar,
an unopened letter,
a string of pearls,
and a faith in the stars

all were washed away
on the king's tide
and he just watched
the ocean and rain

sweeping a part of them
away forever in the depths
they once had wished for

I wanted someone to caress
To cuddle while we are lying in our bed
Someone to give my affection
I thought it was you until the end

You never loved me dear
Like I was just someone for you
That makes us even now
Now you are just someone for me

And so because I'm lonely
I don't want to take you back
My trust in you 'd been broken
Many times
At last you buried me like dead

I didn't want to fuck
I wanted just to love you
To see your happy face
Instead I saw you crying

I was the one who loved
But now I don't ask questions Why..
..Inflatable doll to cuddle
Telling herself she picked the wrong guy

I see you somewhere smiling
And teaching fools the Word of God
But our kids are dying
While you're writing manuals to love


On a wooden table nested between purple flowers
A little cup of coffee sits
By a window perched on a bar stool
Fiddling with the cup, in the palms of her hands, sits a girl

She woke up this morning in a hurry to meet you
Took 3 buses to get to you
Because you made plans weeks ago, but you never showed up
And now this girl is left hopelessly thinking
“What’s the rush to being rejected?”

The barista came by, asked her if she was waiting on someone
No one important
because waiting on you is like reading the same paragraph three times
And never understanding a single word

They asked her if she’d like another cup, anything to eat
She can see the pity in their eyes
They can see past her faux smile
She doesn’t have an appetite, but accepts another cup

They filled it to the brim
Maybe its warmth will fill the cold inside her chest

natalie 10h

bite your tongue,
hold your breath,
your lungs will fill with blood.

continuous anguish,
lovers unknown,
feelings you grasp.

hold me.

natalie 10h

love unconditional,
coming of age,
sweet kisses,
bright eyes,
comfort and bliss.

natalie 10h

sing me to sleep with gem colored eyes,
your soft lullabies hushing my cries.

the gentle white feathers of a snow colored dove,
are as your arms wrapped around me with love.

i feel you with the morning sun,
together we can be as one.

i feel so complete with you.
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