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Remembering feels like a finger dipping
Into a puddle at the back of my head

Our memories are still water
Cold, muddied, stepped in

They fill the dimples in the asphalt
Of my mind

If remembering is a water sport
Then I am an old fisherman

Trudging my boots from bay to bay
Fishing line gripped in pruned hand

Looking through the small pools
Finding goldfish in a city of pavement
There are cats in all my dreams,
And I don't know why

Cause I don’t dream of tuna
Or mice or flies

They sit on windows,
Waltz through halls

Stare from the ground when I fly
Nudge my knees when I’m naked at the ball

Watch as I drown in honey
Paw at the bugs crawling up my arms

Sit on my lap as the plane goes down
Chirp along to the fire alarms

Do cats run out of dreams when they sleep?
And so wander into other people’s?

Is that why, when I wake up,
My cat always kisses my temples
we are all
of the universe

that is why
we can't help
but look up

Kassan Jahmal Jan 21
falling in love,
all the falling
it hurts to hit
that ground
falling out of love
all my falling
didn't the strands of
our time been so cut
your memory resides;
slowly receding

falling in love
all these falling
once in a sky
of a thousand
wishful kisses
falling out of love
it's a fall out into
trading the tiny dots
of stars, to scars

falling, falling
falling —seems human
to fall in and out
of something

i'm constantly falling;
waiting to be
caught by
true love

Shanghai Jan 4
You're the opposite of everything
But here I am giving it a shot
To know you personally
Not just by your stories

Who would have thought
A man who is endomorphic
With tattoos and piercings
Is afraid of blood and ghosts

You dropped those three words
And it felt like a bomb to me
But I chose to ignore the feeling
For I know you got carried away

Your words are too much to handle
Your actions and words don't line up
I know that you miss the feeling
And I understand you

If the universe allows us to cross paths again,
I wish I could still see those sweet eyes
Whenever you laugh when I crack jokes
Jokes that comes out of the blue at ten
Please tell me your name...

You're always around me, I feel we should acquaint.

I think I've known you a long time, a look, a glance and a funny feeling in my stomach when joy sparks.

Are you within me or from some external flame?

A strong internal burning, not fire but shame.
Zywa Jan 3
It intrudes, kicks things

upside down and connects me --

to people: music.
Collection "The drama"
Tauhid Jan 1
Have you ever loved someone
That you just knew you could never end up together?
Have you ever loved someone,
Breathing the same breath brings you so much pain?
Have you loved someone
That the feelings, brings so much ache?
Have you ever loved someone that left you short of breath?
Have you?
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