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Mire 8h
I am aware that relationships form. You date people but it won't always work out. You may like someone very much or even love someone but it won't always be returned. I'm aware that moving on is part of the process of healing your heart. I know that I can and will move on, eventually. But the main problem is: I just don't know when?
So sometimes, I feel feminine.
I feel like adding some spice to my movements,
draw hearts on my arms,
and maybe sometimes, I walk differently.

There is that one guy who looks "cute"
and I don't have that much luck with girls.

Sometimes I imagine what its like to be a girl.
But I am straight.
And male.

I'm just a little bit different.
That's okay, right?
just something I feel sometimes.
I like this burning desire of mine which turned me into an unknown poet with a witty smile.
The hopes which never gets fulfilled
I am done,
I think I have had enough,
Enough of the fake feelings,
And false relationships.
Enough of hurting someone innocent,
Enough of getting hurt by someone unworthy.
Need no favour from anyone,
No love, enough of the ****,
Just someone whom I can blindly trust!!
If you go down to the store and buy a soda pop
You'll notice that bottle is nice shiny and filled to the top
You walk out of the store smiling with glee
Ready for the sweet taste of the pop yippee!
But when you ***** open the cap the bottle sprays
you never could've seen it would act such a way
Now you're left with a sticky mess
On your shoes and sleaves all the rest
And you think to yourself "wow what a day"
Then you think "Who would behave such a way!"
I would rather have someone yell and scream at me than for them to lie to me about how they feel.
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