When I was a little girl
poems had to rhyme
they had to follow a certain pace
like a song follows time

But now, as I grow older
I'm finding that poetry tells a story
My story, yours, hers, his
Poetry... tells. someone's. story.

When I was a little girl
a good poem
meant it moved you
I struggled to find the words
that made me sound fancy
and smart

When I was a little girl
poetry was a form of art
but I didn't understand it,
I just wanted to write

Now I hope to encourage little girls
to just write what they feel
because somewhere out there
someone feels the same way
and they'll be happy you put it down
they'll be glad to know they aren't alone

and you'll know you aren't alone either
I'm starting to doubt free-writing my poems. Are they really poems? Guess I'm still trapped by the beliefs I had when I was a little girl.
I also hope people read this in the voice I wrote it in. I struggle with that, still.
When I look at you,
I'm pretty sure my heart melts.
I don't know how to explain that
but it's how I feel and how I've felt.
You're becoming my happy place,
you're making me brand-new.
I thought I should let you know that
I think I'm in love with you.
this is about you jordan
개자닌 Oct 2016
When I first saw you,
I don't know what to do.
It feels like it was a scene from a movie-
with a perfect song playing in my earphones.

You approached me and said my name.
Once again I was speechless.
But before I could even reply,
you smiled and turned back to your friends.

I know my feelings were true
but I need to know yours too.
So i went alone to you;
I expressed all my hidden feelings-
and found out the truth.

The truth.
The truth that made me feel like an idiot.
The truth that I can't believe.
The truth that made me woke up from my fantasies.

Your heart told me.
My eyes saw it.
You were together.
My face might expressed my laughter-
but you cant see any deeper.

Now liking you doesn't exist in me.
I wasted so much time daydreaming.
Realized that I'm not really meant for you.
Started to pick myself up in this reality.

I never got an answer.
It means I was neither accepted- nor rejected.
Friends was in between though.
But it's okay to leave it like that.
Since your heart told me, my eyes saw it.
Not sure if its still  poem xD
she loved you.
she did.
she really did.
you didn't mind her,
you wasted her,
and now it's over.
I am thinking
right now how
wrecked I'll feel
if my friend
dies but she
hasn't died yet.
I am a bad person. A very bad person.
She was standing at the edge of the abyss looking down at endless darkness beneath her feet, cold air kissing her cheeks,  she took a step back and looked at the sky to see  his face smiling back at her,

"Why am I here? "

she asked gently but‎ the face faded revealing a clear sky and a voice softly replied "take the leap" she had goosebumps feeling how close to her ear the voice was,

"I'm scared "

she said "I don't know what's down there, who's going to catch me?" the air calmed and there was silence, she looked around and saw nothing but never ending rocky plains  and the dark abyss in front of her, "that's where you're wrong " the voice startled her "with falling in love you don't  need someone to catch you, you simply keep falling deeper and deeper it's only when you can see the ground that you need to worry, but should you find someone whose heart and soul is one never ending free fall into the unknown, I suggest you jump" she frowned

"but it's dark down there"

the air around her was getting warmer, her skin now back to its natural smoothness "I can't show you love but I can make you feel it, by letting go of your fears and letting Hope, Faith and Courage fill your heart you will find tranquility the deeper you go but should you carry on being fearful of what could go wrong and making up scenarios you will create your own heartbreak, remember you're falling in the deep dark, you can be friends with the darkness or it could be your worst enemy but it will be your own doing because the dark does nothing but show you what you think for yourself" she stepped forward and looked down again, then she closed her eyes and......

"I'm still kinda waiting for an answer" he said with an engagement ring in his hands while down on one knee  his words returned her from her divination and she realised she her boyfriend of three years is on his knee waiting for her response, she looked him in the eyes and said

"Let's jump together"
I wonder what will go through her mind when I propose
milena 1d
thinking of you at night
thinking of how naive i am
  thinking of leaving this place
   thinking of feelings and longings
    thinking of your past
     thinking of my future
      thinking of eachother
       thinking of how to act
        thinking of how to go
       thinking of understanding
      thinking of reasons to stay
     thinking of hating myself
   thinking of going insane
  thinking of what others with say
thinking of going away

thinking of going away.
neat structure; trying new things
milena 1d
you believed in me,
said i could do it.
how simple it was;
how easily it left your lips.
those 4 words,
"you can do it,"
are a lie.
i can't do this.
this is actually about a soccer game i was stressing over
Asonna 1d
Every night i stare at this pill,
white and small in size.
My feelings, once quite intense
are brought to a little hum.
The pieces where I'm broken,
they're slowly on the mend
although not as fast as one would hope
but its progress is better than none.

I cried tears about heartbreak,
the fatal blows of rejection.
But my patchwork heart, beating still
despite no one wanting to love me.
I get i'm young, almost 23 years
but the loneliness grows quite deafening,
Patches have worn and some even torn
yet i'm still sewing myself together.

Skin so thin, delicate & Friable,
Skin so pale and bleak.
Skin and organs to make a person whole
who feels so intensely deep.

It becomes a flaw to love so blindly,
to be kind and compassionate for them,
For the people who yet still hurt you,
but you'll turn a blind eye for them anyway.

Because you love them.

Every night i stare at this pill,
white and small in size.
My feelings, although quite intense
Make me whole somehow.
So I'll take this pill with treasured spirit
that one day I might be better.
although not as fast as I would hope,
It's the progress I hold onto the most.
She drenches herself in perfume,
in hopes of masking
the smoke that seeps from her lungs
and clings
to her clothes.
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