kate 45m

you made me realise that indeed,
love has no boundaries;
love has no limits;
that love has no borders;
and love is not confined.
my love,
i will forever be grateful for what you taught me.
fate, however, had different plans for us.
we are just another star-crossed lovers
whose paths are destined to meet
but ends up in different ways.

medicine 5h

I fell in love with the dusk sky.
It confusing colour but appeared to be enticing.
Wind blowing the fallen leaves and leave me wondering where it’ll take them.
Wild flowers bloom in shameless motion.
And then I moved.
With my two legs,
arms that were slightly swinging. Complaining and blessing about rough and pretty things.
I knew where this path will take me. But I wasn’t sure.
I never be sure.

Until I met you half way. And you left me half way too.


I’m starting to feel strange in my own life.
Time’s grains won’t slow down, they’re drowning me.
I forgot who I was again today,
But no one knows, perhaps I’m still okay.
I used to be the one to call for a good time,
They would dial One for
One time out, bring her back
And be done till the next week
But now I am out of touch from them,
I am gone from everyone who once danced around me.
I loved a guy once,
long ago
And he was scarred like me
Is he still?
I wouldn’t know
He is now a stranger to me,
Another page of a notebook no one wants to read.
I forgot who I was again today,
But I read that I was a writer.
I am starting to feel strange in my own life.

valerie 1d

i remember you once told me

i shouldn't allow fear to

control me because i

could lose that chance and

opportunity with someone.

and i lost that chance and opportunity

with you


she gave her best
but it wasn't enough
she gave her everything
still, it wasn't enough

her trust got destroyed
her heart got broken
all that she have
is totally shattered

i look for you
in crowded places
but all i can see
are unknown faces
wondering where you are
maybe you're somewhere far
even now i'm feeling blue
you don't even have a clue
keeping our memories together
though i can't have you forever

Kenya83 2d

I don't know what it is or how to find it
Your eyes and your heart make me carelessly free-fall
Your soul igniting my soul, sets me alight in hot flames
There's no warning, no caution, no harness for protection from falling
I enjoy the phantom aches and pains

Can I love with my eyes alone
Can I love what I'll never know

It's simply and effortlessly just you, a complete creation, a package brimming and spilling with sweet alluring scents
Drunk are my senses, but drunk I'm happy to be
It's the only way I feel you, right next to me

Inspired by Pablo Neruda

So you left
You took off with them without looking back.
I have always had feelings for you,
Though you may not know what you have,
Through it all, I follow you, future, past,
To the ends of all time, space and the earth,
For it is my part,
And would impart my breath, my fire, my heart.
I just dream to be closer to you, more and more.
I wish only to share my experiences, life with you,
Though these tender moments are not understood
We share a bond that is unlike anyone's.
It's what I keep on living for.
Maybe you won't understand in this lifetime or the next,
But I would die for you, I would live for you,
For all time I would be everything for you,
To know you is to love you, but a part of everything,
I would do it all over and over again...without regret...

When the value of what
You might add in a conversation
Is the same of that of a dying sorrow
Share it with the lamenters and the widows
For the ones with our heads onward and ahead
Have little time for a useless need in our heads

Useless pricks are abundance in this world
But dears, the only things
that look good doing nothing are statues
And your looks would pass ignored by the greeks, french, romans, and even the barbarians

Please, do mind me, this is the simplest insult
For the ones that prefer to glue their asses
Watching life passing​ by and the world spinning through
If there's so little you can do
Why don't you do us a favor and fly off

Today I tried to remain as Zen as possible, but you know when you get home and all your barriers melt down and that ball of infuriating fire is still lighting but because of the exhaustion it looked as if it were running out the gas and what remained was the ashes that crept into my mind threatening to evolve into a migraine, well you do? I felt exactly that.

As the fierce soldier I am, I haggled off this reality with that of my subconscious and adventure myself in the depths of dreams. What a journey, I dreamt with verboten love and with abuse, cliffs and heights. What I can highlight and what bedazzled me the most was a peculiar scene: I was in front of a pizzeria and the family in charge was in the middle of a severe argument. The father was holding forcibly the wrists of the mother, this one cried and implored him to stop, while their kids cried and shrieked. In the outlook of my dream I had the pleasure of having subtitles! How crazy is that! the family was talking an indigenous language and I could read what they were talking. Thing was my mother got in the middle of the argument and asked for the kids to take them, as in being their savior. I red that the little baby was in the "highest mountain", the father kept repeating that they were obliged to go there. I decipher it as the highest room in the tall building. Upon arriving no kid was there and despair started consuming me and just THEN my mother woke me up.

Set you in a palanquin
Decorate it with stars
Steal you away from this world
Steal your heart away

Oh love I seek every day
Her smiles lights my dark
My imperfections sent away
Now the love we embark

when true love stay strong
the heart get inspired
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