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Youngsters of today
I marvel at the manner
They express
themselves through their writings
Reading them sometimes
I am elated
Sometimes I am sad
Sad for their lives' experiences being bad
Mental setbacks, depression and panic attacks
Mental health of all ought to be good
Full life lies ahead
Full of potentialities
Subject them to catharsis
Parents', elders' responsibility
Give them love , affection and care
In dealing with them
Be fair
Help them heal hurt feelings
Mental health of youngsters, a great concern.
JKirin 1d
I'm in agony –
your pale eyes haunt my dreams every night.
Darkest ebony –
to take hold of your locks I just might,
bring your lips to mine.
I don't trust my restraint – I have come apart.
But my feelings are pure, this is why I write.
I lay bare my heart –
treat it as you like.
about confessing the desire to embrace another man
Andrew 1d
the flowers

they sit in this air, chilly;
the wind
it blows, yet, just as the flowers move

I feel it upon my hair

upon my face,
upon my blue feet;

The trees they ask
Do you like how I move?

I ask the same

and I hear no answer -

I never have, yet, I ask
again; again -

There is a wind
and I feel it the same as
the trees; the flowers -
I feel this wind and I will feel it again;

when I will feel it again
I never write love poems.
I think it's because I'm afraid to

open up & feel so vulnerable.
I'd have to look inside my heart,
to write something beautiful,
and heartfelt.
I'd have to embrace the warmth,
and reflect on the lingering traces,
of the hand once in mine.
The love that once had it's time.

I'm afraid to confront those feelings.
I'm afraid to commit to love,
even if it's the everlasting type,
where two stars collide,
in the afterlife,
like they did milleniums before.

I've been hurt so deeply.
In ways I haven't felt before.
I'm not sure I can take it anymore.

But I dream of not being afraid of love.
One day,
I'll write love poems.
I'll find the person worth writing lines,
and stanzas about.
One that makes me forget we're in a drought.
Sometimes I wish to sit with you on the dry ground
Our hands plucking at the grass around us
The vermilion painting hanging above
In the wind, the mellowed songs of distant trucks
And I will let my subterranean feelings emerge
Let the chrysalis open
And I’ll tell you
That I don’t love you
I need you

Trouble brought us together
Back then, it still does
You only call me when you are troubled
And on the other side and I am ready
Need, is how I describe our relationship
Not friendship, not comradeship
Not existing in the same space and time
And certainly not love
I need you

Because if I tell you that I love you
It will only boost your ego
You see, in all your little stays in my nest
When you were ambling around as I was working for you
I learned quite a few things about you
You want to be looked at
You unveil yourself in front of others
Slowly peeling the mask off your face
You know who you are
You’re the alluring fruit at the peak
You know you’re desirable
You know you’re out of reach

Sometimes I wish for adversities
I want you to have problems
So you can come flying towards me
And I can wrap you in arms
and tell you there I’m here
that I’ve been waiting to tell you,
that I don’t just love you, I need you
And you will tell me too that you don’t love me
You just need me

And I’ll be lying if I said I am not fine with it
Even though you are selfish
You just sit and don’t speak
You eat me from inside like a disease
You make me feel so insufficient
So powerless, so weak
But when you are here, with me
I just want you to stay
I just want you to keep needing me
cleobug Sep 17
in the backyard
lighting up a smokescreen
high on all the thoughts
of what once was and could have been

filled to the brim with these emotions
but i don't feel a thing
how tiring it is to always think so much
and still remain the same
maria Sep 17
I gave you all of me
and you,
you can't even pick up the phone
you make me feel so small
written on September 17, 2021
Love will lift her skirts,
Dancing across
The deepest lines in the sand
Bounding over
The highest walls we've built
Holding her hands outstretched
To those in need of compassion,
Carrying those too weak
To learn the moves on their own
She watches the sands of time fall
With an understanding
That she is transcendent,
And so through it all,
Love will lift her skirts and dance
Love is the greatest conqueror.
(Continued from 6/10)

The forest was so dense,
he could not recognize
whether it is day or night-
but, suddenly he realized that
some kind of bright light is
emitting from the lucky charm
which was hanging from his neck,
so that he could see the front clearly.

Gilbert never realize
how many sun sets and rises
in between, but
he never stopped-
as if some unknown power
is giving his all the strengths.

That bright light lets his way
towards the darkest corner
of the forest,
where the spiritual ghost lives-
“no one is allowed to pass by
this portion of the forest…”,
he heard a heavy voice,
as if talking over his shoulder.

He mumbles, shivered in fear,
but kept himself cool,
rigid, confident-
he asked, ….(something in whisper…),
however, before asking anything,
the voice said, “I know you Gilbert,
son of Ryan and Alice,
you came here for bringing back
the soul of Bridgette,
your younger sister..”

They talked a lot-
a lot about life,
a lot about after life,
a lot about the creation of life….

Pure fiction. Any similarity should be treated as mere coincidence.
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