You caught me by surprise…
As I wasn’t aware that I was
Searching or that
I had been missing you …
But… there you were
Standing in front of me
As you flashed me with one of your smiles

Yes that one, the one that could illuminate
The whole night sky

I felt I was being kissed ever so gently
By the energy in which you move…
I could not deny the pull
Of this connection
That was being gifted to me…

You captivated my heart
In a way I can’t quite explain
But when my thoughts
Turn to you
I know I can’t deny
This feeling that you have awakened
Within me…

You are secret that I keep
Safely wrapped inside my heart
That I get to unwrap lovingly
Through my dreams …and where
The memory of you, I keep alive…

I have stood in front of what seems to be forever, and have stood in back of what is suppose too be eternity. Creating self-opposition through my composition that is elevated past the heights of gravity, sanity and Longevity that we strive for, Incomplete missions towards self-worth left me feeling worthless and hopeless, Now I Hope less and progress with the power that I possess overthinking can make us feel so less until we soul less. As I walk towards the body of tears that was created by the misfortunes and unfortunate beings that stood in similar lines attempting to follow the course I say Fuck you and your horse.
I am poet with great passion for words and the power they hold, Please follow me and my message. Thank you  follow crudesiar_mr4.0 @instagram
Seema 12h
Torn in pieces
Scattered on the floor
He thought my heart was a paper,
That he could easily tore

What actually got ripped
Was not even my heart
Tapped few emotions
Few things, did fall apart

Seeing another fluttering heart
Flying next to him one day
I chose to confront once
And that, made us go on our way

He thought, I'd be jealous and blazing
Little pain it was, but not too late
I often smiled if his gaze ever fell on me
That, I did not hate

He confronted me, one day
And wanted to be back forever
I smiled again, turned and replied
.........never ever!

Fiction. Freestyle
Fire flies undulating in rhythm with staccato lightning flashes.
Campfires that have smoldered down into cinders and ashes.
Scintillating swaths of planets and stars that illuminate the night sky.
In my moment of time these sights and more have brought you to mind.
When ya got feels, ya got feels.
nim 13h
changes us
and pain
must exist
or you'll feel
like you've never
Juan CA 20h
Can't stop thinking about you
It hurts so much
Can't eat, can't sleep
I guess that's what i reap
Playing the day we met on repeat
Leaves me feeling incomplete
Knowing that you will never know my true feelings
Even though they are so revealing
Everything about you has me so insane
Your lack of awareness can be so inhumane
But just once it would be great if you can actually notice me
Notice me and no one else
all my demons
rest in my head
dragging my sorrows
through-out the pain

amongst lonely eyes
fear takes it form
white lies
Rory 2d
stepford wife, smile bright
cook, clean, fix, listen, shine
a trophy, prize, conquest
overused, underloved, broken, dies
unassembled puzzle, incomplete
pieces an unclear fit, break
silent muzzled, scattered, quit
exhausted, out is in a box
for puzzles, games, like little talk
brought to shelved bars, stay
viewed only, never touched
succumb, suffocate, decay
award goes to you for
making me believe for a second that
my sexuality is a phase

a stage that's passing
a page about to be turned
a false rage against men

award goes to me
for being in tune with myself

my sexual desires
my feelings

for not letting you get into my head
for appreciating that love has no

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