It took me a long time to finally realize
that I’ve been through so much shit already
Broken promises, fake friends, careless lovers…
What made me think that I couldn’t get through this?
because in the end you’re just like all the rest
And even though I may cry
I may fall
and I may be close to not making it again
In the end, I got through it all
and I can get through this too
A reminder to myself that I’ve been through so much and I’m still standing. (barely, but I’m trying to be okay).
This thunder
reminds me of the old times
when I would climb into your bed in fear.

I sleep alone now,
for the same thunder  
is now the lullaby
you sing for me
from heaven.
In memory of my late father
we’re drastically different
To be in love
With you, someone who is half in love with me
This is a fucked up game
Of feelings and heartbreak
Well, pardon me, I did my best
running at my fastest pace,
My heart overtook my body as it flew to find you in this race,

Been looking for you everywhere,
I followed your trace and glare,
Thankfully it guided me in the right way,

No matter what, even if you disappeared and scattered everywhere, I'll start back and look for you all over again,
I wrote this 6 months ago when I was on my way home from my grandma's house,
Tired from a long dull day
I lay down and close my eyes!
Blurry images shutter behind my lenses.
My heart starts beating!!!
Take a long deep breath as i try to fall asleep
The images get brighter!!!!!!!!
STRONGER and LOUDER beats my heart
Legs go numb cant feel my arms
So light yet rooted so deep
The image gets clearer!
My heart slows down!
A feeling of nothingness yet i smile.
With a heavy heart i ask
Why did you do this to me ?
You came, filled me up with joy and hope
Left me punctured and Spilling
left and Right
as i change sides and force my self to sleep.
A deep breath and i start over
A picture so clear, so bright
A smile so contagious i couldnt resist
I smile again!
This time back to you sitting across the table.
So close i can feel your presense
yet so far i can feel your absense
Eyes so deep, smile so wide, soul so pure
Grab you around my arms
Eyes to eyes
Nose to nose 
Our heartbeats sync
Our breath collide
My heart starts pounding like never
You start vanishing into the abyss
I panic, i fumble, heavy breathed i wake up...
Oh what a beautiful nightmare! I say
As i go back to sleep
A heavy heart
A Big smile
Calm and composed
A deep breath
I really do miss her!!
I realised......
a love story that could have been something

My mouth has stopped speaking,
My eyes have stopped seeing.
My words are no longer written…
I have no imagination for dreaming.

No feeling for screaming,
No passion to believe in,
No happiness for me;
Only misery.

I have nothing left beneath my rib cage.
Forever trapped in all ways,
In a million mile maze;
No way to relate to the lives people play.

Lost in all ways to your nation of islands;
All stand united, I make no demand.
Ask for no place to barter, life is a non-starter;
Never seen a wedding garter in these days of haze.

Left dazed and confused, with nothing to soothe,
The constant blues, who knew?
Not me, I never did. Did you?
My empathy?  You can keep it!
My apathy lacks all my cares.
Don’t ask me where they are; I am stood at the bottom of stairs
And the first step is too far; I stare into stars,
Looking for a future, but no luck so far.

Let my coffin be gift wrapped, I will not cause a fuss.
Just lay down to rest;
Robot ready to rust and dust is all that will remain;
Because even when I go I will still hold on,
To every searing scar of my pain.

The pain is all I am left with and all I know.
No encore to this show, please, I cannot repeat myself anymore.
I have said enough.
Close the door.

Remove the good vibrations, silence the dawn chorus.
People were sent here only to test us!
Act 1 – I lived.
Forget Act 2.  
Think only of you, like all others do
And when I am run through in this queue,
Where we are all waiting to die,
When Fuck!  My!  Life!  
Is in the hands of a non-believer;
The fingers no nearer to touching a soul.  
Why am I growing so old?
Why am I always so cold,
To everything they think and say,
For they cannot think, without saying it.

Pins and needles, my nerves are talking,
The timer is ticking and it does not bring anything.
All will soon be gone from this basket-case of mine.
Life is a swine, soak it in wine,
Right on time for the next nasty surprise.
I sigh, I sign my name, my life and oh the days I will never forget.
I have tried…
To forget;
But no luck yet.
No thought for regret.

I have never seen a happy day, 24-seven-straight.
A constant pain, happiness never even looked my way.
Always broken like biscuits at the bottom of the barrel.
Quickly kissed, forgotten even quicker; I hate Christmas Carols
And New Year celebrations because they are all the same.
Each and every year is another year of pain.

I am a faded picture on a damaged milk carton,
Never going to get a heart won,
Because a loser only loses love
And I am lost in a life that is a cartoon.
Drop an anvil on my head so I can see the stars…
And the end.
Love is the pin to my balloon.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Out of Nothing;
She Appeard;
Am I Loving?;
Feels Weard;
Weard but Awesome;
I can't Explain;
She's Handsome;
Am I Plain?;
I am Dreaming;
That's not Possible;
With her Charming;
She's Blindable;
Too much Sand;
To my Truck;
In this Land;
I just Suck;
Feeling her Smile;
Drives me Crazy;
From a Mile;
Makes me Cozy;


Sexy and Tall;
She's a Witch;
I'll Brawll ;
And make her Rich;
She's my N;
Will be Forever;
I have a Plan;
I'll Fail? Never!;
With her Ego;
Being very High;
We dance Tango;
Until we Die;
She needs Time;
I'm not Wrong;
You'll be Mine;
For so Long;
In the End;
We will Thrive;
She's my Friend;
And we Revive.;
I need you Little Taste
Why do you always make my rib cage rattle and shiver whenever I talk to you?
Is it because my heart is crying out to you?
Or is it telling me to stop, because If I continue, It’ll only end up broken again?

I’ve kissed too many lips
who tend to forget my name the next day
I’ve hugged bodies who once kept me warm and loved
that are gone as soon as I realize they never meant it.
I’ve spoken words to people who didn’t even deserve to know the secrets of my universe
I’ve shared beds with souls who were only there to acknowledge their own self worth, while mine deteriorated with every second
I’ve loved humans who didn’t even know what love was, causing me to wastefully pour out whatever was left in my heart...
destructing into the fragile bit of me now
— Now I’m left so afraid to get attached to people.
Seema 23h
In this lonesome night am sitting awake...
With tension and stress creeping like snake...
I wonder if gods are awake to listen to my pain...
Seems each time I pray, it goes in vain...
Sometimes, I hear whispers in the rushing wind...
But it all comes down as drizzling rain...
Perhaps it's too much for gods to handle...
For once and all they to, cry seeing man's scandal...
Time and again I teach myself to be strong...
Not to break but push myself all along...
Now it's time for me to lay down and rest...
With open eyes I pray to be the best...
As this time shall never come again...
Of what I assume would obviously be the end...

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