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tia 11h
My dear, I wish I could speak my mind.
I would write in an eloquent letter and end the words with hearts
Saying that the distance between us will not tear us apart
But how do I tell you that and make those promises?
When I'm suffocating with such deep misunderstanding..

I pick up the letter and smudge the ink
Tear apart the sentences and cross out the hearts
I love you, I love you, but I'm sure you love me not at all.
How do I feel, what do I do? I'm tired when I endlessly think of you.
And the paper cuts mock me.
I give up before it drives me to insanity.
And I will sleep, perhaps for all of eternity.
Anonymous 17h
When the breeze hits your house,
It cuts like ice,
Blowing your door
Opening it wide,
Sometimes, so torturously,
Slowly shows inside,
Trying so hard to keep the furniture, your pride,
Running around opening all doors,
trying to find someway  to show that you lied,
But it hits the windows,
After all of your fight,
And wraps it up,
Like the feelings behind our eyes.
What we hide is in our eyes
The smile is the door
The sky is on fire
In the spaces
Between tree tops
Swaying to the
Orchestra of twilight

I wanted to say a few words
I couldn't have said otherwise
My eyesight is sore and blurred
My voice, it constantly lies
You think I despise you so much
But that's nowhere close to my feels
I imagine your heavy, strong touch
My heart's clenched and my head reels
You sit, and I watch from afar
You walk, and I'm trailing behind
For me you're a guiding star
Still the rocketship's nowhere to find
There's many lewd jokes on my mind
But now they're all totally gone
My head is so empty and blind
Whenever you're being around
I sit here cross-legged and wait
I'm waiting for you to start talking
You've always so much to say
I have to stand up and get walking
Walking away, it's all pointless
My mind is a ludicrous mess
My body's all sluggish and jointless
From my thoughts, I have nowhere to rest
I want you to notice and praise me
I want you to cry and to smile
I want all your good days and bad days
I've wanted you now for a while
They always considered me ******
But that's how it is, I don't mind
As long as you'll listen, I'll tell you:
There'll be always a room by my side.
old something.
Axel 2d
I'll take the pain and paint the night away.
paint every inch of my body
Listen to the broken melodies all around
When the bond was snapped
The stream of cataclysm came into the chest.

All the flowers in the garden are laying on the floor
There is no one to pick them up
The heart is full of darkness
Playing there waves of pain.

Shravana stream falls
Filled my eyes
All were washed away in the flash flood
How do I call someone.

When the courtyard has been broken
I could not see anything
Wandering alone in the empty arena
I stopped at the edge of the sunset.
When the flame of lamp went down a storm
Never ignite it, so far I remember.

Hence, moving around in the darkness
In the midst of the familiar and the unknown,  seems to be another world.

Venus is gliding on my fate
Who will sing me the songs of the wind.

Though it could be a mistake, but walking on the way with hope
The light and the dark, both are playing around.
Lydia 3d
I thought I’d write some poetry about a feeling that is not brand new to me
but every time I feel it, I don’t know how to make it stop
a pain inside, empathy for someone who has lost a person very very close to them
direct family, mother, father, son, daughter, sister or brother
the most important part of your life
whether you know it or not
people you lived under the same roof with
share personal inside jokes and countless memories with
people who made you into who you are today
losing someone like that is
unimaginable to me
because my family is still intact at age 25
but my sweet Phil has lost his dad
and tonight
after several drinks and bar food and friends surrounding him with love, I cried like a busted pipe on his sleeve
I cried for him and his loss
and his Mother and his sister
It makes me smile when he talks about the good memories with his dad
because he didn’t have a ****** dad like I did
he had an amazing one
the one who should live forever
it’s times like these that I believe all humans are connected
for me to feel the pain he is feeling so vivid and real that it made my eyes swell from tears and made my heart rip in half, I know our souls are United somehow when we open ourselves up to being able to get inside another person
without actually touching them
i give pieces of myself to people i meet
like a souvenir, my heart.
some treasure it
some forget it
some throw it away.
i give give give
until i have nothing left.
a hollow soul with no more to give.
i loved this book
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