killjoy 4d

There once was a government that order all the murder case to be solved
To the government, they just wanted this to be done
And so promises were made with perfect slogan to be kept
But such effort were fruitless and it was dissolved
As murders were placed upon the innocents heads
And they were left dangling in the wind with the voices of the dead
And innocent and guilty was all but blurred
With nothing but cold wines of burecrate
And the sweating pores from pressured sociocrate
And when others claims with a single gun anything could be done
To a suicide, homicide and multiple cases of domestic genocide
They were silenced without a thought and no more protest could be heard
And so false witness rose with their vile tongue and a snake as their pet
Sooner or later accusation flew, here, there and everywhere
But I shake my head in a futile attempt of sorting my thoughts
As murder cases are not binary bases
And they cannot be solved simply with an order from high voices
As government remains blind and present crimes are hidden
In plain sight even from divine gaze and order besides mankind's

Jobira 5d

I am crucified for my religion,
I am crucified for my skin color,
I am crucified for my economic status,
I am crucified for my beliefs,
My body and soul are condemned,
with atrocious strifes

You're preaching falsehoods, a disguised truth
Words of lies and deceits, for your own indulgence
But I am deaf of hearing, the poisons you spray
So, I am hunted and killed, for not going your way

I am crucified for my free mind,
I am crucified for my thoughts,
I am forced to exile, to places not home,
A country man, without a country,
I am so terrified, each time the winds roam

I run, far away from the monsters,
but still nowhere to hide,
For my new home is the same,
humans still live inside
If every where I live,
my being is not suited, or posed a threat,
I would rather be exiled or crucified,
than being engulfed,
with the fire of bigotry or hate

@jobiranyc (9/18/2017)

This is inspired by the situations where I came from and what's still going today in the world, which people are either killed or driven out of their homes, because of their skin color, economic status, religious beliefs, speaking their minds...

Please, be humble and kind to people, because, nothing is guaranteed, the table could turn.

I changed these lines
humans, too, live inside

humans still live inside

my being is not suited, and posed a threat,

my being is not suited, or posed a threat,
Jobira 6d

The thunder days are closing in and
Undeniably, I am accompanying misery
for all the wrong reasons.
Assumptions subset in the mist of time,
Leaving no room to breathe,
which something that I need,
with all the fibers of my being.
Yet, the beating has not subsided and
The grip of reality is shocking,
with the lack of clarity,
just when something seems write,
it is the mentality that bothers me
for someone, to think of getting away with wrongs
when the burden of proof is irrefragably white.
Yes, the beginning is often misleading to believe
as the clues and evidences oftentimes
suppressed or disappear,
But, the glimpse of white sky
Is always over shadowing the black darkness
Even when the season is obviously wrong.

Written Date Unknown

@jobiranyc (9/15/2017)

A lost treasure from a dusty and newly discovered notebook, I am posting with few edits.
Carson Sep 11

She will hold a gun to your head and her name is carved into the bullet, but it's only for her arousal.
She always had a thing for getting into people's  head.

Do you like this?
When I touch you with burnt fingertips?

I'm drawing a map all over your body with blood stained hands and you don't even blink.
You're just my type, twisted and all.

Your skeletal body leaving its imprints all over the plum duvet.
Your scent stings, but it makes me touch myself in forbidden and unholy ways.

Just one thirsty kiss and I will be indulged by his fire.
This is so bad, but it feels so nice.
His flavor is all over my tongue, bittersweet.

I need more.

Seema Sep 14

On a dusty road
Walking alone
Carrying my load
My body all bones
Shackling, dangling
Withered skin
Like a reptile camouflaging
From its tail to fin
My burdens are heavy
But he denies to take me
Says I am not ready, I've gone crazy
Under the hot sun and cold moon
All I prayed to, none fulfilled my boon
So I seeked the death lord to take me
But it didn't listen to my plea
The sand dust, makes small dunes on my eyes
The leviathans sleek their tongues and spies
While walking, my feet leaves a red pattern
Yet no one's willing to take me in, that's for certain
I am a sinner but I killed no one
I betrayed my ownself
By trusting a face shifter alone
The load was heavy, so I tried committing suicides
Each time someone stopped and so became my guides
Now I am walking, so my loads drop by the road side
Little by little my timid soul, opens from its hide
On the lead way, the devil lied
Dressed like a monk, it came to me like a surprise
It was after my soul, was trading it with gold
The forbiddened advice,
Coz I knew it was the devil in disguise
I am walking towards the new horizon
The death lord intervened to renew my death licenses
I am like the centaur from the epic time
Heeded with superiority, on my blood spilled no crime
I am now at a graveyard, walking with the shackle bones
Rattling underneath the ground, are many unknowns
Here I shall lay my withered raptured body,
Coz my soul angel is near, with my new reformed body...


Foolishness should be a crime
And a heavy crime,
It takes more of oneself than anything ever could with sharp grey razors
Penetrating flesh slowly in one's immense pleasure,
Oddly satisfying until the end comes,
                      And the end is always near
                                     As foolishness gets in touch with reality.

And what strikes me is that anyone can be a fool,
It seems to be embedded in the human DNA
                        Holding hands with corruption,
For foolishness is nothing but the corruption of oneself
At the hands of fantasy.

september 12, 2017
0:49 a.m.
Peter Balkus Sep 9

In God's diary
it's just another day,
some ink on white paper
to chase time away.

When mother, whose daughter
has just died of cancer
is crying her eyes out
somewhere in Arkansas.

When a boy, aged four,
lost parents, while Isis
detonated a bomb
in central Damascus.

When Mexico earthquake
killed dozens and left
many without home
or place to stay safe.

When in East London
someone stabbed a kid,
and his mother will never
recover from it.

In God's diary
it's just another day,
some ink on white paper
to chase time away.

Seema Sep 8

I've heard the gossips you've spread
I am hurt with the words and all these tears
Spitting venom to spin on threads
For the secret was buried for many years

The truth you twisted, so now I am characterless
But truth has always won hearts over heartless
For every mouth that speaks, wrong against me
Will be sucking on their own venoms, you'll see

As for you, a shameless trusted friend
I've always favored you in your down time
Now all has come to an untrusted end
Your deeds are no less than a childish crime...


Samruddhi Sep 6

A photograph in my hand
Of a stranger that came to my land
It was a long long time ago
When compassion was greater than ego
My heart was a barren gift
Where in, now, that stranger just fits
But the truth was only bitter
For all that is gold does not glitter
The stranger had left as quick as a flash
And my heart's desires just turned to ash
The reality had finally hitted so hard
All it stayed here were his open cards
Now as I lay here on my bed
With all his memories in my head
I wish so hard to turn back the time
Where I could have avoided this lovely crime
Of becoming so perfect with the imperfect stranger
And let him become my life changer!

Mane Omsy Sep 3

Attitudes, can I change theirs?
Yes, they told
I ripped their souls with words
Did I change?
Not yet, they are still criminals
They rob people on their roads
They kill for wealth, properties

What should I do? Report?
That would be so polite of you
So legal and peaceful
Will I get immediate response
Sure, within two or three
Two or three what?
Years, they said

I might do it myself, next time
I said
Then you’re among them
I think, correction, I believe
They are among them too
Yeah, could be
Are you?
No, no. I like justice against crimes
But, it’s just crime

People need better police services. Criminals get protection instead of for people. Innocent lives get killed and the murderers are being sent to jail. These jails have made cops and criminals more closer than the ordinary people. When justice is announced in the courts, it becomes a positive jury for the suspects. They don't deserve an extra ordinary life hurting innocents. Millions of cases still on hold because of the friendship between high officials and notorious criminals. This must end some day.
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