"Running out the clock"
is maybe the most common term
in American working life.
Trapped, financially imprisoned
between four walls of servitude
on a late Friday afternoon,
we wait impatiently
for our parole from the crimes
our owners regularly commit.

there he is
a monster with a penis
but that’s redundant

all monsters have a penis
all penises are attached to monsters

so  there he is
a monster at fifteen

a predator
walled away - kept from
the good people of the world
by police, bars, most importantly
social shaming

we have no room for monsters now
zero tolerance
and punishment is more
than education

making examples of a monster
is the best way to cow all monsters

and this monster,  he will serve nicely
a warning -
marked, shunned, condemned -
on display to all other
who would
snap a girl’s bra strap

A teenage boy sat alone at a picnic bench along the river,
twirling the tip of a pocket knife on the table top.
He then flipped the knife a few inches in the air
and watched as the blade landed and
stuck perfectly straight into a table plank.
A slight smile of satisfaction
pulled across his face.

When the cops came to remove the boy
from society, they found him gently carving
the bark from a fallen tree limb.
He'd planned on crafting a walking stick
for an elderly neighbor.

A week later, after the tears,
after the news coverage,
the half-carved limb remained on the ground,
next to the picnic bench, alone.

Fiction based on true events.
Lynx 2d

What is context?
Clearly they don't know.
I show my innocence
Yet get sent to the gullitine regardless
Even when half the jury is in my favor
The King refuses
and I get charged for a crime
I never committed
Trying to protect someone
Who just wanted me dead

Vulpes 2d

As I glare into the sky,
Thousand lights shine down on me,
Thousand eyes to pierce my veil,
Thousand minds to know my tale.

I crave your eyes to look at me,
The eyes you placed on sun and moon,
To fear my deeds, to fear my hunt,
To kill all children you have shunned.

I want you, God, to watch me close,
Through wafts of mist, through wafts of blood,
To memorize the blade that cut
Through skins and organs of your loves.

Before you come, before you close
in on me the one who cursed
all of your sheep
all of their hope
i want to see your face once more
the mask you wear in minds of priests
shatter the lies show me the beast
you truly are.

i want you to KNEEL
come show me god the FEAR you feel
come show the god that LIED to us
the one who neglects war and LUST



stop me!
or i will end this child that prays
to. a. false. god. WHO ONLY SWAYS
i'll carve my name into his back
and shove the blade into his head
he'll scream and call me monster
till. he. bleeds. out.
but i know
the only monster is



There is too much depth
into their hearts
Is this a punishment
or a test?
Too much problems
at a time
Is it all from the ones
Who ruined second chances
Is it because of us
Letting them walk free?
Thought bringing justice
Might lighten the depth
Their hearts hardened
Without practice of fear
They put fear in ours
Afraid to walk freely

Criminals shall not be set free just because they served their time in prison. they must be investigated for future actions.

identity theft struck
a perfectly innocent man
his picture and written works
were stolen off the Facebook site

theft is punishable
under American law
they who partake in activities
like this ...
can expect to wear
a penalty

one such person
was Robert Dale Leadbeater
all of his personal details  
were stripped away
by a criminal named
Evna Marylyn Jardis
who had a record
in committing this crime before ...

it took law agencies
a while to track down
the offender
but luckily for them
data was handed over
by Facebook's IT department

Evna is serving time
in an Arizona jail
and awaits an appeal
for bail

Cloak Oct 26

The Grass Was Green
Back When The Air Was Clean
        Now It's Dull
        It's Uniqueness Null
        The Chem trails Kill
The Grasses and Hills
         Faded Grass
Representing Our Past
A Clean Nation
With No Radiation
         Now We Happily Kill The Earth
Our Stay only Curt
         Goodbye Mother Earth
I'm So Sorry It Hurts
One Day The Grass Will Be Green
         When The Human Plague Recedes...
The Grass Will Be Green
And The Oceans Be Clean
          When We Humans Die
          Maybe Mass Genocide?
          Our History Is A Crime
Please Forgive us Mother Earth
           For You were the one that we,

We must save you Gaia...
Seema Oct 20

A bruised buried soul
Caught in the midst
Heart pinched in holes
Covered with the dust

A shower by heavy rain
Calming this vague heart
Healing the immense pain
Dust forming an art

Carved initials of his name
So deep to seep off the blood
Yet my heart beats the same
Surviving in this rainy flood

Scars left to remind the days
Of beautiful life, once upon a time
This heart solemnly lays
In its own prison for a typical crime...


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