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Brett Jun 4
The ******* is bashful only when he lacks control
Vulture poaching ***** as his victim
Hands like constrictors, slither up your clothes
Hidden smile, scaled, behind a venom veil
He talks in toxins, and when the will has rotted;
Ties in knots; consuming whole a struggled “no”
Raven Feels May 14
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, somethings are not what they seem to be:|

another me another you

now I don't know what to do

I wanna shred my lungs and splinter my blood

tear my eyes and spill the hidden tears that can't seem to flood

I imagine you in characters that I read

so pathetic and shameful of the things I plead

once upon a poisoned naïve time

I breathed a breath and said it'll be once---what a crime??!!

turned out to be a humiliation to that humble soul pride

blame myself for that ****** day I bled my soft side

lately in the dead she solely glides

                                                        ­                          ------ravenfeels
George Krokos Apr 19
Wasting time
is like crime.
Best to do
something new
and you will
time fulfill.
Better than
nothing can.
Written in 2020.
Aŧül Apr 12
I want to travel behind,
Backwards to that time,
When you were mine,
And I was your crime.

Breaking up was routine,
And so was making up,
Then a calamity struck,
And I survive to live a half-life.
My HP Poem #1922
©Atul Kaushal
wizmorrison Mar 28
Terrified eyes looked into mine
Bloods dripping through my knife,
I shook my head and back out,
It was over,
I can never recover,
Few minutes you close your eyes,
You never breathe nor you cried.

Believe me when I say this,
I am not bad,
I am not bad,
Just confused all my life,
I am afraid,
Yes I am!
Please don't be frightened,
I am not.
I am not mad at anyone,
Can't you see I am just hurt?

Is it my fault to drag you in a hole?
I heard your screams,
I saw your hand waving,
Suddenly you came unannounced,
Saying I am a monster,
No I'm not!
I am not bad!
I am just confused all my life,
I've been living in a lie,
I've been locked in a pitch black box,
Is it my fault?
No it's not.

Cold blood stained my hands,
My sniffs turn into loud sobs,
I throw myself to the ground,
I scream in the top of my lungs,
Your lifeless body beside me,
Seems whispering in my ears;
Blaming me for the sin I didn't do
I never killed you.
| March 19, 2021
Carlo C Gomez Mar 15
Walking home
at twilight:

the gentle breeze

the lavender sky

the wave goodbye
before the sun
closes its eyes

and the lingering disquiet
of knowing
your all alone
for the next several blocks
For Sarah Everard.
It wasn't her fault.
For many women simply taking a walk can be a gamble, even in a good neighborhood.
That is unacceptable.
a token
ring of
Decatur still
makes pie
out of
Roberta's hind
quarter with
Illinoisan slew
by her
delicate pastry
and makeshift  
banana this
creme du jour
is a
burden of
the issue
of clericalism
Jonny blaze Feb 24
I ran off on the plug
He knew what he signed up for. Never trust a man that has nothing to lose with you as an opportunity to gain more traction more steam.
I want to live like a king whether it be by getting a corporate job with a high salary or  running with ratchets attached with a red beam.
Consequences will come as they always do with any situation but we’re not here to go over any stipulations as to what’s right and wrong
I’m looking for one major lick I been plotting on running up on papi get in and out with everything he has then leaving town I’m gone.
Where I’m from people barely live to see 25 I’m pushing 30 with nothing going after this lick I’ll be 15 again and can’t feel more alive.
All I have to do is make it.
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