Towers burn and
the graves give up
their dead.  
Biblical science.
Too hot to protest about
climate change.
Good Friday ghosts
clank chains in Westminster.
Lady Liberty's tits
fondled by tiny orange hands.
Nail bombs, acid and
vehicular homicide.
Armed police guarding Starbucks.
The vanishing hope of
finding a cure, or
even getting a doctor’s appointment.
Bees disappearing and
rivers running dry.
Refugees vilified, oligarchs welcome.
Fox playing
the most gorgeous HD footage
of The End Of Days.
Rage and no rage.
Fake news and alternative facts.
The criminalisation
of irony.
Inevitable Quisling betrayal.
Nihilism as a punchline.

Time to birth yourself
from the
Womb of the Echo Chamber,
Please stop trying to pretend
that anything about this
is normal.

Train, under a heavy rain
Don't crash in me
I'm not that sane
Train, on the river
Take me home
Where my heart
Wants to shiver
Train, I've lost my way
Get me closer
to where I pray
Train, I did my time
Drop me now
The life we're living
Is just a crime

© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
Chicago, July 19th, 2017

I couldn't make sense of it no more
'Cause it was all
I couldn't read it no more
'Cause it was too
I couldn't understand it no more
'Cause it was so
If I distort the Distortion,
It will all make sense?

Drowning in my farce, exposed heart.
My demon?  heartless grin,
blue, white, electric red sockets
feeds itself from within.

Emotions are shadows
hidden in plain sight,
crimson tears.
Dull eyes, no love,
crumbling walls,
all lies.

My scars are invisible,
they don't belong.
I'm the cause, a reminded,
my misfortune.

I've made mistakes,
made people mad.
Commitment and remorse
is something I never had.

Concealed mask
laced with charm,
killer smile,
smooth talker.

All an act,
torn, restricted,
no plan, no clue.

I'm convicted.

Nik Jul 13

it's starting to seem like nothing is enough.
years of friendship seem to only equate to minutes of small talk,
i don't know who you are anymore.
you hold my hand,
i don't even notice the burn.
everything you say takes my breath away-
you stole the air from my lungs,
you've burned my fingertips.
now when the police find my body
(cause of death: broken heart)
they won't come looking for you.

maybe we're Bonnie and Clyde, maybe we're both felons; however, my only crime was loving you

I watch him sprint as fast as he can
across the tar road
right after dropping his black pistol
that’s just released a bullet that’s hit my stomach
The smell of death suffocates me,
it whispers all the things
I’ll be leaving behind on this earth

I look own at the newly created blood river
that my stomach has just released,
it tickles down my skin
As the warm liquid flows out
a tear escapes my eye
and runs down my cheek
like a raindrop on a window
I tell myself that this is the end
Thoughts race through my mind
about how I’ve lived
and whether I’m going to heaven or hell
or if I should start believing in reincarnation
before it’s too late
I’m going AWOL on everyone

The air is thickening and my chest is weakening
My knees tremble as my hands and feet get numb
My lips slowly turn purple desperately wanting to be violet
As my thoughts twist,
a psychedelic knife stabs
through my chest causing impact
My eyes shut in pain like the effect of a car accident;
quick and sudden yet unexpected
My mind and heart synchronise a stop
having it be the end of me
I lie there lifeless
I’m going AWOL on everyone

Absent WithOut Leave.






A story about a man in debt getting murdered by the shark loan in his tiny apartment.

We're all here making special appearances
For nanoseconds in this eternity of existence
Messing folks up by being ourselves,
Getting messed up because people are being themselves,
Being human.
Judging people,
Getting judged by people.
Falling prey to our mind's trick or treat
Over and over again
We know how we're wired.
We can see the victim in the criminal.
But we choose to blame, judge and accuse,
Soaking in vengeful relief
Till someone does the same with us
And we spiral into societal suicide.

Vyscern Jul 3

You like to talk big when you got barrels of luck,
But the moment you’re in a cop shop your trap is stuck
So here I stand, I stand in front of you, this been a long time coming
If the effect we have is a marathon I spent a long time running

Ever since year 9 when you bullied me for my teeth
But now that I got braces you got nothing against me
All you can do is show off, calling “faggot”
When you ain’t with your mates where’s your confidence, maggot?

I’ve had it; up to here and this is all that’s left
The better man won in terms of intention, life’s a test
And it breath tested you and decided you’re screwed
Because you picked on the wrong guy and there’s nothing left to prove

So step up or step off, confess to sin
You may as well because I remember everything!
Something you gotta know is to know your enemy
You don’t know what I’m capable of, or what I got happening

So you never even bothered to think of a strategy
You got caught, you lost, it’s going down rapidly
And it’s only a matter of time before they get you in for life
Because there’s pleasure in the knife but nowhere left to hide

Send your boys after me, they’ll end up with you
It would be an understatement to say this is rude
I hate this entire thing, I did this because you tried
To pressure me into letting him off, and now you lied

Just to save your ass but witness statements
Are the one thing to condemn the case, admit defeat just face it
With you and all your “violence” and I barely lifted a finger
Funny how safety works, hopefully this lesson lingers

Don't test me ever again

Angelo della Mafia (Angel of Mafia) Doublets only
© Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

Know that freedom in our own prose is called Omerta.
Holy Codex of the Angel who made us form the Mafia!

Our inborn oath full of honor and joy: Great Omerta.
For no God and no marriage shields us like our Mafia!

And those who know better leave it as we have said.
For our silent brotherhood drops all meddlers dead!

As purgatory & paradise are for weaker, lesser breeds.
For we're our own redeemers by secret oaths & deeds.

Feared, shunned, outcast, hated, and hunted we went.
Through this mean life, still devoid any will to repent!

For us awaits only the Angel of Mafia!

Silent understanding? ;-) Rest in peace, James Gandolfini.
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