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What did we do wrong?
I greet you good in the mornings
And wait for you to sleep by night
I ask if you've eaten, if drinking
And make sure your health's right
I kiss you when you want (need) it
And hug you even when you're sour
Sing you all these sugary nothings
Tell you you're all mine, and that
I'm all yours, even on busy noon times
You invade my mind by the second
All I think of is you, and I tell you
You tell me it's the same with you too
Make our hands touch whenever they can
Then again, all this is in a span of weeks
And by the month we were 'us'
I thought we were the happiest, I thought
And then I come again to ask -
What went wrong? What did we do wrong?
Or maybe I'm asking the wrong question
and maybe it's "What did we do right?
I need you to know
That life keeps flowing
People miss the big picture
So caught up in tomorrow, they cant see how much it wont matter in a week
In fact by then, they'll have a new tomorrow to worry about

I need you to know that our hearts beat like cellos and our blood runs like ink
That no one has ever had to listen
That the world is still new and there is still so much to change
That the sky is still waiting for exploration
And so do the deep seas

I need you to know
That people are kind, or they want to be
And bigotry is only a product of parents who are a product of theirs.
And that people who change for the better are reaching themselves
And those for the worse are losing themselves
Because people can change their habits
But not themselves

I need you to know
That we all die
And life is like a solemn orchestra
Serenading you to loss
But never forget that beyond what the music brings
It truly is beautiful

I need you to know
It all deserves the world, every last detail
And that Nocturne No.2 will get you through anything
And that it's all about outlook

As we depart
I need you to know
That ink runs like blood
And cellos beat like our heart
And people are kind
And the world is an adventure
And emotians are art
And art is emotions

Above all
I need you to know
Embrace the world with open arms
And you will be everything you contend to be
Did God not make love vain in the first place?
Stolen my wings; my sacred space.

Did God not lie to us all?
To say together we fall.

Can we have time?
Because peace can only appease my rhyme.

What is with people today?
We act in our subconscious away from the fray.

Can someone just make sense?
Because what does not makes the world tense.

Only sticking around because I am a known freak.
To women I am not sheik.

Can someone just make sense?
Because this world seems dense.

Will I succumb to my fear?
Because away from this world I wish I could disappear.

People are starting to swerve as they steer.
What is wrong with people today I said with no fear.
rob kistner Oct 5
(  A Boschesque hallucination )
they slink the netherworld
beyond the mirror
where is loosed
the vengeful beast

veiled —
their eyes
from sacred truth

prod —
to walk
a mournful path

then beguiled

to wrest asunder
the fidelity of dreams

their plaintive cries
misery'd pleas
their guttural moans

savaged forth
from forlorn souls


blind in virtue's eye
dim now evermore

sad beings
of a brutal world
torn in ceaseless pain
mind-rending horror
hieronymus's unending strife
a horde quite misbegotten


simultaneous with this dreadful plight
a reality of annointed bliss

of knowledge vast and deep
beauty pure as light itself
goodness strong as sterling

a song of spheres
so sensuous

a place of plenty
where no one wants

precious gifts
bestowed sublime
to sate the spirits
that dwell in grace
to behold
the infinite face of truth
to hear the voice all-knowing

whole and apart
these differed realms abide
reside in time
though not congruent

the gossamer curtain's fall
that divides these dual realities
that share no commonalities

on and on
their continuum
an unbroken strand unfurls

in separate space
each to the other

of the fragile thread
that binds them fast

dark to light
seen to unseen
profound to profaned

tethered everlasting
eternally apart



rob kistner © 2018

This is my imagined vision of the concept of hell then heaven,
were I to interpret it, looking through a Western theistic lens.
In reflecting on my mortality in recent days, I was contemplating the ongoing philosophical and theological concepts of right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark, heaven and hell, yin and yang... however one might want to describe and examine this question of contrast and balance.

Having grown up Catholic, I was significantly traumatized in my youth by this concept of grace and sin, that either carried you to a place of eternal joy and reward called heaven, or condemned you to suffer forever in a place of eternal horror and punishment called hell. Also back then, discussions of what actually did or did not constitute a sin, and was it an original sin, or a venial sin, or a mortal sin, or could it be forgiven, and exactly what is the formula required to forgive it - was another highway to insanity. There was also such focus on the life beyond this sinful world, that there was no philosophical embrace of this beautiful, wonderful, magical world. The Catholic vision fails completely to provide an effective and productive plan of living and being wholly present in this world. It always seemed to be a profound sense of Catholic "shame" regarding this planet earth. We are only here, to get out. I can't abide that. I feel earth is a gift thst we should treasure and care for.

As a adult I came to an understanding, at least for myself, that these were concepts, created to control, a more naive human population, to do the bidding of the generally more educated and certainly manipulative clergy of that time.
Over the years, I have read and loosely delved into a number of religious and ethnic views regarding these topics. What I did this week, being a poet, was wrote a poem based on an imagined expression of this contrast, in the form of hell and heaven, as might be seen from a Western theistic viewpoint.

This is strictly an excercise in assembling words. This is in no way my opinion.
After I finished this I ask myself - why? But I wrote it, so here it is... ✌

I personally embrace much of the Taoist wisdom, especially the core focus on harmony and balance, with our fellow humans and with nature. And the strength in seeking simplicity and humility to guide our lives.

I keep a copy of the Tao Te Ching open in my studio and find it very spiritually centering to read the words of Lao Tzu when things seem overwhelming. I do not embrace Taoism as a religion, but I do embrace its powerful logic snd wisdom.

I have absolutely no intention to sway you to see anything as I see it. But, to offer insight, I do want you to know where this poet builds the foundation of his life.
Sueño Oct 3
I just can’t get it
A whole new meaning to
‘Try to forget ‘ and
You’re only insecure when you know she deserves better and
There’s no cure but
She feels untethered and,

We could walk
See what’s right
I can almost taste all of  your tears tonight
No rules on a hearts desire
One day you’re here
and on another expired

What’s the point of doing all this
When you know you’re wrong
And not seeing all of this
And even writing a song
Woah, but her face is so pretty
A woman I’d bring to every single city
You know what I want
But it’s very very selfish
Close your eyes and come with
Anything you’ve got
I’ve crossed my line and now it’s time that I
get lost.
Just a smile ago
Cat Lynn Oct 3
T - Thank you...
H - Hello...
I - I love you...
N - Nothings Wrong...
G - Good Advice...
S - So Sorry...

We all have a list... this is just mine... so what is your list of "THINGS" you wish you could say...? but don't have the time or the courage to say?...
I have this list on me... to remind my self to never be afraid to say these things when I have the chance to... because little do I know how God can use it to bless and encourage a brother and sister in Christ... or to soften a heart of those who are lost and hurting.

Thank You - Let me show my deep-hearted gratitude of all the things you say and do that touches my soul

Hello - Let me show you that I have taken notice you... and I want to focus on you and who you are and what you're going through. Let me greet you with a smile to try to make your day brighter

I love you - Let me release these emotions to show how much I truly care, that you have invaded my thoughts, my prayers, and my concerns. Let me confess what you are to me.

Nothings Wrong - Let me hide away my troubles... so I don't become a burden... or let me be honest and believe in my words that everything is indeed fine... I'm not trying to lie!!

Good Advice - Let me try to help, allow me to counsel you during this time. Let me please be a blessing... Let me provide wisdom. Let me help guide you. I care too much to see you walk away

So Sorry -  Let you show the deep regret I feel deep down, the regret that tears me in half. Accept my many apologies... knowing that I mean them.. they are more than just words... I realize my mistakes and failures...
Alias Oct 1
and no one could tell us that we were wrong,
because we were happy, and we were strong.
We were possibly stupid, because all thoughts were gone.
Lost in something that seemed like magic,
we also lost ourselves,
only a little bit but a little bit nevertheless.

It's something I found in one of my old notebooks. I don't know if I heard it somewehere or wrote it myself. I just know that the words are good and the beginning is missing. Either I didn't have the words to the start, or I never found where the piece came from.
Eric Babsy Sep 30
Despite the fact that I thought you were hot.
What you did really did not hit the spot.
Because of you and their foolishness.
Now I will have nothing left.

I will be homeless.
Forever lost, and left talentless.
I hope these people never find peace of mind.
Because I was the one who was left behind.

I know you did it to be kind or hurtful.
What they did for you and your people was helpful.
Until someone else stepped in and held my life by a thread.
Maybe someday soon I will fall dead.

Because all the lies they feed us all.
I hope you have fun at the mall.
Have fun person who’s name rhymes with dating.
In that corner I was trying.

All you fools who ruined my chances time and again.
Like with moving arms I even right with a pen.
Again and again I play a song.
For me you better hope nothing is wrong.

I know you were married.
But I did not make the advance you carried.
Have fun all with your picnic.
Because you can like an apex you can have it big.
Marle Sep 30
Lungs, closing, in.
I feel, myself, suffocating.
Could it be? Could it be?
That, I'm not, in.
The situation..
This situation..
Of, ourrr, loveee...
Of, myyy, lifeee... (My loveee, this isn't righttt...)
Breathing. I can't catch my breath.
Breathing. What will happen next?
Breathing. It's inside me.
But, it's dying.
I'm breathing.
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