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In our Lifetime
They come and go
You'll never see them coming
You never expect them go

Sometimes they come with a lesson
But sometimes with a heartbreak
One thing we should know early on
It's never wrong  to prioritize one's sake
I told him - it’s you not me;
You don’t love yourself enough to love me!
Man Jul 7
is it right to follow the law
if it is not right?
is it just to dole out justice
with a lady liberty lacking sight?
when so many are the disenfranchised
and the majority of wallets, tight
is a moratorium ending
harming or mending?
where is the break in our dark
someone illuminate rational light
for the contrast is stark
between those who laze
and those who fight
You lock your heart tightly,
I'm the wrong key.
Indonesia, 5th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Nikkipopgun69 Jun 21
It’s always hit or miss with you
Sometimes you can catch fire in my heart but some days you can also just burnt out just as fast.
I fell for you so fast with all these feelings
Will this  end up like a car crash ending?

Like that one song I heard on the radio
I don’t need no more friends.
Forever kicking myself asking am I doing the right thing?

Tell me that I’m wrong? Crushing each one of my feeling down because I don’t deserve anything.

I said my eyes fell in love
That’s true in-fact it was love at first site
It’s hard to admit the fact that I have genuine feelings.
Without getting hurt or disappointed
How did I let my heart fall in love
There’s no way I’ll live through this one.

It’s been awhile now been waiting for so long
Hoping you’d come around .
I thought that you’d of realised that I’m here for the long run.
So why am I still waiting?
Is it selfish that I want you all to myself?
Is it awkward to tell you that I think of you all the time?
And really wish you’d where here with me.
Zack Ripley Jun 14
How can so much go wrong under a sky filled with pinks, golds, and blues?
These days, it feels like a chore to turn on the evening news.
Don't get me wrong. I know life has never been a pleasure cruise.
But day by day, I'm getting more addicted to the snooze button
sheila sharpe Jun 11
the cosy little nest that she had made
of their relationship is empty
the straws at which she had
one clutched
strewn all around her
now she runs around as
a headless chicken would
trampling on the empty eggshells
she now recognises
as his promises of eternal love
CJ May 24
Choose a wrong route in life?
Mad at the wrong decision?
Blamed yourself for it?
Regretted everything you have done?

Think again...

You cant change what you had thought at that particular time.
Mistakes are made for a better success
Don't blame yourself for making the mistake
Praise yourself for realizing it and choosing to change

Who you are today is because of what you have done in the past
Be glad you have learnt from it.
I know its hard to forget but as long as you forgive yourself forgetting is easier...
Jme Love May 16
Left for good
Bad is right
Living a one way life
Wishing to end
This life of sin

      In the end one then begins to right the wrongs; from insight ,with what we write in songs. a night alone,beside urself in a fight for gold  frigid& cold feelin naked & ****** bruised bleedin all because wireless network pending payment delayed and and my messages not sending nor recieving and in traffic but with my 4 bad habits safe to include i forgot if it was right ? Maybe left?

For good
If only we knew
Our way of life
If only we knew
The struggle
The fight left inside
Wrong is wrong
Right is right
A collaboration with my best friend Fontenot
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