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I love listening to music so much.

I can’t clearly explain the sensation: sweeping waves of emotion cascade through my being. Delicately wiping away any negatively-charged flotsam that had been wading through my consciousness, music pervades.

Lucky are the few who live their life inundated with the languorous luxury of music’s embrace.
Seems like there’s nothing your favorite song cant fix.
Carl D'Souza Oct 2021
In an ideal
would work
be designed and organised
to be a joyful and happy activity?
Nicholas Mar 2020
When I get online it says you’re active
but in life you’re so distracted
like this **** is so contrasted
that I’m seething
as I look for some meaning
In your leaving.
nick armbrister Dec 2019
Four minutes to do what you want
What ya gonna do?
Listen to a pop song
Get half a *******
Smoke a cigarette
Drive round the block
Read two pages of a book
Do fifty press-ups
Recite a poem or two
Watch most of Tom and Jerry
Fly a fuelled up Meserschmitt 163
Queue for a news paper
Chat up your friend’s wife
Have a short nap
Take a few photos on your phone
Say Hi to a stranger
Check your emails
Get bitten by a venomous snake
Write a letter to your mum
Take the dog a walk
Do some mediation to prepare
Or do what in four short minutes
There’s so much you can do
When the nuclear attack warning sounds
And you have just four minutes to live
Before you’re horribly killed
By the ******* bomb...
from Side of the Hill – Varied Poems...  Nick Armbrister
an inquisitive bird did narrate
his tale of a tryst
regarding Mrs Jean Jameson
and Mr Laurie List

in the forest some four miles
out of Thomas Town
they'd covertly meet on Tuesday
to play hands down

the bird always had his
eye trained on suspect activity
that was happening in
his immediate proximity
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
A challenge of living
is to channel my energy
into activities
which bring me joy and happiness.
George Krokos Jun 2019
Under the cover of darkness people try and get away with many things
and then they may suffer the consequences or scorn this activity brings.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Emily Nov 2018
Burning eyes.
Heavy eyelids.
Pounding head.
All indications of too little sleep.

Won’t shut up.
All descriptions of my too active brain.

If only my brain were as determined to experience
Sleep for an entire night,
Instead of pondering age-old questions,
Such as what will tomorrow bring?

Unfortunately, I cannot convince my brilliant, yet misled, brain that:
Lack of sleep will just increase tomorrow’s challenges, and
Thinking about potential events cannot minimize that simple fact.

Oh where can I get a hamster wheel for my brain, so the rest of me can finally have peace and quiet in which to sleep?
Anya Oct 2018
I binge WAYYYYYY too much

During my obsession with strawberries
I ate a couple boxes a week
For a solid
Or few

During by obsession with reading
Every ounce of my
Free time was
At least several
A week

During my obsession with drawing
The number of printer paper
Packages I ran through
Cannot be counted
And this lasted
Several years
Mind you

During by obsession with Chinese cuisine
I constantly pestered my family
To go there
On our weekly
For a solid
Couple years

During my obsession with vanilla covered chocolate popsicles
I ate one
Every day
At least
A month

During my obsession with pogo stick jumping

During my obsession with chocolate chip cookies

During my obsession with Asian light novels

During my obsession with strawberry black forest cake from that specific bakery

During my-

During my-




It’s confirmed.

I would like to make something.
Something for you and me.
Something creative.
An activity.
What would you say,
With a good description.
Would be your perfect,
Society depiction.
Make a fun,
Meaningful fiction.
Of your personal utopia.
A place,
Of a happy place affliction.
Try it out.
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