With Social Networks,
Everything that was once  private
Becomes  public.
I see people how people  sleep.
I observe what others eat.
I see how others pray.
I watch people
Document their travels.
I can see people chronicling their death.
If I want to
I can even watch them fuck.
After a while,
The activities of Humanity
Cease to interest me
I'd rather just sit there
And gaze
At one of my house plants

I was listening to Nirvana MTV Unplugged  in New York while writing this poem
Jon Po Dom Apr 10

I see your green pastures
Coming back to life
Hear birds singing
The woodpecker moves
To the beat of the tree
Springtime has arrived

The waters rush fierce
Moving fish in its current
Leaves slowly returning
The building blocks of life
Arching over like a tunnel
Springtime has arrived

Water droplets fall off the rocks
Creating miniature rivers
Leading to roaring waters
A stream that flows with life
Washing away my cares
Springtime has arrived

Man made beasts
Move through the paths
Post hibernation
Breathing fresh air
And little ones following closely behind
Springtime has arrived

JM 4/9/17

Went hiking with my son for the first time this season. This is what we saw, heard and felt.
Solaces Mar 27

Yeah I like plants now..
I notice other peoples plants in their yard and find myself asking them one evening " what kind of plant is that?"  The conversation carries on and we talk about things I never cared about. Turns out, The things I don't care about are a lot more intersting than the things I do..  I decide to grow some roses in my front yard and they bloom in the spring and sometimes in the fall.  Turns out I have what they call a green thumb.. I have the most beautiful roses in town.. I find myself driving a lot slower.  Even when im in my Corvette.. I drive slow hoping this ride will last forever.. I use to drive fast everywhere.. But driving slow gets you there better..  Even if there is no place at all..  I find myself going to small towns more.. Just passing through makes my soul feel better.. Sometimes I stop and walk some random sidewalk.. Under the sun in some small town I have never been to.  So don't be scared to grow a plant, don't be scared to slow down, and don't be scared to go to a random small town.. Life is to fast.. Theres no need to try and get ahead of it.. Just ride with it and see a lot more even if your in one place..

Just passing by
svdgrl Mar 27

Sometimes my man buys plants.
He follows the instructions on the tab,
And sets it somewhere sunny
in his attic apartment.
For a week, he is diligent;
sees how hardy his new friend is.
and admires its beauty.
Then he watches it die.
Try as he might, after a short while,
he doesn't always remember
to water it on time,
to give it some love,
and so then it shrivels up.
Upon seeing it, my man is mortified.
But for some strange reason,
he never tosses it out.
He keeps it sitting on top of where ever.
For many more weeks.
I don't remind him,
how sad it is to see it.
Because if he did remove it,
he'd eventually get a new one,
and love it dead all over again.
The other day, my man
gave me a kiss
and called me a beautiful flower.
I am grateful
these legs aren't roots.

Parmida Rezai Mar 24

Dansende på det glansende terræn,
Finder man den mest kvalificerede hane,
Som dog ikke egner sig til den røde svane.

I græsset ses en hjort,
Med horn
Der styrer frem med et håb om befrielse,
Den er villig til at gøre brug af sine horn,
Men den kan ikke,
Så den kigger,
Og hopper,
For sig selv i det høje græs,
Nyder sit eget selskab og den eftertragtede klang af mening i det indre øre,
Som du ikke har.

Kash Mar 23

I put in too much
and yield little crop
like an over watered garden
the intention was there
I gifted all my effort
there was no lack of care
but the fruit came up bare
and the vegetables drowned
so my little garden failed
like a reflection of my work

Hayden Church Mar 18

Seedless fruit

sprouts from genetically

modified pods

that forego conventional germination and

say, "fuck the free world" and

do what the fuck they want

simply because they can.

Plants are anarchists,

and as such

are not held back by your vague moral


and instead they take what they want,

as long as no one is hurt.

But even the best of plants hurt others

and herd resources -

the natural conclusion

to free market horticulture.

A flower
is a thing
but within
a sphere
of control.

You take
care of

You water

to flourish.

Fertilize, propagate...
and you love


I found a heart on my doorstep
And rushed to bring it inside
To put it in a new pot,
With good soil from the nice patch of grass,
And fresh water from the tap,


who could ever have thought
That I was responsible enough
To care for something like this
When they could see all the planters by my door
Have withered away to dust?

Dhaara T Feb 23

I told you,
didn't I?
If you don't water the mint plant
It'll die
Oh alright,
I can see it isn't dead
But plants are like love,
my love
They'll bear fruits
Even non-fruit-bearing plants
Will gift you something
But you cannot keep taking
and not give a thing in return
You need to tend to them
Nurture them
Talk to them
Give them your time
Then watch them flourish
Into something beautiful
And perennial
Spreading their fragrance
All around
All year round

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