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fern holiday paint
assault mime
curry orter pink
raphæl 12h
mum's in the big bed
da's on the living room couch
i'm the hall between
saying I'm ok
walking thru life in a haze
sleep is my bandaid
How can I get past this depression when I know tomorrow will be exactly the same?
Amanda 2d
Sometimes need loving
Step outside your comfort zone
Some fresh air and breathe
Love doesn't always come to your doorstep
Sometimes you must go find it
elephant nose scotch
peanut dye
bowl heal hurricane
You bring books to me
And we read worlds together,
My lovely daughter.
LeoH 3d
up in the white snow
all is beautiful and calm
now for adventure
I wrote this 10 years ago when I lived in the mountains near Sequoia National Park.
Taylor 3d
uprising swell of
sea foam bubbling over
once again is calm
just a little odd number i came with in my odd spare amounts of time
Kivanc 3d
Loving your mouth
Makes me thirsty for blood
In my cold-cold veins
Sparrow 3d
souls’ tendrils connect
as tree roots converse ‘neath soil
soundless engagement
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