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Rowan S 2h
A nail through the skull
Repeatedly pulsing, hot:
A migraine headache
I have a migraine as I write this. SOOOOOO yeah. Ouch.
white feelings
black thoughts -
The Stroop effect and the persistent, problematic and pervasive intrusions of black-and-white thinking through BPD are maybe related. Sometimes the word might spell white but it's colour is the critical aspect. Often the virtue of wanting to do good by correcting a wrong leads to terrible further harm in the delusional world of disordered thinking.
shallow grave
skeletons exhumed-
locked in closets
Hmm. Reflecting on this I feel the message is that our guilt can never be buried completely and the more it persists, the more apt we are to be consumed by it in our efforts to conceal the corruption festering inside.
Much better the truth is exposed and laid to rest.
dancing flies
forget through flights of fancy-
bullfrogs have long tongues
Indeed. The quickest and sharpest forget (in their egocentric self-esteem) that just because something appears old and slow, it doesn't mean it's ****** or incapable of astonishing things.
Kunta Kinte
Ebenezer Scrooge-
dreams of Mali's ghost
If you don't know the Roots saga or Dickens, this probably won't make sense.
E 10h
Sins we all contain
Engraved, so not forgotten
Pleading to be saved
E 10h
Sakura trees bloom
Graves covered in soft petals
You left me too soon
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