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ryn 4h
Thoughts of retrospect
I’m no product of today

I am but vinyl
breath of solstice breeze
lilac tipped with sun dried grass
cicadas sharp chant
Zoe Mae 21h
Blast Off
We're heading straight for the moon
Don't expect us soon
a hag scrapes the stars
from the sides of night's cauldron
in which we have dried.
the lights go out—
but what spell have witches cast
that darkly we persist?
light as a dew drop
shining with the morning sun
- sweet kiss of the grass
Zoe Mae 2d
The Moon mirrors clouds
As the sun ducks behind them
Shift change in the sky
Young man lusts in youth
Sees her dress bellow in wind
Life is so unfair
Zoe Mae 4d
The moon joins the sun
They paint the sky in pastels
Today's hue is peach
The soft pink tongue spits
Poison and nectar as per
The situation...
Was trying to write it as a four liner:
The soft pink tongue
Is always on the run.
It is as cool as an ice
And as fiery as the sun...

But it ended as a haiku....  Was inspired by a very famous saying : don't be the slave of ur tongue but make the tongue ur slave...😅
Zoe Mae 4d
Herons pirouette
As tadpoles gain their sea legs
Trout leap for dragons
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