the hills are alive
with the sound of cars trampling them
forgetting they're there
went by in a blur
paper excuses, too many
lungs dehydrating
Lost and lonely Because you’re
the only One That knows me and
I can’t be without you
Song made into haiku again :)
Sleep called faintly, so
Whispers tucked me in tonight
Poems, I dreamt of them

But what is a poem
If a writer cannot write
Words that come to mind

Blankness overtook
So they reside in my mind
And not on paper
Amanda 9h
I knew you would get
hurt attempting to put back
together my heart
I'm sorry
Off in the distance
She chooses to stand far way
To prevent conflict

Even though we love her
We two choose to go to war
To form the right angle
The is the third version of Triangle. This revision came from the same problem with everyone being confused on its meaning. The other comment I received to make it clearer was to possibly make it longer. I took a go at doing that and this is what came out. Read the previous versions and let me know which one came out best!
Out of our love's reach
There she will stand untouched
By the war we wage
This is the second version of Triangle. The change here was to keep it similar but make the meaning more clear since it confused many people on what the original was about. Read the original and VIII to let me know which one is best!
Off in the distance
There she will stand untouched
By the war we wage
I wrote this really early on in my poetry career. I have been critiqued on this one a  lot so I ended up writing different versions of it. Check out VII and VIII after reading this one and let me know which one is better, please!
R 12h
A bittersweet ache
Drowning in past memories
What a bleak longing
I haven't written in so long, it feels different.
A bullet grazed my
Chest; cheating my heart to a
Longing for its pierce

The fraction of death
Fractures my spirit, tasting
The blood in my throat

The veil comforts me,
Keeps me warm, it wards off my
Impending future

Inky swirls of
My soul paint poetry, I'm
Rendered to forget

I've fainted from the lack of life;
I'm friends with the reaper,
Gouging the scar in my heart,
With nightmares padded within my cranium like the horrors of
Pandora's box.
I itched for a prick of dying;
A blade of grass from a
Never-ending feild of headstone beds,
and my latching plot that
Matched the imprints I left to
Achieve the first to plunge my skin,
To tweak my eyes,
from blue oceans to cardinal sunsets,
It comes twice for me,
Dusk bleeds light from red to black,
Like how my eyes see.
I took an oath; to patch this body,
A person you left in debt with death.
A servant, dressed in the uniform
Of an ungrateful angel;
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry--

Yet my halo drops,
My wings pivet from heaven,
Down, like their eyes did~
The last haiku in this poem is about scars; how innocence died in me, like how I turned good to evil, and the last line to it means the people looking at them. I don't know, all feedback is welcome
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