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in the streets there are
many people sleeping and
many scared to sleep
Mae 5h
scared, frightened, anxious
worried, jittery, nervous
“will i be okay?”
just another push
swings legs a little higher

just another push-
the uphill boulder moving

out toward the light,
fear of illumination,

just another push
breaching through the battle lines,

stretch and mark the mound
of burial in reverse,

just another push
and two sets of lips will scream-
an infant third to join them.
Knowledge still growing
Man, social media has
alot of power
Third day down! We learned more about Social Media today. Man, it was a long day. I have a trip tomorrow and after that, my first week is over! ^^
Lyn xxx
darling you are the
most effective painkiller
I have ever known
I miss you too.
Mae 16h
today, i will write
the fantasies in my head
only through the air
Poems float by in
my head,  then the universe
gobbles them all up
Where do they all go xx
Chow for nows have lovely day xxxz
Though the world is grey,
it always will come down to
either black or white
Small haiku! ^^
Lyn xxx
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