Beautiful blue sky
Blackbirds sing a winter song
Aeroplanes fly high

We been blessed with a lovely blue sky today :)

One last lullaby
before nightingales migrate
forest sleeps till spring.

the empty fishbowl
in the Chinese restaurant

thoughts continue to roll in my old haiku brain


the empty fishbowl in the Chinese restaurant aha another haiku


very subtle use of a not often used word - id
LLillis 1d

Endless starry skies.
Stretched black velvet mantled/
On a gentle hill.

Amanda 1d

You do not know this
But you are the reason why
I gave up on love


The mind or is the mind related to god, related to ego and so on.

Soft ivory clouds
Flowing delicately sweetly
On this winters day

I bought my wedding dresss today I can't stop smiling , so am inspired to share my haiku with you all :)
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