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zee 1d
your plans and actions;
giving time and space
will everything stays the same?
welcome back, i guess?
Meghan 3d
Wind blows
    a leaf falls

Lazily down

Autumn's cold
is here
the crickets in the
night out the window create
patterns of peace mind
Mark Wanless Sep 16
what we call gods
do not care they
do not exist
Mark Wanless Sep 16
i think therefore i
am wrong in the present and
i walk among stars
Kyle Sep 16
Under the moonlight
Calm is the space between Now
And Eternity
You will find it in a quiet walk at a desolate yet beautiful locale.
Mark Wanless Sep 15
random patterns of
choice was my life here i
am now ha ha ha
Mark Wanless Sep 15
i've gone beyond the
threshold of eternity
her i am again
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