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jaiden speaks to me
her voice is always so clear
never stop speaking
LostinJapan Sep 20
I know not to smoke
But if you could see my thoughts
You’d medicate too
LostinJapan Sep 20
Blanket burrito
Anything seems possible
When the day is new
LostinJapan Sep 20
Warm chocolate chips in
Soft, rich, salty-sweet cookies
Perfection exists
Kelly Diaz Sep 20
Five minutes at night
I wait for you to come home
you never come, though.
Mark Wanless Sep 17
all thoughts delude me
imagination seems wrong
words are disjointed
Mark Wanless Sep 17
both legs are weak this
back is sore these arms are soft
i go to bed happy tired
Betty Sep 15
Watching from the edge
You can view eternity
Closer than you think
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