"That was like tripping
On acid." "I loved that when
I was ten" I said

"Well, that would explain
Quite a lot about you, then"
My friend mumbled back

Who knew that you could
On two hours of sleep, and
Walk miles all day

Sitting out of dance
We realized that we were
"Punky emo" teens

EPCOT, in the end
Is half Thinking Day
Made professional

Also, my dreams are
Apparently far too weird
To have been healthy

I loved Figment as a kid. :)
Also, it's a small world is still equal parts amicable and unsettling.

Please, please, please God help
I'm wearing a big nice smile
and I'm positive

As the darkness wanes
and dawn softly lights your face
I remember why

©LadyofRavenhill 4.27.17
Haiku #31

Solely your heart love
that captured my attention
your sweet heart alone


Bathing in the sun,
counting the clouds as they pass
the girl of my dreams.

Peacefully she sleeps,
smiling through her sweet dream
the girl of my dreams.

There's no stars tonight
Dark clouds covering my eyes
Buried me alive

Your mouth full of lies
You strangled me with those lies
Yet i still believe

though I do blame you
I more blame     me       for trusting
That's much easier

copyright 2017 M. Kehl
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