I thought I heard rain,
But it was wind in the trees,
Just the wind...Listen...

Sheeting furniture
To avoid splashes of paint
I made lots of ghosts

Inspired today by sheeting furniture whilst painting ceilings...wooooo
Fun one
Ben 15h

"Metal Elitist"
A nasty title for sure
Slayer fucking rules

Summer fields
Awake and moving

My first attempt at haiku, though I chose the less-prolific 3-5-3 style.

How can such a simple smile
make me feel so good inside?

© 2017 Case Coniglio
All rights reserved

Beautiful green trees
Brighten up miserable sky
With a touch of class

on way home from work I notice how lovely trees brighten up overcast weather :)

I have written all I could
I have express all my emotions
About love that was forsaken

The only way to express without having to punch someone in the face or breaking something

You what
You know what

© 2017 Case Coniglio
All rights reserved
trinity 15h

the sun is setting,
colors sprawled across the sky.
ends hold beauty, too.

You come in and out
Everything has changed once more
Scars now mark my heart

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