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coastguard pebbles
I wish for a robin
to trick the daffodil
Chris 3h
When the sun hangs low
still waters reflect mountains
Yet you hold my gaze
Happiness deceives.
True joy can only be found
In a life of pain.
i see you in gold
intrepid on the mountain
and a person now
You’re barely focused,
pressed about uncertainty,
you’ve forgotten me.
my sunshine, my rain,
in my heart i carry you
forever, always
gentle August wind
bound to sing my lullaby;
you devastate me
leaves coming alive
morning waltz in the sunlight
- aches, soft in your heart
out in the downpour,
Your mercy and grace abound;
oh, restore my soul
Number of night stars
Like how many thoughts of you
Is too high to count
So true
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