Four letters, one word
Is what we seek in this world
Mangoes, am I right?
Amanda 15h
If I could remove
Knives you put in my back I'd
Still leave you unharmed
Forgiveness is taking the knife out of your own back and not using it on someone else no matter how bad they hurt you.
How I wish I could
Turn my back on sands of time
Tap quill on paper
Gaaaaahhhhh! Just when I thought I had my anxieties under control.
I hate when I feel out of it, but the best way to get it out is to write it out.
Lyn xxx
The stars are heralds
Let pained thoughts fall with the rain
A red balloon flies
Looking out to the garden again. Slightly drizzling and I can see a red balloon rise to the sky.
Lyn xxx
Looking at paintings
Forgotten and sweet goodbyes
Hands reach but don't meet
Two flies crawled up car
window , I shouted shoo off!
I'm picking my nose
I didn't really but was fun to write :)
I did see two flies crawl up car window though x
ryn 18h
And therefore it lays
unforgiving and unslaked
like a thirst unquenched
I drank some water
Then I looked at the dry grass
and thought..we need rain
Inspired today whilst driving home from work with Dean , patches of grass now turn brown through lack of rain x
While the bread rises,
I grab my loose leaf green tea
Brew to my delight
Green tea, especially!
Lyn xxx
Feel the lull of sleep
On a roll that will rise up
In the oven's womb
I'm lazy as hell, I swear lol
But I'm glad I remembered the basics!
Lyn xxx
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