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Pure fire of
the soul,
my heart rages
against the
mind and safer
This flame, this heat,
seaps into my
veins and pumps
a surreal kind of
senitivity throughout
my being.
It's all consuming;
with a breath and
life of its own.

This impetuous imp
cares nothing for
common sense, and like
a babe to his
Mother's breast, I want to
drink up all life
has to offer,
every last drop.
There is a thirst that
can't be quenched,
a hunger that's never
and like a wolf after
the ****, I want to gorge
myself on a lifetime of
forging my way
through a lifetime of
broken dreams
and childhood schemes
gone awry.
Zoe Mae 4d
I'm serious this time
It's not just a line
My heart is truly bleeding

They found a clot
And like it or not
It simply isn't healing

So under I go
I need you to know
It's such a wretched feeling

To know you aren't there
And that you don't care
That my heart is truly bleeding
I will get small sparks
for little parts
of playful verses
throughout the day,
then type and save
them to my phone.
Eventually, working them
into to something by the end
of the night,

but if I don't have
any inspiration by evening's end,
I will play some instrumental music
I haven't listened to yet,
look at paintings online,
and read some poetry
from Tumblr till something hits.
I once was so eager to find the meaning of life,
never knew the reason why of facing the strife.
I was naive, thinking life was easy before,
as I grew older, I'd learned a little more.

now I understand, not to find the meaning of life,
'cause I'm the the one who define my own life.
albeit delightful or woeful I'll feel,
it's all depend on the way I choose to live.
it's like walking into a garth,
overwhelmed by the blossoms.
there's nothing better than this
making my heart whole blooms.

yet it's like an autumnal equinox,
there's a time to whither and die.
albeit leaves fall on the ground,
but I bet it'll be remembered.

I feel not blithe nor blue
whilst entering the whole new chapter,
'cause it won't be the same like before.
it makes me to wonder,
how blue will be defined after?
fall little by little,
this town becomes
whiter and whiter.

old memories
keep lingering in the air,
cold breeze
can never blow them away.

in her mouth
the snowflakes melt,
in her lungs
the bitterness overspreads.

old memories
are too precious
to be thrown,
yet too heavy
to be held.
snowflakes fall
little by little,
this town becomes
whiter and whiter.

people rush to home
with longing,
people stay at home
to keep warm.

leaving an empty street
with snow,
carrying love back home
but never the snow.

like my heart
the empty street is,
like my soul
the snow is.
fall little by little,
this town becomes
whiter and whiter.

move to a warmer place,
trees somehow
have fallen asleep.

no blossoms bloom,
no soothing tune,
somehow, I'm missing you.

fade away little by little,
this town become
brighter and brighter.

perhaps, you'll come to me,
like the spring promised to me.

or perhaps, I shall cherish
the cherry blossoms
for I've gone through that
all alone.
somehow, I'm missing you.
fascinating, like the aroma of tea,
pleasing moon to have a drink.
like the liquor, it brings the glee,
overfill my cup but not to drunk.

tonight, let's paint the town red,
there in my throat the odours overspread.
under the moonlight, I dance with my shadow,
holding a wine, too fine to swallow.

I'm not drunk and it might be true,
stumbling and murmuring on the way back home.
my life is not utterly dark nor blue,
I'm just missing him and the dawn.
I'm just missing him and the dawn.
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