I'm not a poet.
I'm just pissed off a lot.

It's true.
Afiqah 15h

they never once spared
a little of what it's like to be
in a shell
of their own beast-like
contumacy self
they kept us in wards and
clipped our wrists
forsaking us
to take on their nasty egoism
where all the other assassins
burst their lungs away
with the last wine that holds
little drops of the
fiery Tunguska comets


Afiqah 20h

an angel-like hellion
came by
past two in the morning
right when
I clumsily stirred myself into
fitfulls of ireful, meteoric turmoil

he said,
"be still, my love,
hush those little storms away
and come fall out with me for a bit
we'll swoon over
the majestic-looking stars,
crash into Jupiter's clouds
then tomorrow,
you'll learn to see how to pick
your battles a little more wisely  
leave the shutters yawning,
you'll thank me later"


And! His gaps could be filled only by the emptiness which belonged to the coldest night,

The merciless night! Which healed his not so prominent scars;

The scars! That painted an ambiguous riddle on his soul,

The soul! A traveler a descendent from the dark

Dark Writing
Pete King 1d

I’m ten-thousand things,
And I’m ten thousand people,
And they’re all completely insane.

You’re ten-thousand things,
And you’re ten-thousand people;
And I love every one just the same.

A short one. I'll probably expand on it at a later date, but it'll do for now. :)
Mad Dog 1d

The devils in the bottle .
Well if that's so I've been searching forty years it feels and I haven't found that some of a bitch yet.

Probably herd bout my reputation.
Smoke pills coke and I don't mean cola .

I see the yuppies in the bar who admire crazy they buy me a.drink thinking we are friends.
The booze hits you all the same so.guess its better on anothers  tab.

Real bars are dying being replaced by companies pretending to be bars instead of companies void of any soul.

If your favorite dive is some.yuppie infested family friendly overpriced resteraunt go fuck yourself and have a nice day.

Give me  smokey dark local dives with.names like the Brown Derby ,The Thirsty Camel,The Shipwreck Inn,The Purple Onion and Monks .

Those places have character they have bloodshed there dirty dangerous on a good night and perfect.

Corperate America sucks .
Wallmarts on every corner killing the landscape putting the little man in the poor house everything's perfect least.that's what they have you believe

Never swallow bullshit that the media feeds .
There's more truth told between old vets down at the legion between beer and smokes .

Its out there still.
Away from the polwish the yuppies so desire .
Where men still get there hands dirty get drunk sleep and repeat .

This is my world the rich stand upon the backs of the poor with there two faced logic ever so quick to preach.

I bleed the past and I love the small places and backroad gems that they would so quickly destroy and replace .

But what do i.know Im just a drunk .

Nothing worth a shit is safe .
Art,Drugs and sex .
All take passion not a timeshare or membership or mini van .

Computers are a drug that's blinded us to human contact breeding hate sitting on your ass talking shit behind a screen name.

Get into a real fight then tell me how great your Twitter war was.
The fools are many so don't add to there a mass of idiots and clubs are for lemmings .

Take a ride let the music and the wind embrace the void.
Breathe life into yourself before you approach that page .

If your real then take up a seat beside me.and I will buy you a drink.

Get off your ass and experience life before some.idiot in a suit destroys that flawed landscape that makes us unique flawed and beautiful in every sense.

See you at the bar .

august 1d

i am creation

i am destruction 

there is fire

raging inside
and i am born

from the ashes

i swallow
do not try
 to make 

a safe place
out of me

SS 1d

im lying here in bed wondering when we will meet again, and angry that i trusted you with words no one else has read.

you took my firsts- my words and touches, and i assumed you would be my last, but you took them and never looked back.

i guess that's why i haven't written on paper since.

night has drawn nigh,
stillness congests the air.

while my eyes grow heavy,
my body sinks into weariness.

it is time to sleep...

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