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Artemis 1h
You’re the kind of person
they write

I hope that makes me the villain.
Kyra 3h
Sentence after sentence pours into my windstorm
A broken song, littered limbs of poems

I wonder when I’ll finally sleep
Without words floating over my head
A sword’s edge I crave
         Reaching out to slice my palms on
Some sweetness drips from the pain
        A watered down truth
        Veritas in my lips
Our love is a story with a semicolon. We might have stopped writing it, but that doesn’t mean it’s done.-Lucia Airo
the thinker stains /
the implement
numb of pain
touches page /
ink drains /
soak /
vein /
and coagulate /
stoppered in /
in order to heal /
currently flocked /
to the wound /
the thinker blocked
How could I tell you something that shames so much?
Now we could never really talk about feelings,
Always such a distance touch,
An impenetrable wall we both couldn't nudge,
So I've learned to fight my own demons,
Barely escaping ****** and beaten.

How could I tell you that you do not know me like you think you do,
And that I've lied to you,
Over and over,
And maybe that's why we aren't closer
I remember your stern eyes making wish
For an eternal slumber.

How could I tell you that I know I am your biggest disappointment?
That it hurts me to the bone because you have kept me in such high regard
But you only admire and are proud of a simple facade
And that you could never love the person I truly embody
As your perception of who I am is foggy
Not the son you wanted me to be,
But the one who will smash your vision of clarity.

How could I tell you that for so long I've cried myself to sleep,
The denial it ran so so deep,
Me and self-love are strangers without your acceptance,
Despite the nights I prayed for repentance,
None came just Divine resentment.

How could I tell you that even though you've suffered through so much pain,
That I'm just another hatchet that will bury deep within your skin,
That I'm the loser and there's no way to win,
Fresh scars of your hopes and dreams,
Faded dim,
Your affection of me, I know, will wain thin.

How could I tell you that I remember the look in your eyes when I exposed my naked truth,
As innocent as the boy in my youth,
You met me with harsh shards of reality,
Scorned my vulnerability and crushed my sensibilities
Searching for love unsteadily,
Screaming and crying wearily,
Desperately looking for light in those eyes,
But you met me with rejection;
Needing poetry to escape into my own fantasy,
Your eyes will forever haunt me.

How could I tell you that I have always loved you,
Despite the pain in my heart you put me through,
Like any child I cling to the memory of you,
So that you could proudly call me Son,
But you realise your expectations are undone?

No, Mum I don't want a wife and I don't like sports and I hate the taste of beer and I'm never going to be the man you want so preciously and I hate the sound of your voice when you shout 'cause it reminds me of the time you told me to get out,
So I tried to destroy myself.
Intoxicate myself.
Harm myself.
Laugh at myself.

How could I tell you that the reason I always look dead behind these eyes is that my home felt like a prison,
With you as the jailer,
Nervous and petrified if anyone would see my indecision if asked a simple question "Got a girlfriend Janal?".

How could I tell you that I love you,
But I can't change the way I am,
Despite the amount of times I've tried,
I can't go on living in a lie,
And I know you'll be ashamed of me,
And your heart will break
But I am not putting on a face to be fake.

How could I tell you that your real son is ***?
And that he hasn't changed and still loves you?
And he hopes that maybe one day,
You'll love him too?
This is my coming out poem to my Mum. If you're LGBT and have traditional/strict religious parents you'll know and unfortunately share the pain expressed in this poem. It was really important to me to show my feelings of not wanting to hurt my Mum with the truth, even if it needed to be said.

If Anyone is struggling with this please, please, please inbox me I'll always give you an online shoulder to cry on!
Rich 2d
Time slows down as per my humble request
Pure water drips from a foreign planet's geyser
Onto thirsty lips

Three moons rise
At that rare moment when a sun sits paralell
Peaceful dawn
Feet on greener lawns
My broken mind breaks the silence
When I tell you I love you more than a mountain loves to peak
More than flames love to destroy
More than a body loves an R E M state
We sit and mourn the darker days for a second or two
For their bright shards meant something too
Went to just as many funerals as weddings
I've seen families reunite on the same days a genocide makes headlines
For every breakdown, the next day was a resolution
For every ellipsis you read on my face
Another day I won't shut up
. . .
I'll stay here a while
I'll stay for another century
Not coming back to Earth
When the only thing waiting is a nuclear cavalry
And touch screens leaking dopamine
I know perfection is a myth
But when you tell its story
I believe
And sleep in a hammock hanging between the letters of your
"World'__'peace, one day."
Quote turned to decibels turned to hope
I taste it when we kiss

You reach out a hand when I drift
But I'm coming back
Even when coming apart
I'm always coming back.
Ak 2d
Souls who gifted me pain
I am grateful,
For flavoring my soul.
Every drop of tear transformed
Into a beautiful cave of art
Words are trapped like a grapevine
Entwined to each other
Calling you flirtatiously,
To take a mouthful.
Even I adore their gravity
I cherish the offerings deep within me
Intensifying the fire within.
Comrades drag me along,
But opponents lifted me up.
Look at my eyes,
Enjoy the fire that forgot to sleep.
I think it’s time to say goodnight,
My words are no longer In flight,
There are many things I want to say,
But these rhymes are leading me astray,
So goodbye my friends just for now,
I’ll comeback one day when I’ve figured how!
Sydney 3d
I wait
I sit and wait
Nothing comes
Nothing goes
Empty and alone
I still wait
I still sit and wait
Still nothing
Still nothing comes
Still nothing goes
Still empty and alone
A tear rolling down my face and I don’t even notice.
I’ve been all alone this time and I hope that you know this.
By my lonesome I was staring in the distance.
All I truly felt was that time was you getting more distant.
Other than that I feel pretty numb.
Not even frightened anymore of what’s to come.
Lost myself along the road to this.
Leaning into nothing for that final kiss.

And as you look that nothing deep in the eyes.
You realise all had already been erased from her mind.
- N.N.
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