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Thin skin,
Self infliction;
Melancholy oozing
From my pores
Like a leaky bandage.

Self esteem,
What a dream
To feel like someone
Beautiful, instead of
Feeling invisible.

Feel like ****,
What a trip.
Do I look just
As lovely
Wearing all my wounds?
Left only embers
Sweet burning remains
Ashes of your imprint
Sticky ****** wounds of lovely pain;
No area untouched;

It's hard to forget the smell
Of human flesh melting
Especially when it's your own.

Let me have you, hold you,
Touch you all over, stay,
Stay, please stay.

Detonate me

Let me seep into your happiness
Become part of you,
And this life I've prayed
To every god to let go of
Will disperse
At the touch of your finger tips

Never fallen into a hollow this deep,
This dark, empty, lonely.
I can feel myself slipping
Slipping away into memories
Of you gilding me
With your gold leaf skin
That without I shiver from the cold.
Now goosebumps cover my skin
Because I crave those searing wounds
That eat away at me until
Nothing remains but bone

You regenerate me
Only to reduce me to flames again,
I'm waving my white flag
Please, have mercy on me.
If you really wanted to see me
Raw and exposed,
The depths of who I am,
You should’ve seen the scars on my skin.
The ones that have faded
And the ones that still bleed
The ones that healed to tell stories
And the ones that have not yet spoken.
Too fresh to be honest
Unable to preach healing when they are still wide open.
The places where pain escaped
But really got trapped deeper inside
A diversion from the real turmoil,
Sharp pain replaced worse pain.
They remind me I am still living.
I made a promise to keep it that way.
Though sometimes I do fear I will break that promise
Because I’ve broken others
And when everything turns to chaos inside of me,
I feel the pain in every part of my body.
Sometimes my mind suffocates and my lungs start to, too.
And there is no steady ground to lie down
And it feels okay to let go
Ok to leave permanent marks on my skin
Ok to leave the one permanent mark.
I love so much
God, I love so much.
But I hurt
And there is a piece of me
That I’m striving to find,
Looking for in myself,
In the future,
In a new beginning,
But I don’t think she’s there anymore.
She wants me to reunite on the other side, So I can find her there,
Or live life without her
Always wondering what will fill that hole
Before the hole fills me.
I can’t imagine much more of this.
I pray there is no more,
I pray that I can be whole.
I’m mourning the death of myself
All the sirens that pass reignite the loss
Cut even deeper,
Because there were days those sirens were meant for me
And days I feel them coming after me.
I’m out at sea
Looking for anything to stay afloat
But what I want I can’t have,
What I need is not mine,
What I lost is nowhere to be found,
It is only what little is left
That has not let me drown.
I’m looking for my next step
And it’s not one foot in front of the other,
It is something much more.
What is it?
I should figure that out soon.
Asunna May 23
Pieced together.
Taped and glued.
Jaxey May 13
you words leave me with wounds
deeper than bargained for
and i seem to be out
of band aids
Tony Tweedy Apr 16
When someone tells you that you have wounded their soul you can't mend the wounds by denying or arguing you didn't.
Their soul, their wound... your conscience.
Its a personal thing... not your decision.
dani Apr 14
You left me with open wounds
Bleeding out, day by day
Here I am
Waiting for someone new
To apply pressure for me
As I am unable to save myself
But at the same time
Too scared to open up to anyone else...
My heart physically can’t handle
Another relapse
Too fragile,
Too broken,
Too much hurt
For one person
In their entire lifetime
I pick up the greatest achievements of human life,
I indulge my self in the richness of the poor and wounded by misfortune,
their aspirations become my motivation,
brick on brick,
victory after victory,
my aura gets invincible in time,
growing wise to realise the truth of life is in my dreams,
generation after generation,
the temple of dismissed potential,
my vengeance was not in the lack of love,
it was the peak of inner fame,
it was my chameleon personality,
define me but it doesn’t mean you understood what you defined.
Poem from my up coming book.
Marcella Faye Jan 31
With what you
Have put me through,
I'm still standing right
Beside you,
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