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Mark Wanless Jun 9
the anger of one
thousand years dissolves in one
moment compassion
(one moment at a time)
Nicx May 22
Dear Nikki at 5,

I wanted to write to you today
To honor our 500th poem
To honor you and to honor
All of the pain you've carried for us
I think of that one night
Maybe the first time you wrote about your feelings
You were so hurt and angry
Emotional energy like a current
Electrifying your entire system
So you found solace in your words
Scribbling onto your magnetic sketchpad
Letting the anger rush through you
Concentrated energy through the pen
I am so proud of you for coping that way
I know you felt better afterwards
Written words tend to alchemize our energy
Firing ferocity into calm
I respect your instincts
To translate your pain into art
It was beautiful until your peace was shattered
Our mother found your writing and
Instead of discussing your pain and anger
She took your words for gunshots
Ripping apart her already low self esteem
So she sat you down on the stairs
She was distraught and upset
She told you that your words hurt her
That your feelings caused her pain
That you were bad and wrong for writing them
Instead of considering your emotional state
Instead of even asking what was wrong
She loaded your shoulders with shame
Forced you to carry the burden of her pain
A child responsible for the emotions of an adult
You took on that task and couldn't have known
That doing so would internalize that responsibility
That you would forever feel at fault
When anyone around you felt pain
She taught you that your feelings are bad
That your inner workings are inherently flawed
Your emotions, your wants, your needs
Normal pieces of your humanity
It all became your greatest enemy
And your most intense fear
I am so sorry that she didn't hug you
I am sorry she didn't tell you it's ok to feel
You deserved love and compassion
You deserved to be taught that
You are not defined by your feelings
She could have taught you that your choices
Carry the truth of who you are
That you made a beautiful decision that day
To write out your emotions when
You could have acted them out instead
I want you to know that I am so proud of you
That your feelings were real and valid
Your feelings matter, every single one
I am so sorry I spent most of our life
Shaming you for being human
Instead of celebrating your sensitivity
I reinforced and added to your burden
I blamed you for every broken thing
And turned you into a target for pain
You deserved to maintain your childhood
You deserved respect for your humanity
I am sorry for the time it's taken me to learn
After 20 years I finally understand that
Your feelings matter and your heart is good
You will no longer carry this pain
I will be the parent that you deserve
Thank you for sticking with me
And thank you for leading us here

I love you little one
You have always been enough

With love,
24-year-old You
My 500th poem, dedicated to my 5 year old self.
Mark Wanless May 7
dolma walks the earth
touches loves honors people
she is a mountain
SuperNova Apr 27
All my heart has to give
while it's beating like a clock,
to share its warmth for when you cry,

to make you bloom inside
your deep blue mind

All the strength I can muster
before I can't walk myself,
to bring you back from beside the cliff,

to route your daydreams
back home

All the time
I don't have to spare,
to lullaby the demons away

even if it means
I'll be burned by flame,

I'm not here to amend for my past neglect,
but I'm asking for a smile,
I am yet to respect
Mark Wanless Apr 24
i was laying there
doing nothing just let them
help me here i am
after a heart attack and stints put in
Luca Apr 16
I want to be a poet
Looking for the blooming words that are born from limpid dew likes mantra
The root of this words grows on the valley of secrecy
They won't  be easily swayed even by time
They grow up until becomes ripe by pieces of prayer to keep their eternity
Do you know ?
In the blooming words
There are beautiful fragrant appear from deep meaning
In a field of words, they were born from fertility of compassion and human morality
I really want to write it before time returns to cover his secrets
May God shower untold blessing upon you all
Ruchira Apr 12
The most compassionate art was
once created by a selfish artist ...
FS-30 Apr 7
We all have our ways
Of staying afloat.
We may be in the same storm
But we are not in the same boat.
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