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You were

You hold
The same

You are
You were

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Selfcare ||Dignity

Genre: Inspirational || 6 Words Poetry || Micro Verses
Theme: Language Of Love || Compassion
Zywa Sep 17
Maybe because of my big heart
which is nevertheless afraid
of everything that could go wrong

and often does not offer room
for what I need, not make space
for what I wish for

Or to bridge the distance
from my high legs and long neck
to you, and not to look down on you

with armed love
to get an unmet need
half-heartedly soothed

Maybe I just imagine
what you do and say to me
maybe we want the same things

maybe, under the surface, you too
are a giraffe, maybe we can
just be giraffes
Nonviolent communication

Collection “Half The Work”
Let your life
Be like the poetry

Deep enough to
Penetrate the mind
Tender enough to
Touch the heart
Beautiful enough to
Take the breath away

Tell me
What else you need?
No matter what
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: All good things
Mark Wanless Sep 12
one compassionate step
at a time
i barely move
my fault
Broken is the heart
That beats not harder in ache
When another stops.
Zane Smith Aug 29
knew it wasn't healthy
scrolling through old texts.
you snuck time to text me
you weren't doing what you should be,
" Je t'aime a la folle",  I love you madly.
morning by morning
my screen lit up
every morning waiting for you,
my heart flutters like its all brand new.
ur consistent clues
it's like you just knew
how much I had fallen for you.

you read me like a book
understood how I felt with every look,
we stood so strong
strong for so long,
not even recognizing our insane compatibility
it was easy, to just be.
you made me feel proud
loving me for me
genuine, compassionate
can't you just be here next to me?

my phone misses your calls
I want to be the person you confide in when you fall
but you don't,
you don't want to reveal yourself at all.
standing on your own
please know you're not alone.
an obvious poem about my ex. At the time I was clearly missing him. A draft from my notes.
Acina Joy Aug 23

I denied it.

(It isn't love. It isn't love. It isn't love. It isn't love.)

I mean, it was.

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