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Ammar 18h
Is like seeing sunrise
For the first time.
Ammar 1d
Love is view as an intangible diamond
Once found, it is rarely released
Those who has yet to grasp it
Made haste with fervour.

For the broken souls that once delivered woe
Self-redemption, the vindication from past mistakes
Would be greater than absolute.
Still looking
Sharing an umbrella
I suddenly realize the difference between us

Yet bending over to kiss you
gives me such joy
as you try to meet me halfway
on tiptoe
The great orator
With open ears I listen
For the wind speaks not
I told my love recently that he never writes for me
He claimed it was because of his insecurity
The English language is complex
I agree, but it requires thought and what comes next
So my love then began to think
And with his words he made my heart sink
In a way that was full of emotion
And it renewed my everlasting devotion
He wrote for me
A piece of poetry:
"Your eyes sparkle,
Sparkle like a thousand fireworks,
and I marvel like a little kid,
Looking into your beautiful green eyes
like a lushes forest.
Hoping to get lost with you in the wild"
Self-awareness and compassion
Two keys that unlocks the fullness
of life and which helps buffer
the sharps pains of discovery.

It gets better;
That's what liars say;
So I guess that's what I am today.
Because I don't know what else to do
Than sit and hope right next to you
And watch the nightmares take their toll,
On the fragile, loving, gentle soul
That now before me loses sleep,
And cannot bring himself to weep.
I wonder at the things inside-
A broken heart, a damaged pride;
Swirling like a sea in storm,
Waiting in a shapeless form
Of misery; of rage, and hate,
Unable to communicate
These things that write themselves upon
The soul that's quickly almost gone.
In your grief, you don't deny
That grass is green,
And blue the sky
But you cannot seem to tell me why
Your heart still thinks it's all a lie,
That good can't still exist here now
That all is done, let's take a bow-
But yet, I still can't tell you how
Time heals all, if allowed.
I've been there in your shoes before,
Locked in shadows, behind closed doors;
I know this path you're walking down,
The one that changes joy to frowns-
This waiting pool where sorrows spin-
To catch you in their clutch again;
But I can't convince you that I'm sincere-
Uttering words, that you won't hear;
And I feel like I'm lost,
Like there's nothing to say-
So I tell you it's fine,
It will all be okay.
For Jesse
Levi Nov 4
The simple exertion of air from your lungs,
Caged deep within your spirit.

I used to be familiar with a voice.

It’s presence reminded me of the beat of my heart,
It’s restraints deeming me human,
Keeping me at level,
Brought low,

I used to be familiar with this voice.

I could shout,
I could sing,
I could even show restraint,

Now I’ll chose. I will be familiar with you
I recognize that for a long time I’ve been silent, and withdrawn from people I should be close with
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