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Renhui Sep 10
I’m full
For I’ve known
the violation of my heart by abusive powers
the trampling of my body by heavy boots
the suffocation of my soul by ignorance

I’m full
For I’ve felt
my parents and grandparents
my sons and daughters
hurt in my own hands and almost nullified

I’m full
For I’ve heard
day and night, through the thick walls
the desperate cries of my neighbors
their tears swelling up old rivers

I’m full
For I’ve seen
the last bowl of rice
the last ray of light on Earth
About to be destroyed

I’ve learned to be full
Pregnant each moment
with a new dawn
Renhui 5d
There is a rite of passage
That is not visible yet essential
When you are there, you know as you have no more bondage
You smile to strangers as if they were your friends
You let sorrows come as if they were your happiness
You look at your aged face as if it were a fresh gift package
You say mountains are mountains and trees are trees
      -- All colored glasses vanish
I am doing my "a poem a day" challenge till the end of the year -- this is the one for today. If you want to join this challenge, say so below and I will read your daily poem.
Dominique Aug 25
I want to step out of myself
When I'm lying vertically on seaside rocks
Staring at the place a full moon should be
On the azure petal of a bright sky at noon
Because it would be easy, wouldn't it?

Join a different subjective reality,
Step into an opposite consciousness,
Without this heart that loves too clumsily
(It may be gold, but gold is heavy)
Without stupid desires or the weight
Of sparkling sins like bubbles in champagne
(Come on, girl, think of your grades)

Who's to say we're not a film?
A rattling picture show that keeps skipping
That lasts too long but is never enough
All I want is to have the chance to remember

That I am also a we

That I feel and I'm not alone in that
That we think therefore we are and we are therefore we think
So I try to step into the clouds
And find myself shackled to the ground
On a beach in August without sand.
sonder-  n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

inspired by a conversation I had with two friends in Brighton about how our consciousness creates reality and how we're all connected <3 I often wonder how it would feel to live someone else's life for a while.
aih 6d
Karma isn’t always the case
Just your (guilty) conscience
teaching you a lesson
About compassion
Sympathy, empathy
You’re human
Learn from it
Mistakes, decisions
A life choice
Taken by chance
Or fate
It was given
So take the lesson
Or Karma
Will be the case
HTR Stevens Sep 11
My love for thee
              perhaps, is not as high as the mountain,
And may not be as deep as the sea;
But shoots forth as water from the fountain –
Bright, clear and sparkling with purity.

My love for thee
              perhaps, is not as fair as the sunshine;
Such is the perfect love of our Grace.
Mine is just a ray from Love Divine –
A longing to run with thee the race.
earthling Sep 9
Tell us the story
About when you were 5
An innocent flower seconds from blooming
Small hands ready to explore

Tell us the story
About when you were 18
A complex other world up in your brain
Your eyes that have never been wider before

Tell us the story
About when you were 30
A proud burning fire for a heart
Lips that have kissed and shouted

Tell us the story
About when you were 83
A bold intricate tree
Branches that spread in and out

Use your hands, your eyes, your mouth
To tell that story
Fingertips that have held one hand or hundreds
Pupils that have explored a world we don’t know
A mouth that has shouted in anger or compassion

Expressing yourself is not a sin
Nor something that should be kept hidden;
It is the way to win
Kindness and acceptance.
this is a poem i wrote for my school assignment ahaha hope u like
A broken heart is
A heart
That hasn’t forgiven

Your forgiving heart is
A heart
That hasn’t recovered

Your recovering heart is
A heart
That hasn’t loved enough

Your loving heart is
A heart
That can’t be broken again

A broken heart is
A heart
That doesn’t really exist.
Instagram @insightshurt
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Josh G Sep 7
Compassion, a gift
Though it's also a curse
How can I be idle
When I know you're hurt?
I shoulder your pain
And loan you my heart
Because when you're down
I have to do my part
But when its me on that stage
Feeling nothing but grief
I have this idle hope
As I grit my teeth
That you will be there
Offering your hand
But that hope's a lie
Because most can't withstand
This double edged sword
That few of us wield
I've been told that I'm a very compassionate person and that I have a huge heart. Compassion is something that's rare in this world. Very few people are truly compassionate in my eyes. It's a gift that can be a burden.
HTR Stevens Sep 7
I am a little scallop,
Bobbing slowly to and fro.
Year by year bigger and bigger
I hope to grow and grow.

I am only tiny;
Give me a little break.
Hear my little ditty…
Help me! Go for a steak.

I am a little scallop,
Awake in my cosy bed
With my brothers and sisters.
I am a wee bit afraid.

I wish not to be eaten;
I must quickly speed away.
I just will not be beaten;
I will live another day!

Life is just a winner’s game;
I must move fast as I can.
‘Survivor’ being my name,
I will not be caught by man!
Nothing is free

Even when you breath
It's to fullfil a need
Taken with greed
Ignoring the pleads
For the very same need

Belonging to you
Or belonging to me
It's dangerous to need
When needs can bleed

Rarely is it seen
The true value need
The price of free
Is more costly than greed
A price that is valued
Against someone else's needs

Nothing is free
Nothing is ever free
Weight out the costs

How valuable are your needs
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