January lunchtime–
I smile at the chef, my friend;
and think of poor cows.
Sat in a restaurant, ordering meat.
I want to tell you about compassion,
But I don’t have any.
I hear it’s about selflessness and sacrifice,
About feeling bad
About suffering and relief,
About making yourself feel better
Through helping others.

I want to tell you about love,
But I don’t have any.
I thought I might have, once, but I scared it off
I thought it was about smiles, laughter and hope
But I hear it’s about ***
About skin and narrowed eyes
About making yourself feel better
Through touching others.

I want to tell you about pain,
But I don’t have any.
At least I don’t anymore
Because they’ve taken care of that.
I hear they’ve got a lot of stuff
I hear it’s about hormones and habits
About vitamins and sadness
About making yourself feel better
Through chemicals.

I want to tell you about me,
But I don’t have any.
I was something, and now I’m not,
And I haven’t decided what I’ll be next.
I hear it’s about dreams,
About ambition and drive,
About what I want to do and how,
About making yourself feel better
Through limiting regrets.

I want to tell you about life,
But I don’t have any of that, either.
I hear it’s about being good and making choices
And having preferences in the first place.
About growing up
And growing in
About making yourself feel better
Through acting.
Kale 7d
Each beautiful morning
That walks by
I think about
My everlasting love
For you darling.
I think about
Our connection on
This earthly plane,
That brought two
People surrounded by
The rules of
Men and Women
Filled with dispear
Hatred and unkindness
Together again and
Again. My love
for you will
Never cease to
Exist and now
That we are
Both here in
This moment grows
Stronger and it
Leaves me to
Say this statement
I love you
I will never stop
                       I will never cease

I will never restrain
                                   and I will never stop loving

Because my heart desires you.
It is simple. I adore you.
Lost Girl Jan 7
In your arms, you held me tight.
I smiled and laughed with you by my side.
But in the darks of the night,
I still felt hollow deep inside.
Love heals some wounds.
When I think
of the years
of the tears
and the fears,

down my mind sinks
into my heart,
and so I learn
the art of love.
Amoy Feb 2018
Is self  the vessel that holds our souls?
or is  the soul our true self?
should we look to our outer appearance  and the world to define ourselves,
do we search for the love of self through what people see and say about us?
someone once said "self cant help self"  what did he mean?
if self cant help self then who can?.. after all.. our self is the only
true companion we have in this world. here is one thing I've have learn.
when  we love our self for who we truly are inside,we defines our essences  and it is our essence that define us.
Daisy Jan 2
Love is the illustration of pain.
Blood is the demonstration of passion.
Your Scream for help is the euphony of our intimacy.
Your ****** is the proclamation and aesthetic synthesis of our **** and compassion.
I'd **** for you.
And I love you sufficient to **** you.
Because I love you in a way that no one has ever loved anyone.
I reminisce the day,
When I enhanced myself by painting your blood on my nails just like nail polish.
And smearing your Scarlet shaded blood on my lips like a lipstick.
It tasted like honey and your lips,
It reminds me of our first kiss.
The more you hate me the more I love you.
Your hate and my love has a hitch.
You can despise me but can't abandon me.
And I don't want you to feel the same,
That's what makes our love different.
Love me or despise me, doesn't matter
Your soul is mine.
I am your life but the complication is that
You are suicidal.
M-E Dec 2018
In this blessed cold night
And so many other nights
I can find warmness for my hand
In a pair of gloves
And for my heart
Giving it out
To someone in need
Bibby Dec 2018
Today, give a stranger one of your smiles,
It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.
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