Mark Wanless Dec 2017


I sense upon life's cordial air
The reeking stench of war.
Coagulate blood, and rotting flesh
In piles, beckon more.

Vengeance for a vengeance, deeply
Shaped within, commands.
Nature's preserving torment
Twisting minds and hands.

GreyEyedSunshine Dec 2017

Dancing and singing
In the form of a puppet
Strings weary and frayed

Mind weary and frayed
Flawless mask of a puppet
I'll dance and I'll sing

Gutteral, wild screams
Are displayed upon my face
Here's my puppet show

Watch the puppet show
My face will display some pain
Please ignore the screams

C Cavierre Nov 2017

once you realize
you're different
you wanna be normal

then you realize
you're normal
you wanna be different

just an expression
Luke Nov 2017

Let's retreat where secrets are protected by trust

Let's retreat where dystopia and utopia are no longer envying enemies

Let's retreat where there is no venom found in the fangs of the serpent

Let's retreat where the foundation of our souls don't look like the surface of the moon.  

Let's retreat where fiery ashes turn themselves into a blissful oblivion

Let's retreat where the crystal starry waters quench the thirst of the forsaken

Let's retreat where demons get a bachelors degree in becoming an elegant angle

Let's retreat where dreams our reality and reality is our dreams.

Karisa Brown Nov 2017

Her eyes
Begin to flutter
Sterile lights flash by
Then drift

She sinks into
An open canvas
Where I catch her
In my memory spawn

Such a gentle
Nature I use
To get close
To her

Then I sit
Watch her
Listen to her murmmer

Existing somewhere
Between the papers
Paints and daffodils

Loving every moment
As hand reaches
Out to me

She wants me to
Drift with her
And just to

Nothing more
Nothing less

I was once intoxicated to live life wearing my scars and fears like a badge.
The storm that had  clouded my mind had cleared
After I met some teachers who brought me to a sunnier part of life's road, in which to start, that many had feared.
I started to walk upon.
I caught glimpses of a more clearer picture. A brighter future..Sunnier days in which to live....
Throwing away my badge of dishonor, I donned a new badge of believing...

In myself,my big heart, and in those who bring me up....
Back from the ashes...
I decided to believe in greater causes than my own short comings. to "relive."
each day is now a newer birth. A fresher and newer start.
In which my soul can strengthen
as I started each day as if it were the first and every first day of my life.
A bright light that shines from me now.
As my head clears and I feel my heart beat strong...
I feel my strength rising from a more clearer eyed view and truer heart.
Days are to be cherished, looked to as a miracle, and not as repeats to dreadful times. Where we were at our weakest.
Now, as we design newerer structures...
for our paths in which we walk..
We become whole, healthier, and converse in clearer ways as in when we wish to talk.
We put our plans into motions.
As plans are just that droplets in life's thoughtful oceans....
However, walking the walk and performing the construction leaves us inspired.
As we not only build for ourselves, we build for us and the house to shelter all we hold dear around us.
It is a beautiful and sweet singing gift as sung by our soul's corus.

Take me back to the times where "people were smarter than machines..."
They were not "swayed or controled by them..."
as we then  "failed" to see as to why "being controled by them"
was just as "crazy as to question as to"  "why the notions" as to" "why humans are unable to fly?"
Invention brought us the "wheel", the "telephone," then to  the
first "Moonwalk" and "first man On the Moon...."
where he still had not used the future to blind his "out of touch"
"seeing eye?"
Into the future where inventions "killed" rather then they "Saved the world?"
Until World War iii Has beem left a "trial ajurned"
we shall be the "Public just sitting on our hands waiting to be burned..."

By a government who does not "see eye to eye?"
As the "blind stay such" and still ask questions "As to why"
things are remaining "The same?"
well at this
"quiet time of blundering,"
who "raises their voices to challenge" society's "wondering"
a whole "desperate" and "uneeded Mile..."
as to the "future" that this "One Eye'd Moon Man yet sees"
for us "in still motion"
He beams down warnings in the burnt in Values in "History's Blind Accidents"
Nobody noticed that "Lady Liberty's Back was Bent"
from being "broken" like "the invented misguided "arrows of some wars"

we fail to "stand up and defend" as to why we need "Better mending of our broken paths and future pavements" on "Congress Floors..."
Instead we overtrust those in leadership who "Tend to need to love life through closed view's doors."

I fell to my knees
while I had" danced in the dark."

I asked for "the light"

The sunlight beams warmed my back  
as I took a rest in their "park"

While I "took time" to "mend" all of my broken pieces"
I "stood tall..."
I kept in the "message" while I was at "my weakness"

I put my "pride asside" and asked for "simple peacefulness"
Even while I was rushed through this "simple task"

I "accepted what I had been guided through"
I refused to "see life" through a "watered down flask."

I "mended" my "mirrored visions"
as I did begin
I walked this  "new path to walk"
even though it felt as if  I was "still running through this process..."
"in place" to move "much more, "still, "forward."

As I took the" smiles of those who sent them to me"

Now this "ship has set sail"
and you shall not see it
"set afloat ," next to such, "parked"
at this "warn out" and "out dated" "Dock."

Ambers neatly sparked....with hope's electric energies...
as I faced the "truth......"

A "snapshot of a brighter future"
as seen through a "lense" of a more "temporary"
and a much "foregiving" "future Picture's"
"Photo Booth."

Mims Oct 2017

Everything looks black until you get some better lighting,
I realized we were more of a
Mellow Gray,
That our minds aren't always just
Black and White

It isn't always clear, my dear.

She said Take me where the sun shines.
Where there aren't any roads to find our way home.
To a field with flowers of all different kinds
to a place that is free to roam.

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