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Ashita May 13
When I was both young and naive,
I believed in anything,
And u told me that the twinkling stars,
Were ******* by a string.
That the moment I had joined this earth,
A brand new one was strung,
And every night out there in space,
My sparkling star still hung.
As it rose I'd ask the wise old moon,
Which star up there was mine,
Guessing that which point of light,
My life had caused to shine.
But nights are not eternal,
Nor is naivety or youth,
And the world was quick to tell me,
What I'd thought was not the truth.
It wasn't the string that stopped the stars,
From falling of the sky,
And u didn't get to untie yours,
When u kiss this world goodbye.

But I think there's always some things,
That pure knowledge can't explain,
And I'll stick to what u told me,
Though the world thinks me insane,

For it's hard to say what isn't true,
And see clearly which things are,
When on the night u slipped from earth,
This poem is dedicated to some one awesome in my life
I just wanna say that I'll miss u soo much and will love u always and forever.
It is also a simple poem which depicts the innocence of childhood and all the myth and lies that our naive minds believed

How many of u guys had a fantasy related to stars and how many of are still fascinated by them?
Answer in the comments;)
Mark Wanless Apr 25
Garl april, 25, 19

The time of his death was
unknown of course

Garl walked the perimeter sticks
wooden spear at the ready

Garl saw more than he thought
therefore the world of the cave walls

His dreams were to amazing
images of other worlds
so beautiful so strange

All were their dreams at night
but the samans put them on the walls

An act of great courage  due respect

In his dreams Garl saw himself
on the walls   at first with fear
later with desire

The samans were also hunters

The hunt was a strong image to have

Garl was out with the hunters
he saw the hunt    he saw his
image on the cave walls

He went forward to the mammoth

He is now seen on the cave wall
   by thousands

The time of his death is unknown
of course
garl a fore speek of mark
Osiria Melody Apr 22
burn an
orange-red of
smiles and laughter
To warm my loneliness
which is now blown out
My temper, once short-
fused is now prolonged
into an indefinite strand
of patience within
flames of kind

Thank you for your conflagration of kindness, HP!
Jennifer West Mar 21
Cut me open
Rip out my heart
To you that's all love is
A sick form of art

Dancing on tears
Laughing at cruelty
All I can offer your sick mind
Is such pity.

Needlessly toying
With girl after girl
Good for you
For getting a thrill.

Congratulations on your game
I saw right goodness in those eyes
But I was just another one
You managed to play
Dimitri Ali Mar 21
I'm not ashamed that I know you,
It's ironic that you are friends with all the people who have no friends.
I'm not glad that I know you.,
But knowing you made me better in the end.

We would have late night talks, early morning arguments,
We'd meet twenty times a week maybe or sometimes less frequent.
I'd sit on the school bench and you right next too me,
We would think about our teenage years,
Have a laugh then move on letting things be.

I don't miss you!
Not in the slightest,
You seem to appear only when life is at its darkest.
When life was dull and dark you were the one that convinced,
Me to think grim thoughts, honestly I've grown up since.

I've made a new friend,
Opposite to you actually.
Yet the three of us could have a conversation simultaneously.
You'd like this new friend because neither of you could exist without the other,
Side by side an inverted image of one another.

My new friend pulls me through,
Makes me smile and gives me a reason,
Something you never managed to do.
I can't blame you it's in your nature to make me hate myself when I fall,
You are depression after all.
Rue Mar 5
They say fear is the mind killer.
Yet, it proves nothing
in the consciousness of our minds.

They say fear is the mind killer.
Yet, it proves nothing
in the emotions we hold still.

They say fear is the mind killer.
Yet, it proves nothing
in the wisdom of our souls.

They say fear is the mind killer.
Yet, it proves something
in which we let take hold in our minds.
Inspired by Dune.
Arcassin B Feb 26
By Arcassin Burnham

Speak your peace and draw your heart,
No more paper ,there's no start,
Minds collapse imbued with fire,
Everything's the same,
Light it up and smoke it well,
Fill your lungs with that green **** that
feels like heaven every single day, no game,
Spell it out , don't say it loud,
Prove nothing to you , don't make you proud,
But I don't care, will never ever expire,
The **** you say don't mean a thing,
It's blasphemy, the actual day you come for me,
You'll have to ****, my entire empire..

Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
We're here , we're here,
We all, exist,
Gawd **** , gawd ****,
Can't han, dle this,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here.
Wall, Wall, Walls, I love Walls
Let's build some more walls
Here wall, there wall
Everywhere wall wall

Existing walls are not enough
More walls are a necessity
Fools, I am not talking about walls of room
I Know, they are enough for you and me

Even if they are not, I don't care
House and homes are your private affairs
I do give regards to your freedom
I don't interfere with walls of your room

I am not going to shell out a penny
For your homes and rooms, honey
I have much more to think and do
I have to make much more walls

Walls on the open lands, walls on borders
It will save us from our enemies
It will save us from terrorist and drugs
Human traffickers too, only fear the walls

You morons, why don't you understand
It will save us from illegal immigrants
I mean the animals and birds of foreign lands
Entering in our country without proper visa

If you still feel, the walls are enough
Be assured, I will demolish them all
Then rebuild new magnificent walls
All walls will become a masterpiece.

We can opt for walls of iron and concrete
Even we can go for walls, made of pure steel
A new history of walls need to be written
Walls, walls everywhere, here wall, there wall

I will even try to build the wall between peoples
Wall between open hearts, Open minds
Wall between open thoughts and thinking
I vow to work for the walls, I love Walls
Lets Support Walls. Celebrate Walls.
Johnny walker Jan 22
Sometimes my life Is so strangely different almost as If living between two minds
one would like to move on but the other wanting to stay as he
They constantly fighting each other over to stay or not to stay causing constant pain a sickness In
stomach that won't go away one feeling the guilt for wanting to move
But the other still suffering
so much grief that cannot move on and not prepared
to let go of
hand or those memories wonderful times that were shared with Is sweetheart still sadly she departed from
My life so strange different since Helen been gone like living In two minds one wanting to move on
the other still so much In
grief and can't move on
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