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Kayla Gallant Sep 28
Minds melting
Into a mushy stew
Becoming indistinguishable
media softens the brain
Kayla Gallant Sep 27
Filthy lies

Spread across

Blank canvases

Young minds


Like milk

Left out in the sun
warped young minds becoming who the world told them to be, So much wasted potential.
Its sad to think
That when we drifted apart
It was because you let me go
You stoped thinking about me
You stopped "wasting time"
Hafza Awan Sep 3
Narrow egoistic minds always take your justification as an argument.
So better not to challenge their small minds, they will never understand. Let them feed their egos with pride of victory.
Descovia Aug 12
The immensity of any mountain

Holds me to no consternation.

I will continue to climb

Until I reach the pinnacle!

You make me feel invincible

Vedo la pace quando ti guardo.
( I see peace when I look at you. )

Credo nella tua pace per portare miracoli
(I believe in your peace, to bring miracles.)


Questionable paths of multidimensional natures. Brought me lucid signs from the heavens, the chaos,  and deciphered codes meaningful to open my eyes! To this new ray of light contained in this "life".

Beyond any roaming doubts, I have spiritually reclaimed these portions of myself! Learning more from the acts and encounters with these  ritualistic, rhythmic, mesmerizing, colorful...mindless illusions called "DREAMS"

For being a "father."  To this day

I must say,  I am on a wave. Floating with just the "gist" of things!

Barely, gaining an actual understanding

From the great 13 "the ways" of exactly what it means.

My son as of now. You have had 3 years in this lifetime on earth until your birthday.  11/27/15  I remain faithful in my beliefs, you will grow stronger than me and change something about this world!  For the details are covered in mind fog of my shadows following me, but it will be revealed to the light as movement flows with everything. Time will continue to conspire against us. You will find a way. To be our salvation. I am proud to be your father. I believe in you ISAIAH.


Nobody­ can prepare enough for a versatile role such as this.

The position as a mother.
The position as a father.

In the 9 months of her pregnancy I've doubted myself. Lost myself. Broke myself. Built and redesigned my "most-needed-self"  in functions through activities while in this phase of a "hyper combat mode." There were multiple factors that drove me on edge.

Not only just with hormonal twists and turns. The weather always affected my cravings for outrageous foods along with my mood.

The emotionally overcharged flight, ascending to extreme heights!
Obviously, there is more to this!  Than being the one of the central caretakers,  emotionally supportive guide, or an active disciplinarian.  (When it comes for it)  

If you don't have any love for yourself on any level.
If you don't value yourself like you should.
If you FEAR sacrifice.

Then surely, this is not the sport for you!

Love! Appreciate! Honor! Value! Believe! BELIEVE!  BELIEVE in our children of the FUTURE! Fatherhood have been teaching as well as providing insightful concepts equipped with understanding the depth our child's needs knowledge and passion. Do not turn your head away at the chance to learn, while you are given a lesson on a daily, to grow with our loved ones while they mature into a man or woman because they will not forever remain as a baby.

Shouting it to the winds. Let the skies carry my voice until the clouds fade!

Climbing mountains, moving mountains and triumph over the impossible continuously! For you without affirmation without any constellation. You are the exact reason of how and why I feel that NOTHING limits me!

You are my sword and my enhanced armor of confidence! Proudly fighting by your side through all of this!

YOUR love, keeps me to stand and stay strong!
What does it mean to be a father???

The root of meaning...

Goes deeper than what I can summarize
To you mindfully or consciously...

For  I am still learning....
In the maze of my
Memories I search
For a safe place to
Rest before going back
In to the darkness

I breathe in a cup
Of cocoa having
Sledded down the hill
By my childhood home
But I can't stay long

I take in all the
Air my lungs can hold
Return to the dark
Unsure if the next
Turn will hold cocoa

Or hands on my crotch
Or around my neck
Much bigger than mine
Amazed at how small
I am compared to...

But I continue on
Cause trapped in each dark
Corner are tiny
Fragments of myself
Waiting to be whole
MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy
lost Jul 15
every moment passing by

sitting in this chair of lies
waiting for the truth,

what happened to our fragile youth?

thrown away by little lies
no one there to cover our eyes

the fragments of our little minds
destroyed by those diseased with pride
destroyed by those who objectified

whatever happened to our little minds?
Dream Jun 19
Your mind is confined in cages built by your own insecurities.
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