Druzzayne Rika Apr 14

This website,
is full of great minds
with great thoughts
new ideas
equipped with words and rhymes  
to inspire me  
help me write
one or more lines
each day

Dhaara T Apr 10

Words are not needed
Not too many, not always
To touch many hearts

Ace Sargent Mar 29

We are not our bodies
despite our bodies being us.
We know the large grand heavens
and our bodies know dirt earth.

As bodies can not hot hold us,
the souls we are will cry.
The mind we hold is different,
but together we are alive

Think it through, i plead to you,
we are not our minds.
They function as a separate being
you just have to see the signs.

Kneel and pray to the lord, dear child
that you will one day see.
Your soul is stuck, trapped even,
within this monster being.

Because it can't be us
and we can not be it,
it pushes in so harshly
that it tears apart our spirit

Alienpoet Mar 26

Open the door to your heart
A world without war
A new start
Where love and oneness are accepted more
Turn the page on your rage
Free us from the cage
Of the minds programming
Which is a failed system
Snatch utopia from the ashes
Of heart shaped gashes
Cuts that bleed
Feed love instead
Grow peace in your head
and like a Phoenix fly
From death
Take that one new breath
and think like you've had an epiphany
A realisation reborn into rebirth
Utopia on this earth.

vanessa christabel Jun 2015

what a shame
that the girl who once believed
in fairytales and magic
had to be struck by reality
with demons in her mind
and the fear of never being loved

Timothy hill Mar 23

Of heart breath, blood fills the pen.

Tore from mint the strain reels.

Letter of black huge style font.

To intense the effects of your mind.

Of art and grief wash out from plane.

Your our experience, held more than even change.

A limited mind has no options worth its place.

They seed our reality based on our coscience and apperal.

With grins and napkins on our laps.

Our politeness, is grace and suit and tie apprased.

For who, shall bring the golden loft of breed.

This is of reality, and our mind.
Maxwell Myers Mar 9

All the knowledge lacked
In myself, is carried by
Your beautiful mind

Ma Cherie Mar 3

Here's the thing hate and prejudice,
are both learned behaviors.

I don't believe we were ever birthed,
that way -not from our inception,
from whatever God you pray,
or what you believe in,
because that is-
you doing you
an well I really gotta wonder who
just who am I to say,
what the hell is just so right anyway?

And what about all those religions,
that all say we turn into angels?

We already are then no?
On the inside?

An maybe we don't have the wings to fly,
or maybe we got too much pride,

Whatever the case is,
but when you're walking down the street and another soul is kind and good
they will smile at your spirit,
and you will smile back-
knowing that
you are the same.

There is always that forced smile with the cashier who has a grimace and you know it's just because she's having a bad day,
I smile at her and,
I do it anyway.

And I also believe that I can recognize a bad soul one who is a part of the lost people.

So very..... sad to me.

Sentient souls sing in churches,
but they sing outside of them too.
If we open our hearts we can see.

We learned hatred as a need because of survival in dark times.

So what makes someone wise in old age?
Awareness and in the ability to harness it.

Because anyone has been super aware can feel that it's overwhelming.
I was never aware,
-enough -
and then it all came and -
struck like a hammer.

And I should know a lot about building
and hammers -
as my father was a carpenter.

An wasn't Jesus so?

Even if you don't buy into religion,
there is many valuable things
in his teaching to know.

Many compassionate words
to encourage,
in my point of view,
to open to subjective opinions.

Anything with that confusing,
of translation-
  to me anyway is open
for too much interpretation.

I know personally,
when I have read passages in the Bible,
  it's like poetry-
everyone takes something
different away, no?

I am my own church
and I share it with my family,
an we all are our own Gods in our hearts.

My father was Native American mostly.

Grew up in Vermont all his life-
he was raised dirt poor and came up
from nothing.

His father was sort of worthless-
you might say not a bad person
he just didn't like to work and was pretty abusive. I saw him soften as a grandfather but never really turn into the beautiful soul he could have been. He stayed locked in that hatred in a death dance. I hope his spirit is free now that he has found forgiveness for his life.

My father grew us up different he did not ever abuse his children he worked all his life as a carpenter. Refinished three houses in all his years for us they were all very beautiful. Sometimes working for others and sometimes himself- sometimes the foreman sometimes the boss. He worked 14 hours if he had to including a 2 hour drive. They were very rarely sick days because he didn't get paid for them and even a few occasions he worked out of state and came back and forth on the weekends, anything to keep his family's table full of love.

We shared what we had with so many people- a woman who had M.S. -my uncle who had heart surgery- my brother's girlfriend who became my foster sister -
an Italian exchange student- my friends, neighbors, relatives and strangers
my father well, he knew the dangers
the list goes on too,
there was always always food for everyone.

He endured much prejudice in his own life mostly as a youth, yet again in the Army
but poor hearts are strong though.
Father was a homebody an kind of,
a loner in a way like me I know sometimes I can feel completely alone in a room full of people nothing worse than feeling completely misunderstood as I imagine he did too. I miss him more every single day now that I realize this.

He was a wonderful soul with a fierce spirit there was nothing that he wouldn't try to fix for you whether it was your truck, or your... heart. ❤

I believe I was always a good, decent, intelligent kind person. However I was still kind of lost in my own selfish instinct. Almost everything we do is born out of selfishness the acceptance of that reality is what makes it easier to be happy and contented even in the worst of circumstances . When I cook for others I to cook for myself and I take a great deal of pride in it. I also give it all my heart and hand it to every bit of my brain.

So to me maybe it's not for every boy there's a girl- maybe...just for some.
Maybe when we choose to come here,
when we get into a certain body it just doesn't feel right, maybe we're just not attracted to the people they say we should be. Maybe there's a lot more gay and bisexual people in what we realize- seeing how again, being strictly heterosexual in my opinion is another learned behavior. One that eventually has caused some people to end their life because of the torture they endure I wonder how it feels,
to think you need a "cure"?

Two species were created - however that happened -as a male and female,
are we so sure -certain,
that we're attracted
to the only opposite sex ?
My father taught me anyone who is so certain is dangerous.
Maybe souls just recognize their counterpart in another

Yes perhaps we see with our hearts,
the beautiful soul and kindred spirit behind their mysterious and familiar eyes
we see the beauty deep inside,
finally relieved- we can recognize
that life...is OURS to live.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Yeah but what do I know? ; ) for a friend who feels prejudice- I pray the world changes tolerant.❤❤❤
Paula Aniceto Feb 23

It's nice to see you again,
My old friend.

It's been a while since we met.
As far as I remember,
I'm the one who pushed you away.
You wanna know why?
Because it seems like your presence,
Slowly destroying every part of me.

But I can still recall the good old days,
When it seems like no one's here for me,
I know you're only two steps behind.
You know me more than anyone else.
But old friend,
Why does it feel like you have dark secrets?

Now I know.
Naïve minds, young people.
These are your victims.
You became also their friend,
When it seems like they don't have one.
But if you're a good friend,
Then why did you let them
To slit their wrists?
Is this how you keep someone at peace?

Old friend,
Can you hear their voice,
Screaming and asking for help?
How about those cries,
When they locked themselves into the bath room,
As they mourn to their despair life?
You're a great pretender:
You pretend like you care
When in reality, you really don't.

That's why I hate you.
A friend known by everyone
Suddenly became an enemy.
You ruined minds,
You ruined dreams,
A friend who felt home
But became disaster of many lives.

And now,
I can see you here again, in front of me,
Wanting to have place on my mind.
Now I know your deep dark secrets,
I don't want to be one of your victims.
I may have a vulnerable heart,
I may be naïve,
But you can’t control me,
As I'm tougher than what you think.

Good bye, old friend.
Our dark thoughts,
Our own demons.

No, not me. I'm not depressed. I just want to speak in behalf of them.
LilmizzXO Feb 20

Emotions are illusive like the monsters one can see. Monsters cannot be seen, so they live inside your head.
Are the monsters really destroying you? Or is it your thoughts whilst alone, lying in bed...
The illusion of life itself can lead to many emotions of ones mind...
Blinds us.
So we feed on the illusion of negativity.
Things happen that make us see the darkness.
Destructive, like a dead body and a bloody mess.
Yet still I test.

I look around,
I see a sea of faces...
So many faces pretending
To be content with the life they have.
They walk around acting as if marriage and kids is the only source of fulfillment.
I feel a deep wealth of sadness
As the ones without those things
Still continue to progress forward,
While I sit washed away feeling useless.

Useless like a bird without wings...
Numbness is a glimpse.
As the emotions pour into you...
Your soul feels inburdened with dread.

Sin isn't something that I believe in,
I believe in enjoying life to the fullest...
Yet I'm always with both knees to the ground.
Wondering if I'll ever be worthy of success,
I mean I'm just an outcast to most eyes that inhabit this planet.
There's not much meaning to my life.

An outcast with a craving for happiness.
So I take the devils side in hopes for success.
Failure is an illusive matter that my dark mind cannot cope with...
I judge myself in misery.
My dark philosophical thoughts rise inside of me...
Blind eyes see the lies...
And when in doubt, I see it too.
My third eye shut down...
My spirituality is all but gone...
I crave the high...
I need the drug in my veins to fight through the damn pain.

But even happiness is forbidden fruit,
An illusion best served as a party favor.

Written by me and Xoaquin Oznian ...
Our compatible thoughts make a unique poem.
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