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Champions of words
Often deceptive
Precise minds scientific
Often mathematize
Karijinbba Aug 5
From out of space my love re appeared
and fast I ran away disbelieving.
while hunted by webs
of predators in greed modes
trashing impeccable character
inborn parenthood trait 
courage, heart skill grace,
as weapons eluding chase
avating jealousy outface.

Each grotesque stunt
  trampled me to fall in pain.
losing all crops of my hard labour scenarious so turbulent to depict.
in any story poetry or book
My love spark within outlived
travesty and misery sent in.

From an ancient love spell
propelled a new lovers aim
following me with grace
deep as space, honor truth
understanding patience
Twin loss, twin dreams
Experiences base the glue.

Large as the cosmos we both
Phathom, thirst, crave and love.
Synchronicity in telepathy;
the cosmos conspires offering
cards to read virtual modes
to explore our receptiveness.
Our loving is a Deja-VU indeed.
An ancient powerhouse,
with outworldly, genetic legacies
We both share in our weave.
a hybrid mutant Adam and Eve.
Who's my mystic
beloved?A brightest star
over Jaipur! Intergalactic,
art at heart.
Poet verse, he's honey bee.
His aim is firm as his name
He is me I am him within!
similar avatar in the outside
We tingle a double mystic smile.
A magnetic vortex keep us both
In one LOVEz voyage loop,
through space.🐝🐝🛸.
His vessel his gates his hands
His mind,heart, soul is my own.
Nothing and no one can pull us
apart, we call HP our
time machine to beyond
Alpha Century bound.
Thus, a billion stars cinthilate
with gentle beams of hope
Antimatter lovers lane
And our heart Rd-Ad
our home.🦋🦋.
By: Karijinbba.
Inspired by- Good better best MOI.
The beauty of you ...

how could my eyes ...
runs away from you sweet lady ...
how could i look ...
to any one ...
than you ...
after you stole ...
the mind of me ...
and made my eyes ...
sees no one ...
only you ...

o lady ...
with a  beautiful face ...
it's the good sweet day ...
because of your smile ...
and your shinny eyes ...
even ...
the sun will rise up on us today ...
Because you woke up from your sleep ...

o lady ...
you charmed my eyes ...
to make me fly ...
dreaming all the time ...
about your beautiful soul ...

good morning ...

hazem al ..
jia Jul 6
i am just a vessel,
a rotting human body.
who's always longed to be cradled,
but I have nobody.

i am just a vessel,
a display of pure loneliness.
who's desire is all to be nestled,
despite all the emptiness.

i am just a vessel,
nothing more than that.
has always been the lesser,
waiting for the time I'll rot.
Dark Dream May 4
I feel like you are
thinking of me
talking about me
with those lines
Other times
I’m a stranger
and you
are on a whim
of second hand memory
Then there are times
We connect
we have that bond
the chemistry and fire
Which do you want
Or should I say
Is it me?
Is it you?
You talk of hearts
Of minds
Or other nonsense
I would laugh
If it was sad
As you don’t do
Estelline Apr 28
Tears send floods
Eyes show lies
Ears hear it all too often
And the mind wanders
To the end of time
And back
But did you learn anything?
No, just more sorrow
LC Apr 18
it climbs up their thin veins,
worming its way under their skin,
until it digs into their vulnerable minds,
controlling them from the inside out,
until they twist the life out of others.
the prey become the predators.
#escapril day 17!
anoxvrmous Mar 3
we're alike
that's why I'm scared that you'll turn out to be me
I want to know the truth
For you say that you
care for me
It seems that you don't,
for we are distant from each other
I know that l broke your trust but how can l make it up to you
I don't want to call it quits after everything that we been through,
and the secrets that we hold about our complicated relationship.
I can't take the pain and hurting away
At least we could could be friends who look out for each other.
For they say beautiful minds start a beautiful world.
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