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Decra Kerubo Oct 18
In a world of passports that take ages,
In a society of techtouch and airtalk,
In a land of miles,
I choose to travel,
Miles after miles,
In the ink of my pages.

From the sycamore to the most horrific bridges,
From a rotten society to civilization,
From dreams to reaps,
I choose to travel,
Path after path,
In the ink of my pages.

When I cannot turn,
When I can run nowhere,
When I want to hide,
I choose to travel,
Thick after thick,
In the realm of my pages.
Words' Worth Oct 12
In an elusive way, her disposition
The rays that falls from her skin
Drapes that black and blue can't hide
A bit of shine that comes on the east
Resembles the sun, that is tonight

Let's appreciate our girls
The right way, for one day
Instead, of taking the sunshine
For granted, leaving us only
Darkness, shy of the light
They will turn into women, if you let 'em
What I want
Want more than anything
Isn't a castle on a cloud
Or a palace and king

It's my life as it is
Only extended beyond years
It's my life like this
Minus all the fears

A place where I don't have to build up my armour
A place without this international drama
No climate change or ****** media
No wars and no 'Corona's newest feature'

So it's no castle on a cloud
And certainly no palace and king
I want a world with peace
That's what I want more than anything.
Nolan Morris Apr 18
They say the haiku
Ought not rhyme. Some honey in my
hot tea sure tastes fine

It is equality when you work with her.
It is equality when she leads the team.
It is equality to see her, think her and call her the boss.
It is equality when she promotes her accomplishments.

It is equality to pay her the same as him for the same job.
It is for sure equality when you give her credit for that brilliant idea.
It is totally equality to admit she is more competent so she gets the job.
It is equality when she has an opinion and is confident to make it known.

It is equality when deciding for herself is norm.
It is equality when bias and stereotypes no longer define her.
It is equality when her achievements are no longer firsts.
It is equality when she is well represented in critical areas of concern.

It is definitely equality to treat her with respect and dignity.
It is absolutely equality to fight alongside her for peace and justice.
It is real equality to be her allie, support her future openly.
It is surely equality for her to reclaim and take up spaces.

Not just a woman, not just a girl, not just because she is your mother or wife,
Not just as your sister or your aunty, not just because she is your daughter,
But as the very evident, clear as day Human that she is in this generation and
Generations more to come.

An integral part of a collective whole, we all need to better uphold.  
Each one responsible, Each one acting consciously, Each one shaping up,
A generation for equality.

Belema .S. Ekine
It is International Women's Day 2020. Gender equality, gender parity is the way forward for our generation and the world. Let's be secure enough in ourselves to play our part in encouraging and promoting equality for women and for all.  We are stronger, better and more enabled together
Traveler Feb 22
As I'm looking through your eyes
in an attempt to connect,
I can see your expectations have yet to be met.
Peering through digital lens
the differences are blinding.
In broken sentences definitions
are slowly unwinding.

I wonder if you trust your leaders
or is all the world deceived.
Time is a roller coaster
We're at the top of the big hill
    falling free...
Traveler Tim
For a toddler, it is just an excitement
For a student, it is like a burden
For a researcher, it is divine as God
For a job seeker, it is like a weapon
For a teacher, it is like a holy book
For a writer, it is a passion to thrive
For a parent, it is everything with a diverse experience
For a job holder, it is his rewards for his education
and proud moment for his parents

And current scenario
is the most
blessed era,
women and men
are provided
equal education,
Even though
some narrow mindsets
are still living,
Who never
women as working
for many reasons,
But let’s
challenge those
and work
for the betterment of
Your family and
Your nation
To attain the
with your
limited situations
To change the world
with your
best knowledge
To brighten
the paths of
all pathfinders
To live with
And self esteem
By making it a
fruitful tree of
every education
That you received
for which
every parent
struggled a lot
Even when
surrounded with
the chain of
thousands of
of day today life.
Let’s rewind the importance of education on this International Education Day.
Nuha Fariha Jun 2019
Hello, thank you for using Bangladesh Free. please input the number you are trying to dial.

yesterday i bought a long distance calling card to talk to myself
there, not here, my body straddles two nations
yesterday i rubbed my fading purple stretch marks
i don’t know which language I dream in any more  
yesterday i sat in cold bathwater scrubbing until the purpura bleed
my mothers’ mothers’ mother died in a red river
my mothers mother’s mother birthed a nation
between her bleeding legs
most days I am still, her water’s edge, algae between teakwood toes
yesterday i bought a long distance calling card to tell myself

We’re sorry your minutes have run out. Please deposit ten dollars to continue.
Rizna M Rameez Jun 2019
It depends on where you are
To some people I am light skinned
To some people I am dark skinned
To some people I am Sri Lankan
And to some people I'm something else
I've always been the in between
And I find, I like it that way
I can claim and disclaim a little bit of everything and a little bit of nothing

Beautifully international and liberalistic.
Just me. The In-Between. Liberal. International. Don’t get me wrong, you can disclaim me, but I will claim parts of myself and you can’t do anything about it.
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