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Nuha Fariha Jun 29
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yesterday i bought a long distance calling card to talk to myself
there, not here, my body straddles two nations
yesterday i rubbed my fading purple stretch marks
i don’t know which language I dream in any more  
yesterday i sat in cold bathwater scrubbing until the purpura bleed
my mothers’ mothers’ mother died in a red river
my mothers mother’s mother birthed a nation
between her bleeding legs
most days I am still, her water’s edge, algae between teakwood toes
yesterday i bought a long distance calling card to tell myself

We’re sorry your minutes have run out. Please deposit ten dollars to continue.
It depends on where you are
To some people I am light skinned
To some people I am dark skinned
To some people I am Sri Lankan
And to some people I'm something else
I've always been the in between
And I find, I like it that way
I can claim and disclaim a little bit of everything and a little bit of nothing

Beautifully international and liberalistic.
Just me. The In-Between. Liberal. International. Don’t get me wrong, you can disclaim me, but I will claim parts of myself and you can’t do anything about it.
John May 31
Magsasampung taon na kitang mahal, mahal.
(I've been in love with you for almost ten years, love)
Ang tigas na siguro ng mga binti mo kakatakbo mo sa isipan ko.
(You're thigh muscles toughened bec you always run on my mind)
Pero mas masaya sana kung alam mo, mahal, na mahal kita.
(But I could be happier, love, if you just know that i love you.)
Pero di pa, di ko pa kayang sabihin sayo, baka siguro balang araw, kapag lahat ay huli na.
(But no, i still cant tell you, maybe someday, someday when its all too late.)
Mahal kita di mo lang alam, simula first year tayo. Naalala ko pa magkatabi pa tayo nun sa may PE subj, volleyball yon. Ang saya ko non, pero tinataboy kita, kase akala ko. Pero kahit ganon, hanggang ngayon umaasa ako na makita kita isang araw, maybe sa isang resto, mall o kung san pa yan, basta gusto ko lang makita yang pagmumukha **** maganda.
Ivy May 21
Born in a place that I don't call home
Raised in a country foreign to Mom
Stained with the colors of different flags
My soul and my heart: in different lands

"Where are you from?" So simple a question
Yet always I answer with such hesitation
For how do I choose from different parts
Of the whole that is me and my colorful heart?

The answer is simple, not complex at all
It's simply a matter of wearing them all
So I'll show them all proudly: my beautiful hues
For I've finally realized I don't have to choose
All of my best
(And worst) thoughts
Can be traced
Back to a foreign city
Where I walked the streets
Alone, at night
A short poem from when I spent a summer alone in New York City
a union is granted a pie
and cleanse their rye
when a tunic can sequester mobs
only cries in these houses pale crumbs
as they succumb to climes in poles
that keep their fry hush in throes
and below the ground frowns peal the town
as ice is temperately bound
whether ponds here roast white supremacy
as rhetoric was xenophobia
and rose from their chaos
now the national street
that sought their limb
and the financier in London
a word on democracy
aashi Mar 2018
We're here now,
and theres more than the two of us.
But there's one feeling, and the same ache
yet different struggles
- * -
We all think the same things,
yet in different tongues.
The histories do not include us.
Our taste buds have had to adapt to the wind here,
we have learnt from the best of the chameleons.
- * -
It's the same stage set up and the curtains were never drawn,
but our eyes see a completely different story being played out.
Collective whispers greater than a shout.
Peace of mind has been a while, it'll take long...
Home isn't where the heart is, when the heart keeps moving around.
inspired by anna.
Sabila Siddiqui Mar 2018
I watched her muscle pace with confidence,
her brain slip her tongue
and her skin glow.

She was much more pretty
stronger, smarter
better in any way I was.

In her presence,
my flaws started to pile
Insecurities started to rile
fear started to snare
and jealousy started to flare
as self-doubt enwrapped me in its flames.

But my dear,
there was no good in tearing her down.
For prying on her weakness,
was not going to paint you into completeness.
Picking out her flaws,
wasn't going to bring about any applause.
Spreading rumors about her,
wasn't going to make you any popular.
Labeling her with names,
wasn't going to bring peace to your flames.

No, my dear
the answer lied
in your flesh
your tongue
your story
your lines
your curves
your passions.
The answer lied in the very acceptance of yourself.

For that's when you will find intimidation
to be wiped with inspiration.
That's when you'll realize your rivals were never your rivals
but your allies, tribe, and companions.

So compliment,
and support yourself
and the woman around you.

Enflame hearts of others,
build one another
embrace them with understanding
and enchant their soul with compassion.

Unshackle yourself and unshackle them.
Learn from them,
applaud them,
bring out the best in them
and surround yourself with women who do the same.

Because my dear,
this is the time you'll realize how blessed you are to be surrounded by such strong, resilient and inspiring woman
who help you move forward.
logan Mar 2018
if you are a man
or a person
who still thinks women aren’t as capable
or as competent or intelligent
as men
tell me why every right men have been handed
women have had to fight for
while men did nothing but sit on their thrones of entitlement
and tell us we look pretty
we did not protest and yell and petition and fight and speak up no matter the cost
to be called pretty
don’t sell me your anti-wrinkle cream
your diet plan
your shapewear
sell me your CEO position
your equal pay
your paid maternity leave
we will not open our mouths to please you
while you tell us to shut them when it matters
i can, i will, and i am,
not despite being a woman
but because of it
happy international women’s day to women everywhere regardless of size, shape, color, *******, or who you love. you are an angel
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