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Ylzm Jun 29
every breathe a praise
every sight an insight
every utterance, life
and every act, faith
of those who gather not
nor reap but live
as in every beast
who dwells on this earth
Kassan Jahmal Oct 2021
Even in laughter,
With the brightest smile on display
We only see what's on face;
But at the end of joy-
A heart carries grief,
Listen carefully to hear it's breaks.

Even in accomplishment,
When all cheer on one's success
We only see their gains;
But at the end of fulfilment-
A hand once carried emptiness,
Hold carefully to feel it's regrets.

Laugh, as those around laugh with you;
Smile, as others put a smile on display
Show face, as all others want to be seen;
  But those who shared in your joy-
Are not always equal in all your griefs.

Accomplish, as all feel accomplished with you;
Succeed, and all would want your success
Show gains, as all others want to obtain;
  But those who praise your fullness-
May hold nothing to your emptiness & regrets.

   Leave their, such simple ways,
   Place a footing on all wisdom;
   And walk in the way of insight.
Farah Taskin Sep 2021
Don't you know?
Time is never slow
Don't you feel?
Fire of love is a thrill
Sweet words can heal
Don't you hear?
The melody of a prayer

Do you realize?
Why the stars of the
Andromeda Galaxy rise
Do you find?
Pleasurable peace for mind!
Zywa Aug 2021
He jumped up
made a somersault with twist
and is back in the circle again

as if nothing happened
in those four seconds
(I guess)

(how was it?)
a flash of beauty
to meditate on now

falling into place myself
from the space of possibilities
and ignorance

Maybe I stay there
maybe it will shift
maybe it stays
Collection "Lilith's Powers" #29
Billie Marie Aug 2021
regret is like playing
old movies on repeat
and wishing you were
watching new releases


Ken Pepiton Jul 2021
there is a gleam, across the valley, a reflection,
I am sure,
a man made surface shiny,
I am sure,
no natural gleam of mica or diamond
blinks and flashes
as if
signaling to me, see, see me, reflect the sun,
seeming so
a sign
a significance I must grant synchronisity,
or ,
thought, what might
this shining thing be?

It is far from me and anchored, I see,
then flashy flashflash, light of sun,
fractaled -tole painted -fatal tell
light strokes on the future seen as this again,
more, the curiosity, was ist das?

A little mirror insisting, see, there see,
there is the sun,
topping the hill behind you, where you are
where I lack the power to signal a flash back,
for I sit watching,
in the morning shade,
yellow birds and blue, doing what birds do,
orioles and scrub jays,

magpie eyes in me, see that gleam again,
and laugh, I know,
what that is
signaling to me, see, see me, reflect the sun,
seeming so
a sign
of the times, for my report,

- Watch man, what of the morning?

I see a happy birthday balloon,
hung on a wire,

by a wind with a knot function,
naturally anchoring
webs, and threads, and strings and mylar shreds,
dancing from power lines
feeding juice to the drip system
in George's vineyard.
_ all day, all night... but --- lets take a hike, and pick up litter a little, as we make our way.
Michael T Chase May 2021
All mathematical equations
from differential equations
to quantum field theory
to string theory,
have a backdrop,
i.e. can be read as,
a series of fractions
with differing numerators
and denominators.

This works, of course, along with set theory.
Michael T Chase Mar 2021
Holding *** when the muscle requires some effort directs attention to the lower body away from the eyes and the head area which is the normal place of reflection.
It makes me think of releasing it and of the bathroom and toilet to do so, as if I was constructing a plan to carry out.
The other muscles used to concentrate can be relaxed as the new concentration is on the bladder area.
Yet this pulls the attention to the seat if seated, like placing attention on the foundation of the meditation posture.
The focus spreads to the thighs and solar plexus.
Finally to the back of the head, but with pressure that will not allow anything to replace it.
The management mind states next that the task at hand is more pressing than bladder release.
And I remember all the times I've had to hold my *** and the places and situations that precipitated them.
I start to tell myself that I'm suffering needlessly as if I was being bullied by my situation.
Thus the parts of the body actually take the center of the personality over other parts of the body.
The managerial aspect will offer motherly comfort to the childlike personality of holding ***.
I start to go into wishful dream mentality just like holding *** while in the early hours of the morning trying to still sleep.
And the attention is tranquilized back to reflection with the hold tucked away in the background of the mind, reflection aspect now being more parental in nature.
What is transcendence? is sort of a moronic question, and I notice my words start to be more bullyish.
This question is rather asking is there a particle of transcendence?
No, it is a function of frequencies of the body.
Consciousness can be the essential aspect of transcending, but no more than consciousness is the essential of concentration.
Tranquility and insight, just as taught, happens, without attention on tranquility, and without tranquility within attention.
Chad Young Feb 2021
Transcending mind and emotion is a half in this world half in the dream world reality. "Like a new moon came into conjunction with a full moon."

The sleepier I am, the more present I am.

The more aware I am, the more closed my eye is.

OM unfolds on my inner tongue.
Traveler Feb 2021
Can our consciousnesses be
Fast or slow?
Can our awarenesses be
High or even low?

You do realise
Of course...

Language was simply designed
to hide our feelings
We hide behind our poetic preserves
Whether were loving or were killing
Say what you shall
In the presence of light
Poets stands up with their words to fight

That was just a few rhymes of insight!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
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