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Pallavi 7d
My love is like a quartz
Bestowing shine & sparks.
It's still like a Tiffany
So smooth but slippery.
It's like an expensive piece of art
I can only imagine for.
Absence sharpens love.....
They say,
My love couldn't reach
to the bay.
It's just a fiction.
William Allen Jan 16
I made my way to the front.

The invitation was subtle.

The cold gray stones
under the pressure of my heels.


Drew my hands, ever so familiar.

I pressed up the aged steps
to a door of old wood & character.
Its constitution still intact and uncompromised.

An iron handle, worn smooth from visitors past,
waited for my embrace
and the latch, warm to the touch,
gave way under my eager thumb.
This is part V of a ten-part story titled, "Effulgence: A Story of Light."

SpiritHeart67 Jan 12
Sometimes the more I see,
the less I want to look...
Shaina bhatti Jan 10
A puny nib tells it's affliction to perception sheet.
Justyn Huang Jan 9
In order to be deep
One must traverse a
Desert of shallow waters
how 2 deep
So alluring,
the way the dark spreads itself
across a sea of shining stars
and makes us forget the infinities we haven’t seen.
I question myself
and I think about how the starlight we see
is a gift from centuries ago.
I’m alive in the dark.
I’m lethargic in the light.
And yet the darkest corners of my imagination
are the places I dread the most.

I’m alone in the light.
I’m a force in the dark.
My wrists tremble at the thought of
another night of telling stories
with ambiguous intent
and metaphors that strike my knees -
bow to the dark -
and yet I’m the only fool who reads my words.

The gift of the dark
is the great balance of life;
when time is stuck in one end of the dichotomy,
these little spots of grey pour out over the blue in my eyes.

And as the colors are muffled
like the road workers
covering up an artist’s graffiti,
I begin to understand why there’s two sides to a coin.

I’m alive in the dark,
tired in the light,
and the shadows of the night have become my favorite audience.
Tekan Jan 2
Leaving me wanting more
I reminisce your first sight
Not a single flaw
Everything just right

As you move on the dance floor
In the evening light
Four by four
Beats with a bite

I feel your energy roar
With all its might
I wanna see what els is in store
So I pop you an invite

"meet me at the door
I'm the lady in white

if you wanting your soul to soar
and ignite

Love youre
Destyni H Jan 2
I don’t love you.
I honestly never really cared.
I couldn’t care less.

That is until 10:16
When my body aches
And I hit you with the wyd
Because you’re what I want to taste

Don’t expect me to embrace you in your vulnerability
But I expect you to embark in your most vulnerable experience with me


Because we’re humans, baby
Because it’s natural, lover
Because your body looked so good in that dress
Because of the shape your hips and your thighs
Oh I love when you ride

I love when you taste me
Can you feel me inside
I’m giving it all to you
Promise me it’s mine

Because this belongs to you

Wait but not completely
I can only promise you the D
Because I need no emotional ties between you and me

I’m in a situation
I have someone else for that
Someone who’s still waiting for me to text her back
Someone you don’t know of and you’ll hopefully never meet

And after this I probably won’t call
until 10:16 next week.
OC Dec 2018
And in the eighth day, god has glanced
upon its fair creation.
He blessed the common of good sense
and reached imagination.

BY ME!, he said to Gabriel,
I think I've done it pretty well,
by inventing logic first
and afterwards the universe.
Well even though it's been quite tough
our world is... reasonable enough.

Now, I'm a worried since right there
is a little point that's out of order.
It is that little point of view.
It gave us trouble, quite a few.
Please, Gabriel, do fix the matter
and make our world work better.

God head assistant cried "Disgrace!"
"You little point! Get back in place!"
But when he got up near,
he found out something... weird...
From that point, when he looked at it
god seemed to him... a wrong a bit...

Two angels all equipped and set
were sent to straight things up.
"Are you not back in line yet?!"
"You make our boss seem all upset."
"Beware, or we shall call a cop!"

When the angels closer drew
each held a different point of view
then roared a great loud argument
upon what point god really meant!

Oh dear, what shall we do with you?
Such little, stubborn, point of view.
A right solution was not found,
they had to let it stay around.
No one knows what for.
But since that day, we all can say
Life's all,
except a bore...
A little gem by my old man that I've learned to recite by heart. Was written in English originally, unlike other pieces I had to translate.
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