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This is where it ends for me
This is where I’m going
Wings spread high
Watch me fly

Don’t feel too badly
I caused it all myself
I wish I had more to say
Before I went away
Wake up, stretch, get out of bed,
To the bathroom, the sink, refresh my head.
Next the kitchen, the cupboard, some coffee for me,
This is the part that fills me with glee.

Down the stairs, out the door, to the street I go,
This person, that, part of the flow.
Endless blank faces, vacant stares,
All of these people without a care,

Get to work, clock in, things to do,
What’s in store, I haven't a clue.
To my locker, my boots, got to get to it,
This day won't end if I don't peruse it.

Clickety Clack bang and boom,
The noise of the place affects through and through,
Lunch arrives, I'm glad for the break,
I nothing more than sanity’s sake!

Eat, drink, laugh with the boys,
We talk about rubbish and the purchase of toys.
Finish up, get ready it's back to the grind,
For this is no good for the spotless mind.

Clean up, hand over, pass on to the crew,
All of the things still required to do.
Boots off, clock out, I'm homeward bound,
For there's to keep me on that holy ground.

Keys out, door open, I ascend the stairs,
My home, my sanctuary, no need to wander where.
Sit down, relax, take the weight off my feet,
Oh, for crying out loud I need to eat!

Hit the shower, refresh, forget about the day,
I wouldn't have it any other way.
More coffee, make dinner, relax and feel fat,
This is the end of the day, at last that’s a fact.
This was a little something I came up with on a sleepless night, brain working overtime.
Let me know what you think.
So you accept
Standing alongside
I have won you the truce
With the chaos that brewed hot for long
And had burned the field
Where you had sown your thoughts.
I won the truce
While you pretended to read the written word
Found on the inside of your left arm;
The lone word
That held no meaning but was your given name
Forgotten and no longer in use;
This truce you did seek from the moment
You gained insight
And revolted
Wanting to change the ways of the world
As though it belonged to you alone;
Now, I find you mellowed,
You have lowered your eyes,
The spark is missing
And your hands seek mine for comfort.
infinite possibilities lie within your frame
and even if people don't show it enough

i hope you know
you are so much more
than what you have lost
so much more
than those who have
walked the other way
specific to the reason why
you shine brightest today

you see clearer now
because things once didn't go your way
how you decide to picture your life to be
won’t always end up being what you need
so surrender to what you now see
and let your highest self take lead
this life is a gift
so let it be

if you can just focus on the love
that is within you and around you
and trust that you’re guided from above
you’ll see that darkness wakes your light
that your falls are where you find insight
sit in this understanding
breathe it in
feel your magic come to life
see the world shifting in your eyes
hear your laughter in the sun’s shine
all of reality begins in your mind

and as you continue to align
don’t get caught up in all the “why’s?”
confusion is the doorway to new sight
it shows you where your greatness shines
and the less you fear peeking inside
the more you can see
that deep in your being
is where all your answers
will ever hide
A mysterious void
Deep within me
Awaits an intrusion
And I am game.

My mind is light
It has filled the void
And scraped its inside
Thoroughly clean.

Mystery solved
The same void now
Surrounds me;
It infuses fear.

Who will extract me?
I was asked,
What interests you?

With clear insight
I’m interested in
Purity of Life


It was a different story
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Maturity
once more
layers of casing
are torn

papers culled
windows gleam
sheets smile

the cost is high
if not see
when to stop

can I find north
after all
I’d asked

so life’s paths
once veiled
in yesterday's grime

to the winds

another vision
refreshing as
spring rain

seeking every fissure
quietly lodged boarders
not paying rent

as another corner
begs mastery

along with
a neater place
it dawns on me

is the order
of things

vacate for a few
short paces
and face

it all again
wrenching me
from the lulling

status quo
of my stilted
sometimes when we ask for greater clarity in life, to be able to 'see' things at a more profound breadth and depth, a cleansing of sorts emerges on every level
Katie Aug 25
Shame on me,
For not trying harder to be a miscarriaged baby,
Shame on me through being a surviver of a deadly tumor,
I am a tumor of the world,
Shame on me for taking up space,
Shame on me from not being able to prevent her sucicide,
Shame is all I feel,
I am shame itself;
And that voice inside my head I can’t figure out if it’s actually mine,
Or if I died off long ago,
And now I’m just something’s vessel.
I’m so scared of negative judgement from other people. But I am exposing pieces of me and maybe through that I can be pieced back together. I hope you find relatablity or  at least understanding.
thesuunest Aug 1
off the morning
of all the mourning
i'm well with moaning
of the praises
off the dribble on my shoes
of all things possible with shoves
i'm there never to come back
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