I wonder how it would be to say goodbye
Say I love you for the last time
I wonder how it would taste on my lips
Would I even feel it if i slit my wrist

How many tears would fall for me
How many memories would flood back
Would you think of all the good times, or all the times that we have failed

Would it be lonely where I go
Would all the pain subside
Can I just see the light one more time
Before I make up my mind

Shadow of myself
The girl I left  behind
Did I sacrifice myself
Or was it done of my own free will

I don’t wanna say goodbye
I also don’t want to stay
I don’t want you to come with me
I don’t wanna lose you forever

I miss myself
I miss the shadow
I wanna go back
I’m stuck here now

I would like to believe it will get better
Later on down the road I’ll find myself
The words I have in my head
I make-believe, help me find her

I think I know where she’s buried
Underneath the willow tree
Where she can look up at the sky
And see all the memories she left behind
The sun and moon may fall down, but they always get right back up.
Mystic Ink Feb 17
Accept the limelight,
When the time feel content
Knowing you all are just like me
Reached the edge of 2017.

On the way,
So far, treasuring hope
Fortunate to land on 2018
Yes, We will gain insight
Holding memories, a constant companion
Gravity of 2017,
Imbedded within heart and mind
We will never be apart,
Singing a new melody
All we were, All we will be…..

All we were, All we will be……
The same,
Joining a human race,
Trying for a comfortable breathe
Warm embrace of happy new year.
Let’s wish,
A beautiful sunshine in await.
Happy New Year 2018.
so far to the left
so far to the right
no common ground
found in each
others insight

the political divide
becoming an even wider
violence erupting
society gripped
by a spasm

the center position
always ignored
neither party attempting
routes unexplored

melding together
a better choice
the path ahead
of one universal voice

so far to the left
so far to the right
no common ground
found in each
others insight
A couple of weeks ago, I watched a television documentary about the divide between left and right factions of American politics. My poem is based on the theme of differences on the respective sides.
I hold onto their secrets
And torn up memories,
I float above the horizons
I sail across these endless seas ,
I hope for better days
And lately these times are getting tough
These thoughts of angels give me strength
And I'm not about to give up,
So I wipe away these tears,
I shrug off all this pain,
They're brushing off my shoulders
And I hold on to their stain,
I wish you could see my angels
Not just my demons every night,
I wish you happiness and a bliss filled life,
Because I've seen better days
And though these times may be rough
I hold onto these thoughts of angels
So I never lose myself and decide to give up.
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Hopeless endeavour.

The desecration of vitality,
Melancholy entices the pond of hope, repelling golden shimmering.

Infernal tendrils bringing insight to carress in snide
Dug its sharp elongated thorns inside, mending its stride
Gently encompass its roots around the mask,
The concrete veil that shone brightly in false atonement.

Expulsion from the realm of gold, sent astray for an eternity;
Such naïve, brazen happiness, ignorant of the caveats
The mere playground of unbridled mania quarantined.

Faux manifestations of an illusory smile,
For the horizon cast mere wisps of blight,
Rejecting heartbeat of rays gone awry.

They smirk as they watch you flee.

eternity flee happiness heartbeat hopeless insight melancholy playground smile vitality
From what I've experienced,
That "The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions."
It is also equally true that,
If one sets one's sights directly towards Hell as a Destination,
One is likely to experience many Epiphanies
Along the way.
get laid
get stoned
get smashed
get a headache
get a venereal disease
but did you get
Anything about this life yet?
This poem was composed at Denver's Chada Thai Restaurant
shyguypoetry Sep 2017
Isn't it funny
There's a me and I in time
Yet it can't be owned
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