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Annie Dec 6
Tiger, Tiger,
in my head
stalking on the street
gazing at me like a prey
raising to your feet

Tiger, Tiger
in my heart
you hunt me down the road
your eyes are blades I cannot ward
My fear I cannot hold

Tiger, Tiger
in my dreams
your body lies in chains
but caught up in your mighty claws
you touch me calm and tame

Tiger, Tiger,
in my mind
I freeze under your eyes
But as I open up your locks
My fear and worry dies

Tiger, Tiger,
deep inside
I run away again
But everytime you run beside
And all will stay the same
Then one day
After a long wait, he did return
Our eager adventurer
The roving ambassador
His old glimmer and gait intact
He appeared unchanged
But when he narrated his tales
There was a ***** pitch
The air was different
The unfamiliar words he spoke indecipherable
The strange places he had visited
Could not be known
And as we listened we wondered why
Influenced he certainly was
For, after his efforts
He had forgotten his native tongue
He had unlearned his past
Could it be
His visit to a new world
Had rendered him vulnerable
Made him lose track of his actuality
And forget what he ever was
Maybe he had created a world for himself
And only returned to include us
We might never know
Tina Olivero Nov 11
the game is my brain laid out on a board
it's inside a mind trap, I serve a lord
to win I must stay alive, perhaps take a slug
my chess piece is harmless, it's only a drug

the game is neither fair or logical or right
nor for the weak of heart who play with the night
it lures with seduction, it breaks me apart
see all that is **** inside my heart

I take adventures, make gains and take loss
tempting duality, I pay the cost
I find failures in you and I wager in strife
I **** others off with my powder and knife

I need you to pretend and pretend some more
until lies and denial become the plays of our board
the game holds everything that my desire can taunt
I can win by surviving and live wishing, in want

the game has no mercy, no rhythm, no rhyme
it pulls me to pieces one move at a time
there is no magic saviour, no doorway out
to get through the madness, I must lay rest the doubt

my mind is hijacked but I think I'm in play
I deny all who love me along the way
a roll of the dice will bring me the rush
live for the danger of a royal straight flush

one card of dopamine so honest and blue
will trump judgement and reason for all that is true
I don't understand it, as I unwind and undo
send me to jail and hope I break through

this brilliant mind plays the game but it is no good
it uses intelligence to lock up the hood
the smarter I am, the less likely to win
the mind will destroy itself, and keep me locked in

roll the dice, pick a card, fight to get home
i'm playing the game but I'm left all alone
move forward, move over and play to surrender
grieve without end for the very next ******

mourn in the knowing there's nothing to do
can't reach me, can't help me, can't make my next move
set another mind trap with blame and demise
the shame, it is blinding my wide open eyes

impulsive decisions make away with the haste
****** with the drugs that allow me to taste
sickness covert, relentless and hidden
the horse in the shadows is the one I have ridden

can I find beauty in the toughest of places
surrender the board in all of life's spaces
maybe I will, and maybe I won't
I'm searching for love without all the don'ts

in repeat patterns, I look for reprieve
make sense of the wisdom in the turning of leaves
ask questions of games that are played in my brain
answers only lead to more questions again

here in the airwaves, crossed the sacred path
the reason for living escaped in the draft
smoke up the joint, keep hidden the flask
let go of the game, find freedom at last
She is multi-faceted.
She is not a wallpaper.
If she could , she would,
but still,
she is a landscape.
Winks at him,
then leaves,
kisses another,
her intentions don’t comply,
creates as if they are crafts.
Voo-doo dolls
with prejudiced faith .
She is a princess
of all them towers.
She is a queen
of undisturbed motion
and vibrant colours .
Her attention span
is longer than her eyelashes
and lasts more than
your miserable
ZenOfferings Nov 2
Blind men have few friends
See you with their heart…scary
Your mask won’t work here
marianne Oct 25
When yes is a gift
wrapped in love wrapped in
reason wrapped
in daydream wrapped in
self doubt wrapped
in pain wrapped in    
it is likely no, wrapped
in bitterness

When no is a gift
wrapped in love wrapped in
insight wrapped    
in waking wrapped in
bloom wrapped
in shelter wrapped in
truth spoken—
it is yes,
Because saying your truth is always better than not.
Vibrant Vectors,
Bounce Buoyantly,
From castle top,
To dungeon dark,
Their Technicolor angles,
Make angels’,
Wings which,
Provide unique views,
Of the Kusama colored,
Blinking barking lights.
Anya Sep 25
In third grade
I joined my school band
I was percussion,
the only one in my school
Lugging around my giant drum kit
I was different
still an essential part of the band

Now, fast forward to seventh grade
I joined my school field hockey team
I was the goalie
The only one on my team
Lugging around my giant bag of gear
I was different
still an essential part of the team

These parallels stick out to me
Clearly, it's a statement

I desperately crave that team
sense of belonging

at the same time
I want that independence
I want to be different
I want my own little niche
It's amazing how much poetry
can give you an insight
into yourself
Ash Sep 23
You know those films on movies where they flip the table
Throw things around and scream obscenities at everyone
Well this is exactly what I would do,if my life was a movie
Instead I the prey sit here hiding all the anger trapped inside
Instead I the prey take a walk stay silent taming it all in
Instead I the prey fall prey every time to the predators bait

You know that feeling you get when you are disgusted by yourself
Trying to conjure up where everything went wrong?
How you can change things?
What to do not to repeat the same mistake?
When you finally think I got this,you repeat the same thing
Only to get things actually have gotten worse
Well that feeling of disgust is not funny

You know that feeling you get when realize how naive you've been
When you realize all the anger that you have is because:
You just couldn't let go
You held onto your ideas so strongly,you couldn't see the others
You loved someone to much but didn't love an ounce of yourself
You listened to all the negative people
You felt all the negative energy and let it consume you
Yeah well I can tell you how pathetic and joyful realizing that will make you feel

I put you on top
So far up there
When I need you the most
When I come to collect my fingers caught ***** first,
Then I stretched a little further and got hate
I stretched a little further and got unfaithfulness
I stretched and got pain so much pain and anger
When I almost gave up I got me back with a sprinkle of wisdom
So I'll give you this I love you always will
Even though you shattered me
Though I love you more because you dear
Returned me back with a sprinkle of wisdom
This poem is a get way of some sort,I wrote it with a lot of anger at first as clearly seen in the first stanza but as I was writing,spilling this words out I realized my problem all the anger morphed into something else better than crying or being angry all the anger towards the person towards my situation turned to getting me back with a sprinkle of wisdom ,now I just wished I had done this earlier which shows what I meant by not loving an ounce of myself since I listen to others more than I listened to me,I loved and wanted to be loved more than I had love for myself,always doing what they want to please them always holding so firmly to my philosophies that I broke every single time things didn't go how I idealized them,So this is just what this poem above is about it took this final straw just when I thought things couldn't get worse only for them too for me to get me back with a sprinkle of wisdom
Allan Mzyece Sep 21
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