No "upgrading the nuclear arsenal", as President Trump has promised;

No more threatening the world with nuclear war, as he has done.

"...We(e),...", are all downwind from nuclear war, accidents, waste.

'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'.  A bird in the

Bush is worth two in the hand, at least.  'A stitch in time saves nine'.

Seeker 2d

i want to know
why its so fucking difficult
to find mental health support

i want to know
why people still think
mental health isn't an issue

i want to know
why lists are always full
and costs your whole savings

i want to know
why it costs $1500
to get 1 test

i want to know
why I've been questioned about what i wore
when i tried reporting being raped

i want to know
why my doctor couldn't do anything
when he diagnosed me with depression

i want to know
why you tell me I'm exaggerating
when you know i have anxiety

i want to know
why 1 diabetic pump
costs $4000

i want to know
why health is such an issue
in a country who claims they have the best health

i want to know
why i feel the need to bottle everything up
oh wait, it's because there is no one who can help me anyways

i want to know
why my own parent won't support me being tested for ADHD
and would rather me just suffer instead

i want to know
why it costs $100 per week
to get my scoliosis adjusted

please enlighten me
because i don't fucking understand

Seeker 2d

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This is my brain
This is my iron
This is my back
This is my pancreas
This is my lungs
This is my mind
This is my experience
This is my health
This is me

Not having perfect health
Is nothing to be ashamed of
It is something to be proud of
Look, I have so much going on
And I am still here
Standing tall
Taking life day by day
Getting through school
And work
While dealing with all of this

No one has perfect health
And if they do,
They are lying

Life was not meant to be easy
Life was not meant to be a breeze
Life was not meant to be clear
Or make sense
We may question life
We may question a higher power
We may even question ourselves
Just keep pushing
Because I believe anyone can get through anything
When the
Proper health
Is provided

I am not a doctor
I am a student
Who is young
And has her whole life ahead of her
IF she remains healthy
I am not educated on the human body and its functions
But I know
From experience
That hardships come
And that effects you
And emotionally
I am not a doctor
But I am here
And I am spreading my word
And offering my shoulder
To those who want or need it

This is me
This is my health
This is my experience
This is my mind
This is my lungs
This is my pancreas
This is my back
This is my iron
This is my brain

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

This is me
This is us

Probably 'cause youre high all the time,
Nothing much comes to mind;
But when im with you we just unwind
And sometimes make words that kinda rhyme.
Sliding down the slippery slope of vally,
Without you I may never be happy.
But what does that matter?
Don't despair,
Your future awaits for you;
Someday it will make it's self clear,
But until then you're on the mend.
Dont worry if you swerve round the bend,
The worst has already happened.
Getting back on my feet is the best desicion I could ever make;
I usually make mistakes.
When you give, other's take
But never forget the sake.
If going to the clouds is your thing,
Then make sure it's me you bring.
I know i'm not imagining
Floating on the seventh cloud,
Theres no way I can drown now
I'm at bliss in the clouds!
And heaven feels so serene;
Tingles in every sound.
Whoever said it was make believe,
I can prove you wrong,
Take my hand and you'll see.

Do you love me the way I am
Do you love me for me
Or do you only love me when I'm tamed
Like a beast in hibernation

Are we only ever going to live like this
The light in my eyes no longer shinning
Feelings becoming blunt
Diluted by all those medications

Do you not miss the times
When our love was a wildfire
We burned everything in our way
Our flames never faltered

Going to the beach unprepared
We still stripped off our clothes
Throwing ourselves out into the sea
Free as a eagle soaring through the skies

Holding hands and shivering
In wet clothes and soaking undergarments
We burnt stronger than the cold
As we board the train home together

That was the beauty in love
The true beauty of life
That pack of restraint
The freedom of insanity

I'm not trying to disappoint you
Just choosing to be freed
Like a bird can't fly with twigs in it's wings
I will burn as bright as yesterday

Remmy 5d

The days are meager
Except they're not
Not here they aren't
There are hours and hours
Of group and home towers
The seconds fly by
Like the sun in the sky
You wilt and you grow
Stuck with absolutely nothing to throw
You laugh and you cry
But cont;nue to try
The days are mighty

The sanity of my mind in its most breathtaking imperfection
It's memories all blue and drunk with anger
A graveyard instead of a brain
A reckless driver of my hormones

I wish I'd stop feeling at all
Because feeling is painful
Existing isn't light
My bones, broken and trapped in my dead flesh
That won't let them escape.

I can't walk
I can't get out of bed
I scream help but just like my dreams
No voice is coming out of my throat

Either I'm dead or voiceless
or everyone else has gone deaf

I am racked with pain
My courage has become too bitter to swallow
Hope will never appear at this abominable party
That my body has become

My faith is fake

My knees clank
I numb
I wish I was dead
Or instead never been born

My eyes, a sun of shame too bright to look at
Men are the meat and women the wine
I swallow them both
I'll take them with me as I go

Cause I don't wanna go alone
I cry but no one listens
Except the dead or the desperate
The latter will never help another one of them

So I'm stuck with the dead
The deaf ones
I'm stuck in the deaf-land of the living dead

Blood, your beauty is my last home

Fill a bathtub with you and dip me into my mama's belly again
With all her bloody warm fluids
I want to be a baby again!
I want to start again!

With no pain

Blood, stop inviting me at night
It's not polite
I thought you were good
But you're as messed up as everyone else

I agonize
The rapes
The thirst for my mother's milk
I wish she was dead

But in a way, she's already dead

Please blood, make your whispers stronger
Your invitation more seductive
Fill the bathtub and fill me up
Fill the crater that trauma and torment left in my heart

Kindness, please fill the bathtub instead of the blood
Why you never knock my door?

Compassion, could you try to fill this bathtub?
Why you've disappeared?
Actually, we've never met.
But now it's the best moment to make it up to me.

So, come Compassion
and I'll forgive you and I'll love you
and I'll fill every day a bathtub with you
and swim in its endless depths
bigger than every ocean

every day

Kindness, Compassion,
Have you both become deaf?
Or are you voiceless?
The blood has taken you both

I'll never know if I go

But death isn't scaring
Life it is
How life alters you to the bone it is
Isn't it?

I have no doubt in my mind.
Jazz is good for the soul
You're gonna' stay on the SIDELINES of all that shit
If you're listening
To some Cool Jazz

What came in
Isn't leaving, me ma!
Darkness crawling from sides
Me blind. Damn you glaucoma!

My mental health
Has always been a see saw,
That likes to tip me up.

But now I’m slowly starting
To even that see saw out.

The rocking contraption has always
Pushed me to the floor,
Held it’s legs extended,
Then bounced me to the air.

My see saw mind has struggled
Creaking and teetering side by side,
But slowly, my tipping mind

Has begun to

No longer are there these rushes,
That make me scream and cling

But both pairs of my feet,
Have found the ground.
And I’ve let this quiet bobbing begin.

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