Chloe 2h
She is a monster in the back of my head.
Every bite of food fills me with dread.
“Don’t eat that, you’re already so fat.”
“0 calories a day will make your stomach flat.”
She comes to me in my dreams,
So sickly, so thin.
Her name is Ana.
She is the demon within.
She will pretend to be your friend
Just to get inside your head;
And she will hold on tight.
She will cover you in darkness.
She will mock you out of spite.
She does not forgive.
She does not forget.
Letting her in will be your biggest regret.
I’ve been struggling for the past few month and I haven’t talked to anyone about it because I’m afraid people will think I’m seeking attention.
I am not trying to glamorize eating disorders in any way. If you are also struggling, stay strong. You can beat this. ❤️
Val Vik 6h
Fallen ~for the cosmic dreaming
& Risen for ~planetary alignment.
~ West ~ East ~ North ~ South ~
Intersecting Lines ~ & Swirls ~

around the heavenly body.

~ Stillness ~
Swirls in place. North ~ South ~
East ~ West ~ Oceanic waves ~
Flora ~ Root to rise ~ Anahata ~ energized!

~ Criss Cross ~
Butterfly ~ constellations ~ sway
Pose ~ to extend my soul & groove out of Love
in honor of sound ~ Universe resides

~ Lounge ~ Namaste ~

'~ ~'  ~ ~  ~ ~  ~ ~ ' ~  ~ '  ~ ~  ~ ~
Hula Hoooping night!
Erika 13h
I honestly don’t think getting your ass beat as a kid and school shootings have any correlation. There are like a million and one external factors that affect children and young adults in their everyday life. Kids these days are exposed to things like riots, violence in their household, seeing mass shootings on television, and most importantly to me, is that a lot of kids struggle internally with depression, anxiety and addiction. Because of posts like this. A lot of adults have the “it worked for me” mentality.

But we didn’t grow up hoping that our friends don’t get shot in front of us. We didn’t grow up susceptible to the fear of ourselves. Our classmates. Our friends.

It has to change. Is what I’m trying to say. It’s a different time. These kids are different than us.
Well, yeah.
Sam 21h


Do ya ever feel that way?

You probably have a few times in your life.

But have ya ever felt it CONSTANTLY?

I feel it.

Sometimes it’s for a few hours.

But a lot of the time, it’s all damn day.


I’m so uncomfortable all the time.

Because of NAUSEA.


Forgive me for being a little bitter.

I’m just a little<a lot>nauseated.
I’m so frustrated with my constant nausea feeling. Ugh.
I open up the cabinet
Take out the box
Flip the tab
Pour the contents into my hands
Little capsules
Little tablets
Each doing a different job
Controlling my lungs
Regulating my minerals
Making my body functional
One little tablet
Or the lack thereof
Can change my life
I direct my hand towards my mouth
Take a swig of water
And swallow
yeah I wrote a poem about taking my nightly medicine dhdhsj im a mess
Haleigh 1d
I’m sorry that I don’t always
Find the time for exercising
And sometimes my room is cluttered
I’m not a real clean person

I’m sorry that sometimes
I leave my cereal bowl
On the table
I don’t relate, half the time
To things that are important

But I don’t smoke and
I don’t drink
I don’t do drugs
I don’t party
I’m good at school,
And I live at home
I’m doing my best, Mom.

I know sometimes
I’m not perfect
I do not practice
What I preach
But neither do you
Cause no one can
Don’t mean to burst your bubble.

I can’t read minds,
You’d like me to
I wish I could
Cause then I’d know
Exactly when you’re mad at me
And then I wouldn’t need
To have these pointless
Panic Attacks
My brain thinks are so important
I should see a doctor

But I don’t smoke and
I don’t drink
I don’t do drugs
I don’t party
I do well school,
And I live at home
I’m doing my best, Mom.

I like to think
I’m unique
I try to stand outside the crowd
But you told me
I sure blend in well
I think that’s mean
Because you’re the most
Basic bitch I’ve ever known
But maybe you’re right,
I’m just like you.

But I don’t smoke and
I don’t drink
I don’t do drugs
I don’t party
I’m good at school,
And I live at home
I’m doing my best, Mom.

You’re right, Mom:
A "B" is not an "A"
I’m a hoarder
I’m not healthy
I’m pretty lazy
Quite complacent

But I’m doing my best, Mom
Gemma 2d
Building up your status just for thrill of the fall you pray for ,
You found being predictable more than miserable ,
as if it was some sort of torture that separated the vulnerability and the ignorance in your eyes,
It took your guard down and allowed an insight
to your truly isolated life that you save for your midnight breakdowns.
A thought-
You , between the sheets , a layer of sweat is your protection ,
you lay shaken , short , shivering,
Your immune system has created a new sort of infection ,
that can only cause destruction towards yourself and the ones you choose to let in .
They had always called you out for your perfection
But looking in the mirror,
At your own reflection,
You can only see what you've done to yourself
and you've never felt so ugly in your life.
However , that is only a thought-
And a thought isn't always right.
I thought beauty was plain and simple until my friends couldn't see the beauty that belongs to you.
your scars -  a road map;
sad, endless tales spreading far
of battles once fought.
scared to sleep
weary to wake
does age bitter the soul?
Laura 4d
I took too many busporine,
But I'm still anxious.
I'm still fucking freaked.  
I'm still nervously shaking.
I'm still sputtering about.
I'm still worried why you haven't opened my message.

I know this whole thing is new.
I know you're probably sleeping.
I know you have a life outside of me.
I know you sometimes need a break from me.
But my anxiety doesn't.

My anxiety doesn't get that you're busy.
Anxiety doesn't get that you're sleeping.
Anxiety doesn't get that maybe you just want some space.
Anxiety doesn't get that I didn't do anything wrong,
And that your feelings for me haven't changed.

Anxiety is scared.
Anxiety is panicking.
Anxiety is popping one too many pills.
Anxiety is crying and trying not to cut again.
Anxiety is worrying that you've found someone else.
Anxiety is worried that you're out with them now and just ignoring me until you're horny later tonight.

Jesus Christ, Anxiety.
Give me a break,
Quit giving me a battle.
Jesus fucking Christ, Anxiety.
Take a deep breath,
Try to stay rational.
Jesus FUCKING Christ, Anxiety.
I'm trying to salvage a relationship here,
And ruin the one I have with you.
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