Celestial pauses
Out of a way,
Hope from the healer
A daily dose of blessing,
With a humanitarian warmth,
Touching life,
Oath, “Certified to save”,
Interpreted, “License to kill”
"Monsters", we are believed to them
No one listens but a silence,
Giving meaning to it.

I have stories, I too have scars,
Let me breathe the same air,
Let me breathe,

Let me breathe the same air,
Let me breathe.
Genre: Clinical
3AM, one night of May 25
Run out of fuel to move around
“Imbalance, impatient”, was I.
Called a Dr, to get some help
Wondered, “what is your problem?”
Umm, “I never know what peace is.”
Fatigue, swelling, loss of memory
Feeling low and much more, all I get.

Achievement of life
Umm, gaining 3 pounds of weight every month
Blood work was out of range,
Homeostasis was not on my side
Felt of lost in transition,
Between Heaven and Hell.

“Dr., am I going to die?”
Tempting to release the constant fear
Stupid arguments that haunt every time.

“Calm down, it’s not too late”,
“Don’t escape from the realms of reality”,
“Let the awareness spread”,
“Fight, support and advocate”,
“Seek a path of peaceful harmony”,
“Let’s make 25th May, bigger”,
He said.
Genre: Clinical
Theme: On 25th May, it's World Thyroid Day
Foot steps
Bound together
In a human race
Hunger for change
Heralds heaven
Muscle relaxed
A survivor
Aroma of addiction
Asked,”how far did you played?”
Now, running level two
Viciously described

Get me a Steroid
From those with healing hands
Withdrawal symptoms
Flooding all systems
Begins a new world within
Genre: Clinical
Diary filled with,
Test strips
Carb counts
Calorie graphs
Old reports
Expenses of a bills
This can be life, all about.

A contempt face,
With a sweetened blood
Scrolling a display to dial
Curiosity of hypo and hyper,
A big nightmare
Obesity in gene
Sedentary chills,
Sympathetic rush,
Diabetes, by default.
Defective B-cell
OHA on trial
Complications close by,
A vial of longevity, stand by
1/2/3/4/5, shots a day
Seems everything is ok
Elemental peace
Though, to be precise,
With a sugary comfort, future is diabetic.
Genre: Clinical
Theme: World Diabetes Day, Nov 14
Benefit overcomes side effect
A little piece of heaven with
A little piece of hell
Red one with lunch
Heart shaped, just took once
White one, 12hours apart, AM-PM
Cute one, if needed in sleepless nights
Helps all senses ravishes in delight
Once missed a pill, allowed me to judge clearly
Something isn't right
Now, I realize how it made me feel
Sweat sediment like a dawn dew
Pill behold an unparallel beauty
Treat it like a piece of timeless art
Struggle trying to be the same, with a
Wish of a different past
Celebrate "No Pills day"
A better life I wish to pursue
Feeling wild and free
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
you just need to
run into the
wild and
look at the
starshine and
look at the

and forget
who you are
for a while

forget where
you came from
and where you're
trying to go

forget who is
waiting for you
and what they said
and what they
might say

to melt back
into black
and pulse shiny
and magical

to be
simply a
body under
the sky
No matter how big and bright and sparkling we make our lives, nature still calls to us. To be domed over by an indigo sky spangled with stars can calm even the most turbulent heart. Because nature connects us to the wordless part of ourselves. And no words = no worries.
Ambitious but ridiculous,
are the first words to think of,
heartfelt ridicule emerges in.

A phrase, a saying from the ones they admire,
A fight or a lie left clouding up their innocent mind.

"I need to protect" is the instinct as they hold on tighter,
but how can a child protect something that wasn't even dying?

Innocence is replaced with fragments of imagination,
but bliss can never be replicated after concealed and pain felt fates.

Lessons and quotations,
stick inside their brain,
moments of dedication, are in droplets of rain.

Find your dreams, write them down inseams,
yet if you miss one thread of the stitching you can't simply,
're-sew' everything there, it has to stay the same,
creating this imperfect game which tortures their brain.

An adult's mind adapts to suffering, pain, and gore.
A child's mind reacts and begs to see no more.
I sing to my captor through the bars,
But all he does is mock me, mimic my song,
Trapped, ensnared, fortified.
I have not yet learned to fly
But I have not yet yearned to die:
There is still time to hope, to dream, to fail.
Time has allowed me to realise many a thing,
Like the key that I clasp and the lock that it fits
Just. Out. Of. Reach.
Time has allowed me to reflect,
Like the mirror that shows me my captor,
Previously a window, now a truth.
Just. Out. Of. Time.
ln 5d
this morning i woke up
looked in the mirror
and i saw you

you're cold, aren't you?
tired, shivering
i look for your shadows
but where are they

everything is so dark
where did you go
you were right there

suddenly it is warm
the sun comes up
i turn back

where are you

there is light
all i see is a big yellow bulb
and rays; beaming with joy

suddenly the leaves rustle
a chill runs down my spine,

welcome back,

my nightmare,
my other half

i am drifting
lost in the sea of my mind
all around - all I can see is open water
my head is above the water, but i feel it pulling me down
this monster that has taken everything from me
it’s name is depression
it pulls me deeper and deeper
until the waters go still
and there is nothing
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