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Ken Pepiton Jun 22
Some things
in the stories did not happen
as they happened in the stories.

We can know that


while it's called today,
some things in the stories

Just hap, as if this
were the story, happening
perfect as told and somethings
that do happen here
happen not
as they happen in the stories,

we can know, this is so.
Aha, first glimpse beyond today
Prince eduard Apr 26
Siiting in a throne
A holy maiden worthy of its title:
Queen in battle
Majesty, and glory with a crown

Been in sorrow
Gone through tribulation
But there's tomorrow
Where happiness is a seedling
She's with us, her hand, lending

Oh mighty woman
A paragon in virtue
Thy enemies sue you
But to no compare they'd be thrown

A mother of all nation
A sister of all dear children
Oh God in Heaven
Deemed you worthy, indeed it happen: now you're

A Queen upon a throne
Mother Mary
Now she's upon a throne
liv Mar 6
as she sits
her thoughts exploding
some + others -
she thinks:
maybe if I dig deeper people won't question, "are you ok?"
George Krokos Dec 2018
Sit in silence and have a break
from everything when you're awake.
Take some time and be by yourself
then you might even improve health.
If this is done regularly
you'll enjoy life more happily.

Close your eyes to then look within
at the darkness that's consuming.
Just observe the thoughts which arise
don't get involved with all their lies.
Seek the light of your Spirit Soul
and it will lead you to the Goal.
Written in 2018.
A simple little guide to meditation for this time of the year and any other time as well.
Jacob Parnell Dec 2018
I've been sitting.
Oh, have I been sitting.
Lengthened legs be withering away...
Sullenly a sway in the wind.
I barely have a say where I go.
I move like the snow on a mountain.
Sitting collecting momentum until I fall all at once, once more...
I've been sitting.
Once I had a vision to be ridden of this mission.
No revision.
No new words.
A promise no one ever heard.
I've been sitting.
simple poem about breathing and sitting.
james m nordlund Nov 2018
Earthen formed, as clay, my bodhi,

Deeba, with inner wick always lite,

Oli, light of thee light, sits.
Belated Good Diwali, Deepavalli, Deeba Oli to All   :)   reality
s v e n Nov 2018
Wind blows
Scent of familiar rises
Hair sways with the breeze
Fingers tap with muse
Eyes blink with thoughts
Feet walk with carelessness and determination
Backpacks filled with knowledge
Hands stuffed with distractions

Still sitting and waiting.
Mya Sep 2018
You make me happy
I felt like I've been sitting in the cold
Dark corner
All alone
Until you came and said
To me
Erica May 2018
and so i sit here
staring at the words on the screen
feeling so empty
and so alone
without her
to keep me happy
and once again, i am lost
without her by my side
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