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Rose Mar 1
In moments when time seems infinite
and reality is the beating of voices
between lost souls

In moments when grays bloom into whites
and smiles transform into embraces
from heart to heart

There are these moments that will never wither
never fade from the colors of our eyes
as the ticking goes by
for those memories and times in life that everything seemed so alive, as if our souls were on fire.
there's times when everything I want in life
is right there, next to you

the gentle rise and fall of your breath,
the sturdy rhythm of your heartbeat

is heaven to me

you chose me as your Champion,
and it is an honor,
to honor you
what else can I say?
that day we met
I won't forget
in your eyes was fire
I had flat tires
but we made it home
I got you alone
fit just like a glove
when we made love

your father passed
you never asked
if I'd remain
I made it plain
and here we are
under the stars
a lot has changed
but it's the same

I won't forget
that day we met
when I was down
in you, I found
a heart to mend
and my best friend
when we're alone
I feel at home

two souls to merge
two hearts to mend
bright lights emerge
and colors blend
this masterpiece
what's left behind
is you and me
it's yours and mine
dedicated to Breanna Evans.

the love of my life.
Chris Jan 4
Life will sometimes feel uncanny,
Weird and void of understanding,
Life will sometimes let me tell,
Be loveless, and will hurt like ****.

Love will sometimes feel so forceful,
Leaving you to face the cold,
In that time to be remorseful,
Is to really hate your soul.

Life will sometimes feel like falling,
To the endless pit that's calling,
All those who betrayed their wrath,
Downwards surely strays their path,

Love will sometimes be disgusting,
You will sacrifice your dream,
For someone who is neither lasting,
Nor are fully who they seem.

Life will sometimes feel unchanging,
And all the joy in it like fading,
But no matter where you turn,
Wrath should always brightly burn.
Brynn S Nov 2018
Breathes of the room
Each silent creek
Warning the chambers
Footsteps of stealth
Inside the mind
Exhale the darkness
Breathe in new light
Fallen to none
The planets collide
Each star a signal
Lasting comfort inside
Beating heads
Racing hearts
It hurts so bad
But I want more
Lydia Aug 2018
Forever is wishful timing,
but I'd spend my life with you
just to find out how long we can make it last
if we are only made up of minutes and seconds like the ticks on a clock,
I'd do anything at all to make those arms turn,
just to keep your hands on me
Karisa Brown Aug 2018
Her lips wrote
All over the walls
Shook down all
The Apples
And let them fall
Picked them up
One by one
Tasted them
Remembered each lesson
Straight down to the core
Mustapha Olokun Jul 2018
sweet trinity,
how songs adventure.
hand's culture
in generational pass.

emerging emergencies
fondling core,
the schema's of God
could I afford?
ruth May 2018
You leave a mark where you stand,
the kind that doesn't fade easily.
like a flower, sprouted
from the shadow of your footprint
and made a bed for tired little me.
Contoured May 2018
I've dug a deep hole.

Now it's time to bury myself in it.
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