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Thomas David Mar 10
Fickle? Feelings formed by frenzied faults may be
Rickets, Rigid; read’ly rended, wanting wrake,
Kicked to curb by conscious care and called mistake,
Born by blunted brooding: base-turned briony.
Love is light-laid, legible, and lawfully
Lacking lies: all-lit with lofty, lettered hymn.
Swift selection, like stones skid by spark-scuffed whim
Smells of sleight; but lasting Love leans landward loyally.
Love’s selection lingers: lags to lacquer laureled lee;
Looks for latent linings; lasts when Lamb-like be.
1 Cor 13:4a
for all the lost, everlasting lovers

~for mara~

why this morning does the emoting
cast me backwards to all my lost lovers,
imagined and real, yet lasting in crevices hidden,
that beckon, asking to be reclaimed,
recalling when our names combined, many meetings
of lips, kisses so old, decades, yet so well realized

that to see, taste them, is blink, easily accomplished

day beginning, with deep penetrating glances rearward,
unclear how this clarifies the muddled visions of what
the future dreams may contain, ah, love and pain,
love and pain, a tango tangled tandem, indeed,
one hopes the past is prologue, pro for lips sensitized logged,
those kisses past, kisses yet dreamt, those works-in-process

stir the body to rise from the couch, to stretch my arms

up/skyward, grab jeans, go the Persian immigrant on the corner,
for a bun and a black coffee, who wishes me a good new year,
stunned silent when embrace him with hands-full, for his wish for me
enables a gratitude overcoming that only strangers can give;
those lost lovers yet lasting, thank them too, wish them happy year,
winter warmth, comfort them in my crevices-kept, forever retained

Love you, miss you, never gone, never forgotten, ever first,


Seanathon Nov 2019
No paint speaks for me
My favorite words fall utterly short
And I, no song could ever be you
And yet I can see you here
Before you are known
Before you exist in this world of mine
I can see you as if you were in present time
Just as if you were already mine
Sometimes all of the venues you use, the methods of communications and expression, fall incredibly short. Which is life I guess.

From the Midnight Wood Series
Poetic T Sep 2019
Waking up isn't the

The struggle, is lasting
        the day.

To realise you have another
                  morning to feel alive.
Joseph Loggi Jul 2019
You have a voice.
That I admire so much.
It carries well and sounds
So clear and humble.

So I decided I should speak
And maybe it was a noise
Or some pretense that drew me in
But I waited for the
Pluck and note
Of the casual up and downs
Your tongue rhythms.

But it’s always at a cost
To have you,
That you speak to me empty
Like the endless droll
Of a receiver left unanswered.
Amanda Jul 2019
You carry me softly on a sweet melody
So clear, it cries with the wonder
Of innocence, born into a blue fringed day
I feel the vibration of my heart-strings and see
Loves poetry begin to stir
And your eyes hold me, they say

I was living a dream of existence, it was true
Happy on my independent rock
Treading through the dating tide
Seeing so many, wanting to be you
You, who brought this life change shock
Lost my wits, as the walls were stripped aside

Softly, as a sigh that swung like a hammer blow
You spoke and I was suddenly deaf to the world
Only your voice filled this earthly plane
I was the gravity for your living blinding glow
In its growing warmth, my closed heart unfurled
Like petals welcoming the sun, putting on a show

I could lose my way in your forest brown gaze
As they look deep, into the soul of me
No-where to hide, my secrets all laid bare
I can foresee the future of my days
Can you read my mind, can you see
A love entwined, so pure and rare
A M Ryder Jun 2019
When all you have
Are memories

Who will
Remember you?
AmeriMav May 2019
A steadfast stronghold
My heart for you unchanging
I’m your guardian
Haiku form
AmeriMav Mar 2019
On the rocky shore of a calm mountain lake
A small stone smooth and simple was cast in joy
Fast upon the serene waters did it break
Sending ripples fitting to the caster's ploy
What once was still with excitement now did quake
And though the scene was changed it did not annoy
But caused a wonder, "How many waves would make?"
Much like the pleasures love to hearts can deploy

Love has struck upon the face of our hushed hearts
Like guitar strings now impassioned souls vibrate
And caught up in sensation amusement darts
Not knowing how many trembles now await
All that can be known is when the movement starts
No person, though still they try, can bliss dictate
It, the lot that must be seen by all sweethearts
Enjoy the splendor and seize uncharted fate
Strambotto form
Rose Mar 2019
In moments when time seems infinite
and reality is the beating of voices
between lost souls

In moments when grays bloom into whites
and smiles transform into embraces
from heart to heart

There are these moments that will never wither
never fade from the colors of our eyes
as the ticking goes by
for those memories and times in life that everything seemed so alive, as if our souls were on fire.
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