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s 4h
It's not what you've told me
It's what you've done after,
That's all it takes for you to hurt me
Because I thought you could take care of my heart better.
What a shame
Books are fuel to the imagination.

Works of fiction pour into my mind,
hours at a time.

I feel the power rise,
as I climb through expositions.

Looking down,
I see the world in the palm of my hand.

Looking up,
I see my face amongst the clouds.

On this high I craft my own words,
some spoken and others in ink.

And as I fall,
I ponder the time until my return.
Harley Hucof Apr 29
Back in my village, in the middle of a pine forest, I walk for hours radiating yellow and green until the earth swallows me and spits me out as a mystical bird-like being.

Like a peacock, I spread my shimmering, resonating feathers and bow to the giant raptor in the sky.
I can only be obedient to his emanations.
I fly back to my children, to my nest on a magnificent cedar tree. We entangle our necks and feathers in rapture knowing that soon, the earth shall reclaim my original nature.

By the sea I sit and patiently wait  to remember why I chose to forget.
The wind moves the waters, and the waves cast the sunlight onto my forehead. I feel the heat increasing as my structure dissolves. I gain back consciousness in an aquatic atmosphere taking a turtle-like form with a shell and humanoid hands. I swim down following a series of glares and vibrations until I reach what is seemingly an immense turtle temple. I feel a sudden danger and crawl back into shell. I open up my eyes and find myself sitting by the sea again.

Life is a journey of appreciation.
I can only surrender and be grateful.

Words Of Harfouchism

Thinking about you and seeing you in an every imaginations. Yet crave your voice to hear, can't get asleep I think I fell in the water for you. Love in the air. Thinking about you.
In My Mind’s Eye
The images pass by

I can let them simply fly
If my will I don’t apply


With purpose that I claim
I can imagine with an aim

Create my new designs
And break from life’s confines

For mind’s pattern - freshly made
Is with matter overlaid

Use the eye within your mind
And prosperity you’ll find
This is Prosperity Poem 118 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
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One of the single most powerful skills YOU can learn is how to create with your inner vision.  Use your Mind's Eye consciously and with focus!

We all use our Mind's Eye, but many do so "lazily" and guided by fear or anxiety in the images and feelings they imagine and "see".

It's true that we imagine differently and some "SEE" more clearly in images and color and sound than others, but we all have been blessed with a Mind's Eye because we are human.  This is a KEY to prosperity in your life.
Lilac Apr 17
Beautiful minds
Are not most of the times of the best faces
Most of the time they are people
most unexpected
No one knows whats inside their little pandora's box
A Magical place that nothing else can replace
Or a treasure hidden inside since decades
Is it a galaxy full of stars
Or is it cosmos itself

Nothang but only happiness, joy to my life, she would be my wife my knife, I'd be her knight protect her all through the night and day long. Sing her the sweetest song. Believe me you mean the world to me, and I really want you for me, yes for only me, myself and I. Loving you till I die.
Daivik Apr 14
Some nights are strange
You feel so tired
But can't fall asleep
You see a ghost behind your face
Your reflection in nothingness

And walk aimlessly on imagined streets
A state of half-awakened dream
Random thoughts come into your mind
For reasons you cannot find
You see a ghost behind your face
Your reflection in nothingness

A cool breeze flows
Like whispers of ghosts
The moon looks strange
In the sky
A blackness not completely black
You don't want to come back

Silver airs
Very strange
There's no yesterday
No tomorrow
No today
Just this eternal
infinitesimal moment

You want to have great thoughts
But you think nothing at all
Doing nothing in the dead of night
Looking into the mirror of the empty sky
And it's wonderful

The sound of trains
You thought something
You forgot
Never mind
There is no ghost behind your face
Just your reflection in nothingness
I am awake right now now,don't no why
Shwetha sb Apr 12
I'm living as a indian,
working like a minion,
studying about a nation,
want to live like a sovereign,
leading like a captain,
making as a union,
riding on a unicorn,
got to learn lot from Latin,
But I think,it's got to work in
only one nation ,and that's my "imagiNATION"...
Let your imagination grow before you...☮
Nicole Apr 12
He was known for a puzzling idée fixe
for literature in an array of topics;
Not a citizen of particular themes.
Given to a pursuit of this literary ENTERPRISE,
he would hermit away and ravenously read,
which left him with a pale VISAGE.
He'd dealt with comments of its PERNICIOUS effects,
putting a BLEMISH on his social standing.
Yet, it didn't DAMPEN his spirit.
He didn't shy from upgrading to a learned man.
A mixture of books granted him entrance to
TRAVERSE an ever transforming road,
for which weather had no dampener on.
He was a SENTRY of his own mind,  
following the ASTRAL bodies in the night sky,
to channel knowledge into dreams.
Wrote this for a poetry contest last year. Had to include the words: dampen, blemish, pernicious, traverse, sentry, visage, astral, enterprise The poem won 3rd place.
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