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I shouldn’t complain my loneliness,
because it is all self-applied,
The feelings i want to nourish,
They were all made up of such lies,
For it was i who imagined to be yours,
And it was i who longed to be loved,
The joy of wanting a partner,
I pretend to smile at you through a mirror,
I was foolish enough to let these emotions get to my head,
Although in some aspects I don’t think we have ever properly met,
In the distance of your glory all that i see,
Was another fate that was just not meant to be.
I guess i enjoy spending my saturday nights occasionally watching romantic comedies and reading jane austen, just squeezing my lonely heart unconsciously in pain, why do i enjoy it? I have no idea, but I can’t complain about it too much, if I’m able to dig this unnecessary thoughs up, then i should be able to fill back.
the search had begun a long time ago…

i don’t know why and when, this things were rolling all over my mind…

may be it was at adult hood, but i guess it might be at teenager’s time.

the expectations list was quite short, the requirements were just to be loving each other…

i had removed all the boundaries, of my mind…

i had removed all the anxiety with time…

Perfect was nothing i knew, i just expect to walk together a long miles…

i met many which had something similar to her…

i met many whom i loved with time…

they all had something in common…

they all had something which i thought will bring us together in Life…

But none close to my dream girl, they usually missed somethings with time…

being loved was missed by many… many didn’t had the feeling i had for them and it was all fine.

I could easily walk out of it, but i cared so much that i tried my every bit to get them back in life…

they were affectionate, they were good, they were lovely, they where cool,

but some part was missing between us too…

just i could go on with it but they couldn’t while walking through…

i felt my acceptance was easy… i could go with anyone in life…

she just needs to be free… and open in her mind…

truth is what we all seek and acceptance was what make it time…

they all where amazing women’s, they all had something else in their mind…

Attraction, beauty, love and persistence… everyone had a different meaning for this…

i just wanted someone to walk with me till the end and they just wanted this moment to walk with me…

i accepted everything as the beauty of life…

moving on and leaving it all behind…

i don’t search for my dream girl now…

i don’t need anyone to walk a life long journey with me…

i am just within myself and i am just fine!

she still lives within me…

she is somewhere deep inside mind…

i usually walk through her, whenever i meet someone similar to her, in time!

Dream Girl! It’s just a dream! Let’s just wake up and start this journey again… with life!
Put my numb soul with some love
in a jar of imagination
and poke some holes in the lid
so hopes may breathe

Or when you catch fireflies
hold me in your fist as well
and keep watching
if we are still lightning

Or put me in your eyes with eyeliner
so I may stay close to your dreams
and see myself
if I am there or not
The currents were keeping
Her from wavering
No time to waste
In the shallow end

Diving deep
Was the only way
To learn from the flow
And keep afloat

Mirages, she knew was of
Her own imagination
But streams of insights
Channels tuned to intuition

Surfing emotional depths
Was the way too
Pacify the rise and fall
Of her wild tides

I drop gently,
I drip inside,
My decent is no concern to you,

As I fall.

As I fall..

And yet,
It is somewhat familiar,
The taste of dew resides
Upon my dry tongue,
But to where I came from
I know not,
Not knowing nothing

While I fall

As I fall..

The days pass
The nights,
The lights fade
To a darkened death,
Yet there is no fear,

And I fall.

As I fall..

My destination so close,
Is death to my soul,
As I plunge my body
Into a vast sea of other things
That have also fallen,

And all is realized,

To my ocean
I am welcomed...

Inspired by everything and nothing at the same time...
O Imagination!
Fond of mysterious ways
In my heart ensconced
You opt to stay ensnared
By the web of complexities
You have devised,
I am not surprised.
Now, you cannot be free,
You cannot soar high,
And that will make me weak.
Complications unnerve my mind,
Thinking becomes difficult,
Sanity shivers
And this much I cannot risk.
Brighten your colours
And stay spread far and wide;
My heart cannot be your refuge.
Let not my mind play with you.
In our dreams
The world is more perfect then it seems
The pieces to the puzzle fit just right
Love works out when u hold on tight.

Picture perfect a world all our own
Tales and wishes to most unknown
Dreams are like magic when they come true
And when I dream I dream of you.

Dreams make the impossible come to life
A knight with a sword dreamed the boy with a knife
Dreams take us far from here
To where the rain tastes sweet and the sky is clear.

Dreams can take us from candied mountains to dragons & fire
Through our dreams we fulfill our desires
Dream a dream just for me
Hold my hand so I can see
Just what it is you’re dreaming of
I give you my heart I give my love.

In a dream this all exists
And dare I ask but of one kiss
In a dream it could all be true
What in reality I dare not do.

What is secret, what I keep hidden
In my dreams are not forbidden
Dreams come from the heart and fill the soul
Dreams are the things that make us whole
Whether real or pure imagination
Dreams are our own personal creation.

Dreams will make us laugh and make us cry
Dreams will make us come alive
Knowing one day if we work hard through
That maybe one day they will come true.

Whatever your dream whatever it maybe
Look at it in the light and you will see
Whatever it is you want to be,
Close your eyes & dream with me.

Open up your heart and close your eyes
Everything true your soul can’t disguise
All you want but is out of reach
A dream is how the gap is breached.

The wonderful feeling waking up from a dream
Even though it wasn’t what it seemed
Knowing that you can go back again
In the snow or in the rain.

Close your eyes and you are there
You can leave behind thoughts of despair
All you need is an open mind
And have a dream of any kind.

Dream a knight riding the mist
Dream of true love’s first real kiss
Fall asleep then you feel
Waking up to the world unreal
Daemons and sorcerers sent from ****
A beautiful princess fallen down a well
Face a monsters grueling stare
Dreams have the power to take you there.

Come with me to a place our own
Go to where reality is unknown
Come my love, come and see
Dream a little dream with me
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Love me
your quivering eyes
***** my perception
dazzle my heart
Arabian beauty!
save me
save me
from my restless youth

with napping world
I look at everything
like a utopia
your cute love
like a knife
rolling hills
sizzling sand dunes
into an Arabian night
O Jasmine my princess
silken tresses
furious fire
breathe in
keep kissing
don't stop
please show me crying eyes
crush my heart
torment me
give me all your burden
purely control me
no walls
let's try to fly
like a Cinderella love
I am finished with you

torque of love
so high
out of control
loaded gun
just try it

**** me
with your

your ***** eyes
jump off the roof
O jasmine! come back to me
into the heavens abode
torture my lies
unhinged me with truth
I don't want to be normal
free me
capture me

plethora of love
till the night candle burn
tremoring void
with your dew's drop
I sense complete roses,
though you carry
daggers in your heart
like an invisible belonging
mirroring me in a  mirror
tired  footsteps unreward
crying the burden of emptiness
fragile figure
what a void  life
lost expectation
diminished potential
to live without you every day is a boring task
at last
shattering mirror
blade smiling
in your beautiful venomous peninsula
I am not in pain O dear!
comfort me with
your sweet

I have mocked my own path many times
Do you know?
you don't know

now I keep
away from reality

as if

death is incredible
but not as life

biting time
I wake up
into the quest
of nowhere

and a gulp of sorrows
I turned my own look back
ecstasy doesn't last
happiness lost
within a second
without her

and a
river reverberating
my mind
over and over

life is nothing
I don't mean to her
hoping for the day
I will come out of my depression

without her
there is no one
nothing to me

red nails
long fingers
I said lightly to her
let's dive from sky high
and breathe out
diving from sky high
water is cold
depression kissing
into the heaven
I am looking at you in the mirror
the reality changed, so was I
like an unhinged wild shadows
a hollow soul
I elope
you remain
like a curious beauty
never identified by those who don't assume
Listen to Daggers and Roses! O my princess by ravindra nayak #np on #SoundCloud
I walk walk
Tired in mocking shots
Under the power nap
I dream dream
dark, frozen scream
Even I talk
With Invisibles prism beam

maybe not
maybe not

Lens of thought
A conversation ***
And here it goes in another shot

I am not searching fish in the pond
Life is not like a rainbow round
Am I a broken mass of atomic number zero?
Like a dark brown bridge, anytime I will collapse, don't think I am a hero!
But trust me, if you will trust me
I will return trust you at any cost-free
Still, you’re acting like a cold fish path
Neglecting the power of waves and vibration with or without art
I will not be a sorry figure
Trust me


A leaf falling from a short height
and I know
before it falls
with a triggering
sixth sense
I woke up
and heart still remains
With many Invisibles
Down the road

I walk again
towards the next road
Listen to A conversation in power nap...deep dark even with depression! by ravindra nayak #np on #SoundCloud
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