I’m from a world exactly like ours
     where the days aren’t measured by hours
{ * + & sometimes I feel like I have superpowers + * }
     there, the grass is blue & the sky is green
          > but most things are backwards in-between <
               nothing is ever what it seems

     <<< I'm lost inside heavenly hyperbole
     in the clouds of my own mentality
     a one-of-a-kind, life-like reality
     floating in anti-gravity >>>

     welcome to my favorite delusion
          @ your world is nothing but c o n f u s i o n @
everything is just an illusion allusion?
     let's dream until the next revolution

                    * * * * *
     it was     all a technicolor blur,
     only     upside-down and inside-out
     a     place unlike any other,
     dream     of the world in every color
                    * * * * *

*part of sonnet collection: Revelling in Reverie
(sonnet + 4 additional lines)

I missed you before you were mine
dismal nights spent wondering what t-shirt clings to your back
& what it would feel like to wake up with it falling off my shoulder
but now your fingers keep getting tangled in my hair
& your skin fits mine like a puzzle piece
& my imagination never did you justice

Eve 2d

All I can recall from my hectic childhood was a very early memory that played in my mind like a dilapidated recording tape,
Scenes flashed before my eyes, capturing my imagination as an entirety,
Lights passed by so quickly, I couldn't even keep track of what I was picturing.
It was as if a small portion of myself separated and I was tremendously taken into a dreamlike dimension,
This frightening cycle of not being able to differentiate between actuality and fantasy grew overwhelmingly rapid like the constant flood of blood running through my veins;
My attempt to wake you was so regrettably disregarded,
So control took the lead role over my body and simultaneously woke me from my hasty rest.

Today I went to work
and painted ceilings white
I ended up with more
paint in my hair and on my
face , I looked like the big
marshmallow man from
ghostbusters , I'm so pleased
i didn't get zap away into
a ghost buster laser gun
cause sod living with lots of ghosts
they cannot talk they just go
woooo.. not sure I can handle
going woooo all day long
and I sure couldn't scare people
So just call me
Marshmallow Lady
and I'll make sure
the sky remains blue all year round and the sun stays warm
and the flowers blossom forever
and cups of hot chocolate
from costa coffee will
never run out of marshmallows :)

I went to work today with my son to paint inside of an house , so this one popped into my head :)
GNPetch 7d

I close my eyes and find myself somewhere far away
I’m in a place I call
my land of make believe
No longer am I chained to bed
No more wires
No more needles
No more endless monotone beeping
No more Doctors
No more Nurses
No more
“How’s the pain?”
“Your color is looking better”
“I know it hurts hun, but please…
Just try sleeping.”
In my land of make believe I am not sick
I am not on the brink of death
I’m not just another statistic on some random doctor's clipboard
I am me
The me before this disease
I am the me that only exists in my mind now
This me lives only in the crevices of my slowly decaying brain
The only thing that breaths this me to life
Is my imagination
For once I open my eyes
The only me I have
Is the one that lays weak
In this hospital bed
And even this me may not last much longer

Kenya83 Aug 29

I witness the release of tension
As the clouds release their waters in an angry display of power,
Or defeat,
I'm not quite sure

My mind sees further than my eyes
Further than the dull grey skies
In to worlds limited only by imagination,
By emotion, love, desires and fear
I'm quite contented here

I have learned to love this pain,
This blissful gain
For without thoughts of you
I have nothing,
Nothing to miss, to want,
To crave
Nothing to feel the fire burn and the heat escape

So forgive me
and my unorthodox ways,    
I choose my minds fictitious fantasies
Over my true eyes picture of the rain

There's a hundred little thoughts
That populate the city my brain
I drive on the roads sometimes
Or slide down rivers ice
Fall down the bottle into another time
I build worlds out of sound
I build worlds out of music
I build worlds out of voices
Theirs, yours, the ones in my head
there's no real reason why
You made me happy to be alive
After its over you'll be
Just another one. too bad
Your voice preserved in my mind
Your soul preserved in my heart
A pattern in blood
Then we'll both return
I can hear a world beginning
I can feel a world ending
In a desert lost in beauty you know
You could have stopped this
Death has six letters but
It's not the devil
Find a new life behind my closed eyes
Rest within me
This song sickens me and I
I feel my face is wrong
I feel that I am incorrect
What pulse made the earth
I was wrong earlier but you'll save me
Six letters left to your essential style
What an incapable useless brain
Lost the bait so why try again
Listen in to my head
I think I hear a song
Where did the colors go
You stole them I think
You took them I believe
In my personal cult
Singing stupid songs about fruit
You centipede
Angels visit later come join them
My crusade to hold you tight
End the light
It's lost in the winds of time

Timothy Daly Oct 10

Walking through the fields
the summer sun shines brighter
when I think of you

The universe is free and endless,
Aimless and without purpose.
Its a vessel for everything,
Its a vast sea of nothing.
The master and a slave of time,
And its all inside of our own minds.

Such is the nature
Of endless possibilities,
Its only limit is our dreams.

I feel like I took nihilism to a whole new level.

New favorite band: Dreadnought.

I would love to write more like this.

Physics may apply to, well, everything, but it has no real control in a dream, only influence.
Machel Yvan Oct 8

You are just a man in my stupid fantasy
A perfect picture of what is to be my reality
Oh! How I wish you’re real for me to hold you tight
And that it will always be you I hug at night.

You’re a very fine product of my mind’s wildest imagination
A shadow of my heart’s foolish creation
Oh! How I know you’re just a face of thin air
A handsome canvass of a man filled with so much love and care.

Am I mad? Lonely? I really don’t know!
I never imagined I had scooped this low.
Everyday longing. Every moment waiting.
Hoping that somehow, someday, it will be you I’m finally seeing.

It is very stupid of me, I admit
Making fool of myself out of the feeling I can’t omit
But can you blame me of creating a love that’s impossible?
How I wish that my reasons to you will be acceptable!

I’ve already gone this far
My mind perfected the image of what you are
Now it’s up to me to make you real
Adding the feelings I want to reveal

I hope that someday you’ll understand
That when I made you, I felt so grand
And even if you just exist in my fantasy and in my dreams, don’t worry
It’s always going to be you I’ll love ‘til eternity.

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