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Did you hear that distant murmur of imagination?

The door is open wide to make all the dreams you can possibly dream, a reality

This mustn’t be of surprise because every time you set your mind on a goal it eventually becomes part of the present

Apply your wildest hopes to the checklist and start moving toward those, you shall find them easier to attain than you once thought

Truly it is all within your grasp and the only barrier is of ruminating upon fear

Let there be no distance between you and your imagination

Allow yourself utter freedom to find joy and create space for making it all happen

Now, right now… please
Zywa May 2
The pebble: I shrank,

it grew into a mountain --

with me on top now!
"Je vond een steentje voor je voet" ("You found a little stone before your foot", 1968, Frida Vogels), publ. 1994

Collection "Trench Walking"
Kassan Jahmal Apr 13
I'm too full of a fool; (in love)
death do us part, love you to death,
That's a coffin built for two,— some of me, some of you.
Why cry like an ocean; when your favourite
colour is blue?

There's a shade of yellow; particularly
in the back of your eye... so bright knowing; thinking
about you; (my brightest idea)

I'm alive; in a live performance of watching you
move my heart in motions. Motion pictures;
you fill with films of your story.

But if only...

I wasn't a writer of my imaginative;
a painter in the mind of what if's.
Being good at writing about love out of love;
this is poetic madness.
the sailing stones
were thought to be
a phenomenon
it was incomprehensible
that a rock
the inanimate
     of all inanimates
should show signs
     of movement
here was mystique
here was mystery
perhaps a message
left by
cosmic energies
higher beings
there could have been
in never knowing
in letting
     the idea remain

we cannot bear
the unexplained;
where the miraculous
is founded
   in uncertainty
we must probe
and pry
until an answer
is found
whether for benefit

perhaps a balance
can be found
between the known
and what remains
acceptably unknown
the intrigue
and enchantment
are marred by
the bland
     the sterile
          the prosaic
Steve Page Mar 21
Give me a grain
of gravity, in a moment
of space time, tied to a thread
of string theory,  soaked
in one long figment
of my fantasy

and I will give you
a multi-verse.
Zywa Mar 6
Reading books you fly

in everywhere, completely --

without being seen.
For Lotte W

Collection "The light of words"
Lim Peh Feb 16
Dye my life
Show me dreams
Expand imagination
Hopes and aspirations
Concentration of will
Ready and focused
Conscious is clear
All for who
Not myself
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