Tina 5h

Flightless owl 
Who knows the dark corners 
Of night sky like the back of his hand 
His protruding eyes no longer shine 
To keep this darkness aglow 
Ah Sky, this mourning widow
The evil surges through her blood
‎And removes each star like a brushstroke 
Only to leave scars all around her body 
This life is poor, bloody! 
A burning hell with no flames, no light 
To keep this mess together tight! 
Darkness speaks, and the owl sees. 
tragedy occurs out of hand 
And out of place 
With no good hands to keep it safe
With no trace to track 
This world runs amock 
Oh‎ this pain never ends. 
And sky cries ever louder..
Tina RSH ©

Cloud 2d


the rustling leaves leave trails of adventure
and the ships of clouds with its lightning pirates
hang wisps of imaginary ropes

that only catch those daring enough to always look up
in the unending blue.

And the roots of ancient trees
buried by the present
has not awakened

in ages of searching
little bright souls

only those who came to wander
can see what the trees see.

Cloud 2d

first, empty the heart before it travels again
in search of dreams, long lost
and not caught by other minds
in the World of Dreams

i can't sleep.
my heart is still red
and my soul still chaotic

can i go to sleep with a torn soul?
yes, indeed.

just a mere travel to someplace not on this earth.
just a mere thought of escape from this reality.

Imagination seems to be
A way to escape reality,
But sometimes- when we're done escaping-
We create the dreams our minds were making

Seema 4d

Laying in the fields,
Among beautiful flowers.
A feel of heaven,
Blooming of budding tulips,
Lusting kisses on my lips.


5-7-5-7-7 syllables

It hurts.
It's destroying my mind
It's all made up,In my imagination
Its causing complications.  
It is pain inflicted upon thyself,
reflecting how View myself,
proving that I don’t love myself.
This emotion can only change
when I change myself.

We dreamers,
We have an addiction
That shit's an affliction

See, those sounds
To us, it's like music
But our thoughts
They fuck around and abuse it

Budweiser and nicotine
Put our minds at ease
Long nights and whiskey
Find our brains some peace

Find clarity in confusion
Lost in a hopeless delusion

Throne-less kings and queens
Peaceful-minded wild things
Let us find our release
Nicotine & Pipe Dreams

Started this at the end of 2016 and just now found the old draft and finished it.

a subsistence is lore
though an endless partition rule
with each lesson but an artifice
that will fix your school
as a victor in control  
now he's a gargoyle
where diamonds are Royal
and ludicrous teachers now
sprout their classrooms with education
with so much fun that fine arts will carry the load

Lucas in the classroom
Donna Jones Aug 3

the sky burped up wind
a case of indigestion
attacked all of earth


'twas a great day to
dry clothes on rotary line
it acted well mad

I tried hanging up
bed sheet but it wrapped me like
chicken fajitas

my hair got messy
and my dress try to fly like
a bright summer kite

I manage to peg
up clothes but not without a
Jackie Chan back flip

and the pegs didn't
help they decided for an
early retirement

ah well least all clothes
are nicely dried now and smell
of summer flowers

just need to tackle
all ironing , now where have my
mountain boots gone!!

It such a windy day today and I actually did get attack by trying to hang up bed sheet it was totally mad x

You sit on my shoulder
Day and night
Silently urging
The writer to write

Fun-loving creature
Finding perch on my head
Imaginary teacher
Always pulling me out of bed

Why must you torture
The truth out of me
Always looking for disorder
Instead of harmony and peace

You demand to be born
To incarnate in my words
I can only be sure
You won't fly away with the birds

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