I am in the land of fiary dreams
Landed in the cloudy cloud
Breezy kisses...
Perfectly in the middle of ocean
Searching fairy
Meramids glazing look
And fall in the dip of love
And singing while loving like love birds...
...O Queen of heart!
Lets sing and fly in the unknown ocean...
Lets chill out!!!

You'll never see a Unicorn
Gryphon, or a three headed dog
never see a dinosaur
a Dragon, a flying pig, or hog

It doesn't mean, I don't want too
or that I'd question, just what I see
UFOs in formation
or a walking talking tree

Creativity, simple, or absurd
wandering the moors and roads
werewolves, and vampire's dire
in my mind, explode

My imagination a playground
pretending's not all that bad
believing in what won't and can't be proved
sometimes, it's all I have

Sanity is a fine line, and we all have our own realities :D
An old one dragged from the past...
JS 4d

First LOVE

was my imagination
very fine worlds creation

yesterday for ever
today NEVER

Possibly in your dreams, I am
Don't wonder, I know I am in your dreams
Tracking the probability of new waves...
Turning an ice..and cubes of love...
Beautiful the clouds, so you are...
We are now in each other dreams...
Locking the doors...
Throwing the keys ...

Lets understand...

The vast opening
Of the infinite luck
Dwells upon it.

The limitless ranging
Light scatters
By touching to it.

I hereby only see
What it has to show,
The sacred birds
Fly upon like
My own imaginative fantasies do.

It fences me
Asks several queries
I can’t answer any with bravado.

I just lie down like
I’ve nothing to do,
Its fragments are
As white as a cotton.

I dare not to see
High upon, as it
Makes me sneeze
Upon vast holy heaven.

The whole roof of
Heaven all filled
With the feelings of

Knows not to bargain,
Knows not to over-gain,
And knows nothing of

The soft breezes flow
Touching especially
My sight
Rest of my senses.

The invisibility of love,
Smell of the air
Smells bright
Nothingness dances.

My vision sees
The clear blue cake
With the fillings of
Creamy creams.

I just imagine
I imagine all for my sake
Where my heart would
Only see dreams.

These feelings
Are the feelings
That comes and goes
Touching my
Smiling lips.
When I look upon the sky.

A thousand words
A million feelings
Turning back from reality
Leaning on imagination

Learning about love
Evaporating in heart
Entering the imagination world
Trying to understand

It’s like holding to a cactus
It hurts but curiosity overwhelmed
Metamorphosis basis
It is stated but difficult to be understood

Looking for the truth
Wind-whirl crushing to knock the truth
Looking for the love
Big enough to understand what it feels.

06/11/2017 | 23.50 | Indonesia

Blue is a girl
You've never heard of
A girl like me

Blue is a world
Of imagination
A world of me

She is a one
Out of a billion
You'll never see

Blue is a girl
You've never heard of
This girl is me

Blue is a laugh
In a forest of screams
A smile
In an ocean of tears
Blue is a girl
In an army of men
Blue is a girl like me

Blue is a girl
You've never seen
A girl like me

Blue is a world
Of impossibilities
A world of me

She is a creature
You've never laid eyes on
Her eyes are mine

Blue is a girl
You've never heard of
This girl is me

Blue is one of the images I have of myself deep inside.
Eva Nov 29

The sky spilled sadness
Into paper cups
And lilac clouds
Soaked up the dreams
Of a thousand
print press people
With their coffee stained sleeves
keyboard- click steps
And lack of imaginations

Miss Nobody Nov 29

Even when I know that nothing would happen,
Life allowed me to meet you so many times.

All what I knew is that it was love at first sight.

I liked so much that I solely given you all my care,
But those kinds of emotions which are for you I never did share.

Over time, a thought of mine spoke to me and said that you cared for another,
To be a part of that never dared to be a bother.

It wasn’t because I didn’t want to,
But because I sincerely wish for you happiness,
Knowing what you have been through during your life.

All in all, I know at this moment that I have never been wrong,
For all the past time, your adoration is all what I've been longed.

For you, I've been dropping too many tears,
At the time when I still get too many dreams.

Even before I could tell, you should have given me a surprise,
Admitting to me to let tears drop from my eyes.

you should have told me how much you love me, how much you cared,
How you supposed to feel so upset that you never had the chance to let it be shared.

you said that you felt that you had told me too late,
For this you had to say you must hate.

But since it is for you, I love and never could hate,
Knowing whether you love me or not is never too late.

you told me of the things you always wanted to do,
All of it and more I have wanted too.

Apparently, that would never happen,
It is a piece of my wildest dreams that you could never ever imagine.

all what I have been waiting for...
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