Arianna 1h
"So she rode on the back of the North Wind
To the land east of the sun
And west of the moon.

But the tables turn,
And now the North Wind
Howls at my heels,
Tearing the skin from my back
In its fury
Until the bones show,
Goading me along the fine curve
Of the atmosphere
(Though my hands swing freely
And I am not bound to keep onwards):

          Step to the right,
          Collapse upon meadows;
          Veer left, and plunge
          Into shadows.

Stars twinkle below,
Deceptively near,
Lighting the path of descent
At all points across the velvet plain.

Happens suddenly.


          "Just a little bit this way..."

In straight lines,
Stars shimmer closer,

And faster...

Miles in milliseconds!

But would I trust myself
To pure

Chasing darkness
At the speed of light?
Always liked that bit from a folk tale called "East of the Sun, West of the Moon", and it sent me on a short journey a moment ago...
TH 11h
Grab your coat
And take some food
Pick a boat
It’d do you good

Don’t you plan
Your destination
I know you can
But let creation

Take a trip
Inside your mind
And let the ship
Be yours to find
episkey 2d
when the stars are bright
and the wind is singing through the trees
i was in a darkness of my own
with all hope of light misplaced

and there she comes
an object of beauty and strength
shining brightly with flashes of light
looking like an angel

i know the face
the one i've been in love with
her smile is the moon
brightens even the darkest of time

she looked into my eyes, asked me
could you be the other one, so we'd equal two?
tears of blood fall from my heart
knowing things are unreal

there is no way you would say that
no, after the things i said to you
dream, a dream, i'm dreaming
all things revealing

i feel your presence
but things are unreal
time is not ours
forever you will be in my heart
her curiosity had her
daydreaming in the forest.
Avocado leaves tremble briskly
singing its season's chorus.

she listened to the sounds
of squirrels swarming
jumping from tree to tree
like they were performing.

chirp, chirp goes the birds
growing its iridescent feathers.
Animals assembling together food
for the crisp, chilly weather.

she daydreamed
as she studied the mantis green
stems tickling against her sweater
fostering a picturesque scene.
Austin 3d
hoping you could be my drug
a simple solution to a plethora of problems
you bring my worries down and my dopamine up
but I have to ask is this love? is this love?
or just my inebriated imagination.

serotonin sounds scary when I'm alright
but when you leave I start to hallucinate
I see people in places with faces that I've never met
but maybe it's not in my mind, otherwise you'd exist all the time
is it the drug or just plain delusion
here I know no issue
just my thoughts
my mind.
I've never done drugs nor do I really plan to. However, I was listening to this one audio/visual project and just trying to figure out what was happening was like being on drugs. Then that just kind of led to me thinking about past dreams and then led to this.
Tribhu 3d
I've seen my skin go pale
Every time my hopelessness devour into me.
The cold, dreaded feeling
The dark, terror rising
I ask,
Who are you inside of me
Lurking as a shadow
Pretending to be real?
"I am a paradox
Of all your darkest desires.
Dare not to deny me."
I've seen my eyes glow as gold
Every time I find the light in that dark,
Rising above my fears
Igniting my own spark
I wonder,
How do you shine through the darkness,
Even if I fail to live with my scars?
"I am the flower inside of your soul,
Blooming with all your purest desires.
Endure me, embrace me, nurture me."
And then I know,
I learn,
I accept,
Half the shadow lurks beneath the dark
Cannot diminish the fire I glow,
Yes, I do not deny you, my evil soul
I find peace in both **** and heaven's flow.
I have never liked fictional stories
Their fake and illogical inventories
The possibility of stories never turning into reality
Despite the temporary moments of glee
Eating up children's wild imagination it lives
The pointless hope it gives
I have never liked fictional stories
Alle 5d
you reach forward,
stretching to take
my hand in yours,
but when i reciprocate
and extend my hand
all my fingers brush
is a cold screen
and i realise
you were just an image,
a figment
of my imagination
If I want you to continue reading,
Then I must be truthful and forthright.
That's my decision.
And I'm good at deciding stuff.

One time I decided to change
My mailing address, have my mail
Redirected for a personal reason.
Another time, I decided to impersonate
My brother in court.
I didn't say all decisions were good ones.
So, allow your imagination to comply as I tell this story...

Did I mention I've a very active imagination.
More profound than my decision making skills.
     There's a young boy, on the verge of adulthood,
     aged twelve, and he often stays out all night...

Okay, I'll tell the truth. The boy is me.
But you probably already knew that,
Didn't you?

     On arriving home one morning,
     He comes upon an unusually locked
     back door, but he can hear the TV and
     the dog whinning. The Mercury is idling
     in the driveway. The trunk ajar...

My imagination is messing with the truth.
There is no open trunk, but the curtain blowing
Out my parents' main floor bedroom window is true.

     The idea of my having a key to the house is silly.
     That would mean eight keys with kids that know
     nothing about locks and keys. We were free to run,
     uninhibited, all adventure, no phones, little radio,
     and a TV that hardly ever worked. So, no key. To my
     right, I notice the frill laced curtain flapping out my
     parents' bedroom window.
     Open? Do I dare

I've always been known for my recklessness and lack of foresight.
So I turned towards their window...
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