AroruA 1d
Right outside the window, I see a light
Frightened that I spent another sleepless night
I'm trying to force myself to let go of these thoughts
But no they say, you have no say in this part!!

So here I am still, not crying but yet alone
Slowly drifting to sleep or so I think
My mind is still wandering and my thoughts are hyped
But I'm still trying and trying cause I'm not used to giving up..

I know it's just sleep and darkness and thoughts and nothing more
But at this exact moment, I'm not so sure
This moon outside feels so surreal, as I fall along the lines of unconscious and for a moment forget what's real.

They say its an escape, it's an imaginary reality we create
It's a platform filled with hopes, dreams, and desire to stay awake
I say it's none of that, please just hold still
Sooner it's all going to end and we'll let go of what's unreal.
Lets try to implode.
What sort of thing spikes your imagination?
Is it love?
Is it music?
Lovely music perhaps?
Drip the words from your lips,
Let them soak in the world around you.
You are here to hear the voices,
The voices in your head that are telling you,
Telling you its going to be okay.
Simplicity is beauty,
Beauty is all around you.
There isn't a day where you aren't in control,
Control of your conscience,
Your beautiful conscience.
Stare into the thousands,
They feel your every breathe.
Give them life,
Give them an opportunity,
An opportunity to react,
In ways they never thought possible.
A reaction of ingenious pleasure,
Dethroning the darkness,
Making a new,
A new imagination.
Pour out your foreverness
and let them have a lasting impression.
My dream is that of rolling hills,
Which turn to waterfalls.
And once the river is quiet and still,
It then becomes a hall.

The hall has arches tall and wide,
And at the end, a King.
He reaches me with two great strides,
And beckons me to sing.

And then I saw the people there,
Who did not have a choice.
The musicians played with utmost care,
Yet, I couldn’t find my voice.

It was then I was imprisoned,
In a dungeon cold and dark.
And soon I was positioned,
So that the ax could hit its mark.

But then dungeon turned cathedral,
And I smiled at the priest,
When the tolling bells began to call,
The children to the feast.

Then I was alone again,
Amongst the rolling hills.
I heard the voices on the wind,
Which suddenly went still.

And then the hill was soaked in red,
The ax had found its sheath.
My soul and mind were filled with dread,
And I drifted off to sleep.
Time by myself I used to cherish, lovely,vivid my imaginings were, now no comfort, my dreams once precious, now know never, ever come true.

On my own no peace no quiet, worlds at a stop, my thoughts, no silence.
Now no never, ever come true, all due to you.
Passionate souls
drawing in the wind
Making colors with the stars
Dreaming souls
waking to do it all again
Sending life into a tailspin
Rendering life as is
Creative souls wildly dancing
music in there hearts
When all souls come together
imagine the scenes
the visions we would see
Wildly fun a bit crazy
Wouldn't that be fun
like a trip on imagination
gripping us to stay
maybe finding it a bit more bearable
then the shit we see today
© Jennifer Delong 3/2018

How odd it is to
know full well
that all we know
exists in only in
our imagination.

Scraped up knees
And muddy boots;
Denim overalls
And the bow she shoots.
She’s known for climbing trees
And running loose;
Facing adventure with ease,
And putting her imagination to good use.

A little girl in a Big Boy’s world,
She always knew she didn’t fit in.
Trying to be like other girls felt like wearing somebody else’s skin.
She’d tried donning dresses, tried keeping her hair softly curled,
But felt much more comfortable as a cowboy with a bottle of gin,
Or as Bilbo Baggins’ long-lost twin.

Daddy never called her “Princess”,
Never referred to her as “Doll”.
Not because He saw her as anything less–
Because He knew she wouldn’t like that at all!
She’d never been your typical “Damsel in Distress”,
Never needed a Prince to climb any tower wall.
There was never a Knight in Shining Armor who could impress–
She’d leap from the tower herself, even if it meant a painful fall!

“Princesses don’t see enough action,”
She always would insist,
“They’re prissy and boring and helpless,
And always waiting around to be kissed!
I need adventure and excitement to be my distraction.
What others think, I couldn’t care less;
I don’t need a man in order to exist!”

Daddy always knew she wasn’t like the other girls,
But that she was happy with who she was.
He never saw her differences
As any sort of flaws.
Never would he exchange her boots and flannels
For the typical lace and pearls.
She was wonderfully perfect;
Her quirks never gave Him pause.
In fact, He loved them,
Celebrating them with boisterous and adoring applause.

She would much rather be a Pirate Captain,
Sailing the seven seas,
Than a maiden dressed in satin
Who startles at the sound of a sneeze.
Her heart was that of an Elven Warrior,
Renowned for her bravery and strength.
Unlike a princess who balked in horror
When faced with a difficulty of any length.
She was made to be a Viking Hero
Who helped save her country at war,
Not a foolish damsel whose experience is zero,
And who faints at the thought of gore.
A Superhero who battles against evil
And rescues this world from certain doom
Was much more appealing than a ballerina regal
Who sits waiting for her groom.
Even a Jedi Knight who dies in battle
Was a much better fate
Than that of the Queen of a castle
Who never steps beyond her front gate.

A zombie slayer, a vampire hunter–
That’s who she was, and wanted to be!
A princess’ average luxury and luster
Didn’t fit her adventurous fantasy.
She was a unique treasure, something rarely found,
And to be clumped in with all the rest would be to see her spirit bound.
The only Princess she’d ever been
Was a Space Princess who could hold her own.
Pink was never a color she’d be willingly caught in,
And she refused to become just another “basic girl” clone.

Daddy loved her different, and held her differently.
He wanted her to know that she was cherished,
And that He was always listening intently.
He would never call her “Princess”,
For she’d feel her dreams had perished,
So instead He called her “Captain”,
Speaking to her ever-so gently.

If she wanted to be a Pirate,
She knew she was free to be.
If today she chose the life of a Paladin,
She always knew her Daddy would see.
If she desired to become a zombie-fighting tyrant,
Daddy asked if he could join her team.
He’d help her train as a bow-wielding assassin,
And push her to be the best that she could be.

He would never change her
Or make her into something she was not.
He would meet her where she was,
And by His example, she was always taught
To be comfortable with who she was, and to always be sure
That what she did was done with excellence,
And to give everything honest thought,
So the battles she fought were always for the highest cause.
Osal Mar 13
He who sat under the tree
with his sky as his listener
and the leaves as his applause
unchained the little one to run wild
sacred isolation
the timber as testimony
that once upon a time
there was a child
in all of us
Umi Mar 12
The start is empty and dark, a realm of shadows consumes your mind, your soul and your fragile eyes with no hope for light to unfold
Try leaving the rest, or better,leave it all up to your imagination,
So you may not get lost in this loitering darkness which everlasts!
As you progress it becomes clearer, the picture begins to form alike pieces of an distorted puzzle with discord in between each of them.
When you close the door and enter once more however you will never know what you find, the image truly has corrupted itself,
This place is a secret which holds no meaning; Absolutely Undefined
A shadow can change its shape, reconstruct itself and resize too,
What you get may be what you see, though is it really what you get if you aren't able to trust your eyes through this ominous tenebrosity
A labyrinth, unhinged, seemingly endless cast away in illusion awaits those who make it through without being blinded by their eyes,
But why make progress, I will send you back to the start, empty and dark so that the joy of exploring this world of change never ends.
All or nothing, what is the goal, in this undefined loitering darkness.

~ Umi
Graff1980 Mar 11
I made
a beautiful space
in the corner
of my shade,

turned venom
into lace
and raced away
from your hate,

swirled quicksand
with my tired hands,

petted pretty vipers
that hissed,
to where I stand,

chased fireballs
that were ready
to consume me.

I pursued
my own agony,
bit my tongue
to taste
my own blood,
then spit it out
not in spite
but to watch
the red grow.

I wept in
the spider’s den
embedded in
a cloud of webbing.

I slept in
the sinking ship
that fell into
the cold underwater

I lay afraid
to move
and died in
the infinite
that was once
it collapsed
and took
all the warmth
I ever had
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