Dawn W 4d

My ancestors
the pencils
in my hands
I am drawing
them now,
the lines
in my face
I sketch
them out
every day.


Engulf me with melody only for a moment and I'll walk the forest of hunted wolves and despondent lions.

The once ambrosial aroma of frail lilies, a smothering hebenon hand. The rays shy away from the polygamy of reapers and senectitude relishing valiant men.

Immerse me in harmonious symphonies only for a moment and I'll tread the trench terrane with jubilent feet, blind to the alluring viper's habanera under lacerated hearsecloth worn by the forest.

The spawn of the soft drink,
During the simple times faded away,
Coca-Cola and soda water,
Enjoyed by all grandfathers,
A time of simplicity,
Passed into history,
A golden age,
Now tarnished by time,
And devalued by the present.

my gentle friend is old
she walks quietly
and sees others from across time
situations from alternative views
never bruises the grass
she tames thorns
encourages them to bloom
creates beautiful vistas
of peaceful exotics all humming the same tune


she is a girl of 82 we had lunch together yesterday

a treasure to be treasured

i hate layovers, the long stops
the nothingness of the in betweens
suffocating of boredom
surrounded by strangers
all anxiously waiting

there is a universal oneness here
regardless of race, religion or age
something which everyone endures
a temporary pause in time
where reflection is forced upon us

reminiscing of what we bid farewell to
and the hope, love, fear or excitement
awaiting us at our next stop

Layover at Istanbul after my Europe trip. Waited four hours for my next flight home to Cape Town, SA. Wrote this to pass the time
James Jul 15

Black coffee in the morning
and a two car garage.
My car won't fit
in that crowded collage.
So I park outside
in the frost and in the rain
Scraping ice in the winter,
but I never complain.
I go through my life
in the usual way
working the same menial  job,
day after day.

On Sundays, I pray
I believe the Word is true.
I'm three rows from the front
behind the amen pew.
They made me a deacon
whatever that means;
helping with the congregation,
but please, not the teens.

We've reared four children
in a house that's too loud,
no drugs and no jail
my mother would be proud.
Once a month I take my wife
on a date night for dinner,
so those matrimonial bonds
don't get any thinner.
The menus never change
we order the same dish.
I get the chicken,
and she orders the fish.

My house needs a new roof
and the siding needs painting
My grass is too long
the neighbor's dog needs better training.
My car needs a tune-up
the tires are old
but the radio still works
and the air blows cold.

I moved to the coast
so I could play in the sand
but nothing works out
exactly as planned.
I wanted a boat
to play on the ocean
but my salary won't support
such an expensive notion.
So I go to the beach
and bake in the sun
only for a few hours,
after that, it's not fun.

Back home I sit in my chair
and watch some T.V.
dream of playing banjo on stage,
how cool would that be?
I look at my wife
while she sits and reads
and wonder if I've taken care
of all her hopes and dreams.

Life isn't too bad
remembering all the fun
and good times we've had.
It's not all been easy
we still struggle with debt,
get angry with each other
but we've not given up, yet.
I still love my wife
and the sex is okay
life ain't too bad,
so I think I'll stay.

Kind of inspired by Lori Jones McCaffer's poem https://hellopoetry.com/poem/2034975/mediocrity/.
Julie C Smith Jul 14

You thought you were free
But you are chained
Once and again

To a life where the gain
Can't catch up to the pain
A year of fortune
Is lost to the torture

A great rollercoaster of victories and falls
And quite honestly seriously fun
Falls victim to a Waterloo of ignorance
And in the end it's to decide between a trip and a gun

I wrote this in March, in my last days of being 23 - A great age, not half as bad as it sounds here
Josh Jul 13

Sitting alone on the woodchips
Steel and planks
Shelter from the rain, receiving no thanks
A roofed box
Where lovers kissed
The lonely reminisced
Promises made
Years wished away
Shelter from the rain
Marks and names
Of love and hate
Inscribed on walls
Hearts and initials
Disfigured by the same individuals
Who professed love under its roof
If it could talk, it would speak such truths
Hearts broken in summer haze
Shelter, of sorrow
Solace at night to the solemn
A meeting place
Once unused, but for trysts and trifles
Now that the sun returns so does the warmth
That little park shelter
No longer filled with the sadness of those who dwelt there last
And now it is filled with child's

Another one from my book "ivory and gold" available on Amazon.

TIME was not there. But there is. On the crease lines around my neck, for example. It's lined up like a ladder. I walked there, not knowing I was on the way up, or down the stairs.

It was not there. But there is. In fat bags hanging outside my gastric sac, for example. Slowly he lowered his head. Being so full of where I should not be.

It was not there. But there is. On the tangle of wrinkles on the back of my arm, for example. Also the shadow of the scars, whose pain had been long, so intimate. I accepted.

Also on the hair that has been clear, the color of the fishing line, and I am an anxious fish, wielding its own age - a sign that time exists - that drowns, subsides, and shrinks.

All I have to give
All I have to spend and invest
All that is left
All that has been
And all that has past
Flows by me like a river now

Listen as you may and may try
Though you may never hear it howl
Because like death in the night
It smiles wide at last
As it takes away with a cold hand
The moments as they seemingly pass

Because we cannot bend nor deny
The inevitability of the next day
Though we can regret and fondly remember
The memory of those days gone by  

Why you may ask is all of this
An inevitability and not such a crime?

Well that would be because we are human
And it is the inevitability of time

It’s existence just like yours
Is no crime upon humanity

It simply is like you
Passing into eternity

Inspired by a song called O' City Lights.
Look it up!
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