JAC 2d

I wish beyond wishes
To remain human with you:
We'll change and grow
And age and slow
But in the end, we'll prove were just

For a favourite human of mine.

I don't want to see you
And for reasons other
than what one expects
It's not that I don't want to be in your presence
It's not that I don't want to hear your voice
Or look into your eyes
It's different
It scares me, you see
I'm scared you'll see
those imperfections I try to hide
Those illogical moments
The lines around my eyes
And my smile
Making me less
I'm scared to be less in your mind
Have the lustre worn down by
crushing realities
I'm old
I feel a weight of world that I can't explain to you
I feel worn out
So thin
Stretched dry and brittle
I'm scared you'll see
And be scared in turn
That one you placed so softly
On such a broken pedestal
Would fall so far from your memory
My fear etches more lines
My heart breaks at my reflection
For reasons I hope you understand
I'll love you forever
I don't want to see you

Sophia 7d

I feel my innocence
slipping away
through fingers clasped as tight as
sand slipping to the ocean floor
Thick waves engulfing it and tying it down
like anchors

around my neck i feel the weight
of the opportunities i’ve missed out

and i’m not sure how much longer i can keep afloat
without letting the doubts sink me down by hidden treasure chests of siren calls.

Sean Scribbles Apr 17

My ears are open
My eyes are to the sky
God I will try
But help me let this go
If I must

For she is more fair than everything. But she is not mine. No words... Just the sight. That would say it all. If it were possible.
Khadro Jama Apr 16

Lost in split second
The roads gotten foggy
Feel the cold chilled air
Trying to pick up all the broken pieces.
The tears have completely dried.
The blood has been shed
Scars of the battlefield left behind
Been left standing
Haven't fought yet
Recently woke up into this.
Locked in shackles.
Cant seem to flee.
Inside a bird cage with my wings cut
Feeling no fear.
Tried to escape countless times.
Use the knowledge given.
Learned its not departure but acceptance.
This is not one of theirs.
Creating a wall turned into a cage
My heart keeps beating strongly.
Life is to fulfill living free from within
Its not an illusion.
This is Me.
My doubts.
Where did my warmth go?
locked up in this cold sensation.
I feel the true meaning of passion.
Burning inside my cold road.
Not wanting to give up.
My world has pressured me to feel Hurt.
All my way walls have fallen.
My shells been broken.
Feels like broken glass everywhere.
As i clench my fist.
Gather my strength and fight back
A fight that I've already lost over and over again.
A fight i might not even win.
With hope and preservation anythings possible I hope.

Gabriel Burns Apr 16

As I lose my way
in an endless ocean
made of flowing knowledge,
my head feels like an anchor,
towing down my heart
below the waves of facts,
to the depths of information
as I drown I do attract
insatiable predators,
all the while,
above the surface
all is doomed to fall
beneath the rising tide,
slowly crawling up
to eat the howling sky

... from about a half a year ago...
Mara W Kayh Apr 14

As my eye catches the glimmer
of the coming dusk of my life,
I thank you for reminding me how it feels to love
and be rejected,
One more time.

I mean this most sincerely, with a slight smile of resignation and satisfaction
Steve Page Apr 13

I will make old bones
Keep a silver mane
Flash bright emerald eyes
Scatter mischievous kisses
And carry a sweet song
With old school style.

Until I take that closing bow,
I - shall - be - Glorious!

Some ladies do it on their own terms.
Sean Scribbles Apr 10

Why would I spend any amount of time?
Trying to sound more like an old man?
When I’ll become one of them soon enough I think
And sound like them
It'll even be easier then because I just "am"

Give me time. Give it time. Give all things time.
Anna B Apr 8

This life sentence — 
is there
meaning, purpose
or random absurdity?

At the end,
will I want to hold on?
Will I feel my impending death is a loss?
Or, will I be happy to
pass through this vale of tears?

I studied philosophy
looking for wisdom, 
and answers
about existence.

All I got were questions.
They told me the questions
were more important 
than the answers.
I asked why?
They handed me an 
embossed piece of paper.

I first asked that question at three.
All these years later,
no answer.


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