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Kamal 6d
I don’t know how I survived
Slammed the door on the past
Ploughed through uncertain present
Blindly charted a future
Searching for a love

Followed endless roads
Scared of looking back
Hoped for the best
Searched for a love

Time to rest
59 is knocking on my lonely door.
Thank you very much!
Ken Pepiton Apr 28
-listen man, I got the internet, in my hand.

There is just too much to think about, So true.
Imagine having all the time in the world to try,
and an ai to sort on my search criteria,
-what would I have loved to know?
outline history, done.
overlay Protestant Bible timeline.
overlay Parthian Empire
etc. BTDT ad infinitum fun item
Ai takes a rough draft life,
and makes all its test phazes open book.

To now. At the speed of that does not matter,
cut to the after the chase,
now, what matters?
Self analysis - eleven more to the now anticipated 1000 to beat the bane of reasonless rhymers, 502, Bad as in broken, blocked, dammed, crammed, done
-got around 989 times since counting began... life lived, enjoyed at the end.
Lydia Apr 12
Life is so boring
at this present moment in time
I could not be more burnt out with my routine
my job
my weekends
my appearance
the people around me
It is no one’s fault but my own that this mindset is upon me
I have not done anything new in the past few years
I’ve been in the same town
in the same job
doing the same exact thing every day as if it is Groundhog Day
the worst part about it is
I have no idea or motivation to do anything else
I am well into my late 20s and life is comfortable
it’s confusing because it’s good
but also not because I have no moments of
“I can’t believe this is my life! How amazing!”
Is it too early for me to be having a midlife crisis at 28?
In my world as it is right now
I am not depressed so much as if this is what life is going to be like, I’m going to continue spending a lot of time waiting for the end of the day
when i was little, a kid I rode the bus with told me that alligators lived in the sewers. I still think of that to this day, and watch my step around street drains.

when I was even younger, I asked my mom how the stoplight turned from red to green. She said "theres a mouse inside of them and some cheese. When the mouse goes to eat the cheese, then the light turns green!"
I believed it.
And some days, when i'm driving aimlessly through town, I remember the mouse and the cheese when I get stuck at a light.

I've always been afraid of drains, whether in pools or bathtubs. Maybe it stems from the kid who told me the alligator lie. But either way, I still hate them. Possibly even more than ever.

I wish I had more memories of my childhood. The older I get, the more they become blurred, erased it seems. They survive through family photos stored in closets and old tapes with the wrong labels.
But for some reason, I do tend to remember the bad memories. Those never leave my mind. Like the alligators.

Now I am 29 going on 30. (Living the last couple hours of my 20's as I write this actually). I feel nostalgia setting in and I also feel sadness. It is officially the end of an era. My twenties will soon be a thing of the past. Just a moment in time.

We constantly grow. From baby to toddler, child to teen, and on to adulthood we go. Each year delicate as the last. Learning more about the world and the way things work.
I now know how traffic lights actually work. And I think I am certain alligators don't really live in our midwestern sewer systems.
And I'm also not ready to turn 30.
i'll cry if I want to
Steve Page Apr 3
No, not lost time -
just rearranged.

Not catching up -
just turning the page.
Going my own pace.
Lady Narnia Feb 8
Tumbleweeds toss and turn their entire lives
Not a single ask of questions or whys
Simply free in it's simple ignorance
Beautiful among the windy dissonance

To roll forever is a perfect dream
Though how dizzying forever can seem
Is one tumbleweed like the other?
Could one have a sister or brother?

Unlocking the secrets of eternal joy
Through a funny, little, weedy toy
I guess that's the secret of rolling around
Infinite wisdom abound
Steve Page Jan 31
When youth
When wit
When these weapons depart
May courage
May wisdom
May these tools prove enough
"When youth deaprts, may wisdom prove enough." Winston Churchill
Deepali Jan 10
Growing is Important to understand
elements of human cycle
proceeding day by day to stand.

Choose yourself as  pilot,
Choose youself as carpenter
you can be a chef or a farmer
i will see you'll be a painter
i will see you'll be a writer

he was braking the wall will hammer
she was flying up in Glamor.

1 human body
many activites shouting
pointers tryna make difference
developement and character well i would say----

Follow basic instructions no pain to gain
only baisc  balance will remain.
pnam Jan 1
As the day goes by one by one
Weeks into months as they run
Months into years times done
Memories of you grows by ton
A fresh new year my love dear
Wishing health happiness cheer
Changes of time, can't control
Wishing this love stays whole !
2023 Jan 1
Cameron Nov 2022



The clock keeps ticking on.

First a second, then an hour.

Then a year, then a decade.




The sun had always shone for me,

but now I stand only in the dusk.

The clock keeps ticking on.




Two decades dead and gone,

How many more have yet to come?

The clock keeps ticking on.
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