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Alice 2d
I like to freeze moments in time
take a step back, and notice all the details
so that hopefully, when we're old and gray
and barely remember our own names

I can still close my eyes and see
the plants in your living room
the $8 bottle of wine on the coffee table
the dinosaur blanket we shared
the pain in my stomach from all our laughter

and the way I was the happiest I'd ever been
33, what a weird time
Still doing lines
drinking red wine
She found her lifeline
she believes she’s about to shine

Burning sage she’s all new age
She stares at the stars
Is there really life on Mars?
Her head in the clouds
Imagination running wild
Her own fantasies make her smile

Give her a book
she’ll love you forever
Give her jewels
She’s unimpressed, that’s not really clever
Possessions don’t stimulate her mind
Your status doesn’t need to be defined

How you earn your living doesn’t matter
Be wary that your dreams don’t shatter
A strength in her like no other
She’s Not broken
She’s only just awoken
Lewis 4d
there comes an age where magic must die
when you realise that your heroes are flesh
you know Hollywood lies
and theres no face in the stars
when life has ripened from something so fresh

when life turns grey
and it rains throughout may
and the summer is just always too hot

when you put down those books
and care more about your looks
and if you can get a space in the parking lot

yet I try to find magic in every day
and I agree that life is a gift
I smile at small things like yellow cars, escaping balloons
or your coat getting caught in the lift

but as sure as the burning setting of the sun
someday that curtain must rise
to reveal the frail old man behind
sickly and dull with no light in his eyes

but I have to remember to conjure my own spells
with friends and family and more
travel the lands with stories to tell
of my adventures on a distant shore

but i'll always miss those summer days
with magic in the air and my heart
splashing colours, inspecting insects
running home for my favourite jam tarts
coming of age is bittersweet
Cox Oct 18
Don’t forget about me when my flowers are shrivelled, brown and gone.
Remember my blooms.
Sarah Flynn Oct 18
every moment we spent together
flows through my veins.
with each beat of my heart,
they are pumped through me.
these memories will always be there.

they will be there when
we’ve both grown old
and given up the reckless lifestyles
that we never wanted to lose.

they will be there when
you move far away from here
and hug your family goodbye,
knowing that someday
in whatever city you settle down in
you will start a family of your own.

they will be there when,
years from now, you sit in the backyard
of the house that you share
with the family that you assembled,
and tears fill your eyes
because you have lived a life
that you are proud of.

they will be there when
I finally stop running from my past
and find somewhere I want to stay,
somewhere that feels like home.

they will be there when
I kiss someone who isn’t you,
and I feel the same happiness
that at one time only you could give me.

they will be there when
I find the answers that
you inspired me to search for,
when I have this sudden epiphany
and I realize my purpose,
whatever that may be.

they will be there when,
years from now, I sit on my rooftop
staring up at the stars
above wherever I decided
to settle down, with tears
trickling down my cheeks
because I have lived a life
that I am proud of.

and you and I
will live these lives apart.
we’ll move on and forget
what it felt like to wake up
beside one another,
and we’ll find what
we’re looking for elsewhere,
and one day, we’ll understand
why this all had to happen
the way that it did.

what we have
will always exist somewhere.
in the sidewalk cracks
we used to walk over
in the lyrics of old songs
that neither of us
have heard for years,
in the dust gathering
on boxes buried in our attics.

and sometimes
we might remember each other.
when I see a young couple
laughing in a diner booth,
when the bright beams
of a car’s headlight
shine through your window
and jolt you awake,
when we pass road signs
that we once drove by together
and cross through
states we once visited.
we might think of each other,
even if only for a brief moment.

and despite how important
this all was to me,
and despite how important
it still is to me,
I’ve folded up the days
that I spent with you
and taped them into
the messy pages of my journal,
stuck somewhere between
my 3am thoughts and an old,
yellowing photograph of us.

and now, I’m running.
I’m running away from every
droplet of self-doubt
that is trying to wedge its way
between my ribs,
running in the opposite direction
of words like “regret”
and any intrusive feeling
that is trying to trick me
into worrying that
none of this was worth it,
and that I am destined to face
a life of bitter loneliness without you.

because those thoughts are convincing,
but they are liars.
because all of it meant something.
even if parts of it hurt,
even if, to this day, I still can’t
understand the meaning of some of it.
because all of it was worth it.

and maybe you and I
didn’t have the fairytale ending
that we always imagined.
maybe we didn’t live our
happily ever after.

maybe the only place
that you and I still exist together
is in crumbled photographs
and life lessons and
these memories that won’t go away.

and maybe, even now,
there’s still pain there.
maybe the wound has healed
but still feels sore when it’s touched.
maybe we wonder what we could
have done differently
and what our lives would
be like if we had.

but in the end,
it doesn’t matter
how we began or
how we fell apart.

because in the end,
I’m just so happy
that I got to love you at all.
That Girl Oct 17
What the hell does that mean?
When does someone become an adult?
When they turn 18? 21?
Or does age even matter?
Maybe it’s more about what someone does.
How much someone accomplishes.
What makes someone an adult?
Moving out of your parents house?
Getting an education?
Losing their virginity?
Having a full time job?
Making money?
Marriage? Children?
What if I haven’t accomplished any of these?
What does that make me?
All I know is that I’m 25
and still feel like a ******* child.
Bright Violet Oct 12
Surrounded by family
People I've known all my life
Yet I feel my heart stone cold and numb
We're not the same people anymore.
I've changed. I've come so far.
I'm sorry. I can't take you on this
new journey with me.
My happiness is at the distance
and I want to reach it.
It's been everything a person can feel.
Thank you
Now, it's time for me to spread my wings.
Norman Crane Oct 9
I hold the tool. I am the blade. I drive
myself into the fertile ground. I dig
potatoes out. They were buried alive,
but in darkness they thrive. Now the old pig
will feast. When he grows fat I will slay him
to feed me and kin. I don't like killing
but when necessary it's not a sin.
I shall live another year, God willing.
I have long been on the land. I am old
but my sun is not yet setting in the
sky. When I was a child I was told once by
my father you become earth when you die.
If so, I hope my children carve my chest
with blade. I hope I'll yield a fruitful harvest.
Betty Oct 7
The most twisted oaks
Stand strong and weather a storm
When younger trees fall
If you believed the media youth wins every time. How do you think these oldies got to be so old?
Experience makes you wise
Wisdom uses experience
I have experience of childhood
And experience of youth
No experience to act my age
So I act as a child
I act as a youth
I do this  in all
My wisdom of experience
Act my age doesn't seem possible
I shall be gone forever
When I have experience!
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