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George Krokos Apr 2017
Can you imagine what it would be like
to ride the wind high on a kite
attached to a string held by someone's hand
while moving around on the land?
The experience would take your breath away
and make you wonder how you could stay
forever there up in the sky
looking down with a bird's eye.
Written in 2017
George Krokos Oct 2015
I wonder what it means to be called an abomination
and if this has any relationship to being a damnation,
as there must be certain things that people do in deserving condemnation
which go against all reasonable human laws and are opposed to salvation.

If what has been handed down from the past is any indication
then we are somehow all obliged to follow with a dedication,
for our own sakes and that of all our so called many relations
who are subject to the same weaknesses, trials and temptations.

To some it may seem there need not be any restriction
which will generally only incur a justifiable conviction
for any laws broken and usually dealt with a harsh sanction
that blame or guilt can be done away with by a transaction.

There are so many things people do without any justification
except to satisfy their own sense of individual expectation
especially where the actions done are without any provocation
against a fellow human being who’s an object of victimization.
Written in 2013
George Krokos Dec 2018
(2 couplets)
Beware of the voice that you may hear within
isn't a ravening demon or some ill departed kin.
Make sure that the inner voice which you hear
isn't one that is causing doubt, worry and fear.
Written early in 2018.
George Krokos Mar 2019
I often wonder just who is the timekeeper of this our world
when something happens that seems to be out of the ordinary.
Even if it's only commonplace without much flair or sparkle
and whenever something begins or ends in our life's journey.

Some people may call it karma or destiny that is operating
and is the underlying principle or basic law of the universe.
But whatever happens requires an agent to set it in motion
whether done with intelligence or ignorance, good or evil.

An awareness to choose what options are available to take
and the motive or intention behind what someone decides
to do for whatever reason they may have at that point in time
seems to be one likely answer to the main question proposed.

Everything has a beginning and an ending in space and time
even the very fabric of space and time itself won't forever last
as it itself is subject to the will of an indescribable infinite force
and almighty existence which expresses itself as all the universe.

The timekeeper though, I think, wouldn't measure everything
that happens by the passage of time as such because as it is
It wouldn't be aware of anything else except itself to know;
only perhaps in a fantastic dream of its imagination on show.

Where it would have control over the extent of the dream
because it would all be happening within its own being
without any external influence to hinder it or otherwise
in the manifestation of this sport and play of the universe.

And as we are all made in the image of this Creator we have
been given free choice to do as we wish within certain limits
because we all live inside the infinite existence of His dream
and witness the ever changing aspects of that Glorious Power.

In fact we're all a part of that Glory and Power and use it to
create and manifest dreams within our own world or universe
with the extent of the imagination we're capable of realising
in our journey or progress within the fabric of space and time.
I would like to know just what is meant by the keeper of time
and the reason why any action doesn't stay around as a rhyme.
Unless of course one makes an effort to capture the moment
that may come about in time unexpectedly out of the foment.
Written early in 2018. A bit of a long ramble on time and the apparent keeping of it by the Creator if in fact this does happen at all.
George Krokos Oct 2010
Bitter conflict!
The earth is crying blood
Life is dying!
People are turning against each other
We turn against ourselves and walk away.
Never to return?
Ever so gently, softly
We turn around and walk together, bleeding.
Slowly, injured life is healing.
A mark remains,
Yet becomes hidden by the spoils of life.
Life likes living.
Do we know what life is?
We certainly don't know without it!
Does it know what it is?
It only likes living.
For what?
For us to realise this!
Ha! and yet we destroy it
carelessly, thoughtlessly.
One instant,
life is going to destroy itself.
Because it is lonely living
in a world where
we do not like living with it.

The way we came about together
- one giving one receiving.
But now it is a different story.
A story that might not be told
in life, except death.
The Soul of man
Is the child of Life
Who are we to pass judgement?
but fools in the eyes of Truth!
From unpublished book "The Seeds Of Life" - compiled in 1996
George Krokos Dec 2017
I once had seen a bumble bee
or so I thought it was to me.
In the backyard one sunny day
I saw it flying low and stay
hovering there near a flower
as I walked by like a tower.

It was big and did seem busy
looking at it made me dizzy.
Glowing in an unearthly light
and its colours were also bright.
It almost seemed now I recall
that scene was supernatural.
Because in the blink of an eye
it vanished without telling why.

I looked around hoping to see
where it had gone this bumble bee
But no matter how hard I tried
I never again caught or spied
another glimpse of that creature
with such a radiant feature.
Written in 2017.
George Krokos Mar 2017
One night I dreamt I was a butterfly flying all around and carefree
but in the back of my mind thought how could this ever really be?
And so when flying around in my own solitary and carefree way
I would once in a while stop on a flower and leaf to rest and stay.

Basking there in the warm sunshine without any instinct of fear
I was also then able to spread my wings and expose all my rear.
After a few moments quietly passed I began to fly off once again
and with a sense of purpose flew on ahead in that direction then.

A sudden gust of wind lifted me up high without any effort on my part
and I was carried forward at a pace that me made wander from the start.
I fluttered my wings a little to regain my balance in that turbulent air
which made me get out of breath in my attempt and struggle out there.

The inclination that came to me next was to stop somewhere and rest
so I flew onto a flower matching those hues with which I was blest.
It didn't take long for me to recover my unique composure and poise
when I was startled therein my dream scape by a dark shadow's noise.

I moved in what practically seemed to be a continuation of the dream
and was walking around amongst some flowers growing by a stream.
Having left the old house and going through a dark hallway and door
I was following the flight of a butterfly around the meadow for sure.

My feet were not even touching the ground out there as I moved along
and I couldn't feel anything solid under them which didn't seem wrong.
I would stop for a while and take off again in pursuit of that creature
following every move it was making and so embracing every feature.

It seemed to be unusually deft in keeping itself at a distance from me
even though I tried to get closer to it so that I could myself better see.
When I eventually came to a halt there at the end of my night's dream
I had the butterfly caught in the palm of my hand so it then did seem.

I awoke and opened my eyes expecting to see right there in my hand
the butterfly I had caught somewhere flying around in a dreamy land.
Instead of that beautiful creature something more remarkable I found
a scented coloured tissue which had butterflies printed on it all around.
Written in November 2016.
George Krokos Feb 2011
Out of the dark I see a face
one of beautiful and sincere complex
I wish I knew when that face would come
and guide me to a better place.
This face, I seem to know from somewhere
It still exists, not only as a figment of my imagination,
but rather, one in a desperate situation for me.
That face whose is it? but someone's
Those eyes, what do they see? but a story
Her mouth and lips, what could they do?
but speak and smile to me.
That expression, whose is it? but mine to see;
I try and understand the message conveyed.
Has it ever occurred to anyone that it might be the one for me?
In a world of fantasy I deem she's mine,
but who else could she belong to?
I find it hard to realise the position
of what I have witnessed has put me in.
Who would possibly keep her away from me?
but someone like myself, I'm sure she knows.
It is the only answer I can offer.
Then I may have a twin in the world;
perhaps my one and only adversary
in my love dream yet to come true.
The face has gone back into the gloom
Her face has gone...............................

Why did she appear as if with news?
Back into the past I think for clues....
Not just to haunt or torment me it seems
but to remind me that she exists in reality.
Not only just as someone out of my dreams
making the hope of finding her an actuality.
From unpublished book " The Seeds Of Life" compiled in 1996.  A very early piece written over 35 years ago.
George Krokos Nov 2010
You’ve become a creature of habit since coming into the world O man
and so will evidently try to justify this condition as much as you can!
There are so many things that you ignorantly or needlessly do now
which prove to be of little or no benefit to you while here anyhow.

You’ve come to know very little about the workings of your body or mind
and with this limited knowledge attempt to cure all those ills of mankind.
Is it any wonder then that you create more problems than can be solved
as nature indicates those situations from which you wish to be absolved.

Of those habits that all give most pleasure you tenaciously hold on to
and the long term effects of them turn out to be just burdens for you.
It’s also on the spur of the moment you rarely see beyond your own nose
and the consequences of those actions you do not really wish to disclose.

You have made it a habit to acquire possessions at such an alarming rate
and some of the means you employ to get them create an unhealthy state.
By the sweat of your brow you’ve worked hard to bring certain things about
being both good and bad they’re what always have been without much doubt.

It’s in keeping with the spirit of progress which drives you forever on
that you try to perfect some of those things you had once started upon.
Though history shows signs whenever you’ve come close to the mark
that sooner or later than not you’ve all been plunged back in the dark.

Could it be out of sheer habit that you repeat the same mistakes over again
which prevents you from achieving your glorious objective once more then?
Or could it be that you all seek perfection in so many imperfectable things
and have to go through traumatic experiences this non-fulfilment brings?

Your bad habits probably indicate there is something deeply wrong
that you have failed to recognise and is why it has persisted so long.
Though some people have written or talked a lot about Original Sin
it is what we do in this life to regain Original Justice and grace win!

To be habitually virtuous and sincere in our efforts is only part of the way
being a step in the right direction no matter what many others may all say.
There are so many ways by which people commit personal sin and fall from grace
that without some kind of intervention they would never reach any heavenly place.
Private Collection - written in 1997
George Krokos Mar 2017
You have been barking too much
and you seem to have lost touch
with what is acceptable behavior
ignoring the example of any Savior.
The community is also sick and tired
of the noise you make that’s inspired
by the standards you wish to impose
on other people to follow your nose.
You think that when barking you don’t drivel
expecting those whom you bark at to shrivel
by the magnitude of the noise that you make
so as to impress all others for your own sake.
You’re really nothing but a mongrel after all
and don’t give a **** about others who call
often out to you to shut up and stop barking
but continue with a selfish clamor marking.
Could it be those whom you bark at are being
a threat to your own position you’re seeing?
Or is it perhaps due to the diminishing customer base
as the neighborhood is now aware of your sad case?
The time’s coming when you’ll get a kick up the ****
so the incessant dreary noise you now make will pass.
Written in 2016. Inspired by the barking of the neighborhood dogs and some experience on another website.
George Krokos Aug 2016
I would like to buy myself a super car
and drive through town just like a star.
It would have to be brand spanking new
and also help me to find love that's true.

I would have to take care not to go too fast
because my pleasure in it just wouldn't last;
as the law would  keep a very watchful eye
and have other people against me to testify.

I would also have to keep it under lock and key
during the night so that it's not stolen from me.
Although I would take out some insurance cover
just whatever I could afford to pay and no other.

People would perhaps regard it as my pride and joy
though really it would be just like an expensive toy.
I am pretty sure now what kind I would like to drive;
the only thing I'd have to do then is financially thrive.

And after I have saved up enough money in the bank
I'd seriously consider what kind of four wheel crank
would be the type of personal transport I should buy
to drive or move around in before spending on nigh.
Written in 2016.
George Krokos Jul 2020
You're hardly seen at home at all these days
and I wonder when you will change your ways.
But I do hope that everything's alright
and the future for you also looks bright.

Many people have gone on the wrong path
seeking their own gain but acquiring wrath.
When they do not consider the welfare
or happiness of someone else do care.

If you've fallen into that state somehow
please listen to the words of wisdom now
to discern their knowledge and to receive
some advice for your soul as you believe.

When you put other people's welfare first
and for their happiness you also thirst
doing those things for their satisfaction
you'll reap a good harvest of attraction.

This must be done in line with what is good
and if viewed from a point of wisdom would
not detract away from that high ideal
which is the basis of our human weal.
Written late in 2019.  Inspired by one of the neighbors who used to live across the road whom I've known for many years.
George Krokos Dec 2010
You do not seem to mean any real harm
but in fact you have such a deadly charm.
Someone who’s not aware of your guile
is approached by you wearing a smile.

Many are the ones that you have fooled
who have been all but wrongly schooled
in the serious business of love and devotion
perishing without you showing any emotion.

You turn your back quickly at the sign of any disunity
as if you’ve been waiting for just such an opportunity.
You also don’t really care about anything else except to be praised
and will brook no compromise if any issues of disloyalty are raised.

You think and make out as if you’re always right
regardless of the truth becoming evident to sight.
You’re not to be blamed if anything goes wrong
and will challenge any suspicion before too long.

If anyone happens to open up their heart to you
they run the big risk of having it broken in two.
A deceiving love full of pain is the thing you give
as this is the way by which you know how to live.
Private Collection - written in 2010
George Krokos May 2015
Unless otherwise stated I am against the wind
and it seems on this view may have to rescind.
For when a strong wind blows without any apparent reason
it makes everything unkempt in spite of the current season.
Although by its very nature this is what it’s supposed to do
much like an idiotic mindless person who is harassing you.

There have been many times while sweeping the back yard
when an idiot wind would blow and all of my pile discard;
that I had neatly swept up and left somewhere to collect later
together with what was in the dustpan held in my hand to cater.
And so I would have to start all over again in an air of defiance
with a few words used as expletives to express my annoyance.

We are reminded of that old song called ‘blowing in the wind’ here
but the answer my friend is to outsmart the beast and not lose cheer.
There’s also a saying of some cold comfort in ‘the winds of change’
that could be a sign of things to come which may seem to be strange.
Sometimes it’s difficult to see what’s in front or lying just ahead of you
but one thing is certain we should all take care and not avoid the view.

The storms of nature we hear about such as hurricanes and tornadoes
are the result of strong forces within the environment mankind sows
which are being manipulated by it in its relentless progress forward
and are an indication of what we are all heading inevitably toward.
The more we plunder nature and deplete its non renewable resources
it seems nature reacts in such a way to remind us of its own courses.
The poem is self explanatory. Written in 2013.
George Krokos Sep 2012
Oh Lord, it seems to me, You are a God of pain
without which some people say there is no gain.
There is only so much that we creatures can bear
and it’s sometimes I wonder if You really do care.

Throughout the world You’re generally loved, hated or feared
and there are certain times when You are very strongly jeered.
Most people have a hard time making up their mind about You
because of the trials and tribulations that You put them through.

It seems strange and true to say that with Your almighty nature
You somewhat force people to bend to Your imposing stature.
To impress on them that You’re the Only One they should please
You have to prepare and teach them all how Your Will to appease.

Is it because of You’re being Immortal and All-knowing and we are Your heirs
that You subject us all to such rigorous training to overcome illusion’s snares?
One only has to reflect on the lives of Your so-called True Sons of the past
to realize the suffering and attainment their example on humanity has cast.

If I sound to be a little cynical towards You and seem to complain
how could You be so insensitive and not help me get rid of my pain?
Though ignorant as I am to One Who is great as You’re made out to be
please show a little more compassion to those who are helpless like me.

As life in this world demands so much of our time
is it forgetfulness of Thee that You consider a crime?!
This whole world is a cruel proving ground to one higher above
and yet it has been spoken or written that You are a God of love!

If I don’t seem to see the bigger picture now of what really goes on
then You’re held responsible for allowing this situation to drag on.
And even though You have given Teachers to show people the way
the illusion is still so strong that most get caught and lost in the fray.

Remaining a while here where they play out either minor or major roles
being only a matter of time before they too become aware of their souls.
When after much disappointment and suffering that You seem to mete out
they gradually realize by pain that this world is not what life is only about.

Private Collection - written over ten years ago while undergoing physical pain due to an injury.
George Krokos Nov 2011
Thou Art in the sun, sky, earth and air
Oh Lord Beloved You are everywhere.
In all the creatures of the land and sea
You are the One That has made them be.

In the soil where all good things are grown
And heavenly space of which little is known.
Within us all and outside
In everything You do abide.

Thou dost knowest all within Your Being
When we, Thy children, are clearly seeing;
By Your grace earned from many good deeds done
In remembrance of Thee from Where we have come.

Our love to You we should all gladly give
From our hearts wherein You always live.
With all humble and loving devotional tears
My gratitude to You for dispelling our fears.

Thou art the One all-pervading and Omnipotent Divine Intelligence
Perceived and known directly through our personal experience
The Inner Light reveals Thine Eternal Divine Glory
Sincere love in worship of Thee, Being most worthy.
From unpublished book "The Seeds of Life" compiled in 1996. Originally written in the early 80's.
George Krokos Jun 2019
I fell in love and lost my heart
and that was why it tore apart.
The love given wasn't returned
by the one for whom it had yearned.

It all seemed so sad at the time
I often thought it was a crime.
But then I could be so naive
early in life's path to believe.

Nature's hand had dealt me a blow
and recovery was very slow.
Everyone I asked was futile
in answering to make me smile.

I sought for love in wrong places
and all I got was strange faces;
looking back at me with contempt
'cause in their heart love was exempt.

Rejection is a dreadful thing
and everyone has felt its sting.
A love you may feel for someone
is best experienced as fun.

Never force love on another
even if they're a real brother
You'll just draw them further away
and who knows what else is at play.
Written early in 2019
George Krokos Jan 2018
If a love like ours now would soon end
we could still be, to each other, a friend
to whom we could confide, in our need
when life situations call us to take heed.

Our hearts would continue to beat as one
with feelings for each other not ever done
and so hold all our memories in the mind
cherishing them as being of a sacred kind.

Our lives could blossom in so many ways
to fill the emptiness of those passing days.
For in being without each other's presence
we could still imbibe of our love's essence.

Oh, how could we ever contemplate a time
when the love between us loses its prime?!
And even if we were to be physically apart
we would still feel each other in our heart.

There is a saying that 'true love never dies'
and can withstand the malice of those lies
which may come between two people who
are tested in their love proving it to be true.
Written in 2017.
George Krokos Apr 2016
We all seem to be running out of one thing or another;
and it doesn't matter what it is though it can be a bother
to everyone when they have to go and get some more
because then the effort required becomes like a chore.
This process generally does happen on a daily basis
and it usually depends on what are individual cases
of what each one needs or can't seem to do without
when sooner or later they see that they're running out.

This has also come to be known as a struggle for survival
that everyone is, in a way involved, for their own revival
when they realise that the things they all need to stay alive
are being depleted at such a rate which makes them strive
to often have to go out and get those things they may need
and with some people it seems its just to satisfy their greed.
Because even though they might have enough of something
they're caught up in the notion that less isn't very comforting.

This usually means everyone is attached to one thing or another
and so it really shouldn't take very long for anyone to discover
there are some people around who have accumulated so much
that regardless of who they are, will be all accustomed to such.
Which brings me to ask the question of “what makes us happy?”
and what conditions have to exist so that people aren't scrappy,
living their daily lives in such a way as those who only go about
doing what they need to do just to find they are also running out.
We all seem to be running out of things
especially those to which our life clings.
Written in 2015
George Krokos Jun 2018
I have nothing more to give you now
but don't let this be a hindrance vow
We both seem to be at our wits end
and with our limitations to contend.

While some others may give at will
I won't follow them in their thrill
putting quantity over quality here
and try to impress just to be near.

It may seem as if I'm making excuses
but the fact is that this only confuses
when all our expectations go too far
and our feelings those situations mar.

Please be patient and you will then see
how it'll all work out and so better be.
My faith in this matter does here now rest
in the Glory and Power which knows best.
Written in 2017.
George Krokos Jan 2018
There's an ancient rhythm of the heart
that has been there ever since the start
when life evolved at the dawn of time
and began to beat a certain rhyme.

We hardly know how this came to be
and if there was any purpose to see;
across all those various stages of life
that seem to go through unending strife.

If the heartbeat is steady body is maintained
and together with the mind both are sustained
  but if it falters and sometimes misses a beat
then there's something wrong one has to treat.

During the course of life's journey on earth
there are moments that are contrary to mirth;
a foe instead of a friend can cause one trouble
which will have to be dealt with on the double.

This ancient rhythm is the pulse of life
that all living creatures have and is rife;
within each one's ***** it can be heard
a semblance of the Creator's Divine Word.
Written in 2017
George Krokos Jan 2018
I'd like to wish a Happy New Year to one and all
and hope that together we'll try and not to forestall
each others efforts to write directly from the heart
what life and nature itself is thereby eager to impart
about our journey with them to find out the reasons
as to why we're all here and to enjoy those seasons
and phases of our lives with all their highs and lows
without which we'd have nothing God only knows.

Always try and do the right thing.
so that at least it may good bring.

Have a happy, safe, healthy,
prosperous and creative
New Year in 2018
Many Blessings
to one and all.
This one came straight from the heart on New Year's day 2018
George Krokos Nov 2016
The textbook poets try to bind you down
with all of those rules they call renown.
In a strict meter and rhyme they do write
and like to see others match their plight.
They criticise strongly those who compose
such poetry that doesn't follow their nose.

They put forward the case which they raise
and dispute your work to get some praise.
Some even offer their version of your poem
and with some commentary they do groan;
saying your words could be written better
giving you an example to display the letter.

At times they're justified by what they say
and so you are obliged to heed their way;
as from a certain academic point of view
especially if it seems better written to you.
But regardless of what they all have to say
the fact is that with your creation they play.

Little do they know of free flowing verse
that comes from within which isn't terse.
It resembles an off beat meter and rhyme
which doesn't keep fast to any strict time.
Poetry that's written and read in this way
has its own natural beauty some will say.

It doesn't matter if one line isn't the same
to the following one or seems a bit lame.
As long as the words written all make sense
in what is conveyed by sparing no expense.
That's really the way poems were meant to be
regardless of what a book says for one to see.

There are many forms and styles of poetry
devised by man down throughout history;
some will stick to a certain established rule
a formula which is their own craft and tool.
If one doesn't follow any rigid form or style
it wouldn't mean they couldn't raise a smile.
This is my response to those poets who try to strongly coerce other poets to write as they do and criticise their writing for not doing so. Written in September 2016
George Krokos Jun 2020
Softer than water is Your love for me
but there are times when it's so hard to see;
perhaps to feel's a better word to use
and it's like this in a life that we choose.

The door of my heart which once was open
is now almost closed and somewhat broken;
there are too many pieces that we hold
to keep us from shutting out all the cold.

Ill winds of change are also blowing strong
this fate of mankind seems to be so wrong;
those lessons of the past are now taunting
and that morning's aftermath is daunting.

Can one expect to survive and stay here
when hostile forces are now causing fear?
A somewhat personal mystical twist on life and the current world situation. Written early in 2020.
George Krokos Sep 2012
What news have you brought me of the beloved?
The anxiety of my heart is so very great in there.
I no longer at all can keep my feelings covered
and the stirrings of my heart are about to flare.

The masked expression on your face seems uncertain
but the light from your eyes shines with a story to tell.
Let’s sit down together and draw around us a curtain
so that the flames of longing we will be able to quell.

If I seem to be somewhat impatient it’s justifiably so
the anguish in my heart is almost too strong to bear,
as news of the beloved is all that I really care to know
don’t hesitate any more now and those moments spare.

Although you look a little tired from the long distance traveled
there’ll be some unfinished business between yourself and me;
unless I hear a few words all my trepidation won’t be unraveled
and the pain in my heart will become unbearable for you to see.

You now must know how I feel and all the reasons behind
so please tell me everything to help ease my heart and mind.
Start at the very beginning and continue right up to the end
I’ll be listening with expectation and to your words attend.
Private Collection - written about 2 years ago.
George Krokos Jan 2018
Awake! arise! you've been sleeping too long
and following the ways of all the throng.
Look around and see what you need to do
and begin to accomplish something new.
You may even have to finish those things
entrusted with you and for all life brings.
Don't brood too much now or linger over
what could have been but instead recover.
Press forward with a good diligent heart
leave sorrows behind, take an active part
in those things presently before you cast
lest it be said you weren't up to the task.
Be ever steady with your heart's resolve
and in life do things that help to evolve.
Written late in 2017.
A bit of a motivational wake up call to myself and others inspired by the thought of the  New Year in the forefront of my mind.
George Krokos Jan 2018
It's a place where you would rather not be
engaged in a quarrel and unable to agree.
Between two strangers or with one you know
in a display of words disagreement to show.

A sad state of affairs and opposite of harmony
usually about something they did not foresee.
Ending with both parties not seeing eye to eye
and very often it's without a clear reason why.

It could be one taking more and giving back less
to the other who considers the matter in distress.
Or perhaps ignoring to do what should be done
in our duty to one another that incurs a bad run.

If a lack of trust or deception has been at play
there are suspicions that don't easily go away.
'Honesty's the best policy' known and cherished
without this relationships only end up perished.

Especially when there are two interests at stake
one against the other much trouble they'll make.
Keep away from being at loggerheads if you can
as it may end up in a fight with your fellow man.
Written early Dec. 2017.
George Krokos Dec 2010
Aborigines and kangaroos
boomerangs and didjeridoos.
Leafy gum tree branch and koala bear
black stump in the middle of nowhere.
Jolly swagman camped by a billabong
in 'Waltzing Matilda' a favourite song.
The wild brumbies roaming free in the outback
a scruffy hobo living alone in a country shack.
Aboriginal myths called their dreamtime
the native Australians regard as sublime.
Ring-tailed possum and wombat
aussie bloke wearing akubra hat.
Alice Springs and Ayers Rock
outback stations and livestock.
Ned Kelly bushranger and his law brushes
the Eureka stockade during the gold rushes.
Laughing kookaburra and old man emu
platypus swimming in underwater view.
Banjo Patterson’s poem ‘The Man from Snowy River’
who went riding down mountain side without a quiver.
Surfers paradise and the Great Barrier reef
sixties rock ‘n roll legend: Johnny O’Keefe.
Anzac marches and the land of the Southern cross
old Cobb & Co. stagecoach used to travel across.
Glorious summer sunshine and winter rains
severe country drought and the desert plains.
Eucalyptus scent and Tea-tree oil
good health remedies from the soil.
Fresh water yabbies and the witchety grub
all make good tucker in the bush or scrub.
Crocodiles in the Kakadu national park
Burrumundi and the great white shark.
Sydney harbour bridge and the Opera House
Daintree rain forest and the kangaroo mouse.
Sheep wool farming and old shearing sheds
Melbourne Cup horse race for thoroughbreds.
Riverboat cruising up and down the Murray
passing border country towns not in a hurry.
Cradle mountain and the Tasmanian Devil
saying ‘fair dinkum’ means it’s on the level.
AFL rules football and big crowds at the MCG
playing one day cricket there is exciting to see.
The Fitzroy Gardens and Captain Cook’s cottage
are there for all to see as symbols of our heritage.
The Twelve Apostles standing along a rugged stretch of coast
a Ninety-Mile beach is something about which we can also boast.
The Glass House mountains are a sight to see and even to climb
by those who consider themselves fit enough and in their prime.
The great Australian Bight and the road on the Nullarbor plain
is a great feat to drive across and be able to come back again.
The local native wild dog known by name as the Dingo
has nothing to do with a game people play called Bingo.
There’s also a game called two-up that some people play
by which they gamble most of their weeks wages away.
Luna Park in St.Kilda and the annual Royal Melbourne Show
are places where you can take the kids to have fun people know.
There’s the local pub where you can go and have a drink with your mates
and is what many do all day long having a few too many in all the States.
This great southern land of Australia has so much to see and to offer
it would be a ****** shame if one didn’t give a **** or was a scoffer.
Private Collection - written in 2002
George Krokos May 2017
In the springtime of our found love
blessings we had down from above
and the things that were said or done
we understood and shared as one.

With every new day that arrived
all our wishes were not deprived
for ourselves and others around
that seemed to be very profound.

It looked as if we both enjoyed
whatever good was then deployed
in that time and place of accord
where true love was also restored.

During the time that transpired
we had everything we desired
meeting needs and situations
confirming our expectations.

We also gave and got back more
than what we had ever hoped for.
Such was our life and existence
that didn't meet any resistance.

It seemed we were in paradise
where everything was very nice.
All thoughts we had of being lost
were soon forgotten without cost.
Written in 2016.
George Krokos Dec 2017
When you hear all those trees
how they sing in the breeze
with their branches and leaves
which are now falling down
covering the bare ground
to pile up in a mound
from where all of them grow
they begin then to show
that season we well know.
Yes, this was written in autumn 2017 - down under.
George Krokos Aug 2016
We all have to daily eat and drink and also **** and ****
there isn't anything else more basic or common than this,
except a vital need to rest and get some adequate sleep
as the rigours of life take their toll on the body we keep.

Let's not forget the all-important function of breathing to stay alive
which depends so much on various conditions for anyone to thrive
and is the main ingredient for every creature's life on this world;
regardless of anything else it determines how well they're swirled.

We also have a need to keep our bodies and clothes clean
as our daily activities produce sweat and odour that is seen
and can be smelt from a distance which isn't very pleasant
making us wonder if a person noticed with is just a peasant.

There is also an inherent urge to love and be loved in return
which is what makes life worth living for those who discern,
and the very curious thought as to why we've been born at all
or the reason for our existence on this planet Earth we so call.
Written in 2016.
George Krokos Jun 2020
We'd all be so much better off from the start
if we attained to a clean mind and pure heart
'cause they work together well but not so apart
and our lives would end up being a work of art
finished by an accomplished artist at their craft
who'd also be highly regarded prior to the draft
on a blank canvas of our life's unfolding drama
without anything to hinder the superb panorama.
Written early in 2020.
George Krokos Sep 2015
There’s a bridge across the river
to the other side,
and all those who cross over there
have nothing to hide.
Whatever they all go there for
and seeking to find
would not be any of those things
they have left behind.
Written in 2014. Inspired by a graphic art piece created some time ago with the same name and posted on another website.
George Krokos Oct 2010
Fly O butterfly fly in the clear and sunny day
Fly about in freedom in your haphazard way.
Fly onto colourful flowers and plants giving sustenance away
Fly as only you know how and live to see and fly another day.

Such a creature that you are and so very delicately made
A marvel of creation clothed in colours which do persuade.
What a contrast there is while you're motionless to that when you're in flight
A splendid example of nature to which all the credit is due allowing this sight.

Although you have your own season and have much with which to display
You're only here for a short time and like to make the most of it each day.
With angelic-like wings of splendour it seems you fly around effortlessly
From one area to another wherever your discretionary whim takes thee.

You are a creature of metamorphosis or the product and result of transforming change
Could this be the reason why that beauteous form of yours covers such a broad range?
For in the life-span which has been allotted to you a rare beauty you've now become
An exemplar of harmonious existence with nature that is evidently a hobby for some.

In the whole wide world there's hardly a creature that bears any resemblance to you
And it's only in your rather less noble relation the moth there's some semblance true.
You're verily also a creature that appears to revel in broad daylight
Though your cousin is mainly one who usually abounds in the night.

And you have wings that are mostly poised upright behind you when in rest
While those of your kindred are but lowly hung and only widespread at best.
It also occurs to me you're more refined and sensitive by birthright than your relation
As you're the one who avoids flying headlong into objects and get the most adulation.

Fly O butterfly fly and may you find your happy mate
Fly to where love takes you and wandering does sate.
Fly all around to every place in your naturally free and delightful state
Fly as only you know how and live to share with all that eventful fate.

From unpublished book "The Seeds Of Life" compiled in 1996
George Krokos Dec 2011
O Beloved, do You think that I can forget You at all?
Help me realise The Love which attracts You by call.
You are the only one that I have always longed for!
Help me please get across to the land of Your Shore.

Separation is a mighty ocean of many burning desires
Help me cross over and not be consumed by their fires.
Take me by the hand if necessary don't let me go astray
Help me get to that place where I'll be with You all day.

Life is really very short there is not all that much time
Help me find You without committing any more crime.
You are so compassionate towards us and can wipe our slate clean
Help me at least get a glimpse of You like all the others have seen.

We are all Thy children and often call to You when in need
Help us all ask for that which will bring You closer indeed.
Thy Divine Love and Grace awakens Your presence in our heart
Help us all experience that Love where we are never really apart.

All the people of this world are searching everywhere for love
Help them realise and achieve that which is a gift from above.
Once everyone gets a taste of It they will then know for sure!
Help us so that we can find what is really worth looking for.
From unpublished book "The Seeds Of Life" - compiled in 1996.
George Krokos Sep 2014
There is a child of nature hidden within us all
a creature of innocence like that prior the Fall.
Nobody around, it seems, knows just how old it may really be
though an enlightened estimate gives it an ageless chronology.

Even before the beginning of creation when it was all alone,
in a formless incorporeal state, before it turned into stone,
it existed without any notion of anything else around
being itself unlimited and infinitely most profound.

Then in an instantaneous moment without the passage of time
it had the urge or whim to know its own immaculate prime.
So without any thought of limitation it pronounced the Word
an endless repetitive vibration with which it tried to be heard.

In the wake of this action-less beginning to know itself more
there was an incredible implosion in its own being to score.
Though it remained unaffected because of its true almighty nature
nevertheless it began to imagine itself then as divided in stature.

Continuously repeating that primal Word or sound of its latent propensity
which was also really no other than a simple question of its own curiosity.
Within its own boundless, pristine, indivisible and unfathomable glory
it began conceiving with its power of imagination an opposite story.

Then it manifested from within its being an infinite light
with which perhaps to view the extent of its own plight.
As in a dream where one vaguely perceives an object in space
it began imagining its first rudimentary and existential place.
A creation poem originally written in 2011 and modified slightly since. It may be expanded on at some later date.
George Krokos Dec 2017
It was almost just like another summer's day
the sun was warm and the clouds were away,
there was also a slight breeze then blowing
and this made the weather to one knowing.

But whatever that was or it seemed to be
was nevertheless an indecisive fact to see.
Written early 2017
George Krokos Nov 2010
It was from the sands of a windswept beach
I picked up pebbles that were easy to reach.
They had attracted my attention while walking by
their coloured well formed shape caught the eye.

There were so many to choose from I had to decide
in selecting those which my fancy would coincide.
It’s truly amazing what some people see in stone
a subject which a lot of our imagination is prone.

It was almost as if I’d found treasure on the seashore
and couldn’t help myself as I looked around for more.
The simple joy of collecting something that attracts the mind
is an age old activity which all people do have of some kind.

There were the questions of how many would I take
and what, if anything with them, one could make?
They were so abundant and all varied mostly in size
that it wasn’t hard to imagine an object or visualize.

It was also only the first location at which I found
that I thought surely there must be others around.
So with a sense of adventure I looked forward to explore
another beach while making my way home along the shore.

There were several other stops made further on the way
collecting various coloured pebbles amidst the sea spray.
Many times would I get my sandals wet along that coast
going amongst rocks and sand to the waters edge at most.

It was with a sense of gain and loss then after I’d taken enough
deciding right there and then to stop collecting which was tough.
The next step would be to think about and see what I would do
with all those beautiful pebbles gathered while passing through.

Maybe I could approach someone with the right flair and skill
who could make something with them and imagination fulfill.
That natural forming eroding action of water, ice, wind and sand
rarely requires the finishing touches of some other skillful hand.

Perhaps in fashioning some jewellery using metal to bind
a few pebbles together that are different or a similar kind.
Or maybe I could just keep some myself and give the rest away
a gesture of friendship toward which our memories would play.

Yes it was from the sands of many a windswept lonely beach
I came accross and collected pebbles that were within reach.
Isn’t it truly amazing what some people see in stone?
a subject in which much of our imagination is prone.
Private Collection - written in 1997
George Krokos May 2014
Are you demon or human my friend?
and how can you say one or the other?
Just because you look like what is taken to be human
doesn’t really explain what is going on inside of you.

If you can honestly say that without any doubt
you are definitely human then prove your case!
Do you in fact submit to any Divine Authority
and acknowledge an Almighty Supreme Being?

Are you in fear and awe of a power greater than your own
that can without any effort show you the extent to which
It holds everything in place that we see and take for granted
by the sheer might of Its own Infinite and Eternal Existence?

Do you love and think kindly towards your fellow human beings
and try to be of help and service to those who are in need even
to the extent of depriving yourself of time, money and resources
that you would normally spend or use for your own personal welfare?

Do you ever hold or regard anything to be sacred and fit for worship
in particular what has been ordained through scripture to be of God?
Do you in fact cherish all of life and do not seek to harm any creature
or living thing as much as possible by feeling or showing compassion?

Would you consider or put your own life at risk in a situation to help
where the safety or life of anybody else is in danger or harms way?
Or do you fret, curse and swear over the smallest thing that goes wrong
each day when something unexpected happens that isn’t to your liking?

Do you lie, cheat and steal in any way when dealing with other people
especially where the matter is to your own disadvatage or possible loss?
Do you covet or pursue that which isn’t lawful or forbidden to have
for the sake of your own personal self gratification, greed and lust?

It would be really good to know whether you are demon or human
so that you can perhaps honestly say you’re not even in possesion;
by some demonic spirit that has got the better or should I say worse of you
and that whatever you may say or do is in accordance with what is TRUE.
Private Collection written in 2013.
Sinking in depression
for another session
     is not an obsession
       but is a confession
             due to the recession
                        caused by a dissension.
© 2021 George Krokos
Written in 2020 when the corona virus began to hit hard around the world.
George Krokos Jan 2014
The menu looked good but the service and ingredients were lousy
is it any wonder that people were getting up to leave in droves!
Their expectations were shatterred and diminished by one or two
who feigned knowledge of the main course, offerred little solace.

Instead they indulged and reveled in harsh antagonisms for their own sake
even to the point of evoking reactions that were uncalled for by themselves.
The question on everyone’s lips was: “how could one stay and survive?”
when the road ahead was being plagiarised and mocked by a corrupt academic
who had a way with words but didn’t have the knack to put them in decent verse.

It was quite evident that that person’s appetite did not extend beyond their own nose
and stomach so could not or would not even offer a compliment where one was due.
Cries of “what a ****** and what a pity!” were heard to resound across the table
by those who came and went on a daily and weekly basis in bewilderment thinking
there has got to be something better than this where the subject matter was concerned.
Then there was also the added hostility of being called a “***” by one with a name that sounded like
a woman’s in the middle of a useless argument fathered by the one who only sought self gratification
privately attempting to lure some or all newcomers to the table for a lashing at a place called PFFA.

Perhaps that was the initiation not undergone or ventured that aroused the harsh comments
to flow and continue unabated but we also get the strong impression that there is a need for
genuine inspiration and criticism that is constructive and not the opposite which has been
the case at the table for some time and whenever someone comes along who offers one or both
the onlookers there mumble amongst themselves or in private on how to get a piece of the cake
without much thought for the wellbeing of the newcomer who has been attacked by the aforesaid.

There were also present some very nicely groomed women who showered kind words and offered
encouraging comments with proper etiquette almost to the point of distraction and fellowship but
they also had their hands full trying to mitigate the onslought of the ones who were the aggressors.
At least these were the impressions which appear to have induced all those to want to either leave or stay and continue to savour any or no dessert in the form of moderation and understanding and have their voice heard in a congenial manner by one, some or all who came to dinner at Algonquin’s table.
Good intentions are necessary in thought, word and deed by all those who use writing as a means for
expressing themselves in any forum where ideas flourish and are used to further inquiry and learning.
Private collection, written in October 2012.
Note: This is a satirical piece of writing, a prose poem if I may use the term, about my initial experiences on another website called Algonquin's Table. Although a small website as far as membership goes, it offers a broad spectrum of expression across several fields of creativity such as a poetry forum of course, prose, member art gallery (including photography), film & television discussion and review, poetic co-operation, 'wordworx', workshops, audio and music, etc. Most members are somewhat helpful offering genuine constructive criticism and some are not and it may be noted that there are quite a few who are in their sixties, seventies and beyond with strong views about the written language. Check it out.
George Krokos Jul 2020
I thought that this would be an interesting subject
to write about and express some views here on.
My first thoughts were so daunting of the prospect
as nowhere I recall reading has it been written on.

When anyone thinks deeply on such a matter
all sorts of ideas will come to one's mind.
At first it will seem like a whole lot of chatter
with the main plot being of an unusual kind.

Sure, I've often read the universe is God's dream
but just to what extent would this be applicable
remains to be seen if nobody hears God scream
or when the nightmare is humanly inexplicable.

Perhaps as something like we'd experience too
in our own life when everything's going wrong
or get involved in senseless things as some do
and go through bad situations in them for long.

But as far as God goes it'd be on a massive scale
involving all the highly evolved intelligent forms
where all of those creatures in the universe's tale
fight against themselves using destructive norms.

Eventually damaging the fabric of space and time
with the gradual obliteration of all life in existence
those creatures would be indulging in such crime
and the mind of the Creator offering no resistance.

Because of the fact that the dream would be ending
- a real doomsday for the universe as far as it goes;
and there would be no way possible of suspending
this outcome of the nightmare that only God knows.

God would then revert to a state of dreamless sleep
or unconsciousness as we do in our restful slumber
to recharge Himself with a habit He too does keep
and so after awhile begins dreaming a new number.
Written in March 2020. Somehow I think that we would all be a part of God's nightmare if He ever had one and had to wake up from as we do at times.
George Krokos Dec 2017
There are a lot of things we could do without
and of this fact in life there is no real doubt.
Take for example now our wants and desires;
or the urge to get things that our heart conspires
together with the mind when the time is right
regardless of the hours being day or night.
Written early 2017
George Krokos Nov 2013
(Not exactly in this order)

I wash myself and brush my teeth
comb my hair and spray beneath.
I put on some clothes, socks and shoes
and wonder about the household dues.

I feed the birds and water the plants
and practice a karate tai-chi dance.
I say my prayers and also meditate
and rest a while in a peaceful state.

I sweep the floors and mop them too
vacuum the carpet and clean the loo.
I have some breakfast in the morning
and later on prepare for the evening.

I check for any mail and bring it all in
then consider what to throw in the bin.
I read and write about what interests me
and if necessary go on a shopping spree.

I cut the grass and also trim the edges
clear the dust away from window ledges.
I occasionally have to prune garden shrubs and trees
and also to rake in and dispose of most of the leaves.

I usually manage to pay most of the rates and bills on time
and then wonder how or why people get involved in crime.
I generally try to do what I seem to know is best
and in doing so hope to pass my routine daily test.

If there are some things that I have left out
there's a way by which I eventually find out.
I just do what I can and leave the rest to God
Who reminds me now and again what is odd.
Private Collection written in 2011.
George Krokos Apr 2016
The doomsday preacher has a lot to say
about what’s going on in the world today.
He quotes the scriptures with a loud voice
so as to point out that we all have a choice.

He addresses his words to those who’re passing by
which is usually at times with such a piercing cry.
Some of the people stop and listen there for a while
wondering if what is spoken may not be full of guile.

The words that he speaks talk of fire and brimstone
coming down on us all unless we repent and atone
from the things we all do which are against the law
and accumulate sin barring us from heaven’s door.

He stands there alone in the street as if one transfixed
though the message loudly preached is not ever mixed,
and handing out certain pamphlets of the printed word
for any who care to read later what they haven’t heard.

Rarely does he pause at all during the time of speaking
but continues on for the sake of any lost souls reaping.
Like one long ago who was seen crying in the wilderness
preaching of those things that require God’s forgiveness.
Written in 2015. This poem recalls to my mind one or two people seen and heard many years ago walking along through the city of Melbourne whilst doing some shopping.
George Krokos Feb 2011
I went for a trip one day down memory lane
and everything at first seemed to be quite plain
but as I paid more attention there began to see
certain things that I thought no longer could be.

Whatever good or bad experiences happened there in the past
were looming now before my minds eye and I became aghast.
So many vague images appeared all like an illusion
one after another or together causing some confusion.

In a matter of a few moments I witnessed so much
more than one could normally ever want to as such.
These memories of events and images appeared quite fast
that it was difficult telling how long in my vision did last.

Some demanded more attention than many others it seemed
yet there were those that all faded just when being gleamed.
Like a fast moving motion picture showing in between
they all paraded on the center stage of my mental screen.

Good and bad played themselves out against light and dark
reminding me that they’re both aspects of life that’s stark.
Particularly where judgement of a case has been too extreme
which leaves behind a feeling of justice not being supreme.

Those unpleasant memories buried deep within our mind
can all be replaced by better ones of a much happier kind.
When anyone responds favourably to an adverse situation
that reaction is more conducive to our happiness in relation.
Private Collection - written in 2010
George Krokos Mar 2018
Out of the body cage and into space
the soul finds itself in another place.
As in a dream it moves so far around
with the feet hardly touching ground.
It meets all sorts of people out there
and towards many of them feels bare.
There are others that it seems to hold
in a fond memory from times of old.
It can barely recognise where it goes
but places look so familiar it knows.

And as often as when it gets itself lost
or in a spot of bother that it will cost
comes quickly home to its body cage;
'out of harm's way' is that old adage.
To wake up and sense that it is back
in that old comfortable body shack.
At times trembling with cold 'n fear
knowing it has been away from here.

The body does become a little cold
when the soul escapes from its fold
and so if it stays away for too long
it may be ready to sing a new song;
based in part on all those impressions
carried over from its previous sessions.

Where it ends up is determined by fate
to balance out right 'n wrongs to date.
But if it has achieved full awareness
of its True nature by Grace in fairness
it makes its way back to that Abode
of Eternal Existence and Divine Node.
Written Feb. 2018. Does this sound familiar to anyone. I tried to capture the essence of what we all experience at various times when we dream and a bit of spiritual philosophy to go with it.
George Krokos Oct 2010
I look at you from every practical angle
and the more I look at you the more I know.
We speak to each other, share each other's feelings,
live each other's fear; hate from another.
We seek out each other's love;
I love you more than words can say, you know that well.
Some others cannot understand the way we feel,
cannot think the way we do.
They fail to understand their one another
as others cannot understand each other.
They are not us, for we have each other.

We were a part of them for oh, so long!
before we found each other.
You remember the way we were
without love and understanding.
The way we are now sharing and caring for each other.
Days gone by were, here no more,
full of sorrow without each other.
Optimistic in our lives of each other's existence,
days of future passed now are passing.
Love is endlessly searching our lives thoroughly,
every moment is an excellent opportunity.
There is no ending loving each other.
From unpublished book "The Seeds Of Life" - compiled in 1996.
A very early piece about ideal love written over 40 years ago.
George Krokos Apr 2014
Dear ???? and ????,

A long time its been no see or hear
yet in my mind both of you are dear.
I wonder if at some time or other
we all could perhaps get together.
Though I don't like to intrude
on people's privacy or be rude.

But with old friends it's a little different
and the two of you have been absent,
from the local scene in Melbourne town
it's almost as if you have both outgrown,
and become detached and other worldly
into the country side where now you be.

If you are too busy it comes as no surprise
one can only hope and somehow devise
the means by which contact is made
and the parties involved are not afraid.
It would be good to hear from the both of you
a short reply to this message, please will do.

George K.
Private Collection written in 2010. I have left out the names of those to whom it was sent.
George Krokos Sep 2016
All those empty boxes of our lives
are like those things love deprives.
Our minds and hearts can't bear the pain
if in all we see there's nothing to gain.
And how cold it is without any friends
who don't pursue or share similar ends.

The days are bleak and fleeing past
before our eyes can make them last
and the nights are all needless to say
just like dark shadows of each day.
If we find it hard to make ends meet
thoughts in our mind are not discreet.

Yet life could be better or worse still
when we follow all those who thrill
and captivate us with their own ways
making us believe them as in a daze.
Particularly when we see in their faces
something that we're lacking in places.

How strange it is and so true to say
that life goes on regardless anyway.
It often comes as no surprise to me
when the people around fail to see
we are all living on common ground
and only have empty boxes to sound.
Written in 2016.
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