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Mother's frozen tears
fall down around me
sitting in the center
of this dancing galaxy
something wonderful wells up
like a wave inside my mind
crystallizes in my soul
secrets no one else can find
Mother's wildest words
whispered softly in a dream
caress my shadowed half
awake from ancient sleep
I remember standing in the sea
With a pale peach grasped between my hands,
And as the wave grew closer near,
I held it up against my lips.

And closer still, the wave came near,
And there I stood, still looking on
For what to me, was an entire year
I knew I'd let the wave swallow me whole.

And for a second I caught a glimpse
Of the wave curving over my head,
I closed my eyes and held my breath,
And let the wave wash over me.

Then there remaining, I still stood
having survived the passing wave,
Peach pressed still there, against my lips
I took a bite and tasted salt
And then the sweetness of the rest.
Cataloguing my childhood
Poolza 4d
Wave crashes on shore
Trying to climb up the land
But then it retreats
Dustin Dean Feb 8
this sickle is eager
to find the sick
better finish that unlaid track
before it finishes you
front to back

dirt that lays beneath my feet
cold and callous underneath
as fertile as a boy without a home
tongue in tact

where's the wash i've wished
would shroud over houses
i've deserted in their wake
end dispatch
Tiger Striped Jan 24
i know that soon

you'll be gone

out of sight

but i will still see you

between the lines of my favorite book

hear you

in the songs of my favorite cd

taste you

in the sugar in my coffee every morning

darling, you'll be

the space between the stars

and the dips of the moon

you'll be the crashing wave

that keeps knocking me off my feet

and the salt in the tears on my cheek

so forgive me if i do not say goodbye --

i'll be seeing you again
Lilywhite Jan 19
We use to talk of all the things we loved to do:
holding hands, lying beneath the stars, our conjoining of hearts

I believed I was in love with you and yet,
I remember the day you said goodbye like it were yesterday,
erased me from your life as if everything were nothing;
A swift kick to the curb—
the nerve

I’m glad to know it’s that easy to walk away from me
and that all the things I sacrificed for you
were as meaningful as the dirt on your shoe

Thanks... No, really... thank you

For now I know what not to look for
And that’s all the characteristics in which you possess;

The v i l e,
psychologically projected fear of loneliness
Along with your tendency to hide, lie, and be promiscuous

You and all your disturbances left such a bad taste in my mouth;
so much so, that I refuse to even utter your name aloud

but I will take with me all the lessons I've well earned,
and forgive you for all the disrespect that you so gave me

oh, and yet
be rest assured that you'll see what the **** it is that I'm worth
Now go ahead and ask me if I care what it is you think of me?
yup, uhh nope, not at all
But I do pray that you learn from your past discrepancies..

why you ask...?
well see, no other girl should have to suffer
solely because you can't ******* keep it together

and not everyone can build themselves back up from the devastating destruction you very well cause

you should know
that every decision creates a tidal wave
that not everyone can escape the repercussions of
January 14, 2013
the waves are united with hope
but it does not break the coral of hope
sand powder is a small particle of my dreams
it's okay to be trampled on
because to be sky
I'm still too ordinary
Nathalie Jan 5
I feel this wave of energy

Flowing through me

I am gradually lifting

To this euphoric state

I am fully aware of my presence

And with captivating clarity

I see beyond

What my eyes can see

I am moved by the

Language of my imagination

I am immersed in beauty and love

There is no ceiling

To where my spirit is leading me

It is the compass of dreams fulfilled

I trust in its itinerary

And divine timing

I rejoice in the dance

As if I was sharing

These moments with a cherished friend

I am loyal to my commitment

To thee as I know it

Always has my best interest at heart

Abby M Jan 3
The Great Wave
A sight often mistaken for a thing of beauty
A sight that means death
A graceful tragedy
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