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So easy lost yourself.
So hard to find.
When you in stream of minds. When you're part of wave.
It's easy be someone than be yourself.
It's easy be someone for others eyes.
But inside this streaming you're not the one.
In streaming just a shadows.
You'll find the force to get out.
This metal rod is inside.
You know who you are.
This grain inside of you.
The force inside.
And you'll find yourself again.
You know where's a light.
You know where is exit.
You've been here already a million times.
Poetic T Sep 18
A smile is a
       Stone skimmed  into

the sea of life.

It'll ripple outwards,

      Washing up on others

A smile travels  long way,
       See how far yours can

Make waves.
n-khrennikov Sep 8
I close my eyes and take you here,
I am lost in your brown eyes ...

I close my hands and I feel your body,
My breath take in your every breath.
You are the sea, I am a small harbor
In the waves whispers your hair, somewhere I live ...

Far away,
listening to the waves on the boat,
I call your name again and again before the dawn.
Star BG#

May 31
you inspired me with your last response
My gratitude is a wading pool I stand in,
everyday as poetic waves touch my heart
and I swim in a endless stream.

I am grateful for every drop
that spirals and penetrates
with rising sun and song of bird.

I am that wave.
I am the true self.

Evangeline Ruth Hope

May 31

I love this
And I love
When I feel
The wave flow
From my heart
My true Self
Found again
Love flowing

#Star BG#

  Jun 1
Recklessly across
fields of light.
to enhance
From heart
where love
And peace

#Star BG#


Thanks for reposting my poem. You are a gift.

*Evangeline Ruth Hope*


Evangeline Ruth Hope  
I love your chest
Poet Conversations
Volume 1
Kiki Shaw Aug 27
It's never quiet by the sea.
There's always something
Always something, always

Never nothing.

The silent something carries
A boat perhaps to shore
You wave, I check behind me but
The something swallows you whole
Before I can cry for help.

Goodbye, sweet
Silverflame Aug 25
I submerge myself
in sadness
drenched to my core
I paddle through
heartache and
melancholic waves
unaware of the
lurking tsunami
spawned by
thoughts of you
I had it under control. I had just spent 3 hours reading, indulging my mind and then it came like a giant wave. Knocked me off my feet
all cliched, down to a bench
My watery guts running down
my twin cheeks

“****” I screamed.
But I knew exactly how I “gut” here.
However, this didn’t make feel any better.
how many ***** can you scream until it gets remotely better.

One was enough for me today.
One calming “F” bomb.
Dream Fisher Aug 2
I've been driving down the same streets
Been tapping my foot to the same beat
I don't know, friend, maybe it's just me but,
Every path that I lead,
Every place I go and then leave,
It all feels the same, the players don't change.
Doesn't it seem strange?
They've been mapping out my path since first grade.
They had a plan for me before I even played.

I've been driving down the streets I paved,
Take a look at my world, friend,
Everything you see, I made.
I don't not believe in some force of fate
But nothing ever changed for people
Stuck living in a wait.
While the players never seem to change,
Look deep inside my eyes, I've changed.
While they give reasons in comfort to stay,
I'm ready for a new game to play.

If you neglect all the perspective,
You neglect your potential.
Staring down at my tip-less pencil
"You're broken and useless"
Sharpen your image and mind
And let's do this.
Look into the looking glass, take a breath,
Looking back at a beautiful mess.
Brace for the rip tide's
crash and sweep and pull.
Light, hazy blue,
flares safe heavens,
beckoning a breathless plea

There has never been peace in drowning.
Because every wave worth fighting
demands a hero who can breathe underwater
#22 in my Year One Collection, from notes on 3/16
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