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For some reason,
Things with no sense
Are the foundation
For everything else.

Standing on a raft,
Struggling through
waves and winds,
logic and reality.

You create your purpose,
a clear direction.
Maybe, this path,
can be the foundation.
A small thought on the relation between man and science. Which share strength and weaknesses.
Tess Apr 15
The brain is a very big place
And the skull is a very small space
The thoughts overflow into the night
Tainting the darkness with a morbid light

I don’t mean to ruin your blackness
To corrupt you sanity with my madness
I tried to stop, such a beautiful thing to save
But it rushes out with a vengeance, an all-consuming wave
Jay Apr 13
Gentle smiles
Friendly waves
Hands in hands
And warm embrace

That's what love is made from.
J Mar 26
the seas of pain hurt before dawn,
before returning itself to the ocean,
escaping from the light it turns to blue anemones,
to be lost in a wave or waves of the memories,
discord turns in stillness,
the thought of ourselves hurt long before
and still after the first death,
dressed in the color of the soul breathe under
the children of our imagination laugh like a
bird of freedom dipping its wings into the sun
some of the winds of words sleep after the hurricane
foam signatures
remained on the shoreline
telling of wave flow
Grey Jan 19
It wasn’t “I love you”
but at least it was goodbye.
Idklove Dec 2020
Love is like the ocean
In which our lives drifting apart
In the forms of wave 
In every full moon night 
Our life gets change
eve Dec 2020
They may never know
How you came into our lives
So effortlessly
When we needed
Something desperately
They may never know
How hurt she was before you
Healing her with your superpowers
Can’t tell you how do it
Make everything so well
They may never know
How some people come into our lives to leave
But you stayed.
Till this day
I can’t figure out
Why you did
You were given every chance
But it was like
Every time we broke you down
From the inside out
You still cared for us
They may never know
The pain hidden behind
The curtains that shadowed
Demons that exercised our bad intentions of you
Buried behind piles of lies
And excuses
Lay our meaningless lives
That is unfortunately what they may never know.
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