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Goodbye for me the hardest word especially to someone you truly love to say it when your goodbye means
To try and say goodbye forever I couldn't do without tears flooding my eyes all my hello's are all
But all that's left of the love you had foolishly thought would last forever Is now sadly no more for I've said the last
And I have read the final chapter and closed the book on my life story to where Its  to where no end was
Johnny walker Jun 18
A dream I hold dear to my heart a dream I've never let go but to not dream to me would be not living at all for dreams are an escape for
For saying no to my dreams would be like saying to life
for my dreams that where I go at night when I want to escape the troubles of
For dreams have been my saviour that saved me from
a fate worse death for Its given something to live for now that my sweetheart has
departed from
Apporva Arya Jun 4
I left my work saying
"We can spent time together"
He left me saying
"I guess you really have no work to do .But I do".
I still can't get over him and over the fact that how replaceable I was.
Maria Etre May 23
"Come to think about it"

That saying that's an invitation
Since you cleared your own path
I lost my inspiration

But looking straight ahead
I found my motivation

Henceforth my destiny is what I make of it
It seems you’re gone already, but thank you
Second day running still I remain positive have goals now In life, now continue on fighting to maintain my
attitude throughout every coming day the most important thing I
have Helen here with me, even though gone she's still giving me the
to get through and that Is very reassuring to know I quote a saying "Never Give Up Till The Fight Is Done" so
I'm feeling down I think of this quote and It from this quote that given
the Inspiration to fight my way through any pain and to better days to
Helen has given me the strength to carry my fight
to get through my loss and
I know this will never fully
go away but at leased Im better equipped to cope
Lex Condran Mar 30
A scratch today
Is gone tommorow
Let it go
And forget your sorrows

March 29 2019
But scars stay with us
Unless you're
Google ,
stop saying you know
But I'm pretty sure that even Google doesn't know everything...
Em Feb 12
The saying is always
"A thousand times yes."

But a million is so much more.
someone date me
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