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Man Mar 11
when i am silent
and say nothing
it is because, there is nothing to be said
or nothing of value worth saying,
look into my eyes
they say all i need to

and how much need be said
for things we both know
or do you just want to hear them aloud
so we can both revel in it
relishing the sorrow we both wrought
Tells The Tale
Tomorrows Sorrow
History future
Isabella Oct 2020
Saying the same words
Won't make me listen
andTilly Oct 2020
one word, a clutch
to hope, to wish, to tell
to not worry too
everything’s gonna be good
everything’s gonna end well
Nankurunaisa, an ancient Japanese (Okinawan) saying. The original meaning was: "Never forget where you are and live for today and for tomorrow; never forget to smile and, however bad your day has been, remember that the next day the sun will receive you with a big smile, so do the same yourself".

Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2020
I do not want to be alone
Where I struggle on my own
Saying I am okay to anyone who asks
Looking down so no one sees past my mask
Not like anyone actually cares anyways
Adam Prime Aug 2020
Live today as if its your last,
And reflect on the things of the past.
Nylee Jul 2020
The first thing
In my mind
When I wake up

It is my mind thing
Always thinking
In the world
It is bottled up

Is it a sign of something
A message, a kind
all about timing
And time again

It is recurring
Non leaving
Simply stuck in between

It is acting
Everyone practicing
Saying lines not to mess up.

What I am saying
In the end
I don't make sense to myself.
mae May 2020
There is fighting for what is right,
then there is fighting for the sake of your pride.

The first one is doing it for truth and justice,
the second one is doing it for what you think is true
and for whatever the hell you please.
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