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Sunshine Jan 23
Love me, with your mouth
Love me, with your hand
Love me, with your tongue
Love me, with your command

I will love your mouth
I will love your hand
I will love your tongue
I will love your command
Let's see how well you take demands
Brynn S Dec 2018
Everyone wants a poem
Short and sweet; how they love it so
Artistry for some, pretentious to others
“Keep it short darling”
“Let those pretty lips speak of happiness”
I have a true mind, a true heart too
I will not wait to be able to share
I say them when I feel them
To write words is to tell a story
Maybe poetry is too short for me
I do not aim to please the masses, I aim to please myself. I want to feel content with what I write about.
Makayla Jordan Oct 2018
honestly it feels like to me kids nowadays are being killed by words, perceptions, appearances, by a war being fought in the streets based on these things. we've pitted ourselves against each other because of these intangible yet malleable things and it's hard for me not to wonder when these feelings began. was it in our ancestors during the ice age, fighting for survival. survival. wow. survival
          - r.i.p to all the brothers who have lost their life because of modern day mankind's perception of- survival
Gabriel burnS Sep 2018
she said she was broken
needed fixing
came for the fix
I said “look honey,
I don’t do clockwork”
MicMag Jul 2018
Toss myself out of bed
Peel myself off the floor
Drag myself out of the house
Push myself to the job I hate
Force myself to face the world
Command myself to not melt into a puddle that oozes through the pores of the couch cushions to become a useless incompetent waste of my own **** self

Demand more of myself
To keep myself myself
Just want to lay here and do nothing

Must. Do. Things!
XyL0S May 2018
But you only see the face
And the way I smile,
You wont even want to know
The number of flaws I hide...

The tales of parties, gossips
And my pictures online
But I might never let you know
The stories behind...

Cause you're too innocent to be spoiled
You're the reason I feel WANTED not REQUIRED,

      I might never let it show,
It could be recovery,
      I feel unworthy somehow...
It's just like when you stop arguing with someone when it doesn't personally bother you, but you need the sound of silence...becausw you feel the hurt of the other one, or the hurt another word that slips might give.
while out and about
an unexpected over bare ring bout
to defecate arose,
     where sphincter asserted clout
and would excrete
     despite without doubt...

if closing distance
     (to reach rental abode)
beaten out by loosening sphincter muscle
     transmitting excretory code

set sights on prowl for outlawed, secluded,
     and wooded make shift commode
and essentially for naught negating
     toddler toilet training, sans

     getting ***** trained undone
     via my ***** ready to explode
and blast immense solid waste byproduct
     (oh...close to the size of Rhode Island)

thus a marathon race against time
found immediate readiness to pull off roadside  
     to access make shift water closet
     generating image firmly in pooping mode

     grabbing hold of a tree trunk
     (a mini rocky horror picture show, -
     this analogy included for no particular reason
     other than as a non-sequitur)

     and also to convey, how I tried
     to allay distractions
     while painful contractions flowed
(perhaps approximating a woman

     on verge of giving birth) matter, aye could envision,
     an ever increasing heavy mf* load
hence approaching Highland Manor Apartments

     this chap abandoned
     prior simultaneous evacuation plan
     starkly aware probability for secluded spot sunk
(nonetheless, thy darting darting

     anguish, futile lizard like lookout,
     a geico Gekko whose cheeks did blush
     even for a measly Georgian bush
quickened nsync with ****** spasms

     visual scouting industrialized
     where backhoes didst crush
once a time sacred happy hunting grounds
     of native Americans, now flush

with newly built vinyl city re: urban sprawl a gush,
where cookie cutter houses long since bringing hush
     puppies muzzled, yet never the less and mush
a doo doo about nothing) except sprint

     ting to a void push  
immortalizing indigenous tribes ghosts rush
peopling infrastructure affixing
     urbanization with their warrior whoosh!
hannah Apr 2018
You do not understand
I feel like screaming
Listen I am not done
I demand an answer
I can't be thrown away like that
I am not alive to serve you hand and foot
Don't play innocent
You have never been innocent
I was just ******
I am to trusting I couldn't see the fact that you where using me
But I am just a child what could I know
I know that I cared but you didn't...
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