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What's there in a prayer?
It's just a response to a scare
His being Master to declare
You being a beggar to religare
Asking His credentials you never dare
Traveler Sep 13
Surviving in a prison cell
I learn to stand behind myself
Witnessing this hell I dream

We sleep in comfort
As we slumber away our existence
Being a true master takes persistence
Hell I can fall back to sleep in an instant

Aesthetic displays
I get lost in the days
This dream is but a life
The con from beyond
Keeps me going strong
No matter wrong or right
Traveler Tim
Janice Aug 2
Your touch sends shivers
Cascading down my spine

The blindfold reminds me
My body isn’t mine

You, my master claim me
Daddy’s little ****

******* here before you
My eyes so tightly shut

I’ve been a naughty girl
Be punished? Yes I must

However you decide
Will truly feed my trust

The whips you crack
Against my skin

Will teach me how to be
A good girl again
Tom Waiting Jun 21
what’s the difference tween ******* & writing poetry?

let us cut to the chase, cause I know how much-you
hate to be kept waiting, lest your addled, added,
impatient attention grow as big as the U.S. budget

answer: not much

in fact, can’t come up with a single signal differentiation.

1. both require tissues when done
2. both give you short and sweet satisfaction, that is a renewable resource
3. serotonin levels up, up and away - yay!
4. long term impact for both is wrist pain
5. inevitably, makes you late for tedious life chores
6. doesn’t burn much calories, though you record it on your activity-tracker as “aerobic exercise”
7. one tends to exclaim “Oh ****” when completed.
8. both master bait you (pun. get it?) who’s the master, who’s the bait?
9. are you bored already? Go forth and do either activity, (I know you’re getting hot)
10. both leave you satisfied but the urge to purge returns very quickly
11. tendency to lock the bathroom door for both, when “composing”
12. filed on your computer as introspection and mindfulness (that cracks me up)
13. gonna stop right here so you take your ADD meds
14. you love them both in no particular order
15. you cannot get coronavirus from either (sincerely hope not!)
16. your denials deserve a retort: so ***** you too!
Simon Apr 25
Having a masters degree about anything isn’t that much when it comes to actually having it, itself…isn’t it…? Only if one were to become mutually thoughtful right off the bat about how insightful it is to be the master’s degree itself…is to persuade the thoughtful contemplation's ahead of schedule over one’s very insight. Because you see, there all the same. Insight and thoughtful. Heck! There even what you’d call (one in the same)! That being said, I’d like to think that the more (something) were to come out of context altogether without a whisper of a (someone) whimpering without knowing (what or if) contemplation's itself hast to add in both words known as insight or thoughtful…? One or the other doesn’t STAND A CHANCE when it comes to (something) without figuring out what a simple masters degree is all about. As this may sound like a lot of rambling… B-but it’s both a tasteless virtue and variety…all at the same single interval type of spectacle. And speaking of spectacles…. (Who) or MORE like (what)…is the actual spectacle…? Well obviously, no one in particular! It’s just a random statement just simply (wanting) to escape and flutter out endlessly without a moment’s thought. This is what being open-minded is all about! Especially when it comes to being simply thoughtful while (still) full of insight. Where the contemplation's aren’t agreeable before the very simulations of either being both full of (insight and thoughtful) even had a chance to keep up with you (yourself) as the master’s degree full of all this hip and happening type of fluttering inspirational sparks flying off again…without a moment’s thought! Meaning, (IT’S) treating itself to a very good time! A-and what exactly is (tre-eating) itself to a very good time…? Well…are you CRAZY or WHAT…?! Don’t you see the clearer truth for a lackluster simulation for non-realizations for (self)?! Because I sure doo! And it’s both marvellous and magnificent! S-so in the end, what does all this entail exactly…? Easy! First: everything isn’t made up in your own little immature average noggin. Two: nothing is completely foreseeable when (something) isn't completely sought out to be right for the ABSOLUTE…BETTER! And three: as if there’s anything more to add in the safest of descriptions among its simulation for examples. For nothing is ever right, when something isn’t known to believe it can stride onward towards a master’s degree of insight and thoughtful contemplation's when everything is truly meant to be for the ABSOLUTE…BETTER! Simply when you have the simplest of behavioral attitudes wavering you down for one’s attention span to catch you in a staggering fall of trust. Especially when that very attention span, is your crutch to simply (with minor difficulties) to keep you upright without completely falling over. Then falling prey to your own justified goods full of the very negative ramifications that your own behavioural attitudes wanted you to believe into catching that very follow-up. That’s when (you) will know for ALL THE LUCKIEST STARS IN THE GALAXY! That everything doesn’t come before you… As being open-minded is never the lackluster for choice among its trustful guidance to see otherwise. As it’s luckier to see everything to the very end. Even if (seeing something to the ABSOLUTE ending point) sparks a gesturable nudge in the right direction for (self) to tell equally all things apart for the (again and again…ABSOLUTE…BETTER)! Once you come to understand its very information so it’s simulation for compatibility will make it’s match clean without very tough or rough or rigid testifying guilty pleasures from exhausting all efforts towards those very (ABSOLUTE ending points). Then one could (for the ABSOLUTE…BETTER) actually afford to comprehend its very choice over luck which molds together to then validate a (hopeful serenity) form of trust just isn't what it’s all cracked up to be! As that’s both (seemingly and supposedly) to be the actual case. B-but is it, really?! Especially if that very individual isn’t up to standards when its form is nothing but basic plastic with a VERY grungy transparency. This is when you’d (thought) to be the very master’s degree student without failing to notion about just how far you’ve come when confronting (self) away from the very contemplation's that seemingly and supposedly come (without fail) firstly. Before you could have any time to self-react towards your own thoughts and feelings transcribing themselves into there own (want’s and needs) about the type of insight and thoughtfulness you’d like to share globally with a higher petition about what (self) is all about. Now, who’s next…?!
Nothing is EVER truer than what comes with mistrust to a global faction full of rust never correctly seeing the obvious, when it’s TRULY staring you RIGHT IN THE FACE! All so it can presumingly justify the goods for self-assertion isn’t totally costly when coming to everything that might just turn out for the ABSOLUTE…BETTER!
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