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Mark Wanless Apr 25
dog my friend my dog
he is master i love him
we **** together
MoonFlow Apr 13
Who am I to question,
When hardships befall over me?
Let it be a vast circle of bulky mountains,
Ensnaring me from all sides.
If I fall into a threatening void,
A void that gnaws at my soul,
And is ravenous for my worn-out soul,
That helps me encounter more turbulences.

But who am I to question my tolerance of enduring a void that ravens for troubles for me?
When my Master, the Beloved of the Almighty,
Stated that Muslims are prepared to confront
Whatever situation they may face with their faith.

With my faith,
I can pull myself out of the void,
Shove off bulky mountains,
they ain't heavier than my
‘Whatever difficulty reaches a Muslim, be it an illness, worry, sadness, pain,
distress, or even a ***** of a thorn, Allah Almighty makes it an
expiation for his sins’. (Sahih-ul-Bukhari, vol. 4, p. 3, Hadees 5641)
Lee Aaun Mar 8
finally, she has learned how to
love herself, till the sun shines
and moon comes back—
to lighten the night
the storms calm down,
waves become ceased
and the ocean is tranquil
in all chapters of her life
she has mastered the techniques
of surviving in hell
everyday can be special, if you can treat her right
I still hear your euphoric melodies,
The way your eyes would sing.
Vivace, you set the tempo;
The master of playing my heart strings.
Ken Pepiton Dec 2020
Who did you imagine,
when I appeared?
Words and nothing more,
more than you
much less than you have hoped,
had forethought been your reason
to be.

it is 2020, gnoshit, we are the beings involved

in revolution re
turn, turn, turn, there is a time
for ever in seasons of ifery
wished in comics

Red Sonya, eh, a Marvel Archetype,
or a thought,
a notion, or a gumption to appear as real,
an angel,

a word to the wise.
Stay alive, don't **** the buzz.
Watching comix on Hulu, drinking Thanksgiven leftover maagueeriTAS
Bleurose Nov 2020
Cigarette smoke made
Your mouth taste like ash so
I dug deeper into your throat to find an
Approximation of honesty, caked in filth and motherhood.
You would bow down before the wrong masters and yet consider yourself mine...
And a good master protects his pet, respects his pet, Listens to his pet.
Do not approach me with apologies that are late and I will not approach with the same.
Orakhal Oct 2020
but the sense of its not being
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