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If your lips are dry, let me moisten them with the sweet fragrance of my lips. When your soul is empty, let me fill it with the fruits of my love so you can moan in ecstasy. Let me whisper in your mouth and it shall melt like honey. A kiss of mine can satisfy the wishes of a Master like you. Tell me how to please you, Lord. Come and swim like a fish into the ocean of my love. Let us melt into each other, let me wound you with everlasting pleasure. God shall be our kingdom and you my only Master.
Amoy Sep 24
The wheels of time spins in my direction knocking me off my feet
telling me I need to yield for it is my master. Time the illusional master captures me, casting shadows on my mind, body and heart.
imprisoning my thoughts and emotions with promises to sooth my pain
Does Time heal all wounds?
annh Apr 22
Alas, for I am master of my pen;
But Calliope is mistress of me.
‘I kept reaching for my muses, my wandering muses, floating on clouds filled with their passions.’
- Chimnese Davids, Muses of Wandering Passions
Mark Wanless Sep 5
as time collapses around me
i feel a melancholy dirge

and call upon a master
not ever believed in

to save me save me a hollow sound
that dances across the centuries

from lips of hopeful dreamers of love
felt real
George Krokos Aug 13
The master was known to be so very kind
and spoke directly to one's heart and mind.
He would communicate by saying things
that touched deeply on one's soul strings.
All were amazed at the depth of wisdom
which was given with a sense of freedom.
Sitting in his presence was an art in itself
where one could imbibe things of the Self.

This knowledge seemed to be freely given
with the end result of enlightenment driven.
All seemed to be elevated to an awareness
of direct experience by the grace of fairness
radiating from the presence of the master
who just sat there and spoke not of disaster
but of good tidings that were for the benefit
of those concerned in body, mind and spirit.

At times when he spoke he gave a sample
from life situations inspired by example
to cause one to reflect, wonder at the depth
of direct knowledge in which he was adept.
He would also relate some inspiring story
taken from certain scriptures or of history
that was for the most part so full of meaning
to make the message given more appealing.

Like the One who spoke in parables long ago
he would so speak for those around to know.
Such were the words of the master as spoken
which had the effect on any who were broken
uplifting and helping them all there to realise
that hope had replaced despair in their eyes.
The words of the master are keys to freedom
that open one's heart and mind with wisdom.
Written early in 2918.
OpenWorldView Aug 12
learn learning
learn teaching
teach learning
teach teaching
Arisa Aug 2
free spirit bound tightly.

the equivalent
of keeping a wild tiger
as a house kitty.

you may gag my mouth
you may bind my wrists
you may stimulate
you may penetrate

you may humiliate

but though i am your slave
I am still my own master.
jonni inferno Jul 21
purple shades
o' velvet black
strewn across
dark green grass
on rolling hills
gently laying
in sylvar shades
her face
is softly waning

an' scattered thru
the starlit nyte
her dreams
her hopes
her fears
an' i...

hear her
plaintive pleas
desperate cries
and so
reach out my hand
an' gently soothe
the aches an' pains
of her
precious life's
most bitter wounds

i stand my guard
an' watch
o'er her shattered gates
thru many a long
dark treacherous nyte
aware of
every shadows fall
wary of each
an' every noise

an' i swear by all
by strength of heart
breath of life
an' death of soul
on these i swear
tha' none shall pass
from hellish realms
of fiery ash
to breach
her broken battlements
nor press 'pon
her battered gates
to cast
their wicked stones
of hate

her fate i swear
'tis my soul's life
mine only heart
my one true light

be off with thee
oh wretched swine
tread not near
my beloved's breast
trouble not
her slumb'ring rest
nor gaze upon
her hallowed face

remove thy stench
from this
mortal plane
for thou art curst
an' thou shouldst flee
to brimstone's hearth
to thy master's knee

purple shades
o' velvet black
strewn across
dark green grass
on rolling hills
gently laying
in sylvar shades
her face
is softly fading

an' scattered thru
the starlit nyte
her dreams
her hopes
her fears
an' i...

p j upchurch
Jack Harrell Jul 14
A jack of all trades
But a master of none
How many can I claim
Before I’m done?

Titular titles tumble from my tongue
Mumbling by mere menageries
Of often overlooked and occult occupations
Professional practices performed profusely

Waiting out the rain
Slumping through the pain
Perfecting nothing but aversion
New things tempt me like a ******
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