What if Thomas Edison never invented the light bulb?
Think of the darkness the world would be in.

What if Mary Anderson never invented the windshield wiper?
Think of how many more people would have died in car accidents.

What if Hans Lippershey never invented the telescope?
Think of the unknown planets and stars we would never known  about.

What if God never invented me and you?
Think of where our love would have never gone.

                             With love,
Parents love you
They do what they can to help you
They mean well, but they don't know
The way I think or react
Thinking why and how, that's a fact
I'm always over...
over the top
anything to say I think too much
I feel too much
I see too much
I do too much
Since when was that a problem?
Because you think I am a problem

Parents love you
But they don't understand you
You try to fix me feeling
but you do more harm than healing
They don't see what you see
They see their kid overthinking
But they think of possibilities
along with other probabilities
I'm not a person anymore, I'm a problem
Your thinking is my problem
I'll never be enough for you
I'll never have enough to impress you
This is my attempt of explaining a child and a parents perspective of someone with anxiety
There is a bullet in a box of crayons with really strange names like Parkland Perrywinkle, Sandy Hook Sanguine, and Great Mills Green in a place where children play Russian Roulette with their school supplies when they reach in to grab one and they’ve been learning about probability this week Forrest Gump will tell them you never know if you’re going to finish the lesson or turn into a statistic my sister likes to create mosaics by putting a hairdryer to crayons melting cascades of wax down a blank page sometimes she reaches in and it’s the one lead crayon at the top of the page and it’s only one color that seeps down into the crevices of the cafeteria’s tile floor that proceeds to wash away the Proud Honor Roll Parent stickers washes away the Proud Honor Roll Parent stickers I see another child reach into the box and I write another word problem I write another word problem: “Zoey reaches into a box of crayons. What is the likelihood she will not get to hang her drawing up on her kitchen refrigerator? What is the likelihood her funeral photo will hang there instead?” Draw students’ attention to the key word “likelihood.” Tell students This word shows that the question is asking whether or not you will live to tell your parents how your day at school was. and I wonder when school desks will take the shape of caskets in a place where both screams of laughter and screams of terror
are permitted
TRIGGER WARNING: My Fiance and I were just talking last night about how this poem, written at the time of March for our Lives, seemed a little passe. And here we are, another school shooting in Texas. On average, there has been a school shooting every week in 2018. Most kids are worrying about whether shrimp poppers is on the menu this week, whether it's an A or B week. They shouldn't have to worry about getting shot at. Never again.
You helped me stand but then you would push me down
You were my king but now you're a peasant with a shattered crown
I use to play trick or treat with my heart
You played me like an old Nintendo 64 from the start
You were always player one
Never satisfied when you won
Your eyes grew more desolate
I would still believe in you so I would wait...
But no longer do you have control
I have a new strong real love to dole
You're game is over
And in the end I'm the one left with closure
Everything started with a breathless moment. I didn’t know where I was or where I should have gone. I was lost and being lost seems to be one of my best qualities by now, especially when I look through the navy dark sky and I embrace the body of the night just with my eyes. People often make use of the moon or the bright yellow sunshine to create metaphors and analogies with their feelings. But stars, the weather and all that cliche feather has been used enough. And these feelings of mine there are no words to describe the vivid dream that I faced off at midnight. The one that reinforces the sinner that I am. The one that reminds me in each minute of the things that I’ll never be able of living.

I’ll never be able to feel happy all the time
so doesn’t nobody will, not even the richest can buy the privilege of happiness!
I’ll never be able to be hugged by in front of others
I’ll never be able to hold hands, “we only have to pretend that we’re friends”
I’ll never be able to have you by my side after I’m awake from the bad dream
I will always be bothered by the looks of this judgemental world
all their painful words that already had gone inside my ears
I transformed it to tears and it poured in shape of these sentences
describing things that I’ll never be able of enjoying...
Finding myself is harder than it seems
Especially since my heart is tearing at the seams
I feel my guilt build up and then finally it comes out into streams
Streams... of tears
The chambers of my heart are made up of many different lairs
I got lost just earlier today trying to find forgiveness
I just can't control my impulsiveness
I sometimes stay trapped days at a time
My anxiety pushes me away and leaves nothing but a hallow inside filled with grime
I need you I heard in a whisper and I ignored it
I waited...I wanted it to quit
But it longer got louder as time went on
Then it ceased and was gone
Then I remembered what had brought me here in the first place
It took me back to the outside and I looked at me and knew who I was , there was no doubt not even a trace
I'm here now
And  I learned you reap what you sow
I don't know why I wrote this but in a way I do
Never to beg ...

i never beg any one ...
to stay with me  forever...
never to ask ...
anyone ...
only you who whom i beg ...
and wish to be with me ...
to live in love ...
forever ...
just you ...
i beg you ...

do you know why ...
because i love you ...
hope you got ...
how much i love you ...

sweetheart mine ...
my  dreams all..
which i got ...
it's only about you ...
about my wishes ...
to have you forever ...
with me ...
into my life ...
as you always ...
with me ...
with every dream ...

do you know now ...
do you got my love ...

hope you do ...
wish to accept ...
into your heart ...

never to beg ...
anyone than you ...
only you who i beg ...

love you ...

hazem al ..
I see you.
With your heart of stone
I see you
With your gilded mask
I see you
With your diamond tears
I see you
With your blazing tongue
I see you
With your glass smiles
I see you
With your empty eyes
I see you
With your fragile hands
I see you
With your broken lies
I see you
With your stooped shoulders
I see you.
Everything you are,
Everything you are not.
I see you
And I care.
I see you, because you are like me.
Autumn Lewis May 10
I will be here you need not to fear
I always will be my dear
To keep you close and hold you near
We will both have this burden to bear
You won't ever have to go through this alone
You'll never again have be on your own
It's like our fates have always knowm
To you <3
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