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Kyle May 31
Distance can't be travelled
Voices can't be heard
Too far from each other
Different kinds of worlds, rather
Fantasy and Reality
That's how different you are from me
That's why we can never be connected
Hearts can never be intertwined
Souls can never be one
Because we're from different kinds of worlds.
mark soltero Apr 30
sometimes i am not the one
you taught me that

narcissistic to my core i will admit
i never thought that i could do what we've done

you get to know me on the same level as god
because i have allowed you to

you have kept and created spots in my heart
that only you could fill

you make me feel like bag on the freeway
floating, fast and melting at the seam
Raven Feels Apr 26
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, love him so beautiful just like a dream to me:>

when I look at you

take a guess

take a prey

in the ultimate no guarantee of a getaway

drowned on the ears I remember

a sweet float of a sad sad serenade in a mad December

and that carry for lips for the bravery and the thrill

them that of the one that would never be killed

and I know I'm not alone

by these damns I'll be guided and waved along

Deep learner
A slow learner
His knowledge
Cooked on
A slow burner
Most nutrients
Stay preserved
Results in
Robust health
Here is a caveat
Never say
Your understanding is complete
Someone may come
You face defeat
Your knowledge is deep
Someone still deeper
May creep!
You understand various things to varied degrees. Your understanding is never complete.
Raven Feels Apr 8
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, leaving a chapter in your life behind is hard:\

aiming for the wants in avoiding the open door

that hasn't come nor to a closure nor to a snore

the abandoning makes my caged up daemons free in a temptation

a soured up cheese rottened to the core in no sensation

left for once for me to hate me an ever

blinded by the selfish pride-that stubborn is dying never

an await will not heal will not become a miracle

don't desire the heavens when the hells are your lyrical

Rei Mar 29
You’ll never truly understand what goes on in my mind
The spiraling that goes on inside
Empty and full all at the same time
When I close my eyes
All I hear are cries
Try to tell you but always stop
Climbing this mountain afraid to find what’s at the top

You’ll never understand what goes on in my brain
The voices that make me go insane
Every day  becoming the same
Can’t remember my name
The cycle continues
Never ending

You’ll understand what goes on behind the mask
The fake smile stuck there like a tack
The voices violent songs
Always on the attack
I try to stay strong
Only to prolong
The day where I will see all my wrongs

You’ll never understand what happens behind my words
To read between the lines
To find that “I’m fine”
Was always a lie
That “I’m okay”
Was just to keep you away

You’ll never understand why I do this
Letting myself get consumed by the abyss
But I have realized there is no way
To keep you at bay forever
We are never alone
Alone doesn't exists for us
There are witnesses
Guardians and angels
Watching over us
Never leaves us alone

They're not there for you
But they're watching over you
The sky and the stars too
That's the truth
In all time and space
We're protected
Your eyes twinkle differently.
They don’t reflect the yellow from the sunflowers nearby
but they seem to adore the tumultuous grey storm on the other side
who knew one so mellow could suddenly harden
maybe it hardened so it didn’t crumble -

but you didn’t realise the nature that surrounded you
a fresh breeze blew over the calm lake
green trees swung beside to provide you with shade
flowers grew alongside, and handed you their delicate seeds
they knew you would care for them even after they grew to become trees -

But you fell in love with the storm.

You became the ocean - almighty powerful, vast and destructive
yet so alone
no one ever saw you
except for bare, faceless rocks
or people who died taking their last hop
you comforted life in your darkest depths
but it never saw the sky above you
and only ever mastered hiding in the comfort of the blue

you didn’t protect the seeds of the flower anymore
those trees were too far away to shade you
the calm breeze was replaced by a violent gale
one that was too quick to move you

you may have progressed into the calm sea that is enjoyed
or you may remain the storm
but the salty sea will never be able to bring back
the sweetness that is gone.
Exploring the multitude of consequences when the lake decides to metamorphose into the sea.
thispanman Mar 19
Forever is a long time
But it's what I must endure
What is less known is that forever is not infinite
It only lasts until the memories fade
Off the living Earth
Out of the mind of those who stay
So if you say you'll love me forever,
That may just be a week

Forever is a long time,
But it's short
Days zoom by
One by one
Until there is none
When the feelings are forgotten
Forever is gone
There is no forever
I know this for sure
Because you said forever
Now you are with another
As I'm on the sideline

Forever is a long time,
But forever is no time
Forever is gone
Forever never happened

There is no forever
Never was
Never will be
But just for now
Let me believe
That is does
I wrote this at random. I don't even know. Have fun.
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