Never again will I walk those floors, or will I see the stars in your eyes.
The rooftop romance we once had will dissipate into a soiled garment on the floor, one I left there months before.
You left me in the winter, and I met you years ago in the hot summer scape.
I've evaded this fear too many times until I realized my love was gone and yours was too late.
Never again.

I love you. But you're not coming back, and I don't want you to.
Lex 3d

I wish that the pain
Would have been enough to sustain
The awful things we have gained
To keep us apart.

Oh love, how I wished.

the girls
that read
like the
Bible are
the ones
who end
up with
NG tubes
shoved up
their noses

skyler Dec 7

mean nothing
when the action


Josh Overson Dec 7

If there's one thing that I've believed in most.
It's you.
Never settle.
There is no one.
More gifted; more determined, or more designed.
Then you.
Never settle.
Not for me
Not for what you're given.
But for what you want.
And with everything in me, I wish I could give it to you.

I've always known your calling to change the world. You'll get there. You are going to do great things. I've always felt it... oddly I mean like almost literally felt it. You're strong.
Paz Dec 4

Somebody told me to light up every room.
Make them remember you.
But, nobody here knows what I'm going through.
They never do.
I'm on the edge of this.
Please don't make me jump.
I wish you'd give me more than this.
But you won't.

ChanWakhan Dec 4

Remember me, please,
When the last sliver of light cease,
When the sound of the last sigh slowly dies,
When my hand no longer caress your chin.

Those lips curving in smile, tenderly pressed against your chest,
The single, crystal-clear tear that would never leave my eyes,
And the laughter you would always break free from my sorrow.

Caress those memories:
The warm assurance of unwavering bond, the calming embrace,
The reason to be and the reason to withstand,
And that sweet melody when I called your name.

Do remember, and smile.
As all of it had happened once, I assure you,
however unreal it may seems, like an illusion or a dream.
I promise, I will remember, wherever it may be.

If I ever had the opportunity to say the last words to the only person that has ever truly held my heart and has seen the deepest ends of my mind, I would certainly do.

Blue is a girl
You've never heard of
A girl like me

Blue is a world
Of imagination
A world of me

She is a one
Out of a billion
You'll never see

Blue is a girl
You've never heard of
This girl is me

Blue is a laugh
In a forest of screams
A smile
In an ocean of tears
Blue is a girl
In an army of men
Blue is a girl like me

Blue is a girl
You've never seen
A girl like me

Blue is a world
Of impossibilities
A world of me

She is a creature
You've never laid eyes on
Her eyes are mine

Blue is a girl
You've never heard of
This girl is me

Blue is one of the images I have of myself deep inside.
Seanathon Nov 29

You've grown up into your own space
And I've settle back into mine
Now all I need is to be more content
With our galaxies never crossing
Never meant to collide

Sometimes you can just tell. From the way. Etc.
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