Sanny 3d

I thought I was over you.

I've been through all the stages.

And yet here you are, still in my mind.

Another process.

Of accepting that I'll never get over you.

Chan S 3d

The Runaway Came Back

I ran away from home to get away from you

Only to wake up one day, finding myself glaring back at you.

I needed you, And you were Never there

Had me holding onto this pain, thinking it wasn't fair.
But you've unintentionally helped me to see,

That where I am, is where I'm meant to be.

Here for myself as I always was
No longer running away only because

I'm gonna be the woman That You could never be;

Not For Yourself & Not For Me...

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Your face is happy
Smile is glad
You're not scary
Never ever sad.
Sweeting, you're beautiful.

Your eyes like stars
Hair is lank
Your voice is sweets
All down sank.
Sweeting, you're cheerful.

You're beauty queen
A little bit shy
You're like teen
Moon in the sky.
Sweeting, you're wonderful.

Giacomo 7d

Today I feel numb
Tomorrow I dream
I drink for you.
To feel happy.
My love...
Why I did this...
Only God knows.
My decisions are
But I will carry,
The passion of love.

KRC 7d

I can't make sense of all of this
Or all of that, or which is which
My scattered thoughts, my weary heart
When will this end? When did this start?

What feels so wrong and what is right?
I can't think straight, I have no fight
I'm in the clouds, I can't come down
My thoughts all clustered all around

I feel so numb, I cannot feel
Because my thoughts, can't be based real
This feels so strong, I can't explain
All of this utter, nonsense, pain

Nothing seems steady, I have no ground
Because a clear thought, cannot be found
There's only one thing proven true
I'm in this state of mind for you

Your face likes moon
Smile is glad
Your look likes boon
Never be sad.
Missing you anyway
If you come today.

Your voice likes meds
Eyes are beauty
Your love fills needs
So be eternity
Missing like all sorrow
If you come tomorrow.

Your arts melt my heart
Fun makes batter
Bolt, take away apart
If now and later
Burning so day by day
Oh, Willow Renee Ray!

I am never lonely in my life.

Ample memories of her I have,
Memories sweet and sour.

So many memories that I live,
Few I can despise but rest I love.

My HP Poem #1590
©Atul Kaushal
Apoorva Jun 16

I will rise again
Though I'm buried
In the the depths of hell
Alone and rejected
Lonley and isolated
My heart is broken
And mind is heavy
I may have lost
Buy I'm not yet defeated
But I will rise again
I'm wandering these streets
Keeping my head down
My cerise eyes can't stare
And I want to run
Far away from here
To live a soulful life
I will rise again
Like I always do
There's a fire in my heart
That won't burn out
My storm is still wild
No one can calm it down
I will fail again
And I will rise again
I will rise again

Jay Lewis Jun 15

I miss you moving my fringe out of my eyes,
Holding me close kissing my neck at midnight.
You use to scratch my back and watch me fall asleep,
But now everything just seems so bleak.

You use to dry my hair with the towel, so I wouldn't get sick
You'd Tell me I looked gorgeous, I'd tell you stop being so thick.
Because you know how I use to think.

You'd take me out dancing, we'd stumble in from outta town. Had to many pitchers of purple rain but we still love eachother any how.
We'd get a Chinese takeaway, and stay up all night playing video games and I'd catch you looking at me and you use to say " I'm so happy my little bee."
We'd drunken French kiss and say we love eachother way too much and now I'm here thinking I didn't say it enough.
I'd fall asleep on your chest just listening to your heart beating, so slow now.

You'd blow me kisses on the platform so I wouldn't miss you when the train would pull away from you now.
Your not too far away from me but you said we're through.
So I want to ask you what's the truth behind the truth?

Cannot a man at his will
Hear the win, hear the feel
Above distraught agonies, the
Mellow success in practice
Perished may have some efforts, for
Instantly nothing's ever been reaped
Occasionally it may include luck, but
Never a tough practice never wins

Knives know no failures if sharp
Neither does and will skills, hence
On the way to a glorious triumph
What better cameo than persistence!

No man becomes a champion if he quits
Or no quitters can ever be one.

Quits who, the lazy bones attitude
Uncuffs the 'destined' hypothesis
If ever a man catches his success
That's all for his persistence.

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