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I miss what we never had
I miss the potential love, and what we could have done with that
Inking dreadfully
Haydi 3d
what is it that you want?
you know none can heal you
but yourself right?
love yourself
don’t do this

it is better to wait years
for the right person
who will love you and never let you go
than to stay in love with someone
who doesn’t love you
no baby, wake the **** up
she never loved you
Locked up in the
Pits of darkness
I often wonder what the
Stars would be like

Sitting here in utter darkness
I can only imagine
The night sky

From the glimpses
Of my forgotten life
It's only the stars
That I long for the most

They twinkle in the night sky
Calling out to me

Hear me oh friend
Through you
My wish will come true

When you escape this darkness
And enter the light
For I never can
Would you say hello
To the stars for me !
Changes and grows and bores -
The seasons, as fall does spring,
Wishing for adventure and fun
When life is repetitive boring,
Wishing for dull and familiar
When life is fast unpredictable,
Discontent with the old taken
New is wished for, thus craving
This will be the human heart -
Always wanting, always depart
Of contentment, and always it
Finds change and changing, yet
Stills for a time enough to rest
Makes way for the new but does
Forget not the old and rusted,
It finds, it claims, it renews, and
It outgrows, rots, buries for new,
This will be its gifted curse living
Until its last very beat breathing
Fickle, want, and sentimental,
Human hearts as molten metal
As forever shifting unto death
Accursed gift of everlasting unrest.
Sueño 5d
It was a warm soothing October day
A nation mourned your loss
The voice of Canada
Soundtrack to everyone’s summer
everyone’s heartbreak
Everyone’s love
A reason to celebrate
It was a beautiful day
Tragically sick
It’s no joke
We miss you Gord,
We needed someone like you
Someone who told the world
What we can do.
Canada misses you
And a year later it’s still the same
So pick up the ****,
And light it up
The Tragically hip
Here to **** **** up.

(Canada legalized **** on Gords death day)
Just a quick thank you didn’t put too much thought into it
Life is a game
To win is to lose
It's all one in the same
We like to think it's all our own
But it's really a chicken without a head
To win
To lose
Really, do we get to chose?
Arguments never seem to stop the past always seem to come up , leaving cant find a way the next day a good day the following allowing your whole day ruined.
sara Oct 13
I see writing on the walls,
etched up across old toilet stalls,
from people clinging to it all
to people too afraid to fall.

What they don’t know will never hurt them;
it’s clear that love has never burned them.
Heard of lessons; never learned them.
Though, pain apparent; no one heard them.
etchings into trees and toilet walls are only an attempt to cling on to what we are afraid of losing forever

back in the uk, wish that I wasn’t

Sorry about the punctuation, it’s been a long night
We've never really fought
My BFF and I
Except twice
Because one of us was an ally
And the other wasn't.
Because one of us said "I'm a bad influence, you shouldn't be my friend"
And we didn't talk
At least, that was the pretense
We fought because we cared
I wouldn't say 'homophobe' becuz the direct definition is 'fear of lgbtq'
That's not the case here.
We couldn't not talk for the whole day, we ended up bursting out at each other occasionally from across desks.
Never frail, as you fail,
Keep your dreams firm, never curtail,
Keep moving don't derail, even if you trail,
Towards your dream, Keep walking like sail.

From my childhood highly rejected,
Without realizing myself, became isolated,
Something kept me **** slowly elevated,
A day came, with convenient wins, I blasted.

Delayed success put my life exalted,
Delayed failure kept me halted,
Someone knocked the door forcefully,
I opened to see him doubt fully.

I am your dream, he continued and told,
Put this mindset on the hold,
Get up, where you fell,
Get back to your work, all is well.

He told I am there, never worry,
Get up you can, but never hurry,
Success tastes like a sweet cherry,
From me if you become, more scarry,

I worried, my life was on a halt,
Failure was a painful pinch of salt,
I thought my life was on an end,
Later realized, it chisel, in the making of a legend.

My goals constantly delayed,
A question really kept me frayed,

I planned to give up and get back,
An inner call replied me to take up & come back,
With my life, failures played,
To my personal call, I obeyed.

A voice told me, don't leave! Don't leave!
Keep working on, believe! Believe!
To the life, never become a prey,
Like a champion, always rise and stay.

I understood slowly,
Failure does not mean to give up,
Failure means the courage to get up.

You sleep to rise up,
You fall to stand up,
You fail to rise up.

Never compare to your friends,
Life is full of injuries and bends,
Your life is lived on your own,
For a meaningful run towards a success crown.

You are unique!  You are unique!
Failure is ultimately ubique!
Run your life on your own speed and ways,
Failures teach you success always.
Failures keeps disturbing us. But some breakthroughs in our life makes us believe that we are undergoing the right process. Failures and delays always keep us on the hunt. Our true determination and perseverance towards our dream, keeps us running towards our goals.  This poem is about my present and past failures.  How it made me a rebel to run for success.
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