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As the winter hibernates in  burrows beneath the warm summer soil...
And summer lurks behind the rugged bark of naked winter trees...
So does my longing for the one clads my soul...
Playing hide and seek in a castle of gold...
Hidden and found time and again...
Yet never completely lost!
Penning after a while!
Thank you for reading this ❤
Iska 1d
The sunset was the kind that was like syrup dripping from the skies and if you were to drink it it would be the ambrosia that tasted like a life time
I used you
I used you so long that I broke you
I tried to forget about the pain in my chest
I tried to numb myself by chasing your love that was never meant for me
I know you might not forgive me
I'm sorry.
I truly never thought about it this way until I healed myself.
Learn to say No
Don’t give an explanation.
They don’t deserve one.
Stop saying it’s okay when it isn’t.

If they grab your arm, push them away, kick their shins.
If they get angry and yell at you, yell louder.
You are a powerful Woman,
You don’t deserve to be trampled on.

Use your Voice!
You have the force of a Typhoon in your voice.
Drown out the misogyny and wash them out of your life.
Tell them that the answer is NO.
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Amanda Sep 12
I never listen
Never remember details
I am never there
I try to be but it feels like I am never enough
Haylin Sep 11
2/5/09 - The day I lost my best friend (Grandpa)
7/?/12 - Moved in with dad
12/11/16 - Tried to KMS
9/16/17 - The day my dad and stepmom got married
4/3/18 - Started dating my boyfriend
6/19/18 - The day my dad gave me up and kicked me out
6/23/19 - Day my uncle died. He never gave up on me
10/3/19 - My best friend died(Grandma)
12/9/19 - The day I broke up with my boyfriend

New: 3/13/20 - Moved states
New: 7/21/20- Moved schools
We never promised
Forever together.
But, somewhat we
Both know, other
Than us our hearts
Will stay together
ShadowSpy Sep 6
Heaven once spoke
With laughter I feared
Powerful vocals
That threatened me
But time in hell
Let me see
Heaven once spoke
With laughter filled with fear
We have united
But drifted apart so slow
In my mind
I will never let you go
the story of one of my friendships <3
Lalima Yadav Aug 30
I won't stay forever
My ways lead to a place
That lies
Somewhere in the hills
Or may be, in the lonely woods.
Don't wait for me,
Don't fall for me,
Waste no time on me, please.
I may look like a daydream
But within me, I am a complete mess.
Even if you try hard
Or I try my best,
I won't stay forever
Cause I am afraid too much
To love someone
Someone like you!
. .
Waking up one day,
And realising that you are gone
Is my biggest nightmare
I'm not ready to lose anyone more
For I have already lost
Almost everything I had.
. .
Therefore, let me go
Somewhere in the hills
Or may be, in the lonely woods!
Spadille Aug 29
Sleepless nights
Breathless days
Tear filled eyes
Drowning minds

It is an eternal winter
Or a thousand year darkness
Perhaps a never ending storm
It is every bad thing that can happen

It is hard to not feel hopeless
It is hard to not doubt
I have no assurance
I could only hope

Hope for spring to come again
Hope for sunrise and daylight
Hope for a clear, blue sky
Hope for the best

But for now,
I have to feel the coldness of winter to appreciate the blooming flowers of spring
I have to be in dusk to see the sunrise and feel its warmth
I have to bathe in the rain to get a glimpse of ocean blue sky
I have to experience hell
To be in heaven
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