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Anemone 4h
He promised so little and yet gave even less.
He took all that she had to offer and then left her in her tattered dress.
She used to love her dresses and how they’d swish and twirl
She made a vow to never wear the remains of that precious little girl.

She ran away into the night and vanished into the air
She learned that cooking skills provide the mighty frying pan
She learned to tear the trousers she wore before anyone got the chance
She learned to get away with crimes against the stupid men

Burn the frills away
Strying 10h
it's not horrid
it's not terrible
it's everything
it's you and her
it's the tears that pour
it's the people laughing
it's everyone clapping
for the joyous occasion
the white dress
the suit
and the girl in tears watching her life dissapear.
POV: watching the love of your life get married to another girl and love someone else. you're never enough, you're never the one.
Leaning on femininity as an excuse

Me being the opposite gender equivalent to being handicapped in a wheelchair

But biological differences are not a disability
They are unique birth attributes
My extra chromosome doesn't make me less of a person it just makes me less of a man
I am thankful to be a woman but I definitely feel the gender inequality we face in this country
jrae 1d
She was the girl
with the crooked smile
who had great plans, big dreams
for everyone but herself -
who kept change in her pocket
for the old woman
on the side of the road
and for the child
leaning over the edge
of the fountain
smiling at the pennies
that had sunk
heavy with hope
along with the empty wishes
they were supposed to make true.
She was the girl
with the copper eyes
teaming with life,
the girl who was too lovely, too young
to die.
Tania 4d
Stop spreading biases concerning girls,
Appearance is not the thing defining us
The real arguments are knowledge, thoughts.
Please understand it all and trust.
Hg 4d
I stumbled upon your insta
You were absolutely beautiful
So dreamy and yet not superficial
and I touched myself to your vsco

A couple years later and I was
Done with the drugs and the highs
Worked hard but still was a lost boy
so I Prayed to God for a humble surprise

Then I saw you on tinder
and when we matched I felt alive
I told my dreams and how you could fit in
Because you were a dream in real life

I know that I go girl crazy
I don’t know why I feel so alone
I tried to let go of the idea of the one
But when I saw you I was home

I wish I didn’t think like this
Wish my family was more normal
My siblings and friends don’t want to hear this
So I stay silent about it all

I wish I told you about me
there’s so much I want you to hear
I try to say it now but it doesn’t come out
believing that you’ll never care

I want to be with you
I feel so guilty for wishing this
Your boyfriend seems nice
I hope he loves you a lot
In the end I respect your choices

It’s so stupid to even think
That I knew you in the slightest
We spent only a few hours together
Perhaps my mother was right

She says my type is the waif girl
The neglected abandoned person
When I look at you without lust or love
I see you just like to have fun

If that was all that I was to you
Something to do while you can
I guess I have to be content with the fact
But a part of me wants to fight again

If I could pull a gatsby
Which I believe that I could
It would take years to be confident
and know I could give you what’s good

Is my love even real
could it all just be a trick
If I studied science I’d know more
and maybe somehow I could get over this

As much as I do not want to
admit emotionally defeat
I’m tired of stalking your insta and vsco
but where’s another reason to eat
Dear little girl,
For there will be plenty of opportunities to frown

Dear little girl,
Play with your friends,
Climb that tree
Because one day your heels will not let you

Dear little girl,
Don’t worry about what they say,
For they will forget it and move on to your future

Dear little one,
I hope you lived life to the fullest,
That you never missed a chance to take in the sun,
And never stopped playing hide and seek,

Dear little me,
I hope you make me look back and smile at the fun
I think she did :)
Trip-A 6d
Her hair burned a radiant red
The curls wrapped around my heart
pureland flower, always
twisted into someone else's
creation, never of her own
volition, breakable eggshell,
quiet and still, lifeless
from pushing boundaries,
a color without color, lifted by
the breeze, folded up neatly,
no wonder why nowhere to fly.

I meet a woman in the story
I introduce myself as a writer
She introduces herself as the character I write about
She's so smart
I really like smart people
She tells about her life
She is happy to share every experience
She's so beautiful
She doesn't like the word beauty
Beauty only makes things that come to be gone
I understand it
I agree with her opinion
In the first paragraph, I introduce myself
In that paragraph, she also invites me to enter her world
I write about her
She accepts my writing
I write all about her
She reads herself
I continue to write the second paragraph
She says I need to stop
I ask, why?
She says she is tired
I ask her to rest
She agrees
I'm writing again
And I realize
She's just my imagination
I miss her so much
I've never done this before
And I go back to write about her
But I can no longer find her
She is no longer in my writing
I think too much about her
Indonesia, 1st March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
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