Hung from spine smells rotten pain my darling’s blood. Trembling heart the sound of breath taxes this sweet morsel who loves be called ‘April’.
Deviant fluttering glide sinning pair of wings glittered in black musk seeping through lavender gardens into cannibals’ spicy paste.
Stich sullen bleak - laced chords out of the burned set of rusty folds unsung.
Unscrew the pain’s yacht on her silk raided arms and let a bleeding mad world see her drowned in remnants of a shattered heaven gouched out of my April’s once colorful beating flesh.

Though a beautiful mess is how I see her for she is the wetness of eyes on rainy days that remind me of the petrichor in her lost eyes- the first and the last time our eyes ever met the boundaries of a mirror dying, for a closure in oblivion - a grave that is my life.

Nasira 2d

No, my heart did not beat faster
When I caught that glimmer in your eyes
No, it is not a home for secrets masqueraded in laughs
Nor a drunken love in disguise

No. My pillow is not a rainforest
Holding my tears, my cries
And I am certainly not enamoured enough
To suffer the low lows, climb the high highs

Of course I do not expect the universe
To let your whimsical words actualize
No. I do not whisper your name in the dark,
When the fear intensifies

No. I do not want to hear your voice
Your cheers of victory or exasperated sighs
The tears keep rolling down my face
I guess I'm good at telling lies.

Aishah 2d

I was a little girl
that was told
never to get too close
to the ocean

You are the blue waves
I fell in love with
You are so blue
I forgot the red colour
in my veins
when I touched you

I was a little girl
You are the ocean waves
I was supposed to be
afraid of you
but I let you sweep over me

I used this as a metaphor to explain that I would do things I wasn't supposed to do. Even if I can't be in the ocean, I'd still want to be near the edge of the water.
erin 2d

There was a girl
A smart and cheerful girl
A perfect girl that everyone knows

But no one really know her
Except for a boy
A silly boy who always talks about silly things

Everyone told her that she shouldn't have been with him
Because she is too perfect for him
In the end, their wish came true
The pair is not together anymore
Because the girl is gone forever.

What is it, though?
Why do you smile and pierce my heart with the sweetest dagger?
Why do you sing looking down at your hands, fondling the keys, or with your eyes closed?
Just look at me; let me enjoy this moment with an awkward glance back and forth
Let me know I exist
But most importantly, say yes.

erin 2d

There is a young girl
Sleeping peacefully
After a very long day
A day that drained her life force

Two hours passed
The girl still sleeps peacefully
With a little snoring
And innocent face

Five hours passed
The girl still sleeps peacefully
With a little snoring
And innocent face

Ten hours passed
The girl still sleeps peacefully
With a little snoring
And innocent face

Twenty hours passed
The girl still sleeps peacefully
With a little snoring
And innocent face

A day has passed
The girl still sleeps peacefully
But there is no snoring anymore
Because she has found the real peace.

Ni 3d

The day we spoke
was the day I smiled
I looked at you and
I saw something
I hadn't seen in a while.
It was that smile
that I loved so much
and suddenly
I craved your touch.

You became my world
that I learned to love
I would dance and twirl
I became another girl
we would talk all night
I would lose track of time
thinking about what
has really become mine.

Laura 3d

he raises his hand
raises his head
cocks a gun
and turns a key
he's not quite sure what he's looking for
but he can't stay here any longer
can't keep screaming into the quiet
can't keep gasping for breath
way out in space
he cocks a gun
turns a key
and he inches forward
he's desperate to find it
but not so sure he wants to see it
he spots it there
centimeters through the veil
mirror twins
only he can't tell
which one in real
and which one is an illusion
on cold reflective glass
the girl and the faceless thing
the nameless thing and the hopeless thing
he cocks a gun
and turns a key
and he tilts his head
and breathes
only he's forgotten that he can't breathe
so he chokes
and they turn
the girl and the faceless thing
or maybe it's one thing
a faceless girl

Never desire a sexy times.
God, death!
I am dying with regret for you
I miss your big truck and big eyelashes.
My beautiful one
I can’t find someone as sweet as you.
Come back, baby
I will spend all my midnights searching for you.

love is pain
please leeve me feed back below!

the moon does not weep for the fallen stars

instead she glistens in memory of a time they too shined as bright as she

she does not allow their dullness to dim such glow

do not permit others to do this as to you

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