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krizelda 51m
smokescreen lies
sleepless nights
broken hearts
i tore us apart

i know i'm a fool
and so are you;
remember my name
when our love is through
i guess
it's hard
to let go
of things
you're already
used to.
You don't mind me calling you that?
I wish I can hold you in my arms
I wish that you can only see
that way that my heart

How you mention
the way you care for someone else
and when you carelessly remind me
of the way
you lack to feel
for me.

I lost you
I can't get you back.

I'm sorry
I know you will be happy back home. I'm nothing but a temporary American to you. I will never forget you
Aurora 14h
And believe me little girl: there’s nothing you can do for someone who chose to be sad.
Life is an never ending cycle.
I think of the reality that I’m going to die.
Like everyone else.
I’ve spent too much time
Crying. Cutting. Crying.
I’m trying.
I have no more energy.
I already know
How my story ends.
You won’t realize the amount of my time I’ve spent wishing you loved me back
Until I’m gone
She whispered into her heart to embrace the wilderness.
Haylin 2d
The light is shining
We're on display
The whistle blows
Nothing's moving
The air is still
Everyone yells
4 beats of silence
And then it starts
The colors spin
The laughing begins
Then you toss
You hold your breath
As the colors fly through the sun
Everything stills
The light pours through you, you are endless
You catch
4 beats have gone by
Since the silence ended
4 beats is a lifetime
jcl 2d
i miss you
such much, it hurts
i think about you, incessantly
the pain, is overwhelming
the grief unbearable

i remember you
in every corner of my life
last sight at night
first though at dawn

over breakfast, i would marvel at your beauty
i would savor your scent
my heart would quicken
as you would lean over and kiss my lips

i remember the excitement, feeling your lips press against mine
ever so soft, moist, and sweet
i would savor our kisses, touching lips to lips
softly caressing, sliding mine against yours, till you pulled back and smiled

your kisses were delicate, tender, like the wet petal of an amaryllis
firm, soft, nubile
your youth and beauty were exquisite, overwhelming
the source of light and life in a dark forest

why were you taken from me
how can it be, our love ends in tragedy
it is not fair
i don’t understand
why is Persephone punishing me

i shall never forget our intimacy
i will cry eternally
now that you are gone
and haunt my days
photos of Amaryllis on Flickr
In Life:
KAE 3d
Fury running through all my veins.
Fire goes through every part and centimeter of my body.

Fury and fire sweep through my whole being, soul and spirit. They destroy everything in their path, as if they were a hurricane.

They consume me. They take over me. They take control over me because I can not control them, they are stronger than a thousand demons.

I feel like I become a beast while fire and fury grow inside me.

A beast thirsting for hatred, revenge, with a huge pleasure to destroy everything around him.

They can not break free and I lose control.
Because of that, fire and fury are trapped in my skin and in my bones
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