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Àŧùl May 9
I met a friendly woman at the college,
She sat in the entrance gallery west of the labs.
I said, "Hello, may I know your identity," with a smile,
And her lips spread to a mile.
She said, "Hello, I'm here on my job,"
Little did I know that blowing was her job.

Anyway, I started telling her about myself,
And as a loner with an infrequent *****,
I respect and I know myself a lot.

When she sat in rapt attention for me,
Listening to my breath between the words,
And my gaze often slid down her face.

There they sat elegantly and imposingly,
Two cute babies, a picture of them, actually,
In a picture printed on the ***** of her shirt,
And I asked about them curiously.

She said, "They are my nephew and niece,"
"Both are twins and each weighs 7 kilograms,"
And looked for validation, "Aren't they both so nice?"

I nodded in agreement saying, "Definitely,"
And I continued, "I want to play with them both."

She said, "I know that you fell in love with them,"
Now she continued with another broad smile,
"You are welcome to play with both of them,"

I asked, "Are they with you?"
She laughed shortly and said,
"They always remain with me."

Puzzled, I said, "What?"
My jaw remained hung open in astonishment.

She put her finger under my chin,
Then shut my mouth to say,
"Don't act like an innocent kid,"
And she continued,
"I like you, and I want you,
Come in the morning,
We'll have a lot of fun,
And I'll blow my favourite toy,
Before both of us go for a movie."
My HP Poem #1967
©Atul Kaushal
When the Subject is as complex as the Title
I asked someone to describe a particular Her.
Àŧùl May 2
My word is good, it's also true,
I promise to you all my life,
For you will be my wife,
Touch me & you'll see,
How I turn to gold soon,
You'll be my intense magic,
Our families will be our glue.

When the time is ripe,
For me & even you,
It will be alright,
Because you will be my wife,
To indulge in romance,
Engage in this dance,
To create new life.

Don't worry dear, I won't stifle you,
You I won't send in a swoon,
I know you can achieve,
The greater glory.
That will be the day,
For us to unite as one body,
Come dancing to me, my dear lady.

Now, don't procrastinate much,
I'm yours and you're mine too,
And both of us are alike each,
Both me & you were let down,
By the ones we took to be ours,
But we don't need such friends,
Oh, such fake faces around us.

I know that me you'll not disappoint,
You I'll never let feel disheartened,
Babe, I will be patient with you,
And I will let my poems now,
Trust me & you'll see the peak,
Not of any other mountain now,
But of the friendly hillock of love.

You must trust me in this skydive,
I'll take care of you when you need,
When it's time, your dough I'll knead,
Feel my deep love as you dared to jump,
You're the most beautiful of them all,
Now feel confident about yourself,
You're cautious and that's good.

Just don't hold back fearing me,
I'll be gentle and kind with you,
And I expect you to be receptive,
Also, you be ready for new love,
Come, let's look after this dove,
Be receptive to my love, don't fear,
Be intimate when I pull you near.
My HP Poem #1966
©Atul Kaushal
She dances in the rain
She dances in the sun
She dances away her pain
She never tries to run.

She has a heart of gold
Her soul spirit oh so bold
but even with that golden heart
sometimes, she breaks apart.

It is not easy to keep going,
Specially when the world says, give up, you don't know what you are doing.

People say things
People act cold
But still it's the warmth she brings
because she has a heart of gold.

She's brave, she's a fighter
and just to feel a little lighter
She dances.
She dances in the rain
She dances in the sun
waiting for that rainbow above.

Her wait wasn't long thereof,
The gold always shines
It can't be hidden for long.
The universe finally played her song
And she danced,
with all that she had;
And as if the gods rained petals over the entire town,
All of the stars aligned,
to be her crown.
Copyright Simran Guwalani
ChinHooi Ng Apr 6
A girl with a crush
every pure thought in her heart
she buries deep
until she misses
the warmth of spring
the romance in the summer
and the fall season comes
only to realize that love is gone
the days
when she didn't have the courage
to say
the words
bloom in regret
black blue grenade
shrapnel wound
seems an eternity
when she carefully peels back memories
wrapped so tightly in time
she starts to see
a scintilla
pink and odd
a clutch of stars
dark red and blinking
every bit as pellucid
as the teardrop coalesced
in her eyes.
Arlen Mar 9
Mother told me I was a girl
In the clothes, she bought me to wear
Mother told me I was a girl
In the way she did my hair

Mother told me I was a girl
Because society told her so
Mother told me I was a girl
Because trans people weren't shown

Society told me I was a girl
And said that's all I could be
Society told me I was a girl
But that doesn't feel like me

Society told me I was a girl
That anything else would be a lie
Society told me I was a girl
And I felt a part of me die

Jamie Raines showed me
That I could be a man
Jamie Raines showed me
I'm not too hard to understand

Jamie Raines showed me
Something I'd buried deep within
Jamie Raines showed me
My existence isn't sin

The trans* people before me
Showed me I could exist
The trans* people before me
Showed me that not everyone is cis

The trans* people before me
I owe so very much
The trans* people before me
They have been my crutch
1 month on testosterone, life is looking up :)
Nao Mar 8
Your fingers make their way in my mouth, wrapped in my tongue like a gift, digging my waist and softly ripping appart my psyche.
I am unwell for you, too ripe and too ready,
The sweet ache of my teeth holding down my pleas makes itself known
What is love if not ruin
Kate Millar Mar 7
A dress draped around her carefree
No painted doll face
Crazy hair frames her soft innocent eyes
Imperfectly perfect
She loves her inner beauty
Her sense of self
Creative, quirky , funny
She knows what she is capable of
A voice so paper thin
But loud enough to sing
Her skin is delicate
Green eyes
Though she cannot see
As she lost her sight
When she met him
Love is blind
Farah Feb 24
a trail of darkness
left behind

whispers of oblivion surround me
as I rummage through the shadows
to find her bows, black as the sky
it's all she left behind

will I ever find her?
will the light lead me to her?
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