Sanny 4h

Walking through the corridors, feeling the judgemental looks burning on my skin.

To them I'm a stereotype, a girl filled with tattoos, a skinhead jacket and a fake smile.

A threat maybe?

No I can't be?
I'm laughing all the time, so no one will notice.

If they only knew..

What's hiding inside me.
A broken sensitive heart.

A trumatized girl,
who only wants to be herself,
without people looking at her differently and constantly.

Do they see the victim-stamp tattooed on my forehead?
Do they know? Can they?

A firefly gleaming through the dark,
Flying independently like a spark,
Seen by few,
Hastily it flew,
Scared and terrified,
Began to glide,
Chased by the beast,
For them became the feast,
Caught and ripped into pieces,
The light within ceases,
Because of their harshness,
Gets mixed with darkness.
She's a firefly.

Dedicated to girls who gets devoured by men.

she dreams of him at night
touching herself
under the covers

silent beautiful moans
escape her parted lips
as her dainty fingers
linger to the most
precious part of her

slowly moving in and out
imagining it's him
touching her all over

she closes her eyes
picturing his rough
large hands roaming
all over her petite body

her breath hitches
her toes curl
her stomach knots

it's coming
she's coming

all because of him

- wet dreams

when u have a wet dream ab the boy u like so u write ab it???
Mims 1d

This is,


how could this be shocking?

It's evident, your embarrassment.

In the distance
a breeze is blowing
to the flowers
pale and glowing.
She clutches each one
close to her beating heart.
Lovely lilacs they are.
Lovely to the color chart.
She glazes afar
with a thought of bliss to share.
As she carries these pale flowers
with tender love and care.

Reality takes courage. It's always fierce, wild, moody and unexpected. If you are strong enough to read reality,  I welcome you to this post.

Inside her mother's womb,  with delicate soul and everything new.
She was ready to arrive, ready to live her life.

She saw these two guards who never left her apart.
With big eyes, smooth hair she would look at her mother and thanked for the beauty she inherited.
With tall height, easy laugh she would look at her dad and thanked for the aura he showered.

She walked free on the streets, with her favourite clothes, strapless, backless and thanked for the freedom she possessed.
She layed on the seamless grass, with her favourite shorts, waxed legs and thanked for the furry land.

Time passed, she grew up.
Her brain, her deeds, her breast, her booty.

She started pouring out her own blood for which she was considered impure, untouchable seven days every month.

She started wearing long tops, to hide her junk cause though natural they gifted her everything unwanted.
First love, then force. Forced touch.

She started using filters.
The foundations, the concealars, the apps cause though she was beautiful, she couldn't trust her own blush, her own lash.

She curled her hair, forsaking her natural layer cause though she loved her mother's gift.
He actually never cared.

She named her inheritance,  her body, her heart all as his cause though she loved the little talks, warm cuddles, he loved inserting himself, hearing her moans and ignoring her inside kid.

She started thinking what's wrong, what's right.
She may run back to her guards but she couldn't cause though she craved for her past life everything was the same held tight by a pair of manly hands, holding her breast, holding her booty forcing deep touch but calling it love.

You'll never find her cause though she exists she doesn't speaks.
But you may help her cause though you don't know her, wildfire her message.

Be your girls man, become her Gentleman.

This piece of writing is completely raw and late night thing.
However, I must say it's true.

Your feedbacks are honoured and appreciated :)

Yiska stood by the window
of the locked ward. Snow drifted  
slowly in large clumps
settling on the window sill
and the trees and on
the lawn below.

I should be out there.
Not stuck in here.

Her bandaged wrist smarted
where she'd slit it days before.
Should have done it better.
Try again if I can.

In a nearby field
a tractor ploughed slowly.
Gulls and rooks followed behind
like small ghosts.

Where's Benedict?
The other patients
roamed the ward.
Nurses passed purposely.

Hands went around her waist.
Benedict kissed her neck.
Warm kiss. Snow? He whispered.

The gulls and rooks
lifted up and away.
Beginning of a new dull day.

A girl in a psychlatrc ward in 1971
tory 2d

Go on then.
Find another
girl, friend, lover.
Go on and look for her
behind the heavy clouds of your heart
past the mist of your ignorance
search her, the girl, you won't find.

invite poem.
Mammon 2d

Spring wishes it could be as lovely as you
Summer wishes it could shine as bright as you
Winter cold makes me wish i could hold you
Autumn as the leaves fell, I fell in love with you

Mammon 2d

Eye for Eye and tooth for tooth
I believe in her , she tells the truth
Though i'm not with her wherever she may be
I've done so much for her
And she's done so much for me
Even though were not together,i know we have something
She's my little angel and i'm her devil darling
Despite barely showing affection
Through her I've become a better person
I stay devoted , i wont let my efforts be wasted
I am her Disciple, i am The Boy Who Waited

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