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misha 23m
"what power would
you want to have?
it's pretty easy
as most people
would choose,
strength, knowledge or
even invisibility

but if i got
to choose
i'd choose to be
noticed by you,
i'd want to reverse
this spell
of a curtain that's
on me,
stopping you from
looking at me or
talking to me

i'd choose courage to
walk up to you
and actually get
past two words
a sentence

i'd look at you in
the eye but
hopefully not
with red laser eyes
because i wan't to
make you see
how much
you mean to me
to me

i'd want flight
to show you
a world
with me."

and when
i finished my poem
to the class
you laughed
whole hardheartedly
like i told a joke
but in reality i told
how i felt,
what i wanted to do
what i wanted to say
to you

your menacing,
heart stopping
laugh used to be
something that made me
all soft and giddy
but now it disgusts me
more than it scares me

if only one
day i'll be struck
with power so strong
and then even you're
not worthy of me

the heaven will
fill my blood with
ichor so thick and
so pure,
golden like your hair
but priceless
like your smile
but endless
deadly like your laugh
but a blessing
is to be alive like
your soul

i don't need a
mortal to be with me,
when instead
i have my
whole life
with myself
Celest 8h
i sit in this chair a million times.
i sit in this chair and i do the same thing every time.
i eat only to lose my appetite.
i smile only to vomit out all my happiness after.
i look at those who have hurt me.
yet i feel nothing.
i let out the choked sobs no one ever gets to hear.
and i will forget it all even happened.

i don't know. what happens. inside.

inside me is a place even i don't understand.
inside me are demons who eat every inch of my sanity.
my sanity— or better, what's left of my sanity is carved to form a wooden mask.
my sanity only cripples from here, and there is inevitability that death comes.
death comes and then the demons crawl out my used skin.
death comes and then there is no coming back.
back to when all was quiet and i listened again and again.
back to the times where i could only see me.
but now everyone can see me.
but now everyone can see the real me.

i am not the Good Little Girl.

not anymore.
nor was i ever the Good Little Girl.
for it was the wooden mask, docile and glorified.
and now it is smoke and ashes.
and now so am i.

i am the Good Little Girl.

i will glue up all the ashes if i must.
if it means maintaining my image— if it means tearing my own soul apart,
i will become the Good Little Girl.

for it is the only way of living i know.
and the Good Little Girl is a habit i will never break out of.
this is for a challenge i did with my friend Zersrol. it's a bit more personal than my usual poems. enjoy :)
i could be that girl
whose voice is low and melodic
and coats your mouth with
acacia honey
whose eyes are the color
and depth of
whose presence is thick like
new york summers
rosy like
los angeles in early spring
if i braid flowers into my hair
if i write enough poems
if i learn to show the skin of my essence
but remain an abyss
i will stop making art
when i become it
Josephine 13h
my guy pretty like a girl
electric soul, gentle touch
velvet skin, unfinished lunch
violets grow in the valleys of his ribcage
forget-me-nots blossom on her skin every night,
the places on her skin where his fingers last fell,
when the sun was alive
sunflowers hiding in her short blonde hair
daisies intertwined in moments shared
the boy wants to predict the weather
but in this garden of wild flowers
and wild thoughts
it never rains
the flowers keep on growing
occupying the holes in her chest
where there once was pain
his words as sweet as honeysuckle,
the soil
her blood as red as roses,
the rain
Josephine 13h
she walks through the door.
she walks through the door.
she walks through the door-
her hair was so big and curly she must've been hiding millions of secrets in it and i wanted to know them all.
she was small but i could tell she could handle herself and all i wanted was to put my hands on her.
she moved past me and laid her hand on my back and i was five years old laying on the sidewalk, it was mid july and all the yards around me were emerald pools. the remanence of lemonade danced on my tongue, that was the last time i could remember being warm.
she touched me and i felt the sun on my face.
she walked through the fucking door and i was warm
Josephine 14h
she tasted like coffee and smelled like gardenias and i was in love
poster kisses, an
impossible wish; isn't it
hard being fangirls ?
how is it though, to live in imaginary universes?
First War of 2010

There was something wrong
Of that I was sure all along.
Not cause I liked Wii more than dolls
Was something far deeper than those.

Three dates with him and no sparks flew
But a glance from her-Oh! I just knew.
Longings of the heart, the unfamiliar racings
Why to her when it should be for him?

Monster of guilt is stabbing the last of my peace.
Meeting her glance is tearing my soul by piece.
The mind knows better-the right from wrongs
Only the heart knows to whom it truly belongs.

The violent war wages between heart and mind,
Will the anguish of the way be worth the find?
But to be me, if this cross I should forever bear,
I still choose my heart over mind to care.

I choose ME until the end.
This is a series poem with the title 'A War For Pride'.
The first series, 'First War of 2010' is about a girl realizing and accepting her sexuality.
misha 2d
you make
me feel
like a sinner
loving you
is like
in love
with the
You knew you loved him
when his lips pressed softly against your thighs as the world stops in time.
You knew you loved him when you giggled in the seat of the car,
your feet bare, tucked
       between your heart.
You knew you loved him when
you saw Venus made hectic twist and turns
     when his eyes landed itself onto you
You knew you loved him when
his kisses became like angelic blessings that made you feel alive.
You knew you loved him when
his I love yous became your favorite lullaby.
You knew you loved him when
      you counted how many times he fluttered his eyes and how many times he twitched in his sleep by your side.
    You knew you loved this boy with all your soul and might
when you wanted to be with him
for the rest of your life.
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