Rebecca 3m

People say- you are a stubborn feminist
Eventually yes I'm, because I died everytime when someone else had beaten my spirit.
People say- you are immature
Yes I am, because they were not enough mature to not to assail me everytime.
People say- keep your ego to yourself
Seriously, then why didn't you kept your lust to yourself only when I was on my bleeding and you were intruding me pain

Girl who got repeated suffocation pain. Still stood up
A Yorks 14h

Flavour that I desire,
Taste that drives me wild;
She's got the things I need,
All that gets me riled;
Milk chocolate rose of mine,
Coffee stirred with cream;
Brown sugar, oh so sweet,
Taste you in my dreams;
What makes you so delectable?
What makes you so sweet?
Mixed flavours come together,
Tastes collide and meet;
Nectar of asters black,
And of roses white;
Her petals display all shades,
Hues of day and night;
Sweeter than caramel,
And confiture de lait;
Brown sugar, oh so sweet,
Crave you all my days;
What makes you so desirable?
What compels my urge?
Mixed flavours stirred together,
Tastes, they do converge.

The bond was complete, and I realized she was one of the most amazing people, I’ve met.
Her smile is bright and bold.
I love her soul, the ones who thought she was just there, who really doesn’t notice her or even know her, I knew it was so much more to her.
Her energy and vibe , bounced off the wall to me, It was like we was meant to be connected.
From the world, she was so disconnected. I'm the one who loved her, and showed her affection.

She looked at everyone around her
and all she could think was to disappear.

She knew she was alone already,
no relationships or people stayed steady.

Her heart beated alone
and started quickly turning to stone.

Only love or a helping hand
can do more than you think it can.

It can come from anyone
and that's all that needs to be done.

Just a smile or a conversation
can really change this nation.

She climbed every ridge
every step
every rock
and conquered every bridge.

She has cried many tears,
lived many days
many times
and overcame her fears.

She has lived her span
a great one,
an amazing one,
and she's done all she can.

She's awake.
She's alive.
She's thankful
another day she's survived.
Some days
are hard to dwell
but with God
all is well.

pastel blossoms
twirled and wrapped
around her head
some pink and some red.

each delicate petal
lies gently
on this rosy crown
feeling light and unbound.

every pigment
shines from the sun
a bright, pale gold,
a color faint but bold.


How I'd like to 
catch your nightmares 
with my bare hands 
and put them away 
out of your reach. 

How I'd love to 
take away your insecurities 
and replace them 
with the wonderful thoughts 
I have about you. 

How I desire to 
rip out your frustrations 
and make you smile endlessly 
maybe then you will see 
how beautiful you are.

and you should tell her whose heart you still have
tucked away in the back pocket of your jeans.
and she deserves to know who sold it to you
in the first place for morning kisses
and cold feet in the bed,
because she plants her lips like daisies onto yours at night
and wears knee socks beneath the duvet.
and it's 3 A.M. and you're thinking about taking a drive
and she is fast asleep,
so you take your jeans and your cigarettes
and step on the gas, alone in your Camaro.
and it's still 3 A.M. when you pull into my driveway
and i'm awake, too.
and i say nothing when you unlock the door
and puff clouds through my kitchen.
but i should've known you couldn't remember
if it was my heart
or the nicotine
that you were addicted to,
and yet i padded to where you were,
pulled out your mug from the cabinet
and i thought about how much you traded
when it came to her.

this is an oldie, like when the arctic monkeys came out oldie. i was hella in my feels as an angsty tumblr emo teen (if you couldnt tell at the mention of cigarettes hahah).

I didn’t think I could hate myself anymore...

I’m sorry you fell for me.
But darling I love you so much.
Please forgive me.

Why can’t we just throw away all of our mistakes and leave together.
You’re all I want.
Just let me fight for you again.
I find a reason again.
I ask to much of you.
But let me work to win your heart...
even though I want it now.
Let me build you a crown
You are my sweet girl
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