what does it take to compensate for a broken life?
she can wrap her heart in cashmere
and seal her lips in crimson
so nobody can see the cracks
or hear the lies slipping out
but her eyes will tell the story she refuses to reveal

what does it take to compensate for a broken heart?
she can rest her head in a new bed every night
and lace on her skin can entice every man
so she is never alone
and always desired
but her tears will tell the story she refuses to reveal

what does it take to compensate for a broken person?
she can give all that she has, but that will never make her whole
hinges creaked as the door pivoted from its frame
i can still hear the soft caressing of his cotton socks against the canvas of his sneakers
he trekked deeper into uninvited territory

the ice rattled as i poured his drink
the way he smirked at me over the glass brim is unwavering in my mind
he forced himself into my bedroom
my sanctuary
my safety

his hands groped the knob, searching for a lock
the carpet rustled with every step he took toward me
the screech of a lose baseboard echoed through the thick silence
i reached out for hope
confidence that my purity will be faultless when he leaves

each time i undress myself
my conscious races back to the unwanted nakedness of that night
i lay exposed to more than just the sticky air between us
every revolution of the fan was a dagger in my vulnerable skin

goose bumps scampered across my body
his hands moved toward my breasts despite my contest
the violation began
my head fell to the side
with every blink i see the clock hands ticking

i can smell his breath in my face
my dreams are invaded by the wickedness deep in his eyes
my life has been torn apart by his vicious hands

i flinch at the sight of a friendly hand approaching my body
at the presence of an embrace, i am tense
the torture replays every time i close my eyes
the broken record never stops turning

seventeen minutes

now i am on my hands and knees picking up my broken pieces from the floor
KAE 5h
if you are going to stay, good, do it, stay by my side but if you are going to be by my side just few times  and when you want, go away, let me move on completely and don’t promise silly promises. if you are gonna stay, do it and if you’re not, fly away.
c 1d
Paint my porcelain skin
To look like steel.
This is my armor,
Fragile beneath
It’s metallic sheen.
Paint my face
With my blood
Like warpaint
In the form of adrenaline
coursing through my veins.
Forge my sword
With the splintered pieces
Of my dignity,
For my wit is sharp
And my pride is strong.
Heed my battle cry
The song of words once trapped in my throat.
I am a siren, a Spartan, a warrior for the silenced.
The blood
Running through my veins
Is toxic.
So bite me.
Lydia 2d
One time I showed up to a bar
took all my layers off and decided to give it a try
I let loose and felt free and drowned my sorrows in dainty drinks and rap music
Feeling like a bomb shell ready to blow
I let the world get under my skin and the beat roll into my veins as I became the girl everyone wants to meet
that everyone wants to talk to
I became the girl of my dreams
swirling in drinks with tiny straws and orange juice
dancing alone but felt like the whole room was with me
time flew by
until I left and became the same old girl who walked into a bar just to give it a try
death is a tiny girl in pink —
with yellow hair
                          and stick legs -

coming out at twilight , she
on your door with her claws in a fist
smiles wide at you
from the

a wolf in sheeps hide ,
she is only
          (not even)

she wants to hold your hand .
I’ve been playing a lot of love Nikki recently which helped develop this but it was really inspired by another poem I read where they described death as a little girl who listens to the world from underneath the ground
Tharuki 2d
And you broke  
Shattered me
Killed me...
But there’s something about you
That I can’t
Let go of
Tharuki 2d
Her mind
Was her biggest weapon
And her weakest fear
It held the extraordinary
The secrets
The lies
The untold truths
But it held the pain
And the hurt
And the suffering
And it kept everything hidden
Yet so exposed
Her mind
Was strong
But weak
Her thoughts hurt her
But hiding it took more strength
But life kept going
And so did she
Even though her life wasn’t
What she wanted it to be
Her mind
Kept her safe
But put her in danger
And with every thought
She was a step closer to death
But closer to being alive
And her thoughts
Sustained her
They made time obsolete
But still made life so fast
Her mind was her biggest weapon
And her weakest fear.
leaving the house
isn't a common occurrence
once i would do anything
to escape the tense air
these rooms hold
i hide away
in my room
with my mind
in complete control
i guess i don't care anymore
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