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Daksh 6h
Why can't you see?
Why aren't you amazed?

It's true not false.
That earth is a small part of the universe
Doesn't it scares you?
Another billion galaxies?
Another trillion stars?
Another trillion clusters?

Where a star as small as the size of my eye ball can weigh like the sun?

Where time stops and we age differently?

But my girl
Love is something that separates us from the universe.

Look at the moon;
They shine for you
Faith 7h
If I sit in a corner, they all think I'm sad
Fine, whatever
If I'd rather stay in my room, they all think I'm moody
I'm growing sick of this
If I don't feel like talking, they say "Oh, she's a teen"
Can you please stop?
Maybe I actually don't like it when you make assumptions about me
So as much as I love you,
Leave me be
Can't I just sit around and... normal?
you are so calming
and so exciting
so tranquil, and beautifully hectic
pacific: at peace; peaceful
On one summer day,
she relaxed by the waves.
In this peace she'd stay
for the sun she craves.

The salty, misty air
dwindled drops from the sea.
It gave a spume to her hair,
but on her skin it would flee.

She meditated on the surges
with her pale feet in the sand.
Each wave comes and emerges
onto the dense and dry land.

The wind just a blowing,
and the sky was ever so blue.
The waves were just a going,
and this is what she would do.
her words shattered
because she has no voice.
her opinion doesn't matter
she has no choice.

her life forsaken
taken away from the world.
no one wants to hear you
because you are a girl.

her mind full of ideas
but she doesn't want a riot.
she keeps her ideas to herself,
the world wants her to be quiet.
misha 18h
i don't know
why i still
look at your

get out of my head

get out of my head


Two hands touch
Two people love
One is the world
Ones not enough

Ones growing stronger
The others down in hunger
Praying that one day
He doesn’t wake from his slumber

Ones got it all
All beauty and no flaws
The other has nothing
Except the one that he adores

But now the ones gone
And the others all alone
Praying that one day
That the one will come back home

And when the one returns
If so she happens to do
Just know that this one
Will always love you
Just missing that one
JCL 18h
is here
and gray

there is
no shelter
from the freezing

i want to come home
sit by the hearth
be protected
made warm

i crave
to be loved
everything will be ok

hold me
in your arms
protect me
from the world
i need to feel safe

hug me
i want to hear
your heart

press me
let me
your body

i was a fool
to turn
to run

i need
your love
look into
my eyes
let me
whisper, i surrender
Hey there!
My dear birthday girl.
surrounding among friends
standing in front of the table,
getting redy to slice the cake.
Wishper, how do you feel?
Have you forgotten me yet?
or I'm still remain as bubbles
in your heart?
Dn't worry! please smile.
for me, it's no more painful.
I am writing  you,
here, from miles away,
by blowingout,
single candle on a cupcake,
a letter of love.
Since, throughout the year
I'm thinking of you a lot
that it's full my brain
with billion terabytes
by jpeg of your pretty face
MP3 voice and by your 4k smile.
Oh! You look like a princes,
Yes, you do.
Hot, young and beautifull.
I swear, it's true.
It's my wishes that,
I will must be there.
by your side forever.
Like the diray your life time
or the status of your time line
whatever you will do
or wherevere you are.
I wish, I will be there.
with dark chocolate and red rose
In the subways and metroes
by holding your hand,
I wish, I will be there.
I'm falling
I'm falling
I'm falling
I'm falling
Throug your sky.
Hey pretty lady
you've got me on my knees.
Do accept all my apologies.
hold me tight,
save me inside your cries.
If there, still hate
growing for me.
I deserve to be
in prison verily.
I so dearly long
with brave heart,
waiting for your  return
as queen in my dream.
Happy birthday to you!
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