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cleobug 1d
hand on the divine
your curves, like italian marble
body as a work of art

not just a woman but a goddess
and i'm down on my knees

watermelon lingering on your tongue
i lap it up in waves
His tears were in my jewelry box,
His kisses were my wine
His eyes were my soul
And His heartbeats broke my spine.
I always been in love with him for 3 years & now he’s forever mine.
Mara Sep 4
She was his ivory button down shirt
Fresh from the dry cleaners
Soft and gleaming.

And he drank red wine at dinner
Pouring it hastily
Letting it slosh and splash.

Bringing it up to his mouth
He lets it seep past his lips
Dribble down his chin.

If he stains her it’s ok
He will throw her out
And get a new shirt.
Into her life , a tear did fall
Cleanses the wound , of the past that crawled
struggled so hard to get up and run,
waiting for the brand new life , only to steal

Understood , offering not even a single tear ,
gifts , weighted heart , difficult to bear

or surrendering to the unfair world ,
could only be a regret throughout year

memories of stolen childhood ,
had tattoed into her soul
tears became her new ornament , that the life wants her to pay as a toll

Her screams , gone unheard ,

her silence , gone crime ,

her tears , gone wasted ,

her life became useless ,

but still she rose ,
learnt to fly with those broken wings ,
doesn't need the pillow , to share her tears ,
climbed up , from cliff of hurtful stories ,
and spread her wings ,
to chase for her little Big secret dreams...
Zack Ripley Sep 2
I'm trying to find a girl. She hides behind tears that no one sees her cry. I think she's trapped under a mountain of insecurities and lies people have told her. If you find her, can you tell her she's loved. Wanted. Can you help her understand she's not a burden if she wants to talk to someone?
dark blue Aug 27
bow down to women
your superior
admit it
deep down inside
you know men are inferior

always *****
hormonally driven
a slave
to their desire
whacking off
watching ****
chronically *******
for six hours a day

in modern times
men are useless
it's a new age
of girl power
female *******
Brett Aug 12
Tonight, she taught me the nature of healing summer rains
Whimsical descriptions of dancing in puddles, but
Metaphors only serve to drown her pain
Dry on the surface, swearing inside the drought sustains
But dew droplets in her eyes betray her restraint
The morning after, the storm remains

Little flower, bent at the stem
Oversaturated by the self-absorbed
Her waterlogged roots weighing her down, but
In fields of bloom they still look to you
See, the weak reach for the easily used green and blue tulip hues
But her yellow petals require strength to be pulled from the meadow
For A Dear Friend: Stronger then she knows.
Carlo C Gomez Jul 29
In the tall grass
Lutalica girl
In places on the run
Stretched out in her awakening
Removes the dress of her captivity
To introduce herself to those she loves
There's something deeply unknowable
And terrifying in the arrival of her liberty
Sprung forth out of the box
She started from

Lutalica: the part of your identity that doesn't fit into categories.
dark blue Jul 27
dance with daddy
wear your tutu
spin and twirl

hold his hand

into his arms
and heart

you’re his little
prima ballerina
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