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All I want,
is to be gone.
To depart my fallible brain,
and leave all my dreams,
on the beaches of regret.
But I cannot do what I want.
I mustn't.
And when I scream into nothing,
I pledge I will be here.
Till the end.
I will be here,
when you need me.
Anais Vionet Aug 31
I dread those moments
when infatuation begins
to be commitment.

When a wanting to
be together turns into
an obligation.

whoa, I can’t be
“your”  girl - I’m not looking
to belong to you.

What commands my heart
- who knows? But it can't be
kept - pressed like a rose.

Is a girl ******
if she won’t commit to
a relationship?
Why do people always want commitment?
I deleted a note
Saved in my phone
Recalling all of the men
I’ve slept with this year

To write about you.
Only you.
Paige White Aug 15
But in truth I ran
I wouldn’t look details in the eye
I glanced under my eyelashes
Out of the corners
To gaze at reflections in the windows
On both sunny and rainy days
Planning for snow
I scratched illegible notes
Readable only to me
                And counted pain - not mine
I made bubbly conversation that got nowhere
Steering it away from deep water
Answer? Send a meme!
Yes, probably not
No, very likely

But you never know!

Please revise
Just like this.... I wasn’t going here when I started this, only incidentally...  
I don't know why
Can't even begin to understand
When I know you're about to kiss me like you want to taste and lick my soul
I don't bother to pull back
Never wanting you to stop
Never wanting you to end
Your smell, vibe, taste, sensation
Strumming on me
Making your favorite notes play your favorite tune
Fully clothed yet vulnerablely ****
Yearning for our bodies to match
Undoing my button brought me back to rational thought
We must stop
You must stop trying to **** me out of my commitments
My commitment to my heart
My mind
My soul
To starve the flesh
In the calm embrace
Of his battered arms
My head soars
And sinks with his
Gentle, peaceful breathing
In his calm my
Heart vibrates wildly
Calculating fight
Or flight
Until the sweet softness
Of forehead kisses
Convince me to stay.
Hemang Dani Jul 15
I got married in 2015
a journey I started
I thought I met my dear
She barked fear

I got scared
as I had dared
Love turned unknown
Fights were homegrown

no memories to look behind
no feelings stood behind
I made my commitment long
Emotions all went wrong

15 to 19 seemed like a decade
everyday looked like a parade
No where near was my wife
Faith in God marched my life
The poem inspiration came when one of my near dear one was going through a very tough time and to make it easy for him to pass this phase, I penned few lines on his phase.
t Jul 9
day 6
was yesterday
and i’ve never been great
at committing
but this one
i can try again and again and again and again

remember when i was younger?
the way my fingers always itched to swim across the keys
to send words sailing across the page
i remember too
and i feel waves of nostalgia for that person

i wonder where she went ..
When would the time come
When you'd be finally on time
When I won't need to wait
When you would already be there when I came..

I hope you value time as much as I do
Coz we don't know when we'll die, that's true
Please keep and do your promise
Or I might as well forget you even did

Can you really keep and do it?
Or are those just words to assure me?
Are you really ready to commit with it?
Coz if you can't please tell me

I don't know if I should still hope for you
I want to believe you, please I really do
But you've made me wait and sometimes even stood me up
Now I don't really know if there's nothing up..
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