emma 7h
Sitting on that roof with you terrified me. It wasn’t the idea that I was sitting on the edge, seven stories from the ground or even the idea that if I did fall I would instantly die. No, that did not scare me at all. What scared me was you, sitting there across from me.  The feelings I have for you as I am sitting there seem way more frightening to me than actually falling to my death. I am unable to get my head around how irrational my fears are at that time. It would seem that the easier solution for me would be to make myself fall from that roof right then and there than to fall for you.
Muskaan Feb 4
You may bring me down

Try to hurt and torture my soul

You may bring me to the ground

But like the wind I will carry through.

Does my happiness upset you?

Why are you so selfish?

Cause I am strong and independent

I have the capability to do anything I desire.

Just like gravity in space

With everything trying to pull me down,

Just like the momentum to keep going

I will carry through.

Do you want to see me hurt?

Give up on everything I have worked for?

My body falling to the ground,

Weakened by the terror of the future.

Does my happiness upset you?

Don’t try to bring me down.

Cause I am strong like I’ve got superpowers,

Flying through the struggles of life.

You may hurt me with your words,

You may try to crush me,

You may try to torture me,

But still, like the wind I will carry through.

Does my confidence upset you?

Does it come as a surprise?

That I have the capability to do anything I put my heart to,

At the moment that is right?

Out of the struggles of life,

I carry through.

Up from a past buried in cries,

I carry through.

I’m a blue ocean, flowing and changing.

Capable to bear the effects of the tide.

Leaving behind all of the bad memories,

I carry through.

Into a world that I can call mine,

I carry through.

Putting the past behind me

I am the one who represents the future.

I carry through.

I carry through.

I carry through.
em>All hail these small and sweet courtesies of life.
For smooth do they make the road of it.
Grace and beauty – each cut so deep like a knife.
They beg all these inclinations toward love at first sight.
Yes, ‘tis those courtesies which let the stranger in.
With tones and mannerisms - they do have such meaning.

Oh - ‘tis such a blessed thing,
One for which I could lose myself
To the honor of my aching.
I feel a heart which bears all to itself.
Oh yes, tis' open – ‘lest I shut it all out.
So I ask, “Are not my eyes the scout
For which my heart journeys?
That vision, is it not flowing through my arteries
Bringing my heartbeat’s rhythm in tune?
Oh, let that beat be mine none too soon.”

With that said, she laid out her arm in front of me.
Taking hold of her fingers in one hand, I aptly
Applied two fingers of my other hand to her wrist -
Firmly - and begin counting each heart throb.
“One – two – three – four,” counting out aloud
Measuring each heartbeat as it happens –
Hoping to find the art of her fever.
I close my eyes as I continue to count – thinking –
There is no occupation in the world comparable
To feeling a woman’s pulse.
And when I had counted to twenty five
I looked up into her eyes and
At that instant I felt her pulse quicken.
She clutched my fingers tighter in the one hand
While pressing the wrist of her other hand
Harder into my account.

Is it possible for two to become one flesh and bone?
And if 'tis true, what is everything else to become?
Sometimes yours while at other times the other has it?
All the while to be generally on par tallying up the score
As we each permit the other to share in ourselves –
At least in as much as a man and a woman have the right to.
Like a bag full of pebbles which started out jagged
And rough, with very little gleam.
Only ‘tis after being years in the bag together
Do the stones, having had many amicable collisions
Wearing down their angles and edges, do they
Become well rounded and smooth with the brilliance
Of their combined luster.
Nothing to either could have been
Accomplished alone.

She looks back into my eyes as she presses her wrist into me
and asks,
“How does it beat with you?”
Placing her hand on my neck I say,
“Feel for yourself -
‘Tis an improvement –
‘Tis my evidence.”
Musing without a muse
Dreamt of growing old with you
The pair of us wrinkled and gray
In our garden surrounded by grandchildren and flowers
Thought our life would end this way
But illness has come
On a solitary journey you travel
I'm here watching you
trying desperately not to unravel
So in my memories
forever young you will be
While I get to keep living
When all I ever wanted was just
you and me
My thoughts overwhelming  
My heart filled with dismay
But it doesn't matter how much I wish it's not going to help you stay
So I shall just sit here holding your hand
Telling you I love you and hoping you understand
Finding Todd's illness overwhelming at the moment
Carter Ginter Jan 18
Glowing screens in the
Dark dark dark
White smoke against a
Spark spark spark
I'm consumed by this fucked up
Heart heart heart
And I need an escape from all its
Parts parts parts

I feel so broken and lost

My mind is a skipping record
Repeating everything until it's
Dead dead dead
I'm on the couch
And my love is in my
Bed bed bed
And I feel so trapped
Stuck in my
Head head head

I can't break this cycle alone
But I'm losing my cool
This is fear
This is panic
This is irrational
It's useless

And I need it to stop
Before it rips me
Carter Ginter Jan 18
This fear is consuming me
A rope tying tightly around my throat
My chest
My stomach
Constricting my breath and cutting off circulation
Thoughts are spinning spinning spinning
Through my hollow mind
They won't stop
They're stealing my sanity
How do I function through this
When my mind knows it's illogical
But I cannot stop the panic that's destroying me?
I need an escape
I feel trapped but I'm not
I don't know what to do
This isn't the first time
And it isn't the last I'm sure
I don't know how to escape this
When I'm running from myself
Dear poetry
Listen clearly
Over the years
I shed tears
When you discouraged me,
yelled at me,
disowned me,
overlooked me,
insulted me  
pushed me,
beat me,
cursed me,
used me,
abused me  
vexed me,
addressed me,
butt naked me,
broke up with me
blamed me
Dizzed me
shamed me
and dumped me.

In spite of all this, I stayed
and obeyed
put in work

Dear poetry
Oh thou makest me happy
My one and only true love
Sent from the man above
I surely know you're mine
The signs are there this time
If the truth can't be spoken
This bond won't be broken,
I have never felt this kinda love
Maybe it comes from above
I feel so very safe with you
Anytime I can call you my boo
From you, I'll never ever escape
Not even in a Superman's cape
Each and every night I stay up late
For words, inspiration and for your sake.

Dear poetry
Listen clearly
This love is like a poison
And for some odd reason
It took me the first moment
And caused me pains and torment
I didn't think we could go this far
I'm now becoming a star
Though I'm not yet famous
My likes and views are numerous
And to say the least.
I'm now a poetic beast!

Dear Poetry
Tonight You look so pretty
Can you stay with me tonight?
I promise to treat you right
On ice is a cool bottle of wine
We can both drink and feel fine
And afterward, we can just curdle
And watch the stars twinkle
And gaze into the constellation
From where I get the inspiration
I will process into spoken words
Words sharper than a Sumarai's swords
With it, I'll win accolades and a price
And a voice in this poetic race.
You 've made me feel so proud
Therefore I'will hail your name aloud
Serenading you among many
At the award and honoring ceremony.
I love poetry
to treat you with anything other than the utmost kindness and love
is, in my eyes
the worst thing i could possibly do

i lash out at you in my mind
in speech it translates into slight annoyance
and even this is unacceptable

i walk on my own eggshells
i police my thoughts and language
if i say anything to hurt you i repeat it tenfold to myself

my dreams betray me
my thoughts betray me
you would never do such a thing to me

my thoughts of you
how dare they sour?
do i not realize how important you are to me?

my dreams of someone else
how dare they continue?
do i not realize how important you are to me?

the anger rises
not in you, but in myself
though it slips out of every crack that i can't cover

i don't deserve you
i don't deserve you
i don't deserve you

i want to hold you until my arms hurt
i want to protect you until you decide
i want to be with you forever

i want that to be enough
Stalwart embers forever light my heart; stoked by whispers of fate and grandeur, a flame reignites: so minute and fragile, it still holds great warmth; and forever shall I hold it close

Beseeched, I move toward distant hope that one day, my flame; my dear, we could together burn brighter than the sun
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