Dr zik 5d

I am a your will
I'm not eager to deny
Love and commitment

Dr Zik's Poetry
tee2emm 6d

Dear queen of this deserted throne,
The chirping birds and crickets;
The croaking frogs behind our home seem to have traveled with you.
I have swimmed this deep sea of space and silence,
It is warm and it is cold.
I will study stars if they can foretell your return.
I have felt the frostbite of our memorable moments,
Bringing you close to my heart and further from our bed.
I argue with myself if we are better apart or together
But teeth and tongue have taught me better.
Dear queen of this deserted throne,
Return and breathe life into this clay-moulded Adam.

Dear warrior of my kingdom,
This city is beautiful with its golden monuments.
The birds here fly with pride
And the people walk with majestic strides,
But, in spite it's beauty and glory,
It feels like a beautified royal cemetery.
Its monuments look like tombstones,
This is where beauty exemplifies ashes.
I have wished to fly home on milky ways,
To lay my weary head on your bossom.
Dear warrior of my kingdom,
Keep the gates locked, I'll see you soon.

Alex Nov 14

I wear a ring on the fourth finger
I get asked who I'm married too.
I say A ring on any finger is what you make it to be.
A ring on my wedding finger does not mean i am married
Marriage is trust, love, committed to each other, vulnerability, no secrets, friendship and so much moreb. Marriage is promise to always be there no matter what, until death. So why is it that its called the wedding finger when indeed it could possibly be called the promise finger because are we not promising to spend the rest of our lives together. Even if one is not in a relationship with that person does that now make wearing a ring on that finger forbidden?

I wear a ring on the fourth finger or third if your one of those aliens that think their thumb is not a finger.
I get asked who I'm married too.
and idk this got to me

If love is a drug than I don't want it.
cause I got a gypsy soul for leaving
and a mothers heart for scars in need of healing

If love is a drug than I don't want it.
Because I got no self control,
An addict mind and habits ages old

Love has always been an intoxicating idea. I recognize that I find corrosive people to satisfy my temporary state of mind. When midnight comes calling and I'm all alone I seek out relationships to keep me high. I seek love but find a cheep substitute drug in the form of infatuation and lust. Most times I can't tell when it's the substitute and when it's the real thing so I simply try and never take the plunge in the first place never take the first hit. I keep everyone at arms distance because I'll never be addicted to the fake thing if I never take a hit. consequently I'll never get that real high and so I die with my extroverted mind driving me insane as I look for connection but can't let anyone in.
Pseudonym96 Nov 12

You are
An astrological being
An astronomical being
A planet
The stars
The universe

You are
The quintessential muse
Confused and utterly beautiful
Utterly dysfunctional in your eternal solitary defense

Do you know?
How gravity gravitates towards you
You are the center
The core
The rock barricading my misery

You are
The Sun
Essential for life to flourish
For temperatures to warm
For flowers to grow to decorate the earth
For trees to grow to clean the air and shade us
From you
For living beings to survive

You are the Sun
Too dangerous to get close to
If we were closer than we were right now
We would burn
The trees would burn
The flowers would burn
The warmth would be heat, and the heat would be deadly

You are the Sun
Essential, as long as you're not close enough to burn

As long as you're not close enough to hurt me.

R Nov 6

I want to make you feel special today.
Gently, I feel your hand against mine as I kiss the back of each individual finger
letting the shiver from my lips down to your spine travel and linger
as I press my forehead and trace the tip of my nose gently along your arm.

My arms wrapped around you, I slowly rub your back to help ease you out of
the long hours you definitely have worked today. I want to pour my soul into
you to melt away the tensions of the daily wear and tear of your life
and remind you that there are things worth living and loving for.

Gently I trace my naked chin against the nook of your neck as my lips continue
trailing along quietly until they reach the lobe of your ear. I give it exactly one
soft, gentle kiss. I lean deeper into your ear and gently whisper,
"You've been working out today. Do you know how wonderful you look today?"

You deny it coyly but I whisper more, "You're so cold. Please, let me gently hold you
close to me and give you my life, and let it melt into yours. Let me feel every part
of you in an attempt to stoke flames pacified by society. Tell me about your day;
tell me every intricate detail about you. Don't hold back."

You tell me something about how a coworker screwed up something and blamed it on you.
"I'm sorry that happened. Take pity on them; they could never hope to shine as greatly
as you can. I can already feel my eyes melt in sheer bliss when I so much as gaze upon you.
You deny it with a laugh, but I tell you that I would die perpetually for the chance to be with you once more.

I make a joke quietly about how we're two plucked chickens flapping around as our embrace tightens and for
a moment you can't take the situation seriously anymore. We laugh heartily, and only bury our hearts deeper
into ourselves. The night devolves into a choir of moans. We sleep tightly together through the night
as the moonlight gently blankets us, blessing our union together.

People who make love seem to forget, that the body is just a part;
the little things, the jokes, the care
come from our soul, mind,
and heart.

Jadie Roten Oct 30

Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Platinum, Steel
Diamond, Ruby, Sapphires, Emeralds

Why must we over complicate the shape of a circle?
The representation of a cycle
a lifetime of interactions

You needn't struggle for a tangible symbol
Love lies in the heart

McKenna Oct 27

It's the feeling that you're drowning and the only thing that can save you is the one person pushing you deeper in to the cold, black water

It's the feeling that you are standing at a crossroads and your heart tells you to stand in the tracks and get hit by the almighty train and your mind tells you to run

You've seen other people get hit by the almighty train. They've been fine. They've been happy.

Why am I the only one who questions getting hit by the almighty train that is love?

It's the over use of, "Baby, it's not you, it's me", of "I'm sorry I'm so fucked up" of "I'm sorry, you shouldn't have to deal with this"

It's going to bed every night thinking, "I'm too broken to love"

But when he holds you in his arms. For that second, for that minute, your thoughts are cleared. He enters your brain with an eraser and clears the chalkboard mess that has become your mind.

There aren't any songs about commitment issues
Apricot Sky Oct 4

Every poem I've written was of you.
Of the love that I feel that will always be true.
Despite the past, there’s always a future,
Brighter than ever,
It’s now or never.

I take this vow, knowing the risk.
To me it’s nothing,
It’s everything,
It’s bliss.

Irene Poole Sep 29

You only seem to care when you're drunk or otherwise impaired
but maybe you're just scared of commitment.

These promises you make when we're barely awake always seem to fade by daybreak and I can't take this anymore.

If you play with my emotions always bringing me up and then down and I never know if you'll be found with some other girl,
then maybe I'm not the one you should run to when you want to have some fun at a party.

I am enough for you and if you can't understand then maybe you don't deserve to hold my hand and tell me that I'm beautiful.

These words I say to make you pay are not enough because words need actions but you never act
instead you live your life of lies never caring who you disguise yourself as or who you make cry.

You only seem to care when you're drunk or otherwise impaired
but maybe you're just scared of commitment.

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