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Red Brush Dec 7
Your tears, love, I'll trade you
For my smiles, if you permit.
I'll now and forever let you
Break my heart, if you keep it.
kgl Dec 4
when different in city,
far in distance, we keep afloat
with a tenderness that anchors us
unwavering, in sight of shore
we move with the current,
rising and falling,
finding our bedrock
on the ocean's floor
i can't wait to see you again
Rahul Nov 21
When I see you,
I see nothing.
Not the stars,
neither the moon.
Are there clouds?
Any blue?
I can hardly say.

You're made of nothingness,
in my head.
Just a huge hollow void
of absolute emptiness.
In person, you were pretty.
But I do not remember,
neither the skin
nor the words,
but I do remember
calling you beautiful,
in my head.

In my head, though
you're more beautiful,
the sheer nothingness.
All over me like
a starless sky
on a drunken night,
when the woods stumble,
and the chair can't hold still.
All over my floor,
like crumbled pieces
of blank pages,
that scream dead poems.

You remind me of a diary,
that stinks in my closet.
so beautiful,
I was afraid to touch.
I never scribbled a word,
not even a smudge of ink,
untouched and flawless
and pointless.

In person, you aren't
that beautiful.
I do not want to touch you,
so maybe
I'll leave us undone,
because if I don't,
I'll lose the nothingness in you,
in my head
I'll have a face and a voice,
an image, a lady,
and maybe love
but mortality.

M-PAC Nov 20
On top of the world
I ain’t coming down,
Looking through heavens eyes
Earths turned **** bound,
Don’t worry close your eyes
It’s all good now,
I’m here with you.

Round and round we go,
Dancin’ with Demons,
Dancin’ with Devils,
Don’t worry bout me
I already know,
This is for you.
Andrew Munn Nov 17
I knock on doors
that refract light
as sketched shapes of hope.
That chimera of real and illusion.

I remember that in hospitals,
maternity wards and hospice,
doors are to be opened and shut
with gloved hands,
elbows or leaning hips.

I hold myself to a few words:
I needed to go
and so I do,
"one-step at a time,"
when fortitude warms the path
And otherwise,
I remember a red light in the dark
at 6 am in February,
chortling engine
with two hundred miles to traverse -
I was sleepy and restless
and beneath my hums on coffee breath
a seed sprouted
barbs and blossoms.

I doubled down on heartbreak
and the fertility of schisms,
because the world is shaped
by twisting plates that ****** and slide
into one another in dumb collision,
and for all we glean of how,
it may as well be on stone rafts of fate
we built our hopes.
A girl, a woman, lover, friend,
liking me more than she should.
I want to love someone again,
I know she wishes I would.
I love the joy and pain of her,
our hearts are an open book.
My wounds are fresh from this mad world,
when life was harshly shook.
portrait eyes are such a treat,
looking up at this new man.
Simply, silly, kind and sweet,
She reminds me who I am.
Her witness down inside of me,
exposure to all my tools.
Teaching each other honesty,
we're reinventing the rules.
She has a look she can't disguise,
whenever I look her way.
Optimistic hopelessness in her eyes,
bittersweet each day.
When faced with a request to date exclusively by one of the women I am dating I realized that she is not the one.
Emily Nov 14
I swear I have the worst luck with love.
Still, I'm a helpless romantic.
That's my flaw.
I love hard and fall fast.
So much love with no one to give it to.
Feels like everyone is avoiding commitment.
Let me know your true intentions.
I just want to give you all my attention.
hart Nov 13

wherever you go i will follow you ****,heaven,purgatory till death do us not part i will follow you through the veil
you are my righteous man and i’m your angel
i will be with you through your darkest times till the nightmares disappear and the dreams finally begin
i gripped you tight and i will forever be there to fight for you and with you until all the angels fall and chuck returns even then my Winchester i will be by your side you are the non nonnegotiable part of my life i love you forever
i originally wrote this in Latin but i converted it so everyone could understand it
Chicken Oct 10
The happiness key is within you
If only you’l use it
Open the door

There’s nothin’ anyone else can do
Turn that key, I’ll be waiting
That’s for sure

I have seen your miserable
‘Pretend I’m Ok’ face, y’know,
It does not wash with me

Get your singing *** moving
Darlin’... reach inside
Pick up that key.
One life, one wife,
One love, One Love.

Why one, Why one,
Why one, Why One?

      My Frustration is only matched
By my desire to be the One.

I am a contradiction to be watched
         a liar who wants to run.

I have been frustrated recently with the idea that we are to only commit to one person for our time here on earth. It is not that I do not find myself capable of loving one person through hardships, but rater because I want to love more than one person. I am far from being a polygamist, but I stand on the precipice between "for better and for worse" and from putting a relationship in a hearse.

This is a draft, and I'm looking for critiques and ideas.
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