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Liz Carlson Sep 27
i've been left so many times,
i'm just waiting for that moment to come with you.

i trust you more than most people,
yet i still expect that of you.

i have this urge to leave
before you leave me,
why can't i just stay?
am i afraid to see what will happen?
Eloisa Sep 4
And so I tear the last love letter you gave me and decided to let it go.
I stand and watch as the gusty winds blow the paper far away.
The promises of love and forever,
the vow of happily ever after,
the guarantee of a lifetime together.
The commitment of faith and the covenant of love that I kept too long.
I stare at each tiny piece of paper  swallowed by the violent sky.
I’m left alone.
Yes, I’m left alone with just a memory.
I’m left alone.
But I’m left alone with a smile and a promise of a new me.
A new me without you.
A new hope for a new story.
For I’ve already thrown my past behind.
And I’ve let go of my hope for your return.
Slowly and one step at a time, I’m moving on.
I am moving forward without you.
While waiting to be held by the right hands.
If a relationship is a struggle and always brings negativity and conflict,
it’s surely and simply not to be chased.
Faizel Farzee Aug 12
The fire in our hearts cinder and our love will eternally burn
Your angelic face perfectly captured as portraits turn to stare
The radiance you protrude has even my shadow in joyous tears
Your fire flied smile extinguish even my darkest memories
Your enticing voice uplifting me to soaring heights
Your embrace beckons my sweetest dreams to reality
My confidence, your handbag as you carry it to heightened unexplored terrain
These words flows from the lips of our past lives like messages of past love shared
You are my earthly angel!
Your skin my silken robe…
Your healing touch my savior….Your love my reason for living… are my gift that keep on giving

Written by faizel farzee
True love ...and still is
B D Caissie Aug 10
You stood high on a deserted precipice, and with a loud voice you proclaimed your love for me. My fear of commitment  left me silent and aloof.
As a result you were left on the edge of nothingness with a lonely echo. Proudly you stood strong and drew a line, vowing never to return.
Now I disparagingly walk this god forsaken landscape, forever reaching for a  mirage that isn’t you. Left with only my shadow of regret.
Hugo Aug 10
And so I wait,
and watch as another steals smiles that belong to me,
I wait
as another takes in the beauty that only I should see,
I wait
as another feeds on the warmth she gives to him leaving her weary,
I wait, I hurt, I weep
but I cannot have her till I am certain that I can set her free


She will know
The memory of her still burns fresh and new in my mind
She will know
My heart is forever in two and she owns the other side
She will know
She is the only one for me no matter how far, I'll follow close behind
She will know, i hope she knows
She is my sky, worth all the stars that men can find


I want to
Undo all she has suffered ,all the pain she has built walls against
I want to
Free her wings ,convince her that with me those walls are waste
I want to
Look in her eyes,mock chaste and patiently wait as not to invoke what comes of haste
I want to, I need to
Let her come to me, with her scars and bruises and hurt, though slow, to me she is never late


I will
Not push, but gently nudge ,as a parent does one she loves dear
I will
Like a lovers wisper in a dream, utter unheard words but the feelings are clear
I will
Never assume, till she sees me ,I'll only ever be her peer
I will, I will always, I will forever
Someday be the source of her joy, with a love so intense Cupid might have used a spear
As I accept the work ahead of me
Shin Ha Mi Jul 23
Rather than “I love you”
I hope to hear,
“I want to grow old with you”
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