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C 20h
And I don't know why

I want to be by myself
I want to experience life on my own

But every time I try
I crave that dependency

If you can even call it that

I always want someone
But when Im with them

I want to be set free
Fear of being alone and fear of commitment do not go well together.
for long as the wind blows
‘til end I’ll trace his course
for long as the river flows
on and on, this love endures.
My main aim is to adore you to the point whereby I will say happy 90th birthday my love.
I won't promise you the world because it taken already but I will promise you my heart which is my house. I just need you to come and make it a home.
my wows to a new relationship
Madison Sep 8
The day that I might you

I caught a ferry

On the final day

Of February.

I moved along

Whistling, unwary

'Til you came across

Turned my cheeks red as cherries.

You moved as if floating

Light and airy

Skin glowing like the moon

Pale as dairy

Perfect pink lips

Sweet as a berry

I knew my heart would break

Were I to simply tarry.

So I asked you your name

As I felt was necessary

Then asked for a date

To which you agreed, merry.

And so we fell in love

Hearts fluttering like fairies

But permanence, we never spoke of

For, as you know

Results may vary.

That all changed the night

You opened a bottle of sherry

And asked, so matter-of-fact

If we might ever marry.

I felt myself turn pale

As the thought was scary.

I'm much too young to make a promise

I must keep 'til I'm buried!

Alas, I wound up here

Looking down the aisle, wary

While your relatives glow

Like the Virgin Mary.

Today begins forever.

Are my feet cold?


But, when loving someone like you

These things might be necessary.

So I await the go-ahead

From good Preacher Jerry

Before I kiss those lips

Still as sweet as berries.

You may be thinking

I've gotten myself into a situation, quite hairy

But love itself is a risk

And after all

Results may vary.
A challenge I set for myself to see how far I could go with homophones. I think it worked?
Justin Sep 7
I have succumb
To this scent
The scent of a heart
A heart that has
Accepted me
It is addicting
As it is dangerous
I will commit to try
And keeping this scent
To be a part of me
I have moved on
Commitment issues
This again?
Yes but this time these are my words
Not the labels thrown at me by exes
Like arrows attempting to pierce me into place
I thought it was meant to trap me
But I think they just wanted me to stop
To think
To really evaluate myself
To see the truth
Im afraid of commitment.

When I've been told this in the past
I read it with the understanding that
Commitment issues meant I
Just couldn't have or didn't want a relationship
And that just couldn't be true
I mean just check my track record

No, see
My having commitment issues
Is rooted deeply within my past
These problems originate in an exciting mix of
Trust issues
Abandonment issues
And a variety of other traumas

I am not afraid to enter relationships
And I do not avoid love
Actually, I am obsessed with finding love
With being loved
All the while trying to love another
Thinking I'm succeeding
While subtly sabotaging myself in the process

When I was small
I did not receive the respect and care
Needed to show I was loved
Though my parent said they cared
They didn't protect me the way they should have
I had to take care of myself
Look out for myself
Because I was the only one I could trust

Anytime I got close to someone
They'd either decide to leave
Or get ripped away by outside forces
I was alone a lot
And not great at making friends
With the abuse happening at one house
And some solace found at the other
I was constantly fluctuating between
Hellhole and liberation
All while trying to have a childhood
And survive adolescence

So when they say I have commitment issues
They're probably right
But not for the reasons they think
Not because I'm polyamorous
Not because I don't want to commit
Not because I don't love and
Not because of who I am as a person
My issues come from a long line of
Different abuses by people who
Were supposed to protect me
But didn't

So if you think to judge me
For the trouble I have with trusting you
And trusting you won't hurt me
Or decide to leave when I'm "too much"
Understand that I did not choose to be like this
I didn't choose the pain that led me to love
In such a haphazard way

But I am choosing to do something about it
Kellin Sep 2
and it feels like commitment.
and that begins a tug-of-war
inside me.
i want to give her to give me all of her.
but that means returning
the priceless gift.
i want to open myself, let her inside.
but how do i give what has
always been taken?
i want to know what it means to be in love.
but in my dictionary, “in love”
is undefinable.
PandaPao Aug 12
Is just part of our journey
Unconditional love
Undying commitment
Will make it last
I love you
Nathalie Aug 4
With steeple hands,

She bowed in reverence

Holding the vision

Clearly in her mind’s eye

A remembered commitment

Honouring his words

Speaking of love

A desire greater

Than most…

A dream for a new world

Carrying the highest notes

Of integrity…

Girdling the outer limits of,

Great nobility and generosity

Forgiveness given with free will

A soul that harboured

No resentment or anger

Leaving his soul unblemished

Do we know the difference?

Between acts from the spirit

Or offerings from the ego

And do we pretend to care

Or turn a blind eye to the

Greed of men

Rising the erroneous ones

To Gods

And forgetting the small

The quiet ones

Silenced by the skilled

Faces of deceit

How do we hear?

Through all this


The same clamour

Reverberating throughout history

It stops when we stand

And face ourselves

Be mindful of our thoughts

Intentions, words

And our deeds

When we redeem ourselves

To the falsehood

That we ourselves

Have believed for

So very long…

It’s start with every one of us

One by one…

We live in a world

That we create…

And it starts with LOVE…

Curtis Owens Jul 28
Our children may chase butterflies.
but me?
I’ll stay by your side.

teens may break with the tide
and run off alone with butterflies.
But Not me my dear, I’m by your side.

Other men chose butterflies
and then go off with small goodbyes.
But not you my dear, your by my side.
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