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Anais Vionet Jun 6
“I love you.” he said, his voice raspy and emotional.

“You..?” I asked softly, and he nodded yes, slowly.

I kind of moved him away a bit - with a soft stiff-arm - to see him better in the limited light. He looked serious and a little flushed, as if feverish. I examined his face, looking for insincerity or jest but saw none. Perhaps this “love” could use some examination.

“Would you convert to Judaism for me?” I asked

He looked surprised and a little confused. “Are you Jewish?” He asked, hesitantly.

“No.” I answered. He still looked confused.”I’d be proud to be Jewish,” I clarified. “or to have a Jewish boyfriend.”

“Then.. why would I need to convert?” He asked, squinting with concentration.

“We were examining your sumptuous commitment to love.” I said, “forgetaboutit.”
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Sumptuous: extremely costly, rich, luxurious, or magnificent
CarolineSD May 25
Play me like a bass guitar
With your hands
Made for music.

Brush me with your artist's touch
Along these invisible scars that used to
Hurt so much.


Hold me forever.

Draw out my smile
Like colors on skin
Like a drumbeat that tells the melody
Where to begin.

Heal me again and again
With your hands
Made for music.

You said I steady your mind and remind you of all the reasons why
You can believe in yourself.

My love, know that I
Will always lift you up,
And hold your hands
Made for music.

I am falling like the most beautiful Refrain
When you tangle your fingers
In my hair and
Whisper my name.

Every day, there is a song being written,
Chords that rush across a
Never-ending rhythm.
It is the story of a boy
With the heart of a musician
And a girl
Who will love him
Wesley, I love you.
Yemaya May 18
I am not a lover
I cannot be chained down
To someone so soon
I cannot be this earth's moon.
My Dear Poet May 1
I will follow you
whereto you roam
I will follow you
all the way home
down the road
up the hill
along the river
by the mill
past the tin shed
that old shoe store
till I follow you
and go no more
an open field
where a path unpaved
with stones unsealed
leads to your grave
My Dear Poet Apr 10
I can never promise
             to never hurt you

but I can vow

             to never leave you

and live my life in such a way
              that you will hurt

to not stay
My Dear Poet Mar 17
/Seven start the running
at the shot of a gun
one faulted behind
six continue to run
six kept the running
till another starts to stall
tripping over shoelace
two clambered to a fall
four kept the running
four running strong
come the first hurdle
three running on
three kept the running
till a cramp came along
two kept the running
two going strong
just one look behind
cost one the finish line
one kept the running
past the cheer and cries
one kept the running
only one won the prize
My Dear Poet Feb 20
Will our love be strong
and stronger still
and never know till we love
and love till we do
will our hate destroy
and destroy the will
no doubt it may
and may indeed ****
so love me now
and hold me forever
and never leave me
You and me and ever.
My Dear Poet Feb 11
I lost my button
off a thread
on the day when I wed
left with a half open tux
Though it hung for awhile
it fell, rolling down the isle
and down dropped my trunks
The people ‘woo’
and applaud
My future wife
was appalled
“Do you realise it’s all about you?”
I pulled up my pants
bowing at the chance
I smile, replying “I do”
My Dear Poet Jan 16
You sacrificed your soul
upon the altar of my eyes
your heart keeps burning
eternal coal
never dies
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