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RVani Kalyani Aug 2019
I wish I was a rain drop,
There's never a same stop.
I would always be together,
There will always be a space to gather.
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2019
It's a
bad day,
not a bad life.
Gather yourself
and go
Keep on going!
We are all same



In a different way
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
Gather near
Young and old
A story of Winter to be told
The Blue-Haired Monster smiled at me
Then stole my soul with wicked glee
He knows my name

Gather near
Boys and girls
The Blue-Haired Monster’s tangled curls
Warned me of the danger
Yet stuck in the remainder
It knows my name
They say guys don't **** other guys. So what the **** do you call what happened to me last December?
Anthony Mayfield Jun 2018
Come one
Come all
Gather 'round and gather here
Listen close and settle near
For on this day
Authority is interrupted

I've come as close as any man
Can get
To stealing his own shadow
Divine throwback
A crime so small
It's never shed

Come far
Come wide
Sit on grounds of moss and stone
Observe sinful musings to atone
For on this night
I disrupt authority

I've gone as far as any man
Can go
To shatter down my broken soul
Opaque treasure
A ruse so slick
it's never seen

Be broken
Be whole
Samantha Jan 2018
Flocking towards each other,
All gather in hopeful peace.
Never worried in this special place,
Dreaming of a time when their
Own kind would never be hated on.
Malicious individuals breaking in,
Silence flowing throughout.
Rafia Shujaat Aug 2017
I close my eyes and it's all dark,
Every thought is beaded in tears yet dry as bark,
The past is blurred with pain and loss,
A little is left to cling on, rest is just gloss...
axr Jun 2016
ashes cover my bones

i stare at the fire i started

my past lies behind me

my swords are not blunt anymore

my shield is destroyed

smoke rises up

blinding the rest of the world

slowly, i rise

i stand amidst my remains

naked and pure,

stronger and wise,

my swords are not blunt anymore

now,i watch my story unfold
part 2 of my previous poem destroy
ShowYouLove Apr 2016
Jesus come to us; we are gathered here this day
We are listening, let us hear what you would say
Quicken our hearts Lord and let your spirit rain down
As praises and singing and dancing fill our cities and towns

Jesus be with us; while we pray as one tonight
Fill us with peace and wisdom, fill us with your light
By the cross and by your grace you have set us free
Take the blindness from our eyes so we can finally see

Jesus consume us; move and have your will
Flood our veins and our souls; ever moving, never still
Saturate the very air until all we breathe is you
Change us from within until we are made new

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