"You shine so bright, in darkest night,
When no one else would try.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
Where there's no more need to cry.

For beauty can't compare to you,
And neither could the Earth.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
So take off, for what its worth.

You whisper now, a quiet attempt,
To stop the salty tears.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
To getaway from all your fears.

You place your hand upon my cheek,
And gently rub the skin.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
Let your afterlife begin.

Teary eyes, and rosey cheeks,
Your smiles could never fail.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
On the tears in which you sail.

I look at you and now I know,
That darling you are home.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
Cause its hell when I'm alone..."

I am sad Π^Π

you built the wall as tall as  it could go till it pierced through the sky of your standards,
I grabbed your latter of stories and climbed with each level whispering into my ear,
don't look down it is no longer an option just keep going with breezes tugging at my skirt,
sweaty palms grasping for the security of solidarity too far to turn back and yet not close enough to hope,
shakiness begins to take hold as the ground quakes with anticipation yearning for my fall,
arms that were once so strong only pull down my climb with the weight of its secrets,
creeping ever so slowly with uncertainty yet trembling full of fear that false hope brings,
slipped from the security of the latter air cushions my plummet to kiss the ground beneath your shoes,
bet you would never expect to see me fly,
but I was the angel in your dreams

Take me back to the better days
Take me back to when life was easy
Take me back to when you were here
Take me back to the swing sets and slides
Take me back to the first crushes and cooties
Take me back to when all there was was time
Take me back to when you loved me
Take me back to when you stole kisses from my lips
Take me back to when you were breathing life into me
Take me back to driveway basketball and summer nights
Take me back to the innocence of adolescence
Take me back to the purity of kids
Take me back to days we only remember
Take me back to secret love affairs
Take me back to pool days and chicken fights
Take me back to bike rides and adventures
Take me back to when it was me and you against the world.
Now it's just me and our memories.
Rest In Peace my angel. 03/15/2017

Seema 3d

I am a fool, who fell for love
A wingless angel, from the heaven above
Waited and waiting for the promise virtues
Sitting with the deads among momentary statues
Alone, thinking of the fortress I left behind
For the sake of love and mankind
But no one notices me and neither my deeds
Everyone is so busy with their wants and needs
I pray to thee, to grant my wings back
So I can fly to my realm and be with my pack
Angels have become a myth over here
People laugh at me, when they often hear
Say, am a fool, a mental retard
So shameful of how we are been regard
Beautiful creation is this earth, Dear Lord
But fading away is your righteous teachings and word
I have seen the demons in disguise
Playing like a hardcore dude, pretending to be wise
The hell gates are lose, leaking out the evilness
The untamed beasts, walk out with their wickedness
I have no place of peace but this burial grounds
Where I seek your help Lord, as the darkness surrounds
I am powerless, as my time on earth is finishing
Seen how innocents survive the wrath through punishing
Tonight, I shall have my wings back to flee
Else I'll be dead before I can make another plea...


Fictional write.
Sam 3d

Hand in hand, walking fields of snow. Pail and pure, as if flake fallen from the full moon above. The way her hand fits in mine, sends my heart glissading into the idea of forever. As she turns to look at me, fresh snow clinging to her hair, the term "snow angel" takes on a whole new meaning. For the first time in a long time, my heart begins to feel... whole.

I dont think she remembers why she came.

Why she is a different person, when it rains.

When everything began, before she knew her name.
Before this creature, she became.

With the thickening Fogg and Desolate Rain; she grip's her cloak and follow's her pain.

Her lifeless eyes lead her astray, as her feet trip over one another before two others came.

She made her way into a clearing and silence she regains.

The dark purple skies reveal a shape of blame and into her form she became.

Her sense's heightened like a catalyst, her intentions were vague. Inside her heart was filled with rage.

She made her way into town, devouring all that stood in her way.

Her blood shot eyes could see for miles. Her smell was refrain.

But unto others she would look the same until her mistakes began to leave a trail from which she became.

They gathered in many, they carried they're pitch forks and Stakes but nothing would kill her and she would eventually get away.

Leaving the town in fear, she made away. She layed low for year's until one mysterious day.

A weary traveler stumbled across her home fatigued. Riddled with torment, the man lay waste.

Her heart poured for the man and so she decided to let him stay.

She catered to his wounds and she fed him each day.
He then returned to health and asked for her Name.

She barried her head, she did not say.

The man so thankful for her help; he decided to stay and pay back the woman who had no name.

He did not remember from which he came, this weary Traveler also had no name.

He promised that he would do anything for her to let him stay.

She gathered his stuff and pushed him away.
She shut him out when it started to rain.

The man confused inside but determined for change.
He decided he would go into town and return with necessary things.

As he returned there was a beast at her door. In a panic he grabbed a rock but The beast instincts much quicker than his own. The strength of ten men charged him down to the ground.

This beast would not take his life all at once.

The man remembered in that very moment from in which he Came.

But he still loved her, So he pursued her any way.

The beast then Struck him down. This time oblivious in rage.

She tore him limb from limb but Realizing was half of her Pain.

The other part of her enjoyed it and so she continued to slay.

I dont think she remembers from which she became. Her lifeless eyes that lead her astray.

Her feet fall over one another before two others came.


Werewolves have no love life
Seema 5d

From the heaven, falls an angel in disguise
Torn wings, broken ribs, unable to rise
Cries in pain as now in a human form
Covers itself with rags from the upcoming storm
I see it clearly as I am sitting in my tree house
Away from city life and the desperate lazy louse
Pitting on the ambience, I called out to it
Shiny blue eyes sparkled at me with its wit
I welcomed it in my tree nest to warm up and sit
Scared of conversating about its existence
A quite being, I admired its patience
I told it, not to worry as I was its own kind
Fallen almost a decade ago, from the heavenly bind
It smiled and spoke with a glowing lit up face
Finally, I've found you...O' Master!! O' thy Grace!!


Seema Sep 14

On a dusty road
Walking alone
Carrying my load
My body all bones
Shackling, dangling
Withered skin
Like a reptile camouflaging
From its tail to fin
My burdens are heavy
But he denies to take me
Says I am not ready, I've gone crazy
Under the hot sun and cold moon
All I prayed to, none fulfilled my boon
So I seeked the death lord to take me
But it didn't listen to my plea
The sand dust, makes small dunes on my eyes
The leviathans sleek their tongues and spies
While walking, my feet leaves a red pattern
Yet no one's willing to take me in, that's for certain
I am a sinner but I killed no one
I betrayed my ownself
By trusting a face shifter alone
The load was heavy, so I tried committing suicides
Each time someone stopped and so became my guides
Now I am walking, so my loads drop by the road side
Little by little my timid soul, opens from its hide
On the lead way, the devil lied
Dressed like a monk, it came to me like a surprise
It was after my soul, was trading it with gold
The forbiddened advice,
Coz I knew it was the devil in disguise
I am walking towards the new horizon
The death lord intervened to renew my death licenses
I am like the centaur from the epic time
Heeded with superiority, on my blood spilled no crime
I am now at a graveyard, walking with the shackle bones
Rattling underneath the ground, are many unknowns
Here I shall lay my withered raptured body,
Coz my soul angel is near, with my new reformed body...


The guardian angel on the bus
wears starched white hair and long black coats,
smiles at me,
black lips and choker.
Small reminder of herself.

You say, it's weird
how someone so far away
can make you feel so happy
and contented

I say, it's weird
how someone so far
away can uplift my soul
effortlessly and make me
smile endlessly

We are under the same
sky, we gaze upon the same
stars and moon
So, please believe me
when I say nothing is

Showing some love, low-key. <3
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