Hello, Angel. Why have you come here tonight?
Hello, Stranger. In response, I say why wait to have fun with life?
You're too beautiful...
Too beautiful?
...to be walking the streets alone.
But I'm not.
But you were.
Well not anymore. I've got you, now. Promise you won't run away?
Angel, I never expected you'd want me to stay.
I never expected the words to leave my mouth. But here we are, so make a promise to me.
What exactly would that be?
How about, a nice dinner for two before booking a one night stay in a hotel room?
Only one night? I'd willingly give you a lifetime.
You don't even know me, Stranger.
Are you sure? It feels as if we've met before.
Do you say that to all the pretty things that come walking down the street?
You're the only one who's really caught my eye.
Oh, please! As if this is your first time.
It is, it truly is! You've just got to trust me.
Trust you? And why on earth would I want to do that?
Because, Angel, you and I have met before. Another time, another life, another war. I've seen those eyes, those eyes of yours.
And where was it you saw them?
Once, in a dream.
A dream?
Yes! A dream! This time I refuse to let you walk away so easily.
So, what are you trying to say?
Let's have dinner? I mean, only if you really want to. It'll be my gift, from me to you.
That...that would be lovely. But what is it I would have to give in return?
Nothing other than your time and company. It's all I'll need, all I want. So what do you say?
Okay, Stranger. Okay.

I composed the poem "Angel?",
And its subsequent parts,
It is a magical saga.

It is indeed so much beautiful,
And the Angel in the story,
I fell in love with her.

Rhyming or not it is bountiful,
And of all the sorts of arts,
She is an eternal saga.

Roses bloom as she is dutiful,
And me she always loves,
Should she not be real.

Magical she is so screwable,
Days dim into the nights,
I long for an "Angel?".

Much I am like Pygmalion,
Do I like those moments,
I do love the "Angel?".

If I'm wrong then correct me not,
Loneliness is a deadly disease,
I am saved by the "Angel?".


My HP Poem #1602
©Atul Kaushal
pnkrck 3d

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You are nowhere to be found
among greens and visits,
your stillness remains,
I cannot move you away,
your water flows everywhere,
supplying more,
maybe receiving less,
You are the Great River.

I follow your calm rushing sound,
letting myself be drag by your trail of rescues,
in front of total loss,
I may or may not lose you.

You rise and lay with the sky,
harmonising with everybody else,
I should have no doubts,
you reflect the magnificent Man.

They keep meeting your beauty,
ending the day with bittersweet conclusion,
thanking and cursing time,
"we have the Great River."

Great River,
you have so much of my love and i'm glad we met.
thank you for opening my heart.

There's a monster in my mind
there's an angel in my heart
and everyday they're waging wars
until I fall apart.

The monster is a thought
the angel is a hope
and I try to see that they don't collide
as it's my only way to cope.

When I say I'm fine I promise I'm not lying
because the angel in my heart
is keeping me from dying.

Ye mak a better door than a windae.

Maybe it was your smile that caught me
A typical smile that could light up a room
The one that awakens the butterflies
The one that makes the sparks fly

Or maybe it was your beautiful eyes
Those orbs I could get lost in
It twinkles likes a star in the night
It mirrors your very soul

Or maybe it was your laugh
The one that is so loud and contagious
My favorite melody of all
I could listen to it all day

Or maybe it was your voice
It is of an angel's
You love talking and I love it
It soothes me everytime I hear it

Infinite reasons could be written down
But all I know is one thing
I love you and not just a part of you
It is your whole being I am inlove with

I'm upside down
Flip me over
No wait
I liked it better
The other way
Upside down and
Inside out
In the lost
And found box

All mixed up
Time and time
Again stirring
My own pot
Of broken dream
With someone else's
And vice versa
While talking
To the bird
That lives in
My beard

Passing time
Building wings
Of twigs and leaves
Held together
By the ear wax
Of Ballybogs
That always seem
To fail
In one way
Or another

The guardian angel
And little devil
Sitting on my shoulders
Pass a bottle
Back and forth
At my shortcomings
So the clown in me
Steals it
And we all end up
Drunk and naked
Dancing around
A bonfire
Adding ingredients
To the gumbo

©James Dennis Casey IV

Let's sing a song
Cause the demons cry
While the angels die
Cause they were lovers of us

Let's sing a song
Colour pinkies blue
Just for me and you
Cause it's the colour of us...

When I was a kid I was afraid of death...
Now I'm afraid of death for the angels...
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