I watch you from afar
my greatest love in argent-kissed armour
He who dreamed of being greater than
a mere fighter, stronger that a solider,
wiser than the Kings who pass and come
He who is born with an angel's allure,
he who unites all from all walks of light
I feel your vesper gaze upon me,
ambition, charming, wise and poignant
With a charisma, a light that outshines the
very sun, a heart warmer than gold
and softer than cotton.
I pray you will succeed
That you will find your way
For no matter how far you wonder,
and how I think of you in yonder
I know in my heart,
You will return to me once more...  

Something a lil different.
I think I'm gonna take a short break from the Epulaeryus lol.
Don't worry! I got more coming, it's just I need to gather my thoughts!
My sweet tooth is strong and raging!
Lyn xxx
I once had a beautiful mother
Who used to be a teacher
She teaches hundreds of students
Yet I was the special one
She left me behind
When I was as sleep in my dreams
God ask her to come
Because he needs the one
The one who loves and take cares of every one
She left me without a good bye wave
May b she was to scare
That I would cry like a baby
I love to watch over blue sky
Because someone said me she is up above so high
Taking care of littlie firefly
When I wanna cry
I watch the beautiful sky
So that she can tell me everything is fine
And give me a warmed smile
She is my beautiful mother
Now who became an angel....
hmm well this i wrote to comfort my self i usully don't understand why it should be my mom and she passed when i was hardly 6 soo that tym my dad told me she is in sky and moon taking care of little angels
Missing you all day,
Dreaming of golden sunsets,
Can't wait for the warm summer nights to come,

Looking at the heavens,
Following a river of stars,
Flowing with the tears of two lovers,

Two longing lovers,
Separated by time and space,
Lovers lost among the stars,

So many stars separate their hearts,
I don't like standing here alone,
Every star, falling from the sky, is a tear from my crying heart,

Thank you for your love again,
For granting me one beautiful wish,
On that special day,

A dream that has lasted a lifetime,
Standing here alone; under a river of stars,
Contemplating, the possibilities of creation,

I believe we will be together, again,
Holding each other close, dancing beneath the stars,
On warm summer nights...

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Warm Summer Nights love poem (text to speech)
I want that angel
Complete in black
Whiter than the clouds,
Her curves,

Like the way he eyes shine
When she notices every one is looking at her,

And then there’s me,
Sitting in a corner looking at her
From a far.
It’s my first day of college, I was anxious, but not too much, wishing there was people that I adore besides me, but happy, happy im starting a new life
Danny Wolf Aug 7
Losing you feels like my body ripping at the seams
(Losing you feels like birthing a new purpose)
Losing you feels like the cry of an abandoned babe
(Losing you feels like a new search is beginning)
Losing you feels like foundation crumbling in my fingers
(Losing you feels like rebuilding myself)
Losing you feels like all the pain of a lifetime bottled into a single jar
(Losing you feels like love is present everywhere now)
Losing you feels like a rage from the core of my being
(Losing you feels like making every action purposeful)
Losing you feels like breaking everything I once deemed as sacred
(Losing you feels like now I understand what it means to hold something as sacred)
Losing you feels like the sky will always be black
Like it will always be raining
(Losing you feels like a new duty has been cast upon me from the heavens
Like the feeling of rain on my skin)
Losing you feels like the burning
Like the old scars no longer matter to me at all
(Losing you feels like the fire is now warmer
Like there are new wounds scaring over)
Losing you feels like gasping under crashing waves
Like drowning
(Losing you feels like every breathe is important
Like the first gasp of air)
Losing you feels like a forever famine
(Losing you is like planting a single seed to feed a million)
Losing you feels like a life long battle
(Losing you feels like an initiation to become a warrior)
Losing you feels like the universe is void
(Losing you feels like you’re filling all the holes inside of me)
Losing you feels like a death of my own
Like I will never be the same
(Losing you feels like an opening
Like life has taken on new meaning)
Losing you (is gaining an angel)
Larri Aug 7
i scream.
I'm in the woods.
I'm tied in place,
I'm bleeding.
I scream louder , begging for time to reverse.
I can't see more but fog in the dusk.
I feel a tug at my throat, I remember why in here.
My toes dangle above cold, dead earth.
Everything seems so close yet so distant.
I want to cry but I don't think I can.
Finally I see a figure running towards me.
I feel no fear only longing.
Finally someone has come to save me, I'm okay.
A young woman approached me, her pink lips wearing a wide smile, her fingers are soft.
She climbs into the tree behind me with no effort.
She holds closely to me as the rope is untied, she lowers me slowly to the ground.
I notice now this woman is clothed in white, and there are more around us. A small boy is watching timidly from behind his mother.
Hundreds now of these odd people watch closely as my wounds are bandaged, my hair brushed clean and my tears whipped away.
Now the woman is crying.
She cries pretty.
Unlike my helpless, unworthy sobs, simple and clear tears pour down porcelain colored cheeks.
S lifts me up bridal style and begins to carry me.
Away down the path of the dense forest, into a small clearing.
Where a hole has been dug.
The people gather round like a herd as she lowers me in.
I want to tell her no.
6 feet under.
No coffin, just warm earth on all sides.
I want to scream but I can't.
Now I've opened my eyes.
I'm next to her.
Golden wings wrapping me close.
"I'm sorry" she says.
"Why?" I ask.
"You deserved more than I could ever give you."
Not a dream or anything I had, just a message. Our worth it. I promise. Take this as proof. Be safe <3
Madison Aug 7
He fell from heavens high

Back down to this miserable Earth

All in the interest of loving me.

He was a guardian

So pure of soul

But all I saw

Were his wings.

He promised to protect me

And kept his word

Treating me better than anyone had

In a very long time.

He lived a second time just for me

Always there to rescue his favorite broken soul.

He was the one

To drag me out of dark alleys

Take the bottle from my hands

Tell me who not to call back

Place a hand on my heart

Just when I thought I couldn't feel anything good anymore.

He danced with me to my favorite records

Taught me how to laugh again

Sang me to sleep

Offered the gentlest kiss

Without asking for anything more.

He pried me open

To see into my soul.

I found true desire

In staring at his wings.

As the days passed

Disenchantment crept back in.

Finally, I asked him

What it was like to fly.

He smiled at me

So beautifully otherworldly

And told me that

As long as I was there with him

He wouldn't dream of doing it again.

It was then that I asked him the million dollar question:

"If you don't want to fly again

Would you mind giving just one of your feathers to me?"

He stayed silent for a while


Before he reached out

And tore a single sparkling plume

From one lovely white wing.

He dropped it into my outstretched palm

Before meeting my gaze

With watering eyes.

"My love," he said.

"Never doubt that I am yours."

For a while

That one feather was all that I needed.

Alas, like all things

The passing of days

Dulled its shine.

A few nights later

I asked my angel for another

Sure he wouldn't mind.

"Please," I begged.

"Just one more."

He hesitated for only a moment

Before plucking out another.

With a smile

I took it from him

To join the previous one.

There was a sick thrill

In seeing them side-by-side

One for him

One for me.

Of course

Two wasn't good enough for long.

I plead to him on one of my hopeless nights

Dropping to my knees

Choking on tears.

"Please," I said once more.

"If you really love me, do this for me. Give me more of you."

His own eyes glistening

He ripped out a handful of glittering ivory

Shoving them into my hands.

I barely even heard his groan of agony

Over my own cries of anguish.

As my collection of feathers grew

Along with my longing for more

I hardly noticed my angel grow gaunt

Glowing skin going dull gray

Radiant smile fading away

Retreating into himself

As I stripped him

Of the badge that stated his purpose.

He gave and gave

And I took and took

Never offering anything back

Never worrying

Figuring that this --

Making me happy --

Was his job.

Not once did it occur to me

That every small sacrifice caused him so much pain

That I had changed him from a guardian angel

To a caged, flightless bird.

So I never pressed him.


How do you ask someone

If they're tearing themselves apart

To give you a piece of them?

I didn't expect it

When my angel fell into my arms

The light already leaving his beautiful eyes.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered.

"But I have to go now.

Please take care of yourself when I'm gone.

And, when you look at the feathers

Think of me."

The least I could do

Was hold him

As he faded away.

Now, I walk this miserable world alone

Two angel feathers

Hanging from my neck.

I stay away from dark alleys

Seek solace in the bottle

Screen every call

Clutch a hand to my chest

Wishing my heart would freeze back over.

I've put away the records I once loved

Muted my laugh

Let every tear dry on its own

Stay up all night

Blaming myself

Vowing to never let anyone kiss these selfish lips again.

Now, I fall to my knees

Pleading with the heavens

To let him come back to me

Save me again

Reclaim the things I took from him.

Oh, angel

Please don't do this for your next girl.
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