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Alone in your room
Like the owl owns the night
You awaited to be available
Not showing your loneliness,
Our childhood you'd caressed
By your presence, we we're blessed.

Coming home from work,
Smiling so sincere
To your neighbours in fate
You were never late!
You were the extra hand in need.
You'd given hands and feet.

It takes a village to raise a child,
You were the village
Not only for me,as your heart was kind
Yet, you are gone
And never met my kids
You didn't stay that long,my friend
As God, for you, had another plan…

Wish my kids had met you,
I was told that you were different
You were not an angel
Maybe, it's us who've changed you
You were not seen by your parents,
We,as kids have seen you
And now,as adults- miss you!
Across from my childhood house, lived my mom's cousin who never married or had kids, but she always had a positive influence on all the kids she met, she would take me and my siblings in excursions and helped my mom, organizing Christmas plays, playing the piano for the church of our community, I always have seen her as the most unselfish soul I ever met. The cancer took her and I would always regret she never met my kids.
Zay 21h
We've got the
Eyes of innocence;
Face of angels;
Personality of a dreamer
and a mind darker than a demon's
Make me thy beautiful Queen, my God and all the Heavens shall tremble when I breathe.
Bring your kiss and Holy Word; let it wound my swoon of love.
I am thy ultimate fighter and warrior.
Thy angels offer me thy precious gifts.
The balms of rose beautify me.
Since I was born I had on my lips thy unique words.
Stormy 4d
I breathe you in
like smoke.
You settle in my lungs,
my veins,
my soul.
I touch you
and I see things
no one else has seen.
You raise your feathered wings
and wrap me
in ecstasy.
You wipe away the rust
that covers me
from years spent living
in my own rain.
Every kiss is never
Every look is always too
You've brought down the Heavens
and made a home for just us.
I pick the feathers from my hair
and make a crown fit for a Queen.
I will spend the rest of my life
learning to fly
by your side.
before i say
let me
kiss you
only your hand only
as i can not do

my nations habits' prevent me
my will blame me
as i want to see
you so clear
as an angel comes near

and kidnapped a wealth
that for me my worth

but i will have no mercy
I whispered
into the inner spirit ear
I love you
and enforce taking your heart
and run away

could you catch me?
the love makes every thing so white and clear. the black point goes away.
Hello hellfire
I cannot feel lighter
Then the air I became
A poison left astray

Hello hellfire
The sun rose higher
Burning all in sight
Satan's blight

Hello hellfire
Demons walk quieter
Devil's trap, heaven's plight
Angel's song, hell's fight
hehe....I don't know
Anastasia Oct 12
There was an angel who fell from the sky
And I mended his broken wings
But it pained me so
When he had to leave
He blessed me goodbye
And kissed me on the cheek
And promised that
He’d come back for me
a late-night written poem
Contoured Oct 8
Disintegrated wings,
Even angels fall too.
A glance up to the sky,
Caught a transcending view.

Landed on two feet,
An angel's new terrain.
Only few will sit and worship,
But most attempt in vain.

The sky was never cleared,
In fact, formations all the more.
A rabbit, a cake, an astronaut,
Even rain would still downpour.

Following in hopeful doubt,
Freedom's symbol is no chain,
Bare in mind, no change occurred,
The droplets were always acid rain.

Caught in fair deceit,
For my fault was to submit.
When glancing from the outside,
I didn't see the whole of it.

Because angels never fall,
With wings upon their back.
For a fall is cunning foolery,
And we're victims of attack.

Stuck in hypnotic values,
Our worth seemed to accrue.
But we must've forgotten the fact:
That the devil walks here too.
Sylph Oct 6
They come and go
could possibly go wrong
If they just

You said you were my Guardian Angel
That you would come back
10 years time
Im so naive

I dont need you
I know i dont
But i sure as hell want you

Why are people so cruel? And why am i so naive? Why cant i grow up?
annh Oct 6
my halo
at life, for kicks;
and life kicked back.
A failed tetractys: 1-2-3-4-10. And a variation on 'Temptation'.

‘The angel came, the angel saw, the angel fell.’
- Alexandra Adornetto, Halo
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