EmDictado 18h

she never
of becoming
an angel

just wanted
to fly
and somehow

touch the

         o      u
     l                d
c                         s

no, she
never dreamed
of going
nor entering
(she doesn't know if it even exists)

just wanted
to leave
the grounds
for a while
and see if
the fluctuations
are worth one's salt

-she's taking the biggest risk of her life

mk 1d

tell them how you never really had
a relationship with God
he was just somewhere in the
clouds and never in your
tell them how you never
really cared to pray
how you'd go through your life
night turning into day
but then she walked in
tell them she walked in
like an angel or a scribe
like someone with light
a savior in disguise
tell them how she gave you
a lot many gifts
tell them how your favorite
was how she gave you faith
she taught you to pray
and to always say
God's name
(but never in vain)
and you often
kissed the words right out
of her mouth
it was holy
in dimensions you couldn't explain
she taught you scripture
wrote you songs
gave you a voice to
talk to God
and you used that voice
every single day
thanking Him for
the blessing he gave
and she was a blessing
oh God she was
like magic and wonder
from above
so pure and innocent
wise and content
her playful smile
and her strength

but she came
and she left
and then there was pain
she brought you the sunshine
then left you with rain
now you're standing here
with faith in your hands
asking God why He let her
leave like that
she gave you a relationship
with something Supreme
but her departure from your life
is a never-ending scream
you don't know if you should
banish God or love
you don't know if you should
pray to the one above
if she was an angel
why does this feel like hell
if she was your savior
why didn't she treat you well
i mean, maybe she did
when you were together
but now that she's gone
your sanity is like a feather
it's twisting and floating
a little beyond the skies
loving her
might not have been wise
she was the connection
between you and heaven
she was the faith
reverting you from being a heathen
what good is faith
with a broken heart
tell them she baptized you
but you don't know where to start
you ask him
"is that what angels are?
here for a moment;
then forever in the stars"

your long nights
have just begun
is this the angel's way
of having fun?
too pure too innocent
too kind too good
perhaps this whole thing
was misunderstood
or perhaps this
was the plan all along
you know what they say
only broken hearts find God

keep your faith.

You, the warm one with a cold heart,
The one that builds up and then tears apart,
An angel from the heaven with wicked ways,
Missing piece of the puzzle,
The player who plays.
Strength of a mountain,
As deep as an ocean.
The sky gives to you unwavering devotion.
Anger of fire,
Patient as time,
Walk on wire,
Fall out of line.
A very loud bark and a bite just as sharp,
You cut them to pieces with the voice of a harp.
Gold drips off of your silver tongue.
With a soul centuries old, and a body of young.
You, who shines brighter than the stars,
With the beauty of Venus and the bloodlust of Mars.
Your black hole reveals you, God of wrath,
Destroying all beings who invade your path.

Eppie 2d

i'm breathing inside - outside
looking in the eye of the sun
staring down the barrel
the cold, glaring metal
of a loaded gun.

blind terror in the iris
or my lack thereof.
something is wrong here
doesn’t belong here
tear-ducts underwater
skin crumbles to dust.

i’ll tilt the axis plane
to the angle of my brain waves
she’s an angel with no name
i'm a heart locked away in a cage.

retinas fry in the eye of the sun
she’s up in the aether
where my love lingers
like fingers on a gun.

Alex 3d

when you fall in love with an angel, you must understand that there are things you will never understand.

- when you first go to run your hands through her hair, her halo will slice your palm. and it will hurt like hell. she will mend it with the touch of one golden finger, and will leave so abruptly that she is gone almost before you even blink. the thing you will see is her at the doorway. terrified eyes, blood stained hair.

(later, she will tell you that she never realized how breakable humans could be. when she explains what it takes to make an angel bleed, you begin to understand )

- ask her about the sky, about stars and suns and galaxies light years away. ask her whether or not the universe looks like a blooming garden. never ask about lucifer - she will become a soldier before your eyes.

and not, do not, donot, ask about god.

do not ask about rebellious older brothers and absentee mothers.

(do not infer about a war you know nothing of)

- in a science class you are taking simply for extra credit, your teacher will be talking about quantum physics. he will explain galaxies and refer to stars as "celestial bodies," but you won't be listening. suddenly you will only be able to think of the way her mouth curls at the sides, of the way her golden skin glows, of all the puckered scars that crisscross her torso, of the graceful arch on the bottom of her foot. celestial bodies are certainly on your mind but they are so much more than gas and light and heat and touch and --- oh heavens ---

when the teacher asks if you are alright, you will flush an even deeper red. supernova.

(at times it is lovely to be in love with an angel. but at other times, it is not)
- beware when you fight, it is like the world is ending. her anger conjures a thunderstorm, and soon the entire country is three inches deep in water. you shatter a picture frame. a bolt of lightning catches the house across the street on fire. you are screaming at the top of your lungs – something about duty, something about god – and there is a crash of thunder that shakes the foundations. the weathermen talk about the storm for days. you flinch and change the channel.

(no matter how right she is, she will always let you win)

- there are times when she won't visit for months on end, and when she finally comes back to you, she is not herself. there are new scars across her chest, and she does not speak. she sits with you in her arms for hours, her nose buried in your hair, and her arms squeezed tight, so tight. she does not cry. you do not cry.

you do(not) cry.

(but you do remember the miles and miles of white scarring. you wonder if angels are as immortal and unbreakable as they think)

( and when you fall in love with an angel – oh, darling. it's too late to take it back, now. )

this is quite old sorry
ronnie 4d

I swear to god he was perfect.

I saw him across the room
coffee stains on his white button up shirt
his curly hair messy, falling over his face the tiniest bit
his overly sized glasses sort of crooked on his face
there he was
he didn't know how silly he looked
but it was the best kind of silly
the silly I wanted to see everyday
He looked like an angel

He was perfect.

Under the dark serene night and the star's flickering light
A stroll with you will make me forget the world
A gentle kiss from you leaves the time frozen
Melodies flow through my veins listening to your voice

Like an oyster containing a precious pearl
There you are in my arms, my beautiful little girl

My Duchess.
Never have I ever loved
another face.
Look at me,
if you can.
I burn.
Oh, my heart.
She is the most beautiful woman
in the world,
what I wouldn't give
to be between
those thighs.
Porcelain beauty.
Moving only
under my
and the gentle noise
so silent outside this room,
so loud to me.
My statute love,
mine forever,
poised like this.
Angels on air.

-stay quite still, you look so beautiful in the light

She is trying so hard
To move on from her past
But memories
Always pull her back apart...

She is a warrior
She is strong
She is an angel
She is a melodious song...

She knows how to fly
Without an assistance
She is dautless bird
Who pursues excellence

But stars don't shine always
Sometimes they get dim
Sometimes they break
Even the warriors get weak

That's how life goes on
There just cant be always
Win win situation

Warriors have to fight
So she is fighting
Sometimes with the destiny
Sometimes with herself
With the hope of surviving...

Blurry Visions
I opened my eyes wide at the mirror. Two beautiful wings stretched from my back. I turned sideways to get a clear look. Angelic beauty of the feathers. The blur turned into darkness.

Darkness Outside
There were screams coming from another rooms. I flew down another and another floor to find the source. Saw blood shattered by a violent man. I couldn’t get closer to him. Devils and demons forced him this time. Too hard.

I must heal his heart
I must turn him against insanity. Bring light to his heart.

Changing Sides
It was tough. I must be an amateur at this. I can’t find other angels anywhere. They must’ve fled this place a long time ago. I chased a devil to it’s conference. There were thousands of blood seeking demons waving at their master. My disguise has changed into red with a long pointy tail. Two horns on my head. They couldn’t discover my real identity. I found a trident on the corner of the hall.

Devil’s work from an Angel
This shouldn’t let them scare me away. I secretly showed the trident into the leader’s heart. He trembled and collapsed on the floor.

Smiles from the Demons
Three demons took me to the backyard of the place. They shook my hands and gave a strange smile. They congratulated for the murder. Introduced some other demons to me.

The whole place Shone
Soon, the demons wore off their disguise. Every one of them showed their real identity. Angels. The whole place went killing demons and devils. Then light entered the room. The glow helped the city grow with happiness and kindness.

A new mode of poetry. this is the first trial of this dream-poetry
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