Young and nothing to lose,
she is a monochromic innocence
fragmented muse
and delicate to show her inner self.

Blooms and garden of thorns
for you, i am a mirage in storm
the reflections you see through mirror
the silver light glowing through your face.

I am a bright side
with impecabilities
the light you have ever seen
after an infinite darkness.

I am a song you heard
in your dream

for you, i am a perfect distraction
in state of clarity.

For you, she could go worse
like an angel at her fall
hunted by fearless shadow
for you, she could be your muse.

With you, always in my dreams,
You and me standing, at the edge of a
bamboo forest,

Listening to the sounds of a thousand
flutes, as the wind blows softly,
singing a lullaby at sunrise,
carrying soft memories, from a distant land.

As the sun rises, I look around.
Where have you gone, my dream?
Have you gone home to where fantasies live?

A sad but beautiful place,
of snow-capped mountains
and fields of golden grain,

Where rainbows shine, all day,
And thunder sounds, all night?

A place where you dream of you and me
standing tall at the edge of a blue ocean, looking west
with ocean waves singing a loving lullaby, as the sun sets…

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Trail of the Angels - Bamboo Flute Chinese Music ( Xiao )

A concrete angel
runs her fingers through
silver strings.

Lose yourself
in the depth of her
sad blue eyes.

She glides over
streams of restless arms,
an empyrean light
flying through umbran

She is neither
deaf nor numb to
their pain as her harp
sings with sweet sadness.
As she wonders...

How strange and sad it is
that death gives peace
more than life ever did.

Things have been so hectic I haven't had time to post on here as much as I want to. Today is a grey day for me, literally and emotionally. Its raining and I passed a hospital and a graveyard on my walk around my local area

Is this the end?
I ask 'Azrael'
Where shall I depart
Where shall I restart
Where to take my heart?

What if the answer is silence
And if
Angel of Death
Steals my breath
And Says:
We Love you more
Then you adore
Your Leila

What Shall I say
On that day
When I will be alone on my way
Mirza Sharafat

Talking to Angel of Death, when you ask him about your love, but what if he loves you more than you love your beloved.
EdVance 6d

Today I met an angel
Who fell out of the sky
Her wings were badly damaged
Bleeding teardrops from her eyes

The sky above was heavy
It threw her to the ground
She couldn’t seem to catch a breath
Her demons dragged her down

She thought her Life was over
She felt so all alone
But other fallen angels
Surrounded her with love

The other angels loved her
Until she loved her self
They taught her how to live again
By helping someone else

As time went by the wings returned
And all the teardrops dried
The beauty and the glow reborn
Now magic in her eyes

She rose above the demons
Left them far behind
Her wings built of compassion
Helping others of her kind

Tia de Wolf Jan 11

your smell
yearns for me
through the night
through sickness
and when my stars die.

you breathe
my luster in
and out
with and without you
i cant be happy.

lips on lips
skin pressed against skin
twitchy eyes
and soft sighs.

you look
like an angel
Adam Robinson Jan 11

A Male fatale,
Eyes of golden green.
Hair like a Doré angel.
And muscles so mean.
Subverting the life of another.
Pale or frozen.
Glass blown and sharp.
Angels of heaven dancing on his skin,
A King of Clubs and diamond studded desire,
Keeping me in line.
Leather, shades, and wings outstretched,
A Poet joker.
A dancing demon.
Shush sweet Vampyre.
You devour the love out of me -
Paradise might overhear.
You to me are everything I dreamed -
Jealousy will ensue.
I wish I was your only,
As you are to another,
And another and another.
So help me please.
There's no blessed plot for me now.

Get Out Of My Head

"...the devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns, he comes dressed as everything you've ever wished for..."

he came to me on his very first day,
grey eyes welcoming,
bright, white smile so hopeful.
an angel in disguise,
i thought,
came at just the right time,
i thought.
not doing that again.
it started with the looks,
his eyes were glazed over and looked anything but nice,
i didn't think anything of it,
looking back now, i should've thought twice.
the only time he ever touched my lips,
was at night when he was running from those blue and red lights,
he was always running from things,
i should've known he'd run away from me.
love doesn't last,
when you still have flowers on your curtains and pink bedroom walls.
when this boy of blue,
dragged my friends away,
i didn't know what to do.
i was broken in different places,
my mother placed me on the sewing table every night,
she did everything she could,
but the pain wouldn't subside.
this angel was something different,
something that sprouted horns,
i wish i would've noticed,
before i got hung up on his thorns.

Henry Mich Jan 10

You, a monster, you're not really human.
People feel compassion-
Do you even know what that is?
Is it just another thing you think doesn't exist?
You walk, you talk, you laugh, you smile, but I know what's behind your eyes.
When you take from this world another part of me dies.
I hate you with every bone in my body, every part of my soul.
Life is not a toy to be taken and tossed-
My life, his life, her life,  gone.
Left a shell, a broken vessel abandoned for the carrion crows.
But now I see standing is this mirror hating the monster for what it did.
While knowing when my angel died,
The monster was laughing deep inside.
Hesitantly I pick up the knife
For the the angel’s sake I will take its life.

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