constrained by society’s idea of a pretty picture, you weep as you cross paths with mirror glass.

you are an angel held back by your own tears.
you toss and turn through these endless days, veins choked tight by your darkest fears.

and you're whimpering in your sleep even as I lay beside you, and I’m on the brink of drifting off when your lips graze my ear with a whisper;

“how can I ever be somebody if I don’t have the right body?”

you are beautiful beyond words. you are a child of the universe. don't you ever think for one second that you are not worth it.
Cné 7h

As our dew points match, lead me out into the open moonlight
Then take my hand and come with me to share this glorious night

Sin smiling Angels look down on us in the night's cocoon
Safely sheltered beneath his broad shoulders our bodies completely attune

Her pale skin denied The moonbeams as I eclipses them above her
Shivering to the cadence of the night with the moonlight as a voyeur

The cool night air hasn't chilled her warm summer lips
The stars reflected in our eyes, each shimmering thoughts a kiss

Ethereal night mist rises from our slowly moving bodies
His warmth tastes of golden light, dancing to simple melodies

Shimmering in dusk's glow the rapture subsides in a glistening shudder
Splendorous waves of euphoric flood, as we complete each other as lovers

to the tune of AC/DC "Touch Too Much"
thank you Palmer for the dance

Hail the morning sun of hope
But may beauty stay untouched
Hail the evening stars of love
Gray days transform to pure grace
Hail the slivers of purity intact still
Let them prove the mercy shining above
Hail the cries and tears of crushing joy
Encase them, preserve the savior divine
Hail fervent whispers screaming “Hail Mary”
For nothing speaks of love like a prayer
Hail this time, kiss sorrow goodbye as she flutters away
Leaving no trace as she washes the heart with blessing cleanse
Hail the saving acts and running souls employing the disguise
Though hearts remain heavy and minds find no rest through nights alone
Hail silver and gold with emerald and peacock hues glistening abreast
For a celebration with swirling chaos is heavenly indeed
Hail the ones with invisible haloes shining to upstage the dark
For so declares the only soulful angel I have ever seen
Have endless hope and you will never be let down
Be wary of outward beauty because what is true is within

And learn to love everyone you encounter and never close your arms
Give the grace of God to the ungodly and bring sunlight through the storm
Perfect your soul and embrace purity with all her challenges and ideals
Make room for all at your table and never fail in your mercy or empathy
Jail the enemies of love and grace so that you may only revel in joy
Sweetly offer hands up, down, and around until the savior comes again
Hang a Hail Mary and hold your hands together when the going gets tough
Protect small and large souls, for all have weakness and some have not a prayer
Saints move not but do not doubt they feel human sorrow in their gentle hands
Bunch weeds to beauteous bouquets and bows make a blessing
Drag through as you may be for there is evil in a monstrous disguise
Hold love first and foremost, for nothing else might heal a heavy soul
Greatness comes down from glistening wings when the time is right
He who keeps a heavenly and holy heart ascends the stairs to a pearl
He who remembers the mother with her divine halo at his side keeps her
So declares the angel, but such sweetness breaks upon the rough touch of earth

The only reason the devil's still alive is because you keep protecting him.
He may have been an angel once but then he fell.
But not for you.

You're my devil. The evil I have to face every day.
A W 2d

Traveler by heart of the sunrise
Came down by sicknesses demise
Dusk to dawn you came
In my dreams you wept of confusion;
"Fear not my beloved, I have respiration.
I came from another's wing,
This friend I cannot say
Lay your bodies to rest and your minds at bay."
Despite that the days will turn to years since passing
We keep your spirit to heart
Although I know that we must depart
All I could hold onto is; "Please don't go, I love you so."

- A.W. (April 2, 2016)

A poem I wrote about a dream I had in the passing of my aunt last year.

She came to me
within a dream
Somewhere there
betwixt and between
Where all you see
cannot always be believed

And all is more
beautiful than
can ever be
known or seen

My eyes were amazed
by the wondrous sight
She standing before me
as though devine

Crying Her tears
of golden light

Her words were sure
Her grief then true
I could not begin
to comprehend
what I saw
and what I knew

In this moment
She was
perfect and pure

She wept as She spoke
of a great disgrace
The destruction of
an Holy Place
where We once
there were wed

A sacred chapel
where solemn vows
were said

Gone it's gone
it has been destroyed
Her cries of anguish
tore at my heart

I could not believe
such tragedy occurred
My words were
They couldn't
They never would

This is just a rumor
that you have heard

The chapel is protected
by law and truth
and by the powers
from all above

She was there
but just a little while
My eyes then opened
and I recognized
She had been with me
She had appeared

This was the moment
I knew it all was
so very real

I then heard
the blast of horns
from the great ship's
on the LA Bay

And knew I must find out
I must go back
and see someday

I traveled far
I journeyed high
But still I wondered
if the chapel stood
Knowing I must
go back there

To know what must
and should be seen
to be understood

Time then went on
as several years
they came and then went
I remembered and decided
I must go back to see
if this Holy place
might still exist

As though on
a mission sent

My travels went beyond
and then I returned
to that city where
my life there once was

I went there to see
If the chapel remained
But when I arrived
the chapel was gone

Real and a fact
The evidence seen
A vision of an Angel
who seemingly Devine
therein descended within
a lucid dream

The purest
of knowledge
The absolute Truth.

Mystery or Mysticism
It is all just what it seems.





My life has need of an angel...
Her voice,
Her eyes,
Her breath against my ear.
Alas, her nearness makes my skin rise
Like the tide to the moon.
Her heat gives breadth to my soul:
It ignites and disperses
Like the first moment of creation!
She kindles my star shine and
Sets my spirit in motion,
Forever to cross
The glinting firmament!

Her lips release that heat,
That light, that longing.
It is her feathery lips that
Whisper a hint of Heaven;
Eternity offered as a gift from
The roseate wreath that blooms
Those petals of sweetest desire
Convey a prayer sublime,
A chant of harmonic unity;
An invitation calling me up
From my racked posture,
My world-weary stoop, as I
Tremble in the throes of defeat.
I am summoned to stand and to
Fight on! My journey continues!

She gives a herald of hope, with words
Of honor and encouragement.
Rousing sounds permeate from
The ivory and rose
Corner of her delicate mouth,
Sensuous, silky and moist,
Drenched as waves upon
An ocean of dreams!

They speak:
Lips that tell of verdant fields
In spring,
Of summer’s bliss
Of lover’s song,
Lost but still lingering.

My Angel’s breath brings forth
The fruit of my aspiration,
My inspiration,
And my art in thou.

Bursting upward
Through the ruddy clay!
Words rendered as a child at play!
In the radiant splendor of her divine luminance.

Her voice within my heart breaks into
Love-song and laughter,
And my life is once again inspired,
Raised up and renewed.

Cloud 4d

I would like to imagine
a 15-foot guardian angel
bedding me with his feathery wings
and flying me in His peaceful light.

Mai 4d

The first day I ever saw you was the day I first heard the words I had always wanted to say,
But coming out of your mouth.
It was the first time I heard you perform that I knew I wanted to be like you.
Your poem about the broken Angel, who you seemed to love so much
The angel who couldn't love herself.
I can't remember all your words but I can remember what I was feeling when you were speaking;
Frozen, sitting in the front row of desks, just staring because I didn't want to miss a single word.
Staring and hoping I could catch all of them - your words.
Because they reminded me of me, of what I've been feeling and what I've been meaning to say to the one I love yet I didn't know how before I met you.
As though I was locked in a room with no way of getting out and you walk in through the wall, entering my life with a key.
The answer I've been looking for for as long as I remember.
The memory of you came flooding to me full of the emotion in your voice and in your words, which I heard a story.
A story of a boy who loved a girl and he wanted the world to see her through his eyes but above the world, he wanted her to see her own beauty.
So you told the world about her.
Remembering that first day I saw you, that moment made me realize what I had to do
That I wanted to be like you and tell the world about a boy who saved me.
My angel is not a broken one, because I know you are too strong to break.

velvet eyes
dulcet voice
and a rosy sigh -
an angel cry

her wings are clipped
but she still attempts to fly
crashing down, crashing down
she falls from the sky

pale petals drop
and her wings snap

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