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I saw a man on a hill
Overlooking a valley that stretched over miles
With tears drenched on his cheeks

I knew by the shovel in his hand
And the mound beside his feet
He was sad

The gravestone was nameless
And when I peered over to see
There was nothing there

That's when I saw a man take his life
Falling thousands of feet into ****
But I thought he was an angel

He wasn't sad,
He was in pain.
And I didn't realize that in time.
So I took myself and stood on a hill
Overlooking a valley that stretched over miles
With tears drenched on my cheeks

I didn't know why but
I held the shovel in my hand
Beside the hole in the ground

I was sad
I wanted to **** myself
I hate myself

They didn't know,
That I was in pain.
And didn't realize that this time.
- SkullsNBones
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The antelope will finally have peace
From mortal enemies
No more grass to feed the beast
The lion will starve as there
Will be nothing to eat
Critters of the dirt through litter
Will bury themselves
And plea to not breathe.

The black iguana will burn with dignity
Creatures of the sky will sing
A deadly melody
The shark will have more territory
The Sun once gave and it will take
The Moon, a theatre it will hold
Until it is told that life will be no more.

Alas, Angel of Death
The vulture flying down
Will wish that culture had changed
But it will be too late
It will do its duty
Slayed animals will be at our feet
Greed is our disease
Oh vulture have mercy.

In a new epoch life will sow its seed
Like it always has
No human or animal that you see
Only beasts from dreams.
deep brown eyes
angel hair
bare thighs
we can go anywhere
under these purple skies

****’s only one mistake away
but it wouldn’t be so bad with you
Black sky with pale light compared to your beauty
Your smile looks so bright on this starry night
Tints of blues, wondering how are you?

She begins to stare and laugh into the air
Will my chances be forever there?

Her sparkling eyes as beautiful as a diamond in the sky
Why oh' why is your smile so close yet, so dry.

Your smile goes up towards the moonlight,
Your heart goes towards the sun
My thought go towards my ***'

I drift back to sleep in the deep
I awake fully in my seat.
I begin to weep
I found a girl in class with an interesting bright smile. I wonder how she can smile like that? Should I ask? (I hope for her sake its reality.)
Believe ME

When your SOULMATE
Turns out to be an ANGEL/CELESTIAL
Stay as a BACHELOR

You don’t SETTLE
Genre: Observational
Theme: Words of wisdom ||  Being Guru
Lexie 5d
No one
Has ever let me
Feel like this
And just let me, let it go
Without letting me go
It is so beautiful
That even when
You are apart from me
I feel your hands
Cradling my heart
The only one
To let me fall apart
But not let
A single thing break
Lightheart <3
Mya 5d
sometimes I feel like a failure
Whenever I feel like I like someone
They show no interest
I always end up feeling like nothing
I think the more I get rejected
The more I listen to the devil on my shoulder
Instead of the angel
But when one boy shows interest
I abandon the devil
Yet it only lasts for so long
when it ends the devil on my shoulder says
"I told you to never fall for anyone ever again or you'll get hurt"
and somehow I feel comforted when I hear that
I feel the little devil sitting on my shoulder
is always there for me
Still single?

I feel blessed
Ordinary humans
Can't handle

What i'm destined for.
Genre: Viva
Theme: If the question is concerning, let the answer be divine
How is it?
austin 7d
I took a step inside your mind
and found a place I'd been before
It's nothing good, this deja vu
but I'm right here, and I'll help you

I see your thoughts inside your eyes
just like when I gazed through the mirror at mine
I know your smile hides what underlies
But you and I, we'll walk this mile

So allow me to shake the hands of your demons
These beasts are hardly strangers to me
I'll guide you through this maze of burning trees
just like the angel who was there for me

I need you to look into my eyes
as I tell you it's okay to cry
And I'll walk through **** with you
if it makes you feel alive
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