What is there left to love,
If your everything has left you in shambles
Where everywhere you step,
A piece of broken glass
Tears a piece of your heart
They say, live life to the fullest,
But how can I, when You,
My everything
Have shattered my soul

Dreamer 2d

I am just telling you
"Love is not always enough for having everything"
I was as naive as you too .
But this world isn't.

crush's cold words

She was
happy and sad
Dangerous and bad
Beautiful catastrophe
Painted like a masterpiece.

rose May 8

This morning
everything is
with raindrops
and sunlight

idk what this is but I wrote this yesterday after a rainfall.
everything was so beautiful and I had to write something
p.s. if anyone has a better name for the poem comment below
Autumn Fyre May 8

This world is so centered on take
Love and romance:
It's never give or create

Love is seen as property
This broken world
Demands intimacy

Extracting from every being
Now love is nothing
When it used to be everything

Ma Cherie May 8

Time changes everything
from catastrophe to bliss,
all within the sweet hours of a day.

Yup lol
Star BG May 6

Everything speaks to me in poetically.
The breeze carries words.
Song melodies capture my heartbeat to write.
Even a crying child or darken sky
calls for attention to my creative mind.
It is a grand journey I lead
tickling a page with verse  to cleanse heart
Its an awesome life I lead
opening another so they may find
their own greatness.

Star BG © 2017

Even though
every individual
acts as if
they know better
than anyone else,
the world,
as a large group of know it alls,
gets to the point
where it has to admit
that it knows nothing.

JAC May 2

To change one thing
We need everyone
Why does it only take one
To change everything?

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