"Thank you for everything." She said.

"Thank you for being everything." He replied with a smile.
Eurus 1d
You don’t know this yet
But when I look at you
I see everything I’ve ever wanted in this life.
I see my every mornings coffees
And favorite hello’s.
Everything from everyday.
From now on.
Too bad you don’t know that yet.
Matthew 4d
I woke up one morning
and was welcomed by the dark
that enveloped me.

                                  Introducing me to their void
of abstract reality.
Where I was no longer myself.
I was hovering in this abyss.
Timeless moments went by and,
I was It.
A simulacrum.
My thoughts belonged to others.
Nothing was me.
Hands searching a mind for thoughts to own
a motif
and it was crying
but it was me
but not
It observed how the tears
fell up to the colorless nothing
splashing on a ceiling that was not there

sudden and slow movements of it
moving pictures

I was a camera viewing everything as one
Staring into my body
my soul
the scattered thoughts
the abyss

But it
threw it away with disdain
Inspired by a perfect poem
Looking into your smokey eyes
Beneath your Fluffy coat;
There is a beautiful heart beating,
To the rhythm of my own
Stabilizing my lost and erratic one.

Sometimes I do wonder,
Did I give you a reason to love me;
Your gaze always fill with trust
As you looked to me for every answer,
It is not my choice to back down now.

Because when I chose you,
Picked you up amidst the litter
Looked you in the eye and saw love;
You were my hope
The savior to my sanity.

Even though you do not do much,
You might not even know my name,
But you do know my heart,
So I made you my world
My Everything.
See the sky changes it's colors ?
from pitch black in night,
and blue on a day so bright ?
All is Beautiful.

See the flowers bloom ?
And hear the birds sing ?
I know, All is Beautiful.

See the wounds from a battle ?
See it now all scarred ?
Painful but all is beautiful.

See our heart breaks ?
See our hardships through it ?
Unbelievable but all is beautiful.

feel my love ?
feel it even though i'm far ?
It is Beautiful.

feel your love ?
i can't
because to me, you're not in love

But All is Beautiful.
every single thing is beautiful
whether it looks messy
it looks unappealing

even it hurts
remember, all is beautiful
Harri 7d
And I will fall for you,
Not like rain
Or drifting flakes of snow,
But like the sun.
Over and over again.
you have everything;
excluding me.
i have nothing;
not even you.
not even your love.
she didn't mind the temptation
because it gave her attention
she was everything
to the one thing
that made her feel something

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
tumblr: wordsbykatrina.tumblr.com
Wolf Dec 2018
I put him before everything
But he valued other things
I gave him everything
But he couldn't take it all at once
He was my everything
But it just pushed him away
Lily Jan 11
~If I had my whole lifetime and another, I could not even begin to thank you for all of the good you have done in my life~
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