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There is something I wish to write about
Too much of everything that I feel
The something that slipped away
Entangled in the shackles of everything

Constant - On the go
Wish I could take it slow
Busy - Is Happy I know

Hours , they are limited
Jobs too many
Mastering one , never ever intend

But ,
There is something that I wish to write
About , Everything
Yet ,
Nothing is what I Write

Imperfection is the place where I truly belong
Happily ,
Until the end
I shall , sing this song
Im just lonely, really
she whispered across the table
and I want someone to hold me
I know that after sex
we will collapse into each others arms
and stay that way, for at least a little while
Thats the work and thats the reward
those fleeting moments of touch

I am not sexually insatiable
I am affectionately empty
outer space.
a vast expanse of nothing,
yet everything.
reminiscent of my mind.
full of thoughts, full of worry,
but numb at the same time.

free verse
autumn autumn well where are you
where are you and your mouth where are you
and your music is the same fall autumn where
where are you why I can't hear everything
why can't I hear or hear everything
and I do not hear you and I do not hear or see
I am yours your mouth

oh autumn oh autumn knock you again you
come to my door come to me my
great inspiration my great revelation
oh come in oh come in and heat you run me like
man demand i demand new updates
and new i'm like person like person want
new water and new food

and again the stars in the sky will play and sing
and again there will be people all singing on their phones
and again and again and again and again I will go
I will go without knowing where and why and I will go
and I will go I will go only in gold only
in the cold only in devastation which means in
too strong filled place

closed door waiting for the cold
pending pending frosts pending
huge waiting behind and ahead waiting
waiting for cold and light of light
from somewhere from earth from
somewhere from the sky and lightning
to be around and heavy rain
so that the sun finally disappeared from
the shoulders and disappeared

every day behind a closed window behind closed doors
knocking knocking me a frosty frosty man
man he tells me about frost and snow everywhere
he already has everything and only we have it all and no
here we sit in the hot hot sun which is not no temperature
absolute nothing too much sun and it's autumn

I know there are ships somewhere and there are islands lost
and I know there is ice there they swim all swim but let's
where are you all from where are the penguins from
where is ice cream where does all this
all this all this bright circle
you walk on the asphalt feet offended you look at the sky
and all already flowing I broke up we are cold we are cold people
we have cold but not often in the eyes but love kills

Pyrrha Oct 4
You are my sanctuary
I find shelter in your words
I feel safe in your embrace

You are my circus
I find mischief in your eyes
I feel out of control in your presence

You are my palace
I find elegance to your stride
I feel blown back by every room

You are my jewel
I find myself jealous of your beauty
I feel you sparkle with life

You are my everything and more
I find more reasons to love you ignite
I feel them spark with everyday
Sara Kellie Sep 28
Being nothing may not be everything you thought it would be
but experiencing yourself as nothing,
that's absolute,
It's the stars,
It's the sky,
It's the wind you're riding.

So here's to you and that
nothing you're finding
Here's to YOU.

because it's all I need.

Poetry by Kaydee.
You're all I need.
Fatima Sep 28
You kissed me
And i kissed back
But we shouldn’t have
We were friends
Now we’re nothing
I ruined everything
To end up haunted by a kiss
Em Sep 27
Everything you see
Everything you hear
And touch
And smell
Are part of a greater existence.

Unfathomable numbers
of particles
lingering on one speck
of dust

There's simply so much!
ha ha ah im gonna do dishes
thanks for coming to my TedTalk guys
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