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JAW 2d
Evening attire
This need of mine seems prettier dire
To love you
Countless smiles
laughing till you cry
Everything in between
My everything is
she has become to me
Nothing is missing
When you have been crushed to your smallest bits and still hurt from loss of the one you had given your heart to completely it is nothing short of beautiful to find a person that wants to help you repair what's broken
With the prettiest girl in the city
I wish that i knew her
I wish i wasn't so shy
I wish i was a bit more fly
I wish that i could tell her,
How i really feel inside
That I'm the perfect guy for her
But then maybe that's a lie
She likes a certain type of guy
And it's crystal clear I'm not that guy.
Sometimes we do not get the exact package of what we wanted, instead we get the broken piece of our many wishes, Love is blind and to get loved you need a foresight of what you seek for and have ever prayed for, love is a two way thing and it should be reciprocated, we all deserve to be loved.
Can I please just go home?
I don't want to exist anymore.
Just seems horrible.
I don't want to be here.
I don't want to do this.
I don't want to exist.
Nothing bad has even happened and I just don't want to ******* be alive.
hiba Sep 25
"what's my problem?" he asked.
"your problem is that you've got everything that you ever wanted and now you don't know what to do with it." she said.
"that makes me a bad human then." he looked up.
"that doesn't make you a bad human. that just makes you... human." she replied.
Bede Sep 22
Every emotion fills my brain
And I'm left here to sift them.
I'm grateful for time
Dedicated to myself.

My wants, my needs,
What is it I need?
I tell you the one thing;
A hug every day.

To have someone to hug
To hold, and they hold you
That is a treasure
Worth holding close.
I just need hugs and thoughts, smiles and kind words.
Dead Rose One Sep 21
“I’m still in awe of words” (in life, as in poetry, timing is everything)

objects, humans, surprise and interrupt our
daily modalities, knocking us, yo! to the ground,
we, pounding it, for the word void appears,
the frustration of incapacity incarcerating,
accompanied by the loudest silenced scream,
of no poetry available, try again later!

in life, as in poetry, timing is everything

we walkabout, thinking of the scheduled eventualities, or
the dates calendar-circled, though some questioned marked,
in pencil inserted, will I be a mother, find me a husband,
a human grander grandee, fit to be with me a noble progenitor
of more than our generation, watching the sidewalk cracks for an
inkling of when, on or about such and such an alteration,
a seam undone,
a stumbling, seeing a realization as we fall, hands extending,
a notice of arrival,
all needing reconnoitering, commemorating, a poem prepared,
but none to no avail

in life, as in poetry, timing is everything

so we are in awe of words, so necessary, everybody knows,
the awe in awesome, a description for the pixels encapsulates
in I-phone photos,
the where and the why of when, I was grinning like a stupid fool,
the inability to deliver precisely when required the covering of
an appropriate description, your words, use your words, will
fail you spectacularly and so we remain awed, realizing

in life, as in poetry, timing is everything

but awesomely awesome word worlds, near and dear, held forever
in scrapbooks, the literary overlay of the treasures of everyday life,
are the still life of our longevity contextual, the celebratory,
the unexpected losses, largest to smallest, in size order,
kept fresh when you flip through those poems in dusty binders,
in oversized sewing boxes, yellowing in concert with our eyes,
graying with follicles of past pluperfect,
recalling not just the when’s, but the more important,  now, the
wherefore and whereupon, the words marking the conjunctions,
recoding the recorded synapses firing sequentially, brain to fingers, the ah so of the poetry of lifetimes

“I’m still in awe of words” (in life, as in poetry, timing is everything)


Pradip “I am still in awe of words”
Nobody can know everything, only God can,
Yet the same God asked Adam where he hid.
But that’s none of my business,
Because everything happens for a reason.

And babies cry for a reason,
And seasons come and go, for a reason.
I love Carlos for a reason,
and he’s dad died in my father’s arms...
for a reason.

Everything we do has consequence, intentional or not.
Good or bad.
And everything we experience comes with a lesson
Because experience is the best teacher.

Nobody calls you when they have everything,
Unless of course you are a part of that everything.
And almost everything is noise,
So whatever is important…love, friendship, family,
Should be kept sacred.

Everybody is somebody’s everything,
Nobody is nothing.
And everything that I write,
Is either for or about…
Because I love you so.

But of course, nothing gives me joy
Like good poetry
Because when all falls down
Writing is…
my Everything.
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