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your eclipse Aug 2
you were not my first kiss,
but you were my firsts;
head kisses
warm hugs
out all-nighters
candid pictures
flowers to give
irrational thoughts
uncontrollable crying
sunset-watching beach trip
stargazing but there was only one star trip
share a drink with two straws
hands in your jackets
midnight strolls
person to wake up to
food frenzy dates
out of town trip
concert dates
heart aches
love, that i couldn't imagine a future with
love, that would **** me to not have a future with
—you were never mine, for all i know
Why did you choose to abandon me?
You were 'the one'
I guess I was not
Extinguished flame of everything we could be
All I am is a spark you forgot
And all you are is a smoldering ember that refuses to burn out
hazem al jaber Oct 2022
Every thing ...

I can get enough of it ...
Except for the heat ...
of your body ...
and your sweet touch ...
Yes ,...
because ...
I love you ...
my love ...
yes sweetheart ...
adore you ...
and long ...
for a sweet kisses ...
until i get drunk ...
while i'm hugging you ..

sweet angel mine ...
just to let you feel ...
how crazy i am for you ...
that , nothing i need ...
but ,...
i need only you ...

hazem ...
Daivik Jul 2022
When nothing is everything
Everything is nothing

When everything is true
Nothing is true

When everything is false
Nothing is false

When everything is false
Everything is true

When everything is true
Everything is false

When everything is nothing
Nothing is everything

Constant war is constant

Knowing nothing is as good as knowing everything

Complete freedom is complete dictatorship

The extremes are not furthest
apart but coinciding


And past,it doesn't exist
Neither does tomorrow
Just this infinitesimal moment
Where everything is false,
Nothing is false
Everything is true
Nothing is true
You are me
I am you
Zack Ripley Nov 2021
I didn't say "I love you."
I didn't say I cared.
I didn't say much of anything because, honestly, I was scared.
Scared I'd say the wrong thing.
So, I thought it'd be better
if I said nothing at all.
BuIt now, I'll say everything.
Because you deserved to hear it all.
Zack Ripley Oct 2021
Nobody sees everything;
Some are blinded by the darkness
While others are blinded by the light.
Nat Sep 2021
Is never the end, vastness
Cerebral expanses,
Horizons, hikes, labyrinths
Within labyrinths within

Every book that ever could be written
Every ever that could ever be
Files, folders, sections
Subsections in subsections within

The human brain cannot catalog
The universal sum
The tally is never totaled
The end is never the end
Andrew Sep 2021
You are beautiful
as I write this,
therefore, you are

You are wonderful
as I say this,
therefore, you are

You are everything
as I even begin to think this,
therefore, you are

You are my love
as I learn to love -
You are
You are
You are
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