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A few may know it
There's a concept
Of White hole
Opposite of Black hole
A consequence
Of general relativity
A hypothetical region of space
Unlike a Black hole
Doesn't allow anything
Enter it
Gives away
Energy and matter
May be bountiful
Hands of God
Time may tell
Of course
Like Black holes
In reality emerged
They usurp and usurp
Everything they usurp
And White holes
If reality
Light and energy
They disburse
Inquisitive minds
Explore further
I am no expert!
maria Feb 20
I feel like I want to write something new
but I can't write anything
that's not about you
written on Febuary 2021
to feel too much
is tiring

to feel nothing
is tiring
Ghostverses Feb 5
This element in life gives me passion.
This element gives me freedom.
This element gives me power.
This element gives me *******.
This element gives me hope.
This element gives me feeling.
This element gives me life.
This element is who I am.
Don’t wander too far
Everything you’re searching for
Is inside you.

Shell ✨🐚
We make the world not the other way around.
I see myself everywhere
and the world I perceive revolves around me
not because I'm narcissist
but because my existence is my entire world
I'm everything I have
I'm back at writing, a little rusty tho :(
Descovia Dec 2020
Warning: This content may contain graphic descriptions, which may not be suitable for underage viewers if reading aloud.

Our bodies touch
as I embrace you tightly
I feel an overwhealming
warm sensation consuming
my entire body as I
run my fingers through
your long and beautiful hair.

I begin to kiss you lovingly
and passionately on the lips
to ultimately display
my affection for you
and feelings that
can''t be explained
even in the most
beloved words.

Sweet and soft kisses
on your neck are
to let you know that
I''m ready this time
to show you that
you are meant to
be mine and only mine
for now and forever.

I place my hand on
your leg slowly sliding
it up to your thigh
gently massaging your
inner thigh while
I bite into your neck
listening to your soft moans
and becoming more aroused
as more delightful thoughts
come into mind, on how
I can pleasure and satisfy you
mentally and sexually.

Excitement and the craving
for lust becomes addicting
and drives us both mad
with wild intentions to
make love to one another
I remove all of your clothing
along with mine as well,
I place you on the bed
I take it slowly once again
by kissing your body all over

my hands wonder all over you
massaging your legs,
massaging your thighs
then massaging your *******
I align your body with mine
carefully allowing myself
to go inside of you
because I value every
moment of our intiment pleasure
my hip movement corresponds to yours.
I whisper loving thoughts in your ear
on how my endless desire to
please you like you truely deserve
may not ever be fufilled.

I caress you
while you are in my lap
we exchange loving
and passionate wet kisses
I increase my speed
and exert more force
making myself go "harder" and
"faster" allowing you to feel
the warming sensations that
I once felt before flow
into you as well
I feel you tighten up around me
I notice that your legs and arms
are placed around my waist
clinging to me tightly
feeling safe and secure
in my arms
you wanting and encouraging me
to do whatever I please
as long as I don''t stop
I become driven by
my very own intentions
I feel the both of us
on the verge of climaxing.
Erian Rose Dec 2020
as the planets inch closer,
stardust trembles.
lights of green hues
and vibrant blues
dance overhead.
I'll follow the north star
over mountainscapes,
and everything in between
to be with you.
Akira Dec 2020
Gusto ko nga masanag sama sa bulan,
sa ilawom sa langit nga gabii nagadan-ag ako.
Nahibal-an nako nga kini nga mga pangandoy matuman sa dili madugay.
Gihangyo ko nga kini nga mga pangandoy dili magpadayon ingon usa ka damgo.

Usa ako ka buhi nga tawo nga adunay katuyoan
alang sa matag gagmay nga mga butang nga akong nakita mao ang katahum.
Aron makab-ot ang akong katuyoan ang akong gipunting,
Akong atubangon kini nga mga hagit nga maisugon.

Akong kuptan og maayo
ug dili igsapayan kung unsa ang gihunahuna sa katilingban.
Basta nagbuhat ako og maayo,
Hatagan ra ko sila og kindat.

Kay nahibal-an ko nga makab-ot ko ang akong mga katuyoan someday,
Malipayon ako sa bisan unsang paagi.
This is a Bisaya version of my poem SOMEDAY.
I think I should do this because the old Bisaya language is slowly fading or forgotten.

PS for me this is the most romantic language ever!!
Mickey Dec 2020
To have too many emotions.
To be too transparent.
To feel too much.
To be too open.
To be,
too much.
And will it ever be possible?
To get them to understand.
That they’re too less.
That they’re terribly afraid of us showing them something they cannot ever reach.
That they have a lack.
That we don’t have anything
in abundance.
And that we are not,
too much.
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