I don’t want to be an eye candy,
Nor a soul food,
I want to be your meaning, your galaxy,
Something to keep you breathless for good.

I want to be something more than that,
Something to keep you up at night,
I want to be your amulet,
Your courage when you fight.

I want to be the last cigarette you smoke,
An answer to your ‘why’
I want to be your best told joke,
Your last wish before you die.

I want to be your dream,
And your nightmare all in one,
I want to be your coffee and your cream,
Your sadness and your fun.

But I already am all of that,
Darling don’t you see?
I am a whole world, your perfect habitat,
You just couldn’t handle me.
i don't know how to tell you i love you.
but i do; believe me, i do.
with all of my heart, and all of my soul.
here i present the essence of myself.
welcome, to every fiber of my being.

i know you'll never trust me,
but believe the words that
fall off my lips like the
tears that lingered on my cheeks
when my feelings were unreciprocated.

and believe me, because in the matter
of love and human emotion, a false
i love you is worse than scorned
romance, because at least love turned bad
was pure at one point.

and i try; or lord, i try.
but the world stages blocks in
the path that leads to the end.
and sometimes, it's harder to push past
without hurting yourself in the end.

and here i sit: this room in which
i have both everything and nothing, and
i don't know which one i have lost.
is it wrong to love you? or is it right in the end?
I'm a maze that you'll get lost in
but i swear you'll love the scenery i bring
i'm a puzzle with one too many pieces missing,
hoping your heart will make me whole again.

I'll be your kitchen.
with your consent I'll keep feeding your soul.
I'll be your karaoke machine,
entertaining the rhythm of your heart-beat.

Let me be your everything,
if not, at least your something.

I'm a sponge that will absorb every emotion you drop on me.
I'll be your supplier when your heart is in drought.
I'm a memory box that will remember and capture every smile you flashed at me,
I'll be your supplier when your dimples have forgotten.

I'm the strawberry lip-gloss that shines and softens when your fingertips brushes over me,
I'll be your supplier when your lips have dried
I'll be all you want me to be
only if you'd let me...

I thought i could be everything for you
but i cannot be the pillow you get comfortable on.
i cannot be the lens through which you can see clearly from.
i cannot be the shadow that follows your every move.
i cannot be the light, the one you call your muse.
i cannot be the fire that warms the coldness inside.
i cannot be the the novel that keeps you contently mystified.
i cannot be the blood that pumps through your veins.
i cannot be the teacher who teaches you how to love again.
i cannot be anything, not something, but just- nothing.
There's a constant pressure
In my chest
Pulling, Aching, Twisting
At my very own gut

At the very cost of my joy
My life, my smile, my curiosity
Is what led me to this point
Of too little too much

Too little too much
Constantly repeating
Over and over and over and over and...over
Repetitive motions of life

Life stolen with the motions
Going through the motions
Wake up
Go home
Wake up
Go home
Wake up School
Go home
Wake up School Go home
Wake Up School Go Home

Inbetween the motions
Are lost emotions
From being lost in the motions
Never allowing rest

Rest from the constant nagging

never disappears
only builds
buildings of nothing
that make up everything

repetitively everything
constantly nothing
too little
and too much
I’m glad to see you can find
Such beautiful things the world
has to offer.
to tread carefully, and, behold,
he gave the flowers and trees to you,
The sun recreated in your image
Convincing the stars
That they weren’t all that heavenly
Compared to you.

And when he saw in you light,
hastened the hands of foolish taking
To your happiness
he holds captive trying to imitate.
another goddamn love poem
AIA May 11
I asked him: "why did you leave when you have everything? for a life here with me who can't remember anything?.."

and he whispered: "Thraia, this is my everything."
This is my favorite part of one of my favorite story on wattpad.
PS. ctto. Ms. JMP. ♥
Just when we think everything has been said
Someone says something new
When we think everything has been done
There is something to do

We don't fully comprehend the meaning of everything
We use the term so casually
But really we don't undersatnd
Everything happens gradually
PS 7d
He texts me.
It’s impersonal.
What was I expecting it to be?
There’s no real connection except that of a single flame in the altogether too dark caves- or cavres- of our hearts.
I almost backspace it all.

He texts me.
He tells me I’m cute.
Cute is a compliment that’s too easy.
There is nothing in cuteness except that of a noncommittal compliment but it’s meant to make my cheeks blush.
It doesn’t. Nothing does.

He texts me.
It’s nothing at all.
We aren’t saying a thing.
There’s nothing worth saying when you’re talking in circles with a man who can’t understand that you’re more than a surface you show to the world.  
So I say nothing. He says nothing.

He texts me.
We say goodnight.
What was I expecting to feel?
There is nothing in these feelings except that which reminds me of you and I hate that that’s all it is.
So I sit down and think.

And I write you a message.
Every line I want to tell you, everything everything everything that makes me sad that you’re gone.
Everything everything everything that makes me well up in tears- in emotions I thought I was finished feeling.
So I sit down and I write and I write all of everything down.

And I backspace it all.
Maybe it’s all better left unsaid.
Take me back,
Wash away my worries
And drown me in memories
Of everything bread by the sea.
At the warf in Cape May. Get a loaf of everything bread. And make some memories for me. (:
Danielle May 17
There’s a grace to your thoughts.
Sleek and soft like a cat.
It sets me at ease, and
Sits in my soul, warm.
Everything that I could ever need.
I don't have very many happy relationship poems, but I really like the ones that I do have.
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