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Who doesn't like to be
Howsoever undeserving
Sychophants do the job
Just turning on flattery ****
They not only praise you
May show excessive respect
Mopping floor before you step
Dusting your shoes instead
They agree with everything you say and do
For favours you're fooled
Sychophants everywhere
In every sphere
These wastrels worse than foes
Praise hungry don't know
Turn blind to satisfy their ego
Natalie Sep 7
Is never the end, vastness
Cerebral expanses,
Horizons, hikes, labyrinths
Within labyrinths within

Every book that ever could be written
Every ever that could ever be
Files, folders, sections
Subsections in subsections within

The human brain cannot catalog
The universal sum
The tally is never totaled
The end is never the end
Andrew Sep 5
You are beautiful
as I write this,
therefore, you are

You are wonderful
as I say this,
therefore, you are

You are everything
as I even begin to think this,
therefore, you are

You are my love
as I learn to love -
You are
You are
You are
lua Aug 9
i cast no shadow
beneath the white sun
amidst the sea of swaying green
and my skin is see through
and passes through
the blades of grass
like a projection
a hallucination
in no one's head
am i
there is no colour on these sickly bones
but i feel the warmth of red
seeping through my transparent mind
am i
i feel like a ghost
with no grave
a ghost that has not died
just yet
a ghost
trying to look for
for anything
for everything
while having
no eyes.
Asuzx Jul 15
I do not need much in this world
Because the world has already given me everything.
Life is this moment and this moment is everything.
Raven Feels Jun 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, looks like far is better than the unknown:\

I rephrase I say again haunted by the devils
God is unfair sorting mindlessly things for innocent souls to rebel

why should I be in a no landing deprive ???
of a sunlight in a stream of shallows and happy cries

chains and chords struck my nights would
like a movie scene I want like a music video in snow-none should

guess core in me is blinded in tomorrow edged with rage
seems like I'm the one one hurting myself not them in that cage

belting on drums my heart writes it explodes
far from the cheers and the spotlight affection in the feels I showed

for a ****** serenity in hatred
I hope blood shedding no stays in me sacred

no November curses left to decay a fatal I
no tears left to shed tearing in time

                                                          ­                      ------ravenfeels
Noura May 16
Every body is always trying to understand
Even to force
All of these binary oppositions
On everything and everyone
But here I am
An odd one out
I am everything and nothing
I am a saint
And I am a sinner
I am happy
And I am sad
I am male
And I am female
I am a child
And I am an adult
I am dead
And I am alive
I am everything
And I am nothing.
Palpebra Apr 9
Guys don't like
girls like me
pretty to the eyes
with insides ugly
a past so aghast
a mind so contrast
a tongue so sharp
a mess of shards
all I'll be
is me
and me being me
isn't ****
I'm repulsive
I'm impulsive
I'm not impressive
but very expressive,
some days I'm cold
some days I do what I'm told
some days I give you the fight of your life
some days I wish for you to make me your wife,
guys don't like
girls like me
chained to my fears
appearing to be free
I can smile in my pain
then cry in my regrets
keeping my heat safe
I'll love you in my brain,
all I wish is for
a guy like me
to like me
for who I am
and not what
he wants me to be
a chance, a risk, a gamble
a love story in shambles.
Jaxey Apr 8
"I feel nothing"
she said
as she lied down
on the cold empty road
not knowing which direction to go

"what's it like"
I asked her
over the phone
while stuck in traffic
just trying to get to work
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