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Sunflower Oct 5
The darkness of my room,
reflects the darkness of my soul,
tears keep falling
which I can't control.

the blades are my allies,
but it won't suffice.
I just want a quick way to end this,
I just to want to be in peace.
I wanted the feeling of ease.

............I just want
I just want this end.
“Write something everyday”
They say

I’ve tried this before
I never wrote more

Than the days when I wasn’t supposed to

“Write something everyday”
They say

I’ll write it all away

Put down my thoughts before
But I always needed more

Especially on the days I missed you
It’s hard to write even though I have so much to say. I’m going to genuinely try to write something every day for a little while, not give myself a timeline. Just be generous with myself.
तिमी झुके म झुक्छु
तिमी रुके म रुक्छु
तिमी हासे म हास्छु

म तिम्रो
ऐना हु
शैली : मुक्तक
विषय: आत्मीय
Writing should never be about who liked it or disliked it. Personally I feel peace, to write events, daily life activity without an end. I don't know topics, I don't know how to blend words like the professionals. Furthermore I don't have that time to decorate beautifully, but honestly I never cared about getting it right and I don't compete besides doing personnal best.

To be precise, we are among those people who (need to) have patience to listen, to see, to feel, and finally process all those stimuli to get back with a better reflection. How much we know them is, how much we have touched their lives.
The extra mile is the factor what makes someone to write. And luckly, I am among that someone.
Finally I write to empty my head.

If we will not write, who will?
Genre: Experimental
Theme: I got ink, I got thought, I got imagination, I got emotions and I am real.
Tony Tweedy Sep 11
Not by rope from a branch nor by knife upon flesh have my pains been given to yield.

But by words on a page do I yet seek to make my wounds to become healed.

Thoughts like demons cast out to be left behind to help me better see the road still ahead.

Perhaps to see smiles and love once more, but if not, a world where I crave less to be dead.
I don't think I have it entirely right but the doctors do recommend daily exorcising.... :)
Deep Thought Sep 10
Fact is, you can only relive memories through photos.

Do you know why that is?
It’s because time machines don’t exist.
Photographs will have to suffice.

Every photo, every expression…

You can’t recreate or alter them.
All you can do is remember.

Sadness from a past relationship, heartache from a family member that passed away. Joy from the time you moved across the country, or from that vacation you took and the people you met.

Even so, I wish there was a time machine.
Not to alter the past, only to relive the memories once again.

‘Till then, I’ll display them in a cathedral in my mind.
Can you relate?
Tony Tweedy Sep 9
I write not for my arts sake...
I write for my hearts ache...

I write not to remind myself...
I write to re-mind myself...
I perform my own exorcisms through my keyboard
Aurora RW Sep 9
Feeling a presence with intensity
A connection so powerful
No distance could shatter.
Seeing one for a mere moment
A glimpse right in front of you.
A second, then gone
Closed off from their world
A connection that never dies
Distances apart
That glimpse in a moment
Seeing their eyes
The hope,
The love,
The want,
The need,
What a silly thing
To love someone so deep.
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