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Aaron 1h
Maybe I'm actually a **** of a lot smarter than you accounted for, or
Maybe you thought no one would care when you slammed that door, or
Maybe all whispers fall and all vows die and no one remembers before

or maybe I'm the token ***** of all the humor life could pour into a bashful face
It's funny how things go without a trace
Like you and me and destiny
And trying to have a place
See I thought I'd be a saint
Married love into the taint
But my only Buddha's a midnight toker,
a hedonistic fraud, that laughing joker
Looking for God in a game of poker.
This was a drinking poem!
Knowing what I know today,
I'm torn between honesty,
and never saying anything.

Pulling from my memory,
I recall expression
as a natural efficacy
of mine.

Fill me with love again,
love as the willingness
to speak as easily as
I can accept my errs.

Knowing what I know today,
I'm torn between standing out
and fitting into the crowd.

My slightly younger self,
saw my much younger self,
thought, my far future self
wouldn't have the gall.

My slightly younger self,
saw my much younger self,
thought, my far future self
wouldn't have the gall.

I'm torn between standing out
and fitting in, and surprise,
I did say it again.
Amaris 4d
I wanted to sit down, write you a love letter
But how does one word colors and melodies
Your beautiful smile makes every day better
I treasure every single shared memory
We've been through so many ups and downs
Over years we laugh and talk and argue
But when all has been said and done
You know I really love you

"Valentine" means worthy, strong, and powerful
I mean every word written above
I'll never deserve you but I hope you'll be mine
From my heart to yours, my love
I am descending down a hole,
That I have been down before.
This time when I dive in,
I may not be coming back up again.

I stared too far into the abyss,
Dived too deep into it's depths.
Lost myself to what I found within,
And it made it's home beneath my skin.

I feel this irritation beneath the surface,
and I just got to gnaw at it.
Self-cannibalistic I've become,
Slowly eating myself away,
Carnivorous consumption of the substance that nets around my bone.
Hoping to rid myself of this irritation.

Who knew dying would taste so **** good today.
Every bite I take I am slowly eating myself away.
The only way I feel alive is taking the thing that will **** me one day.

Soon my bones will be exposed,
but even then I will not be satisfied.
I will break them open and devour the marrow inside,
Leaving myself hollowed out and broken.

I am eating myself away.
Soon nothing will remain,
but the fragments of bones of a lost soul.
And yet I still won't be satisfied.
Be careful not to enter, or all your flesh will disappear.
Nivine Nahli Feb 9
She came back to me.
She left what was comfortable,
In order to be with me once more.
Is this the life she’s ready for?

Neither our farewell nor our meeting,
Were in our hands at any time.
As we say, everything happens
For a reason.

It’s about understanding that reason.
I do not think I will ever know.  
Despite my awareness of my love,
That will continue to linger for her.

I’m fearful that I will not be,
The lover she believes me to be.
Since I am weak and unable
To love correctly.  

Years went by so normally.
We thought we drifted apart,
But we found our way back
Into each other’s hearts yet again.

Maybe now I am hesitant,
Hesitant because I am broken.
After all, that is what she has know
Throughout the years she has known me.

My sadness will not be fixed.
Even with the world at my fingertips.
Even when my lover is finally mine.
I am feeble and I will continue to be.

Comfort keeps us safe and secure.
Why do I have all power over her?  
What if I took my life when I should have,
She’d be comfortable without looking back.

Why did I have to come and interfere,
Something so beautiful and ordinary.
Why does she still love me, tell me
What is there left to love within me.  

Why sacrifice yourself for someone,
Who doesn’t even want to be here
Tomorrow or the days that follow.
I cannot continue to take parts of her.

I cannot continue to crush her.
My misery is caused by the pain,
That I have caused her over the years.
What brought her back to my toxicity.

I am a lone wolf, I will die in solitude.
Although I frequently dream of living,
The standard life, it’s not who I am.
And it will never be, so forgive me.
Nivine Nahli Feb 9
There’s a pattern in our lives.
The moments where things are fine,
We forget to write and express our minds; 
Until the sad days come around.

When these sad days come around,
We search for ways to free our souls
From any darkness or any hurt
That we have to feel once again.  

Wishing these pattens of highs and lows
Wouldn’t come back again and again.
But what is a life, without hurt?
What is a life with pure joy?

Our happiness comes from sadness.
To feel happy, we must go through pain.
Believe it our not, it’s the steady game.
The game of life, the patterns

Of sadness and happiness always shifting.

There’s no middle ground.
Nicky Feb 7
Can you gently sense, another person's pain?
If you felt the depth, would it ever be the same?

Are you aware of how much they might hide?
Can you comprehend, the fragments that have died?

Do you try to listen, to the words that they don't speak?
Do you see their fight for freedom, and compassion that they seek?

Do you decipher, that vacant look in their eyes?
Do you justify your judgement then forget to question why?

The detail is the void and the truth is the lies
Often misunderstood, as is your look of clear surprise

If you walked those seven years, whilst wearing their shoes
The rain would fall hard, the sun you would lose

Would you find the strength to rise again every day?
Or would you stay locked inside , too afraid to say?
Seven years!
Nivine Nahli Feb 7
Losing myself,
It’s no ones responsibility...

But my own.

Morgan Feb 1
I wanted to write a poem about you today,
something that would say
or sway
the way you feel
or maybe just to heal
because we all have our people
and things

I wanted to write you a poem today,
something incredible that would pave the way
for people like us
to express our ****
because in the end
I’m only your friend
and someday this will all go away.
So I wanted to write a poem for you today.
Enchanter the freedom
In the realm of time
One day
Let's get mad
To say something

Something like
I’m done
Genre: Abstract
Theme: When nothing matters
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