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I am the puritan god
That dangles the puritan cross
Above their heads where they stand
At the pulpit of the ******

My brothers mouth gapes open
Chords rumble sweet honey
Shed your fear to dive in
Dawn your habit of sin

O words you have mistaken
Poor words you have forsaken
Clear as day you have created
The hand of an angry god
मान्छेहरु जब ढुङ्गा बन्छन्
उनीहरु ढुङ्गाकै संगत गर्छन्

पहाडहरुतिर हेर्छन
मानौ तिनै तिनका ऐना हुन्
जसले उनीहरुका
प्रश्न, प्रश्नकै रुपमा फर्काउँछ
उत्तर, उत्तरैको रुपमा फर्काउँछ
न तिनका पयर
न चक्षु
न तिनका आवाज
न पंख
न तिनका मुस्कान
न आँसु्

न कल्पनामा डुब्छन्
न ऋतुहरुभै रंग बदल्छन्
सायद ढुङ्गा बन्न सजिलो छ

हामी अगरबत्ती बालेरैपनि
कृतीम सुगन्ध उत्पति गछौ
जब हामी मान्छेलाइ खुसी पार्न सक्दैनौे
जब हामी मान्छेहरुलाइ सेवा गर्दा गर्दा थाक्छौ
अन्तिममा  हामी ढुङ्गा बन्छौ

ढुङ्गैको संगत गर्छौ
ढुङ्गैकै पुजा गर्छौ
शैली :अमूर्त
विषय :पत्थर
Author's Note:
If nothing to say, be silent
If no one hears, be silent
If silence speaks, be silent

If nothing matters, be silent
If silence calms, be silent
If silence heals, be silent

If silence wins, be silent
If silence is the start, be silent
If silence is the end, be silent

If silence is the answer, be silent
If silence is the only choice, be silent
If silence is the way of life, BE SILENT
Are the believed truth.
The selfless intentions we've lost ourselves within.
Abhorred by those who don't understand.

Are the language of our endless thoughts,
Torturously imprisoned if left with no other choice.

Speak to me your sins,
Your loves,
Your pains,
Your means,
And your end.

Spout your soliloquy my direction,
And I would revel in the limitless interpretations of your thought.

Words are LOVE

~Robert van Lingen
Response to "GđV+10" by Guy de Vere
Elle Sep 1
i said i wanted love
your love, their love,
his love, her love,
but you never texted me back

until one day you replied
'what about your own love?'

i couldn't respond
so i blocked you

i said i wanted love
your love, their love
his love, her love,
but i never texted you back

love me back
for me, for you
(because i can't do it myself)
i'm staring at a list of self care suggestions that i printed off tumblr a few months ago, during a bad breakdown, and none of it seems to be computing. what do you normally do for self care?
I have a story
It's me again
A journey of
The time
Without any personal gain
It's possible to appreciate
Without seeing
Without tasting
Or responding
In any form

Nature inspires us
Making life

You will too
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: The Muse And The Muser
Toya Jul 18
Bury me under the dirt of my last sin
Torturous memories that forced their grin
Bodied images that I no longer control
Lingering responsibilities to uphold
Pour me over the sizzling heat
Show me the punishment that is meant for me
Then take all the residual flames
I am not the one to blame
This I feel in every string of being
Turbulence of the mind.
The peace hurt from whence it came,
And so quickly left the scene.

Nigh the stringent rules of a mind in chaos,
A rest n'er goes ungreeted.

As the missiles of a summer storm,
Rain upon the hopeful sound,
Dare'd I reach for the sky,
And was hastily struck down.

A vacant wood,
Reverberates the anxiety,
As the drumbeats in our hearts terrorize,
The thoughts we thought we could.

Lustful for the peace of endless time,
And finally release a smile sincere,
Shush our emblazoned thoughts,
And set free our restless minds.
Response to "Stormy Weather" by Keith Thompson
Steve Page May 3
The parent told the child,
"Just you listen to me -
"Do as you're told, you'll be fine;
you need to wait and see."

The child smiled at the parent,
relieved to have someone in charge.
Their worry had been overwhelming
with so much that couldn't be grasped.

The adults looked on, both curious
at this exchange that they'd observed.
They then continued their journey,
sharing all that they had learned.
The formalities which we call normality,
Would bring others to tears,
As if we don't...
But we do.

To ourselves,
We allow our minds to scream in our eyes,
If only because we have no other option.

Gracefully we strip away our minds until all that's left,
Is who we think we are,
All to this, though we are never satisfied.

With a straight face,
We release our streams of tears,
And allow no one to see the hells we face.

Our needlessly numbing mind drags on,
Our nemesis in ourselves,
But we can't tell a soul.

"It's not that hard."
"Just think positive thoughts."
and the best,
"I could do it, why can't you?"

They think us lazy,
When all our energy is spent fighting ourselves.

We find our kin,
Where we extend our silent sympathies,
With the written words,

I understand.
Sometimes, those words are all we need.

Response to "Anxiety" by Chloe James
Amy Duckworth Apr 16
I looked out a window once and saw a good friend and waved.
They didn't wave back.
I kept waving.
They still didn't respond.
I got sad and disheartened.
But little did I know.
That was a one-sided window.
I just feel really bad and not accepted because of my sexuality and many people at my school are homophobic... Anyways have a nice day or night!
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