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Zywa Dec 2022
Unexpected things

never startle me, I just --

respond too slowly.
"Het Bureau - Plankton" ("The Office - Plankton", 1997, Han Voskuil)

Collection "Not too bad [1974-1989]"
Daisy Apr 2022
In response to Edge by Sylvia Plath

"The moon has nothing to be sad about,  
Staring from her hood of bone.

She is used to this sort of thing.
Her blacks crackle and drag."
-Edge by Sylvia Plath

The night drips on and on
As they all just watch.
Wonder what got her so far-
What's got her in knots.
This is how they wanted her,
No denying that now.
Perfection in her silence,
Her last breath,
Her broken vow.
The moon has nothing to be sad about.

She looks down on her with apathy,
Just another face in the crowd-
They watch her as she scorches it
All to the ground.
Her body a vessel for pain and for persons,
Her mind gone numb from being treated so worthless.
The moon-
Having seen this all before,
Illuminates the horror within that small home
Staring from her hood of bone.

Although not new,
It is still tragic-
To see such a woman drained of all her magic.
To have once brought life,
The same that she has taken,
And now on her kitchen floor they all lie
The moon just sends them back
To the roots of being- for
She is used to this sort of thing.

Life here on earth feels particularly brutal,
Like there is no escape
And to dream of such would be futile.
Don’t let it get you down,
For it is truly just womanhood,
You belong to the silence-
To the frowns.
So tightly sew that pretty mouth shut,
Sworn to be either dead or gagged-
Her blacks crackle and drag.
J Lobo Mar 2022
This here drunk moon sets
The bottle not to blame
A feeble heart all but smitten
A response to Convo by Frances Raeburn
Heavy Hearted Dec 2021
“I imagine a dreamscape
crafted in fluorescence, by your words
Where no razors fall like trinkets from the sky
But a blindfold of trust comforts the eyes.
May you, I pray, feel un-alone
Though we be strangers in our own homes,
I get it.”
J Lobo Dec 2021
Colour my words, world
Light or dark, all caged in its tunes
Tongues lash out in cacophony
Thank you Sudhanshu for the inspiration in The tongue (haiku #6)
Madeleine Nov 2021
When you ask me what I am doing
If am bored
Or doing nothing
My response to you will be
J Lobo Sep 2021
Hops the white rabbit
In meadows where foxes lay
from life, seizing its due
Inspired from "White Rabbit"by E
J Lobo Sep 2021
Fear makes of all men
Deaf to pain that surrounds them
Listen! humanity calls
A Response to "Head in the Sand" by Rose Hopkins
John McCafferty Aug 2021
Where does one reside,
as I take you open by surprise.
Some simply stir then slide,
smile wide when chuckles bubble up,
uncommanded from gut.

This energy is expansive,
sensing our echo chambers ring.
Mid to lower level signs start swirling,
an automatic response mechanism,
there will be no rehearsing.

Results of tears for reprimand,
personal preferences are assertive,
although we tend to sing collectively.
Fire breeds, we all bleed,
spasms squeeze in neck and chest,
brain now ceased to enjoy without conceit.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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