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Eid Al Adha;
Eid of Sacrifices
and the celebratory end of Hajj.

Purity abides around their heart
as souls are blessed with the
sown seeds of joy.

Allah hu Akbar;
takbir echoes
as devotees congregate in
every mosque nearby.

They wear embellished clothes,
extending their hearts to one another
and capturing the ecstasy
in every single encounter.

Sentiments are reciprocated,
and gratitude is manifested
on such an occasion
as we recall the origins of the
reason we sacrifice;
and that is to follow the order of Allah,
as Prophet Ibrahim did.
You wore a smile
Genuine and warm
It reflected in your eyes

Jaded now
Somewhat faded
Like your favourite red dress
You bought at first glance
Safely tucked away
An occasional wear

Rise to the occasion
Don’t follow fashion
Laundered and perfumed
Wear it on a crazy day
Accessorise well

The smile you wore
Never out of fashion
Follow your passion
G Dec 2018
I carry a mask in my purse
for special occasions.
Turns out
wherever there’s people
Colette May 2015
You may not know but how she had to bear the pain for 9 months with no complains; carrying us in her womb.

You may not know but how she watched us grow old, making sure we are well fed and healthy.

You may not know but behind closed doors, she bears tired eyes and sore bones, yet she never complains.

You may not know but she is proud even when we aren't at our best; she knows we've tried hard.

You may not know but she is always looking after us, even when we no longer live in the same household.

You may not know but she loves us, even when she is at a better place.

Happy Mother's Day.
I don't really celebrate Mother's Day ever since my 'mother' walked out on me but here's to all the other mothers in the world.
Wonders Mar 2015
I knew he was special,
over what you call sanity,
he is still admirable.
                               Among his rejection,
                               I guess I just had to make sure that
                               craving him secretly,
                               was all I could possibly do.
I still adore him.

— The End —