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The stylish kitchen
was where the chicken
had to be prepared
and couldn't be spared
by the good old chef
who was known as Jeff
on that fateful day
with the baking tray
placed in the oven
heated to govern
the cooking of which
was a dinner pitch
for that very night
with the stars so bright
in the sky above
everyone would love
who were invited
and be delighted
on that occasion
without persuasion
to share in some feast
not saying the least
that could've been said
if it was just bread
with a bowl of stew
for some hungry crew.

And so it happened
they were all fattened
by the food they ate
as they supped 'till late
and when the time came
the guests couldn't blame
the chef or the host
for the chicken roast
and the side dishes
which pleased the wishes
of all the guests there
who enjoyed the fare
with many a thanks
without any blanks
and there it ended
the night presented.

All the guests who came
did not leave the same
because of the food
eaten that was good.
Written in May,2022.
Indulging in a bit of creative flair rather than any actual dinner occasion although it does make me hungry about what I might have missed out on..
Jackson Bussey Oct 2020
A human jawbreaker
With a layer for every occasion
And a center just for you.
The uniVerse Jul 2020
A steed agreed to carry me
across the land of foreign hands
so that I could wed beneath the stars
to a maiden who had my heart
although it was an auspicious occasion
she was not committed to this relation
for she had already set her sights
upon those same starry lights.


Unbeknownst to me and what we agreed
she promised her hand to anothers band
where she would shine as bright as stars
and I would be left with a shattered heart
for this truly would be a rare occasion
to witness the birth of a new sensation
one known to some as love of light
as you look upon a starry night.
This is a mirror poem where the second verse mirrors the rhyme structure of the first.
Max Neumann Apr 2020
we been through a lot together...

nobody says it's forever
Today is a good day.
Sabila Siddiqui Aug 2019
Eid Al Adha;
Eid of Sacrifices
and the celebratory end of Hajj.

Purity abides around their heart
as souls are blessed with the
sown seeds of joy.

Allah hu Akbar;
takbir echoes
as devotees congregate in
every mosque nearby.

They wear embellished clothes,
extending their hearts to one another
and capturing the ecstasy
in every single encounter.

Sentiments are reciprocated,
and gratitude is manifested
on such an occasion
as we recall the origins of the
reason we sacrifice;
and that is to follow the order of Allah,
as Prophet Ibrahim did.
You wore a smile
Genuine and warm
It reflected in your eyes

Jaded now
Somewhat faded
Like your favourite red dress
You bought at first glance
Safely tucked away
An occasional wear

Rise to the occasion
Don’t follow fashion
Laundered and perfumed
Wear it on a crazy day
Accessorise well

The smile you wore
Never out of fashion
Follow your passion
G Dec 2018
I carry a mask in my purse
for special occasions.
Turns out
wherever there’s people
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