Sing, my love
As if you are whole
Sing, like a dove
With your whole soul

Let the melody carry you away
Let the harmony send you to a better day
Let the cadence fill you
Let the rhythm ring true

Sing, my dear
Let it wash away your pain
Sing, without fear
The air with music, you must stain

Let the melody carry you away
Let the harmony send you to a better day
Let the cadence fill you
Let the rhythm ring true

Sing, darling
No more crying
Sing, let your voice carry
To the end of infinity
If laughter is the best medicine, music is the perfect antedote
Amy 8h
In barren fields I stand;
The wind blows through my heart.
Upon this desolate land,
I've cherished from the start.

And tiny specks of light;
They flicker through this field.
As they fade into the night,
All that's broken becomes healed.

So as my soul is calmed;
And all that's fragile becomes new.
I revel in the overlooked;
The little things that grew...
It’s late at night  and I can’t sleep
Midnight thoughts consuming me
Some nights I wish I could have a break
From all these thoughts, they’re yours to take
My burdens are a lot to bear
His feelings brought from past despair
His hearts been broken and slowly shattered
Mines a vacant hole that’s dark and tattered
I pick up the shards one by one
Stopping to soothe a bleeding thumb
Piece by piece I put it back
But it’s not whole, it’s filled with cracks
I take out what was left of mine
I fill his gaps and watch them shine
I kiss his lips and let it sit
His hearts now mine, a perfect fit
Slowly filling up the space
Two hearts now one, the voids replaced
Aa Harvey 16h

Let everybody hold hands and we can build bridges across the horizon.
Let all nations be of equal character and we can stand united as one.
Let all people gather together, if we try, we can all offer asylum,
To those who are in need; those who are in need of someone.
A helping hand across the world, reaching out to raise you up;
A voice from a distant land, from a never seen face,
Is needed to offer the thirsty, an endless water cup.

If we have riches, then they should too;
If a person has nothing, then charity they should be given.
If we are full, then they should be full too;
We are all only trying our best, to not just give in.

Without charity we would be without our humanity;
Without an embrace, where would we as a species be?
When we are lost in the dark and need a light to set us free,
Tell me where are we going without companionship?

Let no person stand alone, when they are in need of a friend.
Let no woman cry and let no man be able to sell the world.
We are all together under the same sun, without end,
So let us rise as one each morning, side by side with a smile
And mankind will be kind to the future boys and girls.

If it is already too late for us to save,
Then let us make the best of a bad situation.
If there is nothing we can do about climate change,
Then let us at least be united as one planet;
So together we can all find a united constitution.
Imagine all the people, living life in peace…
We could really start something.

If the hippies are all gone, then let them all be reborn.
If peace is truly lost, then let us find it once more.
If there is no hope left and we are only here to mourn,
Then let us heal the world with healing hands;
Our hearts are in need of being loved
And if one man is poor, then we are all of us, poor.

If we all plant a flower-power into the barrel of a tank,
Then we can put an end to war and remember how to love.
If we all stand united and truly give each other thanks,
Then we can shine a light so bright,
That it will be seen up in the Heaven’s above.

In our world of plenty we have more than enough to give.
Let us all become friends and send the love all around the world.
We are all human, so let us all be humane and think…

Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
One day I’ll learn
how to manage all of this
and how to love myself
as much as I love you
and then
and then
I will be the sunshine in my own life
that I am for all of you
I’ll get there
Frances 2d
Meets the madman
Conducting orchestration
For our mothers lips
Saint Frances
Saint Frances
Saint Frances
I hope you've arrived
Cacooned eyes awaiting
Ephemeral steady fluctuation
Persephone gaze
Diana's rage
Eternal blue flame
Dripping crimson fingertips
The heavens eloped when you left us here.
Remains on the fire escape
An external buzz
Heard during my cigarette break
My sight caught by persephones polenating powerhouses who remains meditative and floating
Above the clover grass
Elucid and fleeting
Yet evermore
Remains on the tumbling limestones and mounds of our ancestors.
I beg for your wisdom
Sometimes I think
I'm hearing your voice
Asking me to be calm
And stop searching so deep
Saying your "with me
In more than the form of a humble bumble bee
But still keep running for me through the vast trees
Until you find your self unmoving and buckled at the knees"
I hear my grandfathers voice when I see a bumble bee, and my Grandmother Frances' face when I look at a church. I never met them or heard their voices while they were alive, but I'd care to believe they're with me always.
Jay 3d
A petal for every word of hate,
for every mark of pain,
for every drop of blood you shed,
and for every broken promise
because you deserve all the happiness in the world
and you should have
grown up so loved
and so protected
Gray 5d
I'm sorry but you can't.
I've had my fun with you.
And you've definitely had your time with me.
I can't be tossed aside when you feel like it,
And you sure as hell cannot come back to retrieve me
Like the bone a dog chews when it is bored.
I wish you the best.
Really I do.
You can't love me.
Because I don't love you.
BetTer PeoPle
A never-ending source of energy.
A flurry of activity above.
A flurry of activity below.
Constantly pushing forward;
Waves cycling toward the shore.

Standing, sand ankle deep, cold and salty water wash over me.
At this moment, I feel free.
My sins are baptized in the ocean.
The burden is lifted from my shoulders;
A mind left to wander.
I possess a body willing to do the same.

A never-ending source of pain.
A flurry of life above.
A flurry of life below.
Drawing strength to push forward.
Waves cycling toward the shore.
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