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The winter flower's bloom
erupts in fragrance
as your weariness cascades
and crumbles with each step closer
to the warmth of home
(which is simply any space
in the universe where
our hands meet
and our eyes say hello).

In truth,
I hold on to you tightest
in the moments
when we close ourselves off
from one another.

Even during floods of anger
I know that soon,
in the patient darkness,
only regenerating beauty
will spill from your night-sleeping eyes
to mine.
After all
One day
We will realize

We all are
The healers
On finding
The right sufferer
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Appreciation
I stand out here alone in the night,

The sky is almost bright,

Birds tweeting, dogs barking in the distance, leaves dancing in the wind,

And Im smoking a cigarette, that is becoming shorter and shorter.

In front of me, is an old house,

And in that house is a flashy room in which a TV’s playing,

While everyone is long asleep, there is only me and the person in that room awake,

There is a strange  connection between us two now and he will never know.

Suddenly the dogs stopped barking, birds kept on tweeting, the room kept on flashing,

Smoke is rising to the almost bright night sky,

Vaporizing in the dancing leaves,

I’m waiting for something.

Sensing the inevitable loneliness around me in the deep night,

I thank for the moment of silence to heal my spirit from the wounds of yesterday,

The cigarette  is dying,
And so am I.
You were busy
erasing every word I said,
replacing it with someone's words.

Your words remained fixed-
   you had to adjust them to suit who was new.
because none of them will say the words I said.
Angela 1d
Darkness tried to break her, to fill her world with grief
Her height of faith and depth of love were stronger than this thief

Her wounds were cleansed by the tears she cried
There was more to her than met the eye

In a relentless quest for justice, she would swiftly rise
The pain that was her prison, would meet its demise

Her heart flourished with hope. She made her choice
She gave her hidden feelings a purpose and a voice

She stained the pure white paper with ink until it bled
until every wrong was made right, until every tear was shed

A new day was born as a glimpse of light
A new craving to live. A new will to fight

free from the garments of trepidation she wore
Not bound by chains of despair anymore

Upon her knees with her heart in a humble place
A new destiny greeted her as a tender embrace

never again to be broken upon the floor
She was free to fly, free to soar

From fallen ruins, infinite it seemed
was born a vivid enlightened dream

The sun arose within her, a new light upon her path
She departed from darkness, turned her back to wrath

surrendered to the gentleness, the calm of a fresh start
ascended uncharted skies of kindness upon wings of a softened heart

She climbed above the shadows, God to be her only guide
The clouds far beneath her, the luminous sunlight at her side

no longer wrapped in shame, fighting to survive
full of peace and tranquility, fully awake, fully alive

new goals, new visions, new mountains to climb
her deepest scars erased forever in time

The odds stacked against her were overturned
A fresh urgency for freedom burned

Her eyes widely opened, she dreamed the sweetest dream
She reached forth to boundless heights, her life had been redeemed

A beacon on the horizon, understanding captured her sight
inspiring her heart to open, inclining her fingers to freely write

her soul to fully share, her spirit to liberally fly
Her hands to grasp a second chance, giving life another try

Kindling a flame from an inner spark, she ignited a fire to live
sprouting from the ashes with a tireless passion to give

The world left marks on her cocoon. She never asked why
She simply spread her wings and emerged a butterfly

Formerly hidden in darkness, she had a future clear and bright
She paved a road to hungry hearts like a ray of hope and light

no looking back to troubles of her past
too busy caring for the downhearted and loving the downcast

Her future unknown, uncertain where this trail would lead
she measured every thought, every motive, every deed

every word which fell upon her lips, every expression upon her face
sifted through eyes of compassion and benevolence of grace

Her speech delivered truth to anyone longing to feel
unraveling statues of stone with love, unique and real

She met the need of those who hungered for a heartfelt word
Through tenderness and compassion, refined purpose was seen and heard

Gentle words breathed into them new life delicate and sweet
penetrating unreachable hearts, from stone she paved a street

Affection and forgiveness softly fell upon their ears
hidden strengths coaxed with lyrics of a balladeer

They basked in her sunshine to warm their troubled hearts
The world, an empty palette. Her life, a work of art

no need to be common when one was meant to be rare
Fulfilling her purpose became her strength. her life. her air

She breathed in the sunshine, warmth, light and rays
reflected upon lonely souls to brighten their darkest days

Her glow simply an inner light, resounding in echoes of hope
filling a void in empty hearts, lending a hand to help them cope

Her heart beat to the consoling rhythm of a generous melody
serenading prisoners of grief, setting their fragile hearts free

She reached forth with generous hands to a world full of need
an advocate for the weary, she’d speak and intercede

anchored by sincerity to calm their troubled minds
She shared the treasure of a heart, virtuous and kind

She heard the slightest whisper of need escaping a broken soul
She saw the diamond, the person’s worth, beyond a life of coal

Drops of tenderness fell steady as a gentle spring rain
enveloping the world in solace, a refuge from pain

They defeated darkness and radiated with newfound light
With strength renewed, they emerged, eagles taken flight

Former lives passed away with freedom to begin again
The sky’s the limit of a hopeful dream that began as paper and pen
no one closes their eyes,
to see the one who can stop their cries

no one covers its ears,
to listen to someone who can brush off their fears

no one shuts their mouth,
to save something that is heading down south

no one untangles their hands,
to intertwine with a soul who understands

no one slams their door,
to someone who embraces them when they're down on the floor

no one freezes their hearts up,
to someone who filled love in all its gaps

no one walks away,
only until they run out of words to say,
only until too much compromising causes dismay,
only until they contemplate if it's still worth their stay.

love itself is an unconditional give and take,
if it's unrequited, it's a fragile heart at stake,
people don't choose who they love, they just do
lovers muster all their strength just to make it through

no one half-loves for it would be such a mediocrity,
so know the right time to bid a farewell and sincere apology,
love is a precious thing, but one must see their worth,
it's not selfishness, truth be told, it's always our last resort

take baby steps when you have had enough,
you may be limping and crying, alone in the tough
you might be disregarding your wounds just to run back
in the same old arms and hands that made your heart crack.

but again, take baby steps to heal, it's a process
with each step, smile, endure the pain, listen to the beat
weep and mourn all throughout for the loss and emotions suppressed
you loved enough to walk away when it was your heart to deplete

listen to the conjuring harmony of a new music in the making,
solely made from the footsteps you took, away from something that made you feel less deserving.

We never wanted to but sometimes we had to.
I catch your eyes seeing eyes that are mine
I look away
Heart sputters and you yawn
My palms are scraped

Opening my sore hit scraped tender hands
to you

I’d dared myself to be vulnerable
couldn’t touch you but you made it feel good

“here’s what it’s been like.
I know it’s hard for you too.”
My palms unclenched
“But hold them, don’t hit them”

just want you to kiss me.
Prayers. lots of little prayers
prayers like kisses all over my palms
Owen 2d
Kissing wounds,
I'll stop the bleeding.
Sooth your pain.
I'll stay
as long as you desire.
Keeping the cuts clean.
When you heal,
oh please,
dont rip me off.
I always wonder if I'm just a temporary fix.
d 2d
I fell in and out of love and that was a rollercoaster, but I don’t regret a single part of it.
I felt like I was on top of the world at some point. I don’t have that feeling so much anymore..
but as time passes, my heart heals and I know I’ll be okay.
My face knew tears and trauma,
shadowing my eyes and tightening
my lips too thin to smile,
a walking mask, dedicated
to the moves and words
empty of emotion.

ice in need of a thaw,
it held me rigid and raw,
until the warmth of summer
heated me alive.

now I run beneath the sun,
feeling emotions I thought were gone.
Laughing with joy unbound,
I seem to soar and sing
no longer earthbound,
but like the sprites of
tales told in past times,
I meld with the nature,
and let loose my soul.
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