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Keller 11h
Maybe if I focused on
Healing myself
I'd be okay
But that's too hard
So lay your troubles
On my shoulders
And I'll take care of you
When I break
At least I'll know
That I contributed
In making you whole
Those who love and those who heal
Have never quite figured out how to
Apply it to their self
With you
Everything is easy
I believe that you support me
And we can talk about everything
No hesitating...
And I wonder if you will be around
When I’m ready for you to keep
The coming version of me
• Stupidity is doing something even though you know you shouldn't.

A response to "how are you?"
that's more than just "fine."

Wanting ten dollar guidance
in exchange for a dime.

Then deciding to share
everything in your mind.

Expecting acceptance
when you choose not to lie.

Trying not to feel foolish
when you show your grim side.

• BUT stupidity is also:

Allowing your shame
to convince you to hide.

Thinking nobody cares
since they're so hard to find.

Wishing to end it
'cause you're tired of the climb.

Believing the only
way out is to die.

Forgetting this moment's
a point on a line.

Ignoring that nothing
can heal you like time.
time doesn't heal
it covers up the wounds
long enough
for you to forget
the pain you've buried
where a flower has now bloomed.
you said you love the part of me i hated the most. i hope you know you're healing every piece of me.
We were a whirlwind of things
We were passion and fire
but we didn't mind getting burnt
Knowing that kind of love
Knowing what it's worth

We were the nightlife and the fast car that would ride forever
We were the crash and the crushed bones that never seemed to heal right but
We wouldn't mind all of the wounds
They would heal
Knowing that kind of love was worth it
You’d assume
love is always worth it.
You were my wildest fight
Feedback please
‪Sitting alone in my car at a park‬
2am and the tears start
You drive away
because I say it’s okay
But the stitches in my heart
Are tearing apart.
I didn’t lie though I promise. I’m okay
I'm doing better now
Holding my head high
Keeping my feet moving,
But there's something off...
Something missing

Maybe it's gone forever

No trace of return

You would think I would stop searching
Knowing it's useless
That it's done

Too many people have been hurt
Too many have cried
Too many left
Feeling they had no other choice
While I was blinded by my own search

Pieces of my heart want to believe that it'll come back
That I will learn to find strength
To find what is rightfully mine

So again, my knuckles bleed
And with hope still shattered at my feet,
I smile at the sky
Knowing I made it further than I thought
But still keeping some of those bad habits

I'm still searching

But I also remember
None of this is anyone’s fault but mine
So I guess I'm the one who lost it
Not them

We can't all be perfect,
Can we?
I just wonder if I will ever find my happiness again
A year ago today, I wrote a poem on a dark day. This year, I come back, just a little stronger and maybe even a little happier, but still standing by myself.

Italicized = lines from the old poem
One day this will all hurt less
and the outline of his face will begin to fade away
you don't have to forgive
and you will never forget
but you do have to learn how to live again
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