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Kate 2h
When you came into my home,
I felt your gaze lock onto me.
You think I didn’t feel the way
your pale spider eyes stalked me
But I knew, from the moment you cornered me
in the lillies.

When you drew me onto your lap,
I was paralyzed.
Your hands crept closer,
never touching
yet I felt your imagination ***** my thigh
as acutely as though you had struck me
across the face.

You turned my body into a wasteland,
your bubble of hot poison
polluting my heart;
my nubile landscapes scorched
by the fire of your *****
that swept across and broke my life.

You said you could not **** me
--would not **** me-- for
“It was love at first sight,
at last sight,
at ever and ever sight."

But you can always count on a murderer
for a fancy prose style;
you tore me apart
and ripped from within me
my stillborn girl.
This child within me died
and took me along with her

But, fear not, you pentapod monster
for to you, life will go on.
For you, the rest is rust
and stardust.
Dripping wet
Feeling weak
Need a healing
It's you , I seek
They way you smell
They way you speak
But ....Dam your eyes
******* my soul
come here now
let's play hide & seek
Oh yes Oh now
Mmmm now you know
Now you feel it
you can't hide
tantalizing & teasing
till your deep inside
and healing me
© Jennifer Delong 1/2019
Twitch 1d
Sharing is Caring They Say
So I Gave Away Everything
I Loved and Lost
Letting Lovers Take Away
Things Most Important to me
You Took Away My Ability
To Love, to Trust
Stripped me of my Dignity
And Left me With Nothing
But Heart Ache and Pain
I am a Puzzle
With Pieces Missing
Look at me
You won't be able to Understand me
I feel like I'm empty
Who I am is no Longer Clear to me
but what I'm fighting to realize is that
I am in the Process
Of Healing
And Finding new Pieces
I Won't take Away from Others
I can't do the same thing they did to me
I will make myself better
I will be stronger
I'll be free from who I used to be
Don't look at me
I am a puzzle
for nobody but me
Cruel words
They sting  like  violent  storms of the sea
Crush  inwards towards the seashore.
Erase  a thousand  bad thoughts
Words spoken
Hearts broken
Over. and over again.
An  earthly father  
Doesn't know  how to forgive
But bruises  his own blood and souls. He tread.
There is only one who can deliver us from our pain.
Let us pour out  our hearts to our true Maker instead.
Rowan S 3d
Time is holding out on me
Promising solutions to old conflicts
Granting a reprieve to pain
A contract on her terms
And me, equine-like
Forever chasing the assurance
That one day
I'll wake up
And not have this serpent 'round my heart
But for now
It remains a hair's breadth out of reach

              -a crossroads contract
m 3d
I woke up and the rain had stopped
but my clothes were still wet
from sitting in the wash overnight.
I krept to the coffee machine with my robotic legs,
uncharged from the night before
and my body was heavy
my body was a stack of red bricks,
harpened together by a broken back.

I congealed there
on the damp grass, pressing warm blades into my skin
leaking wet into me
and it felt like blood,
it felt like misery hospital beds
a torn out needle
seeping out fragile red.

the coffee was stale,
bitter settled there in the back of my throat,
clinging on to starved muscle
I couldn't swallow
I wouldn't swallow
Your taste was still there somewhere,
nestled in my gums to relish in later.

come down from that burgundy tree
those branches won't hold you for much longer
the maple is dying,
heart rot and wounded.
your home is here,
your home is here.

I gather myself in two parts:
1 part body
1 part will
And you gather yourself from the other side:
1 part will
1 part hope.

I prayed for rain in the morning
but I only got the afterthought
I prayed for your flesh in my hands by night
but I only got your urn, cold and heavy.
thesa 3d
i know
you are scared
because you feel unsafe
i know
you are in pain
and that you feel misplaced

take my hand
and trust me

there will come a time
when you will know
what happiness felt like
there will come a time
when you will receive
the love you give to others
but most important
there will come a time
when this pain will stop
and these tears will dry

let me tell you
you will recover
from the thoughts that drown you
and from the ways
you were used to handle them
you will learn
to not think of everything
as your fault
but to find beauty
in the imperfection
and you will understand
how much you matter

let me tell you
you will be healing
as the scars
on your body and soul are fading
you will be grateful
for building up your place
in life's majestic maze
and you will become
the person you wanted to be
strong and wonderful
loving and loved
by so many others
however by yourself at first

you will discover
how to put together
all the shattered pieces

you won't be perfect
and neither will you ever
want to be it again

- because now i know
i'm perfect just the way i am
Arianna 4d
I first met Yeats
Browsing along the shelves in the poetry section.

Alpha by Author
The sign read, as I wandered along
Towards the letter Y.

And suddenly, there he was!
I tapped him on the shoulder,
Asked, "Why, indeed?"

He shrugged, and invited me
For a drink at the pub,
Over Scotch and wine
Detailing the wond'rous holy city

Of Byzantium

Isle in the water,
Where sages and oracles wise
An answer
To our question
Could surmise.

"The boats don't travel there anymore", he said,
To this compass-defying kingdom
Southwest of the East
And perpendicular to the North Star.

"We must travel with dolphins.
They alone can show us the way."

Thus, we ventured thither
On the backs of gilded dolphins
Branded with gold of Thrace and Scythia,
With the incantations
Of long-forgotten mysteries.

There is no feeling like that
Of being engulfed by seafoam,
Fizzling like silk around the body,
So soft you don't realize how it wraps around,
Until the mass of Ocean hits
And you sink...

Lying face-up
Along the backs of our guides
We darted
Beneath the shadows
Of continents and great empires...

          They all look the same from below.

"Where are we?"

"Who knows..."

Letting my fingers trail the ocean floor,
Flurries of sand spiraling in gusts
Before resettling...

We journey farther and farther...

I touch the crystal around my neck,
Where you reside in a streak of amethyst-gold,
And a strange melancholy wells up
In my eyes
(Though flooded with water,
They cannot cry).

When we arrive,
I shall ask about you.

For throughout this pilgrimage,
It seems your reflection materializes
In every shard of amber I find
Glimmering in the wintry gloom
Of the ocean floor.

How have we met here, again,
On this terrain of happenstance,
These fragments of your smile,
These fractured rays of the light in your eyes,
So far
Beyond the borders of earthly seas,

Like Osiris:
A spirit dismembered

          "Why, why indeed..."

And so, I have collected each one,
Caressing the rough and abstract edges
Moulded savagely by the elements
To perfection;

Admiring every shade
Of sunlight-on-water
Through these prisms
Cut from your soul,
Growing warmer against my breast
As we draw nearer to Byzantium.

O Shy One,
We have flown
To that isle in the water
Following the trail of golden petals
Plucked from your mane
And strewn across worlds,

Through underworlds,

Like violets and grape leaves
Tossed in garlands
Before the city gates.

Alas, your body is far from me,
And I too must abandon mine to enter here!

My companion smiles up
At the turrets of his Great City,
Thanking our dolphins with a blessing
Before they swim away.

We enter the pearled gates
Into winding avenues
Of a world lit only by moon flames.

Up hills, past twisting domes
Of shell and seastone,
We at last behold the Temple of Fire.

Strange, to come here underwater,
Though it shines over all
With the wisdom of ages.


Kneeling, face turned away
Before the pyre of holy fire,
Pressing the wholeness of your soul to my heart
As the Oracle reads the flames...

... And I wonder
Whether Why?
Is the wrong question, for
"Fate has a way of her own".  [1]

And yet, how far we have come
On this strange journey, Sweetest Love,
And how far —
How beautiful! —
We have yet to go!

Oracles and unknowns:
"What matter, so there is but fire
In you, in me?"  [2]
A ramble. Random thoughts about some poems by Yeats, a dear soul, and yeah... Just ran with it.

[1] = Quote excerpted from "The Satyricon" by Petronius.

[2] = The last two lines of Yeats' poem "The Mask".

Loreena McKennitt - "The Old Ways":
Your bliss turns to blues.
You're in the bottom
but now you know
your only way is up.

Your warmth turns to drought.
You can pour gasoline
in the dying fire inside of you
to feel warm again.

Your love turns to lost.
You may have lost in love
but in the first place,
you found it.

They say, the only thing
that is constant is change.
But can bliss, warmth, and love
be constant........ for a change?
sorry if my flow is kinda ~c h a o t i c~ my thoughts are scattered while writing this.

i love how writing for me is like an equivalent of screaming your lungs out on top of the building, or it could be like drinking a cup of tea.
Broken hearts heal like spinal cord separations,
You never walk the same way again.
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