prema Apr 23

(Is not a wealthy trust fund
it will be my bloods’ fund)

What must i do, this very moment
to set up my entire lineage
from feeling anger, empty,

the work i put into these Veins, today,
will flow through its course
for all generations
that precede and follow me

I never thought i'd miss you like this
We were just kids
That's the thing about the present
You only appreciate it when it's your past

frankie 6d

there once was a time
when love was the greatest mystery known to man
when husbands and wives
didn't fuck their baby sitters and ruin their children's lives
when flowers were given as a token of flattery and not an excuse for an apology

there once was a time
when you and i, partook in this mystery
where our hands were intertwined
and our hearts fluttered at the same time

but that was a long time ago
and i know
all the secrets.

the mystery never lasts once it's been solved.

Life hits you were you don't
want it to hurt
We live with  regrets.
Can't let  the past stunt your
You can move on and let  the present shape your future ..

awe Jul 14

Tell me
why can't we be the
way we were
when we

first began?

-First Began by PJ Morton if you're into R&B  :)

In being, you are the journey and the destination
You are travelling, but you are already home.

When I wrote this, I felt so much joy. Almost like I was bouncing internally  with free and abundant energy.
Shofi Ahmed Jul 6

The sun will return and align
upon the face of earth.  
Tomorrow will come  
with a new sunrise!
Even now is a present,
before you on your way!

Marsha A Jun 30

Love is a game that two can play
and both win;
That’s what they said.
But these days...
Love is a game that everyone often plays
and tries to cheat at,
because nobody knows
how to win it.

Clive Blake Jun 28

Don’t look back longingly,
To the youth that you once had,
You only remember the sunny bits,
Your mind has locked away all of the bad.

Have your dreams and chase rainbows,
If that’s what you want to do,
But enjoy the present, and look to the future ...
For that’s all that is waiting for you.

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