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to wake up is a chance
at what you want out of this
don't treat it with haste,
don't let it go to waste.

to breathe is to be present,
here, in the trenches of today.
don't let outside voices stay,
don't listen to what they say.
live for today,
live it out your own way.
Spicy Digits Feb 1
Sunela and panna.
Indian chai with fresh milk,
Fresh feelings.

An Ode to Family
Lulls the cat to sleep,
The rain softly pelting.

Patient puzzles
Paired with white sage,
Kashmir and lemon oil.

Silken chocolate.
Melting into the fire,
A molten me.

Moonlight illuminating
Seedling germinating,
The rain softly pelting.
Nonetheless, I hope that you still remain.
The person that you were
And the person that you became.

Not all ending yield tragedy.
Remember that at one point in time,
There was no place we would rather be.
mae Jan 27
some people are choosing to either become
a prisoner of the past
or a slave of the future
when they could have life freely
with the gift of the present
January 26, 2021  - 4:31PM
Down the memory lane
Thirty two years
I asked her
Ask about me
She said
No, nothing
By her innocence
PhD Foods n Nutrition
Space-time junction
Point arrived
Nuptial knot to tie
Longitude of 77.207°E
Latitude of 30.499°N
Temple Great Goddess
Marriage solemnized
Spark of unrest
Stayed together
Through thick n thin
Blessed with a daughter
We lived happily together
Now present as spirit guide
In my heart
It's Happy Anniversary!
Navi Jan 23
Growing flower vines on the side of this empty house
It's been quite some time since I have seen this door
Since I have laid on this barren floor, it's so strange seeing that carpets face replaced
Feeling the ice of this hardwood floor
How nice it is to miss those memories.
Do you remember when we all laid out, making beds out of blankets because there was no room for us all
And yet we did not fit any other way, finding ways all over one another
Then someone would wake up with ranch on their face
Sleep over rules, my dear. The first to fall gets the joke  after all.
No one has tended to the flowers in a while but whos to say there has been anyone to take that place.
Remember when this used to be so colorful and over there we would scream our lungs out
Convince me that I could learn how to sing and now you wouldn't even hear my voice.
Yet this garden is so pretty.
Raining days would fill the fountains water edge and arise would come the cute babies of those flying bugs.
We confused them for tadpoles more days that not. How relaxing of a time those days were
Worrisome worries having no existence in that time of mind, at least in those moments.
I skipped quite a bit, like how with some silky pants you could go zooming down the stairs being lucky enough not to fall too hard.
The stairs were carpeted but those floors were not.
What memories safe place, where one thought she died and cried and screamed
And now it is nothing but a childish memory.
This house smells old, but still like home.
It's about time that I find home isn't it? With it's own pretty garden and this time my neighbors can hear something beautiful as we would sit outside and serenade the sky.
The flowers would bloom with such variety, colors everywhere!
My children would make explosions coming up and down the stairs, forgetting that walking exist
Sliding down staircases just like we did.
Create happier memories for the future that the past didn't have.
Perhaps this is learning to let go, forget all that no longer serves this body
No longer serves this mind, it's just taking up space. I would rather just cry, let the sea of dams release and find myself beneath the rivers sea.
Happiness sprouts from seeds and I am but a thousand flowers trying to grow at the same time
But all these different parts need different things, different soil, water and sunlight
Maybe that is why I feel such butterflies around you and that smiles of yours
Oh, how they go crazy, making a mess of my insides
How did pollen get in my nose ? I'm allergic
Mirror appreciation shows change, from the days where those bags are so heavy
To where it seems like the glow has followed it's morning flow.
There is something to this growth.
Remember painting on the coffee table, so much art lost over the years of an overly educated child
Playing dumb to the world for strategy.
We do not "perfect" so it is right but to express accurately, to be frank this is the last place I want advice.
Nade V Jan 14
The past will bind you if you fall in regret.
The future will blind you if you heave stone-set.

To be neither here nor there
Recall from your previous presents.

And use this to bend, fold, break
Your future presents.

The past cannot be mended, but will be studied.
The future cannot be changed, but will be guided.
a look on the attitude and perception of time and self.
Judypatooote Jan 4
This story began years ago
when people were happy
and life was slow.

Remember When?

The Difference in outdoor was a big deal when my dad got a huge pattern of Santa in a sleigh glued it on plywood, cut it out, with a little motor making his arm wave...and had Christmas music in the back ground with a spot light shining brightly on it.
CHRISTMAS ...PRESENT my goodness between the blow up decorations of all kind and the colorful lights covering everything even the roof, and the beat of the  music moving over decorations, causing a traffic jam...

MY CHRISTMAS TREES in the PAST were always fresh live a child they were pretty skimpy but beautiful and with that fresh pine smell...then as a mom they were short and fat, but with that fresh pine smell...out the door the day after Christmas...
NOW in the PRESENT a single, widowed and in charge of my own Christmas tree I started out with a large fake tree ( yes that word sounds familiar).. left up until after New Years eve....then as time goes by as does my age And I'm still in control of my Christmas trees  I down sized to two 3 foot ready to go fake trees and I still have my Charlie Brown tree I bought from Franks for $15.00, years ago. 5 foot and skinny but still beautiful.
As the pandemic moves along I have plenty of time to think of the past and the present.
Hopeful Soul Jan 4
The clock is ticking
filling the room with tension
as our lives go by
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