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Remember that one,
autumn when you
thought you lost
it all?

Your heart was
in the worst,
state it has
ever been

A drug-filled
binge that
took you for
a never-ending


You broke down,
and then your
heart broke in

Because you saw
it was
the end of me
and you.

You clutched
the photos
close to your chest

Because you
couldn’t hang on
to what has been.

You felt lost inside,
and you couldn’t
control the downward

You trapped
yourself in.

Now one year
after and you’ve
let go of false
hopes and illusions.

Scared and
afraid to make
changes and leap

Into the arms of
another soul

Remember that one,
October when you

Thought you lost
it all?

You haven’t hit rock bottom
and I know it feels
like you lost it all.

Keep your head up, kid.

Stand tall.
Sam Faisal Aug 23
Be careful
of looking forward
to something
yet to happen
later -
that you lose sight
of everything
Carlo C Gomez Jul 31
A summer of twigs
And disposable cameras
But the skin was shy
And others were watching

So we shifted these walls
And dimmed the lights
To a thousand unclosed eyes
And passed through in eclipse
Of future rhapsody
Francie Lynch Jul 23
If the past is only an idea,
And the future does not exist;
Then we have the present,
Though immearsureable,
It's what we have,
And it travels faster
Than the speed of light.
Grab it.
Chloe Jul 12
Don’t ask me
if I ever loved you at all
if you don’t want to hear
the answer is yes

I moved mountains and clouds
You watered the vine
I took all your hope
and I made it mine

I could see it between the lines
You never loved me at all
I always said yes
but it took its toll

I taught you love
Oh, but you never learn
You showed me how cruel
humanity can be

Don’t ask me again
My answer has changed
Our loving each other
was us hating ourselves.
maria Jul 5
I always wanted more for myself,
wanted to be memorable,
but now I barely remember most of my life.
Sometimes, I consider who I am,
study my reflection hard in the mirror
contemplate whether it's really me
and then ask if this is who I want to be.
What a responsibility it is
to carry this human flesh to the end
and to act in favor of this restless, desirous mind
for the entirety of a life.
Most of the time, I hardly register my life and world around me
and thus behave mindlessly,
and now I'm realizing that time is more than a concept
and that age will one day take me by the throat.
I've tried so hard to figure myself out,
but I suppose I should spend less time in my mind
and more time taking up space in this body.
a ****** few lines about self-reflection
AE Jun 13
Dear old me
I know how the future seems
As if time has you wringing out every last drop
Wondering if minutes spent are hours worth
But here we are
One crossroad after the other
You've taken paths paved
And those never walked
You've breathed in clouded air
And have gotten lost in the fog
You have climbed mountains
And descended valleys
You've seen clear skies
And cried with the rain
You may never know what's next; not even I do
But no matter where you think you'll go
Every tunnel you'll collide with
Always has a way through
Forwards and onwards
You'll make your way toward me
And I'll keep walking too
Been lost too long to find the right road
To save squandered time thrown away
Backtrack the past but I'm wasting the present
Cannot erase regret
Tried every which way
I am so stuck right now
Steve Page May 29
The next wave will be better.
If I just wait,
if I resist the bait
to join the others,
if I deny the impulse
to jump into right now,
then I know there's a better wave
beyond the horizon...
The next wave will be better.
It's easy to miss the wave in front of you.
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