Amanda 1d
Turn the page, begin a new chapter,
I have placed the past at the start of the book,
Good day to start the rest of your novel,
The time and place to change is now; just look.

There is no better moment than the present,
Do what you have always wanted to do,
If you wait for the "right" opportunity to come
Might accidentally pass by you.

Every day a chance to write a new story,
An idle pen is of no use,
Neglecting the blessings life has to offer
Is it's own unique form of self-abuse.
Don't waste life away
I'm still in love with him.
I'm sorry.
It has no soul.
It does not care.
You cant escape it,its everywhere.
Sometimes it feels theres to much.
Yet there is never enough.
Its not for sale.
Its easily wasted.
You cant get it back.
Its pointless to chase it.
You lost what you had.
Limited to what you get.
You cant change it.
Its already been set.
The past is gone.
The future comes fast.
We live in the present,which really no longer exists.
Timing is everything so ive been told.
It begins very young not even stopping with the old.
What happens next is anyones guess.
Maybe it wont matter anymore.
Maybe we will be able to put our mind to rest.
does it own you?is every decision based around it?do you miss it?crave it?yearn for more?are you addicted to time?
Why let the choking fear
of what is to come
rob me of the serene solace
of now?
written May 28, 2017
Rahul Luthra Jul 5
Thinking all day about things that won't happen
Is a hobby you should avoid, else your mood will surely dampen
But what can you possibly do when you think back to those days
When life was so much better, even without that purple haze
It's okay to reminisce, but too much of it leads to brooding
Living in your world of dreams is unhealthy, even though it's soothing
When things are bad I like to go down memory lane
And re live past memories while trying to bury the pain
But burying the pain only strengthens its roots
No point in growing an apple tree if you can't reap its fruits
This dream like state of mine has made me somewhat curious
The questions are legit, yet my answers make me furious
I'm at a conflict with myself and I don't know which one's right
The dreams never seem to stop and I'm not talking about the ones at night
Would you give anything to go back in the past,
to save that relationship that was never meant to last?
And even though you know you can never really change
You'd make that empty promise to have your life neatly arranged
These dreams are the result of the hearts numerous desires
And so we avoid the truth and grow an affinity for the liars
As humans we need some sort of goal to be able to mentally function
Because only thinking without doing could lead to self destruction
If you think too much about your past you're bound to get lost
The present goes to waste and the future is the cost
What will happen over time is not fully in your hand
Some call it the Butterfly Effect and some call it God's Plan
I could say things will get better, and you could say the same thing
But to see that truly happen, you must be your own King
Chloe Jul 4
Here is the present.

The only time that exists is the present.

The future and the past,
do not compare to the present.

To be present.

That's the present.

Present of the day.

Present in the second,

To­ be present in every single breath.

The present isn't wrapped up in paper,
it's wrapped up in the air and faces.

The present is the only path that will take you places.
Gone are the carefree days of youth
Running and laughing in the sun
Towards nowhere and everywhere
Both at the same time

Gone are the memories
Collected and kept
Gone are the people
That for once we have met

Gone are the laughters
That once were so loud
Gone are the feelings
That once were so proud

Dear child,
You’re all grown up
It’s time to face the future
There’s no turning back
We’re getting older
Gone those days
When we waited for the perfect day
To propose
And express our feelings directed by our heart
Long plannings were made
To make the moment perfectly perfect
But we too feared and hoped
We don't hear a NO.
If it was a YES,
A smile from the other said was enough to let us know.
But if it was a NO,
Friends said, they had smelled that long time ago.
Some said you wasted so much money to buy those roses dear,
If I had known your intentions earlier
I wouldn't have let you do so.
Poor heart only felt the sorrows
It didn't bother about the financial loss
The almost empty pocket had got.
It only wished to fall in love and nothing else.
It only whispered softly and said
Let's fall in love
For all beautiful future days
Which will be happy and prosperous
If we are together forever from this day.
But no one was there to listen to our heart.
Only silent breeze and setting sun witnessed the drowning heart
Into the deep sea of sorrows and tears.
Those days love really mattered.
Those days sorrows were really heavy enough to shatter us.
But we never got demotivated Because
Loving friends were always there
To cheer us up and stand beside us.

These days everything seems so fake,
Even the words of love comes with asterisk conditions apply
That the beautiful words-
"Let's fall in love..... "
Seems less precious these days.
My latest poem
Krishnapriya Jun 30
Someday in the future
A few years hence
Or maybe decades
You will look at your pic
From today and say,
“Wow! How young I looked!
How charming!”

Why wait for that day?
Look in the mirror
Today and say,
“Wow! How young I am now!
How charming!”

You look great – inside and out.
Jabin Jun 28
We sit as children on paper with crayons.
The timing too perfect, as soon we will learn.
Sifting through albums of family photos,
we struggle, endure; tomorrow we must fight-
for semblance of self in uncertain future.
The reflection we see tells "truth" to our eyes.

Frantic, we hope someone will see through our eyes,
see the artwork we’ve crafted with our crayons.
We fall wayward as they continue their fight.
But were we not supposed to be their future?
Onward, we find, only refusal to learn,
and they hope to be remembered in photos.

Happily we sat in booths, taking photos.
Love for each other, blooming shutter of eyes;
snapping so clearly: destiny, the future.
Making love through the pain, we began to learn:
Romance is like the colors of our crayons;
Red passion, blue tears, green envy, the black fight.

And from gray ashes, we gained strength from the fight.
Made a history of our lives through photos.
Our own child is coming. So much she will learn.
In her tiny grasp, she’ll struggle with crayons.
Let’s color a better image for her eyes;
help her discern a multicolored future.

For we have reckoned our own troubled future,
must be rife with the educational fight,
lest we forget our past: black and white crayons.
We’ve witnessed the agony, beauty through eyes,
deceived that the past is happy as photos,
as though there was nothing more for us to learn.

As for our beauty, she’s but begun to learn
that always we’ve waited for her, our future.
The love we’d not gotten, sadness in our eyes.
Thankful we are, to have learned from the photos,
to muster our strength and our love for the fight.
Imagine the hue she’ll paint with her crayons.

Remember to learn, that we must also fight.
Leave behind your photos. Look to the future.
Behind those eyes, do you remember crayons?
This is my first attempt at writing a sestina poem. This is for my wife and daughter.
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