Lori 1d

an astronaut feels the Earth on his skin
the beach on his hair after lightyears
of the void emptiness of space

stumbles on a time capsule
a photo album inside a cave
hidden once a grave his family
cremated ashes exploring the sea

interstellar travel he dove right in
to the images of hideous close ups
of every person so beautiful but he
couldn't hear their voices anymore

this was not his family humans then
had poor technology they froze time
on film and paper but we see beads of
time in our higher fifth dimension

he found video clips of family vlogs
citizens of the universe communicate
with the mind we don't talk anymore
its inefficient yet the past they laughed

he saw how they hugged got intimate
wondering why they don't inseminate
the women or get assigned partners
who are compatible and capable

he asks himself what does it mean
to have a family perhaps it was
unnecessary duty or obligation
or a foreign little thing called love

an astronaut feels the breeze for
the last time as he seeks something
important out there in space

futuristic perspective of (insert whatever you like here) prompt. I don't think i make any sense. Basically, its about thehypothetical  loss of family units or family relationships in the future.

I just don't understand
Whether is there any meaning in my living ...

Am I just passing my days in this place ,
only as a tourist ...

And if so,
Is the  journey ever going to take me to an interesting destination ....

As the  journey proceeds
and takes  me to so  many interesting locations
It has dawned upon me

The journey in itself  is so full of thrill and experience ...

Reaching the destination has just become a passing thought !!

Past - where my foundation was laid
Present - Is my stepping stone
Future- yet to come , which I believe I am ready to face !!

Future says --
Are you ready?
(Anti Funky) playing out loud

Present--- Yes I am ready :)

Wrote this particular piece on
9-11-2016 much ahead of joining HP.
Thought it is relevant
for my in between status .

Words fail.
A happening ceases to be happening
and just is.

As if subconsciously,
deliberation becomes the same as breathing
blinking, equilibrium, panic,
and then all at once,


All become impetuous.

Turn into some twist of fate,
or some happenstance;
it doesn't matter which.
All that matters is the pulsing dilation of the skin over her veins.
The crashing, writhing, weaving, turning, twisting waves of her body mirroring mine and vice versa.
I am just here; present.
Face flush to downy hair while wandering in some chaotic void of uncertainty and doubt and violent turbulence.

Words become meaningless.

All hope of understanding this fleshy, helter-skelter concept of
A sinuous 'élan vital' to 'inevitable ceasing death'
All hope of understanding fails.

But I will forever be in this calm of the storm.
Witnessing this pastel scene behind your eyes.
Through the nihilism and anarchy
I feel I am right where I need
And that is all that needs be.

Oh time, our defining measure,
How you precede history itself,

Oh time, your objectivity,
How you govern all current's of that gushing river of our lives,

Upstream to new horizons, downstream to the forgotten,
our moments lie inescapable of your perpetual conscious,

Oh time, your rampant tests,
Your ability to flourish mere illusions of aspirations,
To build bridges, of solid foundation,
To establish homes, of kindly salvation,

Why must these dreams be a breath of reality all so brief,
To dismantle this world, leaving man only in grief,

Oh time, beneath the murky surface of that river I await,
Whatever is it you are to instil as my impending fate

A walk to a known place,
I cannot help but glimpse the mirage of your face,

Finest of hair and the brightest of eyes,
It's here you caught me by surprise,

Serene moments like these were made to please,
Casted aside was our unease,

Yet, every moment predated,
If only you could have waited.

I get behind the wheel
of the fastest car
there is,
but only
drive it up to 40 -
that's kind
of like
the perfect metaphor
for my life
right now..

K G 5d

This day was fused with difficulty and a newer sun
The only note this night can end on, is a bad one
In the rush I fell further from life, poor fortune seemed impaled
The crude white's new and improved hypocrisy had been scaled
A restless heart burns beneath these bones with a trembling sigh
As I'm identified, it hits like vesta when these loaned emblems tie

Iron rusted memories cloud my mind;
black and white,
laughs and cries-
All intertwined…

Screaming all together,
wanting to be remembered-
All these ghosts that I once were
All these ghosts that I have conquered.

Alice R-P Apr 19

The Past does not define me,
The Future has yet to come.
What is now, is all we have here,
Just hear the Present hum.

A Santos Apr 17

you still get angry
when you are hungry
you waited outside class;
smiled at me as we intersected paths
we are annoyed
at a new girl in philosophy class
we are happy
when we drink on friday nights
we are happy
when we go on our car rides

i like this thing
we are happy.

this is in reference to my earlier poem, past tense. It can be found here: https://hellopoetry.com/poem/1897149/past-tense/
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