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Nikkie Jan 30
What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you.
Dinner is cooked; our drinks are chilling, and I’ve taken a hot bath. I want to be comfortable so I can
enjoy your company.
Your kiss is tasty, did you just pop a mint?
That’s okay love, it’s all good to me.
Go ahead, make yourself at home, wash your
hands, I’ll fix our plates.
Yep, you have a steak and potatoes,
and I have fish and veggies.
But King my Dear, you’re my main dish.
Can I fix you a drink? Do you need some ice?
So how was dinner, did you get enough?
Thanks for the compliment, I’m glad you liked it.
Sure, I’ll pour you another drink, and top it off with ruby red. Do I want to hear some music?
You know I do. Put on what you think I like?
Kem is fine my **** King, and pump up the volume
cause I am ready!
Grey Rose Nov 2020
Tell me
That gun that you're so proud of
Why does it tremble so much?
Is your hand following your unstable mind?
Is that the same hand that holds your child's?

Your emotions
Fragile enough to be crushed with a hug
Insecure enough to attack a compliment
Corrupt enough to endlessly reload on lies and deceit
Are those the same emotions you shoot into your wife at night?

Your bullets roar so loudly
What voices are you trying to drown out?
Your heartbeat clanks at the speed of the fallen shells
What are you so afraid of?
A man armed and ready to go off at any moment like you?

Tell me
What can you manage to defeat?
With those trembling hands
Uncertain of what to take aim at
You shoot down anything that moves
Uncertain of where the trigger is
You pull at anything you can reach
Uncertain of how much enemies are left
You forever stay in the trenches
I now know that when you bow your head at church that it's not for prayer

Then hoping to nullify your senseless you refuse to leave the battlefield
And take no-mans-land everywhere you go

You wear your bulletproof vest and rifle to the supermarkets, schools, offices, dinner tables, churches, and funerals

Forever firing
Forever charging
Forever defending
Forever fighting
a name Nov 2020
no mother, i'm fine
i had a good 12 hours of sleep

no mother, its fine
i've had enough gravy for my pork
kinda bland but it's ok

no mother, don't worry about it
the scar on my thumb isn't a branding
from a gang
or cigarette ember

(it was from a cigar but besides the point)

yes, mother, i'm ok
if i wasn't i wouldn't be here
though i'd rather not be

thanks for the meal, mom
i'll give you something back
some other time

for now i'll sleep for another
few dozen hours
Zadkiel Nov 2020
Right now it is currently lunch time
Though how could it be lunch at 12:20 pm?
Well listen here brother
There are more than a thousand breakfasts
That could be missed
But you must never forget
The middle
Unless it is a brother

For Lunch is in between Breakfast and Dinner
Proving everyone wrong
Is what I would like to say
But alas there is a fault in this reasoning
For Lunch is only important
For the fact that you get to hang out
With the


now you must accept this flawless foolish reasoning
and turn yourself into foolish wise men
since we are but the
Gaia's Children
Shannon Oct 2020
Four friends together for dinner,
Made speeches while the night grew thinner,
First was, “I’d like to make a toast,
To the man who needs friends the most.”

The second went with a smile,
And said, “Let’s scorn people so vile,
That decide to brag, tease and boast,
To the man who needs friends the most.”

The third stood, his face full of food,
And said, though his manners were crude,
“Let us dedicate this fine roast,
To the man who needs friends the most.”

“We’re all good people are we not?
Unless there’s something I’ve forgot,
Let’s announce ourselves,” said the host,
“To the man who needs friends the most.”
This is my favourite of all my non limericks I wrote, its an anti-bullying poem, but it can mean anything you like       who do you agree with?  put it in your comment
Donna May 2020
I went outdoors with
my love ones , we ate dinner
and sat with the trees
Me and my family may have only been
in our garden , but had a lovely time eating talking surrounded by lovely trees **
Nylee Mar 2020
Work left office
And came right at home,
the hours don't start
And the calls don't end.
The laptop glued to my hand,
My eyes burning with the screen
No more commute, no sun
I miss those cafeteria tables.
Feasting on every snack,
No time for lunch and dinner
I don't even leave my bed
Typing away my life.
Mitch Prax Mar 2020
Kisses for you
for lunch and
for dinner-
for now
'til eternity.
Mitch Prax Mar 2020
Dear diary;
I ate a whole
wheel of cheese
for dinner tonight.
Regret nothing about this-
at least, not yet.
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