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Donna May 21
I went outdoors with
my love ones , we ate dinner
and sat with the trees
Me and my family may have only been
in our garden , but had a lovely time eating talking surrounded by lovely trees **
Nylee Mar 25
Work left office
And came right at home,
the hours don't start
And the calls don't end.
The laptop glued to my hand,
My eyes burning with the screen
No more commute, no sun
I miss those cafeteria tables.
Feasting on every snack,
No time for lunch and dinner
I don't even leave my bed
Typing away my life.
Mitch Prax Mar 19
Kisses for you
for lunch and
for dinner-
for now
'til eternity.
Mitch Prax Mar 4
Dear diary;
I ate a whole
wheel of cheese
for dinner tonight.
Regret nothing about this-
at least, not yet.
Bhill Mar 1
because I'm in waiting
waiting for dinner
waiting for the movie
waiting for the flu to go away
waiting for that parking space
waiting for the rain to stop
waiting for sunrise
waiting for sunset
I'm still waiting
waiting for the checkout cashier
waiting for the, the, the ,the
I'm not waiting for you
the you that represents the end
the end that is permanently in my mind

Brian Hill - 2020 # 61
What are you waiting for?
Nicholas Feb 28
I walked inside the den
and it was filled with wolves
showing their teeth
with snarls
and growls
so I threw some bones
and they paid it no mind.
They had blood
on their minds

bless my soul
it’s time to go.
S T Mont Feb 8
His laugh
at the hurt that came
from the toe of his boot
but more directly from the hate in his heart

The muffled cries
that came from those who have no voice
never did
never will
ring out

A dinner table
with silverware perfection
placed with little hidden secrecies
feast on the words
"All Blood Stains Red"
Jay M Feb 10
The ring of the doorbell
My heart fell
I was out of time
Things weren't done
I'm out of rhyme
The candle burns like a little sun

I let you in
My heart you did win
Wearing a deep red button-up
With black pants
I pour some water into your cup
Around the table are plants
Of yellow and white
And I just might
Steal a kiss in the candle light

I, wearing a blouse of deep red
For some reason, this perfect moment I did dread
I think I wanted more time
To memorize a rhyme
Just for you

You pleasantly wait
While myself I hate
For not having everything done
So in the end, I have not won
You say I did
I feel butterflies in my gut
For a moment, I hid

Once dinner was done
I had decided it would be fun
To watch a movie
Then show you my dance moves, kinda groovy
Yeah, I'm a bit goofy
And my hair is poofy
But just you wait
I can tell you something great

When the movie's over
Come on over
I don't bite
What a night

Playing "Stand By Me"
Just wait and see
No longer do I have two left feet
Our eyes meet
And we smile
It goes on for a mile

Doing the waltz box step
You matching every footstep
Then the song comes to an end
I play another because I want to spend
More time here with you
So for now I do

I tell you how amazing you are
That you are my lucky star
That your eyes shine brighter
And every time I hug you tighter
Because I love you so
And don't want to ever let you go

You tell me something wonderful
But my mind is just so full
Of you
That I can't remember the words right
Hold me tight
Because I might get a little dizzy
You make me feel kinda fizzy
With butterflies
When I'm with you I tell no lies
I answer all your questions
You give me a few suggestions
I snuggle up with you
And almost on cue
Another song plays
So sweet
And once more, our eyes meet

You fill me with a thousand dreams
And my eyes look up to a thousand stars
Putting the dreams to each one
Hoping they all become complete and done
And baby there's just one more thing;
You're the one.

- Jay M
February 7th, 2020
Been writing this for a week. Man, it's just so hard to place into words how wonderful it was. Well, aside from my baking skills - I didn't make the brownies right. Ah well, I tried. Adam still wanted one, even though they were thin and would barely come off the pan! Man, he's something.
Kyle McClure Jan 27
a well liked man is a well cut ham,

bodies sitting around the dinner table,

the smell of salted snacks, cheap beer, and wine,

sibilance of love and reflection to pass the time,

curvature of lips in an upward spiral,

soft eyes, relaxed muscles,


the wise lady walks in,

time to toss the sin,

a prayer for rainbows in stormy weather,

a prayer the same goes through with a warming sweater,

many minds converge as one,

to speak and think of love,

for one another.
To my wonderful grandparents and the teachings of love they have shown me over the years. Thank you.
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