Walk towards blinding lights,
we came here to see; not we,
have only learnt to believe.
Your hands were tired
of holding me together,
holding me to ground,
keeping me safe from myself
and my fate.
And when you were no longer there
I could go anywhere in the world,
live different lives,
and see the world anew.
Wait for the death
of my sorrow.
Or kill myself with what I am.
All this I have found
at the cost of
losing earth, me, and you,
to name a few.
Tonight I fly away.

Need to take some time,
find a way to leave my pain behind.
Touch down on pure white sands,
step out to the promised land.
The lasers shine,
the music plays.
I find myself back in my church again.

      I feel it flowing through my body!

So high, my eyes are hazy.
The whole club's going crazy
and though the lights are blinding
I could swear I see you smiling
back at me.
How could it be?
How could you find me?

Has fate brought us together?
I didn't think I'd ever
see your face again
but here you are now
plain as day my friend.
Don't know why I left you behind.
You were always on my mind...

You were always on my mind.

So let me take you by the hand,
take our next steps on virgin sands.
We'll chase the rain,
erase the pain,
light up the skies again.

So hold me now in ecstasy.
Forget the world, just you and me.
Just like the way it used to be.
We'll watch the sunrise on the crystal seas.

Tonight we'll fly away.
Lyrics for a friend's dance track
As I look out to others to find myself, I do. It seems that my heart convinces my mind with a subtle hum to take up that position and lay on it as time goes by. I see someone’s art and feel as if they described my whole life. I sit and listen to someone’s album and I feel as if they have been watching me since birth. How else can they do something like this, something so random, and yet so familiar to me, someone.
As I cOmE dOwN
Changed; time has not
BrEtHlEsS pAiN
ever not; was vision ever slurred?
It WaS jUsT a ThOuGhT
Such a careless thought.
The wind will blow,
And a seed will fall,
And its head will peek,
From the ground below.

And the sun will shine,
With his rays so bright,
And the sprout will grow,
In the friendly light.

And the days will pass,
And the nights grow cold,
But the young tree stands,
Through the icy snow.

For the rain may fall,
And the sun not show,
But the tree will wait,
For its time to grow.

And the birds will nest,
And the squirrels will climb,
And they always return,
Time after time.

For when sky is gray,
And cold rain falls,
Through weather harsh,
The tree stands tall.

But the wind will blow,
And the tree will fall,
With a thunderous crash,
And a mournful call.
At break of day our eyes will close.
We pray that soon the sun will go,
To hide behind a moon that glows.
We pray that soon the falling snow,
Will conceal the ground below,
Which opens up and swallows us whole.
We will not be forgotten, though.

Our stories are read by those who are late,
And they will know of our mistakes,
And be smart enough to slam on the brakes,
Because finally they know the stakes,
And refuse to follow in our fate,
Of a world consumed by floods of hate,
Where all we know disintegrates.

And all that's left is Dust.
the second stanza was imagined first at around 2:45 am as i was drifting off to sleep.  i knew i wouldn't remember it if i didn't write it down so i grabbed a pen and paper. lo and behold, when i woke up i had completely forgotten that i had written it.  the first stanza was written later.
How does one go upon forgiving
something they never faced?
Avoidance is a forbidden fruit that yields
only bitter aftertaste.
Do we mislead to be okay,
just to elude the debates?
Do we ignore the pain,
just to keep up the harmonious masquerades?
And these contradictions we face:
Of loving someone so much we
disregard our own aches,
even when they are those causal to this fate.
This is a forgiveness we do not create,
this is remembering what we cannot erase.
bloop here's another fire beat for you to eat
may 4d
Right place, wrong time.
The tender closing everyone gives.
It seems to be a theme in my life.
It sends me down the path of never-ending what if's and self shaming for things that maybe could have been.
If I worked harder.
If I tried to be better.
If I changed.
Always coming back to certainty the root of the problem is me.
If I was worth it to make the wrong time right.
But what if it wasn't me? What if it was just the timing?
I’m in love with the sound of the rain.
I’m in love with the birds’ sound of mirth
I’m in love with your voice.
And other music, that mirrors a soul.

Yet I am a destructive melody,
a tone that would ruin
your alluring harmony.
An imperfectly mixed color
with your lovely hues.

I have a paper heart,
but you are a blazing fire.
I tried embracing your warmth.
And as you grow,
my flesh starts burning out.

You are my moon,
and I am your wolf.
Sharing stares that often meet,
we clasped each other through the wind.
With my howls, swallowed by the breeze.

We have parallel worlds,
lying in the same chapter of words
yet we can never intersect ways
even across a single page.
Fated to meet, yet not destined for a love to keep.
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