Amanda 17h
Face to face with fate
Fingers find flowing fire
Feelings fall far
Alliteration FTW!
Umi 1d
Wash it off!
The marks of a past as dim as a solar eclipse cast on your gaze.
Useless, it is already written in the depths of your face,
As black as ink, there lingers a truth within it, hidden behind feelings.
The endless pain is brushing with the wind through your hair,
Oh life what is the reason for you to always lead towards an inenvitable death, leaving what you once were proud of, behind ?
Since you seem not to understand it fully, I want to teach it to you in the realm of the dead, in the loitering darkness one day when it is already far too late to turn your back to the fate you are running from,
So please seek the answers now, don't ever turn away!
Even if you should continue this lonesome path wretchedly,
As long as you are living, you can still shine and illuminate anothers spirit, just like the moon does in the darkest of all nights,
Even still if your past has left your tortured, frightened soul...
As black as ink.

~ Umi
the gods have spotted me
in the estuary of dreams
and they laugh at me,
they torment me
with their unresponsiveness
but I must outwit them
and I mustn’t let the gods
decide my fate
and the fate of others
lies in the hands of others,
it’s there prerogative to decide
what to make of it
just as well as it is mine.

if I decide to squander the
rest of my days conspiring
for the words of immortality
then that is my privilege and
if the time comes
when nothing comes
from it
then that is my outcome
but I must write everyday
with assertiveness and
guile as if one day I’m
going to tear this job
down brick by brick
before the dogs from
hell come for me and
tear me to shreds but
if my doing is a waste
then our jobs are similar.

we work hard,
make minimal and
produce nothing
that goes to waste
for a profit and
into garbage
and no one even
seems to bat an eye.

someone spent time away
from their loved ones,
resenting the minutes that
are massacred by monotony
during the dull, senseless hours
of moil with the other working
stiffs who are hand-picked by
someone else, having to take
a piss and breathing in the
smell someone else’s shit
as a piece of them dies slowly,
all while barely making a living on
base pay just so the product they
manufacture is conveniently
available at your fingertips
but nobody ever thinks
of what happens to
a crashed car or
a candy bar wrapper or
a half eaten hamburger,
it just gets scooped up
and tossed away
without mulling over
or questioning.

but no matter
how remarkable
anything may seem,
everything has already
been written including
this poem and the next
one after but much like
our lives, it’s a waste,
it’s not as much of a
shame that we waste
our lives but that life
is wasted on us and
what we do with it is
anything but extraordinary
and all this is for nothing,
just another add on to the
heap on Garbage Mountain
so the raccoons that defile
this poisoned Earth
will finally
to collect
I had accepted my fate
Content with drowning
You woke me up
Made me crave life again
And just like that
You saved me
When I wasn’t looking for a savior
Dear artist

Remember there's always a twist in the tale. A gentle reminder to soften the blow when I feel things between us get stale.

Trust may appear brittle but there's little or nothing than that can divide us.
Your angelic presence makes me yearn for your divine touch.

Alas the rules prevent such a precedent though the fantasy is enough to tempt me beyond reason.

I fell for you naturally as the arrival of the 3rd season. Anne summers blossomed in my heart with the incision of a dart.

The start of something special though inteference is always lurking. I guess love was made to be open not anonymous.

Envious sources cause me stress. but I'm blessed and you are anointed to settle this mess.

A message I'm always keen to convey: nothing vain about your pure essence. I always tease you about it but really I'm in awe.

When things get awkward your laugh is always reassuring.
Surely I'm allowed like my snoring to tell you you're the antidote
to my scapegoat

if not then I'll let fate which you don't believe guide you to this note.

Its how I feel half the time
I'm just surprised there is still people in my life
Most forget and leave not bothering with feelings or conversations

That's alright I'm use to it by now, to everyone I know I'll always just be that

A distant memory to be forgotten, I guess that's my fate
Nic Mac May 31
Finding you, has been a gift.
As the journeys past falls behind.
Time was but a mear suggestion.
Endings start with you...
He wrote a note expressing his regret
He walks on fire with barefoot
Couldn't believe,this was his fate,
He lost contact with them
As he lost it with himself,
For it he took the blame
His nonsense and stuff,
It's really a blamed shame
He lives with a great grief,
Things will never be the same
His life was shining like decorated roof
Bumfuzzled and he became lame
He was truly a deaf
When people screaming and yelling his name
He lives long and difficult life
All he cares was a fame!

The sands of time have fallen away;
No longer drifting through the space in-between yesterday and today.
No egg timer tomorrow can turn this fate upon its head.
Limited reality; no fiction left.

Tomorrow is lost to never be seen again;
No words left to say.
No future to look forward to in this fading age.
Skeleton walked the roads, paying all of the tolls;
At the end of the journey, no gold can keep away the hole.

Tattered bandages around broken bones;
Falling to his knees, he has made his way home.
No witness to his arrival,
All long since gone.
His neighbours have left without revival;
They have all become dust and bones.

This town is without its heartbeat.
Just empty streets,
Not one person to be seen;
No sound of machines and nobody to see.
Tarmac and concrete;
No leaves on the trees.
Grey stone all around;
No words left to speak.

His ball and chain has been removed,
Long ago, since many moons.
At his graveyard home, he is in good company.
The skeleton man is no longer living;
He is resting in his cemetery.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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