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zsazsa 5d
I tried to destroy every memory I have of you
But how could I possibly get rid of the air that I breathe
For so long every breathe I took was so I could spend my forever with you
Now I breathe in the hopes that one day fate will bring you back to me
So we can live happily ever after like you promised me we would
I will wait for you and if the wind doesn’t blow you back to me
I hope fate leads me to someone like you.
deep in the forest
green and brown;
and yellow of the sun

between the trees
a spiderweb traps morning dew
but nobody’s home

a fly buzzes-
carefully below the web
without threat

dew struggles to let go
and gravity calls for:
a spiderweb with a fly
You, above all else
are a lesson in fate.
What more evidence do I need than my life with you?
We both took a gamble:
a name,
a notification.
A chat left to chance.
Who could have known you'd be so vital?
You are the air that I breathe,
the quiet whispers in the night time
when everything sleeps but us.
How lucky I am
that the universe brought me you.
My boyfriend and I have known each other for 8 years (dated 2) and have never met. We met on IMVU because I liked his hat. I never realized someone so far away could create in me such feelings.
D Letwixt Oct 3
I follow the winding, the way beyond the farthest places
between trees knotted menacing with darkened faces
under mossy roots that twist and trip with a mischievous cackle
over heights and falls that beckon death's clanking shackle
and if you fall in, lose your precious breath
to tree limbs tangled scratching at vulnerable flesh.

A green roof above and green floor below
but my eyes look ahead, to where the silver meadows did grow
Remorse remembers all that passed before the eye
burnt of fire forgotten and ash was strewn across the sky
and now only memory does remain
of silver meadows and the golden rain.

This land is dampened with the morning dew
that daren't melt but for the light of moon
where mossy things are stowed in sunken places
and beautiful wonders lay behind rock faces,
I know the way, but do not lightly follow
As sunset brings forth demons beyond tomorrow.

I wish to find her: the lady silk
Her hands weaving threads of fates who twist and separate
her threads she brought from those older places past
Where nascent fauns with youthful voices fastly gleam and chatter
and deftly danced to delights in the silver meadows
When all was false and truth was shaded
all liars happily in reflections reflected
pale faces feinted in humorous deception
and all charismatic affectations were familiar expression.
singing songs of passing pleasures in strange dialect
All was serene was silver mirrors reflecting
save the flow of golden liquid cool and still
which seeped from sky to hill and then chalice filled.

I walk to see the lady
who has one eye black and one eye white
and carries a silver knife which- in moonlight flashes bright.
I will wearily watch for it's flashing tomorrow night,
for she doesn't know it, but I was also born of moon's pale light.
Jo Swan Oct 4
Alone I sail across the formidable sea,
Many men have drowned in this stormy weather!
Will the waves devour me to my death?
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?

My mind is fatigued by feeling of doubts
As my body has fought many hours to survive
And navigate the dinghy in search of land-
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?

Shivering silently in the darkness
My spirit crushed by the ravenous rain!
Should I surrender to the sea of pain?
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?

In the brink of suffering and strife,
I realise I am powerless against nature-
Only heaven can bless me with the breath of life.
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?

In the chaos, I made a personal prayer
And felt my soul submit to a serene state
As I ask the Lord to decide my fate-
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?

For the first time in my vulnerable state-
I felt the love of the Lord embrace my spirit
And all the fears and doubts dissipate –
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?

I realise life should move in a motion
Where love tames the wild weather of life
And relinquish all dark emotions-
So the force of the Wind of Destiny can awake!

With this new knowledge,
My spirit renews with vibrant vigour
As the truth of life finally been acknowledge
The force of the Wind of Destiny has awaken!

The sun wakes up from her sleep
The waves gently rocks the sail boat
The cloud calms down from her weep.
The force of the Wind of Destiny has awaken!

I feel my spirit soar
Like seagulls roaming across the sky
For I finally tasted the joy of God’s grace.
The force of the Wind of Destiny has awaken!

What lands shall be discovered?
I do not know what tomorrow will behold
Only courage and determination it will be uncovered
The force of the Wind of Destiny has awaken!

Staring sentimentally at the Sunrise
I feel the fiery breaths of the wind
Blowing my sail boat across the vast ocean.
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?
LSD Oct 2
Vergeten in een tijd, plek of plaats
De omgeving een onontdekte paradijs, vol toeters en bellen
Van een ongeluk een avontuur, tovernaar van je eigen film

Geluk onder een steen, met een lucht vol zacht prachtige bloemen
Ruikend naar eeuwige liefde, zo betoverend als de eindeloos omarmende warmte van de zon

Openluchten vol kastelen en woestijnen gestrand aan wonderschone oceanen
Voelbaar als eigen ledematen, voortvloeiend door de ritme van eeuwige beweging

Zo ook elk van de stappen een eigen betekenis, onderdeel van de creatie
Gezegend en geschonken met onderschatte keuzes, bewustwording door een spectrum van adembenemende visioenen

Bevrijd van de restricties opgelegd door gelijkenis, door eenheid te hebben gevonden in een universum van ongelijkheid
Ieder en elk een rol, eeuwig vervullend en verschillend

Des te onthullend dat ieder een eigen specialiteit heeft in spiritualiteit, vertrouwend op het gevoel en opgenomen in het moment
Losgelaten in een hemelsbrede vangnet, opgevangen door het lot vastgehouden in eigen hand
ali Oct 2
i think i laughed
when you told me
you were a “rom com” guy.
i’m not sure why,
it’s not very funny,
but i think what i did
find humorous
is how fate
thought i could survive
the tsunami
of you.
i’m so confused.
The quill's sodden ink evaporates
while this bell jar encapsulates
leaving these dreary words to permeate
only to rain back down and stagnate

this terrarium, my lonely estate
pickling eyes that spate
people peer through the glass only to deprecate
while I slowly start to acclimate

two horizons squint until light dissipates
allowing the darkness to overtake
monsters crawl out to dilapidate
snarls and growls devastate

this is fate this is fate this is fate this is fate
is it too late is it too late is it too late is it too late
echos verberate echos verberate echos verberate echos verberate
this is fate and it is too late these echos verberate and I ruminate
I ruminate and ruminate and ruminate and ruminate

with a languid gait
a countenance set straight
while I desperately try to create
a happy blissful sunny green free state

it's not too late it's not too late it's not too late
meditate meditate meditate meditate
don't let the glass alienate
pick up the hammer and swing
                                                       till the glass B    E      K
                                                ­                                R    A      S.
so the early birds sing the morning blues
whilst the sun rises by your smile
the bees yearn for something to cherish as new
waking up the little stallion butterfly
aestheticism for when it is due
resembles decorations in your eye
nature lies inside a chest for truth
from a soulful, lovely, pulchritudinous kind
you played your hurtfulness part
one thing left for me is to divide the ocean and cry
although it was hard tearing, nothing is ever too vast
those painful, unworthy waterfall's will dry
you're as blind as an astray heart
and this is the last time i say goodbye
The Love Religion...
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