I believe
that there is a life
somewhere out

But life is still
just a life
if it decides
not to leave
the uncorked bottle.

Seema 14h

Kitne aur zakhm, dikhao ge mujhe
Gir kar kabhi bhi, na pasakoge mujhe
Teri kismat mei mein nahi, koi aur hai
Tu mera sanam nahi, na jane tu kaun hai
Har waqt aazmate ho, apni mohobat mujh par
Lekin raham kar,
Chala ja mujhe meri haal par chor kar...


How many more scars will you show me
Even if you fall, you will not be able to seek me
I am not your fate, but there's someone who is
You are not my lover, nor do I know you please
Everytime you test your love on me with keen
But have mercy,
Leave me alone in whatever situation I might be in...


Seema 23h

Years of wait
Melted my hate
He came to meet
As my blind date
Surprised was I
To see this guy
A crush of mine
Turned me down
I recovered fine
Till that day in town
I saw, I ignored
I walked away
He saw, he came
But he couldn't say
How it happened
He explained that day
A date or a fate
I am over my hate
He's fallen for me
O' love it is, I see
In his eyes for me
My life, my love to be
Opened my locked heart
With his magical key
Love flowed within
Caressing my soul
A new life to begin
Was now, our goal...


I know life is chaotic, but this is getting crazy.
Due to fatigue from work, I'm always feeling hazy,
And I'm being made to pull the weight of the lazy.
Not to mention, the babies mom is scazy.
I can't partake in my herbal remedies any longer,
And due to that, the bad nerves are getting stronger.
I don't think that thinking is getting easier,
Now that my life is becoming a tragic crowd pleaser,
I'll ride across the ocean on the head of the Titanic,
And before hitting the iceberg, hit the alarm and cause the panic.
Maybe this time around, I can change how it goes,
Maybe this time around, I can make it rain instead of snow.
Maybe this time around, I can cut the brain to the show,
And show all who oppose me just how low I'm willing to go.
I'm in a staring contest with the sun,
Waiting for what I've seen and been through to be undone,
But mother nature must have some form of a different plan,
Because I feel about as bad as a ran-over tin can.
Nothing works the way it should've been,
And I'm stuck in an endless cycle of sin.
I'm caught between being a warrior in the streets,
And being a producer of life changing beats.
Nothing matters in this world unless it's given meaning,
I haven't fallen since I got up, but I started leaning.
I'm tired, and the concrete bed before me looks cozy,
And I don't know how long it'll be before life tries to dose me,
So with the last bits of consciousness I have left,
I press charges on life for it's
Energy Theft.

Sacrifice is a choice we make
while loss, unfortunately, is
bound by fate.

There must be an algorithm for the Fate
in the A.I. of existence
and I am aware that
you want to encrypt it.
I wish I could have all the answers
you desperately seek.
But I don't.
Yet still, I can be your skeleton key
in this closed space
to open the doors
toward the unbeknown.
Because for learning by doing -
as Aristotle said at once -,
we could read ourselves into
the rules of staying
beneath the wrinkles of Time.

We can be constant variables.

Yuka Oiwa Jul 2012

There are forces that pull us straight up to face a situation. We feel the seconds lock into place, the grating of cardboard fate against our flimsy edges, our almost mindless reaction to rise up and change the story’s end.
Are we destined to be acted upon, with all the paper parts fitted from the beginning by a Great Book Binder? Disaster with its tearing claws, fear that dissolves our intentions, selfishness with it’s cloying glue keeping us rooted betwixt the pages. Or do we surprise ourselves and those divine hands full of paper cuts when we come forth, backed with our own resolve, and raise each corresponding cut out above those terrors so…


I love how we chose the darkness
When all we had known was light
Giving ourselves up to the wrongness
Giving up being totally right

It's a category five storm nonetheless
A self-destructive and thrilling event
This affair of the heart in progress
Feeding our hunger for constant suspense

It is what it is I (hesitate to) suggest
We were a hurricane waiting to happen
But this biblical story of red wine and sex
Beats everything else Life is lacking

If it ever makes landfall in bitterness
If our Love tears this world at the seams
I will stand there in the ruins to happily confess
Yes, we were doomed to be Adam and Eve.

Kem-Ann 7d

One day our stars will collide
Hearts will combine
Souls will soon intertwine

I'll be the reason why you no longer hold back
and you'll be to mine

You'll have me as your match,
will give you eyes that shine

I'd be the moon,
illuminates you every single night

You'd be the home,
considers to have in every sight

I'd be the only voice you want to hear
the only soul you don't want to share

You'll be the why behind these happy eyes
I'll be the answer why you no longer hear the word goodbye

Our hearts will soon meet
Destiny will give us time to greet

Your passion will hug mine
the way our heart beats in rhyme

Someday these two different worlds
will soon be one
So please be patient if both souls have not yet
been seen together around

Like how fate tells us to believe in impossibles
do allow yourself for I'll allow mine, too

but as for now, let's continue giving every piece of our hearts
and let time crossed each of our paths

-kem ann

One day, Someday, time will come, we both find each others arms
Lily Mae Sep 11

Wishing they didn't exist  
yet they do
dangerous undertows stirring
my emotions
Lashing out with venom
to make a point
showing that I too matter
Reality then hits saying
“if you did matter you wouldn't
be suffering”.
Sarcasm falls on deaf ears
raging the internal blow
festering in the untruth of it all
Voice says...”I want her to know
it all...to see every picture”...
then again ~(Silence)
Wavering between this voice
and I~(Wondering)
who will win...
Heart speaks up and says “No-one”.  
I just want to be nice, and sweet again...minus
all this~(War)

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