Pyrrha 3h
I hate fate
All it's secrets
All it's uncertainty

Ask for flowers
You get weeds

Ask for love
You get regret

Ask for courage
You get weaker

Ask for patience
You waste time

I hate fate
All it's tricks
All it's games
Jabin 13h
Chisel your memory
To my plates.
Mind falling emery
Such is fate’s.

Mindlessly picturing
As by age.
Beauty quivering
Turning page.

Knuckles so painfully
Bending out
Tears fall gainfully
Hope’s sparse sprout.

Image so tenderly
Filling thought.
Eyesight so slenderly
Catching aught.

Breathing intake shallow
Lung fill work.
Every moment hallow
Even murk.

Approaching end rapid
Time so scant.
Experience vapid,
So much can’t.

But you are there,
In the echoes.
You are there.
pk tunuri 14h
When Successful people, On stage
Tell that their secret of success is "Luck!"

Then unsuccessful people, Backstage
Yell at their own fate, "Fuck!"
I am not like the others,
who scream out of pain.
pain is no longer degrading,
because I have become one with it.

I do not hold back tears,
like the rest of world.
vulnerability is power,
and it flows through me.

fear does not possess me,
I posses fear.
it is my greatest tool,
when striving for greatness.

I do not worry about circumstances,
I leave it to God to decide my fate.
if I fall I will gain the capability
to get back up.

you say I am just a boy,
but who are you to tell me who I am?
you have never been awarded,
for being a "realist" as you call yourself.

no statue has been erected,
for all the words you spit.
you discourage the strong,
in hope they will fail like you have.

I am not a human,
I am simply an emotion inside of you,
I am called Courage and I've always been here...
just let me know when you're ready to use me.
Are you ready to meet me once again?
aih 2d
Fate has asked me to dance and
I can’t say no.
        Well, I have none,
I think I will stab you in the back;
                           When I think i’m done.

                         Kindness makes me weak
               I’ve seen too much sorrow
       They say you have no future
You have no tomorrow

               Guilty as my thoughts can be
                                   But I don’t fear no one
                   Regret is the only thing missing
When my killing is done

      You come rushing from all the sides
                   when i make any mistake
             But hold on I don’t need your grace
I have got more lust to fulfill more innocent  souls to take.
The story of a murderer in a few lines, who was thrown into this world and has seen much sorrow when he was young, he knows he’s got no tomorrow and goes on a rampage killing innocent people without any reason.
And by any means he’s Stopped and shown kindness , he kills that person too.
Fatal By Design

Humans are as fatal as a motorcar,

Born only to die in a head on collision with death.

It’s just waiting to happen; there is no escape.

Your future’s bleak; revel in it.

Fatal by design, born only to die.

Fatal by design, born only to die.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I once had a beautiful mother
Who used to be a teacher
She teaches hundreds of students
Yet I was the special one
She left me behind
When I was as sleep in my dreams
God ask her to come
Because he needs the one
The one who loves and take cares of every one
She left me without a good bye wave
May b she was to scare
That I would cry like a baby
I love to watch over blue sky
Because someone said me she is up above so high
Taking care of littlie firefly
When I wanna cry
I watch the beautiful sky
So that she can tell me everything is fine
And give me a warmed smile
She is my beautiful mother
Now who became an angel....
hmm well this i wrote to comfort my self i usully don't understand why it should be my mom and she passed when i was hardly 6 soo that tym my dad told me she is in sky and moon taking care of little angels
Hannah 5d
Wait till the acid kicks in;
Wait to feel nothing. Feel everything.
I am my mother’s daughter; I’m looking to learn something in everything, or to find some piece of truth in this world.
I feel it wasn’t my choice being here, but I’ve never been out of place;
Maybe that’s why it’s called fate.
And fate is how I came into this world and they said it was written all over my face—
Eyes wide; I was never terrified
Of what I’d find.
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