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Does life even have a purpose
Or has society given it meaning
I don't remember being born with a checklist
But society saw my gift and wrote my destiny

I try to elude it, but it always finds me
Is free-will a myth and is success the only deity
Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining
I’m not the recalcitrant teen who rebels to revel
I’m the one who’s lost at the intersection of fate and destiny

God decides your fate they told me
They told me there’s a god inside me
And the fate I’ve chosen is poles apart my destiny
I am coerced into craving this utopic life idealised by society
Who should I pick, who knows better?
Society that evolved over eternity or a teen just past puberty

In these moments I turn to love to help me
I think of my parents and do as they tell me
Love demands selflessness and that will drive me
My purpose on this earth is to help everyone besides me
SpiritHeart67 Oct 25
I believe destiny
is about the
final destin-ation.
  Fate is about the choices you make
  along the road
   to arrive there...
And don't get me started about Free Will
When I was younger I'll always start my poem with the usual cliché
"Roses are red,  violets are blue. I am not good with words but know I love you."

When I grew older , I started with something like this
"I want you in my forever
I have never been this happy about tommorow."

A little bit after that, maybe three years later, it turned to this
"I'm never falling in love again
Twice bitten
If there's a third time. Call me a fool"

But, now....
I guess I'm older and wiser and I've learnt to move one. I'll start with,
"Thank you for stopping by. I'd cherish the memories we made "
It's been a long time........
Timmy Shanti Oct 1
when the time is right
when your heart is healed
you embrace the light
searing truth to heed

when the moment calls
when your conscience's clear
beauty to behold
you protect what's dear

when the angels sing
when the die is cast
you are everything
make this moment last...
Were you to ask it
query it
seek it
the answer to my heart
is there shade on the eve of love
indeed, there is
a shade like mountain's umbra
a gloom cast from the deep
a shadow that cloisters
croons in one's ear
sorrow of the like one wishes experience only once
if at all

There is a time to be glad,
but not on this eve...

Today, we experience love's eclipse
a respite from charm and wonder
a delay of inevitable passion
a somber
into a chasm of finite eternity
where seconds last years
and moments are lifetimes
but not cherished times
not a calm before the storm
it is despair before victory
the long sigh of anticipation
as one is disemboweled
waiting for death's promise
a metaphorical death of
all our hopes and dreams
as the queen of night
suffocates our sun on high
we dream a waking nightmare
but know
it only lasts the night

And suddenly
like the snapping of a finger
it appears
not sound
but light
a pinprick
though small
it envelopes one's whole mind
a shard of light
like a rope of hope
penetrating your soul
you know it
the eclipse draws to an end

A sliver of its radiant face
the sun peeks round the corner of doom
smiling wanly at first
but as the eclipse abates
you know the warmth
the curling of fingers around fingers
eyes connected
you see them
as if having waited centuries to see them, despite it being first sight
embracing, you are taken adrift
into a flight so free that wings are an inconvenience
arm in arm with your lover
you cascade out into reality
up and down and down and up
the eclipse is no more
love is free
a breeze so firm and sweet that
your lungs feel brand new
your chest swells with pride
you're found
and you have found
you and your lover,
ascend heaven's heights
and dream of eclipses no more

Bound in freedom
free in mind and soul
hearts as one
under the sun
no longer takes its toll...
I recently helped someone grow past a particularly frustrating relationship experience they were having, with nothing but my perspective and some advice. They were moved to tears as they were able to recognize their faults and strategize a way to grow closer to their partner.

And with that, I felt inspired to write this poem about how, sometimes, life looks darkest before sunrise.

I hope this poem was able to move you.


Toyo Douglas Sep 28
I can see beyond the immovable trees
and through the clouds of uncertainty,
yet I still believe we are meant to be.

beyond the ache
the sleepless nights
lying awake
just to break
my own heart again.

I can see a place where you and me
can be eternity.
Or is it merely the pain and break
that makes me ache when I know my fate
lyes beyond the comfort,
to a new found mate.

I wait
waiting for what
a break?
a break from the period of unknown,
a break from the resistance of letting go

Faced with the melancholy toll of the sly hands of Time,
I leave my fate in this wheel of fortune rhyme.
TomDoubty Sep 19
I am a paper boat
A child made in folds
My mercy in the winds
In the currents at my hull

Upturned plaything
Spinning with the seeds
Through brook, stream and estuary
Out to open sea

Folded in and set adrift
By your creating thumbs
My mercy in the waves
In the currents at my hull

I am a paper boat
Quivering over fathoms
Far from hearth, far from  home
Far from hands that hold

Rain comes, I unfurl
Lightening comes, I am naked
Tears come, I am afraid
Drowning, choking ocean fear
I am so afraid

Is this a hero story?
Where is my mast? My myth? My seat?
It is no hero story

I am a paper boat
a child made in folds
Marya123 Sep 2
Maybe we're all puppets that dance by a thread,
Displaying emotions like delight and dread,
Telling stories as Destiny demands,
With the whims of fate being our commands.
What if we found free will, and learned to feel,
Discovering new paths, knowing what's real?
There's a whole world out there to explore
Life is comfortable, but could it be more?
I don't remember how I ended up here
The others are content, yet I wish in fear
Everyone's ten moves ahead of me,
I'm trying to catch up, it's a mystery
Is it worth the risk to escape alone?
This doesn't seem right, it's all I've ever known.
So I hold on, helpless and afraid
I dare not be more than what I've been made
Dreaming of a future where we're not playthings,
To be alive, unattached to these strings.
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