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My mind's drifting further
back to the memories we had
when I was yours
and you are mine
the time we said " I love you"
under the midnight sky
the time we were under those
shady tree and secretly kissed
Our story
it was like the stories told by those
television romance
we watched before
it was so magical it made me blind
blinded by our blossoming love
Back then I was a blind maiden
smoothened with your touch
is all it takes for me
to melt in your arms
yet, I was a fool to believe
that forever was for us
Our story
it was a foul play of fate
we were not destined together
and it broke our hearts to pieces.
To each his own life
To each his own fate
Collisions of islands
We meet and greet
The world shakes
We are apart again
To the horizon, I go
My eventual destruction
But I lived my own life
I controlled my own fate
I stand bereft of nothing
I judge no one else
For your path
Is as valid
and the same
as my own.
Her tongue was silent, and her lips were still;
She lay on a flowery bed, pale and chill.
Her eyes were closed, by her was a rose;
A girl of whom I could no more boast.
The snow was pelting, in the still of night;
The wind was roaring, whilst her soul took flight.
The thunder rumbling, the lightning sparkling –
Revealing her face placid, unwailing.
I could not leave her, and the night dragged on;
I heard my soul sighing – my love was gone.
Love, should you choose it,
Grants a slight choice.

Give up your self to keep it,
Or raise, in contest, your voice.

To choose, one must patient sit,
Chosen, at love's court of joys.

But in favor of truths, let's admit,
Some will never be love's choice.
Everyone has a Light
Inside them.
And everyone has some darkness too
But you were born to make
the world brighter,
so why not be
More like you.
Be yourself yo. Everyone else is taken
-forgot who said that^^ (but the poem is mine)
"i feel helpless"
i know that feeling all to well
"i can't relive you from your torment"
baby it must be a dry spell
"i already lost you once"
it was gonna happen once again and you could tell
"if i lost you i'd just float away"
this is just how fate fell
"i couldn't live without you"
you know that's a hard sell
"not again"
i can't help it baby i'm not your citadel
"i guess this is gonna be the end of it"
you and me together we'd be raising ****
"it's my fukt"
i can read through your misspell
"i got too attached"
guess it's time i say farewell
"i need some time to think"
i'll love you forevermore but i could never tell
ben.. i'm sorry, i'll lobe you forevermore
We are kingdoms and oceans apart
Met you in a southeast land
Love united our frozen hearts
I held your caring soul
You accepted me as a whole
Another chapter unfolds.

krstjn (life exp.)
Sofia Von Dec 4
Numb and chilled on ice
I splice my own legacy for identification... My mannerisms mated early and crafted a cataclysmic contradiction
Impatient to erupt
Archaic down to the marrow
I whither in Seattle’s freeze of
Grey detachment
A stream of conciousness
Hope One Day Dec 3
Its strange how you all blame the destiny for not being with the one you want to be with.

Have you ever sat in silence,with your eyes closed going down the memory lane questioning your actions?

Have you ever ponder upon, if it was destiny or your actions that stood in between you and the one who was right for you....?

Was that the high wind of destiny that has blown them far away or
Was that your actions who pushed them  to a point of no return?

What did you do to push them away?

                                   Or should I rephrase it!

What did you not do to bring them closer?
Its easy to blame destiny for all the wrong doings, easy option.


This is the first
Ordinary good
Thing that has
Please, don’t
Attribute it to fate but
The moment before
Everything fades.
Tloml made me buy toothpaste for him so i wrote this cringe-y poem
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