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There comes a time some find true love,
Indeed, a time has told me mine.
No place for gorgios where of,
I dine the fine to rid poor swine.
No, I will not say who it is,
As robbed in life, I will test all.
Suitors will come to take our quiz,
Left the rest respect or to crawl.
A prophecy, divinity,
Things I can’t let slip in my roots.
Essence knowing affinity,
Destiny being our own boots.
By all means, come dare if you can,
Perhaps - you too are part of plan…
By all means, I am open to non-Gypsies - I disdain the ones who know very well who they are… or don’t…
Jeremy Betts May 20
In fits of rage
And bouts of pain
I recall all you said to me
And I pound my fists
Against your memory
Till they bruise and bleed
And I concede
And you succeed
In breaking me finally
But in a twist of fate
That's what it took to be freed

I held you
beheld you
with cruelty
with abandon
could have been cinders
the patina of my absent mind
could have been a yesterday
one of many
one, yet uncounted
one, lost in a crowd
uncaring, and unbowed
heartless - ignorant

not today

today I saw you
through the window of my heart
as I always knew you
without me


it occurred to me,
for the first time,
you were without me
and I
was without you
we were alone
and I
yearned to solve your loneliness
your solitude
abrade the fixtures of isolation with warmth
wear down the gloom of silence
with laughter
praise of you
hold you
as if holding myself
loving myself
through you
by you,
loving me
I love you deeper
into the cradle
of our love
where we are born
in bliss
fighting the cold
of our darkening world
while the light dies
our hearts burn ablaze
seeking the truth
the higher power that united us
God, who would wed us,
that can save us,
if only we tried,
if only

for tonight,
I watch you
through the window
in my heart

I shed tears
wishing I were with you
but I will settle
for our dream...
As always

the key went
in the lock
easily enough
with no resistance
in the cylinder
nor any loose pins
catching inside
yet try as i might
it would not turn
all three keys
were the same
identical in height
of teeth and
depth of notch
i could not have
picked the wrong one
still the deadbolt
was unmoved and
would not let me
into my own home
Viktoriia May 3
she borrows the light from the sun
just before it can set,
slipping to the other side of the horizon,
reflecting it in her irises,
covering them in liquid gold.
she's the entity that the pagans prayed to,
the object of countless legends.
she slips into her skin like a hand-sewn dress,
and everyone who ever loved her
is now consumed by the earth.
she picks flowers that took root in their skulls,
wears a crown of white ribs
and grows around their remains like moss.
she's the end of all things,
the silent watcher of time,
meeting the travelers on every single one
of the countless roads.
she borrows the light from the sun
just before it can set,
breaking through the other side of the horizon,
reflecting it in her irises,
standing by as the world around her burns.
Will heart be in love?
Next time you meet somebody
Just never know when
The next person you are introduced to could be 'the one'
Passenger seat of your Pontiac, a cigarette in hand
Second-hand smoke childhood, grown up on-demand
As addiction sows her seeds in me, I’ll pass it back to you
Our teenage love is dangerous, but your beater car is blue
We can race down the backroads, find a quiet place
Light a joint and take a hit. My fate with you is laced
Your psychedelic highs, may they guide your plight
Speeding up the highway, with but a cigarette for light
Our parents drank their sorrows, gave the rest to us
So here we are, tried and true, with a shot between my bust
Bea Rae Apr 15
I cannot bring myself

To say goodbye because that

Means losing you forever
Bea Rae Apr 15
Tell me, which is harder.
Waiting for something you know will never be in your cards,
or having to come with the terms that it will never happen.
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