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Sanch 7d
naghahabol at maghahabol ka ng oras
kailan ka mauuna?
kailan siya mapapagod?
ang iyong kamatayan ay isang paghirang
ng isang manghuhusga
maaaring ikaw
maaaring siya
pipili ka nang nakapiring
bigyang kalayaan ang iyong kamay
upang ituro ang salamin
planning on deleting an old blog of poems and i think this needs a saving
lake Oct 6
is this what they call fate
and can it ever change
is that what they all say
the opinions stay the same
that bar just keeps on raising
and i'm shriveling up like raisins
been like that since the beginning
but by the end i hope i'm grinning
cause birds gotta leave their nests right
so i'm gonna live my best life
or drop like a deer in headlights
paralyzed in my dreams and nightlights
Carmen Jane Oct 6
Clasping the foil of your cascading words
I pull as much as I can, then use my arm
To cut in ninja style,only to reboot your vocal chords
I seek the meaning in them,I mean no harm.

There's never time to stay and float on summer breeze
Sunshine touches you  briefly as  you claim the cold winds
It has my skin trembling, has my thoughts freeze
I watch the autumn wind, how my believes it spins…

The autumn wind, that carries all the colored leaves,
It draws with them uncodable, secret messages
The fate  of our love, the fate of you and me…
I pray and try to catch the one that could  salvage  us...
Chiara Sep 29
It happened so fast, one moment changed everything,
While you were taking a walk, you were hit by a car.
The doctors fought for your life, did all they could,
But it wasn’t enough, you didn’t pull through.

The last time we spoke seems an age ago now, we walked away in anger,
We were too pride to admit, that we both had our faults.
Neither of us phoned, nor did we text,
Now I’m grieving your death: I still love you my friend!
There are so many things I still have to tell you,
I never told you just how much I need you!
I feel like losing a piece of myself,
I wonder if you knew, how much you meant to me.

Hasty spoken harsh words, I can’t take them back,
I’ve never regretted anything more; I can’t say sorry to you.
You are gone now, I’ll never hear your voice again,
There’s nothing I can do; you will never know how sorry I am.
I only hope that you know: You were very precious to me.

Now I stand by your grave, you were buried this morning,
I’ll think about you, I will never forget
The friendship we had and the emptiness left.
I actually had an argument with my best friend once and she refused to wait until the next day to talk about our problems because she was afraid that something like that could happen. I thought it was kind of paranoid at the time, but later I began to think. One moment could really change everything and we wouldn't be able so solve what is yet to solve...
It's not always possible to part on good terms, but definitely the better choice!
A sight that
All hope.
There in front of you
Yet only being able to look at it
And accept fate.
The longing
For something within reach
Yet all desire
Locked away.
The knowledge that
This was a long time coming
Yet the sign that was
Suddenly there
Catches you by surprise.
The sign that says
“Out of order”
On the vending machine.
I've never written a comedic poem before, but there's a first for everything right?
Jamie Sep 26
Stuck in a daze,
By what caught my gaze.
Like coming out of a haze,
Or some sort of phase.

Can't believe what I see,
The way it feels to me.
Wondering how this can be,
This feeling of glee.

How could I have gone,
So long,
It feels wrong,
But I feel like I belong.

Here in this moment,
Something feels potent.
I can't explain,
So many feelings remain.

Seeing you once more,
Walking through the door.
My heart aches,
Twisted by the hand of fates.

This moment I've dreamed of,
Like a sign from above.
I tremble and shake,
For the first time I'm awake...
That moment they walk in, and take you completely by surprise.
This comes to more than what I post
The life I lived and the moments I lost
In bringing the dreams together
All my wishes flew like butterfly
Birds shedding their feather
I leave each hope behind
Now I just live and breathe in unrest
Because I have got no conquest
Now all I do is wait
Wait to see what is stored in my fate
To turn my life around.
Jamie Sep 25
The dropping weights,
The cling of plates.
A beed of sweat,
Can't quit yet.

Together we grow,
Trying to get swole.
Pushing our weights,
On our gym dates.

We train back,
Pulling from the rack.
We hit chest,
You always did your best.

We work shoulders,
Trying to make boulders.
Can't forget legs,
Even if she begs.

We skipped arms,
Due to your charms.
Didn't bother with abs,
You can handle jabs.

We Pushed each other,
Spent that time together.
The gym was our space,
Our happy place.
I miss our simple work outs together.
Juhlhaus Sep 24
Animated by twitch of muscle,
Electric spark through live wire,
Humming rail and synapse,
Wheels spin at the fingertips of maybe
An ineffable humorist,
The mastermind of this beautiful prank
Pocketwatch of silver and gold
That explodes in the hand
And leaves you stranded on the platform
The second you go to check the time.
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