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There once was a boy named Steve,
Who couldn't pull up his sleeve,
So he gave it a tug,
And tried a hug,
But yet could not pull up his sleeve.
Poor Steve!
My first poem. A weak but funny one
Austin Draper Jan 13
Words of Grain, and of sand.
Grasp at the fringes of that fluid piety.
Sigh as you must, shudder down it does from your hand.
As it falls to the stone, from whence came it’s variety.

A fathomless expanse
Of deep blue, thoughts on unknown trajectory
Almost recalled, then returning in trance
Receding from the shores of your memory

Drops on a wave, dust on a teardrop.
Caverns of darkness pale to your unknown woe
Sinking below the depths, do your creations seed, from then to crop.
Yet you strike the earth, yearning for more to know.

Forged of pressure, constant in fault.
Unforgiving surface, braden with cold face of stone.
Oh rock, lay there as did years before do exalt!
What were you before words made you rough and lifeless, before that was sewn?

An object of constant state
A mountain, stable in its own form solid.
Context an avalanche, sending words down the cliff of twisted fate.
A rock, and the place it shelters so squalid.

Words burn the lungs that breathe them life
And exhume the direction they are spoken.
Charred in ashes, felt in droves is another dragons strife.
Held close, the stoked wood of your heart is now but a token.

Consuming the fuels, instigating the fumes a wreckless bearing.
Wise Willows planted years before, now victim to a stringing hunger charred.
The forest is her victim, the death of their seed and meaning make her flaring.
Free of growth and filled of wilted corpses. Tell me, was useless slander worth to bombard?

Seedlings, dreaded yet flowing in the wind make their virus savory.
Weightless and suspended on a cloud of teardrops, crying out in thunderous coy.
Now, ****** grasses waving in that same messenger wind now have these Seedlings bravery.
Their Mother flower wilts, farther from home they have landed and balance destroy.

Breathed into the ethos, the flight of birds a second sun to the world.
They are the kings of the cloud, without much grudges beyond that sky.
Drenched in wind, yet free from a direction change and wings no longer curled.
Their songs water the grounds, without much hint of lisp, ***** or things awry.
A poem collaborated with Sehar. Simple rhymes, and about the nature of words.
L Leonelli Jan 13
How come I can't stay focused?
I tend to overthink...

What is it that is making me waste all this ink?
Thursday Jan 10
So you know who you are
It doesn't mean you have your **** together
Just because you carry an umbrella doesnt mean you know the weather
You're not the designer just because you bought the sweater
Smothering an animal doesn't automatically make it leather
Besides, there are other things that die under pressure
So whatever
Just because you read a book once doesn't make you the author
You're not a sail boat just because you can float in water
Not fitting in doesn't mean you're from mars
Just like e-cigarette smoke doesn't turn it into cigars
Having a car doesn't mean you know where you are
They said you're bright
You're not a star
You don't have your **** together
You just know who you are
You're doing better than I am my friend
Ian Robinson Jan 8
I just wanna write down my thoughts
While I write something without being caught
For all the wrong that I’ve done be it all for naught

What if I’m not really depressed,
And all I am is stressed
And I really, just need to rest

And I boast
Much more than most
About how my life is like a sea coast

And I think I’m gonna drown
I keep on sinking, down
And now I sit on my bed bound

To be the next big thing
Unable to really speak or sing
And now I cling

Onto life and fall
Matter over mind when I crawl
Can’t even step up to hit the ball

I am just a chameleon
An aspiring Machiavellian
Now I have the look of Mephistophelian

Deep in my eyes
I cannot cry
Tears all dry

Gin and tonic
I’m addicted to toxic
Unaware of how ironic

It’s is to be with someone
I don’t connect with no matter the sun
Elizabeth Jan 1
Endless stars in your dark eyes
Like streetlamps lighting up city skies
Drowned in a pool that's filled with lies
A shattered mirror while all else dies
Tamara Walker Dec 2018
The first creature to crawl
From the ocean sea
Was me

Longing for the earths crust
The law of gravity
The burst of flames
From the sun
To be tamed by wild woods
To run,
Through the grass like a fool
In my own reality

More came
Like me
They wanted life beyond
The shame
Of the cold-hearted waves

Beyond the edge
We gathered
Well fed and starry eyed
Under the pretense
A lie,
That our past
Made perfect sense

Mammals and hard stones
Gritty bits gathered
Between toes
Together we pushed

Creeping towards war
We fought
It was life and it was hard
Without intelligence thoughts
We died,
But what comes after
The end
Just a little poem about creations and endings.
Benji Dec 2018
I've been killing these verses for years
Better put my feet up, have a few beers
Better raise your glass, cheers
I've got a huge brain between my ears
The one that vanquished all of my fears
The one that seen me through all the tears
While I'm thankful for most of my peers
Others tried to stab me with words like spears
Thought they could control me like puppeteers
Just when they thought I would disappear
Laughter is all they could hear
That is when I would reappear
And be all like "I'm here"
And they'd be all like "Oh, Dear!"
And I'd be all like let's change gear
Tell me was that crystal clear?
Why does it feel like I'm in the Ionosphere
Well some of these peeps are quite the racketeer
Shame they'll never breathe freely in my atmosphere
gee ****, listen up kid
I think I just ruined it.
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