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Lowkie 6d
I don't perform my own rhymes
Personally I feel I don't have much time
People tell me I'm good at poetry
Man I only do it to unwind
We all need a break sometime
After this then I'll be fine again
Until the voices come knocking on my door again
Roll some **** up and get high again
Pick up my pen and write my train of thoughts again
So much for an escape plan
I talk but no one is really listening
So I write these words down
Hoping you'll hear my voice as you're reading
Hoping you'll get a sense of how I'm feeling
This is just my way of dealing
Calm down, stop worrying
This is my way of healing
My thoughts haunt me at night as I look up to the ceiling
But my heart is at ease
Because I know God is seeing me
My soul is at peace
Because God is still blessing me
Hi May 15
Tea and toast,
A morning roast,
Lying under the tree,
Days by the sea,
A day at school,
A rest by the pool,
Terrific grins,
Summer begins!
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jg May 10
Your deceitful words and actions will forever be in my mind.
They hurt like hell but thank to them i stand unblind
And realize with pain, that you were never mine

You ask for a forgivness i can never give,
Despite how much our voices we crave
with that we shall ever live.

You left me with a fear i've never felt,
Your pain made me forget how i used to melt
in your gaze, but now my heart for peace only prays...
Betty May 9
I want to burn the page

Use my pen to fuel the ash of memory

Let my words take flight and lift your weary heart

Set the world alight in syllables of flame

To bring you written beauty in my name

Feed the hunger raw within

Satisfy the ache inside the skin

But that is where my rhymes begin

I cannot give what I desire

And write to set your soul on fire

Something deep inside of me

Demands a certain symmetry!
The frustration of being a natural rhymer-I want to grow and be a better  poet but those rhymes creep in.
Sabrina May 8
School books never liked me, I’ve always known
but it’s not my fault! I like to have fun
and take swigs while smelling like acetone.
I suppose I’m an acquired taste, like guns?

Sometimes when I stand up too fast, I fall,
and sometimes when I cry too hard, I ball.
Doctor says water goes best with Tylenol,
but it tastes better with some alcohol.

My head feels like it’s splitting into two,
there’s no amount of medicine to help.
I’ve tried covering my mouth with some glue,
but ethanol seems to dissolve it well.

I think I shouldn’t drink this toxic brew,
but hell, “what’s one more swig going to do?”
I wrote this poem for one of my poetry classes and I kind of liked how it turned out so I thought I would share it!
What would you do?
When every word you utter fails you
What would you do?
When nothing in this world enthrall you
What would you do?
When you don't know how to let loose
What would you do?
When you don't know what to feel too
What would you do?
Are the same questions in your mind too?
Or if you have answers that I might woo
Share with me, give me some clues
To the road, I should choose
And figure out what should I do
What would you do?
Panic on my brain
Feeling all insane
How did we end up here?
World is upside down
Town is shutdown
Why nobody no more care?
All I need, Some peace for me
And Everyone out there
How can I see?
Wave of positivity
When I'm alone quarantine
Working from my home
Eating dinner alone
When all of this will end?
Starring at my phone
Sitting bored in home
Today, a weekday or weekend?
All I need, Someone joins me
And get some air
How can I see?
Wave of positivity
When I'm alone quarantine
Shadow May 1
What ever is this poetry?
Is it all that I hear and see?
Who can give me clarity?
Is it you or is it me?

Maybe it's the glowing moon,
Or the serpent behind the dune,
It might be the autumn rain,
Or maybe it's when you're in pain.

Sometimes I think it's the sky;
It's a star passing by!
No no it's the light of day;
Holding your lover's hand in May.

It is everything that can be,
It's with you and it's with me,
So write it to your heart's content!
Do not flinch or hesitate
For whatever you write will be great!
Somewhere deep inside me,
There is a nice guy 
Who wanna care about people
Or at least give a try 
But, that guy is impossible to find
Sold him to evil
Believing, there is no divine
Buried him inside
This world, a living hell in disguise
Full of selfish minds
Since this world, no place for that type
No, I ain't a nice guy
Nishant Rawat Apr 30
Maybe I dwell on things too much
Keep on overthinking
These thoughts are such predators
Keep on consuming
Me and my words, I never uttered
Fear of ruining
The things that might actually matter
To me assuming
Everything is ok, it can't be better
Life not dooming
That's why I'm such a procrastinator
Keep on procrastinating
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