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B Mar 18
Took a day trip to the beach
just to bury my head in the sand
Restless is the water
changing is the land.
We're miles away from each other
you're holding onto my hand.

Stare down at the shoreline
something fuzzy waving a warning in red
but I only ever learned about surrender
I'm bored and off my meds.
Your dark sunglasses are reflective
it's going to your head
I had a thought, so terribly perceptive
it's just something that I said.

Deep and beaconing ocean
is cold and I am unprepared
choking on my way back to the surface
getting sick on the drink that we shared.
Fruitless journey back to our spot
you could save me, wish you cared,
but you do not.

Talking together about something so strange
you say you like me and the way that I smile -
like I'm kind of insane.
Kiss you like I miss you
like there's an itch in my brain.
I like your bright nirvana thoughts
and the way you never seem to change.
Not this neck of the woods again.
They say Annie Wilkes found you
and brought you here.

You know the face,
but not the name.

Leaving so soon?
You just checked in.

Death is not a parallel move.
Neither is living at the
Love will terrace apartments.

Eye of the needle and thread.
If wolf is at the door,
Guess who's in bed?
Butcher, baker, candlestick maker?
Or is it simply Norman?
B Mar 4
Texas is as hot as hell
and looks like it sometimes too
but I can't leave, it's paralyzing,
I love it like I'm dazed and confused.
Know I'd miss the flat green land
and always knowing what comes next
yearning for the shade of the soft, dark pine
crackled leather growing on my neck.
Here, you cannot hide from the sun
it chases you like a bird of prey
yet I have learned to live with it
I rise and I kiss it, never stray.
And I can sit and drink
like I am baptized from the inside out
this is the easy way
to taste freedom in the South.

It takes forever just to get out of this state
stretched as wide as the chasm of my mind
so long a journey from ear to ear
what am I supposed to find?
Left alone with no friend but my thoughts
what terrible company they are.
At least the skies are open here
I can find familiarity with my lone star.

Sometimes people leave,
in a chase of meaning, and perhaps some hope
but they will always come back
unforgivingly pulled by an invisible rope.
I'll let my curiosity wander
but not for too long
Rough cowboy reminds me
where I belong.
B Mar 3
How lovely you look, so lit up.
I always keep my room
glowing like a subtle dream
sunset; orange, lavender, vibrant peach.
Now you're mine in the midnight hour
overcome by it, for a week.
Hoping you'll notice
the lonely pothos leaves
she's survived so much
we have both survived living with me.
I never liked this town
but you are so beloved
brought you here
now we're so above it.
Sipping on french champagne
(forgot to budget)
no worries, I'll be gone
this time next year
in some strange place with the curtain drawn
thinking of us here.
B Feb 17
Lost childhood
a shattered snow globe on the floor
enchanting glitter and broken glass,
swirling in a mass, I find no cure.
Swept up the shards
that faintly jingled while being discarded
cut myself cleaning the mess
and it scarred
a surface of me that must stay hardened.

So independent
I can live on my own
don't know what's best
but it's better unknown.
I am shaped the way you had me sculpted
I've got a sharpness deep inside
here's the woman that has resulted
from a young girl's need to hide.

I brought a portrait photo of you
with me to art class
the teacher said
I looked just the same
everyone always told me I was like my dad
I was so happy to be beautiful, that day.

and I know you've said you don't understand poetry
so I'll say it easy
I love you so much
I hope you don't hate me
for what I used to be.
Forgive the broken snow globes
I have already forgiven the memories.
Yo yosef shall prevail, my lyrics even froze up hell,
Listen to the real, third eyes i frail,
Only to the knowledge,
I keeps it real,
Soulful samples, you can feel,
I make magic ****,
Like Copperfield, take shots at me, only to reflect off of me,
These haters,
At best demoniators, im the numerator, cash capers,
Make girls catch the vapors,
Its like the temptations,
Nineteen sixty four, my girl its my world,
Let the ball of confusion swirl,
Off my finger tips, see how many can hit with the hallow tips,
Catchin' a death grip from the words, off my lip,
Ya know i keeps a fat spliff, like Eazy, to Bone thugs and harmony,
Say yall harmonizin',
But just fantazin, let my vocals to the anayzlin, suckas aint wise and,
Kin to Solomon,
Many wives lived many lives, through ****** ******* and fies,
As time flys, and the many pies,
That baked in rhe oven, tryna up my grubbin', minus the lovin,
Listen well, the stories never fail,
Yo yosef will always prevail,

Pre-ignite the pyrex, my flows tighter than latex,
Say yall aint feelin' this so next,
Off the hit list, try to throw in ya diss, and I'll just take a ****,
Off the Hennessy i kissed, dismissed, the critics,
Spittin' gimmicks and mimics,
Dont even add up,
As i lay low in the cut, all my real brothers know what's up,
Its all love, caught the flash from up above,
Yo it be god's son, racking in the doves,
Clear the tears off they eyes, now Prince gave me the wise,
Now im the master, making slaves what a disaster,
To the record companies, tryna **** me after,
I turn into Iceberg, **** throwing up the bird, and what ya heard,
My soul blacker than a terd,
And slicks gettin' serves,
Fools shootin' but aint gotta lotta nervs,
I must be absurd, cuz i take blunts stash with mad herbs,
Blue lily power my devour, rhymes off the top every hour,
Dont need a rehearsal, **** going commercial, make my own expos,
Shut down the doors,
Im ******* like Rae and Ghost mixtape surfacin' the shore,
Continue gettin' mail, make ya melons swell, time movin' like a snail,
My styles never stale,
I told y'all well, listen Yosef shall prevail,

Music ya can ride by, dont let them haters slide by,
I give em, something shocking,
Decalcify ya soul, im old school like rock and roll,
Gangsta of Love, Chuck Berry Stroll, front page articles,
Im in ya face so,
They hand me, two out of five mics, **** em i know i blessed it right,
They put me in the top last, blast
That's okay, we still millionaires,
Without the flash,
I put em cask, from the words ya won't heal no time fast,
As i take another **** Buddha, with my hand on my girls ******,
Who the sharpshooter,
Without the practice, my lyrics soak up ya soul like a cactus,
Who could out mack this,
Yo when my bullet splits, it no shell, i wont fail,
Yo big Yosef shall prevail
B Feb 9
Dear lover, forgotten
dear lover, remembered
I see you are still here
I hope you'll be tender.
So much here has changed
so little been moved
the streets have grown crowded
I'm looking for you.

October arrived, I was not ready
I choked and I sobbed
and sputtered out like the engine
of a tired old Chevy
my hand is burned, my ribs are tired,
for my heart has grown so heavy.

So soon, loving you
was not a decision
the way you scorned me
became only a thing of derision.
I'm horribly laughing; giddy
too hot tears, flooding up my vision.

Someday I'll be a happy man's bride
because where you are discreetly rotten,
I am good, and I am kind.
My lonely walls have been abandoned
but you'll still be playing make believe
stuck between a creek and a canyon.
Savio Fonseca Jan 13
Speak to Me, thru your Verses
and Tangle Me, with your Rhymes.
Dance your Steps, to My Whispers
and ****** Me, in your Mind.
Lock Me, with your Rhythm
and let your Spirits Glow.
Cradle Me with your Fantasies,
So My Passion begins to Flow.
Your Love, is so very Precious
and U have a Heart, that's Pure.
Your Love has all the ingredients,
It has the Power to Cure.
Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2023
Wriggling between my molars
My twisted slimy lovers
I devour them alive
To feel the way they writhe
Teeth lock upon my throat
See the way their bodies bloat
Locking lips, devil’s kiss
Tasting this ephemeral bliss
Fill me up, drain me out
Isn’t this what love’s about?
Eating leeches, day by day
Am I predator or prey?
Em Dec 2023
I settle on a seat distant from the world and my life
Here I observe the souls of those overcome with strife  
Settling on a bench sheltered with fallen flowers
from the shivers of trees recovering from nighttime terrors
Red plaid shorts damp beneath me
A book sprawled open on my lap watching with pure envy
as my eyes trace a phrase my mind is quickly trapped in
"its the truth even if it didn't happen"
I experience the sun blaze its rays down onto my thighs
Drawing crimson marks with my nails, I analyze
There's a strange sense of comfort in the burning sensation
The fear of not knowing what to expect consumes my self isolation
The unknown lingers in my mind, crimson now engrossed
I can always trust that the sunlight will never stop sizzling sunburnt skin
So instead of cursing the pain, I find it sublime
for it is the most secure I've felt in a long time
rewrite of a previous poem
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