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i followed you to hollow
a bitter pill to swallow
so i call to apollo
to not fall to wallow
Matthew Leon Sep 25
I like to write
To write and rhyme
Rhyme and chime
Perhaps all the time.

Does that grate on your teeth?
Does it make you feel mad?
”This is not poetry!
It's awfully sad.”

Let these few lines try to explain,
Though its highly uninformed
And certainly quite lame.

Not long ago;
Rough times struck body and soul,
Drowning in black with no end or goal.

Turned to a friend
shaped like a stick,
Turned to the pen
to steer clear of the grit.

For it helped to transcribe these feelings inside,
To see how they feel after leaving the quill.

Starting this journey
started to learn
Felt the world crumble
That deep cutting burn.

For rhyming was for children
Their crayons and toys.
Rhymes for adults?
That's for ****** men and their groins.

What to do?!

A performer I was never born,
An education on literature was never adorned.
Only to make rhymes is all that formed.

It starts at the beginning
Takes us right through
With the intent to run smoothly
Never slowing in goo.

Brings forth creativity
Helps ease some pain.
Steers the ship of emotion:
Through hail,
Through rain.

This may sound childish,
Simple for some.
That just may leave me the only one having fun.

Thank you for making it to the conclusion,
I don't know how you made it through all the confusion.
Just my feelings and frustrations after my attempt to read up more on the art of poetry.
Quinn Adaire Sep 15
I haven’t been here for a while
To make all my readers smile
I used to write every day
Guess that went away,
I’m sorry!
Because I haven’t wrote for a while.
I am the sea
I am the endless
Waves of shining green
I am the sea
I am gently waving
Sea anemones

I am the depths
I am the crevice
In which fish slept
I am the murk
I am the waters
In which sharks lurk

I am the tide
I am a servant
To moons I abide
I am the shore
I am the closest
To Earth's molten core

I am the vast
I am the waters
That will forever last
I am the lost
I am the shelter
For life that land forgot
I'm just in a bad prosy mood right now.
Jon-Luc Aug 28
To me you were extra ordinary
To you I was a temporary nothing

Loyal with the morals of man
I was dying to try you

I wish we could be more than friends
Before summer ends

You are ever so callow and shallow
I mustn’t wallow

I shall no longer dwell
Consider this my farewell
Zia Aug 24
You want me
to be the me
when we first met
Don’t you know
that she is now dead?
I buried her
as soon as
you killed her
Michael Hole Aug 23
Alright, England’s freezing,
But in December Thailand's cold.
The more I feel the chilly air,
The more I feel I'm old.

My nose is getting runny,
It’s glowing rosy red.
I need to find a buxom bust,
To rest my cold filled head.

But soon it will be summer,
And the sweat will start to seep.
Then, I’ll kick her out of bed
And get some ****** sleep.
Michael Hole Aug 23
Life in short,
You're born, you try.

You smile and Laugh,
You love and cry.

You search your soul
And wonder why.

You figure it out,
And then you die.
Bec Aug 22
When I got sick, I thought my life was over
I remember picturing myself walking through the woods
Noose in hand; while the doctor was talking
My demons do nothing less than stalk me
Everyone in my life mocks me
They walk on eggshells
Because I have no tale-tell sign of impending explosion
No canary in the mine of my mind
I should hide my face more often when I cry; Because I’m an **** crier
I love deep fried anything
You hate it when I sing
Cause I’m off-key
But I have a lot to say
just a poem about me
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