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Discipline is difficult to learn
Ability to take control
Do things that challenge you
Rather than quit on your goal

Avoid unhurried temptation
Succumbing the worst thing you could do
Decide if instant gratification
Or achievement is more important to you
Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most
Glenn Currier Jan 30
I have spent so much energy, time and money
avoiding pain
not realizing that it is a gift
its own reward
only earned
by enduring it
securing it

Can’t get it just by sitting

But I can earn it
by listening
The crime
is not taking time
pain is earned
with time spent
with the climb
into someone’s tortured heart.

Pain must not be spurned
it must be earned.
Author’s Note: With gratitude to Jason for his poem, “Chained,”
Traveler Jan 24
Order out of chaos
The scale that never ends
Find the tonic of the key
Sustain then bend
Skill comes from discipline
Run the scale again
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Marie Jan 3
Head smacked
With an abrupt thwack.
Nose aggressively shoved in the corner;
Followed by the crazed rant
Of an old school rhymer;
Unaware their current act....chant....
in the Future be court docket tabled....
And designated a "child abuse" crime:
Breaking news at prime time

"How dare you speak to me?
Didn't your mother...
Or father teach you proper manners?
Look here, look listen! Directly into my eyes see!
So... I may know you understand clearly.
Little girls (and boys) are to be 'seen and not heard.'
You disrespectful ****."

" thwackity thwack"
A hard double hit reverberates  
(Emotionally terminates)
As a forceful chalked blue
The backside of the child's red
Pigtailed Head
(Thrusting it forward in an eight ball call shot
Designated for the left corner wall slot).

Nose banking the wall with a hard ******.
Dripping blood
(In full crimson flood),
Invading her mouth with copper waste
(Mixed in with the salty taste
Of tears falling in silent haste).
Destined to dry with a tinge of rust
and crust.

Followed by a loss of parental guidance trust.

Daring not a single peep--
In weep.
The child covers her bloodied mouth
(With trembling hands)--
Muffling emotional cries at an alarming rate--
(In a fearful state),
Dreading a forced follow foul stroke:
That a single sound could provoke.

Contemplating her prelection:
In extreme sudation.

She wondered why her mother....
Encouraged her ranting chatter
And told her that all questions matter?

Didn't they know that bubbly banter...
Would cause her
Disciplinary stature
(Possible nose fracture)
And a guaranteed position in the corner
(Under the care of an old timing
Head splitting
Marie Moldovan ©️ 2021
George Krokos Dec 2020
(A Reality Check)

Who are you?
Who am I?
How could we
know and why?

Each day comes
and then goes
but it seems
no one knows.

If you knew
you would tell
who you are
and do well.

When you know
who you are
you will shine
like a star.

And the world
that you see
has the key.

In your mind
with closed eyes
if you see
you'll be wise.

When your thoughts
are all still
then that time
you'll fulfil.

Keep away
from those who
only know
what's not true.

Pray for help
as you live
and have faith
that He'll give.

Be aware
words you speak
that with no
malice reek.

Also watch
what you eat
and consume
no old meat.

Any drink
that you crave
should be pure
for thirst wave.

Breathe clean air
where you stay
and sunshine
get each day.

your body
and keep it
all tidy.

Then the love
in your heart
that you'll feel
plays its part.

And the light
that you'll see
there within
sets you free.

Know yourself
and take care
on that path
getting there.

Humbly bow
to the One
who will show
you the Sun.

For that time
out of grace
due to come
you must face.

On the path
you will learn
who you are
and discern.

And the Truth
you will know
'ere that time
when you go.
Written in Oct 2020 and extended to its current length as the inspiration came.
The Dybbuk Nov 2020
Certain obligations will remain,
with a backyard reborn in Eden.
I can only hope I can separate
good from ignorance.
Now, in my acceptance of defeat,
I have proven myself better alone,
and stronger,
but with an open heart,
and open mind.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
Letting your child
In the congested
Is not
An Independence

It's plain
You better know
What madness is
Genre: Observational
John McCafferty Oct 2020
Translating emotional state
Takes some discipline and listening
From thoughts to words in place
Don't lose sight of actions in flight

Tame the beast before it feasts
Monkey brain reframed
As allowing a creature out of a cage
isn't necessarily the best way to participate
Elevated above this primate state

Contest shortness of breath in the chest
Slow feelings in controlled action
Pause for a rest and step left in turn
Observe the effects that reflect on you best
To check what you've left
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
The Dybbuk Sep 2020
The flash flood of euphoria,
is swallowed by the thirsty ground,
eternally unquenched.
I will smile,
and fix my eyes on the desert sun.
I will grow roots and bloom,
an endogenous cactus,
while envious drifters lick the sand,
desperate for a drop of rain.
Big Virge Aug 2020
I’m A... Marshal of Reality Verse...

From The Words of Big Virge... !!!

I RARELY Curse Unless It Works...
To Feed The Herds...
With POWERFUL Verse...
That Ultimately Serves To...

... DISTURB The Perverse... !!!!

Or YES... PERVERTS... !!!

Because I MARTIAL Like... LAW...
If ******* of The Cause...
Is What Writers Stand For... !!!!!

So I Marshal Them...
Like I Marshal WAR...
To Make Sure I STEM...
Being Thrown Off Course... !!!

My Position’s ASSURED... !!!
I’m A MARSHAL For Sure...
When It Comes To The Core...
of Wordplay That’s POOR... !!!

My Martial Art STRICTLY Imparts...
Verse That HITS HARD...
As Well As Being SMART... !!!

Cos It’s SHARP And DARK...
And Comes From MY HEART... !!!

So Does Beat REAL HARD... !!!
And At Times Quite FAST... !!!

That Gives A Kick Start...
To Thoughts That Mark...

A Mind That Imparts...

NO TONY Just Cards For Poker Sharks...
Who... Martial Tricks And Financial Stings...

That Have... WAR LINKS...
And Economics That Could SINK... !?!
Those Now Choosing To Embrace NEW Things...

Like... CASHLESS Vibes...

DON’T Doubt Those Lines... !!!

Where Marshalling Cash Doesn’t Seem Too Bad...
Until You See That Technological Traps...
May Leave Us Trapped With NO WAY Back... !!!

From CORONA Lands And That’s A FACT... !!!!!

Is What The Hoards Will Sign Up For... !?!

It’s A Time To Marshall WITHOUT Being Partial...
To CRIMINAL Clans That Are Government Backed... !!!

To Provide Them With HACKS...
Where... DIGITISED Plans...
Marshal Like JONES In U.S. Zones... !!!

While... On The Down Low...
Is How Man Will Roll...
Ask SNIPES Cos' He Knows...
How That Role Goes... !!!

Which Goes To Show...
That... Freedom Road...
... Has Marshals In Tow... !!!

And On That Note It’s Time To Go...
But Here’s One Last Flow...
To... Let You All KNOW...

That My Status Is HIGH... !!!!!!!!
When It Comes To Writing Rhymes...
And That Is... NO LIE... !!!

The Name Big Virge...
When It Comes To Words...

As A True Connoisseur of The Spoken Word... !!!

That When Observed...

.... “ A MARSHAL of Reality Verse “....
If ever there was a time for truth to be written in the things people write, NOW is that time !

So, this write was one inspired, by a conversation surrounding such vibes ....
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