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darling, you must desire discipline
for you cannot enjoy the juvenile privilege of fleeing your fears forever
Don't rush
Because they do
Don't hate
Because they do
Don't love
Just because they do
Don't follow
Just because they do
Don't trust
Just because they do
Don't get blind
Because they do

Their problem
Is not yours
Just remember
Why you are
The chosen one
An example

Not just
Everyone else
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Better Human Project
Author's Note: When they asked," What do you want to be? "An example", Just reply.  I believe that if each and every individual works on becoming a better person the world will certainly become a better place.
Saudia R Oct 2019
Discipline is not taught in a day
I've been on a vibe. Happiness is everything.
Bhill Sep 2019
As I neared my predetermined destination
The angst and wonderment took over my exhaustion
The climb was currently a very near memory
A memory, that seconds before, was a very physical and emotional demon
A demon that kept telling me ”You can't do this” ”You lack the discipline to go that route”
”Demon be-GONE” I repeated to myself
I can do this...!

Brian Hill - # 229
And I did
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When my emotions
are out of my control
and are controlling me,
I seek awareness of my emotions
by expressing my emotions
into a voice diary
using the microphone on my computer:
upon expression
the intense-energy of my emotions
and my mind is clearer;
then it is easier
to self-regulate my emotions
or at least
discipline my emotions;
then I am ready
to strive
for joy and happiness.
Carrie Partain Jun 2019
You looked so big to me
That Summer in Oregon
I was only four when we
Followed you into isolation

New Hampshire seemed a world away
All ties to home and family
Shrank and faded in the rear view
Hoping new & different...would be

I left my doll outside that day
Then lied to keep my fault a secret
Your belt, that slipping sound
I still hear to this day

Spare the rod and spoil the child
Was popular back then
Americans had a right to raise up
God fearing children with discipline

The problem is you got it wrong
God disciplines, it's true
But love's the stronger, key component
One you rarely demonstrated

If truth had been a better choice
My shame exposed, as was my skin
Would I have escaped your wrath
And be now somehow changed?

She made the choice to live with you
Sadly it was a package deal
One for which I've paid the price
A remarkable value nonetheless...

My children never heard the sound
Of leather belt and buckle strap
Spare the child and spoil the rod
Have been my choice instead
A continuation of my earliest childhood experiences.  My mother dealt with mental and emotional abuse from my stepfather, who had adopted me when he married her.  To her it meant security.  For me it began many years of physical abuse as well as the mental and emotional scars.  Sadly, she left him many times, only to return.  I began running away at the age of six and left home by age 14.  Unfortunately she is still with him today.  He is still mentally and verbally abusive to her.  He suffered a stroke and now she feels duty bound to take care of him.  I am an only child and I am disabled and can't do much to help get her out of there.  So this forum is my only outlet.  Please pardon my drama.
TheSaneSaloon May 2019
They are thieves, and yet they walk in
"No forced entry."  has been the told tale
"Oh, home sweet home." sighs the owner.
A stranger in his home, but his home all the same
He knows every cranny
He'll sit and watch them raid the cupboards,
they leave when full...Broken bottles, Cigarettes strewed

He was made for a 100 miles.
Born for The Chase
Gathering arms, declaring the hunt

All day I run with no end in sight
My gaze has weakened
So again I rise, and lift my head to stare down the horizon
I will run a 100 miles and even more,
Until exhaustion grips my foes, bringing them to the dirt
I tower over what once dominated,
And looking down
I see them...

Clawing at my feet for mercy.
Choking between sobs, they curse me.

Snot bubbles form, laced with dust.
Terror takes its grip.
They beg me, "lets us go, you must!"

Our eyes meet, and silence takes reign.
I stretch out my hand, wink, and say thanks for the pain.
About inner demons.

I think its appropriate to disclaim that I posted this last year for a brief time to only make it private. However, its been changed, so I want to share once more. Its hard letting it go, I wanted to hold onto it until it was "perfect"
Dipesh Apr 2019
I try, to treat you the same,
As I treat the other traits,
I try, to treat you the same,
Laziness and boredom are to be blamed.

Without you, I'll be put to shame,
My life will be spent in disdain,
I try, to treat you the same,
As I treat the other traits.
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