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Jeremy Betts Jun 30
...I mean, where do I begin?
Her toxin,
It has me locked in
Open to every sin
A reckless passion
Electrifying the skin
She reminds me softly through a coy grin
That there's no rules but she likes the discipline
So I jumped in
Just for it to be a solo swim
Don't trust a whim

Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
I think I'm startin' to get that feelin' again
That sinkin' sensation followed by intense anticipation of the end I feel I'm facin'
The hell my life is based in
Then I meet up with my fear of drownin'
Thoughts not safe havin' come crashin' in
Will I ever learn or is this far beyond teachin' a lesson
Up against my dark passenger, the undisputed, heavyweight champion
And the challenger, in the blue corner noticably panickin'
Just some guy with a crazy look in his eye but no business challengin' his demon
My Hyde side stays undefeated while I've never recorded a win
Bringin' my mental discipline into question
Knowin' my armor's thin
Knowin' I've already taken one to many to the chin
It's  constant whisperin' drowns out everythin'
Top tier manipulation allowin' the interjection of it's own spin
On this tailspin my doomed zeppelin always finds itself in
I feel like I should mention, it's not one, it's Legion
Not a friend, it laid claim and became kingpin
I could only watch like I was fifth in a five deep bullpen
No consent given, not even a conversation
Rushed past me like I was a doorman at a Motor Inn
And I stood there silent, broken, incapable of motion
Often thoughts and feelings are left unspoken
Paralyzed with fear, just standin' here like a dollar store mannikin
Behind a display of 151 and Heineken
Made it easy for it to find it's way up under my skin
I hardly even knew what was happenin'
Now I don't know where it ends and I begin
Not sure there's any separation

George Krokos Nov 2023
To survive one must
observe discipline in life
regardless of wealth
This is a Senryu as it deals with human nature. I've got all my Haiku's and Senryu's together written one after another and may have to go back and rename or re-title what I've already posted like this one above.
Mark Toney Nov 2023
Such a violent world we live in
Hard to know just what to do
For example both my mom and dad
Have slapped and spanked me too
But nowadays some choose a path
That may seem rather odd
To discipline with words instead
Of reaching for a rod

"The rod and reproof give wisdom ..."
What does the Bible mean?
In carrying out that principle
Some have gone to the extreme
The rod of discipline should be
To train towards peace and love
True discipline's tree yields peaceful fruit
The Wisdom from above

The rod of discipline is like
The rod of a caring shepherd
Who wields his rod in a loving way
For the sheep by him are treasured
The best example is God Himself
Before whom we sin each day
Does he beat us with a rod of pain?
No, His Word shows us the way

It's true at times He scourges
Some of those that He holds dear
Even then 'tis done in a loving way
Leaving naught for us to fear
Yes, nowadays some choose a path
That may seem rather odd
To discipline with words instead,
Like the discipline from God

© 2023 Mark Toney
11/03/2023 - Poetry form: Rhyme - © 2023 Mark Toney
Jeremy Betts Feb 2018
No place for me to fit in, sometimes not even my own skin
The 65th crayon on the floor next to the 64 count special edition tin
The two dollar DVD bin is even out of reach, at a loss as to where else to begin
I guess it's back to the drawing board to start over once again
Not a chance of bein' normal as an outcasted heathen
But that's never been a why for me, to fit in is not a win
I've been sittin' in this same place like a mannikin with a phoney grin
A clothespin holdin' together the fabric of my being with such discipline
But a strong gust of wind tears through like blowing your nose into a cheap napkin

Patched together like a quilt of sin read like a story board of which I'm a star in
Stitched together by not giving in, givin' it all I can, taking every shot to the chin
But life's not getting the win by KO or even by decision
I'm gonna need to be taken out the ring on a stretcher with blue skin
But the goal isn't really to win but to survive this doomed zeppelin
I start thinking maybe I can take this aggression and passion and turn it in... a winnin' combination and spread it through the nation
Empower an entire generation, awaken an entire population

But all they'll see is Frankenstein's monster

Deep within her stare value-laden eyes bare
Thou liketh compete with disciplined man
Prim proper equanimity assembled as plan
Serve glory to God; begone any despair

Grasping thy reality of excellence profound
Access vast depth of emotion- drowned
Dangling medals reaching out to touch
Through tranquility, stand by your ground

He pushed me open like a book untold
Words of the gospel used by mean
Daring as His veracity He loved me as bold
By sworn duty, I shall perpetually convene
this is an excerpt that i’ve been wanting the world to read.
it has been a while since the last time that i posted.
welcome back to me, i guess?
Deepali Jan 2023
Growing is Important to understand
elements of human cycle
proceeding day by day to stand.

Choose yourself as  pilot,
Choose youself as carpenter
you can be a chef or a farmer
i will see you'll be a painter
i will see you'll be a writer

he was braking the wall will hammer
she was flying up in Glamor.

1 human body
many activites shouting
pointers tryna make difference
developement and character well i would say----

Follow basic instructions no pain to gain
only baisc  balance will remain.
Birds jump to the branches
of trees at sunrise,
But in the morning man
wrestles with whys.

Why do there seem to be
too many cuckoos?
Why chirping so noisy  
what are the clues?

In morning the sleep
descends from its core,
and chittering of pigeons
hurts a man more.

There is a  lot of tension
and a lot of stress.
Working late at night is a
suffering a mess.

Yes fatigue on mind,
whenever Man feels,
At times, smoking or
drinking  appeals.

At roaming late night
the cosmos retort.
A Reckless  freedom  is
not its support.

Be it testy coca-cola or
a pizza or a cake,
Nature always opposes
without a mistake.

The sweet, the chicken,
the fish, juicy curd,
The cosmos  advises
that these are absurd.

While Orderly pattern is
nature's workforce,
But  freedom is nature of
a man of  course.

As many are options and
choices  so gobs.  
A  Man and this nature
are always at odds
This existence is regulated by strict orderly  pattern and discipline. A Man,on the contrary, by his very own nature desires freedom from everything ,be it any kind of control, discipline, rules, order or regulation etc. He treats the same as different types of bondages. In such a scenario , Conflict between a man and the existence is bound to happen.
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2021
Discipline is difficult to learn
Ability to take control
Do things that challenge you
Rather than quit on your goal

Avoid unhurried temptation
Succumbing the worst thing you could do
Decide if instant gratification
Or achievement is more important to you
Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most
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