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Standing in the midst
of your lightless
you have lost self,
ground and perspective.
Listening to others
tell their stories
of their time
in your current residence,
(I have lived there too)
has taught me
the task
of finding
is possible
though painful,
hard and seemingly
from one breath
to another
is still living.
So please,
keep breathing...
dailythoughts Jun 24
it's not tiring being happy
it's ******* tiring not being sad and bothered
Mark Wanless May 7
understanding the
shape of a mountain not an
unknowable task
annh Aug 2020
She offered to walk in my shoes, but hadn’t factored in the soul-destroying task of having to bend over and tie the laces every morning.
‘We're all kind of weird and twisted and drowning.’
- Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood
Bhill Jul 2020
is the sand in front of the ocean
is the water the end of the line
are the fish in the seas our connection
to a life, that has no define
just think of all the questions
that have yet, or may never be asked
i hate to make this proposal
as it seems like a tough task to grasp...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 191
Just a question...
You are the task
that would overwhelmingly
identify my voice range.

You are the response
that would screen
and leverage my multiple inputs.

I’m the header and footer
that would automatically work
across devices.

I’m are the hub
that would impact
all your on-the-go moves.

Considering this,
all I say is you are my E2E.

((E2E: Extended Experience trying to make Integrative))

© Feelings Coated
Mr Siri trying to make with Ms Alexa E2E2I: Extended Experience trying to make Integrative
Quinn Adaire Aug 2019
One step at a time
One task at a time
One day at a time
One second at a time
Maybe I won’t break down this time.
One step.. two step.. three step...
neth jones Mar 2019
I create the floor
Through the act of sweeping
I unsleeve  my shelves of their volume
Of their heavings and will
I now welcome an unskilling
To the task of a swept floor
I unmake myself
Thorough  point
And attention
V liv Dec 2018
What do you do
When something you once loved
Becomes a tedious task
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