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God organized already all.
I know time will pass by and everything will have own place. The truth love will stand against the storm and rain.
I don't need to worry.
I believe in God.
My problem is our problem.
Your problem is me.
I did fight for us.
You did fight against me.
When you are the only one whose fighting and the one is giving you up.
Romans 1:18-3
God’s Wrath Against Sinful Humanity
19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

After this passage of Scripture, I referrd them to Psalms 19
Anastasia Jul 9
Is the world against me?
Or is it just you?
Hearts were made to be broken.
I guess that's true.
Your love wasn't real.
Darling, you'll rue.
Try as I may
Try as I might
It hard to believe
I ever trusted you.
Young man with your shining hair
and brightness in your smile.
Your eyes see a golden future
as long as the days are short.
When you open your heart to another
Do you pray to the jewel-hung sky?

Young woman swaying down a street
With your golden hair
Legs caper under a flowing skirt.
Your lips taste only sweetness
as new as the world is old.
When you give your body as you recline,
Do you spread your arms to the gods?

I see you narrow your gaze
at the old woman hobbling
reaching out for the dregs of life.
I hear the pity in your voice,
the sorrow for her and you think
you have a choice
to run from that image,
to say forever young.
You may even laugh at the old man
puffing out his chest
and imitating youth.
I know you're thinking
this will never happen to you.

So enjoy the brightness of your eyes,
the smooth skin and straight spine
that propels you through the spring
Let yourself believe that the leaves
will always be neon green
and the wind warm and soft.
Twirl down the lanes and
fly over mountains and seas!
For all of us did that once
and were as unwitting as you.
None of us, for all our fear,
ever really saw the gulf
of eighty or ninety years,
or certainly not the lack of breath
and the pain of each step,
each turn on a bed
that now feels hard as stone.

We gaze from windows
As you gambol past,
And know you fear to be alone,
Not seeing that at last,
We say good-bye to wind and sky,
that everyone sinks into the earth,
Leaving the power, in our last sigh,
We invoke another birth.
Inspired by the song "The Killing Moon", by Echo and the Bunnymen. I like the phrase and the song has many references to the cosmos, birth and regeneration.
Edited on July 9, 2019
The moon glistening through the sky cuts a silver through my whisper of thoughts.
Unwavering gaze imprisoned by that crystal kingdom
Of darkness.
Of pits and craters.
Yet so mesmerizingly beautiful.
Mesmerizing enough to blacken out my heart swirling around the shackles of yesterday.
Mesmerizing enough to pull me out of my trance that might've not seen me through the day.
Mesmerizing enough to forget the universe whirling around me in shades of sadness and confusion.

Beauty can go far in healing.
Especially the beautiful strokes bringing us to Him awestruck on our mesmerized knees.
A sudden inspiration that arose when I imagined a scenario where I'm confessing my brain is too pre-occupied and busy with things to be inspired to write poetry.
Yenson May 26
The sous-chef of the albinos says
I'm in charge of cooking, baking and roasting
and in this hell-stance my delusions rules the roost
I've got the Crème de la crème and arsenic in tincture
prepare the grills and flames for a banquet of homicidal delight

Get that deer, King of the forest and protector of all
heave that Buck down, none but I holds power in this domain
its times of discontent, green eyes and walking dead are hungry
from challis of Madam White Snake and the shroud of San Lucifer
a sacrifice, a sacrifice for cold hearts and all mothers of the spawns

The belly crawlers and spawns in Hades kitchen toil
to high jack the mind of this regal imposing stag unsurpassed
hounded, mud-spattered, neither the raging winds nor savage beasts
snares and putrid guile's, poisoned mindless and shameless tarring
the buck bedded in Mother Nature in solace true and enduring light

So the sous-chef of the witless albinos says, no matter...
lets get a clone of that regal buck, sharpen knives and slice away
pepper, season hung, drawn, quartered, boil and simmer all the way
go tell tales of our magnificent menu, that stag is ours, for the eating
a merry feast for you all, pieces of eight for the dead deer's chest, ahoy, ahoy, ahoy.....!!
The meanings associated with the deer combine both soft, gentle qualities with strength and determination:
Gentleness Ability to move through life and obstacles with grace Being in touch with inner child, innocence-being sensitive and intuitive Vigilance, ability to change directions quickly Magical ability to regenerate, being in touch with lifes mysteries
Darryl M May 6
I chew,
But the emptiness of my mouth.
Of Generous Worlds,
I give,
But a salty look.

All phrenic billows with the castles in the air.

An ambush of belonging.
A figment of the hostage.
Trapped in a feeling of being,
Enslaved in a being of feelings.

Sometimes you just feel like a bad person,
Lost in a world of Evil Saints.
Lets play against all.
But not against eachother.
Lets play that silly games.
That people usually playing.
Lets lie to everyone.
Like they were lying.
Lets make conspiracy against the world.
Just you and me know the true.
memoona kazmi Mar 20
so many colours on a scattered on a page,
too many scars on a pretty face.......
for my friend who died two weeks ago
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