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Jme Love Aug 6
Eyes can be deceiving
In recieving that which we do not wish to see. Optical illusion creates a delusion of something more pleasing. Blinded to pain and misery. Its calculated in the sensory. Knowing this vision isnt seen through rose colored glasses we make believe. Looking only at the beauty past the ugly. We camouflage the eyesores. Blinking just once to change the perspective of all things in sight. We hide behind closed eyes to avoid the view of the world as it is. We overlook just so we dont have to see. Its only when we realy look do we find the truth hidden behind blue eyes.
A collaboration with me and my best friend Fontenot
We may see a love like this
When I see your smile through my eyes
But you see me cry from other ways
Indonesia, 20th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Alienpoet Jun 14
From birth until death we ply our trade
pulling anger and frustration to enslave,
save our fixation on the withering winters grave...
where we buried summer
and found our calloused hands warming on a fire
we spent hours forming in historyโ€™s funeral pyre.

If we could see above the suffering
and the internet buffering
if we could hold eternity in our hearts
and not let it get torn apart

we would see beyond the frogs well
and believe in heaven and not in hell
As I look up through the trees
I see her shining ever brightly
I feel her talking to me
She speaks through her energy
She speaks with her glow
I am captivated and so in awe
I listen I feel I hear I know
We are like one
I share with her my deepest emotions
In her , I know I can show
I am free to let go
She's my moon
She's my truest light
The nights , I wait
For soon she will return
I listen I feel I hear I know
ยฉ Jennifer DeLong ๐ŸŒ™
Feb 17 2019
I wanna feel your eyes
all over me
Studying my curves
feeling my skin
with your mind
That's ****
I wanna tease you
with my body
moving with mystery
Daring you to find
my rhythm
So your eyes can
dance all over me
So baby
keep staring

ยฉ Jennifer L DeLong 2/25/2021
Salvador Kent Feb 13
time end
good bad
now you see
this be nature

things inevitable
in the grand scheme
this be nature

call absurdity to
old man on side of street
who with sign calls god
god god god see

for god
say he

so he point
mouth and brain
say very
primitive you be
this be nature

this this
be nature
the first in a series of deconstructions.
time makes things inevitable.
Man Jan 23
there was something i wanted write
some thing i wanted to make right
but in the end, i lost sight
and moved on

there were many things i wished to do
many a thing that would've borne fruit
but nearer the finish, my light grew dimmish
so i moved on

you told me there was never
an answer to the question "forever"
but death knows different
because we move on

and there is no trying now
no sense in staving off the dying, anyhow
a distance merchant comes to pick up his purchase
of a bid you can't out
Sharon Miedema Dec 2020
God, it's not a thing, it's not nothing.
Bigger than what we can make of it in here.
Look wider, feel further.
The gates are always open.
It's not a loop of a conspiracy theory.
It's not the act of just world leaders in control.
It goes beyond this world, the matrix.
You'll find in your heart what's right.
Tatiana Dec 2020
I'm seeing spots
when I stand
up too quickly
time passes by
slowly when I
watch the clock
tick in circles
hands search for
each other and
for one minute
they will meet
and provide comfort
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