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Of course it’s watered down
Everything is and see
There’s always a watering down
As you knew always and we all knew
Along with you but take notice
Of how it all is
In all dimensions this
And this and this and this
And this and this and this
But yes we see it all snapshot
Until maybe just or only a poem
Can or cannot capture
What has to be but it may get close
Or close enough to see nothing
Is forgotten or forgets nothing it
Has worse dreams than you
But knows they are not dreams and
Some will sow seeds and
Or maybe just or only a poem will
Wonder if yum yum this appeals
To mind or this or that part that
At present needs what it does not
Yet know it has in abundance
In profound abundance
Or call back tomorrow
Or tune in tomorrow
Or hope for tomorrow
Or just hope
Joseph Miller Apr 30
On a sea of chaos
love floats
if you believe
then you know
love is seeing
goodness grow
Jenny Jul 30
seeing you wanting her,
seeing myself again wanting for repair
OpenWorldView Jul 27
i'm done listening.
you are but a distant voice
drowned out by new hope
Tom Atkins Jun 7
Transparent and Dark

The old venue reaches across the boardwalk,
its magic long evaporated,
a victim of neglect and storms in equal measure.

There are windows. high and void of glass,
the sashes lacking paint.
Rot is plentiful.

There are windows, high and dark,
perfectly clear, with nothing to see
save the perpetual night inside.

You stand below, knowing this is what others see
when they look at you,
transparent and dark,

overwhelmed by neglect and storms,
strangely unwilling
to succumb.
For the last decade, I have posted poems on my blog along with photographs I have taken.  This one, for instance, has a photograph of an abandoned hall in Asbury Park, NJ.  Posting poems here has made me look at the verse harder to make sure it can be "seen" without the photographs.
Johnny walker May 31
For love Is for the lucky
and the strong for finding love Is
luck In Its self for
one Could search all one
and still never find It for that's were the luck comes
Lucky myself that the girl
who later became my wife
I'd had
known from a kid
but driffed apart thirty
years had passed before I saw again and that's where the luck for me came

Seeing a spider in my room isn't scary.

It's scary when it


Anyone else with me on this one?
Jason Drury May 13
In seeing,
as a child,
breathing blinded.

As we fail to remember,
what we want,
and need at that moment.

We are greedy as ants,
following the path,
striving for the same leaf.

We are small,
humbled by blue sky,
and the night stars.

Only then we remember,
who we really are.
Georgette Apr 23
Which one do you FALL under?
LIKE me for me or
ALTER me if you will
MEMORIES is what makes us
EXISTENCE is what keeps us
SEEING is believing
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