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Sharon Miedema Dec 2020
God, it's not a thing, it's not nothing.
Bigger than what we can make of it in here.
Look wider, feel further.
The gates are always open.
It's not a loop of a conspiracy theory.
It's not the act of just world leaders in control.
It goes beyond this world, the matrix.
You'll find in your heart what's right.
Tatiana Dec 2020
I'm seeing spots
when I stand
up too quickly
time passes by
slowly when I
watch the clock
tick in circles
hands search for
each other and
for one minute
they will meet
and provide comfort
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I fell into her shadows dancing towards the light.
Lost among The castaways searching for a life.
Myself  I could not see looking in the mirror.
Inside a dark dark room filling up with fear.
My eyes are all I see peering through the door.
Mind is all but gone sinking through the floor
Sarah Flynn Nov 2020
some days
I don’t want to talk.

come here and kiss me.

my words won’t leave my mouth,
but you’ll know exactly
what I’ve been trying to say.
Alienpoet Sep 2020
You can’t imagine the things I have seen
You can’t imagine my dreams
you can’t think like me in every way
I am unique, I pave the way
I maybe distant
sometimes obtuse
I sometimes let loose
my fears and anger prangs
like a car hitting a wall
but I hold as much truth as you all
See I am schizophrenic
I hear voices
But don’t despair
I see choices
they hang in the air
I have been broken
I don’t expect you to always care
I doggedly battle on
Cause I still know right from wrong
even with whispers and shouts in my mind
I fight to be human and to be kind
Though I suffer with paranoia
the darkness which destroys
I love life enough to stay here and not be destroyed
so don’t have pity
Let me speak and write and sing
because I know sadness is a painful muse
but creativity is my thing.
The Messiah Jun 2020
Lord Jesus Christ,
slain sacrificed
begotten Son
of Father God,
(whose will be done
in heaven, in earth),

the day was good
when light and shade
divided made
day one, and He
our Father knew,
but I've had doubts,
but now I see.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2020
Sometimes wish I was normal but what does that even mean?
Nobody privately is as normal as they seem
Some of us hide behind a false veil of protection
Others wear mistakes as armor for protection
I own what I have done so no one can give me ****
Impossible to understand if they haven't lived through it
Everyone struggles
We all feel pain
I never judge those whose choices aren't the same
I hope I grow to find happiness once more
Along with freedom I harbored before
How long until efforts prevail?
Progressing at a pace slower than a snail
I hate myself because I am weak
Expectations way too high to meet
Falling centimeters short of each goal
Cannot fall asleep but can fall into these holes
Every time I strive it's in vain
Can hear the taunts of success i can't attain
I love seeing people smile
Maybe some joy will rub off as they pass
I hate being the way I am
Orakhal Jun 2020
I be
only capable
of seeing

that which
I put in my eye to look at

I create
as I look
I see what
I created
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