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the power of health bureaucrats  
has never been more
greatly exercised
since the advent of the
pandemic in our
daily lives

governments have taken
full control
by which they can stop
us from freely partaking
in an outside stroll

big phrama being granted
exclusive rights
to sell millions of jabs
world wide  
thereby excluding other
forms of treatment

oh yes
power control and greed
in these recent times
have become
the cardinal creed
Kimmie 1d
It's has been a hell of a ride
Goes a lot of downshift
Love ones bid forever goodbyes
Had to let go of things I wanna stay
Accident that almost took my life
Never ending stress and anxieties
Nightmare after nightmares
Hell no you can't make it they said
But here I am...
Hell yeah still fighting
Bella Isaacs Sep 14
There are still clothes I cannot bring myself to sort,
Still papers lying, crumbling, crumpling their worth -
My life is a mess since you hit me out of kilter
And I can't pick myself up, let alone my belongings;
I can't pick up, get up, grow up, let alone filter
What I need and what I don't, as in my longings
I asked for you - I should have asked to long for breath;
Perhaps I'm just enduring cramp now, in this little death
Of mine - Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow with a fresh head,
Maybe I'll remember my worth, and not with dread
That I am worth so little to you
Who was just one of a few
One of a few you passed by and left a wake,
Awake. How could you know, sweet rake?
How could I know? Disease can often touch us longer
Than we think; its hold, though weakened, is still stronger.
Second poem in the FortnightForFatigue challenge.
Ritz Writes Sep 1
Words dived inside my mind. Emotions flow in rhythmic waves
as diluted thoughts
submerging the pages and verses drenched in melodic verse.
Passion outpour
Submerged myself drowned in inspiration.

As I drift into a lyrical sea and ink drips from my pen.
Anais Vionet Aug 1
My best friends are “there for me.” Each, in turn, presents their partial list of people who’re upset with me - with my “social suicide” decision to opt-out of my senior year and go, instead, to university.

It seems that by forgoing 12th grade, I'm rejecting their way of life, attacking mass production or committing an act of terrorism.

I try to explain this obsession I have, since the pandemic lock-down, to get out and into the world.

The great pandemic isolation scraped away at me, left me feeling ransacked and empty. I can’t ignore the call of freedom any more than I could yank out my heart and continue living.

They can’t seem to hear me - it’s like I’m mumbling, speaking in tongues, or talking to myself.
the COVID mess seems to have 9 lives - I need to get out - while the getting's good.
qeren Jul 29
for a mother has lost her child

for a sister has lost her brother

for a friend who has lost his grandfather

for our azure has cried for us

for the soil is losing its place for us

for that's the only thing that we can do now
it is the thing we've been doing now.
Race Of The Life Never Ends
Till The People Reach Their Goal,
People Face All The Race Boldly
As They Are No Less Bold,

Not Only They Complete The Race
They Enjoy Life's Ups And Downs
Oscillation Right To Extreme Left
And Left To Extreme Right
Brings On Their Faces
Not A Single Frown.

Life Is Not Less Than Rainbow,
Has No Less Than Seven Colors,
That Gives Us Moments Of Joys
And Disappear Like Sweet Odors.

People Who Aren't Overjoyed
Nor Are Saddened Too Much,
Make Their Lives Pleasurable,
Rest Feel Life Is Sans happiness.

Life Is Like A Rainbow,
Has Its Two Ends Down,
But Notice Its Central Verge
That Touches Heavens.
Even In Normal Times, Life Is Full Of Ups And Downs. If #Covid Type Situations Arise, The People Are Highly Disturbed. But The Wise Always Remember That All Days Are Not Alike. So They Keep Their Cool And Face The Realities Of Life In A Pragmatic Manner.
Gabriel Jul 18
A virus is like a secret,
once it’s out, it’s out.
Like, hey, don’t tell anyone,
but I’m gay, and I have blood
in my lungs. I’m trying to choke
the **** out of myself
before anyone else can. You
see, it’s all about control:
needing it, and taking it,
and the in-between state
of having complete control
and spiralling out of it at the same time.

So if I want to find a vaccine
for all the bad thoughts I’m having
about myself, isn’t that just another
way of saying that I’m trying to make myself
immune to hatred from outside?
If it originates in the lungs,
in the mind, in the sickly body,
then it’s somehow more authentic.

And maybe I can deal with it
a little better. Only a little,
because I’m still one-hand-pinned
against the wall, choking myself
to the point that I can’t form words,
can’t say the things I’m desperately
trying to adjust to.
From a portfolio I wrote in third year of university, titled 'Infestation'.
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