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Not a poem:
An annonumous repost

"Cindrelas 3 step jealous sisters;
One shamelessly writes below:
She writes;

"I am Suzy B,Susy Q, Suzy nanny"
"I am married to patpapa"
"I cursed his queen bee
fiancee wife to be years ago!

"Myself son and grown kids all and some friends treatened her childrens life too long time ago
to not come over and take him back bank and all from us."

"I cursed her mother birthing her
"Because I am tall giraffee SusyQ" not so Q! angry still

"his old fiancee found him
posting a photo of a grand master bedroom mcnught twinoaks on line.

"Very quickly we moved we
fell on her man's face spread
cuns and all,
abd since then, my family
and I got more devilish
creative with the King
cornered checkmated

"we got him very drunk
one of us fooled with him
told King she was
his Genie of the lamp
beloved fiancee all alone
theres no way she could win
we are an army
and since that times we graved
him good
he eats from our hand
and our everything!"

"Suzy Am.. Ash.and CLn..
we own the King bank and all.
as far and wide as the eye
can see it's all ours."

We read and we write
to his old fiancee covertly so!
to learn of her secrets and all.

"We got the King fooled
but we his two queens
got all the power
for a long time now
we dictate his value as king."

In this game of love malice
and greed as is in war
all deception has helped us
to win our King's treasures
and all he had
for his Queen ginnyvere.

"To whom it may concearn truthfully the suzyQ bunch."

A repost as emailed to me.
As for me I dislike this behavior by the HAVE ALLS mocking the
have nots. What a shame
if my queen had done such a thing I'd have her **** neck with my sword and the daggers
my ****** queen sent
hunting my old beloved
but now we can't judge noone
for today it's a cruel
pandemic killing many not allowed to live as long as they may.
Sadly who really obscurely killed so many with pandemic after pandemic who? who?
in less than 100 years!

If the enemy of life on Earth
gas such power to ****** millions why not **** criminals
in billions of jails across the globe
the *** promiscuous *** mania
if the enemy wants blood
why not use their own??
I read on King Arthur chronicles writing that had the two original lovers gotten together

they would have hotten shot
by who? Whi would say duch an evil thing ? Haaaa well his Wueen ******* smc! whi else maybe the oroud greedy Duke of Texas or hell...
Engorged in a prison box too small for the swelling of my spiritual rotted flesh.
Given the necrosis of civilizational crumbling had cast it's affect unto me,
I melt in the wading pool of an invisible guard wielding the spear of viral pandemic.
I hold steadfast in my mental capacity.
Only to have the prism of stability rocked by the puncturing of many holes in the hot air balloon that glides through the ice...
I am rocked, shook, and unhinged;
I am the door that sways gently in the breeze to the rocking tides of this astral storm of disease.
All of this chaos in the atoms of my mind's eye...
As I simply lay here.
Engorged in the prison of the mind.
I am my own gatekeeper. A militant simply funded by the fear of the invisible guard.
I blink and sip the coffee, sitting up in the bed.
Shake off the madness, and return to stillness.
The Corona of the Sun
Is everlasting

The Corona of the virus
Is a temporary crown on a knight of disease

The black light of this fell Corona
Is made of dust and tears and ash
It will fall when the next wind blows

The Corona of the Eternal
Will outlast and outlive

The pain is only temporary
As, too, our spirits will outlast

We will outlive
For we are mirrors of the Corona
Of Glory
And this is the reality
None of us had the idea of it

It's either a gift
Or just a gigantic test
Who knows what's behind it

And we're staying in
To help and hope this will stop

Front liners are heros
All the homies are too
Both helping each other to prevent

Praying day and night
For safety and security
For the better and serenity

Oh the almighty
You're listening
I know you do
You know what's in out hearts
I know you do
Please forgive us
Please make it end
Covid19 ****
Em Glass 13h
The lightning goddess taps her
finger against the glass of us
And flinches back as it shatters
and if the very sky can break,
surely hardwood floors were a mistake?
It’s not safe to fall.

The tornado will teach
of the relief of waking up
again outside your arms.
shelter in place day 13
Em Glass 14h
Wake up. Stretch neck
left, then right. Swing legs
over edge of bed.
Water the plants. See
how they drink up another day
without question.
shelter in place day 15
they said
”uhuhuh imma buy a big gun
bazooka 47
and imma **** of dem zombies
cause dey
surely *******”
and i can’t say nothing to them
i don’t know that they’re not coming
the way things going
Scorpius 19h
My feet
Hips lined up
Just so,
Arms reaching,
I settle
Into stillness
And notice
The twist
In my breath
My body
I follow,
And belong.
Abort mission, reboot, we’ve lost control
Where are the procedures, refresh the protocol!
It seems like this civilization has been deemed unstable
Question is, are we really competent and able
To protect our planet and all that we hold dear
No, we ain’t, unless, under duress, we fear.

This coronavirus was like a bull in a china shop
We were concerned about constantly being over the top
Performance, marketing, scales, and stakeholders
It seems we need to revise the strategy, dear readers.

So what now? Are we going to slow down and ponder?
On what we have to give up and offer to manage humanity
Or keep on being obtuse, dollar-oriented and benighted?
Decide to see inside ourselves and stand united?

‘Cause, guess what? When life as we know it will end
It isn’t the green note that you desperately clutch in your hand
That will save you from illnesses, grief, and sadness
Thus: We have to seek the pursuit of happiness
Which will always prevail, keep on smiling to the new day
All this frenzy will appease itself and soon be at bay…

Nancy, March, 30, 2020. Written from 12:03pm to 12:40pm
Man's stupidity
has once again been displayed
to what end foretold?

To find a vaccine
is man's first priority
for the days ahead

The instigators
of this world epidemic
to justice be brought

Of this pandemic
called the corona virus
deployed was by whom?

warfare it seems to be like
no one will admit

We may never know
if it was a weapon used
in a secret way

May God help us all
is now an ardent prayer
repeated often
Some thoughts which have crossed my mind over the last week or so due to the global pandemic sweeping the world currently.
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