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Anya 14h
When I was young enough to remember
my dad told be not to be one
an "also ran"

It was only when I was older
I understood
She is a swimmer who has been to state
I also swam
She's gotten second place in piano state
I also played
She's the varsity goalie and incredibly athletic
I'm also a goalie
He's our debate team co-head and one of our best
I also debate
She's amazing at writing poetry
I also write
Her squash team got second in the state
I also play squash
She was the lead of the musical
I was also in the musical
I could keep going
But I think you get the point
So what,
if I've tried everything
do everything
know everything?

I have to find
that one thing I'll be the best at
I can't always be an also ran
MaxiM May 28
Age is not just a number, but a ruler to how well one utilizes time.
MaxiM6: Age
Success is on an individual basis,
the people you want around won't feed you the hunger to succeed.
If you need to be fed, you'll drag down those around you.
The failure to succeed is unattractive.
Laziness is looked down upon.
Those who give up often are hardly respected.
Complainers are the lepers of society,
They are the ones being avoided.
Under the pit you sit,
With your hand outstretched towards the surface,
They walk past,
They rather not fall in.
When you try to help someone lose weight,
But they lack discipline,
And eat trash all day,
Will you then believe their wishes?
Those who wait for inspiration, will most likely still slip away from action, even when it is given to them.
Natasha 1d
by the immense weight of
expectation; I’ve come too far
to turn back now.

or to stay stagnated, where I am.
this halfway house of
purgatory, grasping at mere
fibres of the future I so very wish to weave,
but my attempts are futile
I am unable to get a grip.
rope burn bites at my hands,
slip, bleed, slip.  

The options are so endless,
yet so limited by none other
than myself.
I preach,
believe in yourself. love yourself.
go for your dreams and don’t let them slip away.
but these are simply words I say.
I preach one thing and
I practise another.
hypocrisy, doubt’s dutiful brother

fan others flames yet ignore mine being smothered.
by my own hands, none other.

at least I have you,
the single being on this earth
that believes in me.
I don’t know why
I don’t know how it came to be.
that you are the one soul that truly pushes me towards my dreams.
you don’t let me give up
you don’t allow me to claim victim, be smothered by this monster surrounding me,

not mother or father
but me, it’s me.
the monster is me
don’t you see?
I’m the one who doesn’t believe.
I’m the one whose stopping me
I’m the one whose keeping me down and doubting myself and writing myself off before I even put pen to paper and make myself worse off.

You are like
a fallen angel
lifting me on
your broken wings

not to save me,
but to let me go
and catch me again
like a bird
teaching her
baby to fly.

are trying to help me realize

that I have wings too,
if I’d just open my eyes.
that you can still fly
and be scared of heights.

3 am passes
another day approaches
pointless moments surrounded by
wilting roses.

I’ll fight the urge to
give up, even if it feels like
I’m not winning

the clock will pass 4 am
and the world will keep spinning
I’m so grateful he believes in me. Even when my family doesn’t. He believes I can do what I want to do. He puts everything into perspective for me. I don’t know how he helps me so much with such simplicity.
We got to spend the weekend together.
It was so nice
Anya 2d
The first and last time I ever
bragged was in fifth grade
We’d been on a unit related to the
Ancient Egyptians
I was the only one in our class to have
gotten a good score
On the reading comprehension
Our teacher even
Announced it to the whole class

I was ecstatic
So, I tapped the shoulder of the girl next to me
Whose face clearly showed that
her result wasn’t as joyous
and I told her
The glee practically bursting out of me

“I KNOW!” She screamed
Red faced
A cascade of tears water falling down
Her face

That stayed with me
Even now I ask myself,
Such a pointless thing
It’s only purpose
To hurt
Such a useless thing
Why did I ever do it?

And that is why
I never brag
Even to this day
Chezka 5d
Adulting is not easy,
success is the number one enemy,
wondering what world can be,
pressure from everyone is a worry,
though it shouldn't be a reason to concede,
because there are dreams and goals to forsee.
Never let anyone or anything become a hindrance on pursuing your dreams.
Farhan 6d
Life originates in pleasure
Begins in pain,
For some ends in treasure
For some ends in vain.
Sam 7d
I want to be great, I want to paint, draw, sing, play guitar, juggle and dance.

I want to run a half long marathon, achieve greatness when I have the chance.

But with only 24 hours a day, I fear it can’t be done.

I want to travel, see the world, be successful and have fun.

But here I sit at home, when I should go on a run, it seems I am a jack of all trades,

But a master of none.
Success is something we all share
Just like oxygen in the air.
The way we live it, is up to us...
With a negative or with a plus

Success is something, we should cherish...
never know, when we’ll perish.

Success is something, we’ve to earn
Choice is yours, Redeem your turn….
Follow your passion, and you’ll be fine,
With the right attitude, you will shine.
Every one someday, somehow will be successful. You just need to believe and to behave in a gentle way. Because life is the most beautiful gift a human can have.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 17
Making money                                              money can't buy!
                  is one skill.                           is a different one
                                         Making life
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