Bryan 21h

We dream of the stars,
And once we reach them,
We long for home.
We long for others,
And when we meet them,
Wish to be alone.
We aspire to fame,
And once we're popular,
We don't want to be known.
Let's nail our feet to the ground.
Let our desires pull us up,
And once we're stretched thus, be grown.

Rebecca 3d

The view from the top of the mountain
Will be something I'll never forget

Be it a breeze of crisp Autumn relief
Or a shower of monsoon regret

First write in a long time
Dave Parker Oct 10

Once you've flown
Felt the winds of life under your wings
When you've soared
And viewed it all from on high

Then life responds with gravity
Storm force winds and rain
Reruns of glory run through your head
Comparisons of past storms survived

But thought heights have gone
Another day means one more yesterday
One less tomorrow
But you have been there

Soared the clouds
Skirted the heavens and survived
So still you try
For the trying keeps you whole.

why the most successful people of this world are alone ?
        "just because they put themselves above all"
        "just because they assumes themselves self made "

hey ! remember  that don't call yourself "self made" .call yourself "God-made"
surely your life will be blessed :)

Desmond Sep 21

Mistakes lead to failure, then success.

Failure is not fatal.
Success is not final.
Road to success is always in construction.
I am successful because I laid a firm base.
A base from the bricks, mistakes threw at me.

Although I live going forward.
Life can only be understood backwards.
Looking back, I smile at past mistakes.
I learned from failure not success.

My life has no regrets.
Behind success, failure is a secret.
I never quit when I failed.
I failed until I succeed.

I learned a lot from mistakes.
Lessons can come disguised as mistakes.
The only mistake is not learning from mistakes.

Richard Grahn Sep 19

Down, deep down inside...
Down inside where the memories hide.
Where the meanings mean so very much more.
Beyond a time we can’t ignore.

Down where the dragons hunt and crawl.
Lost in the maze…falling, falling.
Against the wall…clawing, clawing.


Up, pushing up…
Out, reaching out…
In, letting in…flying, trying.
Living, dying, laughing, crying.
Across the wind…singing, smiling.

Down below where the meanings flow,
We see a light in the cold, dark night.
Reading leaves in our hot, dark tea.
Believing things we just can’t believe.

Sailing far across the sea.
We grieve for loves we’ve never seen.
Our minds are wrapped in the waves of time.
What once was lost is ours to find.


I thank you now for this little dance.
A lovely chance to see the light.
You mean so very much to me.
I’ve reached you here inside my dreams.

From deep inside these shadowed halls,
We’ve finally reached beyond the walls.
Above the sky, deep down inside,
Like birds we fly, escaping time.

I was on a seven day stint in the hospital and Sharlin was one of my tender caregivers. I asked her if she’d like to hear a poem. She said yes but insisted that I write one just for her. The topic she chose was “success after failure.” Of course I obliged. This is the result. I loved the challenge and she was thrilled with the result.
Adam Almansor Sep 17

Success is nothing but a chemical reaction.
One leaving us reaching for the stars and returning into orbit with a case of dissatisfaction.
What is success?
Stagnating grades resulting in feelings that we try to repress?
Success is the advancement of society nonetheless.

But I’m not questioning success, instead what we perceive as it.
Success is not just a bundle of fireworks, one that brings us joy when lit.
It’s a driving factor,
But one with evil residing like a nuclear reactor.

Nothing good is of detriment,
It shouldn't include even a slight contaminant,
Or even a sediment.

Our views on success, need to be reformed.

Hey, this is my first poem that I have uploaded to this website. I am 14 years old, so don't judge it too harshly. I do still want advice though.
Aditya Roy Sep 12

I looked up at the skies
Never knowing how high it really it is when I think of people who have reached the moon
They are just lies
I’d never made to path to reach the troposphere anytime soon

Because I never realized my dreams until I noticed time really flies or could run
While I felt jealous of the spacemen who had gone past an achievable reality
So one day I brought a completely upright ladder with a fluffy cloud at the top rung to block the sun
I ventured near the majestic Everest for inspiration with amateurish alacrity

After a few rungs I realized I was missing the soil
I was living in a dream without even knowing it
I’d never known blood, sweat and toil
Well I was feeling tired by epiphanies I came across each time when on the rungs my feet fit

After a healthy amount of rungs I came under the impression that I had gone quite far up
So I looked below to see how far I had come, understanding I still couldn’t see my damn cursed cloud
But when I did I was overcome by vertigo and ran up the steps faster than a hare whilst fearing failure and making this one shot my only mess up
My entire life I had been around the wrong crowd

Thinking my progress was enough at every interval of my life but that was the dream or a holy shroud
Time to make that shroud a proper cassock for a righteous monk
Because I was on my way to some form of success I had found
But I didn’t know the nature of it because of the people I had been among and I had run amok

Now eight kilometers into the journey of 10 km of climbing I could barely make out the familiar snowy white
And stopped for respite to think about the purpose of all of this because I had decided on this just to learn how to work hard
I realized I don’t want to work any further and I thought I was right to seek God and reach the peak of my might
And I continued toward

I had to work quite hard to finish the journey to the cloud because I had taken too long a rest
So by the time I had reached I was sweating blood
And I was about to climb onto my beloved spacious cloud knowing I had climbed the highest
But when I was about get down the ladder fell through the cloud and I grabbed tight onto the wood already missing my cloud as I probably would

As it sped downward I realized it was going into the top of Mount Everest
And I prayed for a miracle because I wanted to meet my Lord not land on the top of some dumb mountain
But much to my chagrin I landed in the snow near an Indian flag planted by a mountaineer who had also done his best or maybe more and I realized this was just a test
In glee and forgetting my past and then reminiscing it to cherish this moment and realization I clenched a fistful of snow and raised it to the sky and I had learned that you don’t reach God by a simple stunt he has to welcome you after you’ve proved yourself through a real endurance test like drowning yourself in the golden fountain

You don’t set the goal he sets it
He uses your ideals as benchmarks
But he may not stand beside it unless you’ve known enough adversity to still manage living the rest of your life in a pile of shit
But if you still believe in living in a dream instead of dying in one you’re gonna stay stuck on Mount Everest because you’ll still have to move because of the lack of oxygen and you’re going to die and get reborn as a dog that barks

Now I had decided to block the sun how the hell do I get down this dumb mountain now

An allegory to success, enlightenment and morality. Filled with delicious chunks of prose poetry.

Moby Dick, geometry, physics.
Study every subject everyday.
Homework is an indicator of future success.
Success is not necessarily happiness but it helps.
Freedom is to formulate your own definition of success.
Happiness is an imaginary tree, its own reward, and a fact.
Facts and fiction may be memorialized in memos or found in dreams.
The story starts thus: Each summer the honeysuckles and the
      huckleberries . . .
The web is that extra brain we've all been dreaming of having.
Like jumping 4 meters or flying without a plane.
To fly like that must one first have homework?
Some say yes, some say don't. It depends on how you vote.
Happiness is what happens when everything that happens
Fits the time perfectly and it's all out of your hands.
Not exactly. You don't let go of the steering wheel while driving fast in
      the passing lane.
You look left and right and check your blind spots.
Homework is an introduction to everything you're not
And all you do not know. It's supposed to help you learn to know where
      you want to go before going where you have to go.
Otherwise you end up on Ulzana's raid
Bleeding, without a bandaid.
All the achievement in the world won't relieve your loneliness
Or satisfy your sexual longing. What girls are like behind their eyes.
Survival, procreation. That's all there is to love.
But the loved one is the one who can be trusted with your life.
Whether Christ or your wife. The Muslim moms.
On my walk in the woods I come to a sitting spot
Above a small gorge cut by a stream through hemlocks.
Here someone has left a statuette of the Buddha and the flags you see
Flapping in the wind at sky funerals.
This is a pretty good place to sit quietly and think about homework.

Once I had a dream
Which I made come true...
If I can do it
Well then, So can you!

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