Vivek 3h
Stay strong, fight hard!
You'll fail but play your card!
Keeping doing what you like!
One-day you'll get a strike!
Life is unfair!
But You'll get your share!
Someday What you want will happen!
Failure will make you sharpen!
It's okay to be sad sometimes!
Failing is not a crime!
Dedicate yourself and you'll be successful!
After winning, failing seems cool!

When famous celebrities
Like Anthony Bourdain commit suicide,
It reminds each of us
Of our tenuous hold on life.
These people are  rich.
They're famous.
They  take many righteous  stands
On many important  issues,
But SOMETHING about this life
Leaves them  feeling
Though others admire their Success,
They're in a hurry to leave.
On this day 30 years ago, I was single.
The next day my life changed forever.
I played in a 5-a-side football match for my work's team
against our local rivals, played well and scored many goals
Watching on was a girl, or should I now say "young woman"
who worked for the same company as me
Later that night the young woman and I
commenced a romantic relationship.
exactly 10 years to the day after that, we married.
30 years of ups and downs, break ups and make ups
house moves, serious illness and bereavements
outside interference, family politics and strife
all like any other marriage I guess
but we're still together, our little team of 2
taking on the world and all life's challenges in tandem
most of all we're happy together
if you believe in love
then ours is a success story
A personal piece which I aim to be feelgood
Success can be a double edged sword.
You worked hard, are at the top
and yet, people hate you.
Why can't we enjoy
success without
the need of
Haters will hate. But the people of the past will work harder to destroy you.
I wish people would push others, not tear people down.
There's room for everyone, right? Or is it just me being naive?
Just wishful thinking?
I don't know.
Be back soon.
Lyn xxx
Woman with a pen
She is a woman with a pen
she is a woman with a child
She carry her basket
with two little lands

Her task is to sell
the pen to write
the pen to note
All she want a money to vend

She work for years and years
but none shows a delight
Never give up on dreams
she remembered and start her life

And one day she opened her own shop
The day of rain filled her job
She work long for success
because she is a woman with a pen
For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining, is to let it rain.
There will be thousands of people doing
the same thing as you. Just keep in
mind, there is only ONE you.
So walk down your path.
Everyone has their own journey. Everyone has their own successes as well as failures. No path will be exactly the same. Success will come your way soon.
Walk through life with that hope, drive, passion and will to conquer
Thanks again!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
No matter how the fire burns
How much the water swallows
How much the wind blows,
life will always find a way
to grow
short but sweet, hopefully.
Life always finds a way!
Be back soom!
Lyn xxx
I'm getting older
Blessed to live another year
Now I'm twenty three

Today is a gift!
A celebration of life.
I'm grateful to breathe

Life truly is short
So many dreams in my heart
Never enough time

Though I am still scared
My heart burns with hopes and dreams
I want to shine too

Age is a number
Now is when I take that step
Towards my future

Words, my history
Success is my destiny
Come stability

Lyn the little bird
Feel the wind, flutter your wings
Take flight and sing loud
Guess who's now officially 23!
Man, i don't feel any different but still.
Another year, another blessing! ^.^
Thank you to everyone here for giving me the confidence I need when it came to my work! You guys are awesome!
Much love
Lyn xxx
irises 7d
i hope by the time you read this
you have realized something about yourself.

anything at all.

that you're beautiful
that you're smart
that you're worth it
that you're art.

but i can't tell you these things
since they are things you must find within yourself;
i know
you will not believe me.

to those who have not found:
search a little closer
get a better mirror
magnify the music of your soul ten times the max volume
it can reach.

i guarantee you,
there's something there.
and even if everything else seems like it's in despair

remember you had it in you to get here.

so there must be something.
anything at all.

for how can you ever hope to love someone else,
if you can not find the love within yourself?
I’ve had myriad seizures in my life.
I’m however, still alive.
An obscure force constantly attacked me.
A force directly proportional to gravity.
God granted serenity to accept the certainty,

Epilepsy, you’re in my life.
You don’t own my life.
My cognitive function has been dented.
I’ve been labelled and painted.
Sometimes even laughed at.

Seized, fell and rose countlessly.
I soldiered on courageously.
Giving up has never been an option.
I never took my eyes off the goal posts.
Epilepsy tried to shift the goal posts.

Against all odds, I graduated.
Applause as I approach the podium.
They applaud for academic success.
I however applaud for overcoming epilepsy.
Hospital was my other home during studies.
Marks capped, academic record not true image of success.
During my university years, I used to constantly get admitted to hospital due to epilepsy and it reflected badly on my academic record due to supplementary exams.
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