You said I couldn't be successful.
You made me break down in tears.
You're supposed to be an influencer;
someone who will shape me for years.

Aren't you supposed to be my teacher?
Well, what are you teaching me?
I can never be worth anything.
I am not who I am supposed to be.

I have learned nothing from you
except for the all the lies you have told.
I can be worthy despite what you say.
You don't know what the future holds.
This world has taught me that having self-confidence           
Makes you more susceptible to failure.                                       

But that failures can sometimes be soothed             
with some thought and a pen and paper.   

This world has taught me that the truth 
is more likely to emerge if you are anonymous.                      

That sometimes being a traitor,                                                         ­   
is synonymous                                                       ­             
with looking out for yourself.                                                        ­        

This world has taught me that the more power
and wealth you may hold,   
the less you care about those below you.

The more your arrogance grows,
the stronger your belief that you cannot be controlled.    

This world has shown me how your heart can feel cold,
infested with hurt
only to realize it's rotting with mold.

That you can be surround by people
or peers, and still feel so detached and unequal.

This world has taught me that when you tell someone a story,            
They will be waiting in anticipation
not paying attention,
but in a hurry                                      
just so they can tell you theirs.         
Ignorant of the fact that I realize it.
Ignorant of the fact that hurts me.                                                          

Th­is world has taught me that the feeling of glory 
is sometimes followed with guilt.
no hero or champion would ever dare to admit
how it swelled their bellies with unfulfilling accomplishment.

Sometimes I wonder how long it took them
to recover,
to have that courage inside their souls re-built.
Through the chaos,
amongst the rummage,
with crammed up efforts,
toiling towards the certainty,
was my happiness boulevard to success.

I had it all figured,
or, so I assumed.
I wasn’t far from the complacency,
or, so I believed.
How often do things go as planned?
Yes, It was just a matter of time, until,
I was panned.

My fixed-mindset renounced failure,
I loathed my passion,
I decided for myself-“It’s not how it’s meant to be”.
Was I looking for an easy way out?
Did I interpret success as “never failing”?
Was I scorning the fact that I still had a chance?

What if I entered the growth-mindset?
Give it another shot to change things around,
pick-up from my past gaffe,
endeavour, or absorb from the failure again.

The journey might be arduous,
the goal might be too ambitious,
the path chosen might seem dubious and,
the success might never seem duteous.

Success is not the end,
neither is a failure.
If success opens the door for a new goal,
Failure instills that-
frustration is temporary, the experience is forever.
Being able to endure
Is a type of success.
Being successful
At something destructive
Is a type of failure.
I want to reach on the top.
Hard work is the key & the lord is my hope.
Time is passing and it's very short.
Only you are my inspiration, oh my god.
Inspirational, Success
Lucero 7d
If you live your days

like you’re not living at all,

will you be remembered?

And will your presence

be heard?

Will there be a voice,

illuminating the darkness

that may someday

make its way through?

Will the oceans

be there to guide you

when you need it

the most?

Will the strength you have,

help you at your worst?

Your mere presence

is the key to your very own

successful bliss.
Be your own hero...
Nylee Mar 7
the girl
she makes the world so beautiful
she had come to rule
but she was never given the chances equal

she was forced to silence
forced to smile
give those people another glance
even when she will be overlooked this while

the girl did it all
she made big from real small
learned the smooth and the rough
but she was given another bluff

her, she was thrown around
laughed and joked about
but she smiled throughout
her tears for herself when she drowned

she went ahead, even behind at times
she fought for herself at every step
her words and thoughts, her lines
well thought, did had a bite.

the girl,
her success was a victory
not hers alone, from all bulls
she rose to make a history
nuwanda Mar 7
when I was ten, I scraped the surface of my skin
soothing the nerves that might be achin’
and I dreamed of being a shape-shifter
instead of wearing my own skin, wanted to be a transformer
like Mystique covered her scales with brown-leather jacket
as if she was hiding in her friend’s pocket

I wanted to be a shape-shifter so bad
that I carry different names in different events
introducing another personality into another styles and bents,
desperate in escaping reality
that my first name is Nobody
with a last name of loser in a morena body

when I was thirteen, I wanted to be a telepathic
because middle school was boring and pathetic,
your freckles and scars was not considered as aesthetic
because they are distractive, not attractive
then most people was stereotypic
and put so much weight of stigma
that was heavier in my own persona

I hope I could read someone’s mind
to attend their standards and be acceptable, not behind
I hope I could seep in the openings of their cracks
to see if I could join in their popular groups and ranks
I wanted so bad to be telephatic
that my sanity was almost equal to chaotic and psychotic

when I was sixteen, I wished I had x-men gene of invisibility
because school was tiresome and heavy
and bullies was way powerful than your mental ability
that you would rather disappear and stay in eternal tranquility
then suffer from discrimination
because your skin was not society’s accepted complexion
they said, I didn’t belong anywhere
because I am nobody from nowhere

mom even said I’ll be fine and should work for it
I said that I am over it and I am so done with it
but mom didn’t understand that suiting yourself in was like
walking in fired coal with trigger in my feet of armalite the wall

now, I just turned 19, I finally understand
how world kept condemning, exploiting and oppressing people who are weak
who are in minority, not hearing their silent screech
I finally understand that if you have no power
people will trample and trample you to lower

I finally understand that I don’t need an approval stamp
from anybody that crushes my soul in tramp
and you, yes you
you don’t need anybody to be whole
because, certainly, surely, you can fill your own hole
I finally understand that I am enough
that life is rough so you have to be tough
And I finally understand what made me stay,
you foolish prodigy, do not be easily swayed
I have the right to be here, you have to.
PoonWhisper Mar 6
Dastardly and reluctant I have came to speak for the wretched things that have made me weak. Sit silent as I speak, it softly settles as I move to quick retreat.

Bare in all that is me to be the might of examination. If that is so what you please? But also remember you are just as evil and fucked up as me.

I am so quick to want to be worth more when I treat myself less. Intolerably suffocating the idea we should all forget. More or less of a forfeit.

Stranded in solitude of the ever deepening abyss. Complete consciousness in adrift.
So much remorse, so much regret. Who am I?

Where off am if I eventually forget? It seems intangible be it that you are not here. The sound of her voice Start's to disappear. Albeit there seems to be more to this. Than a lost soul and lost mind driting into the abyss. No. There is defiant tendencies that do exist. A reason to run from the part of me I do not want to adress.

I cannot seem to just carry on and forget. It eats at me like locusts latching on to my neck.
So I write to capture the moment to quickly relinquish it. Only you can picture this.

Imagine we are somewhere beautiful. Imagine we were better off than this..?? Imagine I was someone who could offer you advice, someone who has also dealt with this.

Oh wow that sound's great. Yea here is a prescription. This should handle it. By the way this pill gives you the shit's. So you might wanna also take this. Whats this?

Oh this? This is a pill that will offset this. Thats two signatures.
Two pharmaceutical trial drug checks. Well it seems to work I mean other than the nausea or the frequent headaches. It is also free to me because the insurance pay's for it...pays three hundred a month for insurance. Just thought I would add that.

Face yourself alone, find your weaknesses and eradicate them.
Small changes eventually add up to a big change. Start where you are.

Lets network! If you have a talent lets see how we can work together to achieve that. Falcons increase their chances while flying in trio. So it is a fact in many instances that you suceed together greater than you do alone.
Success follows your step
Fragrance flourish when you breathe
Flowers bloom when you smile
I feel the luckiest when you hold me tight
Oh, darling
There will be no darkness
No lonely nights
In my life
As long as
I have you by my side.
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