sarah 2d

we do the things adults
tell us we have to do
in order to be successful
and happy in life
we spend so much time
following the crowd even if
we know we want
something else
instead of sitting
in a classroom for hours
every week
for months and
for years
i want to learn
by experience

Those days with success
were bright as they should
Those nights with success
were dark as they should

Bright as the sun
dark as they shadow

Don't go near it thy
you won't come it by

Fly those days in mind
the bright sight of life

keep this key in mind
those days with success will fly...

A poem about the success with the following days and nights
hope you enjoy reading it

Disappointed? By what?
Because I won't follow you blindly?
You had plans, and I broke them,
shattered like your dreams.
Call me rebellious or independent,
a trailblazer if you will,
but all I am is me,
The plans of mine I will fulfill.
Let me be free,
let me sow these seeds,
the sprouts of success,
You will see,
What it means to be me.

Im just trying to grow up
Pseudonym96 Nov 26

When you're in over your head and start questioning whether you're actually capable of what you're trying to do, just remember:

Success isn't getting things right the first time (though it's wonderful when it happens)

Success is persevering until you get it right. Stop rushing life, and stop pushing yourself too hard, just take things slow, try and learn.

Exams are daunting, but they're a counterproductive way meant to get you to learn. So breathe, actually do your best, and if you don't get the result you're hoping for, try again. Part of life is facing and overcoming challenges. Good luck.

This isn't a poem, but I thought I'd share it for anyone who's in any situation where they're scared or want to quit. Good luck to you all in whatever challenges you're facing.

Golden eyes
Strike her as she slips
Through the door to twilight

She knods to them and
Swiftly turns away
Hiding out amongst the oak
As the eyes hunt down their prey

A tender tiptoe snaps a twig
The pupils fix on her
Startled she stares back
And their glow begins to near

Stumble, gasp, fall

Their shine leaves her entranced
As they pass their magic on

Haze seeps into her surrounding
Her eyelids snap shut
Her head begins to grows heavy
As the precious metal of success
Begins to lay it's tracks

It's our time
The sublime
Rhyme and reason
We season this reality with words instead of thyme:
Both are medicinal
Antiseptic chemicals to keep away the grime

                   Don't tell me any different

                Bare witness to the gift of bliss that is expression
                       Words can increase life expectancy in the midst of depression
             They can get back at those who hurt you without using a weapon
            Or refresh your mental image when you're feeling less than

They form legacies and dedications
Eulogies and congratulations
They give everything in existence an identity
Even the most vulgar obscenities

Words are life and words are love
Words even form this silly cheesy stuff

       To everyone feeling poetic, I have but one question
      What's one way, while writing, your life has been blessed in?

Diana Y Nov 13

I feel powerful.
I feel compelling.
I feel forceful.

Like everyday
Every night
Every tear I've ever shed

Made me stronger.

Jessica S Nov 10

My parents always told me
That I needed to be a good girl
To have a good life
My teachers told me
That I needed to study more
So I could be successful
My friends told me
That I needed to get a boyfriend
Just like them
So I would not be lonely anymore
When I turned seventeen
I got sick of the things I needed to do
I cried myself to sleep
And suddenly I realized
Everything I have done
I did not do It for me
I did It for them

OnyxSea Nov 6

An elusive idea, an unclear goal,
which people develop, because they are bold.

They see above, and beyond the horizon,
chasing a rainbow which they so desire.

Little did they know, that all which they see,
Is transparent and illusory, unlike what they believe.

Instead of thinking,
in terms of purpose and meaning.

Why not realize,
that true happiness is within me?

Chasing so far for things which may not be true,
how about I work toward,
an actual truth I can use?

Audrey Nov 6

Who are  y o u

To tell  m e

Who I am?

Who I'll be?

I have climbed my own mountain

I have voyaged across the monstrous sea

I have built my own palace

Without anyone's belief in who I'd be

The sweat and the tears

Did not do anything but fuel my dreams

I channeled my fear and anger just so I could succeed

Don't let anyone tell you, you can't be what you want in life because of mistakes you've made in your past.
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