Seema 1d

Thin as a stick
A child so brave
Piles up bricks
For food he craves

Dirty torn t-shirt
With a quarter pants
He seems quite hurt
As he plays with ants

He works to feed
With what he earns
Little boy weeds
In the sun, he burns

With face turned red
He strives his best
Lives in a strawshed
He hardly has his rest

At the age of ten
His family got killed
Ever since then
His never been healed

Now, his sixteen
Well built and tall
A learner so keen
He's learnt it all

Time flew with work
Night spent on study
Ears closed on mock
He was almost ready

Ambitious and smart
Graduated in toppers list
Now his real life starts
On a good salary, he sits...


They hope you do good,
But not better than them.
You have magical technique
That causes them to be weak.
You have what they want,
Don't be too arrogant, but flaunt.
It's not your situation
So don't lose concentration
Use them as a motivation.

Bubbling over,
white picket fence smile,
bouncing from piggy toe to piggy toe,
gesticulating like a willow
on a blustery day,
wishy, washy, rushed words, warm

Today you were the lucky one
Because I was the one who felt genuine joy
Because I was the one who radiated like the sun
Today you were the lucky one
Because I was the one who chose to share it with you

Sleep is for the rich
The poor fornicate with nightmares
And cry heavy tears
Expose their deepest fear
Die by sharpened spears

The rich have their own fear
They fear to live
Afraid of freedom
Slaves to their possessions
They tide success around their necks
Chocking on lack of character
And the ability to be greater

Lately my vision of the future has been hazed with excuses that flow out of me like some form of muscle memory. Refused to answer the door for opportunity because of the fear I have instilled in me. And so I'm sitting here, deferring what could have been, for a comfortable life that should have been temporary. Watching other friends run past me and overlap me, making the end seem further than it should be. Letting myself dodge the responsibility of taking the risk to be a better me, so that I can say I tried without actually doing anything. But I'm sick and tired of all these excuses. I'm dumbfounded that I even let myself excuse this. And I'm shocked that I thought I couldn't do it. But, nows the time to prove to myself that nothing will stand in my way. That, no matter how long it takes, my future will no longer be grey. That, I can be stronger than who I let myself be. Because in the end, the only person who will benefit from this, is me.

Saint Titus Aug 3

Hold that thought
Until you're hands are bloody, broken

(Its not)
but maybe It could be
(Fuck you)
Winning on the golden ticket

Ok, there's no real chance
(no shit)

I swear to god
(Get fucking through it)
I dealt out my pain
From past experience
(Bitch please)

I mean it
(you can't be serious)

There's a broader gate
Whats the reason?
(I'm glad they segregate)
Pad locked grave gate
(You're a rip off and you know it)

Throw the game to save some face
(Better hide, you'd better run)
Coughing mad hatter fits
(Living sub-par is ignorant bliss)

I miss the days of old
(funny shit)

Barely out the womb
Already wounded
Foray into the fray
Has left me confused
Malnourished and blue
In the face

And yet this constant fear
Of disgrace
(You're fucking fake)

(Fake as shit, I swear I know it
So psychotic and psychotropic
Spend your waking moments hiding
And every other in imaginary topics)

Making do with slave wages
Striking out on all these pages
Jesus left me feeling blind
Contained within these broken places


They say reading is good for you
They say a lot of shit

Zeeshan Aug 2

Told how to live, how to dress, how to talk,
Taught how to sit, how to eat, how to walk,
We buried our freedom beneath the gloss of life.

The savages lived happily after all,
Not caring about the gloss of success,
They enjoyed the hell hole, called life.

Zeeshan Aug 2

beneath his flawless public facade,
coated by the veneer of composure;
and the gloss of success,
he hid tragic despair of his life…

Lyn-Purcell Jul 27

Cut out the toxic
Liars, cheats, backstabbers, thieves
Then, you'll breathe and grow

Then you will realize
That you can rise to the sky
And shine in glory

You'll have healthy roots
Tend to yourself carefully
Love, hone and perfect

Belief is your soil
Water yourself with passion
As well as sunlight

Remember this though
No one can grow without help
You have many roots

You will rise and fall
The seasons will turn on you
Never surrender

Even as a seed
Though small, your potential grows
And you will flower

Don't let anyone stunt your growth. Don't doubt your true potential
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