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Words' Worth Jul 25
One rock that bounces off the river
Another rock that drowns and scars the bed
What distinguishes the two is fate's solitaire

One day I will skip like a stone
But today I lie sunken at the bottom
Amidst the many mermaids in the photic zone

Stifled by the pressure of the water
Fettered by the weight of failure and anxiety
Overhead a storm rages, unsettling the ocean

I will outlive this habitat that will die slowly
I will see the ecosystem turn into a corpse
Anemone, scampi, and sharks; no trace of it all

I hope to skip like a stone, but, at what cost
A short poem on loneliness. Every time when we take a leap, we feel that we might make it. But sometimes fate has other plans. When your leap of faith doesn't work out, you fall into comfort zone. But slowly that gets taken away. It is like the rug is snatched from under you. You slip into a limbo of endless self-doubt and again, loneliness. But loneliness becomes your ally.
This life's a battleground,
We're all warriors here. 
Fake smile is our shield in this, 
And we're battling through our invisible tear' (tears).

Fighting to conquer the kingdom named 'success,'
And the failure is our only fear.
Even after identifying the target of attack,
Our goal seems to be hazy and unclear.

Resisting against unknown adversaries,
Struggling every single day to survive.
"One day, that kingdom will be ours,"
Only this hope keeps us alive.

With a tired body and countless scars,
We prepare again to endure all the strife (strives). 
We back ourselves up again to fight the next...
Perhaps this is what we call life..!
Accept or not, but we're all battling here each day... 🙂
Kassan Jahmal May 28
Wait your turn, others will fail in front of you,
    Learn from where you stand
You too shall have your losses,
      But lesser the former:

Wait your turn, as love is a given,
   Still we must search
Not of a love out there, but a love
   In us—worth to be loved;
Don't chase what you can never hold,
   Nor trodden grounds of crave:

Wait your turn, till death picks you
  Not to be called by sparing lips,
Risks are life—though aren't the ones to risk your life
  Treat a moment as it's the last,—make it last:

Wait your turn, for no success comes in a day,
  No peace of heart is without pieces
Littered with worry, how do you dream?

Wait your turn, for these lessons
  Are what you'll always own,
Wait your turn, to be a father, a mother,
   A success, a people and great story
Wait your turn, my children to be
        A woman and a man.
Anais Vionet Apr 22
Some people are cynical about college -  it’s rigid, they say - why is it even needed?

Don’t be confused about college - it’s not a place for creativity. You can’t use an essay to wander restlessly through your imagination - you’ll fail - and fail quickly. Universities are places for conscientious minds.

Conscientiousness - the desire to do the needed well and thoroughly - is the best predictor of success in college, in graduate school, in law, in management and anyplace that has structure and rules.

In science, most progress is incremental. Oh sure, there’s the occasional Einstein who changes everything, but that’s rare. The reason science is so powerful is that it allows regular, educated people to advance knowledge one microstep at a time. Imagine a hundred thousand people microstepping and exchanging knowledge and wow, now we’re zooming.

You don’t want a surgeon in their well lit operating theater to have an inspiration and try something new on you. You want them to apply the state-of-the-art procedure diligently and carefully.

Entrepreneurs and artists don’t always do well in college. Those careers require constant “out of the box” thinking. When a person starts a company, there are no rules, it’s necessary for the entrepreneur to make things work on the fly. Artists are almost required to break or create new rules. Conscientiousness certainly plays a part in those fields but it’s not the main predictor of success.

Creativity is necessary - every company needs a small group of people generating new ideas but it’s a high risk, high reward game. Few new ideas pan out - the odds that your idea will be unique, practical, affordable and reach the marketplace at exactly the right time to be successful are astronomically low.

Someone who wants to - who feels they have to be creative - is almost cursed. Yes, it’s ironic that I’m publishing this on a poetry site - but in most cases creative people fail - it’s much better for the average someone to be practical. Practical people are generally more successful in life although the rare creative can be extremely successful (Musk, Jobs, Gates).

Colleges teach how our world works - a simulacrum of what is currently known - in hopes that the student will be able, one day, to ask the next question - the one that will push their particular science ahead that one microstep and move us all into the bright future.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: simulacrum: a representation of something.
A money system that’s built to last
Breeds long-term insights to our views
And money that inflates quite fast
Breeds short-term actions as we choose

A money system stable and sound
Gives us decades to work and build
Nurture each other - nurture the ground
As dreams and lives become fulfilled

Lasting families, lasting goals
Lasting buildings, lasting states
A lasting vision for our souls
Knowing that our wealth awaits

An unsound money kills our dreams
As every system falls apart
Hopes are torn up by the seams
And all are shaken - losing heart

The “fiat standard” rings unsound
Backed by nothing - quite unjust
A better standard we have found
The Bitcoin Standard - we can trust
This is Bitcoin Poem 006 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).
Hope in life for all of us
Comes full of expectation
Looking forward in our minds
With fervent aspiration

We expect some better things
To flow in our direction
And expectation sets intent
And shapes our world connection

Thus we see our daily hope
And happy expectation
Helps to bring our hopes to pass
And mold them to creation

So claim your daily power
And all the liberation
That follows optimistic hope
And mindful expectation
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If you want to reach new heights
Or your former goals outdo
You may need to consider
Doing something new for you

If all you’ve ever done before
Has gotten you just so far
Try something that’s new for you
In order to raise the bar

What we’ve done is easier
And habits tend to flow
But if you want prosperity
Old ways might have to go

Stretch beyond your comfort zone
And take this truth to heart
Your new ways can be habits soon
You simply have to start
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We say that money is power
And has been all along
But now in Bitcoin’s hour
Our money is fully strong

No inflation from dilution
All value it retains
A useful grand solution
To safely grow our gains

Birthed by light from solar waves
Encrypted crystal backing
Who owns what - its ledger saves
Every detail tracking

Bitcoin builds a “cross world” trust
Forming firm foundations
For making, trading, holding wealth
For people, groups, and nations
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When I can’t get all things done
I still can plan some daily fun
I breathe deep and say
It’s okay

When others speak unkindly
I don’t internalize blindly
I breathe deep and say
It’s okay

As I make mistakes each day
I quickly get back on my way
I breathe deep and say
It’s okay

When I find a friend who’s down
And can’t seem to turn it around
I sit with him or her and say
It’s okay
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Himani Dhaka Apr 4
Through the eyes of mine
that glitter and shine
into the fog of nothing
I see arcane paths and a frantic heart

I run away to feel safe and sound
Still the tail follows me around
Frenetic efforts and sleepless nights
Go into the fog of nothing…

When I look around
I see a imperfect past that surround
A flickering that guides
Into the fog of nothing

The pathless woods are eerie
This chanciness so weary
Yet the flickering star would guide
Through the fog of nothing…
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