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Kelsey Jun 7
When I met the wise, old man
I asked him the questions
What am I doing now?
What is next?
What is holding me back?
How do I overcome?

What am I doing now?
He showed me fireworks
And fists raised
An envelopement
Strong laughter
A tightly wound cocoon
A smile of a lover
A comfortable chair.

What is next?
The sound of scribling
Paper becoming full
The turn of a page
A burst of tears
An overwhelming achievement

What is holding me back?
A wailing in the rain
A dark,
Lonely room
Closed eyes
Anxious heart
A Comfortable chair

How do I overcome?
Sitting in a chair

Then I ask the wise, old man
If I will be
A success
And he threw a stick
In the fire
Pointed to the sparks
And held my hand.
CJ May 24
Choose a wrong route in life?
Mad at the wrong decision?
Blamed yourself for it?
Regretted everything you have done?

Think again...

You cant change what you had thought at that particular time.
Mistakes are made for a better success
Don't blame yourself for making the mistake
Praise yourself for realizing it and choosing to change

Who you are today is because of what you have done in the past
Be glad you have learnt from it.
I know its hard to forget but as long as you forgive yourself forgetting is easier...
Zack Ripley May 23
I would be lying
If I said I wasn't afraid of failing.
But I'm more afraid of succeeding.
There's so much more pressure.
You have more to lose.
Your actions have more consequences.
You have to think more carefully
Before you choose.
But sometimes, you have to take risks.
You just have to decide
If it's worth the extra stress.
Healer May 20
Dear me, be like a bison
keep walking one step at a time.
Eyes on the prize, at the horizon.
This winter you are going through may perceive like a thousand lifetimes,
especially the dreary and frigid night, which feels like never-ending,
an opaque blanket of treacherous ice descending.
But dear me, don't be afraid
You are bison, you are meant to go through storms.
In this merciless wind,
you are breaking, shattering to the pieces.
However, keep your mighty will unbending.
For this colorless time, your limits are being constantly tested.
So pick up your stained pieces and fill them with luminous gold.
Push, push more harder, and break through failure's icy barrier.
Create, move your blind self from your exotic art.
Reach to your mystical soul.
Dear me don't be afraid
You are bison, you are meant to go through storms.
For you, yourself can set the limit
of  what's possible and what is not,
to have imperishable patience and never give up.
And dear me don't be afraid of losing your feet on the ground.
Because, sometimes that's the best thing you'll ever do.
So dear me don't be afraid
You are bison, you are meant to go through storms.
Zywa May 11
He was new here, young
no threat, he was allowed
to lend a hand

To survive, he had to be worth
himself and get to know
the people in this country

There was no path mapped out for him
Nobody expected something from him
Soon he started his own business

He became rich because of the stupidity
and the self-interest of the regents
He bought up surplus harvests

and built expensive barns
to safeguard the food
against rain and vermin

He was indispensable, an authority
strengthening the dynasty
His daughter became Queen
Joseph stores up food supplies (Genesis 41)

Joseph's Egyptian name was Yuya. He was married to Tuya (Anath), an Egyptian noblewoman. Their daughter Tiye (born 1398) became Queen in 1388, as the wife of Amen-hotep III, and their son Ay (born 1376) became pharaoh in 1323, as the husband of Ankh-es-en-amon.

Collection “From Sacred Scriptures"
Monet Echo Apr 28
"In order to achieve success, you need a little luck"

While true for some, I do believe
That as roots grow down, we grow up

Roots may not stick out
In the eye of the beholder,
But they allow the fruit to sprout
And make branches that stand shoulder to shoulder

Dig in deep where none can see
Your roots are what will reign you
And when you're finally a tree
Remember what sustains you

Success is not a four-leafed clover
Or three sevens in a row
It's digging over and over and over
Then refusing to let go

It's choosing soil and sticking to it
No matter what may come
It's built by sweat; it's built by grit...
And a healthy amount of sun
Sindi Apr 23
Look in the direction you want to go
Not at you feet
You will just fall down
Into the middle of the ocean

But there are other waves
In the sea
Swim, swim, swim
Paddle, paddle, paddle
And try again
Kassan Jahmal Apr 16
Bright ideas of fools,
an acquired taste.
Guessing I was a tool,
for seeming *******.

An acquired taste for success
has my lips shaking
To acquire success in life,
is to achieve what you make.

Make something of yourself,
something along the lines of being great
And of course,
be something different. An acquired taste.
Honestly. I'm tired of hearing it. Who are you? What are you going to do in life? How will you make your mark? What will you amount to?
That's not a real career. Have you thought about something else as a more practical career? You won't succeed.

How can I think freely if all my thoughts are full of holes? Everyone nitpicking them until they no longer exist, what's the point of even trying?
How can I succeed if everyone pushes me back into my bubble? What am I supposed to do if I can't even leave? No one expects me to leave, either.

How am I supposed to get anywhere if I'm surrounded by high expectations? What am I supposed to accomplish? I can't get anywhere today. The bar's too high. All I can do is complain. Is this really all I can do? It's so... awful. It's a bother. It's a nuisance. I hate it. What am I meant to be?
I'm tired. Of everything. Honestly.
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