There are three deaths,
first is when the body dies physically,
second is when the last person to know us dies,
and last is when all our work and creations
are forgotten or lost

the first two's we can never stop
and the last one is the reason
of our existence

Lets make it worth it.

Cannot a man at his will
Hear the win, hear the feel
Above distraught agonies, the
Mellow success in practice
Perished may have some efforts, for
Instantly nothing's ever been reaped
Occasionally it may include luck, but
Never a tough practice never wins

Knives know no failures if sharp
Neither does and will skills, hence
On the way to a glorious triumph
What better cameo than persistence!

No man becomes a champion if he quits
Or no quitters can ever be one.

Quits who, the lazy bones attitude
Uncuffs the 'destined' hypothesis
If ever a man catches his success
That's all for his persistence.

English revision;

"I will conquer.
I will prosper.

I will not quit.
I will never stop winning.
I will never stop succeeding."

You see,
I refuse even consider words that indicate doubt.

My vocabulary does not extend that far,

And it never will.
I will always win...

So again, I'm sorry for my limited vocabulary...

Actually, nope, I'm not.

What picture are you painting for your mind?
Mande Tonde Jun 1

If I were to do it all again I'd tell my mother that I was sorry
I'd tell my brother that I love him
And I'd tell my best friend that
Maybe the skirt was a little too short for brunch with the parents

I'd tell my sister that I wish I had an ounce of her integrity
I'd thank my coach for believing in me
I'd kiss my teacher on both cheeks
For not leaving me in the hallway crying
I'd thank her for being my only friend for almost an entire year
I'd thank her for carrying me on her shoulders for so long
But most of all I'd thank her for letting go at the right moment

If I were to do it all again
I'd be more honest
Not blunt.
Because blunt is uncompromisingly forthright
And I, for one, give a damn.

If I were to do it all again
I'd understand that in order to get to "success"
I'd have to climb the thousand feet tall ladder called "fear"

If I were to do it all again
I'd jump out of the plane on two
Because people hold on to the edges at three

If I were to do it all again...
Man I'd be at the top of that ladder

Raindrop May 30

It was in the 26th of May
When thirteen stars became one in the galaxy
Among the stars that light up the dark sky,
They shine the brightest with their own light

More were enticed by their brilliant colors
With their own flare that never wears out
In the sky, we watch them dazzle
They will never lose that spark

Others might try to dim their flame
But they only blaze up with more energy,
Enchanting the whole universe
All eyes and ears; mesmerized

Though we're skies apart,
Our hearts are just a beat away
A promise to always protect the glow
Of the thirteen stars that made us dream again

was supposed to post this on the 26th of May ;-;
Ramsha May 26

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

I climbed slowly,
slowly on the mount of aspirations,
On        succint        savoury        dreams,
As i see the success peaking from thousand miles above.

I grip the cold stone
tighter, harder,
My passion,
my hardwork,
As i swiftly float
from    the   ground.

of laze and evil,
Reign against me,
trying to break my hold.
Yet the fire of my
Still burns

My thick woolen
coat hugs me tight,
My faith, my values,
Protecting me from
the blizzards of
jealousy, vile,
As i wind
my way

A glance
And the horrid past knocks
on the veins of my sullen heart,
Yet this soul will give up
no more.

The weary body,
driven by heraculous force,
through the steep slopes of time,
Against enormous storms and stints,
With an armour of patience,
Finds itself on dome of

of unscathed bliss,
Enamour for success,
And it's sweet sweet honey.
That slowly melts in my heart,
On top of the mountain,
Where everything is

the top,
the hardwork,
the giant path looks small,
As the heart prepares to climb,
Another                              mountain.

No goal is small. No dream is small. And neither the sacrifice and hard work involved to attain them. And dreams come in all shapes and flavours, just like the paragraphs of this poem!
Rohan Nath May 14

Stay holding on to the mountain cliff!
For deep down below all you will find is grief.
You have come too far above touching the sky
Imagine about all you have tolerated to come this high.
You may cry and you possibly will suffer.
But retreat is not your word, for you are a cliffhanger.

An accomplishment never comes too easy.
It’s long twisted road full of obstacles and too messy.
Let your hands sore; Let your legs be numb.
But do not be all gloomy then succumb.
Believe yourself and you can accomplish wonders.
Prove yourself mighty, for you are a cliffhanger.

You will initiate your journey as an unknown.
People will mock at you and you will be thrown.
Don’t listen to them and continue your journey
For there will be a time when you will have glee.
Life will show you the best and worst it can offer.  
Pull yourself up and reach the peak, for you are a cliffhanger.

Lori May 10

i'm giving up now
gathering my guts spilled
on the floorboards

six months ago i would
have cried on the way
to the grocery store

i'm made of grease now
learned to churn your words
into butter for easy release

you can shout at me all
you want but i know how
to psychoanalyze you now

i am gun germs and steel
shoot me and i will infect you
with a sword and a disease

six months ago
i was too naive to know
i don't need to be rich

i am happily poor in a cage
you concocted because i don't
aim for your kind of success

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