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Simple elegance is inborn
An exquisite way of life that doesn’t have to be questioned
Whatever is done is simplicity in its purest form
Beauty just naturally surrounds by an ionic composer for perfection

As it naturally flows the peace and harmony of the home take on her eloquence
Comfort forms from simplicity with soft tones that mingle together
When clutter starts to invade and the noise of it just drives away the restful atmosphere your heart needs to relax
Simplify back to the beginning in soft tones pleasing to the eye as it sets the mood for closeness as your primary palette conforms to each other
tinhearts ~©️
“I know my God that thou provest hearts, and lovest simplicity, wherefore I also in the simplicity of my heart, have joyfully offered all these things: and I have seen with great joy thy people, which are here present”
The second hand is patiently moving to overcome time of the first hand
Making moments entrusted to the second hand more worthy than the first
Though it looks like the first is the timing to go by
The second hand is fulfilling our time into perfection
Unfolding is the second hand
Preparing the way for perfect timing to manifest and transform in a second that surpasses the first

Insignificance is
The Power of
Significant Timing
There is beauty lying deep within your soul
A flickering flame the eternal rest of Life
Binding up the broken hearted pouring in healing oil
Calming the inward seas of strife

We live our whole lives outwardly
Enjoying ups and deploying despair
Questioning who we are at times of insecurity
Even when life seems fair

There’s a voice only heard deep inside
Tenderness awakens in silence
Our precious gentle husband calling your soul, His Bride
Drawing you into His Divine guidance

Oh to be His Beloved
Cared for in every step we take
Never again to be unloved
Oh dear princess hold close for His Namesake

Time is a whisper in the breeze
His Love will awaken your innermost being
Never a moment too late to enter into His arm of trustees
Always comforted by joining in His heartbeats

The substance
The enjoyment
Life brought to light only in His existence
A holy entrance ministered by His employment

Into the everlasting kingdom Here Love is felt
Possessed in Divine Wisdom
Enjoyed as the old nature does melt
A necessary custom

My Love and desire for you is an overwhelming prayer
Come to the Well
Where Living Water flows through the Heir
Uplifting your soul to His extraordinary personal care

This is the mysteries untold
Silence whispers while you sleep
Ministering secrets angels dare to behold
Love is beyond anything this earth dares to perceive

Let your soul fall in Love with Him
Never to be alone
Cleansed from any old **** of sin
Carrying us all home

All Glory to the great IAM
Sending His Son to Love us dearly
My heart pants for the Intimacy of this ultimate salvation plan
Faith is knowing Him securely

Hang on princess it’s your time
Don’t worry or be afraid
You are being called by the awesome Divine
A wonderful gift of Love for you all your life has been prayed

Angels identify
Your Life
Within His arms gratify
Your soul’s desire to magnify
His Life

tinhearts ~©️

“Send her out of thy holy heaven, and from the throne of thy majesty, that she may be with me, and may labour with me, that I may know what is acceptable with thee”
We are all immigrants
Scattered and ignored
Traveling through time in confidence
A journey for our soul to learn
Flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom Of God
We must put on immortality
Christ our Holy Garment of
His nature
Cascading Waters of Light
Faithful cordially

“To whom shall we go
Your the Only One
With Words to eternal Life”

This needs to be Emphasized
It’s no laughing matter
Although our precious Father sympathizes
More pray and less chatter
God is Magnificent
His Love is not like what’s in the world
Fair and firm be sure to be obedient
He corrects and reproves engraving on our hearts His Word
I guess what I’m trying to say
Be strong in the Lord
Nothing else is real
He makes warriors out of whimps in one accord
His Love draws our soul tenderly whispering an appeal
We are wild olive shoots
Needing the tenderizing
Spoiled stubborn and loose
Praise God for knowing
The measure of punishment can crush
Broken yet not harmed
Bring us up in His Perfect Touch
Don’t be alarmed
Like a steady handed surgeon
The knife is in His hands
Knowing our burden
Freedom always has a price and command
Walk circumspectly
Tiptoe through the tulips
Enemies lurk eagerly
Trust and Obey for a full renovation into inward Newness
Precious is the way He Loves us
Feeling shy or humble way low
Determined to run this race
Somedays struggling to make a go
A constant flow of innocence
Staggering through each day
Desiring to be with the Lord’s benevolence
Strengthen me please
Making it thus far I’m in for the Gold
Lord I’m weak in the knees
He assured me Obedience never waxes old
Humbled by His mercy
Changing my Life
We’re making His-Story
No speculation rife
One day at a time as the dawn rises
We dance in pastures of Love
Holding on to Jesus for Life’s little surprises
Lifting my eyes more to view what You are thinking of

Only Love
Those eyes that can reflect heavens on earth,
turning earth expression into constant birth.
Pilgrimages to You from within as servant,
sacred dwellings of worship and its current.
Compassionate visions radiate in true ideal,
provided natures phenomena and eternal.
Seeing flower footprints as godly dancing steps,
veneration of space as formless love effects.
Immensity of celestial majestic display,
presence without doubt from Your heart at bay.
The soul as compass pointing towards that behold,
crossing the ocean of life facing the storm so bold.
The eye of intuition never deceived,
hidden mysteries given liberty received.
The domain of every soul in its own sphere,
multidimensional observer reflecting to take care.
The magical glance poured into every child exist,
starving kisses enfold that no one can resist.
The individual in the inexorable flow of time,
certain miracles of nature never be the same.
Patterns of needs and response are created,
touching the mysteries of natures integrity related.
Revealing the whole of which one is part,
integral completeness as time perspective art.
If you are born at night your eyes eclipse the day,
full moon people are social light so to say.
Whereas the darkest nights have always new potential,
struggling to see things through eventually.
Sun rise children are deeply profound,
while those before twilight are spiritual sound.
Noon born like to take leadership at will,
evening souls enjoy the panoramic view in still.
The days and planets names set the tone for amorous flings,
especially when Monday causes trouble from trivial things.
Our humble providence all part of the celestial fair,
through the season of years in glorious care.
With that manifesting the duality of time and space,
from oneself as light spirit by the divine grace.
I often wonder
The realness of reality
Like a spiral
Into the endless dream

Old blood darkens
As it leaves my body
From what source
May I speak to you

All the voices
Singing along

Dancing people
Holding hands
Drinking wines

Speaking verses
Of self-reiterated
Of the same story
Again and again

I often wonder
At the beauty of such a view
Of nothing apart from you
Yet to be apart to see you

Voicelessly these thoughts
Perpetually spinning
Talking about

Then again
What am I to judge
For they are a part of me
Repeating what I see

I just feel your existence
In bliss...

you are so beautiful
The universe in you
Is speaking to you
With the rhythm
of your heartbeat

Without deception
or trickery
Like a knowing
or feeling

of where you are going
Falling into place
Singing away
Your existence
Listen to it
It's like a fire in your heart
warm, but doesn't burn
It's like an ocean on your skin
soft, but doesn't hurt

It's the way moonlight touch your face
And how the sun caresses your head
It's the taste of the wind
And the sound of the rain

It's in the green and yellow
of the leaves and grass
It's the blue and purple
of the sky and clouds

It's in the sound of your breath
Almost too quiet to hear
Yet ever-present
Beating away

I often wonder
At the proof of my existence
And then I just sit
In love
between darkness and light
this is where i am at the moment

why does it feel like this?
i can't find the words

the energy, the sensations
i don't want to be here
in. my. mind.
feel and be present: this is where You begin
detach to connect to your wounds
learn from them to heal
be still and allow the emotions to swell
ache writhing in my heart. pain. tears.
breathe s l o w l y

outgrowing who i've been
not knowing yet
but appreciating how far i've come
holding on to the heartache and pain
because i still can't find the words
and this is part of how i tell my story
maybe it's more for me than for you
protecting myself: ego
learning to be thankful for each moment i cry
seeking for her to be free

the body knows
intuitively.  if i pay attention
i didn't see before
that's why you keep coming around
settle into uncomfortableness to discover your higher truth
i do everything not to be here

i now feel the desire to release
choose the vibration that excites your senses
wanting to send light to all the places that need love
the vulnerabilities are your courage and strength
breathe them in
let them settle
to create more space

let go of what no longer serves your heart: loneliness, shame, desperation, abandonment
i don't want to tend to these feelings anymore
i've kept them close and safe long enough

what are the points at which the top edge of the sun reaches the horizon?
i want to be in that light
where the aura radiates
and the energy is tender, beginning again

if not for you, i would not have remembered
so bright i am: the beauty of the sunrise
be present to this moment

a breath in to receive
a breath out to continue the journey

--dinah simpson
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