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World at stage in ones act
infectious comedy naming fact
trapped in mirror of shadows
cannot escape from living arrows
words that hide reality
rising above facts duality
devotion that gives all
identify pursuing call
love’s meaning as a thing
that keeps back nothing
eternal promised union
virtues holy communion
subtle melodies refrain
loving texture in time
Stacks May 29
🌅 🌅 🌅

I’m a warrior, a ghost dancer

I’m free in nature
I’m as wild as a animal
It’s not about beliefs
It’s not about a man
It’s a tale of my own creation
Paul Butters May 25
Garden aromas
Yet taken for granted
Amongst a spiritual haven
Of sacred trees
Resplendently coloured flowers
And glorious grass.

Aromas of blossoms and dew,
Cut savannahs
Rain and drought
Foxes and cats.
Doggy Paradise
Where they can sniff
And scuffle,
Dreaming of truffle.

A Summer retreat
You cannot beat,
Better for a pond
To strengthen that bond.
Just sit or stroll
And soak it all in.
There is plenty of time.
You can only win.

Paul Butters

© PB 25\5\2021.
That peaceful garden retreat.
Anmol Mago May 23
Drowned in a puddle of
empty meaningless sounds
Distant screeches and
Haunting howls
like a lonesome owl,
meditating on the vast dead
numbness clouds
over my intellect

Like a swarm of cicadas
Gathered around gaslight
A higher cosmic wisdom
Embraces the castaways
The unsaid word
heals the souls scarred by
illusory world of sounds
In solitude the irrefutable truth
dawns over the blessed hearts.
Meg B May 17
I must’ve known you in a past life
You feel so familiar
Even when I didn’t know that I knew you
I knew
There was something in the way
The warmth radiated from your skin
Caramel macchiato I drank you in
The baritone of your laugh
You were so familiar
Yet we had just met
Your silhouette
Was one I had seen before
But not in this lifetime
Were you mine in another one?
Slipping through my fingers like silk
Always one grasp away
But you’re never gone
The way you remain like the rain
Soaking grass in spring
And I’m thirsty for you
For endless nights talking in darkness
Till light came in again
And never running out of words
But even as we spoke it felt so deja vu
Don’t I already know you?
How do you know me so well?
Like your code is written into my cells,
I feel you on a molecular level
Your soul intertwined in mine
But never fully actualized in this timeline
Years and years come and go
But your “aww” and chuckle never fade,
I hear it like you smiled that way you do
Like it was yesterday
Time a construction that doesn’t function
In the realities in which I know you
I have known you
You’ve been mine and I yours
In lifetimes before
In present, eyes closed I manifest
My me’s and your you’s
Subconscious whispers traveling
Through time and space
Dimensions unknown
But I know
It’s you and you know
It’s me too.
Our road not marked on maps.
Fugitives of the centuries,
our origin is the breathing
and our destination is exhalation,
A thousand suns are flowing in our blood,
and the vision of infinity is always chasing us.
The form cannot tame us,
Our days are a fire and our nights a sea.
Love’s demands- unending,
And You, my righteousness,
Met them all
You carried the weight righteousness required, heavy upon your shoulders
Yet you did not falter or stumble even ONCE.
Perfect obedience to the Father above,
You loved your God with all your heart, mind, and soul
And You loved Your neighbor as yourself
Perfectly and wholeheartedly You did not regard your life
And I lose my life to you-
And grasp for yours.
Could I really believe, could I truly believe that THIS righteousness is my own?
Sinless sinless, spotless lamb !
In MY place.
My place
Part of mine never knew the same
when the moon was calling your name
Providence and karmic doors
attractions intention force
Conducted theme of heart
to unite the whole from part
Sight of lovers
reflected silhouettes in colors
Synchronic imagination
invisible sphere inhabitation
Footprints along soft shore
shared ocean sanctuary core
Stardust and fireflies
souls tanning in loving rays
I've searched for many things,
many of which I've tried to hold.
My vigor was strong,
a diligent miner seeking for precious gold.

But I hadn't found enough.

Within range of my human labor and skill,
I did my all to attain wisdom.
Climbed the highest of mountains,
all of which weren't high enough.
The highest peak only comes by
revelation from God.

All these human efforts weren't enough.

I met with wisdom,
soon after meeting with God.
Things that perplex me,
do not perplex Him.
Mysteries that surround me,
are no mystery to Him.

I was in awe. In awe more than enough.

He authors true wisdom,
so effortlessly, like a work of art.
All revealed to me
by the knowledge of the mind of God.

All that felt more than enough.

God. Endlessly rich with
wisdom at his disposal.
Wisdom and power through the
design of the natural world.
True wisdom comes from God,
by being in right relation with Him

(The fear of the Lord)

A key to Wisdom,
all that was unlocked was when
I was in relationship with God.

I truly now know the Source of Wisdom.
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