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In sullen spaces night by night you keep your eyes
Those seducing hopes and a darker mind than mine,
You see yourself a pure, wise madonna,
But there you are, a shadow in some evil webs.

Overseas I summon you for innumerable times
You fill your ears with flesh and Sunday dreams,
I’ll drown you when your clippers meet
My loving arms you used to care.
I have been blessed with another chance
You ate your parts, thousands of souls,
Far away in the murmur of the air you breathe
You better run, faster than a bullet; as you know,
I never sensed a bit of fear
Even if it were to be buried afront, so close,
I’ll take a sip from you, a black widow wine.
Kenji 10h
I try to hold these secrets inside me, I try to keep everything locked within me...
Like a misguided key that is lost, and is being searched by others.
They say I am hard to read, but I can see through them like glass, they reflect on me as I reflect on them, a soul of a mirror, I keep my twins within, through the promiscuous looking glass.
With this strange inability to voice out my emotions, I keep everything that suffocates me, to myself.
My minds like a ****** deadly disease with no shame or lies to hide it.
However, this altering personality has as mind of it's own.
Expressing, but spilling too much, I surrender in regret.
I have no shame in hiding this strange disposition of my deceiving facade, I embrace myself in pure madness as my mind twists in insane obligations.
Defeating, but never defeat-less.
Where are you? Are you here? Come to me, dark lonely serpent, don't fear me
Leave, leave me alone.
Soul aches in mindless misery as I sit and talk to myself, and the unknown.
These spirits and forces suggest I'm living a lie and it isn't home.
These lucid dreams I have every night give me messages, and signs.
Some dreams are paranormal and realistic like a spirit is trying to speak through to me to get to the known dimensions to be seen, to be heard.
But some dreams are just vivid escapism methods to wonder other dimensions.
I see everything in my perceptive dreams, even in the conscious, the world we see to think to be real.
I see the child's tears as his mother stabs his dad in vicious anger.
I see the animal's wimper and sorrow as it limps in agony being tortured it's whole life, just searching, and searching for food.
I see the beggars dead eyes as drugs has overtaken their pure mind, the loss of hope, but I still see something pure, screaming to jump out.
I see the maids strength as they battle working days and days, getting underpaid and never seeing their family just to hustle and make money.
I see the lawyers fight for moral justice and integrity as the case has been lost, yet, they keep on fighting, they never give up.
I see the business mans wife drink wine alone all day just waiting for her husband to come home, but he's busy ******* his secretary.
I see the birds squeal in pain as its wing has broke, and no one coming to it's presence to help it.
I see my sick grans soulless eyes as Dementia  has overtaken her and she lives in permanent confusion thinking her brother whom died 20 years ago, is still alive.
I see, I see everything.
With a strong Moon in Pisces energy, this perceptive mind is never at rest. It's still fighting to love so unconditionally and help everyone at my feet.
I bleed, I ache, I scar, I cry, I surrender, and, these are my reasons for needing to hide.
With a mind of such empathy, I battle even helping myself.
But this is my insight, as a spiritual teacher.
I will die helping the unwanted...
I will die spreading love and justice...
I will die in lonely misery...
And I will die knowing my life made sense if those I sacrificed for, was all worth the pain
Moon in Pisces, the person hidden within me, the real me.
Twin love

Infest me with your stolen kiss.
The very heart shaped lips I miss.
Creating love, within my breast,
a swollen heart, unfaltered test.

I sit here smiling, I am free,
to sail the stars, just you and me.
I woo, just you, and you, me too,
I love you my sweet Evening dew.

You are the sail. I am the song.
You are the wind. I am the gong,
that goes ahead, a heralds cheer,
and proclaims this... Twin loves are here!

The oceans bow to see our form.
The sunrise cheers to keep us warm.
The breeze regales a soothing balm,
as all about the world is calm

And so...

Aloft into the skies we climb,
two hearts as one; one heart in rhyme,.
And we will here,  forever be,
a single form, to sail the sea.
Anticipating the absolute worst.
Needing to escape the situation.
Xanax isn’t a pure solution.
Isolation becomes worse with time.
Everything seems out of control.
Taming abnormal fear by recognition.
Yoga is very a therapeutic approach.
An acrostic poem.
Coming clean,
Running my blood down the sand,
It'll filter through the cracks until it reaches my corpse,
The corpse of mine will be revived,
Coming clean as they wanted me.

I won't be gone,
I won't be gone,
I won't be gone,
I won't be gone.

Coming clean,
A new father reaches through the veil,
Setting fire to my bones,
Lighting my passion ablaze,
He runs the blood back through my veins,
Casting a new spirit to life,
Coming clean, is that what that means?

I won't be gone,
I won't be gone,
I won't be gone,
I won't be gone.

Coming clean,
I'm just a son,
Who's scared to try,
Scared to see beyond his own irises,
Shake me down and rid me of these vices,
Coming clean, as I lay in the blood-laced sand.

I won't be gone,
Tell the father I'm sorry,
Tell Him I'm sorry,
I won't be gone.
Serena 3d
Am I not
The most beautiful
You have ever
In still morning light,
There is new beginning,
Early birds so joyous,
On wings into the sky,
How the sun is painting
A paradise for my eyes.

I will wake into dream,
On this day so spectral,
I will sing with the breeze
And interpret the songs
Of birds in trees a flame,
Sailing into heavens' dawn.
The silence is closer than before, after all, silence is the chorus of life and death, As all things alive will die and silence follows.
I have seen the unfathomable darkness in the universe and all of it is silent from the particles of Iron that is in every one of us, in our blood to the nuclear fission giants of stars.
This all takes place in the unending darkness of space and not a soul to try and hear this thundering silence.
We are one and the same be it the iron in our blood or the oxygen in our lungs it is and always will be the same particles of Starstuff even after the silence of death comes to us.
We cannot escape the dark abyss of our seemingly unending universe no matter how we try to love, laugh, live or die.
Silence is the song of life.
Silence is the song of death.
Silence is the never-ending song of the cycle in the universe.
My mind is king; I thought it is everything!

It makes me blink; it makes me think
It gives me joy until I die
The only problem with my mind… Where it is, I cannot find!

It is my memory; it is my mind

It is my intellect - one of a kind
My greatest treasure is my mind
The only problem with my mind…
Where it is, I cannot find!

The body I can see; the body I can find

Likewise I am sure; I have a mind
It is not yours; I know it is mine
The only problem with my mind…
Where it is, I cannot find!

Suddenly, I realize these are not my mind…

My intellect and my memory are of a different kind My mind is a monkey; a rascal my mind

The only problem with my mind… Where it is I, cannot find!

I then resolved to **** my mind

The rascal I vowed, I must grind
It made me worry; it made me fear
Enough my dear, no more tear
The only problem with my mind…
Where it is, I cannot find!

I made my intellect rule my mind

I shot down thoughts of a monkey kind
I wanted joy and peace of mind
No more my king, my rascal mind
I realized then there was no mind…
It was a rascal! No need to find!
Yes Dada! I realize I am nothing but I live in ignorance.
I need Thy grace.
I need ***'s Grace to be liberated from this ignorance.
Without you my Guru, what would I be?
Continue to lead me,
my dear Master to the one reality.
Continue to guide me.
Continue to bless me.
I need you. I can't do without you.
I Love you.
I am nothing.
I know! I realize.
And I realize I don't know what I know.
Only you can make me realize this by opening my 'real eyes',
My Guru, my Mentor, my *** on Earth
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