Dance in time
to everpresent rhythms
the flow of life
takes place
in present

Hello, Greetings

is there anyone else out there,
perhaps it's you
upon this sacred journey
to transcend the material

calling and crawling
working to maintain
and cultivate
the truth your heart set out
to capture

It's lonely out here
yes, the material minded culture
of individuals in the flesh
nationalism, pride, egoic trance

let us unite,
a call to the conscious
embrace your calling
and know I'm with you

It's time to enlighten
those who desperately need it
the poet, the singer, the dancer
express the divinity
that's so rarely seen

Wake up, and wake up farther

linhp 2d

let these cracks be the gates where love penetrates
let these wounds be the testament to your strength
let this pain be the reminder of the life you're living
let your healing be the reassurance that God is with you.

I'm not finished yet.

Flowing through the space
Of my new found existence.

I am no longer chained to the mortal shortfalls
Of my mortal being.

Freed from the trivial pursuits
of mans blind ambitions
and false dreams of hope and happiness.

No longer a part of the sick and twisted realities
Of societies collectively corrupt mind.

No longer wandering aimlessly
Through the endless maze of conformity
But free to absorb the spectral light of creation
And the universal energy of existence.

I am again one with it all,  
I am again one with myself.

and tangled
in chains and wire
only broken by God's holy fire.
Heavy metal
and enlarged iron
that I cannot shake
only broken by God's holy fire.
Once I am released
from the chains
that weighed on me
for the Lord declared I am free.

Holy Spirit come,
let us all receive some.
Let it sprinkle and rain
and wash away hurt and pain.

God's power flows down
rushing greatly to the ground.
Flashing down on God's people,
breaking the walls of the steeple.

Overflowing through the cracks
of the wood and it never slacks.
It reaches for every heart and every nation.
Rushing in and through from God's salvation

She's awake.
She's alive.
She's thankful
another day she's survived.
Some days
are hard to dwell
but with God
all is well.

Some things are too far away
and some things aren't close enough.
You are always searching for a way
to find happiness and love.
Some hearts are crying in pain
and some are beating with thrill.
Some are still hiding again and again
and some see things for real.
Always trust the Lord
because life is a crazy ride.
Keep looking toward
along with the breaking tide.

One Christmas Eve
when I was four years old
I climbed into my bunk bed
shivering from the cold.
Anxious for Santa to come
I asked my sister if I could
crawl in her bed.
I laid on the opposite side
and lifted up my head.
Surprising my little heart
outside my window not so far.
Something I only thought was
in the Bible but there was
the shining Christmas star.
Shimmering brightly
outside my window
I watched it glitter
and I watched it glow.
It stayed there all night
on that night of December.
It was so cool to me
and I will always remember.

this is happened to me when i was little
Polly 7d

I get so lost in the detail
That I forget that all these tiny parts
Are just like stars
Scattered across the horizon
Shining alone
Oblivious that they are perceived as a whole sky

I think that maybe
People are the same
Down here there seems so much distance between us
But from far away
We probably just look like one connected mass.
And even when they feel like they do
Nobody ever really
Shines alone.

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