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SpiritHeart67 Nov 30
When a person
is in a certain state
of spiritual ignorance
They have no idea
of the audacity
of their requests
and no concept
of the abundance
of blessings
and Grace
which they have already been bestowed with.
Dani Simpson Nov 1
To be loved or
To love
Must we choose?

I am the beloved
Yet I see myself from only within looking out
And believe I
   am just the lover

Unchoosing to be both

In spite of, and thanks to my experience
I believe in the moments where we are both the beloved

Those moments fade
Into cool memories
Cozy in my mind

Until they become stinging cold
Like when my bare foot crunches down into the thin layer of snow halfway the drive to get the mail

Oh how it feels to be the lover
Oh how it feels to be the loved
The lover finds ecstasy in their beloved
Why then must the lover expect anything from the beloved?
Is the gift not in the experience of loving?

What is it to be desired
If you do not know desire yourself?

Will we be ever be satisfied?

I surely hope not.
S Smoothie Oct 22
Such a playful synergy
Your heart strings and mine
Thrumming on our frequencies

Drawing fourth sacred energy
Running on light beams
Dipping our toes into notes
And hands wafting in melodies

Dizzying highs and resounding lows
Shattering boredom
Stepping on apathy
And plucking joy from the air  

A glorious spiritual liturgy
How beautiful now since we've learned to pray

Drawing such sublime adventures
Going this way and that
Shuffling the order of truths and mystic mysteries
Coming full circle where withall
then bounding off again.  

Such a lifting of feet
a symphony of etherial musings

The tethering of our minds eyes
innocent daydreams
Making a mockery of darkness

Shining in the glory light beams
Bloated with gladness
Soaring with hopes

Soul Edifying

And that's just the beginning
Of our poetry.
mylo kidd Oct 7
my mind tends to ooze with a negativity

that leaks out & into my already searing

and prolonged wounds;

within this ragged & treacherous steam of consistency

I find myself laid out upon the very gravelish grounds

that I goofishly juggle with on a lazen basis

sometimes there

sometimes here

but a lot of times just nowhere at all.

where I disappear to I couldn’t be sure,

the empty screen in front of & behind me

don’t speak of much

but they do tend to catch my demiseful falls

every now & then;

seems these cavernous valleys have a soothing touch

to them,

a loosely held comfort that I know

better than I seem to know myself at times

and at times I wonder

what I am supposed to be protesting

within these grotesqueful lines

of a beautifully laid out tragedy,

for even here I do not feel

within the bounds of my own mental safety nets

but maybe an unthoughtful falling & tumbling

will do me some good?

to be comfortable with my own deathly summons,

I write to edge the demons within

to a borderline of both peace & content,

for truthfully no set of letters

can taint me as much as I might allow them too

although I can tend to lean towards the waywards

of an apathetic crustacean

through my own carelessness & ill suited

self brought upon lonesomeness

sometimes I cannot tell what is right,

or maybe best is a better way to put it.

for I long for a connection of connections

and equally equivalent siphonings,

but many a times I seem to find

that my end of the line has gone stale,

quiet, a desperate yet eerie monotoned scale

of solemn notes left to ring in the ears

of those who are strongly enough

to take the time to hear,

and for those that are not afraid to stare

deeply into their own darkened & blazeful caverns,

I am forever grateful.
What is the ultimate life
All about?
It is about being holy
It is about being healthy
It is about being happy
It is about making things happen
With tremendous magnitude
And flowing smoothly
In the right direction
It is all about being effective
And efficient in life
This poem talks about how to achieve ultimate success in our lives.
neth jones Oct 2
move to the countryside
(cities crowd judgement)
   and carve a tree upon my heart

span life in walks
   and scrapes with harsh weather

soon to leather myself
   into a practical creature

earn lighter being
  seldom to pass stressful thought
Loneliness, Emotional pain, walks with us through the day,
and sleeps with us through the night,
Tears that is not visible to the naked eye,
silent screams that no one can hear,
feeling of relentless distress,
Trapped with nowhere to turn,
life is changing beyond our control,
someone else is pulling the strings,
causing this deep ache in the bottom of our soul.
but remember, for every soul there is a soul that touches yours –
Be it the slightest contact –
always there is a gleam of faith in the darkening sky;
always there is a glimpse of brigther skies
To brave the thickening ills of life;
To make this life worthwhile.
Within my magic
is me
Within my spirit
is my magic
To be me is to be filled
with the magic spirit
I am a manifestation
of the wiccan witch
The gifts bestowed upon me
come from the witches
who gifted me the knowledge
of the magical way to live
& spiritual power to heal
In there honor , I give my contribution to the witch's past
I honor them when , I cast my
spells and grow my magic
so within my soul
is the magic spirit
that is me
This wiccan witch

© Jennifer L DeLong. 9/2022

She's skinned in night portray. Only the light comprehend her. They said  she's
beauty, and
power, for the
treasures hidden
underneath her skin, of no measure, she kin with pleasure.
Her mind make
her whom she was.
Beauty beyond evil,
beauty in the beholder's
mind over ******
allurement  Naked-beauty abide in heart.

-Cloudnine Fairmane
This poem is a demand from a poetry site. It was said to write a poem about a Particular color without mentioning the color.
I'm just
An Inadvertent Traveler
On the Fabric of Time.
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