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Vagish 1d
Why is the Earth green?

Here are the thoughts that came in.

It's a paper world and the paper that matter is green.

Paper life, Paper People, Paper Dream,

Paper is the world we live in...

Grades on a paper judging the lives of all paper people.

Hold On.

Paper College, Paper teacher, Paper knowledge

and the paper we all ***** on.

Its a hell we are in.

Remember the paper is burning and

Its a paper world we live in.
In this night of crystal air and passing strange,
the firmament displays the lights in rest of range.
My mind flies with the Owl’s secrecy,
observing the line of  the comets to be.
Wishes, wonder and amazement are the kind,
possessions of an enchanted mind.
Breathing chilled air upon beauty until sensing grace,
awaken transcendental levitation in this magical place.
All senses are captured in this vast bottomless still,
inspiration of eternal light are the touches giving the fill.
The decaying Moon smiles at me in this hour of night,
wondering who else can observe this sight.
Darkness changes with wandering spirits as they grow,
still leaving footprints in the precious afterglow.
They change awareness to beauty as power,
endlessly striving by the celestial hour.
The field of light changes through the season sense,
capturing the seeker by lingering grace and purpose hence.
The scarecrow of dark for the unbeliever to keep behind,
not ready to explore beyond the rampart of the mind.
On the front steps of my mighty mouth.
And with the opening of my Ancient Smile.
Armored in Forever LOVE.
I give to all creation.
To humanity's cause.
The comforting smile of the ages.
Now adorning this moment's keep.
The Cosmic Smile mirrored in the return
of this Cosmic Version of Me.

Copyrighted (c) 2015
The power of the smile, and its roots in divinity.
Mark Oct 4
How do I have the bliss like before?
Do we really actually have a choice?
Can you at least answer my voice?
I just want the chance to reopen my door
So that I alone, with only myself to blame
Can at least change the way I live and play
With a choice that's free, like it was before the birth of me.

I hope you remember that it wasn't me that ate that fruit
I'm not the one to blame, it was snake that started this game
When the door was slammed closed, we were all suddenly transformed
We didn't even have a say.
Heaven only knows how good it used to feel
Living a life with no jealously, no greed and without wearing clothes
Not like the vision we now see in this world, in your face and on the TV

But if you were so really kind
You would give me a break and restore mankind
Your concept could work, hand in hand
We would all try harder to stay in your game
Humans would make a statement, while the past is being restored
Come put my mind back, to the year 1964
Because I will for sure, open the right door.
We're all in life's long race,
Pondering on a distant place,
Where we are spiritual beings,
Our souls free beyond dreaming,
No, we can't take stuff beyond,
Immaterial thoughts to wonder on,
Do you believe in the afterlife?
Why wait for peace, no strife?
If we all had a Peace day today,
The world could unite this way,
A distant place, how far away?
Feedback welcome. .
Hafza Awan Sep 27
It's not about bodies
but about souls
connected to each other
to heavens and beyond
Linespace Sep 26
A bloodline sharpened and honed by years of misfortune,
Until it comes to a fine and refined point like the tip of my jawbone blade.
I am the prophet.
The future seer from a family destined to muddy the waters.
I stare into the eyes of the abyss until its gaze falls into my trap
And my third eye opens
Revealing what will be in visions from days yet to come.
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