The tree with leaves of fire
Stood in the centre of town
Our feet sunk into the muck and mire
We slowly sunk further down

The owl warned us with a shout
A snake with a benign hiss
We didn’t know what the fauna were on about
But this was one thing we could not miss

The moon floated in the sky of stars
Like a lost ship in the cold sea
We were brave like the settlers of Mars
Standing strong around the burning tree

One by one we began to sing
Quiet and then loud and proud
Grandma brought her sticks and string
And Grandpa watched from a silent cloud

Hand in hand we thought in voice
While the volcanic tree listened
We soldiered on: this wasn’t a choice
Our eyes were red and glistened

We confessed our wrongs
To the tree with leaves of fire
In somber sing-song
This must be done; we cannot afford to tire
MHC Writers Group
March 4, 2016
Years of addiction denied romance,
As alcohol was more important than affection.

When sobriety was finally achieved,
Cravings of intimacy evolved into a strong desire.

Feeling lonely every night,
Without the bottle offering company.

Without any sign from destiny,
A wonderful woman entered my life.

Filling in that missing void,
As the puzzle to happiness is now complete.

Never realizing the exhilarating effects of fondness,
With my soul finally filled with love at age thirty-five.
How he told her you’re
perfectly safe here
Yes I will believe that
How you pat my back
making a big deal win
My marginal gain
The forever change
Of my behavior

So many lip flavors
to keep me on track
Or taking the long run
So please don't come back
My lip's always stall
Lip shade by candlelight

His cool impersonal style rambles
She stalls a slight smile
Don't wait too long for the call?
A+ wicked how I could grade
your stare

F-Failure why so malice lips have
meaning to capture be playful
No-one is ever polite from
the Big City they are a handful
A Godly therapist to the rescue
Lips are the best practice

The twin calibers game of
target practice *  *  *

My lips were saved by
the Grace of God  777 lips
To dream the impossible
dream to reach the
lip how I was layering his star

He had this evil thought that he
couldn't change his evil ways
Santana song
lip surgery my champagne
Over my lips regime

My lips couldn't move
So like/wise he faced
the truth Owl/wise
Reading my lip/wise
Going to Kansas City
She went to Minnesota
How you outweigh things
what a dumbbell

Drinking my Coca Cola
With Mona Lisa lips
How she smiles out those
Godly men
The Barbie pinks
the barbells\stinks
The Realtor Mr. Lipman
called me
Make a deal my dollhouse
And his cop friends almost blew
my cover
United we stand my false teeth
on my nightstand
Why is everything fast-paced
in such a nude camp rush?
She’s sending out “SOS.”

Twin fighting calvary
The Quicksilver rivalry
Either stall Go to Italy bocci
ball trip
Dark Star what grave lips
I stalled at the pet cemetery
She was the teacher's pet
I almost left my books he
stared at me so cleverly
taking a coffee sip
what a huge tip he left
just text and lip her

The chair arm for another arm
check she adds her lipstick mark
Going cheek to cheek
That love wrestle every week
To seek her lips to his lip
I had to hustle at the panic lip disco
Bensonhurst lip talker the bridge
stalker what a womanizer
That mob call
Oh! Christ lip racing Hip-Hop

Trust fund $$$$? 1000 Lips frequent
flyer trips
His poker face  met her singer
lips Lady GaGa

My lips sealed it's only a paper
moon ha ha
Amazon jungle Jane like the
That monkey lips met Tarzan the
spiritual Zen

Lip hush intermission advice
My read lip Door Morrison
love me two times stall that
Trophy wife becoming desperate
The desperado she stalled

After sale lip rush she got two records
Lips of an Angel, It felt good on my lips
Tim Mcgraw talk back trembling lips
Ernie nothing personal

She's the Heinz order made a
big squirt she couldn't hold it in
Lips for two I pads Einstein equation of
How many times I was kissed racing

Speaks the truth more space in my mouth.
Were they both sisters by birth?
They both had twin
mouths thinking
so much alike
Lips can be so inviting or take two to make trouble don't bust my bubble maybe two is better than one. Lets move don't stall you are missing all the fun
Does life really have the purpose
Feeling like a slow turtle
The Floridian Fort Myers
The sandy silk the remedy
Seashell Rose thorned
  The happening day I was born
Robin- Joy tiny 5 pounds of gold
Joy to the world 4 ounces
Birth I was her world
to guide me the incubator
I was named after
"Grandma Rose'
The dictator attention newborn babies
Crying please Arnold the
terminator doesn't terminate
her completely just stop
her from crying

Spiritual bud those rare finds
Someone took my funds
How was it laid out like
a birth flowing
Without anyone seeing
the beauty of it showing

The purpose in life being
moved inside another mind
A samba walk like a girl from
Not always about someone's
  the treasure she passed
not to see
What is truly required
being sad to let it be
Or saying it's my pleasure

On your way to hope-land
or finding more time homeland
What a fine host heartland
Friendly sword-like
The love fever when
the hayfever got to
Raggedy Ann dandelions
and ragweed
Her hot fever planting her seed
It works two ways to be the believer
My temperature rising

Your head is buzzing next song
The Spin city laughing gitty
But God! why are we  really here
Like Tinman Olive oil good
for the heart
That Scarecrow if I only had
a brain I'm over
there and here
How I am scattered straw
Row your boat somewhere

Go gently computer streaming
Website world
That less induced stress
She lifts her smile that
black number dress was
A huge success

Her reduced waistline to cope
What is really the purpose of
Valentines Day Ray of hope
Every holiday gets you crazy
no matter if it is some purpose
Or that crucial number
coming to America has a purpose
Being Italian cannoli music
playing Pavarotti

All hell breaks loose he is high up
in the cabin whole lotta shaking
going on
  Rocky Bullwinkle Moose
Westchester eggs caboose
Wilted-wedding is not organized
Deeply touched to be personalized
Also the numbered seating, he left
his heart in your Ivory Starlite plate
What is really the purpose when
people invite you and show up late
You are writing again Amen
Velicity of higher force gravity
true vibe
The family of  my tribe
Another letdown, please
found me
Next season  firmly grounded
Someone will see you in the
magazine did they subscribe?

The foundation of Faith
Please describe
Nothing makes sense
You got a raise
He gave you kick in the pants
This life is a game of stunts
The purpose of life this is my translation I feel I never get a vacation too busy but life will bring me to salvation I always try to put humor in my writing that the only things to keep me going what do we see in our world what it's telling us
Everything became love
So grateful wine deep graphics
Stripes and lines the fab of four
Ladies fantastic Apollo
Set deeply to her body

Powerful sun the Trojan horse
Her robe velvet blue stars of course

Shooting out love to the Cosmo
"Holy Water" Posedian

The Gods Athena curtains
That Grecian Santorini island
He became all  magical Houdini hands
So artsy Adobe paint her he's drinking
Japanese Amazake shake
His art through her sheerness robe
He kissed her earlobe
She was perfectly fitted inside his suit
He was probing like a love circuit

We have all types of soul we make
Our own bed
Some people aren't cut out paper
dolls to be wed
Work of art whatever draws
inside your fancy
He was left to think way at
the end of her brush
She still has her cheeks
At the time he so
wanted to crush

All curb appeals statue of gardens
We beg your pardon women in their robes,
  somewhere over Judy
The rainbow cubes
Grecian summertime taking away
that wasted grime
Doing your own time Alice tea party
Whole wine crystalline glass
And just when you look he
Your blood sweat ancient years
Terry cloth wet tears globe-lit
His sexuality unexpectedly surprising
Her vivacious waves fit diamond
point of return his Target
Paints memories Adobe genius

Sunset nightly dip he's the Adonis
Come to my window but don't
leave me crumbs
More sunlight over
my lace face
I remember the feeling
my whole
body felt numb
To succumb on a mysterious limb
Like a headpiece meet the 
 Malevolent (King-fish)
No home is a Castle until we
make a wish

The wicked cartoonist "Zazzle"
Like a war zone bloodshed
Warriors are coming
Like the communist
Please get it back
to my Grecian finest

What is really our very own
masterpiece tiniest detail
He has a stiff neck and I am
On my Island of loves taking a
sea whiff
Something like a
shark-encircled my
body of emails
Adobe print was all squares-fight
The sentinel of squirrel didn't leave
my sight
My tears shaped the stained glass
We are our own creation be heart
no need to rip Grecian robe apart
Her Grecian Islands, not the Thousand Islands dressing but there is the Thousand Island of love all robed cozy to be inside but water waves pull them somewhere over the rainbow
All cased up as new as can be
Women are not the only one
With their cell phone's
Like men are the only
Wild Thang
How her heart sings
How it brings us
to move us
Or slows us down
Always he is mighty fit She's the case trim

The cell sun yellow chevy-rim
Cell baby racing the American flag
Way over our 100-speed limit
I have 90 days to claim
Another dream that cell

Go-Hollywood don't be a nag
Sunset Boulevard lights hit a snag
What claims do I have security
  heavy tears of his weight

Those chicks to be raised on
Animal farm jumped neigh
Mr. Mcdonald E- I- am E-book
I-O  U your cell phone please sigh

I summarize everything
That rings us like a childbirth
In a crib now men all hub teeth
Or the millionaire mansion their cribs
This isn't a game like ((Women lib))
Smart side sunny side
Benedict Arnold bread and eggs
Jet lag what conflict's

No luck not even Mike and Ike
My expensive cell phone took a hike
I met Chuck Titanic ship- cell-tip gift
of gab  talker those homewreckers
One decent sip Cyberbabe streaming
Her web-  Pirate-eyes stole away
Starbuck's became Lil Deb cell phone
falls in-between ripped car seat

The erogenous heat his fingers were
so caught in your middle ring tunes
Only the lonely the one song
Gave her the Willies just chill
Hot tune Billy Idol White
Paper embossed the wedding chaser
That day he was dreading every voice
sound loser
So mind blowing falling phones
silver tarnished

She was singing it's my party
I will cry if I want to
He picked himself up vanished
You would pry too if this
happened to you the devil
But it has been a long cell ride
With ((Johnny Angel)) how she loves
how he uses her phone destroys her
The Joker of I- ringtones

And she hoped one day he would
feel the same doing voice overs
But her cell phone caught
his fire flame
He was head cocked
Two jailbirds wherever we go
whatever we do we will always be locked
Together or even when we're through
The virus of germs mouth to mouth
Those higher-ups techs flying south
Memories dates and text intertwined in both

The lovemaking erotic talks like Goth
Addictions and love claims
She was fingering clammy
Those grassy moldy mummies
The negative side effect
So foreign in his pocket
Positive pants far from intellect
It slips out and falls

He is reacting from the
Blonde bombshells
The island some Liberty Bell
No man no God no lover
will be claimed in my
phone rich soil hand
Arrowsmith songs were locked
Dream on claim whats yours
Comic Xmen who claims
The crawling phone creatures

She has spider veins features
Total recall but cannot recall
All my important number
where flushed down my
toilet jail cell bowl
And he is so mesmerized with
the Super Bowl
I had nothing left to talk too
Not even my cell phone
I felt alienated like all clones
All claims how we ring them and numbers like tumblers. But they say is your birthday but you don't even have a cell phone you feel locked in a cell and no one will come over even your X- lover. You felt destroyed like you were the ploy everything is irrelevant  like a babe cell phone toy
What makes me devoted
Not always getting promoted
In fine Robin, print birds fly
Not voting Presidential win
The polls are in we become
We are forced into things
To achieve what do we really
I believe in me
The darkness appear's in so
many forms stand firm with
Any specific term

But the beauty, Divinely terrific,
Goes with the territory
Shows the love and fury
Me my story the flower the
morning glory
Staying clear of guilty as sin
I as myself truly sincere
I am not about the win

love to write wearing the
pledge pin
Be innocent showing I care
But this world we must beware
All over the website things
that drive me
Perfume sweet fresh me
The Eager me
The singer is me
Not the jealous me
Over every singer I see
I am the Zealous me
I am passionate that's me
The avid card reader
The clicker far from the
A poem is the world hands
He is carrying me

On time or who cares
if I am late
Robin her wing lengths
To so many heights
That's why I love to sing
This is one of my shorter poems about me what I like and how
I see the world
Silence is a matter of body
Coming towards your language
He's in the lounge on his
(I Pad) looking frightfully cleaver
Slice cake mad
Not the happiest lad
she's wearing her fit to
be tied but feeling upside
down but lifted firmly up
in her falsies cup
 ((Hush  get your rush in silence))

But she failed to make him
these incredible dirty dozen
baking brownies
What a rookie cookie girl
Cannot keep secrets to be silent
But her deadly sexy pout
     (( Card-Flush-in silence))
She screams get out!!
The Bill kill she's the
killer eyelashes hot flash
She was quite challenging 
That silvery dainty moon lady
She's all capped-plated her knife
crazy eyes
 He's channeling her
Quietly with her bedroom eyes


Putting up a fight that's life you win

((The silent love))
Or start over your sin is
the silent killer
The silencer staying put
didn't explode
Her fifties smoking was
her weaknesses
Oh! boy, he had the right high tech glasses

What Belguim chocolate but her
Latte caramel she was quietly
running late more time with her
perishables love doves
(Such patients hospitality above)

What a braggart in her brassiere
She got his attention to look
over here
Over their all in the family
Like an Army military fit, Starwar
skirts super tight something didn't
feel right
They couldn't breathe and
someone asked  her to sit
So uptight down handed
Well guarded she the lady with
wits and guts scorpion landed
Oh! what a killer fights the dust mites

That silent killer lady was not
someone you could trust websites
What a fund money signs on her
forehead but tough elephant's skin
She needed a new hobby silent flirting
Her wrinkled cute puppy dog
What hogwash wearing your
Frownies all wrinkles they say
sometimes owners resemble their
dogs this the Hollywood hot dog
Out of state doggone it townies
obsessions something to die for

(Recent prayer of silence)

Forgive me darling I need to wear my
Frownies I am not going to be around
those loony tunes I needed to make
my getaway faraway really soon
He was wearing his yellow polka
dot bow tie every month of June

Smarties alcoholic anonymous

Malibu Lolobolu Honolulu
I love Lucy she wearing a tutu

All sizes and silent mouths
Things get louder when you're older
Loco in the Cabeza hot blooded
Little red Robin hood so silent
She is looking like a good pair
The silence is killing you  
I wouldn't get one taste out of
Moms French roue'
My Eden garden
Met -us
Something will kill us

The fresh green's healer
The mood set-us
The goods got us

Whats the in-betweens
No-one will ever notice
what's not green
(Like the blindsided lover)

My courage thumb needed
to break the shades of silence,
 To trust the secret promoting
her shampoo anonymous
Overly powerful her weapon
Dennis the menace
Loud as the hippopotamus

Mixed Thomas Islands
the bottom dirt
He was dressed in tweed
What a weed killer bloom
Wearing his stark white shirt
Madmen needed more room
We need the funhouse Amen

Heres looking at you
Your brother of prodigy
The silent scheme chemist
He acts like a psychiatrist
(I am talking he is so silent)

  Like a franchise lemonade
Put your foot down and stand
Her hair mousy brown
the sounds of silence

The fuller up spouse
Met his match fuller brush man
These herbicides hitching a ride

To be silent? This is not the
beauty patent
The mineral-sea-shore comes to the
dead sea
Giant green mutant/Medieval funhouse
Silent track betting racing horse
He's my General-tea-shirt

What are you after- the traveler
Or the loner meeting another drifter
Having tea plea party guilty green-tea-
Monk- by the sea mountain
What we kept Barbie dolls
Looking in the mirror in silence
Seeing the Fountain of youth
Beatle bopping heads
Ketchup packets spicy I pods

Eventually, Gods come to our front door
That chemical stinks cleaning our floor
The smokers teeth yellow the gray
shark Jaw's He Haw
Chinny chin Mr. Jawbreaker
The kitchen should be our
the safest haven, little rascals
Met the dirty scoundrels
Silent killer lady is so driven
Chemicals and health risks
Red silent Rooster
A silent chat his killer smile
Over my dark coffee
Mr. Beanster
Why was I put in this spot
Empty space looks shot

Your egg biscuits
Trilogy game of Triscuits
Wearing a bandana
Dirty dancing at the

Organic eggs no bacon
With the cabana boy
Hey sardine pork and
My killer beans, O-D and
more coffee!!!
Something renewable
Even if you're a twin double

Phoenix bird beauty of her flight
The silent killer lady didn't
get a decent sleep even one night

Not fancy leafs plain and simple
My smile high cheeks dimple
My Brooklyn tree smiling at
my Mom and Dad that's my
Brooklyn roots
Silent can have so many variations with good reasons and also it can be closer than you think to kill us lets act civilized and live healthier make those choices I did. This world has so many things to offer just go with the punches  I won't knock you out
Cat-like lotto being scratched off
Shades dressed to the nines
Cat Women whites and Gray's
Pulling out her men's hairballs

Chatty Patty pancakes hearts
online more calcium her
bone Inn limit
Thank God! its' Friday
However, did it come to
the number 13 Orange
Pumpkin heads
Minus the 4 days she
needed her nine lives
back in bed

So finicky to test our time
Pulling all strings her nose cute
as a  black spot button,
Beguiled black baby cat on
her futon Miss pretty Kitty

He's the Navy Seal
The coach sealing the deal
Having sex appeal from
Heaven to earth 4 For 4
Wendy Tuna smells
Fortune tells the Luna
Cat on hot tin roof tiger print tabby,
The Egyptian Robbie dancer
starry eye glancer in the long
narrow alley Maggie May
The heating cooking up his
finicky paw the last
religious supper huge day
The black cat she's got 
 hot legs I love you honey

Rod Stewart forever young
On the ladder kitten gloves of money

Lady in cat print what
Cat's meow man handlers
Not one flaw over her dresser
Becoming the cat calculator

Fiddler on Roof Lechaim
to Life maybe it's not what
it seems
Hollywood Stray Cats big
bang theory what priority
Black Coach  secrets Victoria
Women like cats in her diary
Windmills of the Gods

The Hail Mary mastery
Tell me your dreams
Don't spill the milk
How love drops sewed me
in silk thread the test of time
We shouldn't test ourselves
like an unfortunate crime
About time knowing oneself
Well the cat got your tongue
Chosen one shelf

Like a book  going stale
We need them
Cat Coach matchmaker
You're the miracle worker
The book speaks without
being told
But how quickly our hearts
could be sold now taking
the bar exam
And your "Miss Kitty"
making her best-baked yams
So illegally you stoled all the pink
His smile is playing on me
His tiger eyes  Cat Coach so tempted
And like hot shepherds pie flicked
It's not bad luck to see a cat
when you had lied
You get what you give
Something gives how fate pulls

Dreaming/Cat fusion/Cat Valley-pay
Just love the way he makes you feel
Not in harm's way home cooked meal
Like Independence day cool

Kissing your money goodbye
Two glasses of wine Athens
Bigger than life Black cat
Demonstrator making her
own world of peace
German tour bus
Sparkling beer and good
cheer black cat like a
good soldier
under the chair
Dark blue sailor
He was in the alley
With cans and faded glory
You would never realize
he had a cat story
The ancient days of Gladiators
All imitators full moon black cat

Came way too soon
Bodies of the women
were sold
Roman EmpireTrump
got hired play trumpets
But darkness prevails
Like the treachery
The California dreaming
but the truth primary
Love wilderness or blind love
wildfire but brings tenderness
She said, my husband,
died happily and the other lady
told her___?
But he was happy to die
From the old world or new
We get cat licked
New world marries right away
An old world  it takes 1 to 2 years
But cats life will be even better
Nine lives you could wait
Are defeat you fall into
his bait
__tails Cat dynasty
Spartacus like bonafide
Princesses in the Coach
Teaching at the college
Taking a long tree ride
Get roared out Big Tigers
coach Please Papa Preach
About Cats, I wanted to jazz this up I hope you love milk and even silk we need new threads lets dream on or go the alley make an undescribable supper maybe a little Dr. Seuss in my poem
Days pass by
Night falls deep under
The sky.
Slumber takes over.
Here dawn comes, voyager!
The first ray of light
Breaks through the night.
Whistle blows
Ride is over.
Where’s your station?
Planet earth?
Can’t remember…
Possessed at night hours,
I’m sleepy beyond all measure.

I look in the mirror;
I see someone else.
I sketch
Self-portraits of someone else
On the easel.

Days pass by
I can't live the life of my dreams.
How does the poem fare out of 10? English is my second language, and critique and feedback, particularly from native English speakers would be greatly appreciated!
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