Once, we have to be lost
To find ourselves

Then, we will never get
lost again

Once, I tried to listen
Then only, I heard.
Genre: Spiritual Abstract
Theme: Self discovery
Nicky 18h
Reality, in truth, is maybe just a dream
A hologram of thoughts, you can choose your own theme
The outside, a reflection, of all that you desire
Keep the mind positive or deficiency may transpire

See we are the actors, our thoughts dictate our roles
A human experience, navigated by our souls
The dream is not as rigid as we are led to believe
The mind can alter circumstance but the mind can still decieve

If everything is energy then keep your vibration high
Vibrate at such a level that the limit becomes the sky
Remember it's YOUR dream and only YOU can change the script
Whatever comes your way, you are more than equipped

Reality, in truth, is maybe just a dream
A hologram of thoughts, things aren't always what they seem
The choices we act upon are crucial,
Deciding our current and future conditions.

Whenever poisoned decisions are shaped,
People erode the wanted path that we crave.

Depleting progression at a drastic speed,
Destroying the ability to optimize growth.

Progress can only grow with the right fertilizer,
So avoid the toxic options which sabotage results.
Warmth produces cheerfulness in the air,
As the soothing sun glows with optimism.

Absorbing those bright rays in perfect weather,
This season promises hope by creating bliss.

The spring thrives with upbeat moods,
Establishing joy that forms positivity.

As long as that star provides nice climates,
My day will always shine with contentment.
On this dangerous battlefield,
Some of my soldiers become casualties.

Rushing to aid my wounded troops,
But I am also injured behind enemy lines.

Offering assistance to anyone in distress,
All while I wrap my cuts with gauze.

Helping others is an easy task,
Yet empowering myself is a hard mission.

Healing my scars is a rough assignment,
But it’s a duty that will be fulfilled with time.
When you run that additional mile,
Is there a reward or just a pat on the back?

Each task achieved will certainly earn praise,
But the extra distance is for self-gratification.

Running the course to seek a prize,
Yet the award can’t be seen nor touched.

It’s an honor that shines inside the soul,
Working hard for that success that’s felt within.

If you are producing for someone else,
The recognition is certainly short lived.

Every time you emerge for your own glory,
An internal tribute forms that is priceless.
The direction is headed toward progress,
But the trail can be presented with roadblocks,
Causing us to move back to the beginning.

Destiny’s tale tells a complex story,
Wanting you to reach the destination,
Yet offers tough barriers along the route.

Zigzagging through the mazes of life,
Fighting to reach the other side,
And you still return to the starting point.

Remain on course to the final location,
Because no matter how many steps are lost,
You can keep moving forward, advancing to bliss.
across our paths lie logs to hurtle
a desert path forks left and right
fear’s the chasm, a pit, or a boulder
trips neighbors like falling dominoes

reveals a snare or the mountaintop
don’t fall; fire separates the ores’ dross
and gold, folks holding the Father’s hand
receive tomorrow’s crown and scepter
2018 © Christos Victor, All rights reserved
Dread accelerates to terrorizing proportions,
As the abnormal fear response kicks into gear.

Your surroundings close you in,
Even when in an open field.

Panicking like a life or death situation,
Yet the conditions are completely normal.

Temperature rises to burning levels,
Feeling the heat sucking up your oxygen.

Heart rate climbs to a rapid pace,
Believing a heart attack is happening.

Whenever a panic attack occurs,
The key to survival is saying you will survive.
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