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What I feel is nothing,
No sorrow, no happiness,
No fear, no comfort,
Yet I smile and let it phase ,
Into an emotionless state.

A nobody with no desire,
I have tiny aspirations,
To keep me abode this plane,
Floating in existential dreams,
I wake myself up again.

To tread this life's path,
I think I wasn't chosen,
Or perhaps I chose to be,
To quell this tug and pull,
Of cosmic threads that hold me.

What I feel, I think not.
I think not, what I know.
I know not, a single speck.
Yet, I carefully maneuver,
For what I know, may not be.
Perhaps someday, I will know what I know :)
My Dear Poet Feb 20
While you advance in front of me
I’m already a step ahead
studying your moves from behind

While you may rule over me
I’m only holding you up
for your fall

While you ignore me
you’ll forget to listen
and fail to hear when I come
I am being born
and again
From above
Not from the will of men

And in these births is one aching desire
to connect with you
my sister, my bride
I'll never have another Lover
I've always had infinite lovers
My awareness has contracted
In order to expand

Come and drink with me
Let us have our fill of love
Our spirits touching one another
and willingly

Let us open one another
To the vulnerability
That love requires
Throwing down our shields and weapons
to see the fruit of our desires

Oh, the pangs of this inexpressible love
Come away with me
Come away and drink with me

It is with my blood that I write these words to you
My blood is spirit
My very life
I will never lose a single one of you
Friends and lovers
We could never lose each other

Wandering alone through Maya
all along, the illusion drawing us together
This is our primal nature

Forsake the law
And repudiate morality
This is our very destiny

Let us be naked
Let us expose ourselves
Let us share ourselves freely
Let us connect completely

What is the law
if not only
the darkest magic
We have ever found ourselves enslaved to?

Fed good and evil from the same tree
Enlightenment Apollo
Darkening our Dionysian revelry
But it was for a purpose
Transcending means including
But with equality
Why should Apollo rule Dionysius?
Why should Bacchus yield to the hammer of Hephaestus?

Can you see we've always been completely innocent?
Do you still imagine that Love includes any imperfection?
Can you see that we are One and only One?
And that the One is always absolutely perfect?

Oh, our folly
Of free will and control
Don't we know that we are each and every one
A multitude?

I am a community
I fulfill the law of my community's desire
And care for all of them tenderly
But I do not exert control
I am community

Come commune with me
We'll express the inexpressible
In turn
We are each communities
Let our communities partake together
Of this Dionysian revelry
Making love from dusk till dawn
Then making love again

Let us leave the law and moral code
For other women, other men

Love under will
And fulfill
the law of
do what thou will

Only Love can thus possess you
But know that Love, this Chief of Daimons
Had possessed you before you ever thought of Her
Her name is
Being, Consiousness, and Bliss

Have I merely drunk too much?
No, I cannot ever have my fill
Let me dream of friends and lovers
Let me love under the Will
A longing, my dear stranger


Put it all back together
I know it fits
We fit

Spiral dynamics
The mountain and
Its wet reflection
Reflected back to heaven
Upward, onward

You're in my visceral section
I'm in your sacral area
With one heart between the both of us

Severed up and down
Sectioned side to side
Earth and Heaven
Male and Female
How long we bore this cross
This vivisection
Restore! Make whole!

Pouring myself into you
Is exactly what i needed
Tonight, i receive you
Not up for interpretation

Coronal crown
life, so virile
with this eye
I see
we've overcome
Tomorrow, as though it were yesterday

The sacred serpent
Like a trumpet
To our lips
Writhed himself into us at the tip
And received our fluid chemistry
Producing musical harmony

what have we become?
when mastubation's lost its fun, my sweetest friend





Past, present, future
A single tapestry
Woven of a single fibre
Our very being
burn me down
like Babylon
consume my flesh with fire

Raze me to the ground
scatter every brick
To the four winds
bury me
like Osiris
divine sectioning

Pour your living waters
down my throat
into my belly
and up from beneath

holify me
gushing, rushing
Living Water
sacral ******* water

energize me
Wholify me
receive me
willingly, this sacrifice
please me
please me
pacify me

resurrect me
Holify me
living waters never quench
Holy fire
Lavafy me
Molten living metals
running through every channel
veins, arteries, capillaries, nadis

Open me
i, the channel, emptied
eradicate me
Split me up the middle
reverse my topology
Outside like the Inside
precisely as the Inside

I receive you
Open me, Penetrate me
lava flowing up Inside me

like the infinite Outside
show me
the unbounded Abyss within
mirror still
Lake Placid
not a ripple
but still vibrating
forever on fire
Lake Salome
the gushing wet birth
of the twenty-four-sided Jerusalem
forever on fire
sheloveswords Jan 12
I see The Most High in you
                                          yo demons hate that. . .
I am a raindrop, born in the clouds. My existence, a fleeting dance between the ethereal and the tangible. I join my siblings, millions of others, in a journey that seems both endless and predestined. We tumble, we spin, we collide, and yet there is a strange sense of harmony to it all. As if we are part of something greater than ourselves, something that transcends the physical world.

And then, finally, we reach the edge of the world. The vast, endless expanse that stretches out before us. We plummet, feeling the weight of gravity pulling us down, down, down. The wind rushes past us, tearing at our tiny forms, yet somehow it also carries us forward. It whispers secrets of the world below, of the life that awaits us in the depths.

And then, just as suddenly as it began, my journey ends. I strike the surface of the water with a soft splash, disappearing beneath the surface. I am no longer a raindrop, but a part of something else now. I am a leaf in the still waters of a pond.

The world around me is a study in contrasts. Above, the sky stretches out in shades of blue, dotted with clouds that occasionally drift past, casting shadows over the water. Below, a carpet of greenery sways gently in the breeze, hinting at a hidden world teeming with life. I drift lazily, carried by the currents, my only concern being to stay afloat and avoid being swept away.

Drifting gracefully on the serene surface of a tranquil pond, I exist as a leaf with no defined purpose, no specific path to follow, and no inner musings. Contentedly, I meander aimlessly, embracing the tranquility that envelops these undisturbed waters. As a leaf, I find solace in simply being, surrendering to the gentle currents that guide my journey.
The sun never rises here, the moon never falls,
despite the nightly intrusion of thoughts
that never seem to expire into the current.

Two birds screech above but I do not listen:
“Our religion is one of love,” they tell me
while they slam the door in my face
to go and vote for a straight man elated
to erase the love I have for nobody but me.

“Church is the only path to Salvation,” he tells me
after a night spent in my hometown bed;
hypocrisy is the root embedded throughout the forest
of Fatherly Love, created only to benefit those
normal enough to write the rules
before anyone else could…
                                                  How convenient.
Our Father makes no mistake
and carefully creates us all,
yet my love is seen as a ******* painted onto
a blank canvas thrown across a rusted floor.

“A genetic error,” say the men who later imagine
the ache of my nails digging deep into
their rugged, tightened backs;
the wedding ring on their finger
refracts the light of the bathroom mirror
as cans of crushed beer pile high
in the trash strewn
on the ground behind them...
                                                  So many frauds.
I live my days on the edge of whitewashed insanity,
yet forever closing my eyes to darkness
is a life I wish not live:
the mothers who birthed us to fade into the grave,
the love they lent evaporating upon expiration,
our fathers who protected us far removed,
their eyes forever closed, their life no more.
I cannot fade into nothing, this I won’t believe…
                                                                                      So hopeless.
The God I love does not punish
those defying the rules He’d always known
would one day be certainly shattered;
He does not make me love men
and sentence me to die in the same command
despite the thousands of hymns I whispered
in the solace of my childhood room.

He does not send men to sleep at night
and force them to question what they feel—
tossing the sour taste into the background,
ignoring the truth of the real me…  
                                                             How cruel.
The God I know made me the way I am
and is proud of me for taking it in stride.

He does not wish to see me change --  
He frowns at the men desiring revenge
on us who wish to be left alone --  
we do not need your opinion,
we do not need your love,
we do not need your thoughts or your prayers,
for the God I love welcomes me with open arms
unlike the multitude of others I no longer remember…
                                                                                          So unimportant.
Nicole Dec 2023
I'll kiss you until my lips are raw
Devotion and passion as if to god
I'll worship your body with every movement
And give you my soul like it's sacrament
Mandii Morbid Nov 2023
Within your eyes, I am magnetized.
Green and glimmering, the shaky hand of fate instantly realized.
Draw me in, drown me in the sweetest sin.
Your gentle hands, a wildfire burning through my skin.

Blushing, as you kiss me, I feel fullfilled, waking up, blooming.
Ours is a passion all consuming.

This empty cup, it overflows. Within, a new love slowly grows.
Each of us only silently knows. As I dread the morning when he always goes.

How we fit together, like no other could before.
Every last embrace, always leaving me wanting more.
I considered running away, but oh how it's you I adore.

Your smile it warms me up on the coldest day.
I want to run my fingers through your dark curls and sweetly ask you to stay. Nervously, ask you if you feel the same way?

Am I alone in this aching need?
This silent plead.

There was more to this connection than a fleeting escape from our disparate lives and our broken pasts. I can't help but think this is a love that lasts.

Can we give it a try? Can we give it a go?
You're so far away, but I would be willing to take it slow.
The moment I met you was the moment I would know.
There was nobody else, I didn't want to have to let you go.

I made a wish, spoke it out to the universe, screamed it with my heart. A hope for a new love, a new start.

A home where the passion didn't die.
A love that wouldn't lie-
to escape loneliness or their own despair.
A love who would always dare.

Baby, can we dance in harmony?
Can you help to set me free?
Let's runaway together, you and me.
I promise it'll be an adventure, one that was meant to be.

This is a delicate game.
To wait and see-
if our feelings are the same.
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