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Aditya 7h
Thick strong Metal,
A grasp so Powerful,
Confining human Potential,
A Mind transformed to merely a Skull.

Trapped by the darkness of Thought,
Memories mutate into Shackles,
A Prisoner in the Mind’s Vault,
Lend me the strength to Grapple.

The chains Clanked,
As the wrists twisted with Intent,
The cold floor Thumped,
’Tis the hour to Rise & Defend.

A glorious battle to break Free,
Committed to overcome every Mountain,
Renouncing pain from the deepest Sea,
I am the Sufferer and the cruel Warden.
There is no prison bigger and traumatic than your own mind. Your thoughts are the cruel warden trapping you in a prison within your own mind.

Break free from the past, from the pain the holds you back, to stop living within the confines of your mind. Open that beautiful mind to explore the abundance the world has to offer.

Embrace life NOW and cling to every opportunity !

Know the Mind,
Shape the Mind,
Free the Mind.
Sweet architect!
I hope you are listening to the clamors in my head
I hope you see the pain I feel in my chest
I hope you see that I really am trying my best

Sweet architect!
I hope you’re seeing the tears my eyes harbor
I hope you realize that my heart sobs
I hope you see me in my origin as someone with naught

Sweet architect!
I hope you see my soul is a mess
I hope you see me try again and fall back on earth
I hope you see my laid back at night trying to reach the heavens for help

Sweet architect!
I hope you see me wishing I could change
Become a better person in this age
I hope you see that I have been damaged

Sweet architect!
I hope you see the need I need
I hope you see as I fall on my knees
That I need a whole new knead

Sweet architect!
I hope you know that I know that you’re the only one who can
Help me with all of earth’s troubling time
And let me live the life I deserve

Sweet architect!
This is not my cry to you but a plea
Like a poor child to a rich King
I reach out to you for a meal!

Sweet architect!
We both know these chains are not mine
But I got them while I was trying to make it in life
Please help me break loose and survive

Sweet architect!
I know that you are all where
At days when you are needed
You’re always near

Sweet architect!
I now plead with you to come; save me and my mates
From this trouble we have to eat on our dining plates
And move us from where we are to our original place!

From a friend that cares,
©Emmiasky Ojex
Have you ever had those weird questions in your head and feel as though no one can help you solve 'em?

If you have. you will understand this!
Imogen 2d
Beloved, receive thy Crimson Bride:

“Χαίρε, O Nymph, loved by the gods and the Terrible Fates!”

May this sacrifice of roses
Strewn smoking as She approaches
Propitiate sovereign Love and Time,
That our gods will accept this fiery bouquet,
Bestowing their blessings upon ye Lovers:

For the flowers of innocence have passed away, and now
Upon the nuptial altar
Lover and Beloved stand
In limbo.
"Prayers and Musings in the Temple of Fire, No. VI"
Alone again,
Like how it was before I was found,
Before I could hear a sound.

My head has turned bleak.
Slowly approaching my peak,
I find it hard to find the words to speak.

And the shadows seep into my cracks
by your command
doubt and drought invade this fertile land
as my world regresses in a state of chaos
and loss
and confusion
with the fusion of hope and contempt
to my ignorance and to your method.

You held me in your palm
and hear my imperfect soul cry from across realms
that shield me from the truth.
I become sad...
Am I mad for wanting better for myself,
better than myself?
Make me better for you.
Spiritual starvation.
Imogen 3d
How long apart?


I have excavated with hands bare
All the ruins of the world,
All the ashes of civilizations past,
Hoping to find you


Among the countless fallen
In the fearsome wake of Time.
Imogen 3d
Poplar bells and oracle shells,
The Priestess stokes the fire.

The haze of incense:
Is it You who approaches?

Who alights in our midst,
Embracing the air with breath of myrrh and lilies?
"Prayers and Musings in the Temple of Fire, No. II"
I am standing up on this hill
as the stars shine down above me
I am lost in their light
surrounded by the wailing of the wind
and nothing in this world can touch me….
You are like a
cool gentle breeze in the trees
whistling your sweet tune
and dancing your fingers through
my hair
like a silver stream of moonlight
on patches of silky worn grass
my feet run across
to get to your outreached
arms of pale morning sunlight
that make the sky
blush into cool shades
of rose, jade, lilac,
and peach
your laugh gushes
like a waterfall blue and white
spraying across
the rocks and evergreen I come
to perch on
when all inspiration for ideas
have dried into
strips of sour plums
and I am left feeling
a crazed thirst for the energy drained away
you are as light as a Cloud
white, often times stained
sunset pink and orange
so filling yet so translucent
in that my ideas
pass right through you
and become forever lost
like airplanes with blinking lights
and no destinations
flying across your endless horizon
of thoughtful evening stars
every time I close my eyes
and breathe
you are there fluttering underneath
my eyelids
counting and measuring
my breaths
smoothing my creased forehead
pulling my mouth up into an
upturned crescent moon
placing your palms
against mine
just to let me know
you are there
though only a fragment of
my imagination
you are simply
the stillness in every moment
encapturing a person's presence
to be carried in
the winds of change
yet brought back time and again
when hope has stilled
and home seems like a desert
that you bring
rain to.
Aditya 5d
Walking on a lonely Street,
The shimmer of a Floodlight,
Marching to my Heartbeat,
Did I send you an Invite ?

An intriguing Character,
A leader one Moment,
Racing like a Competitor,
Underneath a loyal Servant.

Metamorphosis is your Forte,
A Giant bloating my Ego,
Or a worthless tiny Prey,
Teach me the art of Incognito.

At the break of Dawn,
An awareness Emerged,
A Shadow revealing a Truth Withdrawn,
Enlightenment is Light & Darkness, Merged.
Shadows are the representation of the other half of our lives - The Truth of Darkness.
We are sometimes leaders or competitors and many a times subservient to the demands of society. Our ego is heightened when we are victorious, and diminished during failure, but to possess the ability to suppress it, is a sign of true awareness.
While we seek the light within, it is only with acceptance of darkness, can we truly experience total happiness. Darkness in all its forms is a part of our lives and will continue to be the shadow to remind us of the need for acceptance.
You are the Light when you embrace the Darkness within.
---october, same year, after the bomb,

How should we train the surplus of boys?
We can't use them to sweep chimneys any more.
Nor work in Nike's winged victory factory,
child labor's not a means to an end
any more.
A seller must sell such as toys in Thailand today.

There are too many to waste efficiently in war.
A global conundrum beating time in our global brain.

A conundrum beating cadence for the dancers on parade.
Proud dancers with a vision...

Utopian distanty visiony,
since nought left ought as our only
understood shelter,
from the storm. Cower under ought, my child,
every thing is under control.

You are welcome in our safe place,
was once the reply to thanks, in essence, that was meant.

Now, it's no problem, serves and means nothing, in return.

Why should any boy grow into man? Let them play.
Entertainment's all that needed,
that'n' bread, with sugar,
that'll fixit, do the trick, keep the boy in hero role, virtually
forever, never growing

Virtual virtue. Tech them that.
Virtually anyone can see the connection,
virtue, virtually means

What? Exactly. The act is outed.
Virtue went forth from Jesus, there's the bomb.

What does virtue being drawn through thy very e-sense
feel like?
Would we know, you or I, the feeling of virtue going out,

A shocking short circuit? or a buzzer triggered by alarming
outflow of essential immaterial
stuff. Unnamed, unspeakable stuff?

Immaterial. The judge declares. The clar-if-ication
means look

Virtue is too dangerous for little boys at play.
'Tis a cept, signified, perhaps
is what a sceptre does, officially it de-sig-nates who got it,
when virtue first
appeared needing shelter in the storm.
lightning lightening,
immaterial. Nonsense, can you sense immaterial matter.
You can't touch it. The judges believe.
Nor can mortals
even imagine immaterial matters reserved for Kings and king builders.

So why seek whys, when nothing matters more than...
why? what? who? when? where?
altogether on the six o'clock news.
All-in-one, all the knowing needed. Be joyfully entertained.
Sing along, meaningless songs,
doo-dah day.
Hallelujah (wait, did you say that? Out loud, ever? In a song?

What if... never mind.. could be a trap. Don't think it means anything. An old fashion past, that's all, now.
No magi utterance that changes
matters, in real time.
Not words and ideas, but
Clocks rule this domain, it's minions are the yoke bearers pulling
loads declared worthy of laboring incessantly happy.
The yoke is on you. (Take mine, it's light.) Carry on.

Take Sisyphus, for ensample. He's as happy as a clam, they say.
Those who live near the see declare the wee bivalves happy as pi.
We don't know why.
That's all.
At this particular point in time, as the ped-ants say.
Let patience perfect that which concerns you.
Let simple morph to sublime.

See, Jesus winked.
Epic poems are a burden to the reader, this is part of something much longer This poem's been keeping time with the one life I had to live, this time, guiding me to what I am, not what I have become. Tell me if i said it right.
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