Amanda 6d
I am the sun; a blazing star,
A burning orb of desire,
Stunning and warm, but don't get too close,
My passion will scorch like fire.

Intensity is daunting,
Temperature hard to take,
Heated temper tantrums erupt
At daybreak daily each time I wake.

You help me rise through volcanic bursts,
Lifting me above distress,
Extinguishing my molten rage
With the logic of your cool caress.

I light up in your presence,
A glow radiates from my core,
Bask in heat from my affection,
You are the one I shine for.

I will love you with fervor
But scald you with blistering touch,
Use caution: I fear you will crumble
To ashes within my fiery clutch.
I feel like I am this chaotic volatile work of art that everyone is fascinated with and is beautiful to look at but no one can get close to me without getting hurt somehow.
everything i speak is true,
so believe me when i say i’ve fallen head over heels for you.
i got it bad,
that’s what they say,
i don’t want to have to go back,
so please give me a thousand reasons to stay.
i already made your skin flow like the ocean with adjectives and annotations,
but you don’t see it do you?
because you don’t care about the way i write you.
you care about how my skin feels under fluorescent lights,
you care about how my eyes crack open like thin eggs during our fights.
every extravagant word i use in a flamboyant way to describe you,
you simply pass over because big words don’t excite you.
but i make my tiny words re-re-re-repeat over and over and over and over and over
just to get the point across.
but you don’t get it because by now you’re already lost.
if i scribbled everything you love into a poem so glittery,
would you finally notice the things i can do in my writing?
i can’t help but listen to sad songs and wonder why absolutely none of them speak of your name,
but the way they describe you is completely the same.
everything i write is half true,
so be cautious when i write about my love for you.
Maria Etre Mar 8
I (in) fell
and melted
under pressure

                                             I fell (out)
                                                                ­and was reborn
                  then I stumbled
                                                        ­     on a pebble
                                  and fell
Lyn-Purcell Feb 17
It's alright to burn for something
you do not have. Just don't
let it consume you.
We all want things in life, that's normal. But don't get blinded by it.
Lyn-Purcell Jan 29
Hear and see before
you speak.
Your words carry weight. Choose wisely...
Lex Jan 9
Skinny is the new perfect
forget the curves you tried so hard to obtain
get thin and you'll be attractive
you have to realize you need to be the same

Welcome to society
no one ever said life would be easy
so chin up and start the dieting
but make sure you're not too sleazy

wear all the right clothes
but make sure that they show just enough
the right amount to keep them intrested
it doesn't matter if it's tough

They all say beauty is pain
it doesn't matter what you do
do what ever it takes to get perfect
make sure you act like you don't have a clue

Playing dumb is fun
at least until someone get's hurt
but validity gained at all is enough to sustain
even if they mostly treat you like dirt

Don't worry as long as they tell you you look nice
everytime they want into bed
as long as you're getting told
well obviously that's enough said

Ignore the red flags
it's honestly all in your head
don't worry about a thing
it doesn't matter if your fed.
It's important to know your body better than everyone else does.
Amongst the crowd, is a wolf hiding
Sympathize and sooner it will be biting,
Take a chance and you will lose it
Be extracareful my friend before you will be hit.
Standing straigth with its full magneficience
Is a criminal hiding its presence.
Criminals are just around.
Sam Nov 2017
Smother me till my lungs collapse,
Strangled so that I cannot gasp.
Why tie me down with concrete?
Why torture me with no sleep?
Keep your own poison;
Your skeletons, I return!
Shatter my prison!
I refuse to be burned!
You belong in the shadows;
You hang victims in gallows.
Secrets may seem mysterious, elite
So choose wisely if you decide to keep...
Returning from hiatus
In every little thing you do
Be fair and true
Not only for others good.
For what you sow, the world gives to you.
More than the seed you can hold,
Your harvest in multiple folds.

From the top, the ground is hard to see.
The ground is where we slept,
Where we dreamt,
And lept;
In hope to find our strength.
Up, you are today,
Heed, is all i'll say.
For next time you fall to the ground
It may be in the cold hands of death.
Mars Aug 2017
A destination has been pinned.
I've been thrown
To the wind.
My body is my ship.
My sail catches time.
Ahead at a steady clip,
This is what they call my prime.
My new year starts in September.
For all I've learned,
I do remember.
But caution has been thrown.
And where it lands, Ill be missing.
There are seeds to be sown.
The stars Ill soon be kissing.
My thoughts, I forgot to pack.
An absent mind, my ticket to ride.
A new pulse.
A new tack.
A new love for life
Sits cozy at my side.
Im in the wind.
My fate, safely stowed
So I sit back and grin
Behind the wheel, on the road
On my trip around the sun
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