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Zywa Feb 6
Something is at hand,

so I better find a way --

out of my slumber.
Personal transmission-composition "Occam ocean" for orchestra (2015, Éliane Radigue), performed in the Organpark on February 3rd, 2024, by ensemble ONCEIM (L'Orchestre de Nouvelles Créations, Expérimentations, et Improvisations Musicales) and others - @strings

Collection "org anp ark" #355
Jeremy Betts Jan 12
It's my fault
It's my fault for thinking someone willing to lie from day one could be the one
It's my fault
It's my fault for thinking that my love would be worth someone's full attention
It's my fault
It's my fault for brushing off caution like, "it's not a red flag, iiiiit's more of a crimson"
It's my fault
It's my fault for being a coward when this time, maybe for the first time, there is no reason
It's my fault
It's my fault...fuuck's always my fault, I'm done..find another sucker to pick on

George Krokos Oct 2023
So you've broken the cycle of addiction
as it's no longer around here today.
You have played a big part in its eviction
and caused it all bravely to go away.

It was good to see its days were all numbered
even though it was around for so long;
you succeeded where the others had blundered
to be standing here with those who are strong.

Keep a clear mind now and be not complacent
to allow it into your life again
for its stronghold may once more be adjacent
in resisting all you'll strive to attain.

But who else here knows how hard it has all been?
You'd only have to look back then to see;
the hopelessness caused before on one's life screen
that captured all those moments which were free.
Written in May, 2022
David Hilburn Jun 2023
Dare the dainty
All in eaves, a dance of we've
Sour regards for a knowing heed, the eclectic key
Wavering in the air, to tell a story of finality

Salt, dust and whatever else
Rhymes with damnation, the tows of veracity
Become like lucky butterflies, the solution in bells
To worth and occur, with a certain mighty...

Sounds of music, to die for
Through the hollow of sunshine we find so warm
The completion of a single thought for avidity, so sore
Has the curiosity of chances, and the decency, only more

Should we shoulder a pathetic distance, from the nerve?
Or is causes guidance, to a realm of liberty ensconced
We woke, and walked to the notion adding, a due friend
With seasons of come, to light the way to sits, of around...

About now
The tale has become ours for a looking have, and the moment gave
Mirrors, seldom fears and a host to what nears
The romance of aptness, for a circle of deem, that has it to save...
Ask a hollow log if its safe here, and you get a response; perhaps shadowy longevity should, the taken presence we find is more than home.
Mark Toney Apr 2023
Time moves
Sunrise reveals
a new day
People scurry
anxious worry
get in
the way

In the midst
of the dawn's
hopeful rays
Seasons changing
Minds in
perpetual daze

No time for
caution too
close to the
Our lot numbers
soon will display
Our main
too close to
the action
"Going once!
Going twice!"
as they say ...

We've arrived
at the end of
the day ...

Time to
finish our
final melee ...

Contemplating our
Fabergé egg

Mark Toney ©️ 2023
Poetry form - Lyric.  Living a cautious life can be beneficial, but there are times when it’s best to throw caution to the wind.
wes parham Jan 2023
Condescending to humor my intimate muse,
You sought out her words in my writing.
I couldn't have guessed that you'd actually choose,
To tell her what you think is the source that I'm citing.

Get over yourselves, the drama and strife,
I can tell you’ve found something you wanted to see.
And, of course, held it up to the shape of your life,
And think you see secrets you once shared with me.

Forgive my intrusion throughout that December,
If that friendship seemed somehow untrue,
I won't try to persuade you, but you ought to remember,
Sometimes, unbelievably, it's not about you.

My task is obsessive, compulsion, expression,
I write the universal, the aggregate whole.
Never to betray or teach some grand lesson,
I’d rather enrich than to harm a good soul.

Emotions exposed and stories delivered may wound or dignify,
My job is to make it have life and clarity;
Give it weight enough to signify.

And, as then, when we meet,
Sour or sweet, 
Speaking our truth,
Silent secrets,
and feel…
The words that can wound,
Heal or conceal...
All of them wind to what our actions reveal.
I have had a few occasions where people close to me were certain that I was writing about them.
I was certain, each time, that they were mistaken.
I was broken, each time, that they’d missed the whole plot.

This piece actually came about over decades and an uncharacteristic snarkiness was added at the urging of a friend to give it more “attitude”.  Ha.
Zywa Jan 2023
Brave from drinking, care-

ful after the drunkenness --

the army attacks.
"Frammento di cronaca di Marco Leccio e della sua guerra sulla carta nel tempo della grande guerra europea" - V ("Fragment of a chronicle of Marco Leccio and his war on the map in the time of the Great War in Europe" – V, 1919, Luigi Pirandello)

Collection "Actively Passive"
Zywa May 2022
Please, don't ring the bell,

this is not my visit, but --

the reconnaissance.
Diary, 1968, Frida Vogels (publ. 2010)

Collection "Trench Walking"
you say,
you are not a ******
you say,
you come in peace
but this does not put me at ease.
because you are a man
i am aware of your testosterone
lingering in your blood stream
like alcohol,
in a drunken girl.
while he feeds on her drunken body
like prey.

you say,
you are not a ******
you say,
you mean no harm
but i am a woman,
in a man's world  
and you are a man,
in a ******'s world
so i hear yours words
and approach with caution.
you are a man.
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