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Jay M 7d
People cautiously walking the sidewalks
Masks of all sorts over their faces
Cover the mouth, cover the nose
Keep away, far away
Heed the warnings, as they say;

Stay 6 feet away,
Cover your mouth,
Cover your face
This is no way to live
But to survive
Or before you know it
You're already dead...

People shuffling past
Lift up their head
Groan as they stand in last
Hoping not to rot in their place

Once inside, they took what they could
Doesn't mean that they should
Only to leave others with scraps
Like kids playing with bottle caps

Finally, signs saying to take less
Ease a bit of that good ol' stress
Save it for the lines of insanity
And all that is left of humanity

Walk the streets, get outside
For the time you can, no longer hide
Return soon to thy shelters
Keep busy, maybe become painters

Walk along the ocean shore
Then return home, what a bore
Paint the barren sands,
Once with so many people, holding hands
Now with little to none
Go home and be done

Scarcely utter a word
To those on the street
But over the phone, loud as a bird
In conversation, the shuffling of feet

Open slow, the lesser things
Whilst still some folks are getting wings
Soon enough, renew the world
Let it all come unfurled
Only to consume us all once more
Just like before.

- Jay M
May 20th, 2020
The purpose of this poem is to display the current state of the world, and leaders attempt to slowly bring things back to some semblance of normalcy.
Lexi 7d
"Behind   the   doors   of   Silence
I'm   the    tree    that's    never   Grown
I'm    the    prisoner    of   your    Pauses
I'm    the    ball    that's    never     Thrown
The   captive   of   your    Caution
There   is    ice     between    my    Teeth
I've    wandered    down    the    twisted     Way
Where    all     the     fences     Meet."
Stay inside
Play it safe
There are much greater things to miss than a day at the beach

Beginning with life itself
Elly Apr 16
i always tell myself
not to step on broken glass
but it's too late
just as i entered your world
Laura Mar 29
doubt wrapped up, she struggles but i soother her
for what do i know without her?
fear, the closest comfort. cradled like an infant.
when the light slipped through
arms exposed and shut my eyes
hesitancy to grow through the dirt of my mind
but caution in the warmth provided
When your heart goes numb
You’ll do anything to feel again.
In the cold, dark, night,
Wandering aimlessly to see again.

Is this just a warning
Of who we’ll become in the morning?
Is this just a moment
Or is there a call we’re ignoring?
Choices and consequences.
Did you learn nothing?

When your heart goes numb
You’ll do anything to feel something.
SoVi Mar 18
                Reminding you
                Surrounding you
Don't crawl
                Following you

Perfect house  
                Blinding you
Polarising pictures
                Mesmerizing you
Pieces of a lie
                Trapping you

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
Marla Mar 2
Little words like daggers-
secrets that are too close to keep.

Twitching eyes and hollow smiles
that evade the truth at every beat.

Silver tongues flap freely while
they pierce your skin so deep.

Careful with how you treat them
as their victory will be your defeat.
Listen carefully

It may deceive
Being novel
For the reasons unknown
Corona is contagious

Ahead of it
Or behind
Spacing in between

Trust me
You will be safe
Survivor's guide
The way it is

Genre: Clinical
Theme: Influenza
Clinical Note: Stay cautious, whom to keep distance, whom to get close.
ktle Feb 1
there are four steps
of thin ice
between you and me.

it’s okay if you’re unsure.
i don’t mind if you’re still trying
to understand the rhythm of your heart
over the rationality in your mind.
i can wait as long as it takes
because I also know the complexity
of loving someone.
i understand the risks and the doubts
that come with
choosing to love someone.

all I want is your happiness
and if this thin sheet of ice isn’t enough
to hold both of us,
i don’t mind falling through
if it means keeping you afloat.
i would rather sink into the cold, dark
than to watch you struggle.
i don’t mind letting go
and breaking the ice from under me.
i want to see you happy
even if it means I won’t be the person to reach you.

another step forward will be my end.
there’s no path for me to walk back.
i will wait here, until you’re ready
to reach out and close the final step.
and even if the ice may break from under me
i will wait.
i will love you cautiously.
and with this distance between us,
i will choose
again and again
to give this heart to you.
i dont know which hurts more:
the feeling as i wait
or the thought of losing you.
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