Lyn-Purcell Jun 26
Spring silently swells
Gentle touch of my delight
Art flows with caution
Lyn-Purcell Jun 23
Being human, we all
have that ability to hurt,
harm and kill
Life and death are powers
in all our tongues
and you don't seem to
get that what you say
has weight
Once you think your
words, know what
to day and don't
You never know what
demons each person
Yes, they may smile
but your cruel words
adds to their pain
adds to them corroding
on the inside
They may be dancing
near the edge with
death talking in
their ear and you
may be the give
them that final push
They will take death
by the hand with
their faith in human
kindness crushed
People want to live
but many just survive
Don't make anyone
feel numb or more
dead inside
I'm feeling really reflective this morning.
People don't seem to get that words have weight and can destroy a life.
Be careful what you say and who you say it to.
Depression, anxiety, loneliness, suicidal
These feelings are no joke.
I felt like I had to write this.
I'm not an angel, I'm a sinner like everyone else. I have said things I should not have said. I have done things I should not have done. I'm no better than anyone else. But I've learned. Who I was at 13 or 18 is not the same person I am at 23. As I age physically, I age mentally.
Please to anyone who feels low, know you are loved. Please get help. People will strike you down but never let it destroy you.
Never ever underestimate the power of human kindness.
Be back soon.
Lyn xxx
Lyn-Purcell Jun 10
Sometimes in life, you can end up doing
all the right things but for the
wrong person
Or people. Definitely people. I've done things I should and shouldnt have for the wrong crowd. With that in mind, I'm being super careful.
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
The sweeper said to the chimney
“I’ve come to scrub and sweep your soul”
But it was so dusty and dark
That he took for a spark
One of its burning coals

Now there’s a danger in disturbing a soul
That such an intruder should know
For as he climbed higher
He let go the lighter
And started the fire below
Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018; All rights reserved
A lifetime of tiptoes and quiet tones
Don’t rock the boat or put on a show
Head down, smile and nod
Agreeable, don’t seek applause

She’s perfectly polished but overly modest
She could move mountains but she’s endlessly cautious
Living in what-ifs and worries and whys
Curious of potential, afraid to try

She drifts and so she settles
Her life is safe but doesn't feel special
She keeps her distance, won't get too close
Except to her caution, she loves it the most

It has a time and place, it seems
But nothing is good if it’s to the extreme
Protection, or afraid to grow?
Caution, is it friend or foe?

It takes risk to get rewarded,
Caution is costly but safe,
So turn your tip-toes into marching
And let your still boat make some waves.
Hannah Sutter May 16
A shuddered sigh, then some hope inhaled.
A wince of distrust, yet a heart unveiled.
A cautious smile leaves a little too late.
But a hopeful look rises to the bait.
A tensed up brow begins to relax,
For peace and joy have been too long taxed.
Sorrow still lurks in the back of the mind,
But reluctantly it is left behind.
A cautious faith is restored anew
And I open myself
back up
to you.
emmaa May 9
i’m sorry i’m cautious
it’s not like i have much reason to be
just observations
mere contemplations

over how it would feel
to open my heart to someone
only for it to get trampled
i don’t want to be another example

of why we shouldn’t open
ourselves to people
when it just leaves us empty
it just doesn’t seem tempting

so why should i
when it comes to love
i don’t see the fuss
over people who don’t give a shit about us
Thomas EG Mar 30
This morning, when I got out of the shower, I tiptoed across the room.

I took caution not to drip water all over the floor, so that you wouldn't get wet feet when you used the bathroom next.

This morning, I remembered that I never have to tiptoe again.

Tonight, I can feel my heart breaking.
A poem about my first day on my own. I think I'm all cried out for now.
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