Sam Nov 30

Smother me till my lungs collapse,
Strangled so that I cannot gasp.
Why tie me down with concrete?
Why torture me with no sleep?
Keep your own poison;
Your skeletons, I return!
Shatter my prison!
I refuse to be burned!
You belong in the shadows;
You hang victims in gallows.
Secrets may seem mysterious, elite
So choose wisely if you decide to keep...

Returning from hiatus

In every little thing you do
Be fair and true
Not only for others good.
For what you sow, the world gives to you.
More than the seed you can hold,
Your harvest in multiple folds.

From the top, the ground is hard to see.
The ground is where we slept,
Where we dreamt,
And lept;
In hope to find our strength.
Up, you are today,
Heed, is all i'll say.
For next time you fall to the ground
It may be in the cold hands of death.

Mars Aug 30

A destination has been pinned.
I've been thrown
To the wind.
My body is my ship.
My sail catches time.
Ahead at a steady clip,
This is what they call my prime.
My new year starts in September.
For all I've learned,
I do remember.
But caution has been thrown.
And where it lands, Ill be missing.
There are seeds to be sown.
The stars Ill soon be kissing.
My thoughts, I forgot to pack.
An absent mind, my ticket to ride.
A new pulse.
A new tack.
A new love for life
Sits cozy at my side.
Im in the wind.
My fate, safely stowed
So I sit back and grin
Behind the wheel, on the road
On my trip around the sun

elise Aug 10

Handle with care
It said
On the side of that box
Tend caution
It said
Printed onto that sticker
It said
Labels on the glass
This side up
It said
Just underneath the arrows
Pointing to the sky

It said
Only after I had been broken

Likely to burst
Lyn-Purcell Aug 8

You can be around a person forever,
and still, you'll never know
their true character.

Seen this countless times.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 7

Words from our mouths can be swords
from a sheathe.
An arrow on a bow.
A stone from a sling.

Again, people I know lack a damn filter...and they have the nerve to stupidly wonder why they have so many issues -.-
Lyn-Purcell Aug 7

Smiles from people around
you aren't always

The mask falls off eventually.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 7

Blood is thicker than water. Be
wary, their knowledge of
you are their own
set of knives...

Be careful.
everly Aug 4

..her lips
so smooth and with
every word
she commanded
for sweet I couldn't think
of something else
perhaps more bitter..
face with impurities and
a faintly rough yet
soothing and graceful
When we went to that camping trip in California one time,
I saw her...raw.
Walking around in the darkness  
warm wind swiftly blowing her hair in the distance
with nothing but a long lumberjack shirt
with only one button buttoned.
Only seen with the fire pit still glowing being fed from earlier.

when we shared glances across the pit
I knew I fell in love
and I couldn't get enough.

Feel good in your skin
Ready to take on the world
Don't let it eat you

©LadyofRavenhill 2017
Haiku #37
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