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Ave Maria Jul 29
Caution is wise.. try not to be so surprised
Fiends disguised as followers, as companions
The bitter taste of open treachery as the finale
One working on the harsh words and the violent blow, the others standing by, silent as to leave no alibi
Yet of course they are just as responsible
Turning away with smiles after leaving the slash
This was in the working for some time
The naked truth when told will rip away loyalty at any expense
One of the most important laws of life is to beware, for trust can be near fatal
And these wrongdoers shall return to watch again and again, to laugh and to gossip
Hoping, with eager ears and eyes that the slash is still fresh and ever present
The secret but evident instigator dropping hints of utter despise without confrontation
Well, I suppose it is only natural to wish upon ripping off the fingers and the tongues of each one of them
To be the one who laughs last as the scar slowly fades with time
While the snakes in the grass are left with nothing but bitter thoughts, unable to speak or type a single one
Enlighten me, what could possibly be better than that?
Zywa May 2
Please, don't ring the bell,

this is not my visit, but --

the reconnaissance.
Diary, 1968, Frida Vogels (publ. 2010)

Collection "Trench Walking"
you say,
you are not a ******
you say,
you come in peace
but this does not put me at ease.
because you are a man
i am aware of your testosterone
lingering in your blood stream
like alcohol,
in a drunken girl.
while he feeds on her drunken body
like prey.

you say,
you are not a ******
you say,
you mean no harm
but i am a woman,
in a man's world  
and you are a man,
in a ******'s world
so i hear yours words
and approach with caution.
you are a man.
Descovia Sep 2021
Do you **** around with me
to just "f* with me?'

Would you actually buck for me?
Tell me, is it you give a f
for me?

You undoubtedly would pull runs
We're not just doing it for the funds my G

So do you f
** with me?
Chrissy Ade May 2021
You've taken a step into dangerous territory
Unbeknownst to your wide, naïve eyes
You're heading into a deep abyss
Where only the lucky have survived
Before you proceed any further
I will give you this warning now
I'm utterly and dangerously fragile
And my patience is running out
My warning signs are on full display
For those who dare on this journey
Caution is written everywhere
So that I know you won't take this lightly
I see the longing looks you're giving
And I can tell you see me as a challenge
Your cockiness will lead to your missteps
A guarantee I experience irrevocable damage
You think you will treat me different
But I know you'll ignore the signs I carry
There's no easy way to let my guard down
When your intentions with me make me wary
You continue to walk into dangerous territory
Unbeknownst to your wide, naïve eyes
Foolishly, you jumped into the deep abyss
But you were not lucky enough to survive
Watch your step
Francie Lynch May 2021
What was that. A knock?
I heard something.
Was it the wind, scratching across my pane?
The pine tree branch thumps its fingers.
Squirrels, racoons and mice scurry over my roof.
My porch light is a beacon of revelation.
The doors are locked against friend or others.
I will wait.
Fall asleep.
A hut on an island in the blue,
No ghostly memories.
Rose K Mar 2021
please be careful with me.
my love runs so deep
it could engulf you, consume you whole.
please be careful with me,
my love runs so deep
you could drown.
i’m still learning to keep my head above the waters
Steve Page Mar 2021
Like buying Irish tea bags in the 'World Food' aisle
I like to take my jeopardy close to my native Isles

I do buy silky underwear, but only M&S
- trying something sexier will only cause me stress

I stick to experiments with familiar ingredients
You'll never mistaken me for some sort of deviant

I like to take my journeys only slightly off track
I like it when the menu includes a Big Mac

Don't judge me for my caution,
you've no idea what it's like
when my mother keeps on telling me,
cosmopolitan is hype
London challenges
Dave Robertson Feb 2021
Get that window open!
Go on, do it!

Feel the fat rotation of the planet
throwing a little spring our way
to poke our amygdala
and rattle our dormancy

and sure, we know at the back of minds
a bare faced bait and switch is in play
which means our twitching fingers
will seek to put the big coats in the loft
only with dismay to find the grey frost
return to bite our ***** mid-March

but we can dream and show some ankle
can’t we?

We hold out for this spring
harder than a man who’s lost nine digits
to frostbite
so we can point to where it hurts,
be heard,
aware that we’re linked,
a swarm of warmer hands
that need to hold, to cling, to brace
against this lingering, malingering pain

We’re ready to emerge,
but only together
and while inclement, duplicitous weather
still rages
we’re better, sadly,
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