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Scarlet dancing poppies
ruffled skirts flung high
pansies and geraniums
nod to an August sky
foxglove mint and rosemary
move with the wind and sway
a summer garden party
and a fragrant cabaret
under the horizon
above the naked earth;
i'm half drawn to the sky
and half to my skin;
along with the flowers
of december, wilting.

but, It's half a fine day.
and I'm half convinced.
the day, is yet to end.
and if after all, i am failed;
to be fully drawn to the sky,
ever i lay to cold, until it warms.
I've never gotten flowers, not much to say
In love once, still can't beg to stay
I've never gotten flowers, but oh.. to dream of lilies
How the return of happiness will ever feel?
"Hold onto your baby breaths,"
They never given me any
All I ever wanted was a tulip
The same way my father use to gift my mother
Smiling while I hide behind him excitingly

Dreaming of  my once upon a dream as snowdrops grow
Sunflowers, how beautiful they could be
Joyfully restoring oxygen into my lungs
You never knew cause roses are the trend
Honestly, you never asked
Left, right you're gone
Not a rose in graved, they're all out of sight
Its alright I'll get gladiolus
Swimming in the lilies valley one day

Memory, Not a Flower girl

writing this was something I felt like it needs to be heard. I also played around with the meaning of each type of flower..
Lilly: purity, heavenly, happy, wealth, pride.."but oh.. to dream of lilies
How the return of happiness will ever feel?"
Baby breaths: everlasting love... ""hold on to your baby breaths" They never given me any"
Tulips represent respect, sunshine in your smile, passion..."The same way my father use to gift my mother"
Snowdrops: new beginnings, hope, rebirth and the ability to overcome challenges..."Dreaming of  my once upon a dream as snowdrops grow."
Sunflowers: long lasting happiness.."Sunflowers, how beautiful they could be"
With roses I went with how common they are but even tho they mean I love you:  "You never knew cause roses are the trend ,Honestly, you never asked, Left, right you're gone, Not a rose in graved, they're all out of sight"
Gladiolus: little sword as in strength ..."Its alright I'll get gladiolus"
Lilies valley: joy, love, sincerity, happiness and luck but also the lily of the valley contains compounds that affect the heart since it if I win and gain my strength I may be at the end finding happiness at my last breath.."Swimming in the lilies valley one day"
In your eyes darling, I see:
Infinite beauty
Blooming flowers
Dancing butterflies
Singing birds
Moving rivers
Spring air
The Full moon
Twinkling stars

In your eyes darling, I see:
A cozy home
Soft heart
A Rainbow of hope
An Ocean of love
Fountain of determination
A Life boat,
Safe Shores

In your eyes darling,I see:
Sweet dreams
Warm sunshine
A new dawn
Fresh day
Thousands of smiles
Happy songs and
Enchanting nature

Hussein Dekmak
Phia Sep 8
Leave it to the mind
Of a flower
To deny the beauty of
It’s own petals
Even though
It shares the same soil
As all of the others
Elena Aug 26
I sit on my chair
Looking at the vase
With dried flowers
Sitting there for days
So do I
We share looks
We share the pain
We share the agony
Of no one caring
Daniel Ruiz Aug 25
I want to go right
And pick the perennial flowers
That cover what the eye can see,
I’ve seen the Fields of Indian blankets
And spider lilies

I think of myself laying
Down and resting my eyes
As the sunset showers me
With color and despair.

Today I’ll go left instead
To see what waits
For me there.
George Krokos Aug 24
Garden flowers are
colorful needless to say
with care some are grown
Written in 2020.
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