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‪I am the flower that is being drown by rain today and‬
‪I wonder if I will breathe again‬
I am fragile and I shake w each roll of thunder

‪The night retires and my petals are drenched ‬
‪heavy from the weight of the water and ‬
‪the ground I stand in is not firm‬

‪the sun has come out ‬
‪I am new and nourished ‬
‪I have soaked up the storm and‬
‪I am a stronger form than I was ‬
‪The day before‬

‪- a flower that feels like she's drowning every time it rains‬
Hope Strength Love Selflove Flower Flowers strong
i thought that
you were giving me
it turns out that
they are actually
and since
there are no
they are
stinging me
that’s how you love
and only then
am i called
if i ever stop loving you
it will be the day the world crumbles at my tongue
it will be because of utter chaos in my bones
and my tangled veins that stop my heart
if i ever stop loving you
it must be because my brain went dancing out side my head
or my heart was filled with tar
or my lungs grew flowers you gave me for my birthday
if i ever stop loving you
i would have to be in the grave
with dirt as my blanket
so deep in the ground i become a tree
but even that tree would carry leaves with your name engraved
and every branch would mumble your name in the wind
if i ever stop loving you
it would have to be the end of the world
or the second coming of Christ
i would have to watch a Crucifixion of our affection
and still my heart would beat for you
because every nail that is drilled into it
would bleed for you.
because i could never stop loving you
I loved him so
He told me to be his Bonnie
And our love would never die

I'd help you **** an innocent human
We'll cover it up
I'll help you lie

Blood is on your hands and
In front of you a tomb
Here lies the dead
Her death was by you

Around my grave
So many flowers grew
Red roses with thorns
Don't touch or
You'll have blood on your hands too
Thank u
Anne J 2d
Little insect that dwells into the dangling cocoon
Lend me your silk that is enhanced in voodoo
Look at the beautiful crystals that are above
That traps the angels and their golden harps and doves
Enhance to me your white smeared poison kiss
And I’ll be sure to melt with not even a hiss
Unravel your gown and engulf me into the silk
That’s already lost its flowers and gained its milk
Made off of two antagonists, who are mother and daughter in my story. I guess you could say the first four lines are for the daughter, and the four are for the mother? They're evil butterfly fairies with the power of making crystals, trapping people in their hair, and I guess some poisonous attack with the "lipstick" they use?
Anne J 2d
Pitiful aqua trying not to dissolve into the afternoon sky
She feels her dreams of being free also pass by
Her orange to pink hair falls unto the sandy beach
And remembers the dreams that are far too old to be in reach
Nectar from her locks engulf her body into a sweet poison
That the purple tinted water swipes away from the ocean
The black birds flap away as the orange vicinity closes
As the woman’s purple lips drip in shades of wilted roses
I recently got a tub curtain, and it has a large flower and then three mini flowers or so, all filled with the color orange and fuchsia, with dark pink branches, which gave me a sunset, tropical and memory lane feel, hence the poem.
The dreams they follow
me down every lonely
path and they lead me to
your final resting
It's to where lay my gift
of flowers as a tribute to
you my darling who did
so much In life for
It hurts I can longer repay
you for your kindness over
all years together, and of
the love you gave to
So hope my gifts of flowers
tells you of all I meant to say
In life to you, but sadly
never got chance
And promise you my darling
I'll make mark In living for you
by the poems and stories
of my life spent with
And maybe many years from
now someone will find them
then they will know of Helen
good Woman she surely
My Beautiful Girl
I write these poems truly as a tribute to
my late wife no personal gain to myself other trying make to make a mark In life
for out of respect for all did me In our
years together
Under the garment of winter,
I see sunshine,
new dawn,
tulip flowers,
melody birds,
and a hint of spring breezes.

waiting to be awakened by
an act of kindness,
a murmur of prayer,
an innovative idea,
the song of life,
and the whisper of love.

Hussein Dekmak

have you ever noticed anything that sent you spinning
off into the empty infinity of blossoming cognizance?

pupils dilate,
sweat beads,
words collapse back into what they imply; we only know
because we watched the footage.

yes, we watched it together
and yes, it is the only father figure that pays for her own dinner these days.

i wish i was worth forgetting in the future.

i wish people didnt feel they had to be anything but here.

i wish people would teach their children about how i could market loose teeth to coastlines.

im laughing at your puzzled aura
from the next epochal shift.

(man enters and exits stage right, nervously)

it's deep is a depth but really nonsense.
say hello to poetry. she made me write this.
gracie Feb 28
lightning flash across the sky
silver clouds begin to cry
our clothes are cold and soaking wet
but we don't run inside just yet

if I said I'm ready now
darling, would you show me how
to blindly run through fields, unplowed
until the thunder roars?

fire races through my spine
warm hands meet my waistline
let's dance together, intertwined
like flowers in a storm
not an innuendo, unless u want it to be
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