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A million stars late night time reveals
Dotting the sky like flowers in a field
They glimmer and shine in abundant glories
They tell of the ancient long lost stories
They sparkle and form shapes of the past
Of the empires and traditions they outlast
A million smiles that guide our way
But fade and relinquish to the coming day

A million flowers laid wide like the sky
Like the million of stars that they defy
They drift their aromas for us to smell
To lure us to their scent to dwell
A short lifetime, waiting when
They flourish the next year and grow again
They guide us through our lives thereof
Together with the stars above

— OrcasTogether
Just trying to make a connection between stars and flowers... :)
SEAN 23h
The soil in the garden,
Pink-colored plastic flamingos
Rusty, and damp backyard
We've planted orchids, remember?
Everything is a palace

Every palace endures solitude
But I am no palace
An apparition,
The maiden I see at night
The roofs are crying

Your memories are still here,
And your clothes, always dusted off your favorite
Your lavander dress, paired with your yellows
Dancing in the meadow
I never liked dancing alone
God created the blossoming flowers and trees,
Every little wild birds and bees,
All beautiful beyond compare,
Makes one want to just stare,
Better yet God created, the endless skies and deep blue seas.

So when you see the bees on the lovely flower,
I wish, you remember God's power,
Because just by uttering words he created the earth
And men who could give birth,
Thus, to make his creation flourish, the heavens would always shower.
God's creation is truly beautiful
May never
the sunshine.

May ever
a cloud be

may showers

with weather
may thirsting.
Ivy 2d
My love is like a nature park,
you take a walk and gather flowers...
Its light is shining in the dark,
worming you up with lucent powers...

My love is like the summer rain,
it waters you with gentle showers,
washing away your every pain -
before it, any dryness sorely cowers...

My love is like a burning fire,
engulfing shame and all restraint,
your home address, it may require -
its passion could ****** a saint.

My love is like a white, small dove.
Yet, it can carry you on its almighty wings.
It fits your soul like an all fitting glove
and plays the music of your heart that sings...
Ayesha 2d
Flowers that I hung,
so ardently, on New Year
are now bathed in dust.

I am but a thirsty flower floating on water.
Cox 3d
Petals brown- shrivelled.
Not pretty enough to live in this ground.
Silent sound.
Mother Earth bound.
No flowers bloom,
no floral crown.
I’m just an ugly daisy- a clown.
The sun’s love for me, never found.
For now, I’m in search of a new home ground.
Cox 3d
I love the sun.
But sometimes he can be as ruthless as a gun.
Burning little plants.
I’d just with he’d give them a chance.
Aleka 3d
I’m awake,
Once again,
By the touch,
Of the wind in my skin
In this new month of April

The flowers blossom,
Their colors mesmerize me,
Every tone,
Every shade,
They captivate me.

I contemplate the plants, with a scent of bitter-sweetness,
While some bloom,
And others wither,
In an endless cycle.

The fauna and flora,
Announce once again,
With their songs, dances and colors,
The sunrise of spring,
In this new month of April.

After the dreadful silence of winter,
I can hear the sweet singing of the birds
And the sound,
Of the wind dancing with the leaves:
A spring melody...

I observe these creatures,
So graceful, yet so fragile.
They swing through the sky,
Synchronizing their movements with the wind,
As if they were ballerinas.

At the end of this month of April,
I fall asleep,
Once again,
While these tiny singers,
Recite their lullaby.
This was an assignment I did last year, and I kind of liked how it turned out.
We had to do a poem about a word, and mine was April.
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