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ollie 23h
I’ve never been claustrophobic
But it’s starting to get overwhelming
The weight of this small town is beating into my skull
To the point where I don’t know if I want to keep growing
The teasing would stop
But the weight of the buildings are crushing into my shoulders
I’ve never been claustrophobic but lately I need some more space
‘Cause this place is too cramped for big dreams
And they will not stop growing
This town is too mean and I am simply a dreamer incapable of teaching it kindness
I am crushed by the corner shops
And squashed by the square
I am incapable of telling them I am uncomfortable
I can’t move
But I can’t stop running
I feel trapped
And there’s nothing to get me out
There’s nothing but corn and red hats for miles
And this is no place for someone like me
Dreamers always start small
Small town
And I am terrified that this dreamer will stay that way
I’ve got so much to do
I can’t help being a dreamer
I’m just getting started and I’m still convinced I have not stopped growing
This town is going to crush me
And I’m willing to suffocate
If I can fulfill all I am able to live up to
If I died today I would not be ready
So **** out my breath
I will hold it while I write
I will stretch out my sentences until I am mouthing words from a lack of air
I will go on
Until I am so claustrophobic I die from my fear
Until someone smashes a building over my head and I am dead
I will not lose to small town
No matter how many times I run from it
i sat outside with a friend today. we fed each other a muffin and talked about simple things like boys and bad vibes. i looked to my right and felt as though i could not breathe, because everything is the same, the town i was in similar to the one i live in, the one i was born in, too small, i could not breathe, i had to get out. she showed me a text from her boyfriend. i smiled the way anyone from a small town should.
I don’t expect anyone understand

And that is the fun part of being me.
I always said almost loving you was the kindest thing I ever did.  
We never use to cuddle you hated it, we use to sit with my window open cause you broke my fan but it didn’t matter, we’d fall over eachothers sentences, you’d stand beside me whenever I sat, I think it made you feel wiser, to be so much bigger then me,
To look down to me, I never minded it though, cause every so often when we would lie down you would hold me, grip my hand and play with my ring.
you never told me why and I remember pouting about it,
I remember us sitting together but never to close
It was almost love, and almost loving you was the kindest thing I’ve ever done,
I hope almost loving me was the kindest thing you’ve ever done also
Anya Nov 8
Rather to be...
A big          fish
In a           small pond
Or small        fish
In a         big pond
I've come across this question
a        lot

Whether to be a lead        in the middle school play
Or an extra    in the high school play

To be top of          JV
or to be bottom of  Varsity

To get A's in           regular math
Or B's in accelerated

To be the best         of the worst
To be the worst         of the best

Is a question,
Grappling             with
with every word said
she became smaller & smaller.
"Who is there for you?"

of words that stab her heart
she now believes
& haunts her.
now she is as small as a bug.
"Who is there for me?"
as she herself couldn't be there for her.

[ e.i. ]
the ruder the president
the smaller the nation

the open pursuit of flagrant violations
of international regulations
inevitably results
in not so splendid isolation

making america so small again
that it is afraid of a few thousand refugees
and asylumseekers hoping for jobs
and a life unthreatened by crime and politics
exist Oct 29
sitting in a psychiatrist office
talking about the meaning
and purpose of my life
i realized i first need
to get out of of this office
and this ******* town
my purpose is somewhere i just have to find it
JB Oct 25
People poke at my sides jokingly
"She's so skinny? What are you like a size 0?"

No, size 2
I wrap my arms around my abdomen in shame

But it's not where I want to be
0, 00, 000
That's my wish

"You're such a twig! Haha"
"Let me see your arm, wow!"
"I could wrap my whole arm around your little waist, haha"

Am I a freakshow
Or the star of it
It feels the same

I hate
and hate
and hate
and hate
until there is nothing left
The thoughts of a skinny girl
Can't I love greatly
in a moment?
Will you hate me
if I'd be your servant,
just not for forever?

My dear, I'd love you before
my skin turns to leather.
Give me the present to adore
a beautiful soul.
Just let things be,
just let things flow
First poem of this sentiment.
Jiya Oct 23
A small species in the vast jungle.
Full of predators, not friends.
When they want to bite you.
They aim for your head.
For me this is imagery of my school but it can be interpreted multiple different ways.
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