Euphie 3d
Did you know, I fell in love with you...
how long will it be until you notice me?
Euphie Jan 10
It always happens,
when you are not around.
Kellin Jan 9
Maybe the reason I feel lifeless is because this place *****
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
What is life?
How do we know we live?
Why do we live?

Isn't it just one big illusion,
Or a big dream,
Or just a mere fantasy.

Sometimes life feels so empty,
It feels like it doesn't exists,
And yet it does.

Sometimes it feels like on big joke,
It feels like we are being controlled,
Like the Sims people in the Sims.

Sometimes I like to think about how small we are,
And yet are the rulers of the earth,
Although we are destroying it.

Are we really alone in this existence,
Is there no one else out there,
Not even the tiniest piece of life of some sort?

When I think about those things,
I feel so small and vulnerable,
I feel like the real me that I am.

Tiny and small.
It doesn't matter who I am.
As I am one little dot in this entire existence.

Or is it even an existence?
Am I really a live?
Does it really all exist?

Or is it just my fantasy,
Like a drawing of a little kid,
Who draws stones with faces.

Are we really existing?
And if so, why do we?
Who are we?
What are we?
Where are we?

I know who I am, I know what I am, I know where I am.
I am me, I am what I am, I am where I am.
It is what makes me me, humble and small.
Kale Dec 2018
Sometimes I feel so small
Walking around the different forms
Of humanity
I just want to be noticed
I want to be recognized.
I want to cared about.
I don’t want to be this dot
In the land of sentences.
I want what I do appreciated
I want people to give me gratitude
I don’t want to feel this small
Kelly Hogan Dec 2018
Today I feel small,
Smaller than the pebble
Beneath your shoe.

I didn't know I'd fall,
Crumble at the criticism
Delivered by you.

It made me question it all,
Wonder if I have what it takes
To see this job through.

I need to learn to stand tall,
Not take it so personally
But that's not such an easy thing to do.
Must be the holidays, full moon, etc. Today was a rough day.
Hunter Dec 2018
Driving fast past the cars
I take a look at the stars
I stare in aw about it all
What if the stars decided to fall?
If our world shattered
What would it matter?

How small are we?
Like a fish in the sea
So much we have uncovered
And yet so much to discover
Alice Dec 2018
You live oblivious
In a world of your own,
Lacking the chance
To explore the unknown.

Your time here on earth is just a short while
But you move quick enough to travel many a mile.
Bubbles of life are left in your wake,
But you depend on others
For the breaths that you take.

Tiny in body
But giant in soul,
You are anything but common
And more than your role.

Scales of gold shimmer in the sun;
Many share your traits, but in a million,
You’re the only one.

In a towering castle on psychedelic rocks,
You can hide
From this world and all of its shocks.

If you’re feeling social, you’ll come out to play,
Enchanting giants
Who walk in the light of day.

The gurgle of the filter is the only noise at night,
So you’ll call it a day
And snuggle up tight.

Not unlike Alice,
I, too, live in Wonderland
And shy away
From things I don’t understand.

Like you, I am unique in my skin,
Light pours from my heart,
And I glow from within.

We share our size,
But our limits know no bounds.
We are full of life
Even when no one’s around.

I depend
On friends and family
For love and support;
With a small group I’ve formed a rapport.

Though I’ll live several more years,
I still move at fast paces
Despite the unknown
And my fears.

You are trapped
By a bowl,
I am trapped by the chains of my age;
This often gives me rage.

I’m often bubbly and can put on a show.
We both need time to recharge,
Which many don’t know.

When night wakes
And the sun finds its bed,
Only you’ll retire,
For many ideas swirl in my head.
A cute little poem I wrote for an English assignment two years ago. We had to compare ourselves to an animal, and I picked a goldfish.
Grace Dec 2018
Wearing someone else’s coat
Their pictures in the pockets
Makeup on the collar
Maybe it’s too big
Too small
Sometimes other people’s clothes
Just don’t fit right
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