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Man Aug 24
Two sickly birds,
In their nest of salt,
And it's not their fault.
What do they know?
Lydia Aug 11
it’s the feelings of embarrassment
I have felt this before
now it rearing it’s ugly head again making me feel small
Im the size of an ant inside
people always do this to me
they always say they won’t or that they didn’t mean to
but I think that’s a lie and it’s human nature instead
it’s those small power trips someone gets from putting another down that carry most through life so they themselves don’t feel small too
Lydia Jul 28
there are around 8700 residents in this small town I live in
I’ve been here my entire life and have had several failed relationships like anyone else in the world
there are so many people who are alone and yet many more around here who have someone
when I was younger I used to think I would be one of the few left wondering if anyone was ever going to be my person
left floating adrift as a single mom finding companionship for a short time only to be left alone again
and yet… I am now one of the many
A fiancé, a soon to be wife, just like I had always wanted
it doesn’t feel scary or far fetched and my soul feels at ease
I have been told so many times that when you know, you know
I believe that now more than ever
since the day we hung out for that first time, it felt simple and safe and comfortable in a way that it never had before with someone else, even if I thought it did back then
I remember thinking, is this that feeling of knowing?
Mark Wanless Jul 22
sitting on warm wall
small fly is sleeping dreaming
a cognizant mind
Em Jul 22
Seeing how often you minimize our relationship,
you can’t blame me for thinking us into nothing
Mark Wanless Apr 30
from inside to out
i fill all the universe
i am very small
Maria Mitea Mar 30
i'm lying in the grass, looking at a cloud,
it seems to be looking at me,
intently does not move,
suddenly, like an angry man, with chaotic movements,  angry begins the disintegration into a hazy color,
disappears like smoke,
not far away are some large stones also lying in the grass,
on one of them i see a cat, it looks at me with bright eyes as if it sees me from far within,
i keep looking into the void,
two dragonflies make love and how in ******* jolts they die together, oh

- Silence
disturbed by crickets,

(like a spectator lying in the grass, i suddenly startle and hope not to step on any living creature or
dead, but
only grass knows)
leeaaun Jan 4
i came back to saw
the notifications
but you left a message
which made my day
small gestures could mean a lot.
leeaaun Dec 2022
i hated my body
but today i realized
that hate was never emerged
from my heart
it was the insecurity of others
they sprinkled it like salt on me
to feel superior
and what a stupid soul i was
just to fit in small size
i hated my curves
like i wasn't meant to be pretty
as the standards were to small
for my double XL size
who decides the beauty standards on parameters of body shapes sadly we all do, but from now on I'll do the justice to my body
Mark Wanless Nov 2022
saw a small tornado
felt a small earthquake
i am small blessed
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